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Date Posted:06/01/2003 10:02:53Copy HTML

Here's a bit of FYI for anyone venturing to Ohio and near a state park:All State park beaches in Ohio are thong and topless legal.I've been to a couple like Salt Fork, (HUGE beach) and Alum Creek in Columbus (Not bad, mostly men or gays, no offense)
1Monte #1

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:06/01/2003 09:33:25Copy HTML

Were there any other male thongers at Salt Fork?  Would like to try it out, but I don't want to be the only guy.  Were there a lot of kids there or mostly adults?
thongfreak #2

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:06/01/2003 11:55:27Copy HTML

I didnt make it to the beach at SF. I know that the beach itself is huge.

I'd thong there if I do go.

1Monte #3

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:06/09/2003 04:53:10Copy HTML

Does anybody know if Caesar's Creek State Park near Cincy still has a thong and topless beach? I heard somebody comment last year that the state had let the area run down to drive out the sunbathers. 
hotrod1 #4

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:07/04/2003 11:01:04Copy HTML

My 4th of July report.

Salt Fork was very busy with many families and boaters to the far right of the beach.  I decided to try Alum Creek.  I arrived about 1:00pm and thousands of people where on the beach and already several thongs at the far right.  90 degrees and bright sun, I stripped down and stretched out for about three hours in my red lowcut, narrow Dore.  in addition to myself, there was a zebra print thong, a first time this year guy in a purple thong, he turned from white to red in one afternoon, one black thong, one extreme thong in light blue, one pouch thong in white with only a front neck strap, and one femate in a pink and white thong.  The lifeguards emptied the beach for a oncoming storm about 4:00.  Buy then I really browned out my tan and waited for the storm to pass before leaving.  I will go again soon.

beachfolks #5

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:07/12/2003 05:18:56Copy HTML

Last year 2002, Wife and I thonged at Buck creek on a holiday weekend july 4- I walked all over the park, to the changing area etc, no comments we were totally accepted. only one more small swimsuit guy though, he was friendly.
beachfolks #6

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:07/13/2003 02:30:29Copy HTML

We've also thonged a lot over 2 years, and and I have tanned in a micro-gstring (Koala Ultra-Extreme) at Cranes Creek State park E of Toledo. No adverse comments from the ranger or the beachgoers, but one day some mighty hungry mosquitos and no other thongers have appeared, only some very young girls in Brazilians, mostly, but not 100% a conservative crowd.
hotrod1 #7

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/17/2003 01:02:40Copy HTML

A great day thonging at Alum Creek, Sunday August 17.  I counted 16 thongs, including me in my yellow woven mesh Dore, and one female.  She was very uninhibited and very photogenic.  Was anyone one on this board there and what was you wearing?
Ex_Member #8

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/18/2003 11:14:01Copy HTML

Reply to : hotrod1

What time of day was this at?  I've gone to Ceasar's Creek a couple times, but I've only ever seen 1 other person thonging at the same time.  I'd like to try Alum Creek, maybe this weekend, but its a 2 hour drive for me, so I'd like to go during a time when most likely there will be more people there. 

On a side note, I just wanted to tell people that Caesar's creek still seems to be thong friendly.  I remember on the old board there was some concern because they stopped mowing the hill and stuff.  I talked to one of the rangers, and they said they stopped because of budget cuts, not because of thong use.  However, they have started mowing a nice 4' wide path around the sidewalks up the hill...it actually allows for more privacy than when the hill was fully mowed.  I'm not yet brave enough to try the beach...I don't know if its a good idea anyway, there are Alot of young kids and families there on the weekends, and I don't like to disturb people.

hotrod1 #9

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/20/2003 11:29:40Copy HTML

A great afternoon at Alum Creek.  13 Thongs and another female thonger. 
NE_OH_thonger #10

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:09/19/2003 11:11:08Copy HTML

    I live in northeast Ohio (hence the patently unoriginal user ID). I've worn thongs as underwear for some time, but only started sunning in them last month while on vacation in Florida. Alum Creek is an almost four hour drive. Has anyone ever been out on Headlands near Mentor? 
NE_OH_thonger #11

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:09/21/2003 01:18:52Copy HTML

An update on my trip to Headlands. Not surprisingly, I was the only thonger on the beach (Come to think of it, I was the only guy in sight wearing anything smaller than dork shorts). I wore my yellow sauvage thong, w/ a white bikini as a cover-up until I set up. I picked an out of the way spot at the far right end of the beach, in front of some trees, so I couldn't be seen from the service road. After a quick look around, I removed the bikini. Although a goodly number of people passed by, I was left pretty much alone. I might try to squeeze in one more trip next weekend if the weather holds out, but I'm not holding my breath.
bobwine #12

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:01/30/2004 09:03:44Copy HTML

I have worn bikini to state parks and pools in Indiana for many years. Have thong but use in back yard since Indiana maybe no thong at state parks. I plan on coming to OHio on good weekends and thong at the places closes to me.  Sounds like Alum creek is close and not sure at all where Salt Fork is. Can some some give me directions from Indianapolis area. I have been to Columbus Ohio. Will use my bikini or thong any place with any concerns.

let me know where these beaches are .  bob from Indiana.

beachfolks #13

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:01/31/2004 07:39:59Copy HTML

The Ohio State park Dept has a website showing all the Ohio parks. Don't expect them to say that thongs and topless are allowable.

Look back on this thread to our posts of July 03. We have worn small and even micro swimwear at Buck Creek on a busy day-(July 4) and often at Crane Creek and find them both great locations and beachgoers accepting of smaller and micro swimwear. The difference is that at Crane and Buck parks one can tan and swim in places not always visible to all the other park goers.

Alum Creek State park is much too open to families, kids, and lots of picnickers all together some of whom would certainly be offended by any small swimsuits, even though thongs and topless are legal. Why offend people unnecessarily.

We understand there is also a private nude sunning location on Alum creek downstream from Alum Creek State park, haven't visited it though.

Maxtlatl #14

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:02/01/2004 02:49:45Copy HTML

Reply to : beachfolks

Well, the other places you mentioned have small beaches, so if there are families, there is no way to get away from them.

Alum Creek's beach is over 1/2 mile long, and the tiny swimsuit area is at the north boating beach (towards the dam). It is also the case that the thongers are there early, so any family that gets offended has to deliberately go to a location that already has thongers at it.

In fact, this happened once to my wife and I. We got there early, and were near the north lifeguard tower. We both wore thongs, and my wife was topless. We were the first ones there, and were there all morning. Around 1:00, a woman, who had set up near us recently, complained to the lifeguard, who then came to talk to us. We pointed out how long we had been there, and that the complainer had not just walked into the situation unawares. At which point the lifeguard left, and left us alone.
Maxtlatl #15

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:02/01/2004 03:01:35Copy HTML

Reply to : bobwine   Salt Fork as way on the other side of Ohio from you. 

To get to Alum Creek from Indianapolis:
Take I-70 to the outskirts of Columbus, and turn north on the Beltway, I-270. Take that all the way to the north side of the city, and turn north onto I-71. On I-71, the very first exit is Polaris Parkway. Take that exit at turn left, which is west. You'll go by a large bunch
of stores, but after about a mile will hit Old State Road. Turn right, which is north, and take that to Lewis Center Road. Lewis Center Road is a 4-way stop. Turn right. Shortly, the road will curve sharply to the right. Just a bit after that you should see the main entrance to Alum Creek Park on your left. Take it. When you get to the parking lot area, you want the farthest parking lot, the southernmost.

Gays tend to stay on the grass, or the extreme southern part of the beach. Straights tend to be at the beach area, near the buoys that mark the border between the regular beach and the boating beach.
Corby Killian #16

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:03/05/2004 09:16:36Copy HTML

This is sort of off topic, but I was checking out Ohio's state laws concerning nudity, the site that JM posted awhile back, and under Ohio revised code it states that public indecency is he/she exposing the private parts or the engagement in maturbation. But, under Ohio Aminisrtative Code Rule 52,it gives the definition of nudity which is he/she exposing the genitalia, buttocks, or anus w/ less than a fully opaque covering, the showing of the female breast.... and so on. Can someone explain exactly what are we going by? i.e. What's the difference between the Ohio Revised code and Ohio Aminstative Code? Does this mean thongs and toplessness are illegal in Ohio now? If anyone from Ohio on this board knows if any laws have changed send a reply.

Maxtlatl #17

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:03/05/2004 12:09:47Copy HTML

Rule 52 and its definitions apply in bars, under the authority of the Liquor Control Commission, and have nothing to do with the public indecency laws. By the way, Rule 52 has been declared unconstitutional by the Northern District Court of Ohio, because
it was so broadly written as to impact the First Amendment and theater performances.

At state parks, as long as you have your genitals covered, you are OK. And I've seen some pretty skimpy stuff. The park rangers
have generally been trained to leave the skimpily clad, including topless women, alone. If they get a complaint, they may ask you to
move to a less crowded part of the beach, but if you refuse, they will not force you.
Corby Killian #18

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:03/05/2004 12:43:17Copy HTML

Thanks for the explanation. Had me

worried there for a minute.

beachfolks #19

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:03/13/2004 09:18:48Copy HTML

Weve had the occasion to thong in Ohio last couple of years and find the state parks really nice for thonging.
JM_Runs #20

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:03/23/2004 08:00:18Copy HTML

I'm hoping to get down to Caesar's Creek and kick off the year. I've only lived here for one summer...does anyone know when Caesar's Creek opens?  (or if it closes for that matter?)
Maxtlatl #21

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:03/23/2004 09:30:50Copy HTML

Ohio State Parks are open all year long. Of course, don't expect lifeguards this weekend :-).

The only other time I can think of a beach being closed is when they close the Alum Creek Beach in mid-September, before 11:00am, for goose season.

JM_Runs #22

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:03/23/2004 11:36:42Copy HTML

I don't expect we're gonna see any lifeguards this year. I'm just hoping the lawn area has been mowed. I guess they used to have LG's and mow the whole hill, but the recent budget difficulties in Ohio (hell, everywhere) has forced them to cut out LG's, and only mow 1/2 the hill. In a way, mowing half the hill works better because they go around the sidewalks at the top of the hill, which gives a really nice 4 foot wide path where there are relatively few people walking, and a foot tall screen of brush to keep everyone else happy. However, I think not having LG's is the reason for the drop-off of female thongers. I'm told they used to come out in pairs or more, but not lately. I've only been there one summer, and during that time, the only females were with their husbands, and they would hide in the middle of the hill or something to that effect.
JM_Runs #23

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:04/17/2004 06:13:47Copy HTML

Glorious Day! I spent the whole day from about 11:30 until 4:30 out at Caesars Park, and for the most part, I wasn't alone. I counted 2 female thongers (including 1 topless) and 3 other male thongers throughout the day. This is a pretty good start to the season. I'm still the only one there thats sub 30 (agewise), but its a lot better than last year. I'm probably going to go back tomorrow morning for some additional sun!
bobwine #24

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:04/25/2004 10:41:02Copy HTML

Good morning all,

Yes I know it is Monday morning and time to go to work. Being in the wine business I don't go in until 10am.  Get that sleep in.

Ok, Now I did find Ceasars Park on the map and check it out.  Plan to make a trip there. Sounds good. 

What does any one know about Buck Creek ? 2400ft beech. sunbathers/swimmers.  I plan on doing both sunbathers and swim in my thong. I am ready to go.


Great site with lots of park info. From Indiana it will take me about 1 1/2 - 2 hours to get to some of the parks. I also plan on going to Alum Creek.   How are these beech during the week. Tuesday ? or some Wednesday's ?

NE_OH_thonger #25

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:05/12/2004 12:57:18Copy HTML

  I got my first couple trips to the beach in for the season. I was in the Columbus area on May 5, so I finally had a chance to see Alum Creek. Being mid-day on a Wednesday, it was pretty deserted. I took that opportunity to try out my new Skinz M3.

  The weather being excellent this morning, I decided to test the waters (so to speak) at one of the closer parks. I went to Mosquito Lake State Park, which is in the vicinity of Warren. It's a short way from my place of employment, so I knew I could make it from there to work with time to spare. Given the more conservative nature of the locals, I thought I may have some trouble. I wore my Sauvage thong mentioned in my earlier post.  When I got there, there was only one other guy on the far end of the beach. I set up about halfway between the parking lot and where he was. In the space of an hour, two families with young kids set up nearby. One stayed a reasonable distance away, but the other walked by me a couple times. Although I was face up when they passed, it was fairly obvious that I was wearing a thong. I was out there for about three hours, two of which were proper sunning, and had no negative comments. Weather permitting, I'm hoping to give the other local park, Lake Milton, a try next week. I'll post my experiences there for anyone who may be passing that way.

1Monte #26

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:05/25/2004 07:18:42Copy HTML

Has anybody been to Salt Fork recently? I'm from Pittsburgh, and would love to find a nearby place to thong.

JM_Runs #27

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:06/15/2004 10:29:27Copy HTML

Speedo/Thong wearing is still around at Caesar's Creek, although in a diminished capacity it seems. I've gone about 8 times since the summer began, and I've never been alone thonging on the weekends, but I have been alone on the few weekdays I've managed to get out there. What disturbes me is not the lack of thongs/speedos, but the lack of females in thongs! I can count on one hand the number of women I've seen in thongs, and on one finger the number of single women in thongs. I've talked to a couple people on this disturbing point, and I guess it's because the guys there (both teenage and older with nothing better to do) just walk around and oogle any girls that wear thongs. That coupled with the lack of lifeguards has scared them all away! One time I saw this girl walking around in a white bikini, and you could see her thong tan-lines sticking up above the full-cut bikini she was wearing...I was slightly annoyed, what has happened to scare them all away!??
smif #28

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:06/16/2004 08:02:02Copy HTML

Has anyone had any experience thonging at Kelley's Island?  There's a state park there, so I'm assuming that the beach would be thong-friendly, but would like to know before visiting.


dhodge #29

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:06/20/2004 05:53:05Copy HTML

I just hit up Alum Creek for the first time today...I took me a while but I finally located some other thongers way at the end and up in the tall grassy area.  I ventured up in the grass and found a nice spot for a few hours...caught a few ppl from the beach looking over my way.  Since it was my first time laying out in public it was exciting in a way...couple of people walked by me in the grass but they were thongers too.  I only counted 3-4 including myself .  Just gotta use more sunscreen next time
Corby Killian #30

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:07/07/2004 06:59:28Copy HTML

C'mon all you AC thongers. Where ya at? I know there's more than 3 or 4 of ya The last 2 times Iv'e been down there Iv'e been the only one. And by the way,you don't have to hide out in the grassy area for pete's sake! You'll get ticks , and you'll look like a social outcast too. Lay on the beach and screw those people if they don't like it. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!!! Remember? Why should you respect their space if they are not going to respect yours?
hotrod1 #31

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:07/15/2004 10:40:51Copy HTML

Thonged, in my Dore low and narrow red lycra, at Alum Creek all day today, July 15, all the way on the right end of the beach.  Partly cloudy skies, but when the sun was out, it was blazing.  I sharpened up the thong lines for sure.  Six other thongers on the beach and I think one or two more, in boats only, on the lake.  Thursday was very quite and I thonged alone from 3:30 to almost 5:00.  Anybody else, on this board,  there today?

dhodge #32

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/01/2004 05:43:13Copy HTML

Weather was awesome today for Alum Creek.  There were a bunch of guys in thongs(10-12) and I believe I saw 1 girl.  Needs to be more girls for sure.  Anyone else from this board go today?
JM_Runs #33

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/01/2004 11:05:20Copy HTML

Yea, I was there. It was my first time going to Alum Creek. I'd like to consider myself a Caesar's Creek regular. I was there in my Skinz Titanium G, enjoying the beach. There was one woman, she was a little older (maybe late 30's?) I keep wondering where all the younger women have gone in Ohio!
beachfolks #34

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/02/2004 12:51:22Copy HTML

Cyberluc-How do you compare Alum Creek to Caesars creek? We've thonged at Buck Creek, find it good- thong friendly, We read a post on another board from someone who regularly wore an ultra-extreme at Caesars creek park.
Alum Creek seems to be too open for thonging, parking lot and picnic area busybodies can view the entire park unless there is a location we did not see.
JM_Runs #35

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/03/2004 12:23:43Copy HTML

I would say that Caesar's Creek is definetly more private. There is a nice hill off to the side, which they don't mow anymore. Some people who still thong there say that, by not mowing the hillside, they drove the thongers away. But since they still have to mow the sidewalk at the top of the hill, there is plenty of nice grass to lay in, and the tall brush hides you from the families on the beach.
With that said though, Alum Creek, although less private, was also less intrusive. At Caesar's, you get a lot of...um...odd people walking along the sidewalk (often times repeatedly if they notice you). If you go to the far end of the beach at Alum Creek, its not really crowded, and you won't be disturbed. I spent about 5 hours laying out in my G on the beach. I wouldn't be able to do that Caesar's, it would get too crowded for me on the beach in the afternoon. There were even people laying out naked in some of the brush areas off the beach!
As for the type of people at the beach, they both seem to be about the same. Lots of families on the beach (in the middle at Alum Creek, all over at Caesar's). The proportion of male to female thongers is about the same (that being 95% to 5%-maybe), and there seems to be about the same number of thongers on the weekend (maybe a little more at alum creek). Overall, I say its even money as to which you go to. I'm going to be at Caesar's Creek, since its only 25 minutes down the road instead of 1 1/2 hours. If Alum Creek had a significant difference in thong population/demographics, I would consider making the trip more often. Remember though, this observation is based on only 1 trip out to Alum Creek, and numerous to Caesar's.
Maxtlatl #36

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/03/2004 09:58:04Copy HTML

One thing to keep in mind is that the beach at Caesar Creek
is 1300 feet long, while the one at Alum Creek is 3000.

At Caesar Creek, if you are on the beach, you are pretty
much visible to everybody. At Alum, it is so long that,
as long as you stay near the south end, you can get
fairly far from anybody who might be offended.
[That said, I've walked the full beach wearing a thong
with no problem--I wouldn't do it in a G-string, though.]

If, instead, you decide to hide in the grass, both Caesar
and Alum have plenty of both.

I, myself, am a lie-on-the-sand sort of person. The south
end of Alum is the boating beach [there are boating beaches
at both ends], and then one only had to worry about any
incoming boats. That said, it's the other boating beach
that gets most of the traffic.
hotrod1 #37

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/06/2004 10:30:46Copy HTML

Just spent today at Alum Creek.  Arrived at 10:30 and it was 65 degree on the 6th of August.  The sun came out from behind the clouds and there I was on the sand beach, in my new Dore' red cire, really low and really narrow, pushup, triangle back, thong.  One other male there at the time, in the high grass.  Within an hour, five or six more were in the high grass.  One male did arrive in his sailboat in a tiny black g-string, visited those in the high grass, then sailed away.  Stayed till 4:30.  See you there on Sunday.
Maxtlatl #38

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/06/2004 10:40:19Copy HTML

Well, I was the one wearing the black g-string and the sailboat. :-)
hotrod1 #39

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/06/2004 11:20:16Copy HTML

Maxlatl,    Is it okay to wear a g-string at Alum Creek?  Are the other boaters okay with your g-sting?  My G's are quite a bit bit smaller than my thongs, and obviously much less back coverage.  I noticed you hurried across the beach, in your g-string, is why I'm asking.  Do you sail frequenly?
Maxtlatl #40

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/07/2004 12:40:30Copy HTML

Reply to : hotrod1

G-strings are just fine at Alum Creek. I've even worn a stringless pouch-only. I wouldn't walk up and down the beach in them, though. {I have so in a regular thong.}

Back coverage really is not an issue, just front coverage.

I usually sail at Buckeye Lake. There I wear a Suits You thong, because there are usually quite a few other boats around. I
can occasionally see or hear the other boaters wondering. One time, in a low wind, I was just lying on my back and I
overheard another boat trying to figure out if I was a topless female. At Buckeye Lake, I've even worn my thong in the parking
lot while rigging and launching the sailboat. No problems. {I did so at Alum Creek yesterday, too, and only got a surprised
gasp from some teens as I unrigged at the end.}

That was the first time I've been to Alum Creek in ages. It's about twice as far from my home as Buckeye. Since the lake was bigger and less crowded, I didn't worry about wearing less. I did see a few passing boats looking me over carefully, but they really
didn't pass too closely, and, in the end, I really didn't give a damn if they saw me in the G-string. And even if they did report
me, they're legal. {Though, I have to admit that the one I was wearing had a pretty open mesh.}

The reason I ran across the field was that I wanted to talk to one of the guys back in the grass, Steve, and, as you saw, my
sails were flapping pretty hard. So, I just didn't want to be away from them very long.

Normally, when I go to Alum Creek just to sun, I go pretty close to where you were lying. I don't like lying in the grass
and really prefer the sand, if you can call it that.  I'll even occasionally go full nude, but keep a close eye out, for I hear
that cops will sometimes try to sneak up on you, or there are even loonies who will be out in boats with binoculars and phone in
to the cops.
hotrod1 #41

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/08/2004 12:22:11Copy HTML

Another visit to Alum Creek today.  The weather changed from a mostly sunny forcast to a partly sunny day.   I arrived at 11:00am and the beach was mostly empty.  I wore my black g-string and there were quite a few looks.  About 4:30 the clouds left and the tanning was on, a brilliant sun.    Not many thongs there today and there were many families arriving on boats.   Two other thongers.  I didn't see any more all day and I left at 6:00 with sore buns, just a little too much oil, with all that sun, back there.
JM_Runs #42

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:08/22/2004 09:39:01Copy HTML

I was at Caesar's Creek on both Saturday and Sunday. The weather was perfect! Barely any clouds on either day, 75 on Saturday and 80's on Sunday. The number of thongers, however, was not. On Saturday, myself and my friend were the only two (there was an old guy who talked about his G, but he didn't want to wear it because they cut the grass on the hill, so there's not as much privacy). On Sunday, I was the only one for the 4 hours I was there! Now, Sunday is a bit unusual because they had a Triathalon at the park that day...so there were a fair number of people. However,the course did not go near the hill, so I just laid out as usual with no problems. Couple times some runners went by as they were warming up or cooling down from there run, but no comments or problems. Back in May, there were usually 12 or more Thongers throughout each day...now, I'm basically the only one left. Where is everyone??
JM_Runs #43

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:09/10/2004 06:21:50Copy HTML

I'm going to be at Caesar's Creek tomorrow from maybe 11am-4pm (depends on how much of a hangover I have from tonight). I'm sick of being the only one! Tomorrow is going to be beautiful (Sunny and 80 degrees) and it's one of the last days of the season. Therefore, i expect a big turnout!
Corby Killian #44

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:12/16/2004 06:20:44Copy HTML

Thought I'd resurrect this thread, Did any OF you Ohio thongers make it up to Maumee Bay S.P. or Crane Creek S.P. this summer? I was up there a couple of summers ago on a Sunday and both places were packed but, I didn't see a single soul wearing a thong, all I saw was 1 guy in a brazilian cut bikini. You would think that people living in that area, close to a big lake, you would see more of it. But, I guess not. Just curious if anyone went thonging up there, and how was it?
JM_Runs #45

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

Date Posted:01/09/2005 12:06:08Copy HTML

Just FYI for those of us who thong at State Parks: Ohio may start charging for parking. From the Dayton Daily News:
"With support from his boss, Gov. Bob Taft, state Natural Resources Director Sam Speck wants to start charging Ohio residents $5 for daily parking fees at Ohio's 74 state parks, making the state the 45th to impose what amounts to a park entry fee. Speck is to file proposed rules today with the legislature's Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, with the goal of putting the fees into effect May 1.
The committee ? five state senators and five House members ? would have 90 days to review the rules.
Ohio residents would pay $5 for the daily Parks Pride Passes or could purchase an annual pass, good from the date of purchase, for $25.
Out-of-state visitors would have to pay $6 for a daily pass or $30 a year.
Golden Buckeye Card holders would receive a discount, paying $4 daily or $20 annually.
There would be no additional per-person charge for occupants of a vehicle for which a pass was purchased."

I don't have a problem with this, provided it is implemented correctly. For instance, there used to be life guards at Caesar's Creek and they used to mow a lot more of the park. If they implement this, I expect them to reinstitute those policies. I think the lack of life guards is one of the primary reasons women don't thong at Caesar's Creek anymore; they kept the a**holes at bay. Right now, a park ranger drives through every hour or so, and that just isn't enough.
TNSwimRunner #46

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

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Where is Caesars Creek in Ohio? I'm working in Kentucky for a few months and Cincinnati isn't too far from Louisville from what I hear. If anyone knows of any good spots in Louisville, KY please post!!


JM_Runs #47

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

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What a great day! Too bad we aren't going to get another day like that anytime soon

Spent about 5 hours out at the creek today. No thongs, but I got some compliments (all from guys). There were a lot of kids and dog walkers today...I was the only one out in a swim suit, everyone else was in just shorts and jeans. Oh well, their loss! The beach is non existant right now...the lake's up a lot, and covering all the way to the first sidewalk, so I setup like usual on the hill, and was pretty much left to myself. As I said, I was the only swimsuit that I could tell...but there was a Cadillac parked on the far side of the lot, blocking the view of an older couple laying out. I think she might have been in a thong bikini, but I oculdn't tell, and I thought it would look odd if I tried. Too bad though, I wish people wouldn't hide it. I mean, When I walk around, I try to avoid the kids and all, but I don't run and hide either, and if they walk near me laying out and get "offended"...well, it's their fault for not turning around earlier! It's not like I'm in the middle of the action up on the hill.

As for where Casear's Creek is, it's about 35-40 minutes NE of Cincinnati, and about 30 minutes SE of Dayton. It's off of SR 73, a little east of SR 42. Thongs are legal, and topless is legal. However, if girls try to go topless on the beach, they'll get hassled by the local snobs. If they go topless up on the hill...they'll get gawked at by the cruisers. Loose Loose for them. Last year, there were two girls on the beach during the day that went topless (one in a thong also) - they were getting complaints left and right by all the other women, mainly the moms. Some moms even complained to the park rangers (including one woman who had to be 300 lbs), who told them it was legal and they couldn't do anything. The thonging girl was very outspoken, and rightly pointed out which was worse for the kids, the sight of her topless or the 300lb woman in a bikini?? I think most of the women were just jealous, and of course, had to put them down because of it. I hope to see those two back again this year If the weather is above 70degrees on a Saturday or Sunday, you can be pretty sure I'll be there (after about 11am or so)...that is until I move to Florida end of June. Hope to see you up here sometime TNSwimRunner!
Da6772 #48

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

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Parking fee has been rescinded. Here's a story link:
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Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

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I need more clarification about Ohio State Parks thong policy.  I was traveling thru Interstate 70 near Stuebenville OH last summer (04) and went to Bear Creek State Park.  It was a nice day to skip out on work, since I'm in sales & do some road trips from my office in Pittsburgh, PA.  I decided to catch some rays at this Park.   I always have my gym bag packed when I travel with workout clothes and my thongs.   I went to the beach area and changed into my blue speedo thong.  I also had a pair of long shorts on just in case.  I preceded to find a area to lie out on a nearly deserted beach by the lake.  There was one family in the picnic area at the far end of the beach and two 20something girls in bikinis not far from where I had set up to sunbathe.  i spread out my towel, pulled my gym shorts off showing my thong  and ran into the water to cool off.  After swimming around for a while I strolled up the beach and back to where I had my beach towel.  I preceded to lie on my stomach to tan my backside.  All was going well for about an hour.  The girls next to me didn't seem to care that  a 6ft 5in black man was on the beach wearing a thong.  They even came by and commented that they liked my suit.  Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a park ranger truck in the parking lot.  The truck came by and went thru a couple of time in a short period of time.  Finally the ranger gets out and comes down to me.  He asked my name and asked me to change into some else.  He went on to say that he was in his authority to write a summons for public nudity.  I replied that I thought I was OK to wear thongs in OH State Parks.  I didnot not want to cause a scene, so I complied with the rangers request.  Has this happened to any one eles.  I wnat to try to thong again in OHIO State Parks but I have my reservations about thonging there.  Is there any placed close to Pittsburgh that is thong friendly?
Maxtlatl #50

Re:Places to wear thongs or go topless in Ohio

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Well, in all honesty, you don't need clarification on the Ohio law regarding thongs,
the ranger did. You can see the Ohio law by going to this website:
http://onlinedocs.andersonpublishing.com and clicking on "Revised Code".
Follow the selections down to 2907.09. Unless you were exposing your
private parts (and your butt is not a private part), you were legal.

So, this ranger was just trying to intimidate you, and I guess he succeeded. Maybe
you should have caused a scene and called him on it. But that would have ruined
your day.

I have personally met with the number 2 man at the Department of Natural Resources.
At that time I was told that the official policy was that: First, they agreed that
thongs and topless are legal at Ohio State Parks. Second, their policy was that,
if somebody complained, they would tell the thonger or topless woman of the
complaint and ask them to move or cover up, but that, if they refused to do so,
nothing more could or would be done.

Maybe you should print out a copy of that law and carry it with you.
By the way, the two court cases that establish that breasts and butts are not
private parts can be seen at
and http://saran.home.att.net/jetter.htm.

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