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Date Posted:08/06/2003 04:31:34Copy HTML

I just returned from Play Del Carmen last Saturday and it has to be the best place in Mexico to go. Very few Americans so you see a lot of Europeans and Mexicans at the beach. Even if you don't wear a thong at the beach, it has to be the best place in Mexico to go, what a great experience. I wore a thong swimsuit at the Playa Del Carmen beach and the beach at Tualme without any problems. After going to the Myan ruins at Tualme my wife and I went down to the beach not far from the ruins. We picked a place at the end of the beach, towards the ruins, and we pretty much stayed at the edge of the water. I was never hastled but I found that for some reason about four or five couples decided to walk down to the end of the beach, wherewe were at, in a half hour period.Maybe this is a little self serving, but I think there's a possibility that someone was trying to convince someone else that it is OK to wear a thong swimsuit, Icould be wrong but it didn't seem like it.If you are interested in wearing Thongs openly at the beach, I highly recommend this area if you don't want large crowds.At Playa Del Carmen, there are lots of people. There are also lots of women wearing thongs and not wearing tops. For men to wear a thong at this beach, it isn't a problem but you have to be used wearing one in front of a lot of people. I didn't have any problems and didn't recieve any negative comments so I feel it is pretty acceptable. It would be hard to not be acceptable since there are probably 20 to 30 women at any given time wearing thongs and topless at this beach. But I must warn you, when I was there I was the only male wearing a thong. For me that seems to be the norm, not sure why. Either I'm going to the wrong place at the wrong time or I'm treading new ground. I tend to think it is the former but who knows.I hope this helps others in knowing where great place to go are for wearing thongs. Let me know if you know of any other places where wearing a thong is acceptable.Jerry
blackthong #1

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:09/02/2003 03:20:21Copy HTML

I went to Playa Del Carma about two summers ago, and it was so awsome.  We went on a Cruise down there and we stopped at Playa Del Carma.  First place we stopped was the beach and oh boy there were some fine women there wearing nothing but the thong bottoms.  They didnt mind walking all up and down the beach like that.  I would suggest this place very much.
gra7y #2

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/02/2003 12:27:09Copy HTML

We have not been to Playa for a couple of yars, but went at least once a year for seven or eight years before

Our favorite beach is on the north end, beyond Shangrila and Barefoot. The restaurant to park at is Coco Beach. G-strings are okay there and on the beach to the north, it is clothes optional for as far as you can walk. The reef is only 200 yds off shore, so snorkeling is exceptional. When we first went there most people snorkeled nude, but a g-string is "de rigueur" now. My wife is comfortable in a g-string & topless in the chaise area at Coco - the beach boys give us great service.

After the morning at Coco, we generally head for the Blue Parrot [may have changed its name to Blue Moon], but it is in town on the beach, with lots of tables, good snacks, like ceviche, salsa & chips, beer & drinks. We generally wear button front shirts, tied at the waist and g-strings. If there are other gals topless My wife may take off her shirt, if others are topless. When she does, the service improves geometrically. I love sitting at an area with lots of others, and being essentially nude. It gives me a great feeling of freedom.

The only negative comments we have heard about Playa, has come from people who went to one of the bigs resorts on the south edge of town. We have walked all of the beach from the ferry dock to several miles beyond Coco in g-strings, and have felt completely comfortable.

We suggest staying at a small hotel. The one we have stayed at is Chichen Bal Kah. It has a beautiful plunge pool and a large sundeck, common area on the roof. G-strings are okay and nude is ok on the sun deck, depending on your comfort with the other guests. The units have a large bedroom, large bath, and a large living/dining/room kitchen area, with every thing you need for cooking and making drinks, if you do not head out on the town. The units all face out on an open court yard, with security at the entry passage 24/7.

There are lots of German & French, so the town has an open flavor. We usually rent a car in Cancun, but you can catch a shuttle and use taxis, probably cheaper.

I hope this helps someone have a great time.
Jerry_in_san_jose #3

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/20/2004 04:13:04Copy HTML

I just returned from a week vacation at the main beach in Play Del Carmen (just off of 5th Avenue), if you like to wear thongs this is the place to go. There are so many men and women wearing very little that people don't even take notice. Last year I didn't see one other male in a thong, this year I saw six men in thongs, four were with women in thongs and It wasn't unusual to see women walking the beach in thongs and topless. I never heard one negative comment from anyone about how little people wore there. I also walked up and down the beach a couple of miles in each direction. Even though there were a lot of people with very little on around the main part of the beach (including thongs and topless for both men and women), it seemed the further from the main beach I walked the less people had on. There was no nudity, but lots of topless and thongs. The hotels are good, the people friendly, food great and reasonabley priced, and the freedom to wear what you like was great. I usually don't go back to the same place twice but I've now been to Playa Del Carmen twice and plan to go there again. Finally, a place where you don't have to get to the fringes to wear a thong.


nicthong #4

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/20/2004 06:54:10Copy HTML

Thanks for the post Jerry. It's great to hear about locations that are actually thong-friendly (in terms of quite a few other thongers being there too) and not just thong-tolerant. It's good to hear of places where other guys are thonging too and where girls can have the freedom to go topless if that's their preference. Sounds like a definite place to consider visiting for us thongers! Thanks for keeping us informed!
Mplsmike #5

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:05/20/2004 10:39:11Copy HTML

I love PDC.  Lets all plan a vacation together and cover the beach in thongers.  My wife like it there because she can go topless with no problem.  I normally were Speedos, but am going to switch to thongs.  What do you guys think?  100 thongers all on the same beach.  Might start a trend.
thongpatrick #6

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:09/17/2004 04:22:01Copy HTML

Reply to : Mplsmike

I love PDC. Lets all plan a vacation together and cover the beach in thongers. My wife like it there because she can go topless with no problem. I normally were Speedos, but am going to switch to thongs. What do you guys think? 100 thongers all on the same beach. Might start a trend.


I was in the Mayan Riviera this summer staying at the Aventura Spa Palace which is again an adults only resort, although they own others that are not.  This resort is interesting because it is so large, since two resorts merged into one.  At the pool and beach area in the more relaxed area, anything went as far as swimwear.  I started out the first day in a 1" red Tyr speedo-styled suit, but spent the rest of the week in one of the many thongs that I took.  Although there weren't many other guys thonging, maybe 5 -10 each day, there were lots of women thonging and topless.  I even talked my wife into buying a thong that she was wearing by the third day.  We took a day trip to the resort's area of Isla Moreja, and spent the afternoon snorkelling and sunning on the beach in our minimal swimwear amongst the families with no hassles what-so-ever.

I can't wait to go back to this area of Mexico again.

My-nice-ass #7

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:12/30/2004 05:12:45Copy HTML

You really saw 5 to 10 guys in thongs????  Everyday???  That is awesome.
Travis001 #8

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:12/31/2004 02:41:40Copy HTML

I've got a free weekend coming up in February and I have have free airfare.  I'm thinking about heading to PDC to have a first time thonging.  Can anyone suggest a good hotel that's close to a beach where male thonging is acceptable and done by other men as well as women?  I just don't want to be the only guy thonging.



gra7y #9

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/03/2005 06:45:14Copy HTML


See my post above re Playa. If it has not changed markedly, you will love it. Most open places were at the Blue Parrot, the beach around Shangrila and Barefoot, and the beach at and beyond the Coco Beach rest/bar. That beach goes on for several miles. There was some sort of developement going on away from that extended beach, but it seemed that the beach and jungle behind the beach were not involved. Along this beach there are paths used by the Mexican families to come to the beach, and I have always tried not to offend them, as they seem very modest re showing skin. There were also more teenage Mexican kids roaming, but in general they are not threatening, only obnoxiously macho. If you go, report back on current conditions.

When we first went to PDC the Coco Beach was not there and the nude beach ran on up the shore for several miles. I also have snorkled nude off Coco, without any hassle from clothed snorkelers in the reef which is about 1/4 mi from the beach. I did not do this the last time as there seemed to be too much boat traffic in the little bay area, inside the reef, but G-stringing would be OK. The beach boys are very attentive, particularly if you are with a female, but they seem very courteous and friendly to obvious gay guys, who have rented a chaise.

On Fifth Ave. the main walking street, there are dozens of shops which sell pareos. They are about $10, you can go any where with one of those over your G-string. I also always take some light tropical shirts, the ones with multiple button pockets, for keys cards and cash. The pareo is much better that a beach towel for the PDC sand. I got a "half-pareo" at one of the shops, it goes about 1/2 way to my knees, so you get to display your G-string when you sit at bar tables. I'm an un-reconstructed exhibitionist, so these little displays turn me on.

Any way, I recommend PDC highly - have fun and report back.


My-nice-ass #10

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/04/2005 12:42:55Copy HTML

My wife and I have been twice to the Bahia Principe in Playa or more acurrately Tuluum and I wore a very tiny thong everyday at the pools and at the beach.  We had a very nice time but I was the only guy in a thong.  It did draw alot of attention and one day when I had trunks at the pool (just had got there) a women at the pool asked me "Hey where is your thong"?  I pulled my trunks off and said "right here"...I had it on underneath.....and she says "That's much better"!  So I think at least some of the women like the thongs as this women who was with her husband went on to tell me she loved guys in thongs and had been starring at me everyday.  She also said she wished more guys would wear sexy swimsuit or thongs becuase most women love looking at them at the beach.  Her husband who was there when she asked me "where my thong was" did not wear a thong but told me how his wife just loved guys in thongs.  He had no problem with it and said to me " If I had a body like yours, I'd be in a thong too".

Another woman on the beach told me she loved my thong swimsuit and asked where I got it.  I wear Joe Synder unlined Rio thongs.  They are slightly see through and very sexy. 

So.....Just wear your thong, who cares if you are the only guy.  There are women there that will love looking at you.


JM_Runs #11

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/15/2005 11:00:46Copy HTML

I don't know if we just caught a bad time of the year (late May), but we saw absolutely NO thongs on guys or gals. I was pretty sad as I was the only one. At least the Europeans had the courage and style to wear speedos, but 99% of the American and Canadian tourists all wore board shorts that went down to the knee! Even the girls swimsuits were modest!
gra7y #12

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/20/2005 04:12:19Copy HTML

I am interested to know where you were in Playa, as it would seem it has changed a lot. Did you go to the beach at the Blue Parrot. Did you go to Coco Beach, beyond Shangila, on the far north end of town. We were thinking of returning next Feb, but will look elsewhere if it has changed as much as yo observed. where did you stay?
JM_Runs #13

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/26/2005 06:45:13Copy HTML

We went to all of those beaches in Playa Del Carmen, and although there were nudists at the nude parts of those beaches, there were no thongs to be seen. There's the occasional thong (most likely European), but mostly it was depressing.

We stayed in Tulum at a health/spa resort called Maya Tulum which was absolutely beautiful. Tulum beach was long and secluded and we wore our thongs on it all day.
tdelgado #14

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:07/16/2005 05:23:02Copy HTML

Playa del Carmen beach report, week July 10 - 14, 2005

The same as reported in previous posts, I didn't see any men wearing thongs during my four-day stay at Playa del Carmen and other beaches in the vicinity. There were plenty of women wearing thongs and they were sun-bathing topless,. There were many guys wearing speedos, even small speedos but no thongs. I guess that part of the issue with this lack of thongs is that July is the low season in Playa del Carmen. A good number of the visitors in Playa were Americans and Mexicans. During high season there must be more European visitors and with them you may be able to find more people wearing smaller swimsuits.

But don't despair, you can stay in Playa and enjoy its great variety of good restaurants, bars, shops and nightlife and then spend a couple of nights at Villas Copal in Tulum (clothing optional beach in there). It is very easy to drive to Tulum from Playa, it is only a 45 minute drive following an easy road and you can rent a small compact car for as little as $30 per day. Plus, while you're at Tulum you can go and check the ruins, a must see, very impressive archaelogical site. There is also a "cenote" (underground lagoon) close to Tulum as well (Hidden Worlds).

gra7y #15

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/09/2005 06:51:24Copy HTML

Has anyone been to or heard from Playa del Carmen, since the hurricane. I would be great to have some first hand info.
maozer2003 #16

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/20/2005 05:54:09Copy HTML

I've just read Mpslmike's message from last May, but I'm surprised nobody responded - I think it's a great idea - we should organise a period of a couple of weeks  when as many of us as possible all go on holiday at Playa del Carmen & create a Thong Festival. The Yucatan is relatively easy/affordable for us Europeans to get to, and easy for you Americans. I've been there & know it's a lovely place. I can get leave any time as long as it's 3 months or more ahead - how about the rest of you?


max77056 #17

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/22/2005 12:57:43Copy HTML

I agree with the thong gathering thing...I'm there!!!! I know someone tried to organize something a fews years back but it fizzzled. I have been to playa del carmen many times over the years and it has been a mixed bag. I remember once sunning near the Blue Parrot and a group of young french men and women were all topless and thong clad. It took my breath away they were so beautiful. I have also been to Playa when there lots of drunk dorky guys running around. I remember once walking by the Fiesta Americana in a royal blue thong and the people went nuts!!! You would have thought they had never been to a beach and seen bikinis before. it was silly but I did not care. Anyway, someone please report since the hurricane. I have a funny feeling its going to be a while before we hear anything because the Cancun area, Cozumel, etc. got it really bad. it's a shame but mother nature....what are you going to do? 
gra7y #18

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:12/01/2005 02:16:01Copy HTML

mythong #19

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:12/05/2005 11:52:49Copy HTML

I was there last week. PDC is pretty tore up, by 5th avenue is mostly back to "normal".  The beaches are still very good, gorgeous sand!  The beaches 10 miles north of PDC are really rocky and hard to walk (but secluded).  The homes north of PDC and on the beach are DESTROYED. I didn't make it to Cozumel but from what I hear, they too are destroyed.  All the reefs were closed for snorkeling, as was xel-ha, Tulum ruins, and xcaret.  Apparently they are all planning on opening around the Jan of 2006.

We spent a couple of days on the beach just north or Royal resort in PDC.  Both times I was the only thonger for the men.  We found plenty of women topless and a few taking a dip in their thongs.  Many men were in pretty small suits, but only one other in a thong.  We went during the down season and im sure it still fairly popular in the main season. Also, being only a couple weeks after Wilma, I'm sure many people cancelled PDC and went somewhere else.

gra7y #20

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:12/19/2005 12:13:50Copy HTML


When you say beach North of Royal Palms,  was it the Mamitas/Tucan beach, the beach around Las Palapas & Shangrila, or the beach beyond Coco Reef?

mythong #21

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:12/26/2005 09:50:53Copy HTML

We were between the dock area (Royal Porto Real) and the watersports shack (dont remember the name).
Tigg IM #22

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/09/2006 05:26:44Copy HTML

I finally got it right, this is the place we're headed at the end of April.  (Secrets Riviera Capri at Playa del Carmen, Cancun)  Anybody been there, and what's the place like for thongs either at the pool or the beach?  Hey a new term:  "Thongitude"  Def:  The frame of mind or state of being regarding the wearing of a thong and its related atmosphere at a specific location.  Man, I need rest..


Tigg IM

SeaDooThonger #23

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/20/2006 03:34:23Copy HTML

My wife and I stayed at Secrets Capri last september. Thongs are fine, though you will not see many on guys. We saw one couple both in thongs and the lady was topless. As for us, my wife wore a thong everyday and I wore tight speedo short (thats what the wife likes). I did wear my thong a couple of times with no comments. Since the resort is couples only, everyone is friendly and no one seems to care. We even saw a topless women at the pool which secrets says is not allowed. A handfull of women wore thongs at the pool where everyone just floats, drinks and meet other couples. I would say that the majority of men not wearing dork shorts where wearing tight speedo style shorts. Have fun, you will love this resorts its one of the best in all the caribbean!! We liked it some much we are going back this summer.
Tigg IM #24

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:05/10/2006 03:43:50Copy HTML

Just got back from Secrets last week, what a great resort!  Saw some OK bikinis on the ladies, but no thongs.  Needless to say I was the only guy representing our thong community.  Wore two different Skinz thongs on the beach.  Interesting how folks tend to set up camp (with their lounge chairs) nearby, almost as if they feel more comfortable baring a little themselves when someone else does it first.  I noticed one fellow in regular shorts hiked his hems up pretty good when he saw my suit.  Maybe we're some sort of influences?


Tigg IM

thongything #25

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/14/2006 10:41:22Copy HTML

Just got back from two weeks in Playacar just to the south of PDC. Stayed at the Riu Tequila all inclusive. What a fantastic hotel, food was great and unlimited alcohol. As for the area all is looking well again after the hurricane last year.

As for thonging, I saw one guy in a thong in the whole fortnight. Due to this I only ventured out in a Kiniki Brazil half back, but still managed a good tanline. Unfortunately the whole place seemed to be overun by American and Canadian visitors in their rediculously log dork shorts. Quite a few women in thongs and topless but many were in very conservative swimwear.

Get back to PDC, place has recovered and they are waiting for the visitors again. One word of caution though, one of the terminals at Cancun airport is still out of action, so getting through the airport can be a bit slow.

thong4me #26

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/15/2006 12:34:21Copy HTML

For my first post I'm fired up to report on a recent trip to Playa from March.  I was there for a wedding with my fiancee...I'm 27, she's 28.  I was fired up to be in the sun as I had about as much north-east skiing as I could take for a year, therefore I couldn't wait to see how minimal the Mexican beach scene was.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  We stayed at the Blue Parrot, which after the fire, still was awesome.  Out on the beach there were ALWAYS at least 4 topless women, 2 of which were wearing thongs.  There were a ton of speedos and greek bikini's on the guys, with probably 2-3 thongs in the crowd.  One dude wore a terrible flourescent yellow/green, VERY HIGH, 2" side bikini, but regardless of his taste I gave the guy props. He did get a lot of looks and jeers from the crowd.  Walking the whole beach showed at LEAST 5-8 women at any time thonging when we walked the beach (not all were lose to the water, some were hidden but I have a keen eye!)

As for me....I wore my "normal" suit for the wedding weekend around our group of friends, they were J-crew and are awesome to hang out in, but quickly moved to my thong on the blue parrot beach after people started to leave the day after the wedding.  Earlier in the week, a small group of us hit up the Tulume (sp) beach, and I wore one of my thongs.  I agree with a dude who wrote earlier, the mayan ruin beach of Tulume is great. I'd say it would be an excellent place for a first time thonger.  For our last day we went to the Fiesta Americana in Cancun as friends were staying there, and being in the mood, I wore my thong and my fiancee was totally awesome and wore one of the many thong suits I've bought her.   (For what it is worth, the Fiesta Americana in Cancun had the best service I could ever want.  I ALWAYS had a beer, my girl ALWAYS had a pina colada, and we certainly did not go hungry either.)  We wore our thongs in front of our friends (3 other couples) at the Fiesta Americana, and everyone was cool with it.  We hit all the pools and got no second looks.  We also saw a few other chicks in thongs which IMMEDIATELY made my girl more comfortable.   We would hit Playa again in a SECOND, and hopefully we get back soon.  Great place to hang out on the beach in a thong, guy or girl, and drink some beers.    

snowrider #27

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/27/2006 11:37:53Copy HTML

my wife and i are going to playa del carmen on dec 8 , staying at the riu yucatan resort , 1.5 miles south of town.

does anyone know if many thongers visit the riu resorts?


erik3000 #28

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/28/2006 09:12:40Copy HTML

I went to playa del carmen 4 years ago to spend my honeymoon at Occidental Flamenco xcaret, and to tell you the truth I was the only men with a speedo (not even a rio) at the hotel. We take several taxies to playacar and the ambience was better, a lot of smal rios for the girls but we didnt see any thongs. And the wether was could. was a shame that we didnt take the Isla Mujeres tour because now I know that is a very thong frendly place...




pkthong #29

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/11/2007 03:34:37Copy HTML

I was just checking out a website called travelyucatan.com/playadelcarmen/beaches(not the exact adress). There is a section on nudity and swimwear etc. The author opines of the latest trend being men wearing thongs and how "gross" it is. I think that we should ask the so called author whether they are a fat slob or something.
Muero #30

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/14/2007 02:27:41Copy HTML

Here's the link to the site pkthong mentioned:

pkthong #31

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/15/2007 02:47:52Copy HTML

For S. and G. I asked a question on the forum at www.locogringo.com regarding men and thongs. The results thus far are quite entertaining. To see this go to the afore mentined website and the message board regarding Akumal etc. The thread starts with "which beach". Enjoy!!!!
JM_Runs #32

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/15/2007 04:13:49Copy HTML

Probably a better solution would be to leave a message linking back to the thread on this board.  I suspect this board has more useful information than the trolls on that one.
pkthong #33

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/15/2007 07:23:02Copy HTML

Who knew this would end up a two pager. It does not appear to have been brought up as a topic before on that board. Anyway they are probably a bunch of ouh of shape heathens.
dry04 #34

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/25/2007 09:08:38Copy HTML

The first week of dec 2006 I tool a trip to playacar and want to inforn you about the conditons.  Playacar is south of the town of play del carmen.  There are only hotels olong the beach.  There are three Riu hotel and 2 Myan hotels and a few others the  beach.   There are many euro tourist, the females go toples and sometimes thong.  Many of the males wear speedo type suits.  I wore my thong and no one care at all, no dirty looks and the hotel staff accepted it by the pool and o the beach.  The water and the  beach is amazing. and the fact that you can get a nice tan(not wearing large swmwear) malkes it an excellent vac spot.  You can thong hastle free.



JM_Runs #35

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/10/2007 06:34:13Copy HTML

So the wife and I are going to PDC in late April. Can someone suggest some specific beaches? Obviously more privacy the better, but a beach with a lot of thongs & topless women would put my wife more at ease (being the only one brings the wrong attention and self confidence issues...)

We're planning on staying at the Fiesta Banana hotel since it looks like a good location with a great price...

We're planning on going to Chichen Itza and Tulum. Any specifc suggestions about either? Any other specific spot that shouldnt be missed?

We're also planning on renting a car. I heard that its significantly cheaper than paying for transfers all over. Anyone with good/bad experiences?

I heard that there are some nude resorts like Hidden Beach around. Do any of them offer a daily pass so you dont have to pay for a room? Also are any of them specifically good for a first time nude resort (more privacy than debauchery).
pkthong #36

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/11/2007 02:31:28Copy HTML

We stayed at the Royal Hideaway last month and as I have indicated in other posts I was the only male wearing a rio and I saw no male thongers. I probably could have worn a thong and not gotten much attention. The people in the resorts on either side of us seemed to consist of a greater percentage of Europeans and there were more men wearing minimal swimsuits alas mine was still the smallest among males. The same situation on the main beach of PDC.

 I understnd that Tulum is a good place to wear as little as you want.

 Don't know about the adults only places.

 One thing I remember from JM's posts is that if you are confident and just being yourself that it is unlikely anyone will give you a hard time.

Have an awesome trip!!

JM_Runs #37

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/12/2007 04:58:18Copy HTML

So I just found out that Hidden Beach has a $250 per day per couple pass. Seems like the resort is mega nice, but I'm probably more likely to go to an isolated and therefore nude beach near tulum instead...
jimjim7 #38

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/08/2007 06:09:43Copy HTML

I am just back from Playa and had the most wonderful time. I agree that you should not expect much in the main beach but if you go North, between Coco Beach and Shangri-La, it is very thong friendly.

In Shangri-La in particular I saw many men in thongs (it is mostly gay men, so not many girls in thongs, 1 or 2). I counted at least 7 one afternoon, me excluded. Since many gay places are now thong-UNFRIENDLY, this was a very nice surprise.
Coco is more for girl thongers but you are free to wear what you like.
So keep thonging...
JM_Runs #39

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/29/2007 12:49:02Copy HTML

I had a great time too, except for getting burned the first day. Watch out for the strong sun w/ strong winds. It felt too cool and breezy to burn, but ouch!

I laid out north of the Royal, near Coco (I think). I saw plenty of topless women and thongs. It wasn't overwhelming, but definitely everything was laid back. I also felt comfortable wearing a thong and the servers didn't blink at my thong when asking if I needed more beer. I'll be back. Its not just good for thonging... Mayan ruins, snorkling, Cancun, Cozumel, and two large "amusement" parks (offering stuff like a zoo, swim with dolphins, snorkling, etc.) are there.
erik3000 #40

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:05/22/2007 08:24:19Copy HTML

On our last cruise a port of call was Cozumel so we took the ferry to Playa de Carmen and walked like 7 or 8 blocks and went to the beach, To the el deseo hotel, it was free the day pass, good music and almos all the girls were in thongs, and all the guys in spedos or at least in mid cut shorts, a few with rios and the only male thonging was me. This is an adult hotel, is not nude but the atmosphera is realy nice. Also lot of topless, as usual in playacar, and mostly all people from Europe. Over all I felt confortable, was good the experience.   
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Does anybody know anything about the Sandos Caracol Beach Resort in PDC?  I am going there this coming winter.
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Re:Playa Del Carmen

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Went to PDC 2 weeks ago and found most beaches away from the cruise line dock to be very open to thonging...saw about 1/4 of the women wearing thongs and only a few men, but noone seemed to care what you wore, which was nice. You could stroll the beach for miles and never feel uncomfortable.

I wore my Erowear X3D thong mostly everyday and received some nice looks and compliments from women. One day I got extra daring and wore my Dore missle thong while laying out....one woman said she enjoyed looking at it so much she had to come sit by me on the beach...cant beat that!

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Re:Playa Del Carmen

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Does anyone have any recent reviews regarding beach hotels in Playa.  Since they have had a few brushes with hurricanes.    If a person had to pick the most thong friendly beach hotel in Playa....and "ratings".  Where a person will NOT be the LONE thonger, NOt worried about the wife BTW....It is almost always OK for a woman.  Going April 1st/08




Tobler 1

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Re:Playa Del Carmen

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I spent a week at the Sandos Caracol and everything was great.  Would definitely go back again.  I wore my t-back every day at the beach and had no problems at all.  The pool area had a big sign saying topless sunbathing was not allowed, so I changed into a small speedo when at the pool (probably not necessary, but I felt better that way, as the pool was always crawling with kids).  Everybody was very accepting and by the end of the week there seemed to be many more thongs (all on women) than at the start.  I would also guess roughly 20% of the women were topless at the beach, which was also nice.The only problem was the rocks in the water; they are everywhere, so be prepared.
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Re:Playa Del Carmen

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Just returned from our stay at PDC, Puerto Aventuras (next city south of PDC).  We stayed at the Catalonia Riviera Maya and had the greatest time.  The hotel was all-inclusive and only moderately priced.  The pools were always active, but no toplessness allowed and therefore being prudent, did not thong at the pools.  However, the beach area towards the south was very active with topless women and even though I was the only male thonger, I fit right in with the very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  I was able to thong all five days without any incidents, my wife too, although I couldn't get her to go topless.  Most of the women who went topless also wore thong bottoms.  The beach was in great shape, however, the wave were a little on the rough side, so most swimming was accomplished in their pools or the "lagoon" area.  Many rocks too in the water on the days we were allowed to enter-- highly suggest those swim shoes for protection.  Additionally, the folks go out early to "capture" the umbrellas by laying hotel towels on the loungers, best to get up early to do the same.  Finally, get some good SPF sunblock, the sun in these parts will burn you right quickly!!!
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Anyone have any experience with the Fairmont Mayakoba resort?  I'm planning on going there this summer for a corporate retreat for a few days, but my wife and I will extend for a few days to have to oursleves.  It looks as if it is about a mile North of Coco Beach and Shangrila.  I would like to at least wear a bikini or rio and not be the only one.  Should we stick to the beach and go South toward Shangrila?  Any recent experiences of the thong/bikini scene in PDC would be helpful.  Thanks!
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 Ok, this time was a cruise stop and near the Cozumel- Playa del Carmen ferry we walked a few bocks to a bath club named mamitas, the entrance was free, they have beds on the sand and a nice DJs playing music, the drinks priced like a south beach club but the ambience was AWESOME a lot, lot of thongs, mexicans and europeans mixed together almost all the girls were topless and a few guys with rios, most of them with mid cuts and speedos. Overall was a grate experience. The place is near the light tower. 
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During a cruise in March of 2008, I had the opportunity to visit Playa Del Carmen. I wore a thong on the main beach and, despite the spring break crowd, had no problems. I did receive a compliment from an older woman. My photo at Playa Del Carmen http://www.flickr.com/photos/30364648@N02/2923949249/sizes/o/
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We went to Mamamitas Beach Club on our recent trip to PDC also. Even though it was late in the afternoon, the beach was still packed with gorgeous ladies in thongs and topless; including some micro string thong bottoms. I wore a skimpy bikini and wifey wore a thong. The drinks and scenery were great. Definitely a hot spot we hope to return to one day.
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 Can anyone reccomend a nice family resort that is topless friendly and thong friendly in Playa Del Carmen?

My husband and I usually stay at the Blue Bay Getaway in Cancun.  It is adults only and topless.  This year we want to take the family but I also want to enjoy my skimpy thong bottom and keeping my breasts bare around the pool and beaches.  I am 38yo and in good shape and busty, so not offensive to anyone lol.  Our kids will be fine with it and if possible my daughter would most likely join me in our topfreedom.  We want to go in Feb '09.  Please let me know, lauraaschenbrener@yahoo.com

Thanks so much,

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