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75texasthong #51

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/17/2009 06:30:25Copy HTML

Where is the best plac eto stay?
I want to be close to the thongers (M&F) on my june trip.

thonglife #52

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/17/2009 08:02:09Copy HTML

From our trip experience, I would say Tulum or Playa Del Carmen specifically. Most of the resorts that attract Americans will allow thongs but not many wear them. Tulum and PDC beaches have more Europeans so more speedos, thongs and topless. The Spanish owned resorts seem to have more European guests.
Jerry_in_san_jose #53

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/23/2009 08:09:57Copy HTML

I stayed at the Hotel Nueva Vida (tulumreservations@gmail.com) last april in Tulum and it was great. I had no problems wearing thongs the entire week and no one hastled me when I walked on the beach. There were also several women who wore thongs while I was there also. It is pretty much acceptable to wear as little as you want. We had some germans staying at our hotel for a few days that were nude. I also saw a nude man walking up and down the beach. I doubt there are any restrictions.

webie #54

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/26/2009 01:30:54Copy HTML

 I  and my girl friend were  just a bit north of Playa Del Carmen a couple of years ago  . It is a very laid back area , and as soon as I can I am going back again .

We had matching suits I had gotten  from Dore. She wore a bottom the size of a ww microminimus and topless for the week and I wore a matching missile suit . The both of us had been pushing the limits and we both agreed to push the maximum we dared on this vacation so we only brought our most daring matching suits so we didn't have a choice.  We had got a couple suits before we left  of colors that were daring for us, matching yellow suits and matching aqua lace suits, these were our only 2 choices we had for the trip.  The yellow wasn't really too sheer from a bit away at all, but close up you could see, but it was ok and the same was for the blue lace suits.

I was really very nervous the first day out but I had no choice, neither did the girlfriend about her going topless.

We went down to the beach and it was very nice and warm. I was wearing shorts and a t over and she was wearing a mini and a crop top.  We got a couple of beach chairs I was so nervous and so was she. A vendor stopped by and offered us some beers which was great.  We had a few beers and I took off my shirt really there was only a couple of people around  as it was like mid morning.

My girlfriend all of a sudden slid off her mini, so she was wearing just her string. and she said if I take off my shorts she would loose her top. I know the beers helped as I had no problem to loose my shorts . As soon as I took them off she took off her top. We kicked back for a while had a few beers together.

A gal from the resort stopped by and asked if we were enjoying ourselves and we said Yes.  I asked her if it was ok what we were wearing, the matching agua lace suits. Its funny she really didn't say much and just sat down on the bottom of my lounger. Well nature was calling so I had to make a trip to go cool off and I excused myself and headed for the water . After I cooled down nature was still takeing its course and I am sorry but I  was a bit excited and when I came out af the water the agua lace suit was now invisible you could see everything.  It was kind of an oh well, so I  walked up to my chair but to sit down I had to straddle over this chick. I sat down and she said its about time some of u guys display what you have, you always expect us women too. We sat a bit had a few drinks another couple sat near us and we talked a bit, it was like all was so cool.

The chick from the resort said we should go up to the pool.  We were feeling no pain so we headed there and sat on some loungers at the end of the pool . 

This was my wildest time I have ever had.  We were thonging and the rest of the week.
DoreFan #55

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/26/2009 08:56:33Copy HTML

Kudos to you for you and your wife's courage, Webie! I admire you for your courage. Nice that you got such good feedback from people too! 

ctmonline #56

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/28/2009 06:01:35Copy HTML


           What was the name of the resort you had such a great time at?
75texasthong #57

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/29/2009 06:13:20Copy HTML

WEBIE,  where were you?
underwater #58

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/30/2009 03:18:01Copy HTML

Anyone have any information on Isla Mujeres , off the coast of Cancun?
NoVAThonger #59

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/01/2009 01:03:55Copy HTML

Isla Mujeres is very thong friendly. There is another thread about it, just search the board.
NoTanLinesToo #60

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/03/2009 09:57:54Copy HTML

That's great!  Booked a trip to Isla Mujeres for mid-May. 
underwater #61

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/05/2009 06:38:30Copy HTML

Let us know how your trip was when you get back. I'm thinking about going later on in the year.
Piper77 #62

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/06/2009 11:53:38Copy HTML

 I stayed at the Rosewood Mayakoba in November and there were always several  other women in thongs at both the beach and pool. I didn't see any men. Topless was not as common on the beach or at the pool, possibly because there were usually a few families around.  However, all of the suites had their own decks and quite a few women, myself included, sunbathed topless.
scar200010 #63

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/24/2009 06:08:25Copy HTML

Hi, I stayed at the Barcelo' Maya Hotel at PDC, a very big spanish hotel complex, on september 2008. The complex is located 20 minutes south from PDC town. The hotel is very nice, I strongly recomend.
I made my reservation trough www.bookit.com
My girlfriend whore g-string all the week with no problem at all the pools of the hotel complex and at the beach.
I whore very skimpy rio-back bikinis at the pool and beach all the week in blue, black, orange and withe color. Some many times I did just get the sides of my small rio-back bikini into my cheecks and transform it into a kind of thong. One or two days I used g-strings only at the beach. 
Pleople, mostly europeans, didn't care at all what my gf and I were wearing. Many man (mostly european) wear speedos and 50% of women wear g-strings. 20% of women were topless.
During the nights at the many hotel restaurants and bars my girlfriend whore very see-tru pants with g-strings ... also my self bought for me a pair of very see-tru beach white pants and used them at nights with a white thong. Both thongs, mine and my gf, were very easy to see tru our pants but no body seemed to care about it. I bought then many other see-tru beach pants in diferent colors and matches them with the same color thong for use at night in the hotel. It is not very easy to find this kind of pants for man... you also can try the women model of pants, you will find more models and colours. If you don't find your fit in a women model you can buy a women model of capri pants, they fit always great no matter who tall you are.
I belive that use thongs underwear with see-tru pants is a very fun idea to use thongs.
PDC is absolutely man and women g-string friendly!
orlspeedo #64

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:08/10/2009 11:13:44Copy HTML

What is the scene like lately at Playa or Cozumel?  Would like to find a place to thong or gstring while there on a stop on a cruise.  Any others like to join me?  I'll be in Cozumel on Sept 9th for the day.

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/26/2010 11:42:53Copy HTML

I'll be staying at Mosquito beach Hotel in PDC soon.  I emailed them and asked them about thongs and topless.  Their response, "we don't have a dress code- enjoy your stay."  --nuff said
bo1983degs #66

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/01/2010 03:47:28Copy HTML

 I am going to be staying in playa del carmen in march.  I have a bunch of new suits to wear and my girlfriend has matching micro strings.  Wear is the best part of the beach to thong?  I want to try to avoid some of the spring break craziness.  Thanks!
notherbigr #67

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/01/2010 04:40:12Copy HTML

I don't know how "crazy" Playa is during spring break.  Not as bad as Cancun I suspect.  In any case there are three basic beach areas there: south of the pier in Playacar where most of the all-inclusives are clustered, immediately north of the pier in the center of town, and north of the fishing pier by the Royal Playa hotel.   Where you are staying will determine where is best to go.  If you are in the all-inclusive area of Playacar no need to go anywhere else.  The beach is relatively narrow there but fine.  If you are staying in town you can choose the beach there and you should be fine.  North of the fishing pier just past the Royal Playa hotel there is a big beach bar that seems to be THE place for younger kids.  You might avoid that exact area but as you walk further north the beach opens up a bit and there is a long stretch of empty beach until you get to the Grand Coco. 
g_stringmelbboy #68

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/02/2010 12:57:23Copy HTML

I will be in the Yucatan/Quintana roo region during March. CAN NOT WAIT. Have just recevied my skinz order, now just hoping for some favourable thonging weather.
SusanaM #69

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/10/2010 05:59:42Copy HTML

Great comments from many people here. I have enjoyed it but I've got to get some rest.
bo1983degs #70

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/11/2010 01:51:11Copy HTML

 Friday I will be thonging in Playa Del Carmen!! Cant wait.  I def will have some pics to share with the board
DavyJ #71

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:05/22/2010 11:04:57Copy HTML

I have been to several of the resorts in the Playa del Carmen area and always worn my thong the entire time on the beach (including long beach walks) and never had any problems.  I have not been to the public beach areas in the town, so I can't comment on them.  My guess is you will be in a very small minority, but you will be fine.
ErichandKim #72

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:05/31/2010 11:03:48Copy HTML

 I just got wife a few new thongs for the beach in PDC this summer! Can't wait to see her in them!!  Correct me if i am wrong here, but it is ok to walk up and down the beach in Playa or should we just stay at a beach club like mamitas or kool?
armand_galleon #73

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/01/2010 04:49:23Copy HTML

 Up and down the whole beach! I've seen the local police pose for a picture with topless females! Have fun!
ErichandKim #74

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/03/2010 05:22:59Copy HTML

 Sweet!!! We will. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ErichandKim #75

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:10/26/2010 03:10:05Copy HTML

Yeah! She made it on the WW website!!
thonglife #76

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:10/27/2010 12:23:33Copy HTML

and she looks fantastic! Did you happen to thong it too? My wife and I both thonged happily together in PDC a few years ago.
Micke_4u #77

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/25/2010 11:59:23Copy HTML

 Hi, me and my wife are going to Resort Sandos Playacar at the playacar beach this winter. I understand that it can be ok with g-string and topless on girls/women, but is it ok/common with men in g-string swimsuits at the beach, at the resort, walking along the seashore?Or do I have to hide, walk away from the public to get a tan with nice tanlines?  
Popeye1 #78

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/26/2010 11:14:24Copy HTML

Just wear your thong. You won't see many men in thongs but that's not your problem. If male thongers act like they have something to hide, people will assume you do. If women can wear thongs, I don't even consider that I can't. Playa is probably one of the most supportive thong environments in the world. Have fun. Peace Popeye
hbttl #79

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/08/2011 04:22:09Copy HTML

 So I just got back from PDC, and speedo style suits are common, but no men in thongs.  There were a handful of women in thongs and your wives/girlfriends should not have a problem.  Topless is okay too.  I just stuck to my speedo style suits. 
Popeye1 #80

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/09/2011 10:32:04Copy HTML

If you wait for another man to wear a thong before you try it, you'll wait a long time, maybe the rest of your life. If women are wearing them why in the world wouldn't you? I'm almost always the only man in a thong, sometimes there's someone like you waiting for someone else to take the first step and I'll have company. Go for it! Playa is a great place to start, you would have found that virtually no one would care and you would have been thrilled. Peace Popeye
abczyxabczyx #81

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/10/2011 11:49:10Copy HTML

 I was in PDC a few years ago and was the only guy thonger at first.  On day two, there were 2 other guys in thongs.  And on my last day at the beach, there was about 8 guys in thongs.  
DoreFan #82

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/14/2011 02:01:54Copy HTML

I too just got back from the Mayan and spent a day at PDC. Guess what? I was in a thong. Saw a few women in thongs and a couple topless. Saw one old guy with a yellow half back / wide thong walking with his wife. He also had gold rings around his nipples.

I didn't have any problems at all and didn't notice anyone staring particularly hard at me.

I also wore my thongs at the resort pool and beach. I didn't walk around a lot, but I didn't hide either. I just found a quiet area by the pool and enjoyed myself. I made friends with a couple of ladies during the trip and they spent a lot of time at the pool with me. One was a pretty hot babe. They didn't act any different with me wearing a thong and had a great time. The beach was extremely busy so it wasn't possible to find a quiet area there.

Totally liberating!
JTKirk6 #83

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/16/2011 07:42:31Copy HTML

I was in PdC the last week in February.  I spent a couple of those days at Mamita's (the rest in other towns).   I did not wear a thong every day, but I did wear my blue Joe Snyder thong a couple of the days.   My other swimsuits are mostly square-cut Aussiebums.  Liberating is exactly the right word!  
I want to encourage the rest on this board to go for it!  Yes, I was the only male in a thong, as far as I could tell.  No, I was not hassled by anyone, but I did notice a couple cameras being pointed at me from time to time.  There may have been giggles or points, but we have to have the courage to ignore the ignorant, you know?    My last day there was a Sunday.  I have read before that Mexicans from other parts of the country head out to the PdC beaches on Sundays and Mexicans are supposedly an uptight, conservative bunch, but I didn't notice anything of the sort.  (That said, conservatives probably don't hang out at Mamita's or Kool.)  In fact, a Mexican lady graciously agree to take my picture, which is now posted in my profile!  You can see the tan lines from the square suits.  :-(  Next year, I plan to wear nothing but the thongs.  The tan lines will work out much better that way.  ;-)
thong_jock #84

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/16/2011 01:40:45Copy HTML

You should definitely wear thongs all the time. JTKirk...you have an amazing body and it's perfect for thongs. What a HUNK! 
thong_jock #85

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/16/2011 01:45:09Copy HTML

 I'm sure u were a big hit JT...you are a gorgeous guy and have the perfect body for skimpy male thongs.
notherbigr #86

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/16/2011 02:16:44Copy HTML

I was in PdC a couple of years ago and stayed at an all inclusive just up the beach from Mamita's Beach Club.  There's no doubt that place was quite the scene with the DJ and the music thumping.  My girlfriend at the time was not into me walking down the beach in a thong but in the speedo it was not an issue.  I would have preferred to thong it!
JTKirk6 #87

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/17/2011 08:27:13Copy HTML

Thanks for the kind words, thong_jock! 

notherbigr, I know what you mean.  My last gf was a little "protective" that way too. 
orlspeedo #88

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/17/2011 09:54:14Copy HTML

I couldn't agree more - you wear your thong well and have the perfect body for it.  You should be proud to show it off in your JS.
JTKirk6 #89

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/23/2011 05:23:27Copy HTML

Thanks for the encouragement, orlspeedo!  To anyone else considering the Playa del Carmen area, do not be shy.  The beaches there are cosmopolitan, bohemian places with a very relaxed atmosphere and a live/let live attitude.  I tend to see more Italians around than Americans and Canadians; some Germans, some Spaniards, some Brits ...  This nice mix of people from all over the world coming together in a place that understands very well that it was built on tourism means that nobody is going to cramp your style.  PdC has really taken off in popularity.  I wouldn't say all of this on t-advisor because I think it gets enough tourists already.  I don't want to rush it into becoming the next Cancun, but I would like to see more thong wearers furthering the "cause" and having fun!  
pkthong #90

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/01/2011 06:57:58Copy HTML

 By your handle I suppose you are an avid star trek fan. It made me think of a few episodes of "TNG" (The Next Generation) where the crew would go into the Holideck for a getaway, in a couple of episodes they were in a beach setting where there were several male extras who were wearing futuristic square cuts which were actually more like cheeky boxers. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
I have been to the Riviera Maya from Cancun to Playacar to Cozumel. Although I have not thonged much I do generally wear rio's. Some of them may be mistaken for thongs by those who are not familiar with the nuances of the different styles and cuts. Playa Del Carmen and Tulum seem to be the most tolerant of skimpy wear for guys though one could probably wear one just about anywhere in this area.
DavyJ #91

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/11/2011 07:13:45Copy HTML

I agree with Popeye and the others on this thread.  As a guy in a skimpy thong you will stand out and may be the only one, depending on where you are.  But I have never had any problem and I always swim and walk the beach without any coverup.  If you beach walk without your spouse/SO, cute girls in bikinis will want to take your picture, but who's complaining?  If you wait for others to thong your week will be over way too soon.
ministeve #92

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/28/2012 03:32:13Copy HTML

My wife recently returned from a trip to the Mayan Riviera.  Plenty of sun and beautiful beach to walk.  We didn't really spend anytime at the hotel pool but we nobody seemed to mind us thonging at all up and down the beach.  Lots of Europeans around there.  My wife wore a thong every day and topless 1/2 the time as well, both at and away from the resort.  I wore a couple different different thongs and one 1" rio bikini I really like.  Lots of other guys in in speedos, no thongs on guys.  We usually saw a dozen other ladies in thong and/or topless each day.  The people there are great so we will have to return.
Manu1418 #93

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:12/12/2012 08:04:44Copy HTML

 I recently went to Playa del Carmen and wore nothing but thongs to the beach, I was with a group of no thongers so i just had my thong under my swim suit and went to the beach by my self, it is a great place and people are really friendly, I didn´t get to see any other men wearing them, only topless women but still very comfortable because no one seems to mind, I did get a lot of stares but no one bothered me. I was walking all around the beach, taking nice swims and enjoying the sun. Last day I stayed by my self at the private condominium resort we were staying so I went down to the pool wearing nothing else but a thong for a last tanning and swim, there were only mexican families but nobody seems to mind, did get a lot of stares specially from old women but no one seems to care. I got the best tan line ever, can´t wait to go back.
pkthong #94

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:12/13/2012 12:40:21Copy HTML

 Just returned from a great week in PDC. We Stayed at the Royal Hideaway for our 15TH anniversary so no kids! 
I can say that I finally got to thong in public after many years and it was great. My wife was a little shocked at first but soon got over it as the sky did not fall around us. I remember JM saying that on several posts and it is true.  
I think that the place and situation matters also but this was apparently the right choice here. 
There was one other guy wearing one at the next resort. He would only strip down while tanning and wore a "speedo" as a cover whenever getting up.
I wore them for sunning as well as getting up to go to the ocean to go body surfing etc. No negative comments(that I heard anyway)and there were several women wearing them including a few topless.
DoreFan #95

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/25/2013 06:59:31Copy HTML

Just got back from another week in the Mayan Riviera and spent the entire week in thongs. Spent most of the week by the pool sunning and swimming in various thongs. Also went to the beach a few times and walked to a neighboring resort. As usual, we also spent a day at Playa Del Carmen. The beach is so crowded now and not very relaxing anymore. Too many resorts all along the beach front and wall to wall bodies along the sand. Saw quite a few hot chicks in thongs and topless there. I had lots of fun frolicking in the waves with just a thong on.               

Besides my regular thongs, I also wore a new Joe Snyder this time around. I got the Clip bikini, which technically isn't a thong, but I still liked it. It's got such a tiny rear that shows most of your cheeks and has a very small pouch. The front pouch is smaller than my regular thongs and I found I had to shave more often. After walking or swimming a bit, the rear has worked its way in between your cheeks, so it looks like a thong. For anyone who might be nervous walking around in a thong, this is a great way for you to break your way into thong wearing. I walked between the pool/beach and my room wearing this and my regular thongs.             

Had the maid in the room a couple of times with me in a regular thong and a Dore micro thong.
Love Mexico!

abczyxabczyx #96

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:08/12/2013 04:19:20Copy HTML

 I was at Playa Del Carmen a few weeks ago and wore a g-string the whole time.  Walked up and down the beach and no one seemed to care.  There were plenty of other thongs and g-strings at the resorts and beach.
Great place.
upthecrack #97

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:08/14/2013 12:56:28Copy HTML

Off season is a great time to thong in Playa. Mostly Europeans.  U might have caught some sht from some people if it was march
DoreFan #98

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:08/14/2013 03:33:52Copy HTML

 I've thonged in Playa in March without problems. I find the people there quite tolerant of topless and thongs - the way it should be.
JM_Runs #99

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/21/2014 02:12:23Copy HTML

Staying in Tulum and would like to head to Playa for the day. Is it thong friendly for guys?
If it is would you have to wear a traditional thong or could you wear a gstring without problems?
DoreFan #100

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/21/2014 05:03:26Copy HTML

As I mentioned in the message above yours, I have thonged at PDC many times with no problems. I wore a regular thong there, but I've seen other guys and girls wear g-strings.
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