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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Rick24 #101

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:09/15/2014 01:03:59

 I'm going to Playa del Carmen from February 14th to20th, planning wear thong all the week. Let's go everybody.....thong invasion
upthecrack #102

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:09/16/2014 01:10:31

 Will be there 01/30 to 02/04 
Rick24 #103

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:09/18/2014 01:50:05

  I'm going to Playa in February (14th to 20th) . I will be at Oasis Sens ....hope someone there to share experiences
lcp84047 #104

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/12/2015 06:18:10

 I'm headed to Playa at the beginning of March with the wife and two boys (7 and 5). Hoping to get some thonging in at the pool and/or beach. We are staying at La Playa Condo Hotel (cheap) at 52nd Street between 1st and 5th Ave. The rooftop pool/deck looks pretty nice, (no pictures online for some dumb reason - they sent some to me) so I'm hoping it isn't crowded and/or the people there don't care what I wear. It's also close to the beach. I'll probably just go to the beach where there are no hotels. I don't really need drinks, chairs, etc and I'm less likely to be bothered. But I may go to the Reef Club, Mamita's, or Kool when I want that stuff. We'll likely take a trip down to Tulum also. I've read that it's good to thong down south, but I'm hoping the vibe is right so I can thong without a lot of travel.

I'd love to hear from anyone about things to do, places to go, etc. about any aspect of Playa. Where to thong, eat, shop, etc. and things the kids will enjoy doing. Can anyone recommend resorts nearby where you can get a day pass for not a ridiculous price?
jprob50 #105

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/13/2015 03:33:46

I took a catamarran cruise from PDC to Tulum. We stopped along the way to snorkel on the reef just off the ruins. That was a fantastic day.
Also, check out the websites for Xplor, Xcaret and Xel-ha.... all were quite good parks for kids.
lcp84047 #106

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/28/2015 05:35:21

Thanks jprob50. I looked into it a little bit. Do you happen to remember what company or boat you booked with?

And I hope Rick24 and upthecrack will report back on their upcoming visits.
jprob50 #107

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/28/2015 07:57:58

Icp....I think it was this one.....
lcp84047 #108

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:02/13/2015 06:50:23

 Thanks. I will check it out.
lcp84047 #109

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:03/22/2015 04:48:15

 Trip report: Feb 28-Mar 11 with my wife and two boys (5 and 7).

Bottom line: no problem thonging or topless if you were in sparsely populated areas. A few topless women near the ferry pier, on the Playa Norte beach at Isla Mujeres. A reasonable amount of women in thongs and cheeky suits - one woman in a g-string. Great thonging (and my wife topless) day at Xpu-Ha beach down away from the crowd. One male thonger spotted near Mamita's. Had no negative reactions. Could probably thong in the crowds if you have more confidence than me.

Rather than post a giant trip report here, I put it on my blog in my profile. I posted pics to my Flickr feed (ut_thonger).

116213 #110

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/18/2015 05:06:40

 Just spent a week at Sandos Playacar, quite a few thongs and cheeky swimsuits at the beach and pool. I stayed in the adults only section, and wore my skins thong every day at the beach and pool. It's the last resort on the strip so you can walk for quite a ways on open beach. It was very laid back Spent some time sitting at the pool bar chatting and drinking, all in all a pretty good place.
Proview #111

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:08/30/2016 07:14:17

Looking for thong friendly hotels & beaches in Playa Del Carmen. What to do and what not to do etc.

Never been there before so any feedback you can provide would be great.
shavedm #112

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:09/26/2016 05:28:02

 out side of PD is a Hotel Called Intima in tulum this is a clothing optional we where there a week I was nude the wife wore her skimpy Bikini.  Check Trip advisor.  Temptations in Cancun is closed for a year but the is another place.  There are some other in Hotels in Tulum that might work a little research might be fruitful. Playa Del Carmen is very European so you looking in the right place. 
pikeman #113

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/08/2016 01:14:04

 Tulum is a long ride from Playa del Carmen! Intima is a nice place, but _not_on the beach! They drive you down to the main beach and you're on your own. 
thongerman #114

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/03/2017 01:43:18

 going to be at occidental allegro playacar on july 8-25 anybody else going to playacar or playa del carmen
ministeve #115

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:04/03/2017 02:09:10

 I would be shocked if there was anywhere on that coast that you couldn't wear a thong.  Thong away, it's paradise
JSpinn #116

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/19/2017 03:04:48

 has anyone stayed at Ocean Riviera Paradise by H2O? I'll be going with the family in a few weeks. Will I be OK wearing a speedo? Will there be others in bikinis?
Manu1418 #117

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:06/21/2017 07:35:44

 I will be thonging at PDC and Tulum with my girlfriend if anyone is around and would like to join us, we both wear thongs and we are going to be there from June 22 to June 27, then we?re going to Tulum from June 27 to July 03.
WlbUVA #118

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:07/04/2017 11:57:45

I am currently in Playa del Carmen at Playacar, and although it is a fantastic beach, have not seen any thongs on guys. I did hike down past the rocks and found a secluded spot where I could lay out with my wife -- at least until some local construction workers came to have lunch on the beach. Lots of girls in thongs and men in speedos and square cut trunks. I'm not very daring, and stick to the square cut. Still, Playa has been the best place I've found.
bubblebuttt #119

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/15/2018 01:49:57

 anyone been to PlayaCar in playa del carmen? will be going next week.
bubblebuttt #120

Re:Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:01/15/2018 01:50:27

  anyone been to PlayaCar in playa del carmen? will be going next week.
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