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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:01/16/2018 01:50:21Copy HTML

Not sure why my original post was deleted? 
I'm going next week to the Playacar palace in PDC and wanted to know if anyone else has been there before? how was the "Thonging" vibe? I was looking the place up and found lot of speedos and squarecuts on men and thongs/cheeky on women...
abczyxabczyx #1

Re:Playacar Palace PDC

Date Posted:01/23/2018 12:31:16Copy HTML

 I've thonged there several times without anyone caring.  It is a fun place to visit.
bubblebuttt #2

Re:Playacar Palace PDC

Date Posted:01/29/2018 02:21:21Copy HTML

Thanks abczyxabczyxAlright a little update...
I have returned from my week down at PlayaCar and it was AMAZING! I could've thonged there everyday if it wasn't for the abnormal rainy weather that we had on 3 of the 4 days I was there.The place wasn't fully booked which was great! 95% adults and few children. It was also mostly Americans which was intimidating at first but surprisingly wasn't bad. I didn't hear any negative comments from anyone, everyone seemed to mind their business; of course I did have the stares, and the giggles when passing by but I can live with that. I went in the pool only once with a thong, I mostly tanned and rinsed off but my goodness what a rush. 
I have had others set up next to me without any issues, of course with the initial giggly reaction and long stares but then they get over it and lay down. I also went to the local beach next to the ferry which is less than a 5 minute walk. I wore my skinzwear black thong bikini and my Pikante Orange Swim Thong, and no one batted an eye. it seems that the locals don't care if at all as I went there 3 days in a row in a different thong and did not have any issues. Again you'll get that initial reaction for a couple of seconds then everything is normal. I tanned and went into the water to cool off and back to tanning again. it was very relaxing and the water was great. 
The only regret I have is not going into the pool as much as I wanted to with a thong, I found myself spending more time tanning/swimming on the beach than I wanted to but the water was too good to pass up. On the last day though, the sun was amazing and I have to admit, I got a great Tan line so i'm very happy with that. 
Overall, great place to thong, no one said a thing, pretty much almost the entire staff had seen me wearing a thong and did not say a word and acted very normal and professional. I just wish I didn't have to leave. 
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