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Date Posted:12/06/2018 06:40:25Copy HTML

Has anyone else purposefully outright lied or stretched the truth to put in some time in a thong?  Truth stretching could be saying something like "I just don't feel that well today" which parhaps is partly true.  Perhaps someone says "I had to take care of my sister's kids" and not mention that the place to take care of them at was at the beach.  Lying would be an outright fabricataion "I have to take off to take my mother to the dentist", or "I have been called for jury duty".  

So far, I will admit I stretch the truth from time to time, and it seems like I am stretching it more and more all the time.  I have run into people at the beach -- especially on very nice days after a long-spell of bad weather who admit that they lied to get there -- mostly non-thongers.  I even ran into a teen aged girl who's mom brought her to the beach, promissing her a note saying she was sick.  Mom wore a two-piece suit, but the girl wore a true thong and later took her top off when her mom did.  The mom said she didn't mind her daughter's extreme skin exposure, but didn't like the reactions of the boys and men on the weekend.

Truth and lies could also surround other phases of life besides work and school -- like sending time with family and friends or doing work around the house, or worst of all, lying to a spouse.  There is also lying about why you want or need to wear a thong.  "I didn't bring anything else" or "my boyfriend only wants me to wear thongs" even it not true.

If you have lied or fibbed a little, do you ever feel guilty?

tbck1000 #1

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/06/2018 10:42:35Copy HTML

I have left the job early countless times to hit the beach.  I have also added a day or two to dozens of businesses trips to hit a nearby beach or other spot. 

Beached_Santa_Cruz #2

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/06/2018 02:44:23Copy HTML

I'm work for a company in Santa Cruz County. The boss I previously had for quite a few years would let me take manuals to read to the beach. I would mostly do it on my lunch hour. Occasionally while taking a walk on the beach in my thong I'd meet women in thongs that would strike up a conversation with me and the next thing you know we are parked along side each other chit chatting. Since I was married it didn't go any further than that. But there were several times I would call my boss and say "I wasn't feeling well and would take the rest of the afternoon off". Then stay at the beach and hang out with the other person and enjoy the day.
kiyoothong #3

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/06/2018 03:57:20Copy HTML

Oh yes, I have definitely played hooky before, and I usually do it during summertime. Summer in Canada is short, so I have to make the most of the warm weather.
NudeNArizona #4

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/06/2018 05:02:45Copy HTML

I have done this a few times usually early in the spring when I'm trying to get my base tan. I will leave for lunch then say "I have to go home because I'm having "DirecTV, or something else" scheduled to come by that afternoon and have to be home between 2PM and 6PM. One time I was "playing hooky" sunbathing nude out by my pool, and I didn't see the text from my office saying that they needed me to sign a report that day and that they were sending someone out to my house to have me sign it. So I was relaxing in the sun wearing my Bose noise cancelling headphones. Then I feel a shadow over my face which causes me to open my eyes and I see my bosses secretary standing looking at me on my lounger. I immediately sit up and look for a cover-up but since I got undressed inside I didn't bring anything out to the pool. She laughs and say "what did I surprise you?" "who were you expecting DirecTV?" Then she say "I need you to sigh this because it's due today, I would love to stay but ONE OF US needs to get back to work!" Then she showed me her phone and it displayed a photo of me laying nude and she said "I think I will use this as your profile pic in my contacts, and who knows maybe I might have a few more?" as she smiled. I apologized for not having a cover-up and she laughed and said "why? it's your pool and I'm the one who invaded your space" then she said, but "anytime you want to invite me over for a swim or sunbathing I'll be more than happy to join you, especially if you go naked!" I laughed and said I think I have a refrigerator being delivered on Friday! Which she laughed and said "isn't that a coincidence "I think I'm going to be having really bad cramps on Friday, and you know how Mr. Lewis is when any girl mentions "female issues" so how does 10AM sound? I said I won't be here until after noon but the gates open so make yourself comfortable. I get home a little after noon and I see Marcia's car in my driveway, so I go thru the pool gate instead of the house and around my pool is Marcia and a friend laying naked on my loungers. I walk over and say hello and Marcia introduces me to her friend who seemed a little nervous meeting me while she was at my house nude, until Marcia said "he's the guy from the pic I sent you" then Tonya smiled and said "I didn't recognize him with his clothes on" Then I pulled out my phone and Marcia did a very slutty pose for the camera and I said "I needed to update your contact's pic as well!" as she smiled and said "maybe you will answer now when I call you!"
RapidBlue #5

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/06/2018 07:52:09Copy HTML

Playing hooky is not something I consider since I am self employed and have total control of my schedule. If the forecast is favorable I’ll arrange a day or afternoon off to enjoy the sun and surf. On business trips I almost always add in extra days to play on a beach or at a resort pool.
bmicro #6

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/08/2018 04:20:28Copy HTML

I have a consulting business and work from home when not travelling. I regularly stretch the truth by declaring that I am unavailable for a meeting or conference during midday when I want to spend some time on the beach in something very small. On a business trip when I am near a beach in good weather, I will try to extend the trip to include the beach. 

beachlion #7

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/10/2018 12:59:23Copy HTML

It is not exactly playing hooky but quite close. My partner for 15 year was against skimpy swimgear for men. So I had to go to the beach during normal working hours. I lived and worked in the Netherlands then and a half day off is not much of a problem if you have almost 40 payed leave days a year. So I took an afternoon off without telling her and went to the beach. I instructed my co-workers to tell the partner I was on board of a ship and without communication if she wanted to talk to me. I changed my suits every half hour to avoid tanlines. She never found out.
Alfresco10 #8

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/10/2018 01:27:50Copy HTML

I had a lot of latitude in my work schedule at a University job, so on nice summer afternoons I often left early to "work at home," which involved driving 40 minutes to a remote Lake Michigan beach where I felt comfortable thonging or going naked. Now I am self employed so I decide when my workday is done. I always have thong and towel packed in the trunk during the summer.
J_R_365 #9

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/10/2018 03:30:36Copy HTML

One of the advantages of being retired is not having to play hooky. Yes, there's stiill the occasional family commitment, doctors appointment, etc but plenty of time for thonging,. People tell me, "Gee, you have a really good tan!", to which I reply, "Well, I go to the beach a lot."
Lycrafool #10

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/13/2018 09:31:20Copy HTML

Thongs are first and foremost my kink. And I never lied about it to my ex-wife. But sometimes I have stressed the practicality of wearing a thong to my ex, since that's easier to digest for a woman who, on one hand, doesn't like thongs on men, but on the other hand understands how comfortable and practical they are under tights when working out, or on a really hot summer day. Of course she knew about and accepted my kink, but emphasising the other reasons (which also were true) made it a lot easier for me to get away with it :) That's something men who never tried thongs would understand. I think men are easier to convince by just admitting you have a thing for thongs...
spark2100 #11

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:12/15/2018 09:24:32Copy HTML

This past summer, I spent more time at home then I usually would. We have started a construction business, so I had lots of estimating and billing to do. I would move out to my "office " on the deck. I got lots of comments on how tanned I was. After years of wearing a thong around the yard and at the cottage with little interaction with people other then my wife and close friends, I finally got "caught", several times actually. The line I used mostly was " this is what happens when I let my wife dress me" She has been topfree in a thong or gstring for years.
johny_b #12

Re:Playing "hooky" to go thonging

Date Posted:02/21/2019 12:54:24Copy HTML

i have a few times, especially in the summer when its warm, perfect sunny day, i go straight to the beach armed with just a hat, towel and a thong. sometimes ill play hooky two days in a row. its so worth it.
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