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Date Posted:06/05/2005 01:11:53Copy HTML

This is just a recommendation for Point Beach State Park, in Two Rivers, WI. Being a state park, you will need to pay the $5/day or $20/year fee. I am accustomed to the beaches in Milwaukee; small and filthy. Point Beach on the other hand, is amazingly large. I was walking for about 30 minutes and hadn't hit the end. From what I understand, the beach runs for about 5 miles, so you'll have a spot whether public or private is your thing. From the few times I have been, there is not that much of a public to speak of. The main beach areas are sparsely populated. Start walking south and it gets downright secluded. The sand is excellent; a soft and fine texture. The beach waves up and down with mini-dunes, and there is almost zero litter. As far as thongs go, I have heard that they are permitted. Mind you, this is second-hand knowledge since I have yet to ask for myself. There are others who use Point Beach for thonging as well, so it is at least a semi-regular occurence (though not always apparent with such an expansive beach). I layed out, meandered back and forth along the beach, then walked a good stretch back to the parking lot, while wearing my very-low-cut Dore g-string. Reactions were quite mixed. Two people downright ignored me. One man was taken aback, but stopped for a chat as normal. An older woman stopped to watch me pass. And a young 20s couple let out a quick and surprised laugh, but didn't say anything. I never felt uncomfortable at Point Beach. All visitors seemed quite relaxed and friendly. Needless to say, I will definitely be going back regularly.
flipper1 #1

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/22/2005 02:45:05Copy HTML

Point Beach is an excellent choice for thonging! I live south of the park in Two Rivers, and regularly use the beach. If  you like a little more crowd, Neshotah Beach in Two Rivers is for you. For privacy or limited exposure to people, head up the beach toward Point Beach. Because it is a state park, there are no homes near the beach. It gets so secluded, even your cell phone will not pick up toward the point. This is an area I find many nude sunbathers. I run the beach regularly, and I am accustomed to seeing everything from young guys in "dork" shorts down near their ankles, to nude sunbathering families. I usually run in a speedo, which most times I find overdressed, but it seems almost anything is acceptable.

       One thing most people forget, with Lake Michigan, September and October are two of our best months for nice beach going here. I find I usually have the place to myself after Labor day. E-mail me if your coming up.

Endo_Rowe #2

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/24/2005 08:50:17Copy HTML

So then I assume the park rangers don't patrol the beaches very often. Also, do you know of any easier ways to get to the middle and southern each areas? So far I have been parking near the main lots and walking.
trapking #3

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/30/2005 08:22:26Copy HTML

Its nice to know there are some thongers in my part of Wisconsin.  I have been to Mazo by Sauk City but have not been over to Two Rivers.  It will be a lot shorter drive as I live near Fond du Lac.

Is there one central parking area?  And then you walk north or south?

Maybe I can try it out next week.

As far as thonging in the Fond du Lac area goes this is the response I received from the city police department  when I e-mailed to ask about thonging at our pools or parks.  I am still waiting to here from the Sherrifs department who oversees the out of town beaches/lakes.

First I believe it would be on a case by case basis as there are many deferent types of swimwear.  I do not think there are any state statute violations.  The City has one ordinance violation which may apply:

10.02 PUBLIC NUISANCE DEFINED. A public nuisance is a thing, act, occupation,

condition or use of property which continues for such length of time as to:

(1) Substantially annoy, injure or endanger the comfort, health, repose or safety

of the public.

(2) In any way render the public insecure in life or in the use of property.

(3) Greatly offend the public morals or decency.

(4) Unlawfully and substantially interfere with, obstruct or tend to obstruct or

render dangerous for passage any street, alley, highway or other public way or the use of

public property.


It would be up to a prosecutor to first file charges and a judge would have to agree if you would receive a citation for a violation on the above ordinance.  You will need to check with the local swimming pools as they may have use policies covering your question.

On a personal note I would not want to have my young children view your exposed buttocks (if that is the type of swimwear you are wearing) at a swim pool and would probably make a complaint to the pool management.  I would suggest you may want to sunbath in private if you want to wear such swimwear.

Thanks for contacting the Fond du Lac Police Department.

trapking #4

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/03/2005 07:37:52Copy HTML

I was out at Point Beach today from noon to 3.  On a odd note my phone must pick up a tower from Michigan because it was a hour fast on and off.

Anyway I started at the Dog/Lighthouse park and walked up and down the beach seeing only a few two piece bikinis and nothing less.  It was somewhat crowded there so I drove up to the middle parking area and walked North past the consession parking area and laid out in my red thong there for over a hour and a half.  I was halfway between the consession stand and what looked like a house at the end of the beach.

A few people walked past me and a guy who was a little south with his family kept looking around his sand dune to see what I was doing.  I stood up and wanderd around my area a little but kept out of the water.  I had a family north of me that was fully dressed, and they seemed a little stressed by my short shorts and no shirt the first time I walked by when I was looking for a good spot, so I did not want to offend them.

Out of the people who walked by, two fully dressed ladies waved and everyone else I noticed looked he other way.  While I was on my back I had my eyes closed so I did not see everyone.

I was a little dissapointed to see no other thongs  but still got some good sun.

Can you walk from Neshota beach to point beach?  Or can you walk from Two Rivers to the state park along the beach?

flipper1 #5

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/05/2005 02:58:15Copy HTML

Hi, Point Beach has many areas of access. You can park in Point beach state forrest, and pay the fees. If you do, I suggest walking south past the lighthouse. You will still have some people, but the further south you go, the sparser the people get. Another route in is by Malarsh Creek. If you drive from Point Beach south, you will cross a creek. Parking is available free, and it is about 3/4 mile walk to the beach. This area is quite secluded, and I see quite a few thongers and nudists in this area.

Another choice is to park at Neshotah park in Two Rivers and walk north. You can stay right at the beach in Two Rivers, but I think I have only seen one male thong wearer there, and some women in them. It is daring to just wear a speedo there, but that is more common. I would walk north about 1/2 mile or more past the houses, and you'll find one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the midwest, and except for a few strollers, you will have it practically to yourself. If you are new to thonging, this is the perfect area.

I don't know exactly what the legality is in this area. I have seen a park ranger ride a quad-runner up the beach, and he went right past a couple of guys sunbathing nude, but the were in a very secluded area. I assume thongs are ok.

The beach is a little over 5 miles from Two Rivers out to Point Beach, and it makes a great jog, especially in the morning around sunrise. I have even seen a guy jogging in just a thong already, but speedos are more common.

One note, be respectful of the homes near Two Rivers, and watch out for families with small kids. Otherwise, enjoy the sun (and let me know if your coming, I'll try to meet you there).

flipper1 #6

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:08/13/2005 04:59:29Copy HTML

I must say, that since I posted what a nice place Point Beach is, we have had almost a thonging revolution! I am pleased to say that this summer, I have encountered more thongers than I ever have. I run the beach daily, and this summer I have run into both men and women thonging. It is somewhat private here, and I guess I have seen more gay men than anything  else, but I am enocuraged that at least in this part or the country, thonging appears to be alive and strong. I hope more of you in the midwest wil come here and try it, and if you see a runner going by, stop me to say hello.
webie #7

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/29/2008 07:13:58Copy HTML

 Have there been any more news about point beach and thonging . planning on spending a week comeing up here at the state park hopeing to get some sun time in on the beach . Where is the best area to go if anyone knows.
ThonginMN #8

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:08/22/2008 01:47:08Copy HTML

Thongs/g-strings are legal on WI state land. Only the front has to be covered, so you are covered to wear a thong!
elmuffin #9

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/25/2009 04:35:19Copy HTML

Any update on recent experiences at Point Beach?  Heading out there next month.  How secluded is it possible to get?  Finally, anybody know whether it's legal for women to be topless on state land?
ThonginMN #10

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/25/2009 04:51:51Copy HTML

 Have not been there myself but in Wisconsin you can be nude on state land - legally. As for public beaches all you need is to keep the front covered as WI law states only the front needs to be covered, so theoritically you can wear a g-string at a public beach anywhere in WI.
Endo_Rowe #11

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/25/2009 04:31:23Copy HTML

I'll be out of town for a bit, so I won't be heading to Point Beach for about two weeks. Once I do, I'll let you know if there are any changes. Last year a ranger on a 4-wheeler stopped to reprimand me, and I was pretty far south. I almost laughed when he said, "there's kids around," and we both kind of looked side to side at the vast emptiness around us. I changed into a bikini and he drove by two minutes later to check. This summer I will have to come better prepared with written permission.
Maxtlatl #12

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/25/2009 06:19:40Copy HTML

Here's what I know about the legality of thongs/topless in Wisconsin. As far as I can tell, that ranger on the 4-wheeler was totally out of line (and I would have told him so).

First, the Wisconsin statute is 944.20, here:


To be illegal, you must publicly and indecently expose your genitals. Breasts are not genitals, so that sure sounds to me as if topless if legal. Also note that you must not only expose your genitals, but do so indecently. Of course, that is a gray area, and if you pushed it, you might get a judge who ignores that extra qualification and convicts you anyways. However, if you are in an out-of-the way area without too much traffic, you could probably get away with full nudity.

I also checked the Wisconsin Administrative Code. There, section NR45.04(3) deals with personal conduct. All that comes remotely close is disorderly conduct, which says:

  (a) Disorderly conduct. No person
  may engage in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous,
  unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct, or conduct
  which tends to cause or provoke a disturbance or create a breach of
  the peace.

I've worn thongs up around Eagle River (boating on the chain of lakes, and sunning on a pier there) for about 30 years now. I've never had a bit of trouble. (I've also occasionally, on a slow weekday, sunned nude on that pier--again, no trouble, though in that case I kept a closer eye to make sure nobody approached too close.)
143741 #13

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/15/2009 01:03:58Copy HTML

Max Have you ever thonged at the public beach in Three lakes wisconsin ?  It is called maple Beach, and it seems like one of the only one in those counties where the y have lifeguards
Maxtlatl #14

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/15/2009 12:30:26Copy HTML

Nope, never been on Maple Beach. It's not even on the Chain of Lakes, is it?
143741 #15

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/15/2009 11:44:06Copy HTML

Max Itis not on the chain of lakes   Have you gone to Silver lake in lake Rd in Eagle River. I just went to a remote spot on Eagle lake 3 miles from the Schools and snowmobile raceway
Endo_Rowe #16

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/16/2009 03:40:42Copy HTML

 Happened across two other thong-clad gentlemen at Point Beach on Sunday. One was hanging out nearby, so I went over to say hello, just as his friend came by on his jog. I mentioned the forum, but received confused looks in return. It seems that more people are heading to Point Beach in thongs than I thought.
trapking #17

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/21/2009 12:29:39Copy HTML

Went to Point Beach last Wednesday and was surprised how high the water was.  Not sure if the lake is up, the wind was blowing in or if there was a lot of erosion to the beach over the winter.  In either case walking south from the lighthouse there was really no beach.  I was walking in water with a 1 to 3 foot wall of sand and roots between be and the dunes.

I did find a nice inlet pond about three miles south of the lighthouse with some sand to lay out by.  The nice thing was I walked for miles with no one around wearing my thong.  I was beat by the time I got back though.  My feet were very sore the next day.

On the negative the flies were horrible that day even walking.  I'm sure they go in cycles just like the state bird the mosquito.
ThonginMN #18

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:02/07/2010 02:15:57Copy HTML

 Try the beaches along the St. Croix river. There is supposed to be an island south of the I-94 bridge by the Twin Cities where all the boaters with money go to show off their boats and their wives....

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/24/2010 10:52:38Copy HTML

I have been going to Point beach for about 4 or 5 years now. I have never been bothered while wearing a thong or g string. Usually my wife and I go a bit south of the north parking lot just a ways past the last people so my wife can go topless too.

I swim, walk the beach, and tan in my thong and the worst it gets is some may look at you a little long. Most just glance at you and continue on their way. We of course are considerate of others and not plop down right in the middle of families (kids), but for the most part we do not cover up when families pass by whether there are kids or not as this is the beach and you sort of expect to see people with little on.

One exception is if a group of teenagers are approaching as this is totally foreign to them. I then role over on my back and my wife goes on her stomach. Otherwise all she usually does is cover her breasts with her hands or arm when people get too close.

If you want to tan nude head south of lighthouse, again weekdays are better.

There is another beach close by where we can spend the afternoon (weekdays anyway) totally nude. We have never seen anyone there during the week. Don't want to let on where it is though, don't want everyone and their brother there.

While my wife spends most of the beach time bare breasted don't chance it when you see a ranger coming, cover up.  Take others case by case.

A lot of people I talk to at the campground say they have seen topless and nude people and it does not bother them as long as good judgement is used. Hopefully more (wide) beach in 2010     
ThonginMN #20

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/25/2010 02:36:53Copy HTML

 That's great you found a place to get naked. There used to be a place on the Lestor river in Duluth for casual sunbathing but no beach, just rock. Gay men found out about the place so now it is a pick up spot.

On WI state land you are legal when you are nude. You are 100% legal if you are in a thong/g-string because WI law states only the front has to be covered. I think women can go topless too.

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/25/2010 10:43:55Copy HTML

Even though it is legal to wear thongs at the beach and I have not found a law specifically banning topless women they can always use the catch-all of disorderly conduct, if someone complains and let you fight it out in court so it is advisable to play it safe, go in areas of few families.

I think eventually it will be ok for women to go topless. Even now if they are in a more private area no one complains, they look, stop and talk and go on their way. When my wife and I were younger she had to watch it much closer for the do gooders. Now my wife doesn't worry about anyone complaining about her bare breasts. We just try to be considerate of others and watch out for teenagers as they probably think she is ancient.

Thongs were not around on the beach either years ago, so we have made progress. Nudity is only a big deal because we make it so.  Once toplessness is totally accepted it will be no different than if you see agirl in  tiny bikini. If she is hot you look, if she is not  you go "ewe" and pretend you don't see her. People have even come to realize that just cause a guy wears a thong he isn't automatically gay.    
ThonginMN #22

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/25/2010 10:48:51Copy HTML

 True. I remember back in the '80s going to the quarries in St. Cloud, MN and beyond the first quarry it was essentially all clothing optional with no police harassment. However, all that changed after some stupid kid drowned and his parents sued the company that let people on the land and now, it is a "candyland" of family fun at the quarries with bike paths, etc...

I remember my last time there back in the '80s driving away and seeing a woman sunbathe topless at her house next to the road..that is how cool it was back then..much like Madison, WI is now.
426576 #23

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/26/2010 10:45:03Copy HTML

I will check this place out when the weather warms up. Probably in June, and they are having another large PGA golf at whistling straits this summer.
ThonginMN #24

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/26/2010 01:36:22Copy HTML

 The quarries? No it is toast. Don't bother. It is an family water park now...in a gravel pit. Complete waste of time. Idiot rent a cops driving around to each quarry on ATVs.
jt_0918 #25

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/19/2010 10:30:03Copy HTML

I'm waiting for it to get warmer so I can go check out point beach again. I've been there before, but I've never seen another thonger.

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/19/2010 10:47:50Copy HTML

Best bet at seeing other thongers is week days, as most people do not believe they are really legal. With such a large beach people spread out, especially if the women want to go topless.

Women have to use best judgment as topless is not really allowed but if you are in a more secluded area people just look and continue walking. My wife gets creative to go topless, we sometimes just go aways south of the last group of people at the north beach and she just faces away from them. If someone gets too close she covers the girls with her hands or arm. Even when she wears a one pc she will pull it down to get them tan. When in a more private area she rarely covers up, once again best judgment.

Just a side note, the very first person I saw in a thong at point beach (early 90's) was a guy, while my wife's first observation was two girls walking down the beach.  Three years ago there we saw a  girl 8 months or so pregnant wearing thong, walking down the beach. We have come a long way!
ThonginMN #27

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/20/2010 01:54:34Copy HTML

 You should have your wife wear squares of duct tape if she is worried about being busted. That is what the lesbians in Mpls. do in the Uptown and they walk right down the street :)
strepsils #28

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/20/2010 08:25:47Copy HTML

BEACHMAN999's quote = "the very first person I saw in a thong at point beach (early 90's) was a guy"

Yaiks! It was an old man!
Popeye1 #29

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/21/2010 08:52:36Copy HTML

Why the hell would it matter that it was and "old" man? I get pretty sick of the notion that freedom and sensual experience are reserved for the young and the perfect. Popeye
strepsils #30

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/21/2010 07:02:40Copy HTML

Popeye1's quote = Why the hell would it matter that it was and "old" man? I get pretty sick of the notion that freedom and sensual experience are reserved for the young and the perfect. Popeye (Date Posted:04/21/2010 03:52)

The way Popeye responded, looks like he is an old man. No wonder gets so upset. :-( 
BeachBum413 #31

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/21/2010 08:04:14Copy HTML

 I am older and in pretty good shape for my age and I get upset with this idea that thongs etc, are reserved for the young and the perfect. Why should I have to cover my body up so someone doesn't see me because I'm not 20 and a hardbody? Go to a nude beach an look at all the great shapes and sizes that folks come in. It's what makes life interesting. Think how boring it would be if we all looked the same. Is this a form of discrimination against older folks?
Popeye1 #32

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/22/2010 08:42:07Copy HTML

Damn right I'm an old man! And this old man get's pretty upset when immature, narrow minded children think they have the right to judge anyone. Grow up sonny. Popeye
DavyJ #33

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/23/2010 12:46:24Copy HTML

Amen, Popeye.  There should be no correlation between thongs and age of any sort.  5, 10, 20, 50, 90, what's the difference?  But it is definitely true that many people have hangups when the age is either less than 18 or greater than, say 40.  At a nude beach in Germany I saw naked people under 10 and over 80, and no one had any problem with either age. 

Years ago I was sort of watching some quiz program where they had surveyed 100 people and you had to guess the results.  The question was "at what age should a woman stop wearing a bikini?"  (a really stupid question)  When the first contestant suggested "40", the MC laughed and made some really obnoxious comment, the gist of which was "40!!!  Oh my God, I hope for everybody's sake it is well before 40."  Sure enough, he did not "win", as the survey had either "25" or "30" as the top answer.  Crazy.
ThonginMN #34

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/23/2010 01:31:02Copy HTML

 You are right about Germans. They will go naked anywhere. They can go naked at any park and walk around naked with no problem. They routinely have nudity in ads. Heck, they even have a porn shop in the Frankfurt Airport by arrivals ;)

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:04/23/2010 05:35:03Copy HTML

Most of us "old" guys do not where thongs to impress the young girls or anyone else for that matter. I just feel comfortable wearing small suits. 15-20 years ago when speedos were popular for guys no one payed attention unless someone was way over weight and then you just din't look at him. The only people that seem to make a big deal out of it is the 18-30 crowd as they have worn the huge suits all their life. But that is the way they view everything. For the people that think seeing the guys " package " so well defined in a thong or speedo isn't right or that you must be a pervert don't look! People have no problem when a woman is wearing next to nothing or is showing 90% of her breasts in public  so they should drop the double standard they apply to men. there is a time and place for nudity, wearing a thong or g string at the beach is ok, wearing one at say noah's ark waterpark is not
8404jim #36

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/10/2010 08:57:42Copy HTML

I was just reading some of the coments about older/old men wearing thongs,good for you guys,you made my day,I'm 64 yrs old,i lift weights4 days/week cardio 5/wk. so i'm in fairly good shape. I still enjoy wearing thongs. they are very comfortable,there was a time when thats all i wore. Unfortunetly   i live in Milw. Wi. so don't know where i could wear them in public. every beach i go to DORK shorts are the norm.even wearing a bikini is out of place, oh well! anyway i just thought i'd put my 2 cents in. Just out of curiosity how many of you seinors are into thongs?  ,i'm glad to see i'm not the only one  
ThonginMN #37

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/11/2010 03:38:19Copy HTML

You can legally wear thongs/g-strings on any public beach and that is WI state law. However, being among teenagers and families would be trouble so just go to a little used beach.

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/27/2010 10:19:42Copy HTML

I have never run into problems with families, even with kids some look some don't. Now of course I don't plop myself down where there are  500 kids but I don't hide either, my wife and I just go aways past the last group of people laying out. We swim and walk in our thongs and people can clearly see what we are wearing. No one has called the park rangers on us or anything like that. a public swimming pool may be another story, nor would I wear one to Noah's ark. On the beach at lake mich. people just accept it. Only 17-25 year old boys seemed to be bothered by it at all. But this is a foriegn concept to them as they have only worn dork shorts their whole life so I guess you can't blame them.  
ThonginMN #39

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/28/2010 01:31:12Copy HTML

 It all depends on the local culture. In lilly white suburbs of Mpls. you cannot wear thongs but in the lakes around Mpls. you can with no comments.
strepsils #40

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/28/2010 03:45:10Copy HTML

I swam in the Leech lake and White Bear Lake (in nothern Minnesota) before and I have no problem. The people are cool and fine with me. :-)

Lake Calhoun and Cedar Lake (in Minnesota), I haven't tried yet. I would like to meet up with people of the same thongging interest.
ThonginMN #41

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/28/2010 05:01:52Copy HTML

 I would recommend Cedar Lake as it has much less traffic than Calhoun. Cops are less likely to "pull the trigger" on you if you are more out of sight and mind. Calhoun is too visible for a guy so forget about it.

I have seen a couple of thongs near where I live on gals so it is encouraging but this ain't no Miami beach!
sunnyjake #42

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/07/2010 05:59:47Copy HTML

I was there on Monday. Parked at the South parking lot and walk south passed the lighthouse in short shorts until I got past the few family groups that were there. Then I stripped off the shorts and continued walking south in skinny side rios. I think I ended up walking about 3/4 of a mile south of the creek. Found a nice spot on the beach and switched to a thong and took a short swim. In all I spent about two hours at the south end of my walk. Two bicyclists rode past and later another bicyclist rode past with two dogs in tow. After that I walked back to almost the lighthouse in the thong. When I approached the first family group I put my short shorts on again and continued to the parking lot. Clouds on and off. Needed insect repellent for the biting flies. After a short rain shower I needed to reapply the bug spray to keep them away. A thong is great raingear.

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/07/2010 10:31:38Copy HTML

I would not worry too much about wearing a thong in front of others there, I do it all the time. We either go just south of the northern beach area by the concession bldg. or south of the last park lot  near light house.We avoid the real crowded areas only because you will definitely be in the minority, but adults and kids walk by us, swim by us, no one complains, no one hides their kids.16 to 25 year olds are the most likely to make a comment as a small suit is totally foreign to them. During the week if it is not too busy my wife and I will walk back to the concesion parking lot where we park in our thongs. They are legal  here and you should not have to hide your tan butt.We were at pt. beach in the last part of June, A lady & her kids put down her blanket, etc right next to us and obviously was not offended by my bare butt or "bulge". Her kids were about 8-12 years old and they paid no attention to me or the wife.We occasionally talked to each other just as we would anywhere else.. I had no qualms about geting up and swimming in front of them. I think how you act in your thong is more important than how little you have covered. If you are gonna walk back and forth in front of abunch of teenage girls making sure they see every thing they may be less than happy with you, if you act as if you just want to tan and swim they don,t bother you. Of course people WILL check you out as they walk by but if you were worried about being semi nude in front of others you wouldn,t be there in athong. hopefully this summer will be a bit warmer than last along the lake 
ThonginMN #44

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/11/2010 12:33:31Copy HTML

 How about g-strings? They are legal too.
jt_0918 #45

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/13/2010 12:17:51Copy HTML

I was at point beach for about two hours this afternoon.  I started off in a Joe Snyder mini cheek boxer, and then stripped to a muscleskins X2 one sided thong.  It wasn't very busy, but no one said anything. An attractive younger girl smiled and said hi, but that was about it.  Nice weather, not too many bugs. I will most likely get there again later this week.
jt_0918 #46

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/13/2010 11:21:43Copy HTML

Went to Point Beach again today, there from about 1 until about 5.  It was a great day. I never even put my shorts on when I left the house, just my baby blue muscleskins poser thong.  I brought along shorts and a t shirt in case I needed them, but never did. 

I asked the ranger at the gate if what I was wearing was okay, and she assured me that it was.  I got out of my car and oiled myself up right in the parking lot and walked to the beach.  I started in the south lot, walked all the way south past the creek, then walked all the way back to the lodge on the north end. 

I stopped to grab some cash at the car, and went to the lodge to get a drink and a snack. Never changed out of my thong.  I noticed several people taking pictures, and one woman whistled at me.  Other than an occasional teen laughing, everyone seemed receptive.  Can't wait to get back again.
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Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

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 You were 100% legal.

You should try one of the beaches at the lakes in Minneapolis.
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Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

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Went again today, pretty much the same scenario. Wore a pink floral print Dore very low 3-d thong with string sides.  Started near the south parking lot, near the lighthouse, and walked all the way to the north end of the beach.  Stopped at the concession lodge to grab a drink of water, the girl working the counter just smiled when I asked if they had a water fountain.  It started to rain a little and really cooled off, so I left earlier than I planned.  Would really like to see more thongers, women or men.
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 Sounds like you had a fun time . I think I may have a bunch of time off this week so I am hoping if the weather is nice either by sheboygan or up by point beach .  Not sure if the girl friend can join in cause of working .  If we can find some more secluded areas I have a few koala strings that would be cool to wear .

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Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

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 According to what I have read they should be legal as you only need your front covered .  I would hang in there and use some dicrestion as fun as it is . wear thongs then down to gstrings , I would keep the baggies for some more secluded areas .   I have a bunch of fun suits  that barely cover I would like to wear out there that have only a tiny string back , but I will wait till I am away from the people areas .

Better to be safe then bussted . and a thong alone in wisconsin is pushing it so hang tight guy ok .
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