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webie #51

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/19/2010 10:38:21Copy HTML

 Actually I found that many times its more fun to wear a thong back and a really skimpy front , some tanlines are always sexy you no .
jt_0918 #52

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/20/2010 05:59:23Copy HTML

 Does anyone know if baggies are legal at point beach?
sunnyjake #53

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:08/10/2010 09:57:36Copy HTML

On Monday I arrived at 11am. It was a very nice day except for the bitting flies. Only two groups of beach combers. Two ladies, in their mid 40's smiled and said it was a nice day. The other group was a couple in their early 30's with a small dog. As they got closer to me the woman took their camera from her husband a took several pictures of the dog and her husband with me in the background. Finally I said to the lady "You can take some pictures of me if you pose with me." So she handed the camera to her husband and posed with me. Her in a string bikini and me in my thong. He took a few front and side shots. Then she asked,Would be okay if he took a few rear shots?". I said "Sure. Let's do it." In several of the pictures she has her hand on my butt and I on her's. The "Photo Shoot" was then over. They said "Thanks alot" and headed back up the beach. The wind was from the south, the waves from the east and the water was pretty warm for Lake Michigan. What can be done about those flies?
JC2162 #54

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:12/31/2010 10:49:15Copy HTML

I spent one day last summer at Point Beach state park over Labor Day.  I found the beach to be very nice.  It was in a very natural setting similar to Kohler Andre.  I walked a very long way both north and south of the beach in the morning.  The weather was very sunny and warm.  There were quite a few folks there.  Families with small kids congregated on the northern part of the beach near the concession stand and facilities.  There were also many families near the lighthouse.

I found a nice spot to get some sun south of the lighthouse and away from the crowds.  I started sunning at about 11:00 and barely saw anyone until about 3:00.  First it there were a few walkers (some with dogs).  I was laying out on my back in my black Skinzwear thong when a family (Mom, Dad, two kids, and a dog) came by and set their stuff about 30 feet from me.  It was strange because there wasn't anyone near me as far as the eye could see in either direction.  The kids (ma ybe 9 and 11) stayed over by the water while the parents sat down on their towels eating some snacks.  A little later I look over at the parents, the wife was taking pictures of me.  I did say anything and just kind of ignored what she was doing.  Meanwhile, the dog was racing all over the place and came over to visit me.  I petted the dog and the wife and one of the kids came over to get the dog.  The wife seemed to blush when I said hello and did not mind the dog.  She just gave me a big smile and left.  I got the sense that she had not seen too many men in a thong before.

A short while a later, several small groups progressed down the beach.  A person in one of the groups had a camera with a mega telephoto lens.  He was taking all kinds of pictures as he progressed down along the beach by the water.  When he spotted me, he instantly started taking pics of me.  I did not mind him taking pics.  I actually rolled over a couple of times and then got up and walked to the water.  I am kind of an exhibitionist and enjoyed the attention a bit. 

Overall, the day at Point Beach was real nice.  There were no negative comments by anyone.  I will return to this beach when I am in the area again. 
wanabenaked #55

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/12/2011 08:58:31Copy HTML

This week the weather here in Wisconsin will seem to be OK for starting to go to a beach.  I am thinking of Mazo or Point Beach, since I now realize that one can thong there.   
JM_Runs #56

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/12/2011 12:15:29Copy HTML

Hmm i dont know about he beach with 40 degres temps and still lots of snow on the goround frozen lake still winter
wanabenaked #57

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:03/12/2011 05:44:12Copy HTML

Well the forecast is for the 50's along the lake.  There should also be lots of sun.  That could be OK if there is no wind off the lake. 
jt_0918 #58

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:10/08/2011 02:28:17Copy HTML

 It's supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow, I'll be heading to Point Beach late morning.  In case anyone else from the area is interested .

MNthonger #59

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/19/2013 09:40:40Copy HTML

 Any updates on this area?
ThonginMN #60

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/22/2013 03:11:07Copy HTML

 Updates? Go for it. Might as well try it on the MN side too. Saw a lady in a over sized bikini that back fell down all the time expose her butt and no one cared so give it a try! Too cold now though...
trapking #61

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/28/2013 12:46:47Copy HTML

MNthonger, What do you mean by updates? Thonging is fine in the north section. The weather all depends on the wind. Wind from the east and forget it for now but if the wind is from inland it will warm up nicely.

Hope to see you there sometime.
dobbybeach #62

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/28/2013 10:34:49Copy HTML

trapking, ever been to Mazo?  Enjoyable experiences there?  I'm only curious cuz I think its the closest nude beach to Chicago.  Is it even still legal there?  Anyone?
trapking #63

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:05/31/2013 10:33:33Copy HTML


I have been to Mazo, not to thong but to be nude. There are a few thongers there but most are nude. Saddly the DNR has said the beach will be 100% closed on weekdays this year and only open on weekends.

They say it is to reduce drug use and sex in the woods. I have never seen anyone having sex in the woods but they say it happens. In my point of view if you can stand in the woods for more than 10 seconds with all those mosquitios more power to you.

But anyway the beach is only open on weekends and if you have sex in the woods they will catch you.

I think it is a shame and hopefully they will change their minds.

On another note I have gone nude in the dunes at Kohler Andrea and south at Point Beach without incident but it is not legal. I have thonged at both right on the water with only one complaint from a guy whos wife was offended by our cheeks showing.
ThonginMN #64

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/03/2013 05:13:59Copy HTML

 Shame about Mazo. Guess the gay cruisers have ruined it. Back in the '90s you could drive to the beach and camp there!

As I mentioned elsewhere on this board, thongs and g-strings are legal in WI. Only the front has to be covered and being nude on state land is legal, which is why Mazo has been allowed to stay open. If you want a true great experience go to Haulover beach in Miami.
jt_0918 #65

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/24/2013 02:45:41Copy HTML

I plan on going here Thursday, if anyone is around and wants to join me.
webie #66

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/25/2013 02:22:18Copy HTML

Wish I could but I have to work Thursday , maybe the weekend , Saturday or Sunday ? Have you been out there yet this year and how have the biting flys been ? I have been out  on Lake Winnabago and tanning out there . the water has warmed up now but its been fun dodgeing the storms comeing thru .
Endo_Rowe #67

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/02/2014 10:16:03Copy HTML

Went to Point Beach for the first time this year, and wow was it a beautiful day - enough that I overdid it and my skin is screaming in a few spots.
I actually prefer going nude when able, so the one thing that always confuses me is that I've read (here and other forums) about people going nude at Point Beach. I've never seen a single other person besides myself, and I feel like I have to be on perpetual lookout mode. The majority of people I see look like they dressed for corporate golf outings. It's a skinny beach and I imagine they might not take too kindly to sidestepping the naked guy.
Somebody said there are no homes, which is only partially true. The houses are close to the road, but they are just a short hike from the beach. Seriously, you never know where someone will pop out. And, just for reference, I always enter from the Ice Age Trail on the southern end and then walk north, occasionally up as far as Molash Creek.
trapking #68

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/05/2014 10:27:24Copy HTML

 It is easy to burn this time of year! I got out at home for a hour this afternoon and the sun on my buns felt wonderful. I hope to hit point or Kohler Andrea next week one day.
trapking #69

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:06/28/2014 07:35:43Copy HTML

 This has been the worst spring in memory for being on the Lake Michigan beaches. The artic winter has lake temps cold. Milwaukee is still reporting 49 degrees for Lake Michigan. That is crazy for the last week of June. East winds have made it near unbearable along the lake for swimming or laying out most days. Mazo is closed during the week so I have been thonging at home or inland parks or nude in Hartford at Toadally Natural Farm until the weather changes.

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:09/16/2015 10:26:12Copy HTML

does anyone know if they allow thongs at neshotah beach down by two rivers or have you done it there. they actually still have some sand there that is wider than a few feet. does that beach get  super crowded? maybe the high water will wash away some of the beach grass this winter.
ThonginMN #71

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:09/21/2015 05:04:05Copy HTML

 All thongs and g-strings are legal in Wisconsin.
SolarOne #72

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:09/21/2015 06:43:14Copy HTML

Legal see - https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/944/IV/20
Females topfree seems to be legal as well, probably as long as it doesn't cause a spectacle.
Endo_Rowe #73

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:09/28/2015 04:06:40Copy HTML

 I believe that is a city park, so you would need to look at ordinances at the city level, not state.
Endo_Rowe #74

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/19/2018 02:30:24Copy HTML

 Got out here a few times so far this summer. The bad news is that the rising level of Lake Michigan is sucking up a good portion of the beach. The good news is that it's still largely secluded. For the most part, I just do away with the thong and go nude, even walking back to the car.
webie #75

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/21/2018 07:18:04Copy HTML

  Where did you park that you were able to walk back to the car nude . I have been there a couple of times but not as of this year . So far we been spending our time on Lake Winnabago . Sunny Jake has Stopped out to so we have the power of 3 now thonging  togeather a couple of times.
Endo_Rowe #76

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/21/2018 08:02:30Copy HTML

I drive to the end of Park Rd. Part of the Ice Age trail connects there and the beach is about a 200 ft walk in. Going that way, as opposed to the northern park entrance, allows you to skip the fee and gain immediate access to the more secluded southern portion of the beach. I don't go nude the entire way, but often disrobe/dress about 10 minutes walking from the trail.
webie #77

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/21/2018 08:21:25Copy HTML

 If I have a nice evening after work I may go up that way my work day ends early afternoon  . I am only about 40 minutes away . Weekends were normally at lake winnabago . How have the black flys been ? I always seem to find the worse time to go . Have u met any other thongers Or nudist up there ? 
Endo_Rowe #78

Re:Point Beach, Wisconsin

Date Posted:07/23/2018 03:31:07Copy HTML

Strong bug spray is a must.
I haven't met too many people. There is usually a dog walker or two, but otherwise I generally seem to have the place to myself.
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