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Date Posted:06/28/2009 03:28:34Copy HTML

i had a great experience at pontiac lake beach in Michigan a few weeks ago.   I was able to walk from my truck to the beach in just my gstring...  the same one thats in my profile pic.  there were a few people on the beach but i never heard any negative comments.  in fact i caught a few girls snapping pics when they thought i wasnt looking.  I layed out way to long and got fried.  nice tan lines though.  ive also had great luck at cass lake state park not far from pontiac lake beach. 
Ex_Member #1

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/13/2009 02:28:09Copy HTML

 Where is Pontiac Lake Beach?  I am in Clarkston.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/13/2009 07:17:13Copy HTML

Williams lake rd and M59. The entrance is north on williams lake rd.
JM_Runs #3

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:04/30/2010 01:22:45Copy HTML

Today looks like its going to be a great day to get out. The girlfriend and i are going to head to pontiac lake state park. She's not a thong suit wearer out in public. I have been for many years and she has problems with me wearing one out in public. This is our first time going out at the beach together, should be interesting. Looking forward to getting out and feeling the sun on my skin.
sailor25 #4

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:04/30/2010 09:40:31Copy HTML

Hope you had a great day.  Maybe someday weekends will be nice and and I can get out.  Thonged in FL but have not had time to get out in MI
JM_Runs #5

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/01/2010 02:08:11Copy HTML

Went out today and had a great day. Came back with some great tan lines and the beach was pretty empty. The girlfriend wasnt all that for it but was able to deal with it. She hates that I wear thongs and we have alomost broken up over it. But today was a good day.
sailor25 #6

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/01/2010 03:05:07Copy HTML

Hope to get to that side of the state sometime. Hope your girlfriend stays around.  My wife will not go to the beach with me very often because of my small swimwear.
stanpuppy #7

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/02/2010 01:50:09Copy HTML

I would not be able to be with a women who was not supportive of me wearing thongs.  Fortunately my wife is not only a thong gal (g-string actually), but is fully supportive of me wearing them as well
jn9195 #8

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/02/2010 02:40:02Copy HTML

 So... are thongs legal in Michigan?

JM_Runs #9

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/02/2010 03:59:16Copy HTML

yes thongs are legal, I have been going to Pontiac lake for about 3 years now and I have had park rangers walk right past me withing a few feet and not said a word. This has happened several times and 1 time i was wearing a Joe Synder g-string and still not said a word. I have seen other guys out wearing thongs aswell on the same beach. Never had a problem.
sailor25 #10

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/02/2010 09:50:13Copy HTML

I agree jonny. I have not had a problem with thongs on the westside of the state and have been told by people that thy are legal.  But I do not see very many at the lake.  I also have problems with my wife going to the beach, she usually stays home and I go to the beach by myself. But over the years have become friends with a few couples at the beach.
JM_Runs #11

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/05/2010 11:22:20Copy HTML

Looking to get out today about 2, it looks like its going to be a great day today.
JM_Runs #12

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:09/15/2011 03:18:53Copy HTML

On monday I went out to pontiac lake state park beach.  I called the beach guard shack first to ask if a thong would be okay to wear and the lady who answered said to just use discretion.  She also said there wouldn't be many people at the beach so I decided to go for it and wear my black pouch tie side g-string.  When I pulled up there were maybe 10 cars in the parking lot.  I decided to change into the beach house and put my gstring on under some shorts and walk to a spot and feel out how people might act towards it.  There were a total of 7 people laying out and no kids.  All seven seemed pretty serious about getting some sun so I figured they probably wouldn't care what I was wearing so I decided to lay out right in the middle of the beach at the end of the walk into the beach.  There was a very attractive women maybe in her 40s wearing a very small rio type bikini maybe 100 feet from me tanning her front and didn't see me at first.  I stripped off my shorts and shirt and was just in my black tie side g-string, clipped my ipod nana to my string side and opened up one of my text books to study.  Not much later she turned over and when I glanced up I noticed she was on her stomach with her head up looking at me.  She kept taking glances and seemed to get in a better position to watch me.  I layed out for about 2 hrs without any negative comments.  A few more people arrived at the beach, two being very attractive 20 year old women, and walked maybe 10 feet by me and didn't say a work.  Both girls stripped down not far from me, one had on a one piece and the other had a very tiny scrunch butt type bikini.  Not much later I had to leave so I decided to just walk to my truck in my gstring, nano clipped to side of gstring, backpack on back and sandals on.  I have done that once before but that time nobody saw me.  This time a few more people had arrived and two girls in there 20s were standing near the beach house where I had to walk past maybe within 10 feet.  When I walked up the path and was approaching the beach house both girls started to walk towards me and stopped as I got closer.  Neither girls looked at me but after I walked past I turned my head and noticed both girls turned around to watch me and had there phones out taking pictures.  They both lowered there phones really fast but I said to them why stop and asked if they wanted to take pictures with me.  The one girl said yeah so they both took turns taking pictures of each other standing next to me.  I talked with them for a little.  One of the girls who was very attractive asked alot of questions and was surprised it was okay to wear a thong to pontiac lake beach.  It sounded to me like she was very interested in possibly trying it herself.  I walked the rest of the way back to my truck in just my gstring.   A few more people pulled into the parking lot and drove right past me all staring at me but no negative comments.  I was tempted to just drive home in my gstring but I was alittle nervous about doing so so I put my shorts on in the truck and drove home.  
BiLarry #13

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:08/17/2012 11:53:29Copy HTML

It was at Pontiac Lake in 1985 that I first wore a thong in public, when I got home I trashed all of my Dork Shorts and replaced them with thongs and minimal coverage swimwear.   

My wife worked almost Saturday, so I would take the kids to the Pontiac Lake or Metro Beach for the day.  Both places were always packed, but no one ever said anything nasty.  I met a lady about my age at Pontiac Lake  she took her kids to the beach often too, we sat together and watch the kids together.  We teased each other about our choice in swimwear, she wore a 1 piece that was very modest and I wore only thongs (the smaller the better).  

I remember tossing the kids around in the water until I was too tired to move, it’s funny how many other kids would line up to get tossed, I was in much better shape then.  The other parents didn’t seem to mind.
kohler1977 #14

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/08/2013 11:11:53Copy HTML

I will put this experience in this post, as it relates to thonging in Michigan. I live in the upper peninsula, and we have had a bad winter. Where I live we do not get as much snow as many parts, so two weeks ago, most of the snow was gone, so I went to a trail, that you can walk 2.5 miles to a lake. There was some snow left in the woods, so the trail was still muddy. Well the last 3 days, has been in the upper 70s, so I parked my car in the parking area, and stripped down to a G-string, and walked the trail. Got lots of sun. Well on the way back, I went on a side trail, to find a monument, and a spring feed well, with cold water, I had my water bottle. There was a bench, and so I tanned in the nude for two hours, no one around, being a week day. 
BiLarry #15

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/08/2013 04:40:08Copy HTML

Back in the late 90s and early 00s I would go to a small parking lot on the west end of Lake Superior Shoreline Road about a mile or so east of White Fish Rd.  I could lay out nude all day, only a couple of times did I ever see anyone there.  And those times I did see someone, they were there to get a no tan line tan too.  Life was GREAT
hot4biwomen #16

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/05/2013 07:33:49Copy HTML

spent the 4th of July at Pontiac lake state park
No thongs anywhere!
I girl in  a rio cut bikini
RapidBlue #17

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/03/2014 01:45:52Copy HTML

 I am thinking of checking out this place when the wearer warms up. I know they have a Mountian Bike trail, so I may come over to ride it and spend some time on the beach. I was there once years ago to race the Mountian Bike and spent a few days pre riding the trail then spent the after noon,on the beach. I never saw a thong (I wore a Skinz Rio) and only about six people on the beach back then. 
hotmedic65 #18

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/04/2014 03:31:01Copy HTML

 I plan on making some trips out there this summer.   Always worn a gstring with no problems
BiLarry #19

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:06/30/2014 07:28:56Copy HTML

 Was there yesterday - Had a great day in my thong - Talked to several people not one negative remark.
hotmedic65 #20

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:04/29/2015 10:59:56Copy HTML

 I'm in too.  I've had great experiences there a few summers ago.  I've worn gstrings with no problem.  One day I walked back to my truck in just gstring and sandals with a back pack on similar to the earlier poster 
JM_Runs #21

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:05/23/2015 11:02:00Copy HTML

 Some messages from this thread were moved over to the "Contacts for Pontiac Lake Beach" thread.

For conversations about contacting others, 
or who might go to the beach on any specific day in the future, 
We try to keep useful information, questions about the beach, and reports of peoples experiences, 
separate from the contact type chatter which becomes irreverent once the date or time has passed.

This makes reading the beach thread for basic information and peoples past experiences a little easier.
We try to do this for most beaches that have active threads.

Keeping the "I might be there will you be there too?" and "see you there" or "us too" sort of chatter,
in a separate thread just keeps the main beach thread more readable to someone who wants to discover a beach, 
and for whom last seasons contact chatter is just clutter.
As a general rule, a first hand report of a beach visit, or information on what people can expect, should be in the main Beach thread. 
Chatter about possible future visits, that may or may not happen, or that is not relevant to anyone but the parties concerned,
should be in the contacts thread, because, with the passage of time, it becomes irrelevant.
RapidBlue #22

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/17/2015 03:01:48Copy HTML

 While I have not made it out to Pontiac Lake due to rain on my days off or being out of town or needing to be somewhere else at specific times I have some time in the sun. The past two days I was out in my thong at Island Lake State Recreation Area. Wednesday I was wearing a bulge enhanced black thong and Thursday I was in an orange thong. I was the only male on the beach not wearing board shorts. Both days I was there early and set up down the beach area away from most people. As the day progressed I had women decide that my end of the beach is where they wanted to be. Wednesday one woman decided to pull her bikini bottom into a thong. It was evident she often Suns her self in a thong. On both days I caught several women pointing there phones at me and snapping photos. None asked. As soon as I got up to cool of in the water I saw two women reach for their phones and point them in my direction. Other than the picture taking I got plenty of smiles from women and was ignored by the men and boys. Several women with children made a decision to set up near by as well.
JM_Runs #23

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/18/2015 02:37:18Copy HTML

JM_Runs #24

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/18/2015 02:40:41Copy HTML

 Hope Pontiac Lake is still friendly to go to this year. This will be my first time out in public other than on my boat. I think after reading all the stories this will be the place to start. Unless someone has some other suggestions.
RapidBlue #25

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:09/03/2015 06:21:04Copy HTML

 Sometimes I hate the Midwest. I had the morning off from work today so I decided to bed up to Island Lake State Rec Area. Got there about 10:00 AM and the beach is mostly empty so I set up. At about 12:30 I have sits woman with 4 children show up. She looks at me and sets up next to me. The beach is still pretty much empty. I am wearing a purple Daniel Alexander Rio cut suit (had a vibe that a thing would be pushing it today). With in 15 minutes I have a Ranger coming up to me to ask me to cover up. He says he can't do anything because I am covered but there has been complaints. I look over at the mom and see her smirking. There is no one else even remotely close to me. So I tell the Range no problem. Just as he is leaving the skies open up with rain and the beach day is done anyways. I have been up to this park many, many times and never had a problem. Today I get a prude mom who could have easily set up anywhere except 15/20 feet from me decide that I am inappropriate. Sometimes I hate the Midwest.
Maxtlatl #26

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:09/03/2015 06:26:39Copy HTML

 So, next time that happens, register a complaint against the woman. Say she keeps flashing her bare boob at you. Then it becomes her word against yours.
ThonginMN #27

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:09/06/2015 02:19:48Copy HTML

 Typical thing. I once walked up on a beach with a girl laying out in a thong and no one said anything but there was a noticable tension in the air with the fat housewives and their kids but this was not in MI........... Some sort of brave woman who layed out with buns facing the street in a thong that was more like a g-string. She had to have been there for hours with no police showing up. Sometimes the housewives shut up.
JM_Runs #28

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:06/05/2016 01:48:10Copy HTML

 Going to try and get out here soon. This will be my first time on a public beach ill let you guys know how it goes...
hotmedic65 #29

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:06/12/2016 09:08:10Copy HTML

 Made it out yesterday.   It was really hot out.   I managed to wear a skinz Roman gstring.  There were a lot of 20 something girls in very cheeky bikinis.   Got a lot of looks but no negative comments.   Got there early so it wasn't to crowded but started getting crowded as the afternoon came.   
JM_Runs #30

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:06/13/2016 10:06:14Copy HTML

 Good to hear still trying to get out myself
hotmedic65 #31

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/03/2016 03:58:43Copy HTML

 Made it out there the other day.   Was great.   Got a bit busy as the day went on.   Wore a skinz g the whole time.   Even got the guts to walk back to my truck in just my g.    Lots of looks but no negative comments 
mulch774 #32

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/25/2016 02:32:16Copy HTML

Interested in going out there again.  Was nervous about wearing a thong so wore a tiny bikini suit but ready to wear a thong next time.
ralange #33

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:08/14/2016 03:34:38Copy HTML

 This is good know that guys are wearing thongs at this beach, next time i ride the mtb trails i'll bring my thong and cool off in the lake.
RapidBlue #34

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:09/06/2016 08:40:13Copy HTML

 While Pontiac Lake may be good to wear minimal swimwear that is not the case at Island Lake State Receratuon Area. I was there today in a rio cut suit. No problems with anyone. Then as I walked back to my car (with shorts on) the ranger who had been sitting in his truck for an extended time got out to talk to me. It went something like this: hi I have been watching you. You are on the limit. We have had talks with the prosecutors in Livingsont and Washtenaw counties. Things and g string are not legal here it is indecent exposure and well your not there but the law is you have to cover your butt. That means at least a Speedo. Now no one has complained. I don't know why, but no one has. You can't wear that here. If you want to go it a private lake or pool then fine or go to the most secluded part of the park and... Well just know this. I'm surprised no one has complained.
I said thank you. Have a great day and left the park as I was leaving anyways. Mean while I have been there often this summer with nothing being said until now. The women are all wearing cheeky bottoms, near thongs and on some occasions thongs. Today there were four women there showing more cheek than I was and he never approached them.  
SlimSuit #35

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:09/07/2016 02:18:06Copy HTML

 I know it's been said before here, but...welcome to the double-standard.
ralange #36

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:09/08/2016 11:49:32Copy HTML

This was the reply I got today from the DNR email.


I have seen nothing concerning thongs, but they should cover the appropriate areas and be as respectable as possible.

Hope this helps.


-----Original Message-----
From: RANDY [mailto:@comcast.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2016 9:58 AM
To: DNR-ParksAndRecreation
Subject: Beaches


Are thong swimsuits legal at michigan state park beaches?

hotmedic65 #37

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:09/11/2016 11:45:49Copy HTML

 I have never had negative comments at Pontiac lake beach.  It's been a few weeks since I've been there.  I've worn Baggie g strings there too.   I just make it a point to not setup near anyone that way I know they don't mind my swimwear if they setup near me.  
JM_Runs #38

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:02/07/2017 03:31:11Copy HTML

 Mulch and I were there mid day last summer lots of people. I was in a thong and he was in a speedo no issues at all. Also went to Island lake but stayed off the main beach
thonger99 #39

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:06/12/2017 12:29:31Copy HTML

 It looks like today will be a good day to get out. 
curiousfun #40

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:10/11/2017 06:02:22Copy HTML

I was at Pontiac lake state park 2 times this summer (first year thonging/g-string in public thanks largely to this forum) with no complaints or comments of any kind. I wore Koala g-string both times and walked in and out of the water with no additional cover. Park workers and many others have to have seen me but no interaction at all.
JM_Runs #41

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:10/11/2017 06:31:08Copy HTML

curiousfun #42

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/04/2018 05:42:38Copy HTML

I went yesterday from 5pm to 7pm. I laid out in my tiniest pouch blue Koala g-string. I can't remember the style name because I have had it for many years. Had a few teenagers gawking, one 20 something girl in a nice, kinda cheeky, black bikini did an intentional walk by but didn't stop. One girl had on a Very cheeky blue bikini that looked great on her walked within a few feet. A park worker drove by within 50 feet while I was on my stomach and again while on my back and never stopped. A great day with no hassles and hot sun for the buns!
hotmedic65 #43

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/06/2018 05:07:37Copy HTML

 I haven’t been out there this year but I’m glad some good experiences are happening.  Nice beach to thong at 
MNluvthongs #44

Re:Pontiac Lake Beach - Michigan

Date Posted:07/07/2018 05:36:01Copy HTML

 Seems lot a lot of Brazil cut bikinis out this season all-over. Regular bikinis seem to make up only 50% of the population now.
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