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Date Posted:09/17/2007 09:02:56Copy HTML

Hi Just returned from our summer holiday in Portugal. This was my 4th time to the Algarve region, but a little later in the season than usual. Most Europeans are back at work and school so it had a greater proportion of retired people and families with pre-school children than I'm used to. Unlike every other time I've been we both packed our thongs. My wife got a lot of wear out of her Wicked Weasels, including the apartment pool. A few second looks of course. Generally the number of thongs was about the same as previous years, but the Portuguese girls favour the smallest bikini bottoms that aren't quite a thong, but show a lot of cheek. Another thing I've noticed is the almost total disappearance of the one-piece swimming costume - except for a few older women. Another thing I've noticed is the greater acceptance of thongs for younger girls; I would say that half of the thong wearers were under 18. I managed to sunbathe in my modest alphamoda thong by the crowded apartment pool and I once went for a swim in it on a quiet morning. Apart from that I wore my thong first thing in the morning to open the blinds and get the terrace sorted. I don't know if I was spotted by my neighbours, but I hope they enjoyed the view. The beaches were another matter. For the first time I wore a thong every day at every beach. I may have had a few looks and I was - as usual - the only guy in a thong every time, but hope it inspired others. We didn't hide at the back of the beach or the end; I wanted to be as normal as possible. I would walk up and down the beach in my alphamoda and sometimes even in my Joe Snyder Rio thong. Some people hardly even stirred. I did chicken out of the water-park thonging (see other thread) though. It was great to swim in the thongs and play paddle ball in them and I have a really sharp thong tan line. If anybody would like to share their experience of thonging in different parts of Portugal I'd like to hear.
sheer1delight #1


Date Posted:09/18/2007 12:48:45Copy HTML

Great to hear of your adventures. Glad you enjoyed wearing your microwear. Not always easy for folks from the UK who don't have much opportunity to wear their gear in the Uk because of the weather and moral standards!.
Ex_Member #2


Date Posted:09/18/2007 02:35:25Copy HTML

What a great trip! I have not been to Portugal yet but  I am keen to go. Are there many beaches where you can wear thongs?

matchingthongs #3


Date Posted:09/18/2007 03:26:10Copy HTML

We were in Lagos and Sagres and the beaches there are fine for thonging. Probably easier to mingle in during high season though. I would avoid the cheap and cheerful resorts as that might be harder, although Portugal doesn't seem to attract that element in the same way as some other places in the Med'!!

The south-west coast above Sagres is very wild and undeveloped and I believe it's nude friendly. Thonging should be fine there although the sea is more for surfing than gentle bathing, and facilities are few. That may or may not be good for you.
Pete01 #4


Date Posted:09/19/2007 08:02:29Copy HTML

Try the beaches to the eastern end of the Algarve - between Faro and Tavira. There are long, almost deserted beaches on the offshore islands there, and thongs on women are fairly common - nudity is seen away from the beach bar/umbrella sections, and Ilha de Tavira is an official nude beach. See a seperate report I posted a year or so back on this forum. I have thonged and gone nude on Ilha de Tavira (Barril beach) without any problems - it is all very laid back and no-one seems bothered what you wear/do not wear.      
Dr S #5


Date Posted:05/31/2009 02:09:53Copy HTML

 Has anyone visited Olhos d'Agua (near Albufeira)? We've just booked for the last 2 weeks in July (high season). Just trying to gauge how acceptable thongs will be, particularly given that it will be busy and there will be lots of kids. I'm not a nervous thong wearer and have worn them on many beaches over the years, however its some years since I've been on a european beach holiday in mid summer, and I've never been to Portugal before. My wife is an occasional thong wearer; if she feels comfortable with the people around her. I'm expecting it to be too busy for her. We both wear fairly conservative thong styles (I for one don't look too good in a micro string). Any recent experiences would be good. I'll report back myself when we've been.
Dr S #6


Date Posted:08/06/2009 10:38:01Copy HTML

Well we had 2 great weeks in Portugal. Most of the time spent around the hotel pool in Olhos d'Agua. This was rather conservative as most visitors were Irish and English. Boring Bikinis and board shorts, with the odd speedo. the few Portuguese women stood out as their bikinis were much skimpier cuts (although no thongs). My thongs (Hom (4), Speedo (1) and Bruno Banani (1)) were, however tolerated without comment and I sunbathed and swam quite happily.
The beaches at Olhos were even better, particularly on the Sunday, as there were lots of Portuguese at the beach. The women wore everything from conservative cuts to thongs. Particularly popular are Brazilian-style bikini bottoms, which although not quite full thongs, ride up between the cheeks nicely! There were quite a few men in speedos, but no thongs on any other men that I saw.
We had trips out to Alvor (similar range of suits here) and the Aquashow waterpark which deserves a special mention. The bikinis here were superbe. I saw at least 20 women in thongs, as well as literally hundreds in skimpy bikinis. Age didn't seem to matter. Girls from 13/14 to women in their 50's. Great. There were also quite a few speedos, but nothing skimpy. However I did feel comfortable enough to sunbathe in my thong on a lounger next to the wave pool and even take a swim. If I'd worn a rio style suit I'd have had no qualms about going on the slides etc. without covering up. As it was I felt happier putting a tight squarecut on over my thong, but I'm sure my VPL was fairly apparent when I was wet.
We're going back next year! 
matchingthongs #7


Date Posted:08/07/2009 04:51:52Copy HTML

Great report Dr S. We haven't been to that part of Portugal, but your experiences sound exactly like  ours. The British and especially the Irish are much more modest (and out of shape!) than other Europeans, but I've never had any hassle from thong wearing.
If you're prepared to be perhaps the only man in a thong there shouldn't be a problem. For women there is no problem at all and the Portuguese will be around you in thongs, tiny bikinis or full one-piece suits. A family with 3 generations could have any one of them in a thong.
I know of that waterpark but haven't been to it. However it sounds like the same percentage of thongers, though I think it varies a bit depending on the time of year, etc. It's also encouraging to see the younger girls embracing thongs and having the courage to walk around in them comfortably in public.
We really missed our Portugal holiday this year, but we did manage a trip to the USA. You would not believe how much people cover up on the beach there! My thongs never came out! A great holiday though, so no complaints.
Thanks for the report
Dr S #8


Date Posted:08/10/2009 08:54:53Copy HTML

 Yes it was quite refreshing. This was our first mediterranean holiday for several years. The last 2 years we went to Cuba and Antigua which (where we stayed) were pretty conservative. The year before that Rhodes which was a little more liberal, but still not great. I was beginning to think I'd been on my last holiday where thongs were a common sight; until this year! I think it's the Brazilian influence on Portuguese beach fashions. Still, no other men thonging though. I'd have to think back to trips 5+ years ago to remember seeing more than 1 other man on the same beach in a thong. The best ever experience was Antigua in about 2003, when there were 4 men on the same small beach and about 6 women, out of something less than 100 people in total. Happy days!
sailor250 #9


Date Posted:08/22/2009 05:18:51Copy HTML

Have you heard about this beach cliff collapse?  Look at that boulder!!!  Don't want to die in a thong!
fordrs #10


Date Posted:09/02/2009 06:46:41Copy HTML

thinking of going to Praia Da Rocha in potrugal any good beaches there for thonging
Dr S #11


Date Posted:09/05/2009 11:30:34Copy HTML

 Should be very thong friendly if my summer holidays were anything to go by. I've not been to Praia Da Rocha itself, but did visit nearby Alvor twice, and the beach there was certainly OK for wearing a thong. Several spotted. None on men, but I wore one without much more than a second glance. Portugal is good.
nicthong #12


Date Posted:06/07/2010 08:37:37Copy HTML

Recently came back from Santa Eulalia, near Albufeira in the Algarve, where I spent a week tanning on the beach in Muscleskins Poser thongs. I didn't see anyone else, male or female, in a thong and there was only a few teenage girls in small, rio string bikinis. Everyone else was board shorts for the guys (a few older gents in large speedos) and standard bikinis or one pieces for pretty much all of the women. That said, while I did turn some heads, I didn't sense anyone had any problem with what I was wearing. So, Santa Eulalia may not be thong friendly but it's certainly thong tolerant!
Dr S #13


Date Posted:08/14/2010 05:34:58Copy HTML

 Just got back from 10 days in Alvor on the Algarve, and I was quite surprised to read Nics comments about Santa Eulalia, as my experiences were a bit more positive. I saw Portuguese women in thongs at our hotel (2) and at the beach (several on each visit). There were also lots in the very small string-sided bikinis which ride up between the cheeks. These are Brazilian styles, which seem to be very popular with younger Portuguese women and girls. Most tourists are sticking to more modest full bottomed bikinis, with men mostly in shorts. I did see more men in speedos this year than last, but still not many.
Again the best place was the waterpark. This year we went to slide & splash, and I spotted at least 4 fully fledged thong bikinis. There were loads of Portuguese women & girls in the skimpy Brazilian bikinis and a respectable number of men in Speedos too (mostly French & German tourists I suspect).
At all these places I was the only man wearing a thong, but I didn't feel uncomfortable, or get too many second looks. I sunbathed and swam at the hotel pool, and walked nearly the full length of the beaches in just a thong. At the waterpark I sunbathed and walked around a bit, but put a tight squarecut suit over when I went on the rides. My thong was easy to spot under this suit, but I had no adverse comments at all.
As Nic says: very tolerant.
matchingthongs #14


Date Posted:08/15/2010 11:47:04Copy HTML

 Thanks for the report. We're going in September and will not doubt be paying another visit to Slide and Splash. The ratios sound similar. I've been to that waterpark twice and there's always a few thongs on ages about 13 - 40. 
I agree that it's mainly the locals wearing the string 'cheeky' bikinis. Hope to see a few more speedos this year. I've never worn a thong at the waterpark and doubt I ever would to be honest - even though they are very tolerant. My wife wore her wicked weasel at that park once, but due to breaking her regular bikini on the second slide. It made the rest of the day better and she had faster rides!
I always wear a thong at the beach though. As for the hotel pool, I'll wait and see. We're staying at a different hotel this time. Our usual hotel was never a problem for my wife wearing her Wicked Weasels, but I only once swam in my thong and once sunbathed around the pool. It probably would have been fine to be honest. Certainly hoping to be more adventurous this time if I can.
What does your partner think of your holiday attire? Do they join in?
matchingthongs #15


Date Posted:09/25/2010 03:57:00Copy HTML

 Well, we're back from another Portugal trip of a week in the Algarve. This time we didn't visit a waterpark as we had a lot to do and somehow it didn't fit in.
I don't want to make assertions about swimwear trends - as one week in one place, out of high season, is just a snapshot, but compared to my previous 7 visits (I can't believe it either) there were a lot less thongs being worn; probably comparable to the mid 90s - when I first visited. However there seemed to be a dramatic increase in toplessness amongst tourists (still extremely rare with the locals) and that was all ages; again a bit like the early 90s. However, the big surprise is that I saw my first ever male thong wearer on a busy Algarve beach. He was a well muscled man with 2 women who I think were wife and daughter in bikinis. It was reassuring to be not alone in a thong for once.
A lot more in board shorts though. Speedos are very much on the fringe now, but I don't think there's any problem wearing one; it's just seen as unfashionable.
I did thong once at the Hotel pool and wore my rio back alphamoda the other times. That was after one swim in shorts at the start which was terrible and confirmed my feeling that they are a terrible item for swimming in. My wife had morning swims in a one-piece and wore her Wicked Weasels the rest of the time. She was the only thong wearer at the hotel, but lots of topless women.
Local girls wore 'cheeky bikinis' and I did have the pleasure of witnessing 2 lovely young Portuguese girls playing beach football (the keeping up game?) wearing thongs. Their tans showed that thong wearing was the norm. I suspect that thong wearing is actually most popular with younger Portuguese girls than it is with tourists, but as we were less 'beachy' than usual on this trip it's hard to say.
Overall, I would still say that the Portuguese are a very tolerant people and you can pretty much wear whatever is decent and comfortable. It's the tourists who are more likely to react.
tiggerix #16


Date Posted:05/07/2012 12:43:04Copy HTML

Old thread, but just to add that Barril beach near Tavira seems a really easy going place.  There is the official nude section, but I have never made it that far - didn't need to as people strip off almost wherever away from the sun loungers and beach bars.  I usually go buff, but the OH insists I put something on if we go for a walk.  The only issue I've had is walking in an old white Kleim string and having to wait near the toilets for my OH to powder her nose.  The beach bar guy looked at me and the look on his face was 'you aren't seriously wearing that are you?', andyway we carried on up the beach to the next cafe area, passing lots of people, and frankly no one gives you much of a look.  On that occasion there was a lovely Portuguese girl in the sea wearing a white g string bkini - a joy to behold.  People on the beach range from nude to fully clothed but not many thongs.  Along the coast at fairly busy beach near Carvoeiro, I have happily worn a JS Capri and but for my OH would have had a string on.  I doubt we will change the world, but it's fun trying.  
matchingthongs #17


Date Posted:08/15/2014 11:11:01Copy HTML

 Just back from the Cascais Estoril area of Lisbon and feeling sad at leaving. With a small child in tow it was practically impossible to get any time to relax and sunbathing was a complete no-no. However I was able to take in the scenery and people watch. 
What a change! Good news and bad though. I've been visiting Portugal since 1995 and I have to say that I have never seen so many thongs, ever. For men, it was bad news though. Almost every man was in board shorts and I probably only saw half a dozen speedos even. There are few international tourists in this area compared to the Algarve and a lot of the beach-goers are local, which usually equals greater modesty, so I was very surprised by what we saw. I have to say that thong wearing was higher than anywhere I've ever seen in the last 30 years and higher even than the peak period in the early 90s. Infact it was slightly strange and less exciting in a way, because it was so commonplace. I would say that nearly half of the 15-40 year olds wore thongs of varying types. The others wore "cheeky" bikinis and normal bikinis were the more unusual type! The African Portuguese were some of the most daring and there were some very shapely black girls in the smallest thongs just walking around, on the promenade, showering, buying drinks. Very unusual to see. 
My favourite sight was a woman of about 21 or so walking along the edge of the sea with her mother who was probably in her early 50s. I could see as she approached that her bikini was pretty small and mum was wearing a big bikini. Then she turned round and showed a lovely big white bottom in a very small thong. Obviously her mother was totally at ease with her daughter's choice of swimwear. 
Another feature of the Portuguese at the beach is that - like the Brazilians - a lot of them stand around, walk, sit up, etc to get the sun; whereas in a lot of places, people lie down all the time to sunbathe and put something on when they get up to walk, do sports or swim. I still think Portugal is the best country in Europe for natural thong wearing.
mack_back #18


Date Posted:08/16/2014 07:31:32Copy HTML

Matchingthongs - Thanks for the lay of the beach in Portugal. Know a female friend i worked with saying the beaches are different then here. Or at least what woman wear. I didn't believe my friend when she told me about the quantity of thongers, felt she exagerated. Now i tend to believe it after your post. That's amazing to see so many womam wear thongs. These parts i will be lucky to see one or three woman in thongs at a clothing optional beach. As far textile beaches go around here i've only seen one or two woman wear a thong in many years. 
It's rare to see a woman wear a thong swim bikini at the beach or pool in my part of the world. Don't know why that is but looks to me thongs are taboo. 
Yes, it's disappointing seeing other guys covered up so much. If the thonging woman don't mind seeing a male like yourself in a thong i see it as a unique vibe and maybe enjoyed by the ladies. Think about it, being only guy in a thong while woman wear them around me. Find it a cool scene and maybe enjoyable if woman accept a solo guy in a thong as i often wear. I can only imagine the fun that could happen comparing photo posing with likeminded woman. Who really wants other guys getting more attention then me in what they are wearing, not me. 
matchingthongs #19


Date Posted:08/16/2014 09:20:52Copy HTML

 Just to emphasise how things have changed. On one very busy afternoon, I saw more females in thongs than I've ever seen in all other beaches and trips combined!
mack_back #20


Date Posted:08/16/2014 11:01:49Copy HTML

Yes very cool...Seen a video about hot model in rio and explaining thongs are normal beach attire. Yet, when the reporter posed the  question saying, what about guys wearing it? She asked what, being confused. Strings! She felt as her english translation or meaning was off. Being no guys are ever seen in thongs that would be a first for hot model seeing a guy in a thong. 
Usually they will believe he maybe a shemale or gay are only allowed to wear thongs seriously. Otherwise seeing a straight guy in a thong might be a first. Surprised some males don't try only to get attention. 
JM_Runs #21


Date Posted:03/16/2015 04:47:54Copy HTML

 I just got back from a trip to Portugal, and even though it was a little early for the ocean last week (even in the Algarve) I managed to get a good walk at Albuferia's beach for about a kilometer. Yup, only guy in thong...

thefinalaeon #22


Date Posted:04/21/2015 02:23:47Copy HTML

 Hi, I have never been to Portugal before. May I know if its okay to wear G-Strings or Thongs at FIGUEIRA DA FOZ?
Thank you very much.
AlanMartin #23


Date Posted:04/21/2015 08:55:54Copy HTML

 thefinalaeon - yes been to Portugal. Nowadays, for girls and women, thongs are probably OK on any beach, pretty much the absolute majority for young girls in some, as very tied to Brazil, for men - ??? - definitely legal, and fine on Algarve and Lisbon trendy beaches  -play it by ear, discrte if no girls in thongs, otherwise just wear a sensible thong, unless it really is a thong dominant beach. And let us know :)
matchingthongs #24


Date Posted:04/23/2015 06:09:38Copy HTML

 We were in Lisbon last summer (see above posts). Absolutely no problem for a woman to wear a thong anywhere. Probably more popular than regular bikinis for any female between 14 and 21 and actually most were small g-strings. Those in 20s to 40s it's about 50/50 and tending to be more regular thongs. I didn't see any men wearing one, but that's not to say they don't. Knowing the Portuguese I doubt anybody will make a fuss. You will get stares and maybe comments, but they are very accepting as a nation. I suspect a male would find it easier in the Algarve; I've worn one there loads of times and felt fine. I've seen 1 or 2 men in them there over the years, but it is still very rare. I was nearly always the only man in a thong, but I quite like that.
lcp84047 #25


Date Posted:05/20/2015 12:44:00Copy HTML

 I'm heading to Lisbon for a work conference in mid-September, so I am certainly encouraged by the recent posts here. I'm hoping to take my wife with me and turn it into a vacation for us, if we can make arrangements for our children. In any case, if anyone has any other comments or suggestions about Lisbon, or other parts of Portugal, be it comments about thongs or just good places to visit, I would appreciate hearing about it. If not relevant to the board, please PM me. I'm also trying to decide where to visit if I decide to extend the trip. I'm considering Spain (Barcelona?), but I'm open to any suggestions in Europe.
JM_Runs #26


Date Posted:05/20/2015 08:15:54Copy HTML

 Worth a day trip (at least!) if you are in Lisbon for a while:
matchingthongs #27


Date Posted:05/26/2015 05:07:49Copy HTML

 You should have a great time and that is a slightly cooler and less busy month. Don't worry though, the beaches will still be busy at weekends and evenings (Portuguese often don't hit the beach until early evening). I second Sintra, but beware, there's a lot of walking and if you aren't fit, you will miss the best bits.Lisbon is amazingly attractive and you can easily spend a week there and keep finding new things. The beaches are a short train journey away. DO NOT even consider hiring a car in Lisbon; driving and parking is a nightmare and the metro, trains, ferries, buses and trams are superb, cheap and safe.Thonging for your wife will be absolutely fine. You can too, but you will probably be the only male in one in Lisbon. May have a bit more luck in the Algarve, but there may be fewer thongs overall due to the late season tourists; it's mainly the Portuguese that are the thong wearers, so locals beaches are best in many ways. The Portuguese are usually incredibly laid back and accepting, but quite reserved. Enjoy. I'm envious.
lionjaguar #28


Date Posted:06/21/2015 11:59:57Copy HTML

 I was at Caparica , most ladies were in thongs, no male were thonging. However look for Praia Bela Da Vista for nudist beach, can easily go on your birthday suit.

Dr S #29


Date Posted:08/11/2015 11:41:54Copy HTML

 Just back from my latest trip to Alvor (was there from 25th July to 8th Aug), and as the last few times it was excellent. I was there with my wife and younger son, we stopped at Pestana Alvor Park and I managed to sunbathe in a thong every day.
Most of the days were spent by the hotel pool. The hotel is very family oriented and during the first week I was the only thong-wearer, although there were several portuguese women in skimpy brazilian cut bikinis. Despite this I was never made to feel uncomfortable, although a few heads certainly turned. I had three new Olaf Benz swim thongs which along with my Gregg Homme thong are now my favourites. I also wore a couple of older Hom and Bruno Banani thong suits. During our second week there were a few younger groups (probably university students) staying and the swimwear was noticeably briefer: most girls wearing string-sided bikinis or brazilian style suits, and one wearing a very brief tie-sided thong bikini.
As usual the beach was much better, with many girls and women opting for brazilian and thong suits (even spotted a couple of g-strings). One trend I particularly like are the 'cheeky' cut one-piece swimsuits that are becoming more fashionable this year. There seemed to be a few more men wearing speedo-style suits this year too (especially at the waterpark), but I seemed to be the only man wearing a thong. However, on one of my last days there I had a morning run down to the lighthouse at the river mouth, followed by a strip down to my thong for a walk along the beach. Just as a arrived I noticed an older couple of nudists on the beach who put on his & hers g-strings for the walk along the beach as I stripped down to my thong. For once, not the only one!
matchingthongs #30


Date Posted:08/12/2015 10:41:00Copy HTML

 Great report Dr S. Unfortunately, we won't get to Portugal this year, but if last year is anything to go by, things are definitely looking up. I'm sure you've read my report above. What surprised me around Lisbon were the girls wearing g-strings. Loads of them. There was no one piece swimsuits around last year, so perhaps that's this year's trend and a very welcome one it is too!
beachstrapguy #31


Date Posted:08/12/2015 11:32:47Copy HTML

 I'm leaving on Sept 1 for Portugal, Spain, and Mallorca.
Thanks for the information.
matchingthongs #32


Date Posted:08/19/2015 02:29:42Copy HTML

 Dr S. Well done with the hotel thong wearing. It's always a bit harder when people are close and you have to spend a lot of time around them. However, I find that having a partner and your kids with you is the best way of increasing acceptance. I'm not sure I'd ever be brave enough to wear a thong at a watermark, but I imagine it would be a blast. Which one did you visit this time and how did it compare with previous years? Any 'cheeky' cut one-piece swimsuits at the waterpark? I'd love to see a full on one piece thong at a waterpark, but no luck yet and I'm still wondering if I could get my wife to wear one there; she has worn a thong at the Aquapark once (there's an account of it on this forum) and also a very brief rio type the second time. She loved wearing the thong mainly for the fact that the rides were so much faster!
Dr S #33


Date Posted:08/21/2015 12:38:31Copy HTML

We have a timeshare at the Alvor Park, and at least half the hotel is occupied by similar in July / Aug, so we see a lot of the same people each time we go, so I guess if anyone took exception it could be awkward. I don't tend to outragously flaunt, but neither do I hide away (for intance I will get up and walk to the pool or put suncream on my wife, but I wouldn't walk in to the bar without covering up). I've never had a complaint, but occasionally a less-than-approving look. It does help that my wife is with me. She goes topless, but no longer wears a thong. Our younger son made a number of friends at the hotel this year, and none of the children happily playing at the pool seemed phased by my suits in the slightest.

We went to Slide and Splash at Lagoa. I have been 3 times now. I will lie out on my towel in my thong, but I've yet to be brave enough to go on the slides etc. without putting at least a squarecut on. You always have to queue for a while, and I'm not quite confident enough for that in just a thong(although the thong leaves a clear VPL in the squarecut trunks and for some reason I am more than confident enough to show that off...). There were a few men wearing speedos, the smallest about 1" sides, and I think if we go again I might opt for a JS Capri or similar suit and dispense with the cover-up.

Yes; I saw at least 4 or 5 women in cheeky one-piece swimsuits at the waterpark. It seems to be a trend this year, which my wife initially pointed out. Seem more popular with sightly older (20's - 30's aged) women than the thongs (teens - 20's mostly). Nice too! I have to agree about 'proper' one-piece thongs. I think they are really sexy, but I haven't seen one being worn for quite a few years. Last time was at Nerja in Spain about 13 years ago and I saw 3 in the same week!
lcp84047 #34


Date Posted:09/17/2015 11:30:39Copy HTML

My wife and I arrived in Lisbon two nights ago. Yesterday was spent at Sintra (which was very nice-thanks for the recommendation) because the weather was bad and didn't want to take a chance with the beach. Today to Monday I have to work during the day, so I hope to get to the pool in the evening. I will have to see how the vibe is before I try a thong. I have one full free day Tuesday for a beach visit. I'm considering the Caparaica or Estoril areas. Does anyone have opinions about which would be better with regards to thonging, but also other factors for visiting in general? Other sights, restaurants, ocean conditions, ease in getting there, etc. I'll be on public transportation.
matchingthongs #35


Date Posted:09/18/2015 08:30:18Copy HTML

 Estoril will be the easiest to get to: just hop on the train in Lisbon. There will be loads of things weather permitting. If you want to wear one and not feel too much like the odd one out then Caparaica is the better option, but it takes longer to get there. Depends on whether you prefer a natural environment where you can just be and escape crowds or prefer to be with the action and people watch. 
lcp84047 #36


Date Posted:09/21/2015 08:07:26Copy HTML

 Thanks for the info. After doing some more research, I think we will try Carcavelos, since it is close to Lisbon, easy to get to, and has good reviews online. If we don't like it, we can jump on the train and continue to Estoril or Cascais.
lcp84047 #37


Date Posted:09/21/2015 08:10:06Copy HTML

 I'm hoping that it being a late season weekday that it won't be crowded and I'll be free to wear whatever I want. Caparaica sounds good, but a hassle to get to.
beachstrapguy #38


Date Posted:09/29/2015 12:18:56Copy HTML

Just back from a month in Portugal, Spain, and Mallorca, and in all, had a wonderful trip.  Spent probably an average of 3 hours a day at the beach.  Could not have asked for better beach weather.

Lots and lots of female thongers.

As far a men's choice of beach wear; a little dissapointing:

   Board shorts - about 2% during the entire month - Great !!!!!!!
   Speedos - about 30%   .
   Square cuts - 30%
   1950's boxer type swim suits, about a 1" inseam - 37.999999999%
   Thongs - saw a totaly of 2 guys in conservative thongs at a nude beach.  Its just not happening.

I spent most of my time in speedo and square cuts.  I thonged or went nude at nude beach.  I usually prefer to not be an obsticle of curiosity, especially at my age when the buns and everything else is starting to sag.  If I were 30 years younger, my attitude would be a bit different.

I went to many nude beaches, family beaches, young party beaches, and felt I covered every type of beach available.  I had anticipated many more thongers, and many more nudists at beaches.
I talked with a guy at a swim shop who said board shorts were short lived and lost popularity about 15 years ago.  Now he sells mostly speedos and square cuts.

Hopfully Europe still dictates the fashion trend, even if slowly.

Hear in Florida in the surfing area of the east coast, I think boardshorts are here for the duration, since it's more of a practical thing to protect leg hairs.  And any body who doesn't surf, wears them to make people think he is a surfer.     
beachstrapguy #39


Date Posted:09/29/2015 12:31:00Copy HTML

 As a footnote----- We never made it to the Algarve region of Portugal due to some business commitments.  I had anticipate many thongers in that region.  But our travels certainly covered many types of regions in Portugal and Spain.  In Sitges I found a store that sold thongs, the only store in a month's time.   They had a great collection of Manstore thongs - my all time favorite!  I bought one and a the first time I put it on one of the snaps pulled out of the material, very dissapointing.  I have had a Manstore thong for 15 years and its always been my favorite--kind of a narrow pouch tho.
lcp84047 #40


Date Posted:09/30/2015 01:46:18Copy HTML

As I mentioned earlier, we went to Carcavelos last Tuesday. It’s super easy to get there on the train. The beach there is very wide and wasn’t very crowded while we were there, likely because it was an off-season weekday. We walked the whole length to get a feel for it and saw only a few women in thongs and a few topless. The vast majority of men had on board shorts, some square cuts, and a few fairly conservative speedos. Nothing skimpy in sight on men. We found a place pretty far from anyone else, and I wore my black Skinz M55 g-string. We spent about an hour lying in the sun. My wife was topless and wearing a new VS thong. There was a group of about 4 guys playing soccer near us, and I saw one do a double-take of me once, but he went right back to playing and nobody said anything or really paid us much attention. A couple guys selling stuff on the beach walked past a few times, right next to us, and said nothing except asking if we wanted to buy anything. Unfortunately, the wind was strong, and we were covered in sand immediately. It wasn’t much fun like that, so we left and took the train further to Estoril/Cascais. The beaches there are not as wide, and weren’t very crowded either. It seemed that these were pretty conservative beaches, and it was later in the day, so I only went for a short swim in one of the ocean swimming pools they have there, wearing my blue Joe Snyder bulge bikini (with bulge thong underneath). Easily the skimpiest suit around. There were a few people around, and we briefly talked to a woman about the jellyfish in the water, but nobody seemed to care at all what I was wearing.
At the hotel pool in Lisbon (SANA Reno), I didn’t get to use it much because it was either crowded or I was working. The couple of times that I did, I wore either a red Joe Snyder bikini with a green MS poser 3/8” thong under, or blue Joe Snyder bulge Bikini with bulge thong underneath. When I got the red suit wet, you could obviously see the thong underneath, but I didn’t walk around much like that, and my wife said nobody appeared to notice or care. In the blue bulge bikini, we spent a while lying in the sun, and I took a quick dip. There were only a few people around, and nobody seemed to care, despite the bulge on display. Over the 8 days there, I saw about 3 women in thongs/very cheeky suits, but nobody topless. They’d take the straps off when laying on their stomach, but that’s all.
Unfortunately, I only had the one day to go to the beach, so I didn’t get near the thong experience I hoped for. In my very limited experience, I’d say women in thongs at hotel pools is fine. Looks like topless is rare, if at all. Men in bikinis is rare, but fine. As expected, men in thongs anywhere is as rare as hen’s teeth, and you’ll draw attention, but should be fine. My experience may not hold true as much during the higher use seasons.
beachstrapguy, where in Portugal did you go? It's a little late now for me, but for future reference, it would be good to know where you wore thongs or went nude, and where you saw all the women in thongs, as my experience was fairly disappointing in that regard. I only saw nude in Spain (I'll post on a different thread) and very few women in thongs. Too bad I didn't see the store in Sitges.
matchingthongs #41


Date Posted:10/01/2015 09:34:49Copy HTML

We go to Portugal most years in high season and slightly out of season. Both of you guysdescribe the situation as pretty typical.

The Portuguese are tolerant and reserved, so you are unlikely to cause any offence or experience abuse for wearing a thong, but don't expect to see other male thong wearers; in all the years I've been going I think I've only ever seen 2 other men in a thong, but that's pretty similar to my experiences in other countries too.

As for topless bathers, I would say the numbers have been going down nearly everywhere, but I did see more last summer and even walking around on a crowded beach in Estoril.

I agree with lcp84047 that board shorts are still the most popular male wear by far, with more square-cuts now. Speedos are still rare and thongs on men nil! I don't mind being the only one on some beaches and being different, but other times I just want to relax and blend in - depends on my mood.

As for women, I have been to Estoril/Cascais in high season and there were so many women and girls in thongs that they could be considered a normal choice. They were so popular that it was strangely less exciting in a way. I've been visiting Portugal since the mid90s and I have to say that thongs on women and girls is more popular than ever.

As a note, I have been nude on a few mixed beaches in the Algarve.
Dr S #42


Date Posted:10/02/2015 10:03:35Copy HTML

I'd fully agree. We tend to visit the Algarve every second year and the prevalance of brazilian and thong styles, particularly for older teen girls and younger portuguese women has increased noticably over the past 5 years or so, and diversity of styles increased, so you regularly see the more 'traditionally' cut thong (higher cut), string thongs, sliding (adjustable) thongs, cheeky to thong-cut one piece swimsuits, and occasionally g-strings, as well as the cheeky brazilian-cut style that was dominantly popular a few years ago.

To a degree beach fashions in portugal seem to follow Latin American (particularly Brazilian) style trends, but in a somewhat watered down way, so the men's styles follow suit with 'sunga' cut suits, varying in cut from conservatively cut tight shorts to almost speedos as well as the universal swimshorts. Board shorts tend to be shorter than american or british men choose. Bikini cuts (speedos) seem to be mostly the preserve of older men, although I did see a couple of younger blokes with brief bikinis this year; one of them a tanga (first I've seen worn by a man for a long time). The only man (other than me) that I've seen wearing a thong was this year (well, actually a g-string), walking along Alvor beach with his wife or partner who was topless in a g-string. That said I have worn a thong to sunbathe, swim and walk along the beach almost exclusively every time we've been to Portugal and never had a negative comment or cat-call.

I've often thought that cheeky-cut boxer type swimwear (like the Joe snyder ones) would also be fairly well accepted on Portuguese beaches, given the similarity in style to sunga suits, although I've never tried them myself as I like skimpier thongs, but would consider using one as a cover-up to go to the pool / beach or for the waterpark...
tom_pl #43


Date Posted:11/11/2015 05:05:40Copy HTML

I go infrequently, but regularly for quite some years to Lisbon area both for work and holidays sometimes.  Alone or with my wife.  Thongs on girls are definitely getting more and more popular in recent years, but thonging men are close to non-existent.  On regular beaches of Cascais or Ericeira I'm usually the only one, I've seen maybe 3 or 4 other guys altogether.  But locals are very tolerant.
darick36 #44


Date Posted:02/19/2017 08:28:26Copy HTML

 how is the situation nowadays in the algarve region  ?? we've for booked june 2017 in  Carvoeiro and I want to take several olaf benz thongs with me...
matchingthongs #45


Date Posted:02/19/2017 09:57:51Copy HTML

 You'll be fine in the algarve. You may be the only man, but lots of women will be wearing thongs. Personally, I'm happy to be a rarity. 
darick36 #46


Date Posted:02/20/2017 06:55:31Copy HTML

i will give it a try,,,  i don't care what people think.

tiggerix #47


Date Posted:02/21/2017 09:59:13Copy HTML

@ darick36 - take a short hike to Praia de Vale Centeanes  it's a great beach - much better than the main beach at Carvoeiro and you shouldnt get any hassle.
cmdwxoutku #48


Date Posted:03/17/2017 10:59:39Copy HTML

 I went to Portugal last year. I was the only guy wearing a thong but didn't get any hassles. Most women ignored me. Quite a few women in thongs

ND2013 #49


Date Posted:04/19/2018 09:58:33Copy HTML

My girlfriend and I are making a trip to Lisbon at the end of May. Any updated beaches or spots worth checking out? We are looking at making the trip down to Meco beach but wondering if its worth the haul. Appreciate the help!
SkyFireGhost #50


Date Posted:03/16/2019 12:09:53Copy HTML

Me and my wife have the idea to go to Portugal this year, I think it will be around June. Does anyone have any experience with Portugal lately. We are probably going to the Alvor area.
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