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Date Posted:02/14/2017 02:01:40Copy HTML

Me and the significant other are planning a spring trip to Paris and Prague.  Does anyone here have any insight as to whether there would be a freak out if one or both of us wore thongs at the hotel pool and/or spa?
CKWonderer #1

Re:Prague, Czech Repulic

Date Posted:02/14/2017 04:25:51Copy HTML

I'm not sure about thongs at the pool but in the sauna expect those to be most likely coed and nude.  Just your towel. My favorites are Aquapalace for a longer time period as it is huge and outside of Prague city center.  In Prague I favorite the huge fitness center at the STEP Hotel.  Take an Uber to get to that one. 
beachstrapguy #2

Re:Prague, Czech Repulic

Date Posted:02/15/2017 01:13:04Copy HTML

As far a Paris is concerned, try the Piscine Roger Le Gall.
I think it is M,W,F about 8pm to 11pm.  You can check the exact date and time on their website.
They have nude gym and pool times those days.

I'm looking forward to going the middle of April.
bake0213 #3

Re:Prague, Czech Repulic

Date Posted:03/08/2017 03:34:30Copy HTML

Thanks for the responses.

Our hotel in Prague also has access to a fitness center with a pool.  I'm curious what the etiquette there would be for both men and women.
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