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Date Posted:10/01/2003 05:35:04Copy HTML

Just got new PrevailSport catalog in the mail.  They have finally come out with some new colors and fabrics for the NorthStar and Med thongs!

I opened the catalog and on the first page there were Tropic tiger, Ruby gold, red python and black orchid. Then on succeeding pages I found lots of other colors, including, hammered gold, midnight python, black crock and galaxy.

The Med Thong also comes in new colors and now some prints too including rave and blue bamboo.

They tend to mix the thongs that appear on each page. Armed with a felt pen you have to search from one end of the catalog to the other, before finding all the color variations of just one thong. For example a quick look shows the North Star cut appears in as many as 12 different pages and at four different prices.

If you are not on there mailing list you may want to sign up. 

For the closet thongers be aware that the catalog does not come in a plain brown wrapper.  The cover is not bad,  similar to an international mail catalog, but you probably would not want it in your office mail inbox. 

Anonymous #1

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:06/04/2003 02:54:40Copy HTML

http://www.prevailsport.com/  The on-line catalogue is not as descriptive as their print-medium.

Great suits for sun bathing... definately not lap suits!  

Brooklynthong #2

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:06/11/2003 09:09:03Copy HTML

I put in a pretty big order to Prevail a few months ago. They were really fast and pretty simple to use. I didn't order the "Diver" model, so I can't help you with that. But I will tell you what I found.

1) The thong underwear are very nice and comfortable, esp. the micro thong style. Just make sure you buy the right size on any mesh or fishnet style -- once, in a hurry I was pulling a pair on and I heard a little "rrrrippp". Can't find the rip, so no prob there. otherwise super comfortable. Since I wear low rise fitted jeans, with these thongs I have to go into a stall to pee, b/c the front of these thongs are comfortable but snug - you have to pull down your pants to re-situate your hardware.

2) The suits - I bought a mix of bikini and thong styles. None of them seem truly suited to playing in waves - a pool or a lake, maybe. They are all pretty form fitting, so there's very little stretch to them. No chance of buying a smaller size so they fit tighter - they just won't fit. But buy the right size (the size you SHOULD wear) and they fit fine! The thongs have a traditional, comfortable back...unfortunately I have been looking for thongs where the hips are higher and create a nice arc into my butt, like many of the women's styles out there. Regardless they are pretty nice suits.

3) The suits - Bikini styles - Nice styles, but be aware that most of them have what they call a "European" or "Abbreviated" back - in other words, a Rio back. WHETHER OR NOT THEY SAY THAT!!! If your not into that, it may be a problem b/c most of the photos are frontal. I for one, had a pleasant suprise, because I never thought of trying it, but now I love it. It's the perfect in-between at a place you aren't sure about venturing out in a thong. My wife doesn't care for them, saying they're a women's cut, but I LOVE them! It still gives you a very nice, minimal tan line (they're relatively low cut too). The Admiral and Spartan are the styles I like the best.

4) READ THIS TOO!!!! Their "ILP" lift system SUCKS!!!! At least I think so. I'm not into that kinda stuff anyway, but the design seems like it's for a person with smaller than average hardware. I'm average size and I was hurting myself trying to squeeze my C&B into them - and I read somewhere how to do it, so I was doing it the right way. I just cut the ILP out of the suits that came with them. Some suits have an option to get it with or without the ILP - I reccomend without (plus there seems to be a price premium for the ones with the ILP)


Hope this helps!!!

thonglife #3

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:07/26/2003 06:32:01Copy HTML

I just got a suit from Prevail Sport. I bought a black Riveria string suit. Its really small and has a rio back that is no wider than the front. I really like the fit since it has a front seam like most of my suits. The rear covers about half my ass and when I bend over, it slides into a thong. I look forward to sporting it at the beach next week.

notherbigr #4

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:04/10/2004 02:42:53Copy HTML


Has Prevail improved the quality of their fabrics at all in the past few years?  I bought a thong from them several years ago and was very unimpressed with the quality of the fabric and stitching.  Nothing even close to Skinzwear quality, but slightly above the average Undergear offering.  I might take a second look at them if they've improved.

I also must concur with you on the whacky catalog.  I think their art director is reading impaired because it is totally confusing.  The covers are a bit racey, but as you say not much worse than Undergear.

NCThonger #5

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/16/2004 02:45:54Copy HTML

Just wanted to give a quick review on a couple of the suits I have ordered from Prevail Sport.  As previously noted, I don't have a 'safe' place to thong right now, so I am on a constant search for minimal rio style suits.  I purchased the Rio swimsuit from www.prevailsport.com and really like the cut in the front as it is smallish.  The back cust is what they call european cut which is less than full cut but more than a brazillian cut.  The sides of the suit are kindof a string that equate out to about 3/8" stretched out when worn.  The front is a fairly small bikini (lined) that covers and supports the boys well.  It can be adjusted somewhat for a fuller cut or lowered for a more minimal cut.  The other suit that I have purchased is their Capri.  There is slightly more front coverage and wider straps on the side, but the rear is their brazillian cut which is about a 1/2 coverage in rear.  This suit is unlined in the front, but doesn't appear to be see-thru.  Both were purchased in size Large and fit perfectly with my 35"-36" waist.  I like them both very well, but would prefer the Rio in unlined version with a brazillian cut back.  Maybe one day, I will be able to wear a thong swimsuit here in NC. 

Hope this helps someone with questions on these suits.

JM_Runs #6

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/17/2004 02:12:27Copy HTML

I think the previal sport med thong and NorthStar thong's are exclent.   I have several of each.

You want to make sure you are getting the swim suit versions and not the satin, cotton or other underwear versions.

Order the catalog to see the styles and collors.  The web does not show them all.   Also it looks like the catalog shows more specials on pricing. 

Noticed that today there are some NorthStar on special 12.99  http://www.prevailsport.com/northstarsale.html  (Click on the picture to make it larger.)

cbthong #7

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/23/2004 12:42:51Copy HTML

I have a capri bikini and it's a good choice when you cant wear a thong. The right size in the front and a real good half back. The suit is unlined so it clings real good when you get out of the water.
NCThonger #8

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/24/2004 11:37:04Copy HTML

What do you think about this new style from Prevail Sport?  Take the Northstar thong and keep the pouch the same on the bottom but take off about 3" or so at the top where the waistband is to make it more of a micro cut.  When I go to the tanning bed, I always pull my Northstar down to get more minimal tan lines.  They don't make this particular style right now, but maybe with our support, they will add it to their list of quality thongs!  I am going to send the folks at Prevail Sport and email to suggest a new style.  Any suggestions of the name they could call it?
JM_Runs #9

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/25/2004 02:03:35Copy HTML

Their naming is a little confusing to start with.  Lots of prodcts with the same name but some are underwear and some are beach thongs.

How about  Low Cut North Star ?   Or South Star ? 

They should keep the rear the same.

iowan #10

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:09/04/2004 09:35:36Copy HTML

I have several Prevail Sport suits and underwear, and like most of them.  With the different styles and mail order, it just takes some experimenting to find out what you like.  I've not had a problem with bad quality from them, but their stuff doesn't seem to be as durable or well made as Skinz suits.

75texasthong #11

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:09/10/2004 02:42:29Copy HTML

Hey does anybody know other places that offer a NOrth star  cut thong as well? I was also wondering if the colored versions of these thongs all have a black back or do they match the front up to the waistband?



JM_Runs #12

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:09/10/2004 03:02:06Copy HTML

Are you asking about the swimsuit or underwear version of the Prevail NS thongs ?

In the swim suit versions the Prevail North Star all have black waist bands and black backs.  It looks good.

The Skinzwear 'banded thong' is similar but has back the same color as front and a contasting colored waist band.  Note that the skinz suite has slightly narrower sides and a flatter cut to the top of the front pouch.  The prevail NS has a seam running top  to bottom.  The skinz suit has a dart at the bottom but is flatter near the top.  NS is generaly narrower at the top.  Prevail suits will vary in cut from one to the next.

Skinz Banded Thong is lined in the front, Prevail North Star is not.

The waist bands tend to ride a little below the waist.  The narrow waist band of both suits will tend to dig in if it is two small.  This is expecilay true for the skinz suit because the bands are narrower.  Fat bulging out around the waist band is not a good look so make shure you order sizes that are large enough. 

In my opionion the this year's color selection for the Skinz banded thong stinks.  Not only that the cost of the Skinz is higher than the prevail suits.  (Some times the prevail suits are on sale, get a copy of the catalog, more suits on sale in the catalog than on the web.)

Having said that, I find that on the beach I am wearing the skinz suites more often than the prevail ones.  Most of my skinz banded thongs are last years or the prior years colors.

You may want to order several in diffrent colors at one time to save on shipping. 

Underwear versions if the NS are diffrent, see pictures in catalog.   Dont think Skinz does underwear.

NCThonger #13

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/29/2004 12:34:22Copy HTML

I have and LOVE their Med Thong.  I was curious as to their String thong with the very narrow sides?  Has anyone tried this thong?  How did you like it and how does it compare with their Med thong?


Michthong1972 #14

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/29/2004 11:49:45Copy HTML

I have several of both Med and the String thongs, like them both.  The string thong is indeed very small and you have to adjust the front to get everything in but it is worth the effort.  I would recommend trying them out. Note: the black ones appear to be smaller in the front than the other colors (don't know why).
jn9195 #15

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/01/2004 04:21:17Copy HTML

The sides of their String Thongs tend to leave a gap between the edges of the suit and my legs, and it's hard to keep "covered" completely.  I haven't worn them in a long time because of this.


NCThonger #16

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/02/2004 06:31:09Copy HTML

It has been my experience with Prevail Sport thongs as far as the Med Thong goes that the darker colors have a more elastic waistband and thus fit more comfortably than the white or lighter colored thongs.  Black waist band = more stretch and more comfort.  Those of you that have both the Med and the String thongs...how do you find the fit to be?


JM_Runs #17

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/02/2004 09:22:26Copy HTML

I have several of the Med Thongs and North Star.  All in beach fabrics, all used for the beach.   The med thong is ideal if I am with a more conservitive group or family, and the North Star is fine for when I am just going to the beach on a normal day.
backstroker #18

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/03/2004 08:57:36Copy HTML

I ordered several items from PreVail Sport in the mid-90s and was not impressed with them. I didn't care for the quality of the workmanship or the fabrics. So, although I have been receiving their catalogs on a regular basis all this time, I have not ordered from them until recently.

I received the new catalog about a week before Thanksgiving and was attracted to the "rave" fabric they use in some of their suits. Since a number of my fellow thongers have literally "raved" about their suits, I decided to reconsider. I ordered the Med Thong in the "rave" pattern the day before Thanksgiving and it arrived yesterday. I'm wearing it now and it  is Awesome!. The fabric is very flexible, stretching where it should and the fit is great. I think one of the most outstanding features is the unlined pouch. Also, the workmanship has greatly improved.

So, I will definitely will be ordering from them again.

Thongs rule! 

ShadowT #19

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/06/2004 01:36:47Copy HTML

I have a black string thong and love the style of the back and sides, but I absolutely do not fit upfront; not with any arrangement.  I generally prefer a roomier front anyway.  The quality is OK, but the fabric doesn't feel very durable and there are a few loose threads.  I considered trying the med thong, but still prefer the thinner sides and rear of the string thong.
NCThonger #20

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/13/2004 02:33:28Copy HTML

Got my string thongs in today.  I ordered one in wet look black in their swimsuit style and a 2nd in their black sheer stripes.  The sides are GREAT, and very comfy.  I agree with the front fit....it is indeed small.  I have a hard time getting everything in on the sides.  Didn't have much time to play with them.  I will keep working at it to get it all in and wear them.
backstroker #21

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:09/04/2005 07:28:25Copy HTML

I just received a package from PreVail Sport. Three thongs and a bikini swimsuit. The thongs seem to be well made and the fabric is great. Got a Torso Thong in Kiwi, a Northstar thong in Stars/Stripes, and a String Thong in Python. All three are great fits and look awesome. The bikini is a Brazilian in lime. Hot. It fits great too.
thong bassist #22

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:09/19/2005 04:01:37Copy HTML

I was wondering if anyone has ordered one of those med thongs from prevail sport? If so, how did it fit? Did it ride high on the hips? How much pouch room did it have? Do these thongs run small or large in size when it comes to the waist band? Any tips would be appreciated.
anth2516 #23

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/26/2005 02:23:18Copy HTML

Am from UK too..want to order from Prevail and have the same questions as you..their shipping prices to europe seem to be reasonable though. Anyone from UK who ordered from them before?
Spikeyorkie #24

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/06/2005 04:09:53Copy HTML

I'm from the UK and ordered from Prevail about 18 months ago.  The delivery was fine - no delays, just the normal week-or-so shipping from overseas.  The packaging was discreet, and no taxes to pay.  Can't remember what appeared on my credit card bill.  I ordered 3 items and all are good quality and very comfortable.  I'd buy from them again.  Only problem (if you call it a problem) is that I get catalogues regularly through the post, but I guess you coupld opt out of their mailing list.
mack_back #25

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:04/13/2006 01:42:53Copy HTML

Anyone tried Prevail swim bikinis for men? PrevailSportBikinis
I was looking for a bikini i can use to public pools.
 Like to have a lined front with no seem maybe a 2 inch bottom dart at most.
Also the back has to be around 10 inches at most wide. Don't know what you could call it brazillian, european, rio back?
The sides have to be no more then 2 inches no less then inch and a half.
The material has to have a nice sheen like antron nylon with spandex.
I looked at Prevails website but it is hard to tell on the type of back or stiching the suits have. Also what type of spandex material do they use? I like the Definer but the back coverage seems to be more then i prefer.
sebastianspencer #26

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/24/2006 11:03:43Copy HTML

I have 2 med swim thongs by Prevail Sport, but none of their underwear.  I like the swim thongs I have, which I just ordered this past summer.  They fit well; I even have the ILP in one of them and liked it.  They aren't built for competition, but they seem to be holding up.
sebastianspencer #27

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/20/2006 11:10:26Copy HTML

I've ordered from Prevail Sport before with success and no problems.  I didn't like one of the items (due to style, not quality) and emailed them about exchanging for something else.  They were very helpful, and the exchange item arrived very quickly.

rlgm007 #28

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:07/31/2007 12:14:16Copy HTML

Just received Prevail's string thong in black (size small).  My order took less than a week to arrive and both the string thong and the malibu short fit great - very well constructed and sewn.  I highly recommend both pieces (note: short comes unlined).
74218 #29

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/27/2007 10:30:22Copy HTML

I'm a new poster to this board.  I have not yet been brave enough to wear thong swimwear yet, but have been wearing bikini style on vacations to the Caribbean with my wife and we both have a great time and she is accepting of bikinis as I'm in good shape.  I've been starting to try suits that are a little skimpier in the rear but not too extreme.  I bought a bikini suit from Prevail Sport called the "Diver" which I like.  It has a "European" cut seat which is maybe a little smaller than a regular speedo.  Has anyone tried their Rivieria, Brazilian, or Medalist cuts?  How do they compare as far a coverage goes?  I'm a 33-34 waist and often find myself in between medium and large.  The Diver is a large and fits well. 
sheer1delight #30

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/28/2007 03:36:43Copy HTML

Hi 74218.  Like yourself I am not brave enough for a true thong but I like my bikini style swimwear  and have bought a variety from prevail sport. Most of it has been skimpier than the Diver selection.Of the suits you mention I have worn a (rubber) medallist and I found it comfortable enough and with enough coverage. I am about 34 waist and usually select medium. Looking at the photos of the others - Brazilian and Riviera they are that bit skimpier than the Diver - you pay your money and take a chance. They look wider in the pouch than some of the other prevail sport styles and look more accommodating . I have tried the string bikini in leather look and rubber but you might find them too brief. Some of the material in the rubber styles I have found to be a bit hard and wrinkly after it has dried out. They don't look dissimilar in the brochure or the internet site but when in your hand there is a big difference in textures of some of the colours.The blackened silver - nice and soft -quickly lost its shine. Best is electric blue which was very stretchy but here again it has a limited life with the metallic look gradually disappearing with swimming and washing. I  liked the colour of Caribbean Mist but it quickly went hard and wrinkly as described above!

I by accident ended up with a pair of Boxcuts VX9( in Electric Blue. These are extremely figure hugging and revealing. While clearly much bigger than the bikini style you like they might be worth trying if you are in good shape.

Towards the other extreme you could try something from muscleskins in the pro style with a v back especially in supersatin. A  nice choice for someone in good shape. Might just satisfy your wife too.

sheerdelight #31

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:07/20/2008 10:05:56Copy HTML

I have a few prevailsport bikini style in metallic rubber. The silver quickly went black, the Caribbean delaminated, the turquoise is hard and crinkly. Electric blue was soft and stretchy but quickly lost its metallic look to reveal blue underneath - nice to look at but don't enter the water.

My skinzwear metallic rubber bikinis have had a few outings but I expect short life. One swim and the initial shine quickly diminishes.

Your choice to buy this material or not.
stanpuppy #32

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:01/27/2009 10:43:06Copy HTML

I have basically given up on Prevail.  In my early thonging days (back in the 80's) I wore a ton of their stuff because it was one of the few legimitate mail order houses for the swimwear and underwear styles that i liked (basically thongs and other skimpy styles).  I even wore one of their european cut bikinis on my honeymoon.  Problem is, as the quality of mens microswimwear evolved, Prevail did not.  They are still selling basically the same stuff I bought back in the 80's. And...the quality has not improved either.  I guess their underwear is not too bad (but being as i dont wear any, that is a moot point for me) but their swimwear is just not at the level where i would consider buying it vs a higher end supplier such as muscleskins, Tulio, skinz or even Dore.  Sorry...but that is my honest opinion
Pomegranates #33

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:01/31/2009 09:33:15Copy HTML

I used to order Prevail, but gave up on them several years ago. Their pouches have never been better than so-so; most often they are cut much too flat. This is particularly galling on suits with the "Inner Lift Panel," which hoists up the package but gives it no place to go. So on most Prevail suits I end up with an unattractive peekaboo space between the side of the pouch and the top of the leg. 
rockys01 #34

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:02/01/2009 12:17:49Copy HTML

I have their sheer athletic short brief in mesh black & mesh blue which I wear while walking & working out. They are comfortable & the fit is good.  Although being mesh the holes small & tight so the shorts in black & blue are not sheer & see through. When I wear a black thong with the black shorts its very hard to see the thong underneath, I guess if I wore a yellow, white or other light/bright color it probably would be easier to see.  I also have a pair in sheer white stripe which is see through, maybe good as a cover-up but defiantly not for the gym or out in public. I agree I dont like their thongs that come with a black rear. I have asked & was told that thats how they are made, Id wish the "tails" were the same fabric & same color as the front.  Most of my thongs are from Skinz, California Muscle & Muscleskins.  But I do like the shorts from Prevail.
JM_Runs #35

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:02/01/2009 12:49:44Copy HTML

I have tried lots of brands, dozens, maybe, will lets leave it at plenty......
My prevail suits fit and fit well. They are a few years old now.  I went through a stage of the prevail med-thong and NorthStar.  Got quite a few of the NorthStar. I don't find a problem with the fit of either ones. Maybe I am just not that large or maybe I don't get excited, either way, I have not had a 'gaping' problem.
I have said this before, stay away from the rubberized or plastic finish and stay with the normal spandex versions. They are softer, don't pucker and conform to your body better than the exotic fabrics.
JM_Runs #36

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:02/01/2009 07:58:30Copy HTML

I have also had a positive experience with Prevail Sport in both under and swimwear.  I have had no "gaping" problems, or even problems with sizing for that matter. 
ozthong #37

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:09/18/2009 12:18:58Copy HTML

Just bought 5 suits from Prevail Sport as they are on sale.

2 String Bikini, 2 Medalist and 1 Capri

I have size 31 waist and bought small size.

Used the medalist in swimming. It's the skimpiest bikini in the pool and I like it.

Probably will try the string bikini next time.
stanpuppy #38

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/07/2009 01:41:42Copy HTML

I wish they wouldnt use black material for the backs of their suits.  I would like them better is they used the same material all through the suit .
kai028 #39

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/07/2009 08:32:41Copy HTML

 I wish Prevail Sport would make suits that are a little higher on the sides. I like the string sides high on the hips with the front quite low - that's a sexy look! The other thing I don't like about them is that the fabrics are a bit irritating, as is the stitching. I have several of their suits, and I can't wear them for very long because the stitching starts feeling like tiny barbed wire against my skin - just not comfortable.
JM_Runs #40

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/07/2009 09:59:58Copy HTML

 Your are right, some of the fabrics are a little stiff, especially the ones with a matalic or rubberized surface. Some have zig-zag  stitching around the leg openings which can cause the fabric to pucker. I think it's probably the puckered fabric in between the stitches rather than the stitching thread that is causing your problem.  Stay with the softer fabrics and make sure the fit is right. 

I have a couple of older 'Med Thongs' in soft fabric and have not found them to be a problem. The thing is I often size up one size when the side bands are so narrow so they do not cut in. 

With the North Star and Med Thongs I think the front and back are the same pattern and size for Small through Large, just the waist band differs.

It is also possible that your problem may be with the thin strip of elastic that is hemmed into the edge of the leg bands was feed in at the wrong tension when sewing.  So between stitching, fabrics, the tension of the elastic when sewn and the tension on the thread when sewn there are a lot of possible factors, other than sizing, that might cause a problem.

I would email them and explain the problem. Ask if others have experienced the same problem or if they had a batch with thread or elastic problems.
abczyxabczyx #41

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/05/2009 12:15:49Copy HTML

I just ordered 2 ILP Torso Thongs from Prevail Sport.  These suits are the flimsiest suits that I have worn.  They are loose and feel like they will fall apart in no time.
I do not think that I would order another item from them again.
BaltoBob #42

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:01/19/2010 01:22:26Copy HTML

I just bought a Micro thong in Aloha Red on sale for $11.95 +$4 shipping. The front is a red (more like dark pink) print on white & "tail" is white. It fits OK but, I'm sure it will be a little shear when wet. Should be fine for back yard pool, etc.
sailor250 #43

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:07/05/2010 07:20:40Copy HTML

I was amazed to see a small color ad for Prevail Sports in the back pages of the new issue of Car and Driver of all places.  They may be on to the idea that more men might want thongs/minimal swimwear but don't know where to get it.
pkthong #44

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:07/08/2010 10:30:52Copy HTML

 It's weird because IMHO Prevail's catalog is probably one of the "gayer" ones I've seen. So have the folks at Prevail taken this into account? I think most guys who are trying a thong and such would have a hard enough time with a plain old style and if they see some of the lacy and racy stuff they be lost from the cause completely.
clubthongs #45

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/06/2011 02:24:45Copy HTML

I have never really paid much attention to Prevail thongs since the tails are too wide with too much fabric for my taste and I never liked the fact that the back colors did not match the pouch. That being said, I just purchased 3 Northstar Rubber Thongs and 1 Power Lifter Banded Thong in Patent Leather. Since they are banded thongs, the tail mathches the sides and the backside is much thinner than their other thongs. So far, I like them and think that I will enjoy wearing them at the beach.
thereal_matt #46

Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

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I have only had the string bikini from PS.  Fit fine, and I think it's a nice cut, but I agree with many comments above.  I don't think these suits will last a good summer of use before coming undone.  It's a shame.

I think someone mentioned it above, or maybe it was another thread, but my wife thinks this bikini, plus many others in the PS line, are too feminine.  I don't mind that.  Stylistically, I agree with Stanpuppy that they are a bit of a throwback to the 80's, especially with their colors.  But I like those styles.
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Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

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I bought a few things from P.S. in years past. Was disappointed in their materials and workmanship. Style is a matter of personal preference but they're a good example of  "you get what you pay for".
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Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

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Agree with clubthongs, too wide with too much fabric.
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Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

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To me Prevail is sooooooooooo 1990's.  They were one of the first mail order male swimsuit companies, and I used to buy their stuff.  In fact, i still own some.  I dont ever wear it, I just havent thrown it out yet.  I bought it primarily because it was the perverbal "only game in town".  Currently, I think that tons of companies make far superior products and I dont really see myself ordering from them ever again (unless they do a major revamp of their product line)
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Re:PrevailSport.com thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

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I definitely believe there are better options now.  I looked at their stuff not to long ago and was disappointed that many of their thongs are still "black tails only."  My string thong has held up alright, but I don't wear it any more and I rarely wore it in the past.  I'm not sure if it's even seen chlorine, since it never could contain me.
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