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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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bikinicouple #51 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/21/2011 09:48:42Copy HTML

 Yes prevail is not that good.  the pouches aren't big enough and the black only rear is boring.  Order something else
jn9195 #52 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/26/2011 05:32:11Copy HTML

 I still like their Capri suits for sometimes when I can't wear a thong.  But they've taken away all the good colors and designs.
Their thongs have backs which are way too big.   Their sides are too big.
And for the last few years, their suits don't fit consistently.
I usually only shop for underwear these days at Prevail since I don't wear thong underwear.

But now I've been getting Muscleskins because they fit much better since they changed their design.  But they, too, have eliminated all the good colors, they only have a few good ones.

Hotrachel #53 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/09/2012 12:52:22Copy HTML

 Looks like I will be doing some shopping for my bf on there website!!! Thanks all.... ;)
thong_jock #54 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/09/2012 01:57:15Copy HTML

 I wouldn't waste your money. Their stuff isn't the best quality.

You should check out Muscleskins for your guy:

Or even better, thongbiker:

Both manufacturers have very narrow pouches, so I personally opt for a wide cut pouch front.

Thongbiker has an awesome selection of patterns and they are really well made.
Hotrachel #55 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/09/2012 03:02:41Copy HTML

 Thanks for the advise, I did order him some stuff from bodyaware that was made real nice!! Nice to the touch also!! Lol 
thongbiker #56 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:08/09/2012 03:32:41Copy HTML

 thank you thong_jock :)
clubthongs #57 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/10/2012 02:20:31Copy HTML

Prevail Sport has a new g-string, "The Pocket".  Wondering if anyone has tried this new offering?
JM_Runs #58 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/10/2012 05:43:06Copy HTML

I have not tried the pocket thong. It looks interesting. Maybe someone will send me one for Christmas.

I am glad to see PrevailSport is still putting out a good range of prints in the North-Star thong, and that they are reasonably priced.  This is a classic thong style, much like the well loved but discontinued SkinzWear M14 banded thong.  I have a number of the Skinz and the Prevail North-Star thongs.  Every good thong collection should have a couple.

JM_Runs #59 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/11/2012 12:19:38Copy HTML

 I have a couple of "The Pocket"s.  They are very comfortable, it feels like I'm wearing nothing.  The waistband strap is very soft.  The description on the site gives a warning that you'll have a hard time fitting into it and they're right.  It takes a little playing with to make sure that you're in it and covered everywhere.  The cloth is very soft and feels great.  The white one is extremely transparent when wet so be careful. 
NE_OH_thonger #60 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/11/2012 05:55:59Copy HTML

I got the banded powerlifter in teal towards the end of the season. I like it, although the weather turned before I could test it out on the beach. Their collection seems pretty cool. Hopefully will have the chance to try more soon
clubthongs #61 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/11/2012 01:19:21Copy HTML

I just ordered several of "The Pockets" but after reading tom4life's comments, I am concerned that I will not fit into the pouch. I have made several purchases in the past (Joe Snyder Bulge Thong and Thongbiker Narrow Pouch Thong are examples) that I simply could not fit into. I will let you know how they work.
thong_jock #62 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/11/2012 02:40:30Copy HTML

 I find the tails on their thongs are too large and the spandex fabric just doesn't have the level elasticity I look for in thong swimwear. Their catalogs are SUPER HOT thought!
Betch! #63 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:10/29/2012 02:56:25Copy HTML

 Can anyone tell me where to find past swimsuit pics from the prevailsport website? If anyone has downloaded any of them, can they send it to me? Thank you!
MarkLivingston #64 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/01/2013 02:18:13Copy HTML

Found a good deal online but never ordered from Prevail Sport before. Is anyone familiar with the rubber capri? Is it good quality?
koenig3456 #65 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/01/2013 10:11:47Copy HTML

 The rubber fabrics do not stretch as much as other fabrics. You might want to go up one size. The rubber coating is not as durable as plain fabrics. Avoid sitting on concrete and body surfing. I've bought many items from Prevail Sport over many years. I only had one problem. The stitching was uneven. They replaced it immediately.
Jeffthong #66 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/02/2013 01:18:22Copy HTML

 I haven't bought anything from Prevail Sport in quite a while. I found most of their stuff to be pretty poor quality. The rubberized fabric has very little stretch and doesn't last long. Not worth the expense.
bikinicouple #67 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/02/2013 11:04:57Copy HTML

 Prevail is a sub-standard swimwear company.  The fit and quality is too poor considering what they charge - even when they have a sale. 
stanpuppy #68 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/03/2013 09:39:20Copy HTML

I agree with bikinicouple.  I purchased from them back in the 80s when there was no other choices for mens microswimwear.  They still send me their print catalog, which I quickly leaf through and then throw out
leo40 #69 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/04/2013 12:48:47Copy HTML

Yes, I too bought a few things from Prevail long ago.  They didn't hold up to ordinary use, and, there are few if any style innovations in all those years since the '80s.  I also get those catalogs (?????).
thonglife #70 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/04/2013 01:09:32Copy HTML

I bought a couple of their thong swimsuits over the past 2 summers. They both literally fell apart after less then a dozen wears to the beach. Definitely the worst quality swimwear I have ever bought. They still send their catalog and I wish I could get off their mailing list because the covers are usually horrendous.
JM_Runs #71 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/06/2013 01:15:49Copy HTML

 Back in the 90's all I had was P.S. swimwear and underwear but in the last 10years  have been really dissappointed. It seems like underwear that was advertised as European cut in the back has turned into full coverage over the years, just kept getting bigger and bigger to the point where they're almost baggie. I'm wearing one of they're thong swimsuits in my profile pic but had to throw it out after 1year and a half cause the stitching around the waist band came apart.
JM_Runs #72 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/06/2013 01:20:32Copy HTML

 Hey thonglife if ya want off they're mailing list just call the customer care number on the back of the catalog and tell them to please remove me from your mailing list. I did this with Undergear and never received another catalog from them again. Sometime ya have to actually speak to a live person if ya want something done.
JM_Runs #73 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:11/06/2014 12:32:51Copy HTML

I really like prevail sport gear. It really suits an older guys figure. I find the pouch looks good if you have bigger testicles. I also really like their bikini briefs for everyday wear. My faves would be the med thong, mini pocket, french brief and string brief.
tangathong #74 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:01/30/2015 07:15:30Copy HTML

 Anybody tried the weeks pack of cotton micro thongs from prevail? They look pretty well built, looking for something consistent to fill my underwear drawer and toss out some of my older stuff. 
mrhb2008 #75 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:05/14/2015 09:25:01Copy HTML

 Anyone wear this style to a beach?  I bought one and am contemplating.
JM_Runs #76 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:05/14/2015 10:34:00Copy HTML

mrhb2008 - That large net mesh is not suitable for public beaches. 

You could wear it at home or on a nude beach, but then why bother when you could be nude?

Try the Prevail Sport NorthStar thong with the ILP panel. I think you will like that, and won't get arrested.

hotbunz1969 #77 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:05/14/2015 11:51:18Copy HTML

 mrhb2008 -

Firstly I must say 'Thank You' for bringing this suit to my attention, as soon as I clicked on the link you posted and saw it I felt the need to have it, it's not a style I'd usually go for, but boy is that suit HOT!!!.... Needless to say I've already ordered 2!!!!

As for wearing it in public.........I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!........

That said, it would have to be in the correct situation/surroundings. I can't see this suit being accepted everywhere.........and that's from a guy living and tanning predominately here in the very liberal UK. Clearly it's not a suit to be worn at a family orientated beach or pool, but in an adult environment it will defiantly turn a few heads.

All I can say is 'Go for it, wear it with confidence and pride'........ Just make sure that where your wearing it its legal to do so............that is one revealing, hot little suit! 

Cheers Paul 

JM_Runs #78 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:05/15/2015 05:12:26Copy HTML

Aliexpress sells numerous mesh thongs for men.Here is one, noting that the conservative attitude of the Chinese will frequently be 'revealed' by having their models cup their junk to hide it - else it would be visible through their mesh suits.In this advertisement, you will note the strange collage that seems to show one model with his hand down another's suit!
I wonder if the seller released this intentionally...
JM_Runs #79 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:04/15/2018 03:23:44Copy HTML

Today I wore wearing a Prevail-Sport ILP North Star thong in a bright pattern they call Brazil.

Not much has been mentioned about PrevailSport recently.  They still make good thongs here in the USA.  The North Star is a classic, much like the Skinzwear M14 but a lot cheaper. 

They make a wide range of swim-thongs, most priced under $20.

I like the North-Star and the Med-Thong cuts the best, but I have some in other cuts too. 

These are better made than many of the cheep thongs from China that you find on ebay or AliExpress. Some of my prevail thongs have to be 15 to 20 years old and are still going strong. 

If you are looking to expand your thong collection it should have one or two PrevailSport thongs.
RapidBlue #80 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:04/15/2018 06:46:35Copy HTML

 I have returned to PrevailSport after a few years off. I like the power lifter thong very much. The suit fits well. It is comfortable. The only downfall I see is that the back is either black or white instead of continuing the color from front to back. 
NCThonger #81 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:04/16/2018 12:26:43Copy HTML

 RapidBlue, I always disliked PrevailSport for the same reasons as you. Their powerlifter style are wonderful and provide a super sexy bulge in the front but the rear not matching stinks! I inquired with them and bought several on special order that were made with matching tails. They are wonderful. Since they changed hands, I am not sure if they offer special orders anymore but it might be worth inquiring about?
007KWOK #82 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/22/2018 05:54:41Copy HTML

I found their size runs too large.

NCThonger #83 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:12/27/2018 03:29:27Copy HTML

Prevail Sport thongs with their all black tails just doesn't make sense. Their powerlifter styles are great and I have several thongs from them. I just never understood why they insist that all their tails be made in black? I once special ordered some of their thongs with matching tails and they are great but pricey. Does it really cost more to make their tails matching versus all black? I don't think so and they need to change!
Cloydene #84 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:02/14/2019 06:43:33Copy HTML

I remember ordering a VHS tape from Prevail Sport that featured one of their Playgirl models, but only showed rear nudity. Turns out the model was uncircumcised, and I don't remember his name. I also liked Sport Europa way back in the day because of model Eric Fox. I bought pretty much everything he wore!
jn9195 #85 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:02/22/2019 01:18:22Copy HTML

I bought four suits from Prevail last year, I had been a long time customer but mostly go to Skinzwear now.     Prevail won't make the suits that people have requested.  Their capri is pretty good if you want some rear coverage but they need to have something similar with string sides, not the 1" sides or whatever those are.   They won't make a decent g-string...  and those big-ass tails are just stupid.  Also, they have seemed to changed material.  Their stuff used to be stretchy and comfortable but the last bunch I bought was rough/scratchy and painful to wear due to having absolutely ZERO stretch.  I tried wearing each of them a couple of times but I just threw them in the garbage where they belonged.

masmicro #86 thongs & swimsuits - Prevail Sport

Date Posted:03/04/2019 03:20:55Copy HTML

I still love Prevail suits. For the beach I almost exclusive wear the string bikini. I am not going to stop buying them... yet... but I too have have trouble with materials not being as comfortable. But it has been hit or miss. Some I have gotten the last last year or two have been like the always were... soft, stretchy and fit well. Others have had that material like you are describing, and they get a bit too tight to be comfortable and I find they dont conform to the shape of my package enough to ensure that everything stays covered. I never thought to give them feedback on this.. .but probably should.
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