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Date Posted:05/07/2005 01:15:17Copy HTML

How do yo feel about men with Prince Alberts sporting in thongs where you can see the outline of the piercing?
Beachlover492000 #1

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/12/2005 01:27:23Copy HTML

Some people have posted comments that a PA makes a hole in the suit. How have you avoided that?

As for the PA I really admire you courage for getting one. I find the concept intriguing but having it installed the healing process would seem to be pretty painful.

rlgm007 #2

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/08/2005 03:57:48Copy HTML

I have a prince albert and always wear a thong at the beach and/or pool.  You would have to look really hard to see the outline of the ring.
shavedthong #3

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/11/2005 11:52:07Copy HTML

I'm sorry, what's a prince albert?
Ryan Booth #4

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/12/2005 12:31:42Copy HTML

Reply to shavedthong

It's a piercing through the head of the penis. A quick google search will show you what you need to know in better detail (i.e. with a picture).

Just as a general question to those who have had it done. Did it hurt? The piercing has to go through a lot of "meat" unlike an ear lobe.
rogerp #5

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/12/2005 02:49:13Copy HTML

Actually a Prince Albert goes thru little "meat" as it goes thru the urethrea. Perhaps less than the ear.
rlgm007 #6

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/15/2005 10:17:01Copy HTML

I got my prince albert almost ten years ago.  The procedure did not hurt at all - in fact, when I asked the piercer to let me know when he was going to pierce me, he said that he was finished!  It took about a week to heal.  First day it bleed for quite awhile, but I put on a condom which helped.  CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT IT....

Tyr1957 #7

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/15/2005 05:38:55Copy HTML

I'm somewhat intrigued by the thought of getting a PA. I do fear the pain, though. To be sure not to cause an irritation of my foreskin I'm not sure, what size of ring to choose . (I'm average of size).
7423080 #8

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/15/2005 07:16:19Copy HTML

i have had a PA for about 7 years and love it.  i wear a lot of tendenze suits, thongs or gstrings and they are all very thin fabric and most a quite seethru even dry.  my PA shows thru very prominately when dry and even more when the suits are wet.  i have never had a bad comment on my PA but do notice lots of stares trying to see what it it shinning behind the fabric.  i wear a 4 guage 1.25 inch size.
bob4429 #9

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/18/2005 04:35:47Copy HTML

Has anyone tried those adornments that  are designed to fit into the urethra of the penis and avoids piercing. 



Ex_Member #10

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/20/2005 09:13:23Copy HTML


I occassionally were a "penis plug" and I pursued it for the same reasons that you state, I am not sure if I really want a PA peircing, but I like the look of jewelry.  I have one that is 2" in lenght and 3/8" in diameter with a through hole and a ring on the end (look on ebay for similar).  I really enjoy it, as I can remove it at any time, and I didn't have to go through the piercing process, beside my wife woudl not understand a PA

bob4429 #11

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/20/2005 11:29:02Copy HTML

Thanks for your comments about the penis plugs.  Are they easy to fit and can you move about freely with it inserted.

I will look out for one to try for myself. .


Ex_Member #12

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/24/2005 05:37:57Copy HTML

I think they are very easy to use, but don't get too larg of a diameter, it is somewhat trial and error as to what will fit best.  You will harly even notice it after a short while, but removal and insertion feel great, espeically if you get one with multiple bumps.
Beachlover492000 #13

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/24/2005 10:01:03Copy HTML

I have been fascinated by the concept of getting a PA since I read about it years ago. For whatever reason I find the concept of wearing the male equivalent of an intimate piece of body jewelry similar to that worn by the heroine in The Story of O seems compelling.

I have a couple of questions. Do men ever have the ring welded shut so that it cannot be easily removed, or is that something that only exisits in erotic literature? And once the procedure is done can a man urinate normally, or is one forced sit?

shaved_thong_lover #14

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/21/2006 10:00:45Copy HTML

Other than the look and feelings when wearing a PA.  What is its effect on sexual intercourse? Better / worse / unchanged?
thongerman200 #15

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/25/2006 12:29:15Copy HTML

got mine done last week. bled like hell for the first two days but is settling down now. didnt hurt at all and the girlfriend loves it i want her to get her clit done hopefully she will. and it looks great through my hom plume
tvc150101 #16

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:02/20/2006 02:07:16Copy HTML

Wow, way to discover old threads.

BL49200, there are plenty of ways to secure a PA. Soldering (for a gold one) is a little bit drastic. I have seen it done but you need quite a bit of special equipment (heat sinks, and so forth). You would be out of your mind to weld a stainless ring because you cannot get a smooth enough finish for the welded area, you change the metallurgy in ways you don't want to, and cutting the thing off if you ever want to change it is difficult. There are permanent jewelry installations for both genders and the effects are pretty profound; I think maybe these are a bit off topic.

The 'captive bead ring' style is impossible to remove without tools once you get beyond about 6 gauge. And trust me, you want the gauge pretty large because you give and get greater sensation from a big one.

You do not have to give up standing to pee if you have a PA; Google the string: urination "prince albert".

bulgeman1 #17

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/09/2006 05:43:14Copy HTML

I also have a P/A  and my S/O likes to show it off....So i hook one side of the circular BB onto the waist line of what ever thong I am wearing...unless it one of my thongs thats more of a "tube" to keep you upright---


mrbuttfloss #18

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/11/2007 08:15:07Copy HTML

My reply is to rigm007. You must have something other then a prince albert as you said you didn't feel the procedure and it healed in a week. BS. Getting the prince albert goes through a lot of skin and it takes about 4 months to heal. On the pain scale of 1-10 it was about an 11. In regards to the main topic, I have a gage 2 prince albert and when wearing underwear or thong swimwear it is still difficult to tell it is there. If one looks hard enough they might notice it.
ville2k1 #19

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/14/2007 01:39:23Copy HTML

I'm new here...  I have used an insertion device for about a year (No PA yet) but it is not very east to detect under any clothing or thong.  I am still trying to convince my wife that a PA will not change the functionality.

rlgm007 #20

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/18/2007 01:01:38Copy HTML

Mr. Buttfloss is correct - the prince albert does takes about 4 months to fully heal - if not longer (like any other piercing).  What I meant is that after a week, it no longer bled at all, I resumed my normal activities, and began enjoying it.  I even went scuba diving after 2 weeks - stupid of course!  I did not feel any pain.  It hurt more when I increased the gauge size about 5 years later (1999). 

An important consideration: staph infections.  I just got a tattoo and developed a staph infection (mrsi) from the tattoo parlor.  I thought I found the cleanest, most reputable, award winning shop but apparently not.  I'm on two antibiotics for 8 weeks and possibly a third.  Even with insurance one cost me $325 for a month's supply.

NativeNude #21

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/23/2007 05:29:29Copy HTML

I've had a PA for years and wouldn't be without it.   My gal loves the sensations it causes too.   How much it shows thru a thong is a factor of fabric type, thickness and print.  Some hide nothing  from gazing eyes but other fabric can hide nearly anything.    Its  really more of where and who might see you when choosing which type to wear.   To reveiling on a family type beach can make trouble for all thong wearers.   I've used many types of "enhancements"  including urethral plugs and catheters which are great fun but nearly impossible to hide under a thong and are only appropriate for wear around fellow adults.   So is best to figure who might be seeing you and choose wear accordly. 
richard12181970 #22

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/17/2007 05:46:15Copy HTML

I've had my prince albert for nearly 9 years, currently a 1" (2.5cm) 8 gauge circular barbell.  Once while thonging at the beach one the the women in our group asked if I was pierced.  She could see the outline of the ring even though the thong I was wearing was lined in front.  For me, I like having my PA show a little.  This works best when my thong is wet.  However unlined and light colored thongs show it off the best.
Pete01 #23

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/16/2007 10:28:38Copy HTML

I do not think I could ever be brave enough to have a PA, though I think the look is great with a thong or nude. I have just bought the non-piercing alternative - large sliver body rings (about one inch diameter) from Hidden Delites - these can be made to look like PA's. There is a problem with them staying in place if things 'shrink', but I solve this by combining the fake PA ring with a one inch glans ring - the Hidden Delites rings can be opened up for insertion, then I just gently squeeze the outside part of the ring so that the smooth end hooks behind the glans ring, and then everything seems to stay in place. l am not sure I will be brave enough to wear this on the beach this summer, but it would be a great sensation.  
ss4me #24

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/18/2007 01:21:41Copy HTML

PA's definately arent for eveyone for sure, but like others who have them, I've had mine for years and almost feel naked without it!  My girlfiend loves it, and like her, enjoy for it to "show a little" through the fabric. But, we both are a little kinky and tend to lean a little towards exhibitionists. Ive never had a negative comment,  on the contrary, they have all been positive, and usually people are just curious. As far as pain initially getting it...........thats a very individual thing.............and for me, it was'nt NEAR as bad as I thought it would be.
JM_Runs #25

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/07/2008 01:28:49Copy HTML

I have been wanting a piercing for some time, but I think PA is a little too much for me, so I am really leaning towards a lorum piercing.  Does anyone here have a lorum or a frenum piercing, and can you provide any insight as to the pain, or the healing process.
leo40 #26

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/07/2008 03:23:56Copy HTML

I'm mostly a nudist and an occasional thonger, so I see lots of PAs.  The thought of getting pierced (there or anywhere else) gives me the creeps.  I do have a decorative slip-on from www.ringthatthing.com though.  Feels nice alone or under a thong.
dayne #27

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/08/2008 05:16:27Copy HTML

I considered having one of my nipples pierced.  When I was told that I needed to not do any heavy exercising, stay out of the sun somewhat, and a few other things for the next six weeks,  I decided against it.  I have an active life style and wasn't willing to give it up for the necessary period of time.  Besides, a piercing is an elective surgery, and wonder if anything that isn't absolutely necessary is worth it.  I can't imagine what the precautions one would have to take for a PA.  I don't think I would want to know either.
NativeNude #28

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/08/2008 04:18:22Copy HTML

Actually the skin is very thin at the location of a PA piercing with thicker tissue surrounding the area. That makes for an easy piercing, fairly quick healing and with the thicker tissue surrounding the piercing little problems of migration. Size of the PA can be fairly small to downright huge, being a personal choice. Had mine for years and love it.
chris0721 #29

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/16/2008 02:13:14Copy HTML

Actually the PA piercing is a very easy piercing and relatively painless.  I have had mine for about 1-1/2 years and love it.  My wife though I was nuts but she likes the results.  The PA pass thru the thin tissue of the ureatha usually about 1/2 to 5/8 inches from the end of the ureatha.  After about 6 months, I added a apadravya which is a vertical piercing thur the glans of the penis.  This is probably the most difficult and painful of all male gential piercings and it took mine about 9 or 10 months to heal, but again, a great piercing.  The pain is a sharp pain and lasts about 2 or 3 seconds.  I currently wear a 6ga. barbell with 3/8 ball.  I recently added a frenum ladder which is a series of piercings under the penis from the base of the scrotum to the glans.  Mine consist of 6 - 10ga 3/4" barbells.  The pain factor is fairly low with the piercings done usually 2 at a time.  I have enjoyed all of my piercings.  The outline of the piercings can be seen thur an unlined thong fairly easily.  I was recently out on the beach in an unlined thong and several women came up to me and noticed the outline and asked if they could take my picture with them.  I got a big kick out of that and so did they. 
JM_Runs #30

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/23/2008 11:29:04Copy HTML

Thanks Chris for the great information on piercings, I definitely think I will be getting either a frenum or a lorum very soon.
richard12181970 #31

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:06/24/2008 11:30:59Copy HTML

 My experience with my PA was that it took at least 6 weeks to heal enough to where it wasn't uncomfortable alot of the time.  It took even longer if the ring got pushed or heaven forbid tugged the wrong way!  I can't see being without my PA though.
pamale_101 #32

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/13/2010 05:16:29Copy HTML

I am uncut so my selection of piercings were to have two thru the foreskin.  I have had them 15 yrs.  When I wear minimal swim wear or semi transparent ones/especially when wet, it is quite easy to see my jewelry.  Some nudist resorts will not allow genital piercings.  To my surprise I have not had any negative comments when I go to the gym/shower/steamroom/sauna.  I do get the occ question,,,,,did it hurt, do you leave them in for sex, etc.
OS777 #33

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/15/2010 05:32:01Copy HTML

 Hopefully this is not too off of topic...  Does having a PA on enhance the experience of intercourse? I have yet to hear definite responses from wearers (both men and women).
JM_Runs #34

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/17/2010 02:54:00Copy HTML

I really enjoyed mine, and so did my wife....i just had to take it out cuz it migrated quite a bit and i was afraid it was gonna tear out the end of my stick. 
JM_Runs #35

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/29/2010 12:28:11Copy HTML

I have a 7 mm PA ring. I have not had any comments even when I am on our local nude beach.
My swimwear is thin and the ring outline can easily be seen.
You can see on some of my pictures
scncbeacher #36

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/03/2010 03:16:45Copy HTML

last summer my wife and i were at a nude beach in nc when a girl that my wife knew came up.  she started talking and than she saw my 2ga ring and the questions started.  she keep reaching and tuching it and asking me and my wife sexual questions about it.  than i got hard with her looking at it..  sure wish we could of done something about it..  i have seen her several times sence than and she keeps wanting to see it.  i told her to talk to my wife and she can try it.  but i dont think she ever will...
JM_Runs #37

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/03/2010 08:42:28Copy HTML

I have a 7 mm PA and it can bee seen on my pics.
The PA is a clear outline on my single layer suits and it hs not been a problem with regards to damage the suits.
badrabbit #38

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:06/16/2010 01:55:36Copy HTML

well I dont know about all that mine healed really fast, now up to a 000 gauge, and love it and trust me you cant hide it, the thing is huge, but i love it, Im not sure where all the pain talk is coming from I hardly felt it, yea it bled for a couple of days, but aftr that stopped i resumed life as usual, Jut make sure you get it at a good shop.
JM_Runs #39

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/11/2011 03:34:06Copy HTML

Love mine have no problems...I have 2g piercing!
loeiuk #40

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/12/2011 05:03:32Copy HTML

 Yes indeed. In my experience the PA is the least painful and the fastest to heal of all forms of body piercing... though I wouldn't say the same of the reverse PA or the side-to-side one. Its the reverse PA which shows up clearly through an unlined thong or bikini but if it causes embarrassment, you can always replace the PA and reverse PA rings with a single bar which is a bit less obvious  :-)
JM_Runs #41

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:02/22/2011 04:11:12Copy HTML

I changed my PA .....went from a 2g to 0g ....Amazing!
Swedethong #42

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/16/2011 10:28:16Copy HTML

I have never had any problem with my Prince Albert in my thong. Depending on the fabric quality, you can see the outline of the ring. Depending on the model of the thong, I sometimes put my penis up to one side, then the ring sometimes slip outside the fabric.. It creates a little extraattention and I love it! ;)
thongbiker #43

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/16/2011 12:15:40Copy HTML

 never had any problem with it and like to wear a tight thong to let show it thru :)  i love that !
SongOftheSouthInG #44

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/28/2011 10:30:28Copy HTML

Most women are attracted to my Prince Albert showing through the fabric. I wear an unlined g-string at the beach always and not only can they see the outline of the ring, they can see the steel shine in the sun. (If they're lookin' thataway, you know!) It's alot of fun, believe me. As for pain, don't worry about it. A PA pierce is much less painful than a nipple and the pain was erotic for me. It heals very quickly because your urine keeps the thing nice and clean because the pierce goes into the urethra and out the front of the penis. The one proper bother is until it is healed you should probably wear a condom during sex.
cmdwxoutku #45

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:06/11/2011 09:21:15Copy HTML

Is it difficult having a pee with a PA in? by that I mean does the pee spray out the other PA hole as well?
AdonisinaThong #46

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:11/18/2011 10:51:17Copy HTML

It can do, it dpends upon how much you have stretched it.  I got mine about six years ago and I like it.  I now have a ring of the sort that makes a complete circle; there is a removable section of the ring if I want to take it out.  I enoy wearing thongs, and so the two go together.  You can show off the ring to a greater or lesser extent, depedning upon the size of the ring, size and fit of thong, how your junk is packed and so on.  Have fun :)
JM_Runs #47

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:11/21/2011 02:56:41Copy HTML

I have a 0g pa no problems here.....to answer cmdwxoutku question peeing can be a problem. With the larger ring's it can come back on you if your not careful.
JM_Runs #48

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/12/2012 06:29:16Copy HTML

I have had a PA for at least seven yrs. I wear a0 gauge daily but I wear my 00 gauge when I have sex or want to show it off for the ladies, I absolutely love mine looks great under my thong and have had many positive comments on it.
gaysome #49

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/12/2012 09:01:28Copy HTML

I have a very brief thong from kiniki that is tan through and when laying out on the beach the other day,I was told that not only did I look good in my thong,but that my p/a was catching the sun as well. the guy said he could see the sparkel of the ring shine through the my thong. he wanted to know more about it.
   So it really depends on how thick the matieral is that the thongs made from.
gaterz #50

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:06/17/2013 03:02:55Copy HTML

 Just got my dick  pierced . What a non event no pain, nothing, if you are thinking about getting it done, go do it!!!!
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