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BeachLover007 #51

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:06/17/2013 07:04:03Copy HTML

I have 2 piercings.  A fernum and lorum.  The fernum hurt pretty bad.
JM_Runs #52

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:06/26/2013 02:54:32Copy HTML

 Thinking about getting pierced, Albert . How do you feel about men with pierced penis's? Nah yah?
webie #53

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:06/26/2013 01:53:39Copy HTML

I have a apradavia which is actually the combination of a Prince Albert and a reverse Prince Albert . I sometimes wear a CBR ring or a Bartbell . Choices of jewelry is pretty much as curved barbells straight barbells or CBR rings can be worn along with some other specialty jewelry . I am at a 0 gauge and this seems to be perfect for me . I have had many many favorible comments on my jewelry as you can see that I am pierced thru some of my swimwear .  I would say if you are thinking about it go and have it done you will be happy you did .The piercing was surprizingly really pretty easy , but healing time can take up to about 6 months .
richard12181970 #54

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:06/26/2013 11:49:30Copy HTML

 gaterz congrats on your piercing.  Once it heals I know you will enjoy it and showing it off!  I've had my PA for nearly 14 years.
b21 #55

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/03/2013 02:48:57Copy HTML

Hi guys

OK, here we go... for years now I have debated some kind of c*** piercing, it started off as wanting a frenum but has now moved to me wanting a PA.

As you may know, I LOVE wearing thongs, I have done for longer than I care to remember. I have become so accustomed to thonging in public that that initial rush is wearing off. 

Basically, this post has really sparked my interest as a way to scratch my itch. I love the idea of wearing slightly sheer swimwear so the metal of a PA piercing shows through and glints in the sun. I have watched for years now at the joy my mrs gets from her VCH piercing poking through her lacy bikinis with the occasional dangly charm to add to the effect. Sometimes walking up to her while she is laying out, I see the sparkle of the gems proudly decorating her privates and I want some of that too!!!! 

I have explored all the options of the standard c*** rings, (yawn) and thanks to my new friend hotbunz I'm going to attempt some other things. but I would really like something that I could wear all the time like a PA. The Mrs thinks it would be hot, I like the idea but I'm seeming to lack the required balls to go through with it.

Is there any guys without any piercings like me that have been considering it for a long while?

Ok, guys with PA's, please, I need your help.

What is the piercing experience like?? I'm not afraid of the pain but I am afraid of the bleeding - I hate blood and have heard some horror stories of bleeding more akin to a Tarantino film than a piercing! Whats the honest opinion? What if it bled so much I died? :P

What is it like living with? I'm sure it's hugely enjoyable most of the time, but what about the times when you just can't be assed. You know, you might be out with mates and need a pee but you've had a few beers and you just can't be assed to deal with the whole issue of going to the bathroom with all the PA related issues in that dept.? Just curious if anyone ever gets that, you love your PA but some days you wish you didn't have it?

Has anyone had one then decided to remove it for good? If so, has it healed or are you still reminded of it every time you go for a pee due to the extra pee hole?

What is the reason for wearing a CBR? I love the look of the barbell but it is in the minority of pics I've seen... any reason?

Finally, does anyone have any links so I can see pics of your PA's in action under or out of thongs other than the ones on your profiles here.

Thanks fella's, it's much appreciated. I just need that final bit of convincing I think.
webie #56

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/03/2013 03:44:29Copy HTML

Wow thats a lot of questions ? First of all I have both had a couple of frenums and a P.A. and also a reverse P.A.  My P.A. I had done about 13 years ago . Yes it does bleed some for about the first 3 days . I did the mistake of having it done and going to work in an hour later , rest for the first 24 hours and You will be fine . I personaly would do an Appradavia which is the combination of the 2 prince albert piercings . Thats what I wanted in the beginning and chickened out and just had a pa done then went back 5 years later and had the reverse P.A. completing my apradavia.
   Consider having a apradavia done I think it looks much cooler than the P.A. alone and way more choices in jewelry and looks . I always wear my penis down and with the reverse Prince albert or apradavia you can see a hint of the jewelry thru semisheer suits and of course see thru suits , with a regular prince albert Its not as seen sometimes completely hidden and I have had times where it would pinch in some really tight suits , just depends sometimes you need to rearrange .   Now I can leave out my Prince albert jewelry for 6 months and can put it back in with no problem I know this becuse of when I had my reverse P.A. done that was how long I waited before I replaced my CBR in my reverse prince albert with a straight barbell all the way thru . You should be able to look at my Pics and see the piercing . The reason they use a CBR is for healing and cleaning so as to be able to move and wash it . Sea salt is the best for healing and  generaly taking the sting out if it gets sticky . Generally you wont have to worry about infections as your urine will clean it . For get about Sex for at least amonth and when you do it will sting and wear a condom till it is completely healed ( Probably six months , longer if you stretch it ), your going to want to soak in sea salt after sex as the jewelry may get sticky after that and you want it always tobe able to move .  I was pierced at a 10 gauge because I wanted to size up also sizing up I think looks better is more comfortable and also will probably increase your gals sensitivity to it ( Bigger is Better )  . Not sure what your plans are and 10 is as big as they ussually go for piercing after that you stretch it  I am now at a 0 . My reverse prince albert will be difficult to replace jewelry if I leave it out for over 24 hours and my P.A. I think I could leave out for ever , I have a frenum I never ever wear and can still get a barbell in and one frenum I had migrated out .
 If you have any question just ask . 
  If you want to get one just doit you never will will regret it and if you do take it out no big deal . I wouldnt give up mine and as far  as other guys seeing it , let me tell you there are lots of guys that would love to have one but are to chicken to get one.  I have only ever had one women that was negative about it most just love it .
b21 #57

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/04/2013 03:54:01Copy HTML

Thanks webie, I really appreciate the help! If I think of any other questions I'll let you know. As soon as I get up the confidence to take the plunge I'm sure I'll be on here in minutes reporting my experiences!

How is the peeing??
webie #58

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/05/2013 01:59:50Copy HTML

Peeing can be interesting . I am kinda like a lawn sprinkler lol ..... actually u can still stand up at a urinal you just  have to kinda , youwill figure it out . Me most times I just sit ......lol but then I have three holes . my gal thinks its knky and has got me a penis plug called a......sprinkler ... LOL  or if you want u can get whats called a prince albert wand , . Thats the piece of jewelry to get to get  boys talking in the jon. check one out I have two of them different lenghts .
 Like I said once you have the piercing the fun will begin.
mrmartini1999 #59

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/05/2013 10:24:41Copy HTML

Hi b21,Like you I’ve wanted a PA for many years.  Last week I finally did it and I love it. The first 3-4 days there was some bleeding but it tapered off significantly after the first 24 hours. The size of the piercing will also affect the amount of blood.  I had a 6ga circular barbell put in so I had more bleeding than a 10ga or 12ga. The pain wasn’t that bad, then again, pain is relative for each of us. Peeing takes a bit of getting used to.  The first few days I sat down because I didn’t want to move the jewelry too much so it could heal.  I then did some google searches and learned approaches to be able to stand and pee.  So far its worked but needs a little practice to get used too.  Some jewelry also affects one’s ability to stand and pee. Not that you can’t, it just takes a bit of adjustment.  I’ve had it now a little over a week and my routine is pretty much back to normal.  No blood, wearing thongs without a problem, peeing at the urinal, etc. Still getting used to the added weight and positioning in my thong. Figure the first week or so will be sorting out the nuances of living with a PA.
If you have more specific questions, let me know.
Swedethong #60

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/05/2013 01:53:50Copy HTML

I have had my PA for about 4 years now. I use to wear a 1 G CBR or a 0 g CBR. I bought a barbell once, but used it for less than one day. The ball at the end went in to my urethrea and the whole barbell was hanging out from the pierced hole. Felt very uncomfortable!! 
I use to cut out the double lining in my speedos or thongs, then you clearly can see the outline of my @@@@@@ and my PA. :) 
It really didn´t hurt that much when I did it. Just for 1-2 seconds. And just a little blood. I used to wrap my @@@@@@ and PA in paper and wear it like that the first week. That prevented my @@@@@@ and PA from moving around in my underwear. That really helped me in the beginning. I had a period of one month when I didn't wear the ring. I was tired of it. But then I really missed it and the hole was still open, but a bit smaller. I used a thinner ring first day, then i could use my normal 1 g CBR again. 
When I pee I use to sit down when I am at home or at work. 
Sex is like before I guess. No big different. I have some pictures of my PA on my profile. 
gaterz #61

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/02/2013 06:30:19Copy HTML

 Got an 8 gauge PA in June then got it stretched to what I thought was a 6 ga but when I ordered some 6 gauge jewelry , the jewelry was way too small. So it looks like the dumbass stretched me to a 4 or 2 gauge, I have no idea what size it is now! I posted two pics so if someone could take a look. The two smaller rings are actually 6 gauge rings that attach to the balls of the new jewelry .
wallygr40 #62

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/02/2013 07:02:31Copy HTML

 I have a 2g PA that I have had for about 10 years. I love it and will likely never remove it. Pain is quick and easy and the healing process was a breeze for me. I was pierced at 12g and let it self stretch over time. Bigger is definitely better although I have found I like mine best at 2g.
webie #63

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/06/2013 05:16:21Copy HTML

 Just wondering if anyone would know where I can get a 1ga 1inch cbr  or a 1ga  1 inch barbell . I am looking to stretch my piercing .  I have both a P.A. and reverse P.A. and can use a 0 in the P.A. but the reverse one needs to be stretched yet .
 Thanks for any help
Swedethong #64

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:10/08/2013 07:23:38Copy HTML

Maybe this one? 22 mm is almost 1 inch.  http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/online_store/surgical_steel_ball_closure_ring_7mm_3448277.cfm 
gaterz #65

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:12/10/2013 03:42:57Copy HTML

 Just up gauged to a 2 gauge horseshoe barbell! Lovin it!!
tom408 #66

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/21/2014 08:45:43Copy HTML

 I have five penis piercings (Apadravya, Ampallang, PA and others) and have never felt any pain whatsoever.  Go to Amazon and buy a 20% Benzocaine cream (Hurricaine is a good one).  When piercing,  dip a Q-tip in the cream, slide it into the urethra where the piercing will be and wait about 5 minutes;  the tissue will be completely numbed  and you can pierce in complete comfort.
wallyuk #67

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:02/02/2015 11:50:31Copy HTML

 I have a PA plus pierced shaft and scrotum. Twelve in all including PA. Also both nips. All were self done many years ago. No problems and the only significant pain was from the nips. Can recommend to all, and don't have a major problem peeing. Always pleased to show to others, and happy to have outlines showing through thong on beach (when not nude!).
NudeNArizona #68

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/14/2015 10:45:28Copy HTML

 I got my PA about a year and a half ago and have enjoyed the piercing ever since and like others have said, do it for yourself and don't worry about what other think about it. So when I go to nude resorts and activities I always make sure I am fresh shaved and I enjoy wearing bright colored PA rings, and long the looks , stares , comments and especially the questions. It is so much fun when someone asks a question about my PA and my wife likes to joke with the women and say "So you were checking out my husbands PA?" Then they usually blush because they are basically caught looking
leo40 #69

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/15/2015 08:24:07Copy HTML

I posted 7 years ago about being chicken about getting pierced for a PA, and wearing a silver slip-on ring from ringthatthing.com instead.  I feared bleeding in front of other nudists.  Still chicken, and I still wear that ring, but that particular source is gone.  I also wear other (base metal) rings from various sources, my favorite being www.tangaland24.de which is very much still in business.  Their "WOM" style ring in 30 mm. stays on at mid-shaft very well, and gets lots of nice compliments.  It is of gold-color titanium-nitride and features a row of little "trucker babe" imbossed figures.  To be sure it stays on, I wear a hardware-store 'o' ring hidden under my foreskin. Never lost a ring, even swimming.  I'm wearing it now and will embark to my nudist club shortly.  I am occasionally at an occasion where a minimal stringless tanning pouch is in order, and the ring will gleam through a white one of those, too.
BigEasy #70

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:02/18/2016 11:55:50Copy HTML

I've only had 1 "look" about my PA. It was when I was honeymoon, I was laying on the sunbed in my unlined speedo type swimwear. The sun must have been at a particular angle which shone on it and the waiter walked past and raised his eyebrows. He wasn't even aware I was watching him, and I wasn't aware it was completely visible lol.
thonger2005 #71

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/13/2016 10:23:42Copy HTML

 I guess my comment here kind of doesn't make any sense but I unfortunately do not have the stones to go get a Prince Albert piercing.
But instead I am into urethra plugs with some sort of ring that hooks around the glans. 
String_guy #72

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/14/2016 08:28:05Copy HTML

 Hey thonger2005, I do that too. I especially enjoy the feeling of the weight. Its a great conversation piece too. Im not sure I could ever get the actual PA done. 
ThongersAngels #73

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/14/2016 09:46:57Copy HTML

It looks good on him too
snafu311 #74

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/14/2016 10:56:37Copy HTML

My only regret is not getting it done sooner.  I had thought about getting a PA for several years but didn't have the stones as well.  Finally said screw it and had it done about 5 years ago.  I was worried and nervous for no reason- it was done in a matter of a few seconds and really not painful at all. I was initially pierced at 8ga and have stretched to 0ga, but typically wear 2g now.  I get lots of looks and compliments on the nude beach and curious stares when only the outline of it or shimmer of metal is visible under my thong.
Chrish217 #75

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/30/2016 03:01:40Copy HTML

 PA done 4 hours ago.  Ouch.  Was expecting blood from the piercing hole, didn't realize most of it would come out through the urethra.  10 gauge to start.Glad my wife is a nurse. Lol
hairlesshispanic #76

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:08/01/2016 10:09:39Copy HTML

Congrats on the new metal! I've had my for 4 years and have moved up to 00g. I love it.. and so does the wife. So much so that I've added a frenum and a hafada... plan to add a few more of each until i have a nice long ladder.
Chrish217 #77

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:08/02/2016 10:47:41Copy HTML

 Thanks!  Right now, I don't even want to think about a 00g!  lol  
I thought it bled a lot the first night but by the second morning, hardly any spotting at all.  It is a different feeling having a piece of steel inserted in your urethra 24 hours a day.
We did go to the beach on Sunday.  I only waded out to mid-thigh...the wife only got her feet wet in order to protect her new ankle tattoo. :)
Endo_Rowe #78

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/20/2017 03:23:43Copy HTML

 I just had mine done five days ago. As others have said, the pain isn't nearly as bad as one might expect - a bit like catching yourself in the zipper ;) Actually, the worst was putting the receiving tube into the urethra.

There was some discomfort for two days, but now, the hardest part is waiting to try it out and to stretch. I was pierced at 10 gauge and my goal is 2g. To be honest, the 10 is a bit bothersome because it's so light and causes some friction as it bounces around.

It's still sinking in that I actually went through with it. I was always scared off by the permanence and the thought of what others might think. Call it a mid-life crisis or whatever, but lately it home that I'm not getting any younger and life's too short to fret so much.
rock_pile #79

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:03/20/2017 05:38:06Copy HTML

 Don't worry about the permanence.  Unlike a tatt a piercing can come out.  Don't worry about others so long as your partner is cool with it.  
ithongit #80

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/18/2017 08:49:36Copy HTML

 My husband, Randy, has been saying for years he wants to get a Prince Albert ring.  He has heard that it increased sexual pleasure for the man, and especially the ladies.  Still, he is the biggest chicken there is when it comes to things like this.  He fainted when he went to get a tattoo and only got a tiny dot that looks like a freckle.  He once fainted when they blew up the arm band thing for blood pressure, and don't even get me going on shots.  He needs tetanus shots for work and also has had some others and a range of blood work.  They make him sit in an arm chair and have a big male nurse or two smaller female nurses hold him in position so he doesn't move if he faints while the needle is in his flesh.

At the same time, he took Nikki to a mandatory autopsy at the university where she was an art student.  They cut up this cadaver guy to show all the layers of muscles and other things inside the body that show on the outside of the body.  This would make me faint, but he didn't mind at all and even ask questions and ask the Doctor guy so dissect the cadaver man's penis so people understood how it worked (got hard and soft).  He bow-hunts and has dressed several deer himself, another thing I would have trouble with.  He has also "stared" in a medical film where they pushed this long camera thing up his urethra and showed the insides on one side of the screen while the other showed the doctor working the camera tube up inside in a close up.   (He got very hard but the technician explained on the tape that this was common for some men when they are scoped.  He has a copy of the tape and shows it to casual acquaintances and even to some relatives.

He wants to get his PA under general anesthesia of some short-term anesthesia which would knock him out the whole time they are messing around with his penis, so he does not freak out as the holes are punched in his penis meat.  He wants to go in, get comfortable, get a shot or whatever, go to sleep or go unconscious for a few minutes, have the piercing guy do his thing, and then wake up with a hole and ring installed.  He understands that there could be some after-piercing pain and perhaps some bleeding too.  He wants a large, heavy ring, about 3/8 inch thick and one to one and a quarter inch in diameter.  A guy we know has a ring this big, and instead of stretching the hole over time, they simply used a hollow piercing tool that took a slug of the tissue just under the final ring size initially. I have heard that this can result in problems since the larger the hole, the more likely an important blood vessel or nerve might be damaged.

I don't think I would get any genital piercing, but my sister Nikki has a true clitoral piercing (going up and down) and even slight stimulation causes her to get incredibly 'excited'.  She said it didn't hurt all that much, but she has a bunch of other piercings, including her nipples, which always looked to me like they should hurt a lot.

XChip #81

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:04/21/2017 12:26:34Copy HTML

 Tell us how it went for Randy, Traci!  (I got my p.a. 17 years ago, for my 60th birthday.  I was pierced at 8 ga, very slowly stretched up to 0, and am now happy at 4.)
Mary0826 #82

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:05/12/2017 10:13:21Copy HTML

A man at the hotel I am staying at saw Frank and me down at the pool in our thong swimsuits.  Like most high-end national chain hotels, when we ask nobody from management seemed to mind us in our thongs, and this was confirmed when Frank went up to the desk to get some pool towels in just his thong. 

But my post is not about the hotel, but the swimsuit this man (who saw us when he was checking out the pool earlier) wore when he came down to the pool.  He wore a conservative thong except for one detail.  His suit had a slit in the front that permitted him to slip his Prince Albert piercing outside the suit.  No skin showed, just that silver colored ring. 

He came over to the hot tub wear Frank and I had slipped out of our suits (there were no other people) and joined us, not realizing at first that we were nude.  Frank has a heavy, thick PA ring any said he liked this man's swimsuit and the fact it was a thong and had the slit for his PA ring to stick through.

I thought the ring was fake and simply attached to the suit, but when the bubble timer ran out this man saw we were skinny dipping, especially when Frank climbed out of the tub to reset the timer without a suit.  The man ask if we would mind if he joined us in the buff, and we said we were cool with that. He then stood in the now bubbling thigh deep water and peeled his suit off.  Much to my surprise, the PA ring did not come off with the suit, but stayed on the head of his shaft. 

Frank ask him were he got the suit and he said he got it in Spain at the piercing place where he bought the silver ring he was now wearing.  He said there were no tags on the suit, but only on the hang-tag, and he didn't know what company made it.  He said he thought that someone bought an off-the-shelf thong and then modified it with the slit. 

He showed us that there was a small Velcro strip that went through the ring to keep the slit closed and prevent exposure of skin in that area.  He showed that the strip attached on each side, so in the right setting, he could show a little of his head's skin.  The fuzzy side of the Velcro was the side that remained on the suit.  The back of the courser plastic side of the Velcro was covered with some soft material to prevent chaffing of the sensitive skin around the exposure slit. 

It was the first time I had been with two guys with PA's at the same time, but our time together in the buff was limited when the guy from the desk came out and told us we would have to put our suits back on unless we stayed under the water, and he told us to also put them back on if anyone else came into the pool area.  He said we were on surveillance video, and the lady at the desk had thought we were nude when she saw Frank going over to reset the whirlpool timer and but realized she was right when the new guy strip off his suit above the water and her suspicions were confirmed. 

The other man ask if our swimsuits were okay, and he said they don't get a lot of thongs on men, maybe one a week, but they see three or four women a week in them, and as long as we put our suits back before leaving the hot tub and kept them on in the pool, we were okay. 

Frank and I had to meet some guy at dinner, and we left the new thonger in the pool. Has anyone bought a suit like this?  Is it uncomfortable over long periods (I would think if worn with the Velcro it might be uncomfortable.) Has anyone seen anything like this anywhere for sale?
NudeNArizona #83

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/03/2017 05:03:01Copy HTML


I have never heard of a suit like you have described but I have on many occasions wore


to a few hotel swimming pools which is basically like going nude and exposes my PA piercing and once while staying at a hotel I had a front desk girls walk out to the pool area because she had seen my on the surveillance camera and came out to tell me that I had to have a swimsuit on in the pool, but when she walked up to me she saw the string around my waist and said that she was sorry for bothering me, but she just wanted to let me know swimsuit were required in the pool area and that I was fine since she was able to see I was wearing a red G-string, then she noticed the front and smiled and said I was fine to continue wearing it but others might complain if they saw me and if others came to the front desk to complain I would need to change swimsuits.

The next night when I returned to the hotel as I walked past the front desk the same girl was on duty and she smiled and asked if I was going for a swim that evening, and I said after I went up to my room to drop  my stuff off.  About 30 minutes later I walked down to the pool but not knowing who was at the pool I wore a pair of swim shorts instead of my G-string, but when I went into the pool area there were two women in the hot tub and I initially didn't notice what they were wearing. I dove into the pool and went for a swim and while swimming laps one of the girls got out of the hot tub and dove into the pool this is when I noticed she only had on a G-string and was topless, then I got out of the pool to go to my towel and as I walked over to my towel I noticed the other girl was also topless sitting in the hot tub, so I figured it was ok to remove my swim-shorts, so I toweled off and walked back to my room to change. I removed my shorts put on my exposure G-string and went back to the pool within a few minutes and when I returned to the pool area the girl from the front desk was talking to the two girls and at this point I noticed the girl who was in the pool had removed her G-string and it was laying on the side of the pool so I laid my towel on a chair exposing my G-string and since I knew one girl was now nude I removed mine as well before going into the pool.  Then the front desk girl said to the ladies that I was the guy she had told them about.  I smiled and said I guess this was fine since I wasn't the first one nude and they laughed. I soon learned that they were both visiting from out of town and had stayed at the hotel many times before and often swam in the pool nude late at night if no one else was around but when they had learned what I was wearing the night before they wanted to come down a little earlier
packiest #84

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/03/2017 07:42:53Copy HTML

 I've never understood the piercing motivation, especially PA's. Absolutely nothing is piercing that part of my body.
Chrish217 #85

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:07/10/2017 03:14:58Copy HTML

 Ask the women who have been with men with a PA...then you'll get it.I am holding steady at a 4g and my wife loves it.
gentlemannudist #86

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:12/17/2017 08:16:32Copy HTML

it's great to read the positive reviews of Prince Albert @@@@@@-piercings, thank you to all, I'll be trying to hold my nerve for my P.A. piercing this Tuesday
gentlemannudist #87

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:12/17/2017 08:17:25Copy HTML

gentlemannudist #88

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:12/19/2017 10:34:58Copy HTML

I'm now resting comfortably after having my Prince Albert piercing at 1115h today...it looks great & feels good :p
csnipwb #89

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:12/19/2017 12:08:01Copy HTML

Good for you.Follow your aftercare advice and don't get in a hurry to gauge up and you will enjoy the piercing for many years to come.Later,
gentlemannudist #90

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:12/19/2017 07:09:37Copy HTML

 ty csnipwb, I'm overjoyed to now be a member of Club P.A.
mrmartini1999 #91

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:12/20/2017 01:51:59Copy HTML

 Congratulations Gentlemannudist.  I remember how excited I was when I got mine.  Absolutely love my PA.  Enjoy yours!!! What size did you get?
gentlemannudist #92

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:12/25/2017 12:21:04Copy HTML

 mrmartini1999, I think it's a 20mm diameter & a light gauge ~12g. I've learnt a lot about piercings during this, hopefully only another three weeks healing before back to my full regular useage

richard12181970 #93

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

Date Posted:01/07/2018 11:30:14Copy HTML

 I've had my PA for many years and just increased the size to a 2g (6 mm).  I really liked the 4g I had, but this new one is excellent?
gentlemannudist #94

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

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 richard12181970, I'm a long way from a 2g but I have started the journey !
NudeNArizona #95

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

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 I’ve had my PA for over 4 yrs now currently a 2g and can’t seem to increase it to a 0g is where I would like to ultimately end up. I have a heavy metal door knocker in hoping the weight will stretch the piercing over time plus I have found if I run nude the weight will pull on the piercing
XChip #96

Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

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 Get a taper that'll take you from 2g to 0g.  That's a big stretch and that's what tapers are for.  Get it on line.
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Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

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 Some piercings are just happy where they are. I have had a 2g PA for the last 10 years and that is where its most happy. I have tried to stretch several times to 0g and the fistula just wont take to it. Even with a piercing so old, it gets sore at times and I downsize to a 6g or so and re-stretch.

My nipples were the same way. I wore 2g rings in them for a while but they never liked it. I stuck with 4g and thats where they were most happy.
My wife's nipples were happiest at 4g as well.
I have a lorum (Scrotum) piercing that stretches easy though, its 0 gauge and I feel like it would go as large as I wanted.
Good luck, and don't force it. A lot of people order 1g jewelry because the 2 to 0 jump is so large.
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Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

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Thinking of getting a PA piercing. Already have nipples done and the wife loves them. Pros and cons of getting a PA piercing? Thanks!
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Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

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Randy haa talked about getting his penis pierced with a PA for years. The only issue is that while he is strong and confident, he is one of these guys who is afraid of needles. Getting an injection or having blood taken causes him to faint. He even fainted when he wanted to get a tattoo, and just the buzzing of the tattoo thing made him faint. He even fainted one time when they blew up that balloon thing to take his blood pressure. He needed some dental work done, and they had to use gas to knock him out so they could use a needle for anesthesia and novocaine. Once the work is done, he probably would be just fine -- it is just the medical procedures that make him weasy. Has anyone gotten a PA or other piercing or tattoo someplace where they use gas to keep the person knocked out?
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Re:Prince Albert piercing (PA)

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@ithongit: I did a ton of research before I got my nipple done many years ago, and I've never heard of a reputable shop that uses gas any other form of sedation. Sorry.
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