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Date Posted:11/24/2013 09:08:03Copy HTML

Most people have houses with backyards were they can tan in a thong in the privacy of there home but what about people who live in the city, in apartment buildings?  Now how would you tan in that thong?  Easy, go to the rooftop to the building set a chair or towel, strip down to just your thong, apply tanning oil with enough SPF to prevent skin damage and viola.
I've done this several times and most of the time my neighbors don't even notice I'm up there.  But sometimes I've had neighbors come up and be surprised at what they see but don't say a word.  Once I cached a woman from the building next door who was sun drying her laundry and she saw me and went away then half hour later she came back with another woman with a big load of clothes to sun dry, I could hear them talking about me but they were just curious to know which neighbors son was I, since condo's here are very small, most people know everyone who lives here.
thonger2005 #1

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:11/25/2013 01:17:42Copy HTML

 We live in the middle of a city but go to a nearby state park region with lots of hunting areas and a river that runs right thru the middle of it. We have gravel access roads that lead down to the river and we use the inside curves of the river as our "beach" for our sunbathing. Mostly nude since we are in the middle of nowhere. Then there is the state park about 30,min away where topless and thing are legal.
flthongbutt #2

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:11/25/2013 07:10:35Copy HTML

lol, "viola" is a musical instrument....
Ex_Member #3

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:11/26/2013 01:32:24Copy HTML

@Thonger2005  I wish I had a nearby state park, I'll do the same.
@flthongbutt  Sorry that's a typo, what I ment was voila the French phrase used to call attention to or express satisfaction with a thing showned or accomplished.
SlidingG #4

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:11/28/2013 02:34:53Copy HTML

The viola sounds fine to me.  I supplied the CD's at the figure drawing class I was modeling for last week, and everyone thought they were great -- choral, Irish jigs, piano works, Navaho flute, etc.  I'll be sure sure to include some viola music next time, and voila! -- instant class, setting a high-brow tone to the affair.  Oh, it already had that -- these were serious artists, and I was striking classic poses, complete with the pole as used in the French academy tradition.  

Whoops, private outdoor tanning?  Well, the sun was shining brilliantly out the studio's north-facing windows.  Would rather have been posing out there, simultaneously working on my tan.  Hmmm . . . . the instructor's a friend of mine; 'Bill, do you suppose we could . . . . oh, never mind'. 
sailor250 #5

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:11/30/2013 08:16:35Copy HTML

When I'm able I often will wear one of my no coverage thongs when tanning or swimming in private.  Helps tan everywhere!  even under where I don't get tanned on tan thru pouches like in the creases around the base of the sack!  Some of the upright ones tan my "underside" of the shaft too, that feels nice in the warm sun!
Ex_Member #6

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/01/2013 05:52:35Copy HTML

 I always tan nude when in private, or in the case of my backyard which has a privacy fence, but if the neighbors make the effort of going to their second story and peeking out the window is no longer private
navythong #7

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/01/2013 12:29:01Copy HTML

I used to thong in the back yard. But since we have new neighbours, who are not very tolerant, I don't thong in my backyard anymore.
They put a dormer on their roof from which they can peek in our backyard. It's not a nice idea you could be being watched.
Because there are several nice beaches within only a few km's from my home it's no problem.
When I like to thong within 10 min's I'm on the beach. I have the choice from very quiet to very crowded beaches.
Most of the time my wife and I go to the same spot, a beach with a non-official c/o part. We found out that people are very tolerant on that beach.
It has become our favourite spot.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/03/2013 01:00:46Copy HTML

@navythong your neighbors are so nosy but isn't there a blind spot beside a tree or the fence were they can't see you? I find it so wrong that you cannot thong in your own backyard because the neighbors peek into your property, don't they have nothing better to do? It ticks me off when people invade and strip you from your privacy and comfort.
JC2162 #9

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/03/2013 03:46:55Copy HTML

 I live in South FL and have a pool in the back yard with a good amount of shrubbery to block any neighbors from seeing me or my wife.  The wife and I swim in the nude when the kids are not home. When I tan for extended periods or if I'm alone, I wear a g-string. I like my tan lines.
thongman8 #10

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/03/2013 01:51:49Copy HTML

 I was watching the Today show on Friday morning.  It was in the 10 - 11 time slot and the hosts were Hoda and Kathy Lee.  They were ansering viewer's questions. 

One viewer wrote in and said that their neighbor likes to tan nude in their backyard.  They said that the neighbor has a privacy fence and you can not see them from the yard.  However, the viewer could see them from their 2nd floor balcony.  Then they asked what can they do to make the neighbor wear cloths so they can't see them nude from their 2nd floor. 

How selfish do you have to be to try and make someone conform to your wishes so they can't see you naked when they have made an effort to shield themselves from your prying eyes with a privacy fence?  That is so wrong! 

The hosts were funny though.  They said that there wasn't anything they could do about it.   THey even suggested not looking off of their balcony into the neighbor's yard!  Kathy then added that Hoda doesn't wear clothes in her NY city apt. and everyone can see her.  Hoda added that she doesn't have curtains and that with the close proximity of buildings in NY city, that she tries to minimize the time nude by her windows. 

The point being made is that the viewer made a selfish request and that Hoda and Kathy sort of made fun of them.  I gained a little respect for the two ladies after that.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/03/2013 03:24:00Copy HTML

@thongman8 that was cool for them to take it that way because they are on to respect the privacy and comfort of others in there homes.
flthongbutt #12

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/05/2013 10:01:47Copy HTML

Viola! love it....
mrever_ready #13

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/08/2013 02:42:07Copy HTML

My tolerance for nosey neighbours is pretty low.   Our backyard is totally fenced and we have a huge cedar hedge on one side too.    On a sunny day, I'll be in the backyard wearing my thong, not caring what the neighbours think.    I'll cut the grass, play with the dog, do whatever.    If our neighbours want to look, let them.     They'd have to make an effort to see anything, so it's their problem then.    I've washed the car in the front while wearing my thong only once, perhaps that was pushing it.    But it was fun !
norcalskimpy #14

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/14/2013 12:32:22Copy HTML

 I wish I had a backyard that I could use for private tanning.  At uni and back home, I live in a townhouse so there are lots of neighbors that would see me..  Guess I'll have to wait to grow up and buy my own house before I can have a private place! 
DesertThong #15

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/26/2013 08:40:00Copy HTML

Yep, you need a backyard with some walls or plants to give you a sense of privacy...or just do it until someone complains. Some people are quite tolerant.
Maybe find out when the neighbors aren't home, or volunteer to watch a friends house that does have some privacy...when they are on vacation. Make friends with thongers and hang out at their place. You might also consider going to thong tolerant hotels and sitting by their pool...eat their food and buy their drinks.
itanng #16

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:12/27/2013 12:45:54Copy HTML

NorCalSkimpy: Test the environment, and condition it to more-minimal swimwear, by sunbathing in a bikini.  Then switch to a thong.  Most likely, no one will complain - provided you are acting normally and the situation is "normal" (like you are at a pool, or on your balcony).

I live in the Bible-belt south, and seldom does anyone complain when I'm wearing a g-string at the beach.  Like other board members have said, people are usually quite tolerant.
RapidBlue #17

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:04/02/2014 07:46:14Copy HTML

 I sun in my backyard. The neighbors would need a pair of binoculars to see me. Maybe I should lend them a pair.
Grabeach #18

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:04/02/2014 09:33:03Copy HTML

Occasionally, when for whatever reason I couldn't get to the pool or beach, I would sun on our balcony. It was visible to two of our neighbours, but the wooden railing meant they had to make a bit of an effort to see that I was nude.

My wife then had our railing changed to narrow aluminium which hides nothing. I bit the bullet and continued sunning nude. These neighbours don't care and occasionally stop for a chat. Their visitors don't seem to mind either and will sometimes give me a wave. A couple of other neighbours who now have a 'binocular' view haven't said anything. I guess I'm lucky to live where I do.
sailor250 #19

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:04/05/2016 08:59:28Copy HTML

 Here's an article about sunbathing nude where it's generally not allowed!        
NudeNArizona #20

Re:Private Outdoor Tanning

Date Posted:02/08/2019 12:38:37Copy HTML

My wife and I sunbathe nude all the time in our back yard by our pool which has a privacy fence and our neighbors have come over unannounced and have caught us nude. One particular day we were sunbathing nude and I decided to turn it into a photo shoot and as I’m taking photographs and my wife was posing my neighbor was watching from her yard then after a few minutes I put the camera down and my wife picked it up and we changed roles and my wife noticed the neighbor and ask if I knew she was watching and I said yes so my wife then decided to call out to her and call her over. Which caught her off guard. Then she asked the neighbor to take a few photographs of us together which I think surprised her with our candid attitude about having nude photographs of us.
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