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Date Posted:07/04/2011 02:24:08Copy HTML

I like the people at this site, including the fella who created it.

The problem I had a couple years back was I was unable to upload any pics anymore. My first 3 went up fine, since then, no more.

The site clearly states "No images more than 5 M" - All mine are less than 3 M. I don't get it.

If that were addressed, and the damn noise that plays everytime a page is changed, this site would be a bit better.

Until then, I'll try back in a year or two...

JM_Runs #1

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/04/2011 04:32:53Copy HTML

Slim - I know nothing about a noise when the page is changed.  Sounds like you have malware or something on your PC. 

I don't know about pic posting problems.  You can only load pictures on your own personal profile page, and you must be logged in correctly.  I suggest you try the main Aimoo help section, there is a big message board just for help for Aimoo system users.  This is just one of the many sites on the Aimoo system.
thongboi73 #2

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/04/2011 04:42:27Copy HTML

 I can confirm a chiming noise when you have mail in your inbox. Once your mail is read it goes away.
JM_Runs #3

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/04/2011 07:41:43Copy HTML

Regarding  "the damn noise that plays everytime a page is changed", I don't get any noises when changing pages.  Nor do I get them when I have mail. I just get a flashing mail icon on the right of the main page. 

Possibly the user has a profile setting for audibly announce mail messages or something, and then has selected to subscribe to a thread so they get email updates every time someone adds a reply to the thread. Are you accessing this through a regular browser like Firefox on a normal computer or through a web-phone or similar?

Ex_Member #4

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/04/2011 09:25:42Copy HTML

 I've just posted a bunch of pictures and can attest to the difficulty.  There are particular shots that fail over and over again.  But I find that if I change something nominal, sometimes the comment, sometimes the filename, and if necessary, sometimes the picture itself, it will then go through first time no problem.  Sometimes I'll crop just a few pixels off one side or another, and that does the trick.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/04/2011 10:56:38Copy HTML

Good point, file names that are valid in your computer operating system may not be valid on the Aimoo servers.  Also some uploading scripts have a real problem with files deeply nested in a directory structure or from fake share points.  Both Windows and the MAC OS now allow you to commit all sorts of sins, but only on your own computer.

I suggest renaming files to simple names without funny symbols in them, and NO periods or comers.  Then putting in a sub directory off the root of your drive C:\uploads\  or G:\pics\ 
By using a clean file name that is close to the root of the drive you are less likely to have upload errors.

"My Pictures" or "My Documents" in windows is NOT a drive and not near the root of your disk drive.  Make a new directory off the root of a drive, or use a USB stick.

You may also want to set your computer operating system so that when exploring your computer it shows file name extensions. 

If your browser thinks you are uploading C:\uploads\picture1 and the real name is C:\uploads\picture1.jpg it may well fail.  So try setting your operating system so that it does not hide file extensions. 

Sometimes I see people with file names like picture1.jpg.png but the png is hidden because their computer operating system is set to hide file extentions, so they think they are uploading picture1.jpg and in reality they are attempting to upload a .png file.

Slim2Magnolia #6

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/07/2011 10:09:42Copy HTML

Sorry for calling it a "damn noise", I meant "god damn chime" - Anyway, I renamed pic's, made sure they were jpg's, I did this, I did that, etc. but no luck and I don't have much time to talk about it.

Further, don't pin me as an illiterate pc user either as I have my own website. I know a few things about uploading a picture. My 6 year old can do it.

We all know Aimoo is a joke, with the "pretty" colors, the complex buttons, the navigation issues along with teal backdrop, it reminds me of AOL. Anyway, I'm not messing with it anymore.

I wont miss anything, and certainly wont be missed...

See ya....


JM_Runs #7

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/08/2011 01:46:17Copy HTML

 Sorry for that.  The teal or light blue background was a softening of look from the orignal green which was adopted because the prior board from which it took over was dark green.  The colors, along with the sunny yellow were meant to remind you of the beach, and yet still leave the black text readable and clear.  There are very few colors that work well behind black type, that's why most message boards are just black on white.
I was not attempting to paint you as an illiterate pc user.  Just attempting to offer general suggestions to your rather unspecific problems. 

True, Aimoo has all sorts of programing errors and problems.  I experience many of them because the board management tools are often just broken or work in counter intuitive ways.
I still don't know what chime you are talking off.  I use Firefox on a windows PC, and have also checked out the site with IE, but do not get the chime you are talking about.

Sorry if you can't get your profile pics sorted.  It is only in the last few years, since Aimoo tried to make their services more "social networking", that user profiles have allowed pictures. Possibly your profile record has become corrupt. Maybe Aimoo help can fix that or you can just start a new profile.  I don't manage user profiles at all and cannot help you fix one if it has problems.

That said, this site is not really about pictures but words.  That may be deliriously old fashioned in this day and age of internet 2.0.  We don't have images in posts, nor avitars on posts. There are plenty of sites where people showoff on the internet, this is not one of them. On these other sites people post all sorts of pictures, sometimes pictures that are not even theirs. If posting elsewhere you can post a link in the approprate section for links to thong pictures.

 One way we keep it real, on this site, is by making people type something that makes sense.  It is difficult to plagiarize an approprate response in a thread, so mostly what people type is at least their own words, even if they are telling a tall tale. 

Sorry to see you go. All the best, good luck with your thing on the Gulf coast.
Sunson #8

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:12/21/2011 03:51:46Copy HTML

 Where could I upload zip or rar file with some nice pictures? of course thongs pictures - no porn.
bikinicouple #9

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:01/18/2012 04:22:52Copy HTML

 Does anyone know how to upload pictures into the blog?  Whenever I try with the 'insert' image prompt, it say's I need to supply the URL.  How do I know what URL to use?  Please help!
jn9195 #10

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:06/12/2012 04:49:40Copy HTML

 I've never heard any noises or sounds when viewing any part of this site.
HermesOrange #11

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:04/10/2013 07:00:13Copy HTML

I Just uploaded a number of photos of relatively same jpeg/pixel size, and some appear large, some appear small.....is there a procedure to ensure consistency of image size in albums?  Thanks... 
rled1982 #12

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:03/26/2014 08:00:16Copy HTML

Seems to be working now - just uploaded a batch of new pics today so I'm guessing it should be the same for others :-)
hotbunz1969 #13

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:03/27/2014 09:42:47Copy HTML

 Hooray!!!!!! At last managed to update my pictures....... Great to have Aimoo working properly again! 
Cheers Paul 

JM_Runs #14

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:09/05/2014 03:30:58Copy HTML

One of the Aimoo Admins has suggested this solution that may help some people who have trouble uploading pictures.

Internet Explorer Users, please ensure you add aimoo.com to your Compatibility list so that you can post or upload images on IE.

See the Tutorial here .

JM_Runs #15

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:05/13/2015 12:54:47Copy HTML

I'm having trouble uploading new photos.
SolarOne #16

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:05/13/2015 07:11:07Copy HTML

 I do believe that is because this forum is currently free. According to the features of a free board here, it's not included to upload files. People need to donate so that feature is back.

See the following thread: http://forum1.aimoo.com/ThongBoard/categroy/Topic-1-2411233.html
JM_Runs #17

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:05/13/2015 07:30:15Copy HTML

 Thanks, SolarOne
Thongmad #18

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:06/17/2015 09:11:49Copy HTML

 Finally got a couple of pics in my profile :)
John Howard #19

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:06/17/2015 11:18:04Copy HTML

 Great photos and gorgeous sheila,  you're in pretty good shape mate, good on ya!
aunaturel #20

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:06/18/2015 12:54:23Copy HTML

 Never heard chimes?  Well I sure hear them, and they're maddeningly loud.  If I have any unread mail, as soon as I hit this site, here they come, quite loud and, in a very short time, really annoying.
Thongmad #21

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:06/19/2015 05:50:26Copy HTML

 Thanks JH,

Not my partner, this was the girl doing the WW shoot on the beach at Byron I mentioned in a post a little while ago. The photographer took it on my iPhone for me after I butt in (pun intended) when walking past! I sent it straight to my wife ;P
Should have got a front on shot of her - she was indeed a hottie!
billthongs #22

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/30/2015 05:23:59Copy HTML

 Hi, after uploading a few pics I cannot add any more, created an album, selected a pic well within the size and hit the upload, the page refreshes and the pic is not in the album, am I doing it wrong???
32189 #23

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:11/27/2015 03:30:47Copy HTML

I am having the same problem trying to upload photos.  It is not working any longer for some reason.  Any ideas?  Seems like something is wrong with the site.  
zonneman #24

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:11/27/2015 06:00:19Copy HTML

I just tried to upload a photo and it failed.Succeeded to create an additional album; however when uploading a photo of about 150 Kb, an Aimoo ad appears:

There is no error message, but the photo has NOT been uploaded.

Aimoo support faq says:
10.Would you please tell me why I cannot upload images from my computer?Sorry that the option is not available for free forum, it 's for Diamond Forums. Please Click here to learn more.
But isn't Thongboard a diamond forum?
JM_Runs #25

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:11/28/2015 05:49:40Copy HTML

Thong board is a Diamond Forum.
Photo upload has always been flaky, especially with larger files.
What works one day does not work the next.
You can upload or post photos in your own profile, but not on this message board.

32189 #26

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:11/30/2015 02:41:42Copy HTML

I have been trying to post in my own profile but it has not been working.  Sounds like the system is fickle so I will try again some other time.  Sounds like that is the best thing at this point.  
thongerinME #27

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:05/28/2016 05:04:54Copy HTML

Is any one else having difficulty uploading photos?
_pinkstring_ #28

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:03/29/2017 08:43:49Copy HTML

Ive been trying to upload a handful of pictures to my profile and it wont upload them. Any clue why????
JM_Runs #29

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:04/05/2017 05:12:36Copy HTML

 Pinkstring, there is a cap on max image volume.  I found this out by trading messages with a user who had many photos posted.  The total is 5MB which you can see your current volume and remaining % available in Control Panel > Manage Images.  With current cameras and cell phones increasing image quality, it also increases image file size.  You could easily use up 20% or more with just one image.  Try reducing the resolution, cropping, or posting a screenshot instead of the actual image. Each worked for me.
Alfresco10 #30

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:04/09/2017 05:14:51Copy HTML

 Thanks, F1N, I have been puzzled as to why my new pics won't post. Now I see that I have used 100% of my allowed space, so I need to make my file size much smaller.    BTW, if you are the first one naked, I can assure you I'll be the second....
Take care, stay (almost) bare,  Al+
CKWonderer #31

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:04/10/2017 02:37:15Copy HTML

 I've been trying for a couple weeks from my iPhone and computer to load some pictures.  I'm only at about 20% usage on space but it won't load any. I click Submit and it churns but does not load.  ???
JM_Runs #32

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/02/2017 07:04:44Copy HTML

If you are having problems uploading photos I don't have an easy answer.

However here are some suggestions.

Try making your images smaller:  Some modern cameras take high res-photos that result in large file sizes. Try compressing the file to a smaller format and size.

Try using a different file type: Some people have better success with jpg and others with png.

Try putting the pictures to be uploaded into a location with a simple file path. Your operating system may allow a file path that is too complex or uses characters that will not work for a web based upload.
If in doubt, put them in the root of a USB stick that is addressed through a local drive letter, for example J:\picture1.jpg

Try a different browser: Some people have better success with Firefox or Chrome. 

Try a different device. Some people report inability to upload from tablets or phones, but the upload works OK from their PC.
DaftPunkThonger #33

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/08/2017 02:10:23Copy HTML

I tried JM's advise with no success.  I eventually gave up and looked for other options.  

I ended up hosting pictures on https://vgy.me/ and using the http option to link them to my Aimoo account.  So far it appears that they allow 3rd party hosting for free.  I initially tried Photobucket, but they charge for this option. It adds a step in the process but at least now I can post some images. 
VegasThong702 #34

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/08/2017 07:00:39Copy HTML

 I've been having the same picture uploading problem.
Animal2 #35

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/10/2017 04:54:53Copy HTML

 The vgy.me 3rd party hosting seems to do the trick. Thanks
csnipwb #36

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/30/2017 04:21:27Copy HTML

I can't get pictures to upload also.
csnipwb #37

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:07/31/2017 09:48:01Copy HTML

I also had to use the 3rd party trick.Thanks for the tip!
navythong #38

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:08/17/2017 06:01:07Copy HTML

Same problem overhere. Trying to upload leads to an error: The error occurred in D:\weboxb\www_aimoo_com\AWSS3.cfc: line 44
Seems something is wrong in the aimoo software.
hunnger #39

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:08/18/2017 05:05:33Copy HTML

This Aimoo platform is seriously out-of-date and lacking in features that modern forum platforms have (e.g. uploads that work, mobile compatibility, a search feature that works, links & images in posts, etc...). It's really time to migrate this board to something newer. I offered to do the migration and hosting but never got a response from the board admin...
Perhaps if enough speak up, something will be done.
Matt37 #40

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:08/21/2017 12:05:08Copy HTML

> I offered to do the migration and hosting but never got a response from the board admin...

Yep, I've offered to host a new board for free, too, with the same result - no reply. I'm not sure what the fascination with this outdated place is, but w/e.
JS115 #41

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:09/22/2017 03:54:51Copy HTML

I also have problems uploading pictures. I can't upload them at ALL.
navythong #42

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:09/22/2017 03:27:07Copy HTML

I sent an email about the upload problem to the Aimoo Help-Forum, and received the following answer:
'I have referred this to Luise, the Aimoo Administrator for you. However, I think it has been happening for awhile. It is OK for some and not others. Maybe it is a Browser issue. I don't know'.

Didn't get any reaction yet from Luise unfortunately....
sprockettooth #43

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:09/22/2017 09:37:11Copy HTML

Navythong: I understand your frustration, believe me.  The answer is to bring the pictures in as an Http. 

VegasThong702 posted how to do it.  I wanted to show my thonged-up bootiy to the board and it worked. Use https://vgy.me/

I ended up hosting pictures on https://vgy.me/ and using the http option to link them to my Aimoo account. 

So far it appears that they allow 3rd party hosting for free.  I initially tried Photobucket, but they charge for this option. It adds a step in the process but at least now I can post some images. 
navythong #44

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:09/24/2017 04:56:38Copy HTML

Hi sprockettooth,

I have read VegasThongs' post, but I just wanted to share my frustration with somebody from Aimoo.
Maybe it's a little bit naive to think they will fix this item.
But the more people complain the more change that something will be done (I guess.....).
It must be some syntax error in their software I think; uploading a picture shoulden't be that difficult to program I think.
Maybe I will use the vgy-trick sometime, if the bug will not be fixed.

MB27 #45

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:02/09/2018 04:00:30Copy HTML

 Unable to update images or load new ones.  Here is the error message.The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error.
Please contact the website administrator. The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes.Error Occurred While Processing RequestThe addMetadata method was not found.Either there are no methods with the specified method name and argument types or the addMetadata method is overloaded with argument types that ColdFusion cannot decipher reliably. ColdFusion found 0 methods that match the provided arguments. If this is a Java object and you verified that the method exists, use the javacast function to reduce ambiguity.
navythong #46

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:02/10/2018 03:36:42Copy HTML

It is rather annoying that such simple function as uploading a picture is not working in 2018.
I give it a try every now and then but without any succes. It's a pity........
JM_Runs #47

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:02/10/2018 04:56:53Copy HTML

MB27 - It appears you were trying to upload a batch of photos, using a java based system.

I would suggest:
(a) Uploading them to a file sharing site first. 
(b) Then provide that link, to your profile, one at a time.
(c) Using a simple browser like Firefox or Chrome on a PC, not trying to upload from a phone.

Keeping it simple like this seems to work for most people.

Further support can be found on the Aimoo help forums.  This is just one of the message boards Aimoo hosts.
krampop1 #48

Re:Problem uploading pictures

Date Posted:05/09/2018 10:58:50Copy HTML

 Any one else have problems uploading pics from a phone ?
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