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islandguy #51

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/26/2015 04:09:53Copy HTML

Last week featured perfect beach weather, and I was fortunate enough to spend every day at Herring Cove Beach.  I set up a bit farther than usual - at the first break in the dunes - so I would have better cell phone reception.

Early in the day I wore a c-string, and then after 2 - 3 pm went nude.  There  were no problems walking from where I was set up towards Long Point - i.e., farther away from the pavilion.  When going to the pavilion I wore a g-string. I usually stopped at the lifeguard stand in front of the pavilion to chat with the guards.  The female lifeguards are very affable.

Women and men wearing thongs, topless women, and nude people seemed scarcer than in recent years, although there was usually at least one of each somewhere on the beach every afternoon.  I did not see any evidence of park rangers patrolling the beach.
sailor250 #52

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/29/2015 01:57:49Copy HTML

 I had the opportunity to go there a few weeks ago and found the same thing.  I was walking up the beach in a thong went about a quarter mile to the left of the first entrance on the beach till I found myself near the walkin entrance from town across the tidal pools/dunes.  I noticed a couple of heterowomen in thongs farther back but then spotted a topless girl about 20 years old without top tanlines and from about 100 ft it looked like a bikini tanline while sitting on a towel with two other clothed guys.  I thought- yes this is a place to go naked!  Well I walked up closer to set up next to them and realized she was wearing a tan tiny bikini.  I thought she'd be a good foil!  Any ranger would go up to her because she looked nude.  I set up my towel stripped to a G string underneath for a while.  I heard her say she didn't have a top  and didn't give a shit if the rangers came by.  They were talking about why a straight girl was hanging out with two gay guys.  After a while I felt the vibe was right and stripped off my suit.  I saw her looking over and smiling.  She turned on her stomach and imped her bare bottom bikini into a thong.When I went for a swim I put on a one sided G string I had because it was a long walk down to the water with low tide.  Later took a walk in the suit and saw a couple of guys in thongs and nude.  Saw one guy walking around in a bikini with the back pulled all the way down tanning his ass.Anyway from about noon to 4 never saw a ranger- maybe they have better things to do now!  No one will be shocked to see nudes there!
islandguy #53

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:05/26/2016 11:11:41Copy HTML

Summer burst upon New England this week.  I was able to get away to Cape Cod for a few days: Wednesday - Friday.  I spent the first parts of the past two days at the nude beach between Ballston and Longnook beaches in Truro. Both days there were 5 - 10 single men and 2-3 m/f couples.  There was hardly anyone at the regular beaches, so there was no problem wearing a snug net g-string from the parking lot to the nude section.  I received one compliment from a gentleman in the parking lot; otherwise, nothing positive or negative.  The beach is open to non-residents until the third Saturday in June.

In the afternoons, I went to Herring Cove Beach and set up between the pavilion and the pathway leading from the far end of the parking lot on the left of the pavilion.  The first day I wore the teardrop, net g-string that I recently wore all week on Orient Beach in St. Martin.  The second day, I wore a c-string at first, then went nude.  No lifeguards or Park Rangers are around yet, so there was no one to complain to if anyone were of a mind to complain. There were only about 20 - 30 people on the beach to the left of the pavilion.  I had no problems either day walking a half an hour towards Long Point or going to the pavilion.  On Thursday, the workers at the snack bar were preparing to re-open for the season.  They didn't seem to mind that I wasn't wearing anything when I walked by to use the restroom.

I'm staying at the Four Points Sheraton in Eastham.  The outdoor pool is not open yet, but the indoor pool is open until 10 pm.  After supper, I spent some time there in an opaque g-string.  My room is on the first floor facing the pool, so I stepped out of the room wearing only my swimsuit.  There are mostly retirees staying at the hotel, although there is one family with a school-age son and daughter.  No comments from anyone. No worries because the hotel manager told me a couple of years ago that thongs are allowed at the pools.

One more day until I have to return home.  I'm hoping for more of the same!

NtoN #54

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:05/28/2016 01:19:25Copy HTML

Thanks for the report island guy. I was able to visit the nude beach in Truro briefly (much too briefly) late last summer. It was a sensual buzz. I am hoping to get there before the parking restrictions take effect in June. Later in the summer I'm planning on doing some thonging at Herring Cove.
Keep up the reports. By the way, was the water temperature tolerable ?
islandguy #55

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:05/28/2016 03:22:29Copy HTML

I spent Friday nude at Herring Cove Beach.  I set up about half way between the pavilion and the leftmost entrance from the parking lot.  There were very few people on the beach even though it was like a mid-summer day.  After a while, a young woman by herself set up about 50 feet from me and proceeded to go topless.  We had a nice conversation about the benefits and joys of nudity, but she was unwilling to go skinny-dipping with me.  In fact, she put her top on to go for a swim!  It seemed silly to me, but she had a certain personal comfort level, which I, of course, respected.

The water was tolerable for about one minute.  She lasted a few seconds longer than I did. She said that she might go nude another day - and farther down the beach away from the pavilion and parking lot.  If I run into her again this summer, I'll see if she's ready to follow through.

There was more activity at the pavilion than the day before, as not only were the snack bar people getting ready for the season, but some National Seashore personnel were doing various things.  Upon seeing the folks in their uniforms, I put my c-string into place.  By mid-afternoon they were gone, so I was again able to stay nude all the way to the restroom.  I doubt that I'll be able to go nude at the pavilion again this summer - once the official season begins on Memorial Day weekend.  But it was cool to be able to do it for a couple of days.
islandguy #56

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/16/2016 08:09:17Copy HTML

Yesterday was a beautiful day with temps well into the 70s F and hardly any breeze.  Amazingly, there were only about 25-35 people (all adults) on the beach to the left of the pavilion as far as the eye could see (to where the shoreline curves away from the ocean).  I had expected many more.  I set up about 200 yards to the left of the far left entrance from the parking lot and spent the entire afternoon nude.

About 20 minutes walk further down towards Long Point there were about a dozen nude men in the usual gay nude section.  However, except for one very attractive topless woman (whom I complimented on her tan when I passed by), there was no one else nude or in skimpy swimwear in the area near the parking lot.  But no one seemed to care.  Not only did I walk nude for 20 minutes in the direction of Long Point, but I also walked nude to the pavilion - twice.  On one walk, a woman walking her dog stopped to chat, and a couple of men said hi as I passed.  Lifeguards aren't on duty yet, the snack bar wasn't open, and there were no signs of park rangers.  It was really pleasant.  Too bad it's not like this all the time - and at every beach:  people tolerant of each other's swimwear choices, and the authorities letting it be.
islandguy #57

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/05/2016 06:53:49Copy HTML

On Sunday I spent the afternoon in an American flag narrow-front g-string in honor of Independence Day.  I set up a few hundred yards to the left of the far left entrance from the parking lot.  The tide was high, so there was not much dry sand available.

Besides the expected cheeky bikinis on young women, there were two women wearing thongs -- one with her boyfriend, and the other with a group of three guys.  Many of the men wore square cuts or briefs, and most of the board shorts didn't extend down to the knees.

I walked the beach for 20 minutes towards Long Point and I walked to the pavilion twice.  Not much attention was paid to me by the lifeguards or by anyone else.  There were no park rangers patrolling anywhere on the beach.
islandguy #58

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/07/2016 05:28:33Copy HTML

With the July 4th weekend crowds gone and high tides in the middle of the day, it was back to nude sunning, swimming, and walking this week.  There's not much dry sand for several hours around high tide, so there's little chance that park rangers will come by on their ATVs.  When walking towards Long Point (i.e., in the opposite direction of the pavilion), I carried a c-string for a quick cover-up if necessary, but I never had to use it.

I set up 300-400 yards to the left of the far left path from the parking lot and spent the days nude except when walking all the way to the pavilion.  For that, I wore a red c-string.  The lifeguards didn't mind my swimsuit, nor did anyone else apparently, including families with kids set up in front of the pavilion.

Sad to report, but I did not see any others nude and only a couple of women in thongs.  Due to the heat and humidity, my walks never took me as far as the traditional gay nude section, so I can't say what the situation there was.
sailor250 #59

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/10/2016 11:54:23Copy HTML

 Yeah I also got to go out to Cape Cod for a beach day to Herring Cove this last week.  I arrived about 11 am and walked out from the parking lot in a thong bikini turned left and after about 100yd stripped down to a c ring on G string with a semi sheer baggie .  I walked down to where people walk over the dunes from town where there begin to be nude hetero beachgoers but there were only guys in suits, went further about 400 yards and saw a few nude guys.  I set up there for a while, pulled off my baggie and sunned. Within about 30 min at least 20 other guys showed up and stripped nude.  After I knew I wouldn't find any women settling there I walked back about 500 yds and saw a guy laying face down nude with shorts tanline and beside him a fit female nude with bikini tanlines..  I set up just beyond them.  They seemed oblivious didn't watch for rangers at all. I thought wow they must know they're not going to be bothered. I changed into a  mesh missile baggie and shoulder strap.  I talked to them after a while and it was their first time there.  They heard from someone that was the nude section and said they'd chance it.  Turns out they were nude for about 6 hr with no problem...they didn't even bring suits. She said she liked my suit- covered but still naked she said.  Hundreds walked by without staring .  Even a German family with two 10 and 12 year old boys walked by without even noticing.  I saw about 3 other guys in thongs and about3 topless women also.  The high tide in the afternoon resulted in a thin strip of sand people nearly stepping over the nude couple.  Saw some guys on boats show up and strip off nude.Maybe the rangers are giving it a rest this year?
islandguy #60

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/15/2016 05:43:25Copy HTML

This week I was able to get away for a couple of days on the Cape.  Low tide was in early afternoon, so there was plenty of dry sand during most of the day.  I decided to walk farther down the beach than my usual few hundred yards so I'd have warning in case ranger patrols appeared..  I walked for about 6-7 minutes - to just past the log sticking out of the dunes towards the ocean.  No ranger patrols ever materialized.

I spent all day nude sunning and walking farther down the beach - except when I went to the pavilion.  Going to the pavilion I wore a red c-string without any problems.  It's legal, so I was completely comfortable in it.  Two different men actually complimented me on wearing it.

One day there was an attractive young woman wearing a black thong bikini lying by herself right at the end of the path from the parking lot.  I told her how great she looked, and she was thrilled.  Otherwise, there were only a few cheeky suits on the women in that area.  Just past my spot there were three single nude men, one man in a thong, and a naked m/f couple.  Another ten-minute walk down the beach to the gay nude section saw at least two dozen nude men.  One day, smack in the middle of them was a nude m/f couple.

I noticed that there has not been a NUDITY PROHIBITED sign on the ranger booth at the entrance, as there had been in recent years.  I'm not sure whether policy has changed or if signs and patrols are utilized only when there are complaints.  Perhaps there haven't been any complaints yet this season.  This could be due to the limited parking on the right side of the pavilion.  That's where straight families generally go.  They are probably the ones who would complain about seeing naked men when they take walks far enough on the gay side.  Construction activities have greatly reduced the parking on the right.  Perhaps people who would normally go there are going to other beaches this year.

In any event, if you park to the left of the pavilion and take the path at the far end of the parking lot, walking less than ten minutes will get you to an area with plenty of space where you can be comfortably nude all day, based on my observations and experiences so far this summer.  Also, there's no reason to be shy about wearing a thong, g-string, or c-string anywhere on the beach and at the pavilion.  You might be the only one, but those styles are acceptable.  I haven't heard any negative comments, and you never know if you might inspire someone else to try a similar swimsuit at some point in the future.
islandguy #61

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/29/2016 08:12:26Copy HTML

Again this past week I spent a few days on Cape Cod.  Walking a little over 5 minutes to the left from the leftmost end of the parking lot gets to an area with plenty of space between neighbors.  I spent all day nude - sunning, swimming, and walking farther to the left.  Park rangers never made an appearance on the beach.  In fact, I haven’t seen any rangers on the beach all year.

When going to the pavilion I wore a red c-string.  I had an interesting experience one day.  When I came out of the men’s room there was a park ranger who asked to speak with me because he said that I wasn’t wearing a bathing suit, and he informed me that the “interview” was being audio- and video-recorded on a body camera.   I politely told him that I had spoken with two rangers on the beach last year who said that what I was wearing was OK because it covers the genitals and rectal area.  I said that I just wanted to get a good tan and didn’t want to cause any trouble.  He asked me to wait while he checked.

After talking to someone on his walkie-talkie he told me that I was correct, and that what I was wearing was fine because it was not see-through.  He apologized, explaining that this is his first season here and saying that he was sorry for detaining me.  I told him it was no problem.  The encounter was very cordial and business-like.  It took no more than two minutes.  The net effect was to make me even more relaxed and confident in wearing a c-string in the pavilion area.  I certainly got great service and big smiles from the young women working at the concession stand!

The only comments I heard from beachgoers were when a little boy pointed me out to his mother who then said, “that’s a silly bathing suit,” an assessment that the kid agreed with.  Otherwise, everyone seemed to take my swimsuit in stride.

As to the swimwear scene in general, besides a number of cheeky women’s bikinis, between the left entrance and where I set up, there were a few women wearing real thong bikinis, a few topless women in pairs, and one or two single men nude each day.  Not too far beyond where I was set up, there were a few instances of a nude man with his boyfriend in a thong as well as the occasional single nude man.  Walking another ten minutes to the gay nude section, there were 20 – 30 nude men each day.

I recall seeing only one woman farther down the beach than where I was set up.  She was with her boyfriend, and I saw them only on one day.  They were set up about 50 yards beyond me, with no one at all close to them.  Both were naked with rich, all-over tans; they appeared to be in their mid-twenties and made a very attractive couple.  She was tall and looked as though she could have been a model.  He was taller and very athletically built. 

Both wore hats and sunglasses, perhaps intended as much to conceal their identities as to provide protection from the sun.  I took a few walks past them (frankly, to ogle her – she was a stunner), but was considerate enough (or timid enough or awed enough) not to bother them.

Altogether it’s been a great summer season so far here.  Nudity is going unchallenged in the traditional areas, and skimpy swimwear doesn’t seem to raise hackles.

I posted a couple of new pictures of me wearing my c-string at the pavilion in the Red C-String album in my Images section.

sailor250 #62

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/21/2016 01:45:20Copy HTML

 Got another chance to spend a couple of days on this beach.  It's fine for thongs anywhere including parking lot.  Down the beach you never know what you'll find- usually good surprises.  It kind of reminds me of some  European beaches- you can wear what you want or not and no one pays any attention.  No ranger hassles out there.Butt one story about that- one day while parking in the lot I saw a ranger SUV pull into a parking spot.  I thought that was odd- they usually just stop somewhere for a few minutes.  As I got out I saw the ranger getting out and walking down the beach path.  I thought Oh great now they're going to walk all the way up the beach and hang out .  Well I was behind him on the path, saw he turned down a dune path behind the beach and thought either he's responding to complaints about activity in the dunes or he's going to sneak up on the beach goers.  Well I walked on the beach, turned left and walked about 100 yard thru the lesbian section when I saw him pop up on the dune behind the beach and start looking around.  I thought - Oh great "tittie patrol" where he's looking for topless lesbian women!  Well as I'm walking along this middle age lesbian couple were setting up about 50 ft from his vantage point and didn't see him there.  One woman strips off her tank top, fiddles and puts on a bikini top, then slips off her shorts, stands there back to the water and then puts on a bikini.  The ranger I thought didn't see this-he's looking the other way- and amazingly without binoculars!  Well then he makes his way down from the bluff walks up the changing lady and they talk for a minute or two then he walks away- I guess warned her! Well then he turns and walks back up the beach to the trail and leaves!!  I guess he met his "nudie" quota!!!  Never saw another all day.
Those going nude are somewhat discreet- don't walk around without a suit, but a few do go down to skinny dip!  Always a few MF couples with her TNT or TNG. One the second day saw a lone hot woman TNT without toptanlines  near where the ranger was surveying the day before..
sailor250 #63

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/21/2016 06:55:48Copy HTML

 The current vibe at this beach and noticing the long lines to get into the parking lot made me wonder why the current park management doesn't just get in line with the rest of the National Seashores and set up a clothing optional stretch of beach.  They could do it in a stretch about 10 min walk north of the parking lot or even north of the parking lot at Head of the Meadow beach and they'd see a big jump on collected fees.  Another angle would be to declare a stretch of beach north of Head of the Meadow as "back country" as some parks do in order to control the number of people- then charge $10 or $15 extra per person up to ??20-100 people per day and not enforce the suits only out there-- hey it's not a public beach anymore!!
islandguy #64

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/23/2016 01:07:16Copy HTML

The last few days here have been great.  I've seen a number of nude men with their topless wives, some topless women by themselves, and the occasional nude woman.  Topless can be anywhere left of the far left entrance from the parking lot.  Nude starts about a 10 minute walk down the beach.   There's also a large gay men's nude section another 10 minutes farther down.

I've seen a couple of men walking the beach in thongs, and a few women in thong bikinis or g-string bikinis walking with their boyfriends - including at the pavilion.  There are plenty of cheeky bikinis on the women and speedos on the men.

I spent most of my time nude.  I put on a g-string or c-string only when walking to the pavilion.  I've chatted amicably with the lifeguards.  No comments about my swimsuits from anyone.  The park rangers have validated their legality, so there are no worries there.

The only ranger sighting on the beach was on Sunday when the lifeguards and then a ranger went on ATVs way down towards the lighthouse to aid someone who had become stuck when trying to cross the marsh behind the dunes at high tide.  Apparently the water was deeper and muckier than he expected!  The lifeguard pulled him out into a kayak.
islandguy #65

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/28/2016 04:08:35Copy HTML

The great beach weather continued this past week.  One day I saw two small groups of young women sunning topless to the right of the far left entrance from the parking lot.  That is between that entrance and the pavilion.  They were actually closer to the lifeguard stand in front of the pavilion than they were to the far left entrance from the parking lot.  At least one in each group was wearing a thong; the others were wearing cheeky bottoms. 

There were families with little kids nearby, but no one seemed to mind.  The women sat up topless, but put tops on before standing up. In the absence of regular ranger patrols, there seem to be more topless sunbathers this year than in recent memory.

I wore a navy blue g-string with a narrow, semi-sheer red pouch on the day when I set up in this area.  Otherwise, I set up about a 7-8 minute walk to the left where I could be nude.  From there, I wore a red c-string on my walks to the pavilion.
steveeagle #66

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:05/18/2017 10:06:19Copy HTML

 Does anybody know if it is legal to thong in Provincetown and, if so, where it is safe to do so?  Visiting next month.  Thanks
tnline #67

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:05/18/2017 01:30:13Copy HTML

 Thongs are legal on the beaches as you can see in this thread it's not a big deal to wear a thong on the beaches on Provincetown as well as nearby Truro beaches
wearsthongs #68

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/31/2017 04:06:50Copy HTML

 Has anyone been to this summer that could report on the vibe?
sailor250 #69

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/01/2017 01:19:24Copy HTML

 Got to go out there a few weeks ago.  The vibe and sections seem to be like they were last year.  But one weekday there must have been 200 guys spread out along the 2 miles I walked and only maybe 4 women up near the parking lot???  The next day there were more women and several hetero couples in the middle section.  Have seen TNB near the lot,  then TNT and further down N without issues - I didn't get any tanlines. Thongs on guys were not plentiful but saw several or many.  On one calm day more boats came in and anchored.
muscleinathong #70

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/02/2017 10:54:54Copy HTML

 I am in Ptown most weekends (and will be there the entire week of Carnival starting 8/11). Thongs are totally fine. I always wear my thong on the beach at the mostly gay c/o section which is way, way left of the parking lot.
jtanguy #71

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/02/2017 03:05:50Copy HTML

I will be in Provincetown August 31st through September 5th (Labor Day week/end) hoping there will be that last good stretch of warm weather to lay out to thong at the beach.
islandguy #72

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/07/2018 07:39:54Copy HTML

This past Independence Day week I spent several days at Herring Cove Beach.  Parking at the far left of the parking lot, I walked about ten minutes farther to the left.  Storms over the winter destroyed several hundred yards of dunes and created a channel to the lagoon behind the remaining dunes.

Some of the newly-flattened dunes are roped off for nesting shore birds.  Starting about 100 yards before the roped-off section, people were sunbathing nude.  This situation prevailed up to the channel, which is dry at low tide but fills to waist-deep during high tide.  The main gay section lies beyond the channel.

Not everyone was nude in the section described, but there were a few single men, m/m couples, and one or two m/f couples each day.  There was plenty of room, so no one was very close to anyone else.  One of the m/f couples that I saw on a couple of days was very attractive – probably in their late twenties, looking as if they could have been some sort of celebrities.  I’m not sure if there was a film festival going on in Provincetown or some other event that might have involved them.  I was tempted to stop and chat, but I sensed that they wanted to be left alone.  They seemed very into each other – perhaps in more than the figurative sense – although they were very discreet.

There were no beach patrols, although around 11:30 a.m. each day, a park employee on an ATV returned from the lighthouse to the pavilion.  She had to get past the channel before it began to fill with water as the tide rolled in.  Either she didn’t notice the nude people or didn’t care.  I suspect that the park rangers with law enforcement powers would not be called upon unless someone complained.  The weather was so hot and humid that few people from the main beach wandered down to this area, and apparently the few who did, did not complain to the lifeguards.

When walking to the pavilion, I wore a patriotic g-string.  I was disappointed that I didn’t get asked to pose with any women (as has happened in previous years), but I didn’t hear any negative comments either.  I chatted with the lifeguards – one male lifeguard is particularly outgoing – and loitered under the pergola at the pavilion to get a respite from the sun.  There were lots of families with kids there, but no one seemed to pay much attention to me.

I saw a few women wearing thong bikinis on the regular beach – one of whom was topfree – and a few men in square cuts, speedos, and the rare thong.  Bare breasts are not legal, but OK unless someone complains.  In the past I have seen more topfree women than this year.  I’ll be curious to see if things loosen up as the summer progresses.
sailor250 #73

Re:Provincetown - Herring Cove - At the end of the Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/18/2018 02:59:05Copy HTML

Got opportunities to get over to Herring Cove a few times this summer while in the area. The landscape has changed with the flattened dunes. In the "hetero nude section" that's meant that the beach is open to the tidal salt marsh behind the beach now. I think it might have helped with the green fly issues. The first section 10 min walk to the left of the parking lot where hetero nude use was last year has been hit or miss for nude use this year. Some days I'd be the only nudie or minimal swimwearer there. The first day I arrived in a small G string walked out from the parking lot and shortly people started showing up. Two guys and a girl arrive and put down their stuff. They're in shorts, she's in a "nude" color OPT. I looked over about 5 min later and she's wading in the calm water and I thought- wait where's her suit?- well she went nude the rest of the time. Her "mates" - seemed to be platonic friends later at her encouragement dropped their suits too. One day about 3 hours before high tide I was going to walk further south past the new cut- where the high tide floods. I had been wearing an exposure suit or nothing through that area when I look up and standing beside the tidal stream which you ford was a lady in a ranger outfit- with smokey hat. I tucked myself back in my suit before she saw me but she was there asking everyone "you know about the high tide?" I think she was a naturalist or civilian staff not LEO. Apparently some people forded the little stream then when the tide came in further it was chest deep and they were "stranded" and called for "help" Over several other days I didn't see her out there. So one day I went further across the stream to the gay nude section where about 90 percent of the guys were nude. Here comes 3 guys and a girl in a bikini. She's well tanned and had a nice bod. Well they set down near me and she dropped her suit and went nude the whole day and none of the other guys followed. She had no tanlines so this wasn't her first time. Of the guys out there I was in the minority with no tanlines. Only a few thong tanlines- mostly bikini tanlines. A few boaters come in and anchor- some go nude some don't When back closer to the lot I'd wear a tan thru G string or exposure suit. Overall the beach is about 85% guys and fewer women the farther to the left. There are relatively few lesbian couples or groups this year??? There weren't ranger patrols during the day but in mornings with low tide some girls ?researchers would ride ATV's down and back to Long Point- but only when the stream of water wasn't there. I don't think they minded the nudies.
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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