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Date Posted:07/03/2013 02:05:55Copy HTML

I know there is a thread of resorts in the Dominican Republic has been covered but I haven't seen a thread covering public beaches in the Dominican Republic. Any good public beaches in the Dominican Republic you guys can recommend for thongers?
erik3000 #1

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:07/10/2013 12:38:13Copy HTML

 No way, no how. The dominicans  at public beaches don't expect to see a topless or a thong even in women is just not appropriate you will feel uncomfortable unless you want to all eyes in your direction. but every rule has an exception in Samana for example (north cost) there is a beach that is more than 10 miles long deserted and I have a girlfriend that use to go there to sunbath nude with his husband and some couples, they just take a scooter taxi give him a couple pesos and tell him at what time to pick them up in the afternoon. 
Also there is a beach Sosua (north cost) that it is public and I had seen some thongs a minority but every time that I go there I see about 2 girls from overseas in a thong. The Riu beach in Puerto Plata also is nice because is private (in the middle of 2 mountains) and great for thong because only hotel guest has access to it and are mainly europeans. I always see at lest one male wearing a thong there, I remember my last time one old guy was with a T g-string. I was on a church seminar over the weekend and was quite fun also the night all inclusive is around 80 per room so is quite cheap for a vacation if you are on budget.
The Cabarete beach (north cost) Im sure that you can wear a thong there without problem, that is a public beach that is the capital of the windsurf and has big waves and loots of kite surfers and full of young and sexy bodies very trendy and lots of bars and nightlife. 
In Santo Domingo there is Boca Chica that it is a public beach mixed with some All Inclusive not to much in my taste but for about 2 USD you can get an umbrella and I have seen some thongs during the week that it is isolated.
For the locals we prefer to go to an all inclusive to go topless or wear a thong also most of the tourist do it inside the resorts they dont go outside to exhibit their bodies.
About punta cana the tourists years ago used to go to the resorts and walk outside the property (in the middle) and skinny dip and sunbath nude but every year more and more resorts has been built that now is one resort next to the other and the sharm that has the island about 20 years ago has gone. The first time that I went there they were only a few resorts and you can walk miles of virgin beaches without seen a soul or maybe a fisherman & a boat. Right now there is only a few of them that are isolated form the rest secrets and sirenis to name a few.    
Novice, thanks for the invitation I hope that my contribution pleased you if you or any one else has a question I will try to answer. 
Ex_Member #2

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:07/10/2013 02:56:47Copy HTML

This is very informative and very helpful thank you Erik. My only doubt would be, what about beaches in the Southern region and coast of the Dominican Republic, I know it is not as touristic as the Eastern or Northern coasts but the South has some good beaches (so I've been told by my family that are Dominican) and I would like your review on them.
DavyJ #3

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:07/26/2013 12:22:05Copy HTML

I have been to several of the resorts in Punta Cana and always walk the beach in just my g-string.  Erik is right, much of the time its just one resort after another, but the are numerous open sections without resorts where there will often be local people swimming.  I am not sure if these areas are considered "public beaches" or not, but it seems that anytime there is even a small break between resorts, there is a path back to the road, and local people there.  

Anyway, I have walked through these areas many times, and while you may get more stares and reactions there than when walking by another resort, I have never felt anyone was disapproving, and certainly never hostile.  Maybe it would be different if it were a large "public beach" I can't say, but my experience is that the local people are always very nice and welcoming to tourists and don't really care what they do or don't wear.
thongerman #4

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:08/08/2013 04:15:32Copy HTML

 A word of advice to all of you guys thst walk the beach of punta cana ignore the locals as much as you can,they ara vevy homophobic and think because you wear a thong or g string you are gay. One time i walked past a resort worker and he said why do you walk like that ,i was wearing a g string.Another time i went up to a beach bar at occcidental flamingo and the bar tender told me to punt my pants on.if you give them the chance they will be very judgeamental.I found the Dominican women to be more accepting.One time i was laying out and a lady dressed in tribal garb came up to take a picture with me for me to buy later,she said where is your wife which is more acceptable than the garbage that comes out of the Dominican men.Another time i went up to a bar at one of the Princess resorts for drinks and the Woman there smiled and never said a word.The men will even change the subject of the conversation to what you are wearing.I think next time i walk the beach i will give anyone that is rude the finger and just smile back.In closure I think everyone in to small swimwear should wear with confidence and not give a care as to what small minded and short sighted people might think.A thong or g string is a legitimate swimsuit and some people have imaginations that run wild on them,I think its a sign of insecurity.Reactions from other tourists have been on the whole much more tolerable.One time some Canadian spring breakers took pictures with me and there was not a single bad comment most thought it was awsome
DavyJ #5

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:08/12/2013 04:11:31Copy HTML

Wow, thongerman, maybe I have just been lucky as my experiences are completely different and I have never had any problem with the locals.  But it probably means that attitudes and reactions will vary widely depending on many random factors, so you never really know just what to expect.
Ex_Member #6

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:03/20/2014 10:43:20Copy HTML

I am in the Dominican Republic right now until tomorrow, had to take an emergency trip because of personal issues. I recently got my new MS suits and I was so pleased with the suits I got I decided to receive Spring time by going to the beach and thong.
I noticed that most beaches if not all have just a few people on weekdays, luckily today is Thursday and not many locals at Dominican beaches. So I dicieded to go to Juan Dolio Beach since its much more safer than Boca Chica Beach and much more bigger. At first I was wearing some trunks when I entered the beach, and I noticed from a distance two women topless in thongs, I thought to myself this is my chance to thong with women.I sat near them and took of my trunks revealing my orange MS thong I oiled up and walked to these to beautiful topless women in thongs and asked them if I can join them since I was alone (and it was true I was alone) they looked at each other and spoke in a language I didn't understand and one of them said yes you can.I sat with them and started to talk with the one who knew a little bit of English and asked her where are they from, and she responded that she and her friend are from the Czech Republic. They started talking in Czech and I identified the word prostitute, I immediately and nervously interrupted them and told them that I wasn't a prostitute and that I'm a normal guy who want's company since I'm alone, the one who knows English told the other one and they laughed. We spend and hour together until they left to their hotel Talanquera Beach Resort which was a few steps away from where we were sitting.I stayed on the same spot and from a distance I noticed a group of locals looking my way, and a lot, they were all women and they were using their cellphones my way quit a lot. I felt uncomfortable and wrapped up in my towel picked up my stuff and walked the beach. I then sat near the same hotel but on the other side, there I had lunch and laid under some tree's shadow until I didn't feel so full. As I laid there a lot of local merchants passed by and double and even triple takes at my way but not one word, they all grouped together to have lunch and all I can hear one of them say is "He must be a tourist" but non went up to me or said anything to me. I then moved closer to the shore and exposed to the sun, I tanned and swam multiple times here. By this time the merchants that where still there still were looking my way but I didn't mind since they are harmless and won't offend "tourists". During my multiple sessions of tanning and swimming, a lot of people crossed by me and just looked, no words nor bad comments. When they noticed I look back they'll look away. Most, if not all, were tourists from different countries and some even seemed used to it. It was a wonderful, amazing, awesome, brave and thonging day for me and I enjoined myself very much.
I would say that regarding Dominican public beaches, you will receive less negativity, if not non whatsoever if you are thonging on weekdays on beaches since locals rarely go to the beach on weekdays and mostly vacationing tourist will see you but these tourists are mostly from European countries and Canada where men in thongs are not a big deal for them.

Just my two cents, happy thonging in Dominican beaches everyone.
mrever_ready #7

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:03/24/2014 09:08:22Copy HTML

I love the Dominican, it's our country of choice to vacation in.   But do not kid yourself, the locals only put up with us gringos because they see dollar signs.    They know it and I know it.    It seems the women are more accepting of us gringos than the men are.    I'm still looking for Nervana where we are all accepting of each other.
DavyJ #8

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:01/16/2015 05:17:10Copy HTML

 Well said, mrever!  I will be in the Dominican republic this spring, after an absence of several years, and I don't intend to wear anything more than my g-string, including swimming and beach walking.  We'll see how it goes.  I certainly won't go out of my way to see how many locals I can find, but there usually are plenty around.
JM_Runs #9

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:06/22/2016 09:58:08Copy HTML

Once again went to Juan Dolio Beach in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I went today, a Wednesday, where the beach was almost completely to myself, only three beach goers (I think they were tourists) pass me by and several beach vendors (all Dominican) walking down the beach.This experience was very freeing, the few people that passed me by did get a good look since every time some one passed I was sunning in the shoreline with my butt side exposed. I lol inside every time people passed by with there eyes wide open surprised to see me in my tiny thong.In one occasion at noon the beach was so deserted that I was all alone so I decided to swim nude. I had no problems cause no one was around.
I used today my MS Poser thonger with 3/8 straps color Mallard. I was going to go neon lime or orange but I wanted to use a thong I haven't used to the beach yet so I chose this one.
I was an amazing experience, very freeing and liberating and on top of that welcoming summer like no other way.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Public Beaches - Dominican Republic

Date Posted:08/02/2016 08:53:33Copy HTML

Once again went to Juan Dolio Beach in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I went today, a Tuesday, where the beach was almost completely to myself, several beach goers passed me by and several beach vendors (all Dominican) walking down the beach.One of the beach goers that passed my by had a phone in hand, I spotted it from far away and I was in the water. I couldn't tell if they wanted to take a picture of me or they were just filming themselves with a selfie stick as they walked the shoreline. Any who I doubt they cough my back side and in the water you kind of couldn't tell I was wearing a thong and even less if it was in a picture.This time I used my MS Poser thong with 3/8 straps color Purple. I was going to go neon lime or orange but once again I wanted to use a thong I haven't used to the beach yet so I chose this one.
Like I've reviewed before Dominican beaches from Mondays-Thursdays are the best if you want the beach to yourself, barely any locals and just a few tourists who will pass by without saying anything.Be aware that if you do decide to go to a public Dominican beach on a weekend you should be prepared, locals from all social groups go to the beach and you will most definitely find a group that will give you hell. If you have the confidence level god and don't mind that then you're good.
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