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Date Posted:01/27/2004 03:31:26Copy HTML

Can anybody tell me the laws concerning thongs or g-strings? I may have a quick business trip to San Juan, and would like to pack "light" for the beach. Where's the best place to hang out?Monte
josht #1

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:07/08/2004 11:11:48Copy HTML

Reply to : 1Monte

Can anybody tell me the laws concerning thongs or g-strings? I may have a quick business trip to San Juan, and would like to pack "light" for the beach. Where's the best place to hang out?Monte

I just happened to notice this message, and I am sure it's much too late, but, I was in San Juan in December 2001. I was in Condado and wore a g-string on the beach. A good place is by the gay-oriented Atlantic Hotel (I am straight myself), but everywhere seems OK. I got some snickers once from passing kids, but that was it.



clubthongs #2

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:07/09/2004 01:52:38Copy HTML

I was at the El San Juan in January 2003 and, including myslef, there were at least a half dozen men in thongs, mostly men in their 30's and 40's and all fit.  It was perhaps the highest concentration of men in thongs on a beach I have seen in 10 years!
roberto_tores #3

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:07/11/2004 08:43:21Copy HTML


I'm from Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico thongs and g-strings are allowed in all beaches and are more popular than in the states. In spanish most people here call them Gistro (pronounced gistrohh, like when you say ohh).

Almost all young women in the island wear thongs and expose them over their pants, and many men are starting to wear them.
Ex_Member #4

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:10/13/2005 01:11:55Copy HTML

   I've seen a few positive comments about PR, and was hoping to get more info. Any board members who live there (  like roberto_tores? ) or have visited who can offer any tips on good places to visit, good times of year to go, and good places to thong would be great.

   Like for instance: Hows the weather in January or February? I really enjoy the South Beach atmosphere in Miami, ( younger / athletic thongers, and topless ladies ) any place similar there? Will the fact I don't speak spanish be a challenge? Any place that should we should stay away from?


roberto_tores #5

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/06/2006 09:08:10Copy HTML


To answer your questions: In January and Feb. it is pretty cold I recommend you visit from April to October, summer is great in here.

You won't have any language problems. PR is a commonwealth to the US (very similar to a state) the culture is exactly the same as you would see in FL. In PR we speak Spanish and English, documentation is written in both languages. College classes and textbooks are in english and we are ruled by the US goverment. It is so familiar all goverment offices in PR have the PR flag and US flag together.

In summary PR it is just like being on the states but with a tropical climate.

Topless is not allowed in PR :-(

I recommend you stay away from San Juan (metro area) specially at night since it is not a very safe place. The rest of PR is pretty safe and beaches are great.

lizard_king249 #6

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/06/2006 08:22:56Copy HTML

I'm heading to PR today through the weekend. What are the best non-resort beaches and then where am I going to be the most capable of thonging? Is driving in PR safe or similar to the US? I'm debating getting a car. thx
ilets #7

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/07/2007 12:26:26Copy HTML

Can anyone provide an update on PR?  What are the good beaches and other places to visit?  Where is thong-friendly?  Thank you.
JM_Runs #8

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/07/2007 09:39:28Copy HTML

When my wife and I have flown thru San Juan going to and from other Caribbean islands, I have noticed what looks like a beautiful municipal park beach which must be east of downtown.  Don't know its name, but have thought if we were staying in San Juan, it might make a good place to enjoy the day thonging.  Not many people there, from what I could make out from the plane.     
beachfolks #9

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/07/2007 11:27:47Copy HTML

We didn't find anyone thonging in San Juan or at any of the public beaches. On the Southwest coast, we found a nice resort and thonged at the pool, next door at a nearly deserted public beach, and at a little sandbar outer island reached by boat from the resore.
caferacer #10

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:03/26/2007 03:45:29Copy HTML

Hi Beachfolks - What town and resort were you at on the southwest coast if you don't mind my asking?
Any other info on recommended beaches? Can you provide some more info on the sandbar island? We were thinking of taking a trip to Culebra while there but were not sure if a day trip is possible.
Thanks in advance. My girlfriend and I are heading there in April.
bmicro #11

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/29/2008 08:21:27Copy HTML

I am heading down to San Juan for business on Sept 4 and my wife and I will stay for the weekend. We are being put up at the Intercontinental. Is this near a good thonging beach? If not where would we go and how far would we have to travel?

pikeman #12

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:09/12/2008 02:27:37Copy HTML

We stayed in the Condado district and thonged in full view of beach patrol officers. This is a popular gay area and there were numerous couples there, although I didn't see any "string" on them. They definitely appreciated mine though and I had several pleasant conversations up and down the beach.
Highly recommended!
l2bnude2 #13

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:11/09/2008 12:57:14Copy HTML

 Hi all. I'm in Puerto Rico for two weeks. Looking for thonging beaches. Where is the best place to go? Are they still legal? Is week days good or not. Right now I'm down around the airport, actually almost on the runway LOL. Next week going over to old San Juan. Any help would be great. Thanks.
bigswells #14

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/26/2009 12:54:17Copy HTML

Just got back from thonging in pr. No problems at all. A couple of girls actually decided to go topless after i set up for a while. Had a few picures taken and some looks from the tourists but a great time and no worries.
bmicro #15

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:04/26/2009 11:46:22Copy HTML

 Had a business trip to PR so I brought the wife along and stayed a few more days. We stayed at the Intercontinental in the Isla Verde section near San Juan.
The first day my wife and I wore brief bikinis with a rio back. No problem. The next morning I decided to go jogging in an Alphamoda Kalimnos. Went the entire length of the beach and back with very little reaction. I kept it on all day and went to their pool and hot tub with no issues. While there was only one other woman in a thong and no other men, no one appeared to seem like they felt that it was a problem and none of the Hotel staff said anything.
bigswells #16

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:04/28/2009 10:19:58Copy HTML

Isla Verde is a great beach for thonging. Many tourists there but never a problem.
mdskimpyman #17

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/08/2009 08:01:15Copy HTML

Going down to Puerto Rico next week and will be spending one day near the Condado beach and then two days on Vieques Island.  I was wondering if there were any updates about skimpy thonging.  My wife is now fairly comfortable wearing Wicked Weasels if there is not a crowd and it is legal.  I got her a Malibu Strings sparkle sheer for the Vieques stay since I have heard that it can be very secluded on beaches there.  Since the bikini is transparent (especially so when wet) she is concerned that it might be considered "nudity" by any authorities we may encounter.  Any info would be very appreciated.
JM_Runs #18

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/08/2009 09:08:43Copy HTML

I have not been to PR for a while, but my experiences were that while few of the locals wear skimpy suits, and some of the young men may at first say something, the response was a lot more positive than I expected.  Once I showed the young men I was not phased by their shouts a few of them even came over and were friendly.

Just be aware that on most of the islands the beach is the beach and once you are off the beach the dress code changes. Treat with respect the places they treat with respect, and that includes the town square and main streets. If the locals would take a shower and put on clean cloths to go out to a local bar or restaurant in the evening so should you.  

I envy you.  I have not been to Vieques in at least 20 years.  It was very butifull and untrampled back then.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:12/02/2009 06:07:35Copy HTML

I was in puerto rico from late april to early may this year my wife and i stayed at the holiday inn resort in Isle Verde. We did not know the rules for swimwear so the first day my wife wore her yello NVR rio bottom and i put on my trunks. We walked the beach and saw only one thong but like 20 skimpy rios, Isle Verde is not the beach to thong on so we went back to our hotel. We got back and decided to go to the  pool, every guy was wearing a speedo and there were a few girls younger about our age 24-25 in thongs one was even wearing a sheer g-string and top. I was impressed. The next day i wore my skinz bikini and my wife wore her malibu strings thong to the beach and much to our suprise there were at least 10 girls in thongs and a few topless. We also tried out Cobo Roho very secluded and about a 2 hour drive but well worth it my wife walked the whole beach topless in a thong and nobody cared in fact a couple of locals joined her and i topless and started a conversation. Great place.
derock #20

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:12/06/2009 10:14:16Copy HTML

was thinking of going to PR in February but saw it is cold.  How cold?
JM_Runs #21

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:12/07/2009 07:20:29Copy HTML


JM_Runs #22

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:12/08/2009 12:23:58Copy HTML

Nice that you linked to a google map. That will help others find it.

I was in PR a few years ago and after completing my job in the city I went and spent a couple of days out around there.

I thonged at the large public beach that is about 1/2 mile to the west or your location. Ran down the beach in a thong a couple of times. Got to get some running in. Thought a group of the local boys who were hanging around down by the concession stands would be hostile but actually they cheered me on.

beachboi65 #23

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:12/19/2009 01:39:10Copy HTML

 Suggested great beach area that is thong friendly - see the Google map links

My first choice - great beach and water with waves that won't fully take your thong or g-string off, quiet so thong and g-string comfortable and there is a road access nearby. I have thonged and stringed here often with no problems and more often than no are joined by a few others.  Never been hassled by anyone.


Second area - a bit closer to the public beach but less desirable as well the water is not as clear


3rd option - Condado area beaches

pff61 #24

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/25/2010 02:07:11Copy HTML

will be in San Juan feb 5th to the 10th staying at the Marriott with my wife is it OK to wear a thong at the hotel pool, will it be out of place. also what about the beach by the hotel I have heard it is more commen by the Atlantic hotel.  
derock #25

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/26/2010 04:53:57Copy HTML

pff61, I will be going to PR end of Feb.  Would be great if you could update me on good spots for your wife to wear a thong
JM_Runs #26

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/27/2010 04:46:03Copy HTML

pff61 my wife and i visited puerto rico last summer. We stayed at the Holiday Inn resort in San Juan, technacally Isle Verde. My wife wore a thong everyday at the hotel pool and also there was one point where we meant up with another couple and both women went topless. I dont recommend going topless at the hotel pool but thongs are fine. I dont know what some people are talking about when they say no, but she wore a thong around the hotel too and we had drinks brought to us at the pool. The bartender and the lady doing the massage even said it was fine. So hope you have some good luck. Take care
SusanaM #27

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:03/17/2010 03:56:32Copy HTML

@pff61 and @derock  ... any updates on the thong scene and tolerance there in the spots you visited?
pikeman #28

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:04/11/2010 06:45:48Copy HTML

 Spent time on the beach at Condado two years ago and wore a fairly transparent when wet rio-back bikini with no issues. There were a number of women in no more than g-strings in view of beach cops without incident. Very gay-friendly area, lots of young men and women, highly recommended. I'd wear a thong for sure when I return.
Cuerpo_del_delito #29

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:04/29/2010 07:46:42Copy HTML

Rule of thumb: The more crowded a beach is , the less thong friendly it is. That's because it fills up with wisecracking men with beer bellies and their friends and family. In Condado is is Ok to thong even though its not common nowadays. You can also thong at less crowded beach such as those outside San Juan such as Playa Colorá in Fajardo or the different beaches at the Guanica Dry Forest area.
gocal #30

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/24/2010 04:05:05Copy HTML

 Has anyone been to Vieques?  Was it a good experience?
beachboi65 #31

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/04/2011 10:13:46Copy HTML

 Enjoyed another great week with my wife in the Luquillo beach area ( at the beach cove to the east of Luquillo public beach area) and had no problems with my Dore thing or Koala G-strings which are very small.  We were on the beach early and a number of people came and sat close to us so they apparently did not have a problem with my exposure, so to speak.

Yesterday afternoon there were a bunch of college students in small bikinis ( about 50/50 guys and girls)  The guys were all riding the waves without their swimwear to the girls enjoyment. They put them back on before coming ashore. 

bigswells #32

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/18/2011 06:49:48Copy HTML

Puerto Rico is a great place to get out in the thong. Been to many beaches all over the islandd and always felt comfortable. Most recently had numerous people set up right next to me and just enjoyed the best. Great place to thong, headed back in a few weeks.
beachboi65 #33

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:12/20/2011 10:12:45Copy HTML

 Any recent activity as to thonging reports.  Weather is getting cold in the states - time to head south to where the water is warm and the margaritas are cold.  Hope to see some of you in PR wearing your thongs and strings.

Happy holidays and be safe.

bigswells #34

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/03/2012 02:21:58Copy HTML

Just got back from a quick trip. As always wore my gstring and had a great time. Had a few topless women in thongs setup near me for some great scenery.
beachboi65 #35

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/14/2012 12:52:35Copy HTML

 Bigswells - which beach area were you at.
JM_Runs #36

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/21/2012 09:21:19Copy HTML

 Any info on beaches and hotels that are thong friendly in Puerto Rico would be nice. We will be
going there on a trip in June.
JM_Runs #37

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:05/21/2012 08:35:28Copy HTML

 Just returned from a week in Puerto Rico. We stayed at the Grand Melina Golf Resort on the northeast side of the island. Absolutely beautiful with lots of beach and a beautiful pool. I liked Puerto Rico compared to say Jamaica because you could walk the coast past your resort a it was very safe. I wore my thong everyday there. They did have signs up at the pool that said "no topless". I will definitely go back. : )
beachboi65 #38

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:11/22/2012 02:18:09Copy HTML

 Any updates and recommendations for this winter in Puerto Rico. I hear the Atlantic Beach Club in Condado is now renovated and as we know a common thong friendly beach area.
JM_Runs #39

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:11/23/2012 05:32:11Copy HTML

 I was toying with taking advantage of some cheap airfare to Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, and regrettably passed on it.
In the process of doing some research I found Puerto Rico's Culebra island and its beaches. One is rated in the top 10 world wide - for what ever that is worth. I was in another top ten beach on the St Thomas US Virgin islands late last year and  have to say, top ten ratings  are pretty subjective. At any rate, utilize a campground off the beach on Culebra island, which would make for a very inexpensive trip if one was so inclined. There is also something to be said for strapping on a thong and walking from one's tent to the beach, with very little else to encumber you. Culebra island is off the east coast of Puerto Rico and could take some time to get to, by public transportation and ferry - if you wanted to control costs. Alternatively one can fly to it. Once on the island, walking looks possible, but I understand you can also rent a bike or get local public transport.
Personally, I know very few words of Spanish and this was one aspect of the trip, I wouldn't look forward to.
I'd appreciate others experience with communicating down there with only English...
OS777 #40

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:11/23/2012 03:58:52Copy HTML

Which island was used by the USA government for bombing?  Has that area been cleared of unexploded munitions?
JM_Runs #41

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:11/23/2012 04:07:24Copy HTML

No - It was the East and West ends of the island called Vieques that was used by the US military.  (There is a small town in the middle).

Culebra is quite a few miles to the North of that, and never a target range.

beachboi65 #42

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/09/2013 12:23:09Copy HTML

 I am heading to Puerto Rico for the next month - already have 4 new Dore suits that i will be wearing.
buckoff #43

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/12/2013 02:03:29Copy HTML

 just came home from puerto rico but I was on the west side near rincon and my wife wore thongs and brazilian style bikinis and we had no trouble. It is very surfer oriented there so lots of women in smaller bikinis but not many others in thongs
JM_Runs #44

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/12/2013 02:19:48Copy HTML

 Buck off, I'm familiar with Rincon. Vacationed there a few years ago. Nice! Quiet to. I was not into thongs then but did spend a week in a speedo. Stayed in a small boutique hotel, Rincon Beach something. Great for swimming. 
JM_Runs #45

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/12/2013 04:49:41Copy HTML

 And to beachboi and jm_runs.... I spent 10 days on Vieques. Beautiful beaches. Nice quiet place. Not lots of tourists either. Two ways you get there.  Fly from SJU on a puddle jumper. At the time I flew on a harrowing flight on Vieques Air Link but spectacular views of PR. Or you can take the ferry from Fardajo.  Ferry takes awhile but rather scenic. Once you take the ferry you still have to taxi or car to where you're staying.
I rented a jeep my entire time I was there and toured the island.
Sun Bay... You gotta go. And it has one of two or three of the worlds only phosphorescent bays. Go at night and see the water glow! 
Been to San Jaun so many times I could give a guided tour so I only use it as a jumping off point. Speedos and thongs are cool at everyplace I've been there.
JM_Runs #46

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/12/2013 09:03:47Copy HTML

I went to Vierques and Sun Bay a few times while I was there. Puerto Rico is a great place to vacation and I had no problem wearing a thong. I met several women in thongs but no other men. Loved the glowing water at night. I'm heading back again.
JM_Runs #47

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/13/2013 04:48:12Copy HTML

 At this point I don't care. I hate winter and its "relatively" mild here in the south. It could be Vieques, Culebra, San Jaun, Rincon, Ponce.... I don't care just make winter go away. I'm so really for summer.
beachboi65 #48

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/19/2013 11:29:54Copy HTML

 i am here in Luquillo  by the Playa Azul Conds -  wearing my Dore string - no problem. 
beachboi65 #49

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/23/2013 08:28:54Copy HTML

 Well, report for the week - all wonderful. This trip I brought my new Dore minimal suits with me - 2 g-string backs and 2 with the 2" wide rear - all the fronts are the very tiny minimal size with 1 of them the red mesh front small covering - but really see through.  Beach is busy but not too many younger people ( less than 50) as no holidays and breaks this time of year.

Wearing my mesh suit on Monday - figured this was the most revealing and if i was to have any issues this would be the one. Well no problem - evn the beach patrol guys just rode right on by in their 4 wheeler. Gave them a smile, hand wave and hola.   Got a smile and hand wave in return.   Today I had the same suit on today - and was standing as they drove by - couple of different police - no problem again. I put on my shirt and walked down to where they stop at the end of the beach  just waiting - said hello and talked with them for about 10 min ( their English is better than my Spanish - sad to say) - apparent some petty thefts have been talking place - cell phones and such. Kidding i said , well I 'beach light'  - one cop replied - Si - you do - smallest suit we have seen.  I asked point blank - any problems wearing what i had on - he said no as long as i am not nude. 

As for other local 'walkers' that saw me - no issues, not even any heckling - guess the younger kids are more accepting of those who what to be different and non-conforming.

Well another day wraps up - time for the Margaritas.  Pics will be coming.

Enjoy and keep on thonging.

beachboi65 #50

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/24/2013 08:30:21Copy HTML

 Well another day wrapping up - today just returned from a hour long relaxation massage on the beach. Earlier in the day i walked over to the cute gal doing the massages - in my Dore red mesh micro g-string - asked when her next opening was - 2pm. Spent the day sunning  in in the suit. 2pm walked over and had the massage - absolutely fantastic.  Before she started i asked if she was ok with me wearing the g-string - no problem. As with all her customers she covers the mid body portion.  After finishing she and i talked a bit - her housemate girl apparently loves seeing guys in thongs and strings - so she had to take a few pictures.

Until tomorrow

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