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JM_Runs #51

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/26/2013 03:44:20Copy HTML

 You doing Vieques or Culebra? Both have some spectacular beaches, perfect for thonging and few people.
beachboi65 #52

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/27/2013 02:38:24Copy HTML

 I will not have time to head to Culebra this trip but yes indeed nice beaches - been there many times - take hte high spped ferry form Fajardo.

Actually i am find that any of the less 'family' beaches are fine to thong and string.   Just stay away from the 'public' formal beaches such as Luquillo ( too many screaming kids anyway).  Yesterday was at the beach all day and had no issues wearing my red dore micro g-string.   even was in the water alot - good waves and the string suits actually stay on well - no water resistance.

beachboi65 #53

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:03/02/2013 11:30:17Copy HTML

 Headed home yesterday - but i can recommend Puerto Rico as a great thong friendly island. Give it a try.
Ravenrock #54

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/01/2014 12:07:33Copy HTML

 I'm heading g back to PR this summer and we are staying in Ocean Park section of San Juan. I know it's a pretty young crowd there from being there 7 years ago. However, can I get away with wearing a Muscleskins poser thong there?  I'd really like to keep my tan lines. We are. I siting the beaches near Guanica and I know it's OK down there because the beaches are so remote. Any input/opinions would be appreciated. This is a great discussion board !
JM_Runs #55

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/02/2014 02:59:04Copy HTML

I missed out on some airfare about a year ago to PR from Canada for about $250 return (including taxes etc).I really wanted to camp on Culebra Island (off the east coast).  
I spent six days on St John's (US Virgin Islands) camping at Cinnamon bay two years ago - and what a fantastic trip that was. Snorkeling, hiking, lounging in a thong - what could be better?
I managed to snag airfare for $138 (total) and camping would have been extremely cheap if I had more friends to go with.It would have cost about $80 apiece for the camp site if I had found two other friends to go with me...
Had to be the best camping ever, perfect temperature, next to no bugs, quiet (except for the not too distant surf!).
Hope you have a good trip.
beachboi65 #56

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/03/2014 11:41:43Copy HTML

 I am now here  for a few weeks in PR - looking forward to wearing a couple of my new Dore suits.  One of them is very tiny - basically just a 2" triangle. If i get away with this one you should be able to wear anything ( or almost nothing).  Weather is fantastic and looking forward to some great sunning.

Ravenrock #57

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/03/2014 12:57:38Copy HTML

 Hey Beachboi,Aren't you the lucky one!  Let us know what beaches you were able to get to, and of course what kind of things you wore. 
JM_Runs #58

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/03/2014 03:30:37Copy HTML

My experience in PR is that you HAVE to have confidence, and display that confidence openly.  On most beaches there are groups of guys hanging around the concessions or chilling under the palm trees. 
They will make loud comments if a pretty women walks by, or for that matter any women in a bikini, and you can expect the same.

BUT if you SMILE, display NO FEAR, and show rock solid self-confidence they will probably cheer you on.

You will get a few disproving looks from old women, but you may also get some good comments too. 

Be FEARLESS and full of life.  I find Spanish culture respects and admires people who are full of life and having FUN.
beachboi65 #59

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/06/2014 12:11:02Copy HTML

 Yesterday was another fantastic day on the beach - posted a few new images of my newest Dore Suits.  Anyway, while on the beach yesterday, 2 middle ages women set up their blankets not too far from me.  Within a few minutes both were in thong bottoms and topless.  2 guys ( assume husbands ) joined them about 20 minutes later ( in their board shorts). 

Looking forward to another day today.
Ravenrock #60

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/06/2014 12:16:32Copy HTML

 Beachboi65, which beaches are you visiting?what part of the island? Or are you on Vieques?
beachboi65 #61

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/07/2014 11:41:50Copy HTML

luquillo area - not the public area beach but to the east about a mile - called Playa Azul beach.  By the 3 towers. Mostly snowbirds here. I rent from people that live in San Juan - nice 1 bedroom place for $800 a month.  Beach is nice, quiet, relaxing.  Saturday i will most likely head into san juan and meet some friends that are staying at the Atlantic Beach hotel in Condado. That is where you will see many thongers - and i will be one indeed.

beachboi65 #62

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/05/2015 01:08:09Copy HTML

 heading to pr in february. Any updates from fellow thongers and recommendations appreciated
Ravenrock #63

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/06/2015 02:47:20Copy HTML

My BF and Inwore things on the Ocean Park beach last July. We mostly wore our things in the AM and up until 11 AM. Then we changed into speedos when families and more people showed up. It was relatively empty and we sunbathed and swam in our thongs too. Weekdays are of course better. We got mostly positive reactions. Some stares, but no harassing comments. Funny, my bf got some negative comment from a trashy girl when he was wearing his speedo, most of the folks in PR are very openminded. 
beachboi65 #64

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:01/23/2015 11:45:10Copy HTML

packing my very tiny Dore suits for the trip. So sorry that she has passed away. Hopefully her niece will pick up where she left us and have the same view of guy in micro suits. If all goes well I will at this time next week be working on my tan in my gstring that is only a 2 inch v that Dore made. Really is micro. Wore it last year and even was talking with the beach patrol guys...a bit of initial staring but they were very accommodating as were the couple from canada that I met at the atlantic beach hotel. Canadians are more open than most americans as to micro suits as I have worn nothing on some of the islands right off Toronto... picture and post to follow over ttyhe next weeks...

beachboi65 #65

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/04/2015 09:06:42Copy HTML

 4 days of wearing nothing but my Dore suits on the beach at Playa Azul ( near to Luquillo Beach) - getting some nice looks and comments.  Met a group from Montreal today - i made a comment as to my swimwear being non-conservative - they gave me positive comments and said you would see many men and women in Montreal wearing micro suits - if it was just a bit warmer
beachboi65 #66

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/21/2015 01:00:17Copy HTML

 Well I am back in Chicago - 90 degree difference in temp -Wow...   Have to put my Dore suits away until the spring. Had a great time - every day for 2 weeks - nothing but strings - had some good conversations with people on the beach.  No bad comments.  I think overall the generations going forward respect others more and are considerate as they are less likely to evaluate others looks, attire, beliefs  as negative if they don't align with their own. The concept of letting others do as they please unless that negatively affects the other person - which is a good rule to live by.  When in the Netherlands I had that concept - folks in Amsterdam are no judgmental as long as you respect each others freedom and beliefs. Live your life, respect others to live theirs as the choose to.  We were not born to judge and critique others - only ourselves.

Best wishes and I hope to see my fellow Chicago thongers this summer.  
big daddy thong #67

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/02/2015 01:53:24Copy HTML

    I recently won a vacation trip to San Juan PR and my wife I are planning to go in 6 to 9 months.  I don't know for sure what the hotel will be, but I'm asking for a definite answer about men wearing thongs on the many beaches.  At this time I do know the our hotel has access to the private beach area.  I also would like to know more about the public beach areas on what is socially allowable.  I have read from previous post that thongs are legal, but topless is not and thongs sightings in general are limited to a few women.  I have also assessed that the locals frown upon men in thongs as well. I'm curious about the vibe for dudes rocking g-strings or thongs.  If need be I'm planning to pack my speedo bikini bottom as a back up. Thanks in advance for your input. BDT ;~D
RapidBlue #68

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/02/2015 10:30:14Copy HTML

 The last time I was in San Juan (a few years ago) there was one other man in a thong on the beach and several me. In smaller bikini style suits. I saw many women in thong bikinis and a few thong one piece suits. I had no problems wearing my thong on the beaches.
car57 #69

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/17/2015 09:08:20Copy HTML

I'm currently in San Juan for work and had basically the whole day to myself so I hung out by the pool and beach at the Caribe Hilton in a black Skinz thong.  I was definitely the only guy in any sort of small swimsuit, no comments but several smiles from some women!  There was a very nice looking younger lady in a cheetah print thong by the pool, wish there had been more.  Hoping for a couple hours tomorrow.
JM_Runs #70

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/19/2015 04:37:30Copy HTML

I have been dreaming of going to this gorgeous Puerto Rico beach for a few years - since I saw some really cheap airfare to San Juan and failed to jump on it.
In 2012 I had an incredible time camping at the Cinamon Bay beach to the east on St-John USVI...I would do it again if I could. The sound of the surf and the night time temp, combined with daily exercise made it my best camping trip ever.Being able to thong as well - just heavenly...
Regrettably the Playa Flamenco link above is seven years out of date and I would appreciate getting updates on ground and water transportation to and from Play-Flamenco and San Juan...
Does anyone have any recent experience traveling to or fromÉ
Cuerpo_del_delito #71

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:07/31/2015 05:18:44Copy HTML

 Update: The last few times I've been to the beach behind or near Atlantic Beach I haven't seen guys in thongs, don't know why though. Maybe in weekend you still can.
car57 #72

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:09/15/2015 12:58:33Copy HTML

 In the San Juan area again for work, spent yesterday at the Hilton Caribe by the pool in a thong and today at the little section of beach at the hotel in a Skinz g-string, no negative comments.  Saw a couple of women in almost thongs as well.  Moved to a different part of the island today checked out the pool at the Embassy Suites in Dorado and first thing I saw was a young Latina lady in a thong!!!
car57 #73

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:09/16/2015 09:24:41Copy HTML

 Spent all afternoon on the beach here at the Embassy Suites Dorado Del Mar in nothing but a black Skinz g-string. I'm had several smiles from some of the ladies and several second looks; no negativity at all!  The young lady from 2 days ago with the thong was nowhere to be seen, but there was one women who kept pulling down her top as if toying with going topless, her man was in a Speedo.
VitaliySF #74

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:09/18/2015 01:29:25Copy HTML

 car57, how about public beaches closer to the city, like Condado or Ocean Park beaches? Any thong acitivites there?

car57 #75

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:09/18/2015 03:03:24Copy HTML

Sorry but I have not had time to get out to the public beaches as I am here for work so time has been limited and since I've had no problems at these beaches at the hotels, why worry about driving.
Zander24 #76

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:11/10/2015 01:13:02Copy HTML

So I guess a small speedo type of suit would be okay? Maybe along the lines of something from cocksox?
ShameLessToo #77

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:02/03/2016 07:52:50Copy HTML

 I am heading down to San Juan next Tuesday and expect to hit a few beaches in the city that others have posted about, including Condado... Some have had 'success' at assorted hotels, and I was wondering if anyone has ever 'crashed' hotel pools they were not staying at. I realize that the all inclusive resorts frequently have wrist bands to identify their guests, so one might stand out (ignoring thong attire!) at these places. But other less exclusive places could be ok. I realize at the basic level, this would be seen as 'trespassing', but unless one was creating a disturbance, probably not be too dangerous. I suspect one could 'claim' they were visiting or waiting for a friend who was staying at the hotel - if asked... Now why might one want to do this? Perhaps when the beach seems a little less 'friendly' or later in the evening when its a little less safe?Any and all comments appreciated.
gw32 #78

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:03/24/2016 10:54:20Copy HTML

 Great info from earlier posters. Thanks! My wife and I are looking at spending a week on Vieques in July (wish it was right now, but that's the week she got off). We found an awesome private house on Airbnb and are wondering about the beaches on Vieques. It sounds like there is a fairly good chance to get on a beach completely alone, or nearly, so we aren't concerned in that case. But I'm wondering about the general attitude otherwise. I am absolutely the type to just be confident and have fun (it helps the confidence that I am pretty fit, LOL) and not care at all - but it's good to have the background knowledge.

RapidBlue #79

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:05/13/2016 04:15:34Copy HTML

 I am heading off to San Juan PR in a few weeks and staying at the Condado Plaza Hilton.i have pack a selection of things and rio back bikinis for the trip. Anyone know of any issues with wearing a thong there at the beach/pool. I am leaving my most daring suits home but still would like to be comfortable in the environment in a thong. 
Thongstring #80

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:05/13/2016 07:31:24Copy HTML

 More than likely you will be the only man in a thong.  You may see a few speedos, but they will also be rare.  There is a gay beach (term used loosely) as you head towards the Marriott.  Go for it, I did and had no issues.  
RapidBlue #81

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:05/14/2016 06:52:22Copy HTML

 Thanks... It looks like I will be the man in the smallest suit. Nothing unusual about that. 
Sybok #82

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:05/15/2016 07:18:29Copy HTML

 I'm pretty sure you'll be fine as long as the beach isn't too crowded with families. If you really want to thong without much trouble head to Vieques or Culebra's Flamenco beach. If you're staying on the main island head to the west coast (Rincon's beaches are amazing!)

RapidBlue #83

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/07/2016 11:46:38Copy HTML

 I got to PR today and headed straight for the pool and beach at the Condado Plaza. I put on my black N2N thong and found my spot in the sun. There were two other women in one piece thong swimsuits and one man in a brief. No one said a thing to me. I had one woman snap a few photos as I was lying face down and when I walked into the water. I'll see how the rest of the week goes.
RapidBlue #84

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/08/2016 12:08:30Copy HTML

 Day two, even better than day one. Today I set up a few chairs down from two beautiful women. They were from NYC. I noticed them watching me as I set up. I went for a swim and they stopped me to talk. I'm standing there in my enhanced pouch bright pink thong chatting with them for a good amount of time. They offered to take my photo and wanted one as well. I was happy to comply. They left an hour later. I then had two groups of women do everything they could to walk past me and look. One was taking video on her phone. So far I have to say that my experience here in Peurto Rico has been very positive. There have been two,other men in Speedo type suit, but nothing like what I am wearing.
RapidBlue #85

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/11/2016 04:09:52Copy HTML

 I wish all days were like this one. I got to the beach in the afternoon. In front of me was a beautiful woman.mi started some small talk as we waited for the attendant to get two chairs. The attendant assumed we were together and set up the chairs next to one another.  I strip to my thing and the first thing I here is: "Sexy!" She is impressed and happy. She tells n.me that she was hoping I would sit next to her. After a short time she decided it is hit and asks me to go in to the water with her. We talk. The whole time she is looking me up and down, mostly down. We go back to the chairs and lay face down. My buns are exposed to the sun and she is chatting with me, smiling and telling me how sexy I am. We exchange numbers before she leaves to meet a friend for a tour here in PR. This has to be one of the best experiences on the beach I have had. There were about 4 other women in thongs, no men.
gw32 #86

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/11/2016 11:41:00Copy HTML

 @rapidblue, sounds like you're having a really great time! Awesome!
Sybok #87

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/12/2016 02:01:31Copy HTML

 That's awesome!
RapidBlue #88

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:06/13/2016 09:00:45Copy HTML

 It was awesome. Today was my last full day on the beach in PR. Yesterday I was the only man in a thong. There were a few other men in bikini style suits. There were 6 women in thongs. I had several women set up right next to me to get a good look. A few were snapping photos with their phones. A few took video. I had some wonderful comments from the women. And one of the women, we ended up going on a date. It was fantastic. Then today I got set up. No one was around me. Then like magic I had three groups of women setting up right next to me. I got a couple of wolf whistles as I headed in and out of the water. The whole time here I only had very positive comments and experiences. For this experience I say Puerto Rico is very thong friendly.  
gw32 #89

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:07/25/2016 05:08:42Copy HTML

 We just returned from a week long trip to Vieques, PR and we spent most of our beach time at the various amazing beaches that are part of the National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) on Vieques. Every single time I wore one of my very brief Beach N Dance thongs and there were several times when there were a number of people on the beach. The attire ranged from me, all the way to some guys who had on board shorts and long sleeved sun protection shirts (swimming!). It was awesome to be swimming, snorkeling, laying about, and walking the beach in a thong and I have a nice string tan line now. :-)HOWEVER, there is a real risk of getting fined if you go even a little bit more bare than that. There are no signs at all about going nude, and no entrance booth with someone to ask or any signage about attire anywhere at all (as there is in places such as Canaveral National Seashore in FL). Our first day on the beach we arrived and there wasn't a single person on a beach that was almost a mile long, so we decided, until someone showed up, to go naked (me) and topless (my wife). It was delightful - but within half an hour a ranger drives up on his 4-wheeeler and fines us $280 each for Public Nudity! :-0As soon as he appeared I pulled my thong on - he clearly had no problem whatsoever with the thong.Crazy thing is that we spent hours more at that beach that day and three more days on those beaches and NEVER saw a single ranger again. Go figure.Go as bare as you dare, just not totally. On the other hand the topless thing was completely ridiculous - my wife is protesting it. 
rickl454 #90

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:07/25/2016 11:06:43Copy HTML

 Yeah, gofigure.  The ranger probably made his NudieHarassment Quota and took the rest of the week off.    Thanksto you and your $560,  I bet he also made"Ranger of the Month" for protecting everybody else on that mile longtotally deserted beach from you, the nudes.  Ironicbecause that $560 would have gone a long way toward purchasing a day membershipat a CT nudist resort where you could go naked as much as you want, not aranger in sight.  You have towonder why guys can go topless and women can't. No wonder Canadians and Europeans think we are crazy.  It makes no sense.  You might considera vacation on Orient Beach,  St Martinnext time.  We've worn nothing butg-strings or half pareos in restaurants and shops all along the beach withabsolutely no problem.  The southern partof the beach is nude.  If you really wantto live totally naked for a week or so Club Orient is a clothing optionalresort on Orient Beach.  Naked is totallynormal there: on the beach, in the store, at the restaurant, in the workout chalet.  Until  then,  It's East Beach.  Not a bad alternative.
Cheekpeeker #91

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:03/25/2017 06:23:38Copy HTML

 My wife and I stayed a few nights at Hotel Joyuda. We had such a nice experience practically naked in our G's for days. No one batted an eye except on the weekend our neighbor girls ran for their cameras to get some shots of our stringed butts. Fine. Most days we would move our domino table & chairs into the water of our private beach only 10 feet from our balcony, oil up & string without a care. It was fun to go to dinner. We both would snug our jeans/shorts down on purpose for dinner entertainment. Probably better than butt crack. We found it interesting that after a day or two, we were seeing way more skin around than on day one. Set the standard. Folks are aching to do what we do.
Sybok #92

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:03/26/2017 03:22:24Copy HTML

 That's awesome! I live on the island and still haven't had the courage to do it. I need someone to thong with 
VariousThongs #93

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:05/05/2017 02:09:20Copy HTML

My wife and I have been in Vieques for almost a week now and have only seen one other thonger.  A man and a woman set up at the end of Secret Beach (Pata Prieta). He was wearing a black thong and she went from a Brazilian style bikini (pulled into a thong) to totally nude. 
There are some younger women wearing cheeky bikinis but I haven't seen any other true thongs. 

We spent today Blue Beach (Playa La Chiva) and I wore a red Covermale bikini. The bikini doesn't cover a whole lot to begin with so when I let it ride up, it is very cheeky. I have a pretty round butt so it looked like a cheeky thong on me. My wife packed several cheeky bikinis but doesn't have the desire to go out in a true thong. I wish she would because it would look fantastic!
Sybok #94

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/24/2017 02:54:42Copy HTML

 I finally did it. I thonged at the beach!
I wore a lime green Desmiit swim thong. No one said anything, no one stared, and no one recorded me (that I noticed). I saw at least 5 thongers around the stretch of beach I was in. I was the only guy. 
It felt wonderful and I got super confident!

gw32 #95

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/24/2017 03:14:35Copy HTML

 @VariousThongs I missed your post from 5/4 about Vieques. That place is awesome! But check my post above from last year regarding stripping down on the beach. But we were at La Chiva which is just bigger, easier to get to, waaaay more parking, and hence more likely to get patrolled. We never got over to Prieta, but it sounds like a better choice since its a hard to find road and there's only one little parking area (I believe).Vieques is simply wonderful and I can't wait for us to go again!
gw32 #96

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/24/2017 03:16:02Copy HTML

 @Sybok - way to go! Isn't amazing how, once you just do it, you find that there really wasn't much to be nervous about it. Then you feel great!
Sybok #97

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/24/2017 04:00:02Copy HTML

@qw32 - Yep! It felt amazing in the water. I should've done it years ago. 
Sybok #98

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/26/2017 12:47:05Copy HTML

 Well I did it again today! I wore my black Desmiit thong to the beach. Same results as last time. A girl even sat close to me and we had a pleasant conversation. The thong never came up lol.
I feel so free.
32189 #99

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/27/2017 03:41:54Copy HTML

That's terrific Sybok.  Glad you had some good experiences!
bogbody12 #100

Re:Puerto Rico thonging?

Date Posted:08/29/2017 09:41:04Copy HTML

sybok how do you like your desmiit thong i have a yellow one and just ordered the black blue and white
going to majorrca soon and hopefully it will be my first time thonging on a beach.
was going to wear speedos with thong underneath and hopefully after a few beers i will have the courage to
slip of the speedos. think the wife is going to thong to.
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