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Date Posted:07/18/2016 07:11:24Copy HTML

Had to create a new thread for Puerto Vallarta.  Put your Puerto Vallarta posts here.
donmallard #1

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/20/2003 03:15:26Copy HTML

My wife and I are off to our first PV visit, in January. All-Inclusive, from Vancouver Canada, Jan 10-17, for USD$549.00 plus taxes, for non-stop airfare, 7 days accomodation, activities, meals andbooze. While the All-Inclusive plan is not my idea of theperfect vacation, for $549 we can't afford to BREATH that cheap anywhere else. So off we go!!! Playa De Oro is near the cruise ship terminal, so it looks like a long hike to get "away from it all".Now I COULD ask "what swimwear should I take???" But that is pretty pointless, because half a dozen each of thongs and bikinis take up less space than maybe onerunning shoe! So I will be packing everything.So instead I will ask very simple questions:1. What experiences have others had that could make our trip more enjoyable?Thong beaches? Shops? Resorts nearby? Where to eat safely, outside the resort? Good snorkeling in January? (I don't have much hope - everyone says I will be crazy enough just to swim!).2. Is there anything I could check out for others? I'll have my digital camera and my away-from-home bravery? It would be fun to have some little secret missions.
donmallard #2

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:02/02/2004 01:01:05Copy HTML

We're back from PV.  Our resort (Vista Playa de Oro) was at the very north end of the hotel zone, next to the cruise ship terminal.  The food was very plain, and many of the guests were there to eat and drink as much as possible for a fixed price. So there was plenty of "whale watching" right on the sand.  In a week I counted three ladies in thongs, one topless by the pool, and no men in thongs besides myself.  I swam in thongs daily, with no negative comments and (I think) the odd whistle.

It was an experience to see all the cruise ship passengers returning to their ship each evening, mostly pissed to the eyeballs.  Then an hour or so later, the ship would set sail for its next port, an illuminated city drifting out into the darkness.  A dozen or so of us at the resort would sit on the beach, drinks in hand, to watch.

But the "hotel zone" is not the place to be.  In future we will stay in one of the older hotels, right in the center of town, where things are much more interesting. It is a neat old town, with tons of shops, restaurants and bars.  The "blue chairs" resort/beach is famous, and looked like a relaxed place to tan the buns. But unfortunately it was raining any time we were there (very unusual for January) and everyone had abandoned the beach. 

My souvenir of the trip was four Joe Snyder thongs and rios, purchased at the Gigante department store. They have a big selection, and the price is 59.00 pesos, under US$6.00 each! 


JM_Runs #3

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/15/2005 11:57:07Copy HTML

Can you suggest any activities or restaurants in Puerto Vallarta? Also, whats the thonging environment like? Is the hotel strip hostile or does no one care?
clubthongs #4

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/16/2005 11:19:17Copy HTML

I can't really suggest any restaurants as I have been to PV 3 times but always via a cruise ship.  You will see men in thongs at Blue Chairs Beach (which is primarily gay) and the adjacent Green Chairs Beach.  I have also thonged at La Mismoloya and felt comfortable doing so.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/19/2005 12:15:17Copy HTML

Is puerto vallarta in general not friendly towards thongers? Or can my wife and I pretty much just wear g-strings and not be bothered at the beach?

Did you do any day trips/excursions to areas that would be fine, besides La Mismaloya? And how gay is the blue/green chair beaches? Is it really crowded or are they some good beaches nearby?
Bunsrae #6

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/19/2005 04:31:50Copy HTML

There are so many better beaches and places to visit in Mexico that Puerto Vallarta. PV is a tourist trap and the beaches are not that great.
JM_Runs #7

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/19/2005 11:00:05Copy HTML

I'm a slave to the airlines. It was really cheap, so thats where Im going. There arent too many direct flights from seattle to the sun that are under $300...
clubthongs #8

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/19/2005 10:27:12Copy HTML

In general, you will not feel uncomfortable in minimal swimwear on any of the beaches in my experience but you see the most thongs and Blue Chairs and Green Chairs which are really just small patches of sand on the main beach in front of the hotel zone.  Enjoy your trip!
miaswim #9

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/27/2005 11:41:52Copy HTML

Last post from "ClubThongs" is true.  I've been to PV 5-6 times and visited many beaches.  Unless you're on a tour to some of the remote beaches you probably will not see many thongers except a handful at the Blue or Green chairs.  However, the Mexicans tourist tend to wear some pretty small bikinis.


JM_Runs #10

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/02/2006 01:43:13Copy HTML

Could my wife and I get away with wearing some extreme or mesh/sheer swimwear at green/blue chairs beach? I'd prefer not to deal with mexican police or hotel security harassments. Would we draw a lot of attention or do people at that beach not care at all?
miaswim #11

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/07/2006 03:01:31Copy HTML

you can get away with some extreme swimwear, but I wouldn't recommend sheer/mesh.  You could probably use it to sun at your chair, but wouldn't fit walking along the beach.  The green/blue chairs area is where most of the gay guys are so they don't really care what others are in, but families and other tourists stroll up/down the beach in front of this area and that might call a bit of attention. 

When I've rented condos in the old section of town, most of them have a pool on the roof and that's where I'd wear my smaller thongs/g-strings.  I do recommend one of the beach trips to the South shore of Banderas Bay.  The beaches are very clean, remote and you can sun in your thong on the boat ride over/back and at the beach.  If you're adventurous and want to rent a car, drive the north shore towards Punta Mita (Four Seasons Hotel) and even on around to the open Pacific.  Great beaches over there and no tourists.


tobler1 #12

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:05/29/2006 05:31:34Copy HTML

My wife and I are heading to Puerto Vallarta in a few weeks...staying at Grand Velas spa resort in Nuevo Vallarta.  She likes to wear thong bathing suits on the beach but we have never been to the Pacific side of mexico, only the Carribean side where she has worn her thong before.  Are thongs OK in this area or will it be a problem???  She always wore shorts over while walking around hotels etc...Only wants to wear by pool and or beach, on lawn chair...
clubthongs #13

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:05/29/2006 10:13:29Copy HTML

Thongs are very much accepted in PV in my experience.
tobler1 #14

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:09/27/2006 10:57:02Copy HTML

A quick reply to my email from this summer.....

Just like Club Thongs advised.....PV and thongs are just fine...Did not see any men in thongs, but a few speedos and quite a few women in thongs...(mainly from S. America)

A funny thing .......My wife and I noticed while in PV.....The "thong " bathing suit was quite the attraction and my wife had more than one women, mention to her that they wished they had the guts.  They really were amazed that my wife is a school teacher and mother of 3.......We both agree...that it was a Positive reception by all...and Now she can not wait to go back to a thong friendly area.....(not sure I can afford it!!!)


AND.....BTW...for the people willing to spend the $....the grand Velas is 5 STAR.....and maybe 6 star...Food was great and only name brand liquor...and service was beyond the call of duty. 


tback32 #15

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/03/2008 06:40:31Copy HTML

I'm headed south to PV next week... Does anyone have any new reports????
aznudist #16

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/05/2008 02:32:07Copy HTML

I spent a week in Puerto Vallarta in March 2005 and loved it.  Be aware the this part of Mexico has no nude beaches.  I used my time share and stayed at the Amelia del Sol resort in the Marina district.  Very nice hotel and resort with a large pool, and restaurants.  The lobby is open.  I would stay there again.  But, not much of a beach.  You are far from the main city.  I rented a car, it was a Hyundai Accent but had a Dodge name plate.  For a week the bill was about $300.00.  I found this better than taking a taxi.  A taxi will run you about $8.00 USD each way.  Dont take the bus, the buses did not appear safe or clean.  At the resort mostly saw guys in board shorts, very few bikinis and no thongs, women or men.  I wore a Nu-ParrAZ no tie nada with medium coverage.  Did not have any problems.  As far as the beach goes, I hung out a Los Muertos Beach by the Blue Chair resort.  Mostly gay section, no problems with a bikini, speedo or those short tight trunks.  There were some women and couples (men/women) at this section.  The first day I arrived was a Sunday and I wore a pair of board shorts over a thong but brought along my bikini as well.  I stripped to my thong, and no response from anyone (good or bad) but probably the men looked.  I felt a little uncomfortable, so  went into the bathroom there at the beach and changed into the bikini with 1/3 inch side an medium rear coverage.  Later in the week I was on the roof of the Blue Chair Resort, bar is on the top, and noticed two guys in thongs.  Now I wished I had worn mine the whole time.  I think you will find this part of the beach okay.  No one seemed to care as long you were covered.The food was great.  Try Kit Kat club, try El Dorado ( the stuff green pepper with crab (I think) with a sauce on top was very good.  There is a Martini Bar called Garbos.  Most buildings on the outside were old,  but this inside were very art deco, modern, appeared clean.  I did not get sick.  Most meals ran $15USD, plus drinks, soup, dessert.  Most restaurants are owned by foreigners.  I dont think you will be disappointed.  One family owned restaurant in the heart of the city across from the flea market, was very good, authentic, and owner was our waiter, very pleasant person.  I think you will find the natives very friendly.  Actually beer was cheaper than the bottled water.  Across from the cruise ship terminals is Giante.  They sell JOe Synder swimwear.  I paid $11 USD for two Capri bikinis.  I notice they had thongs, but didnt notice any thongs on the beach.  Maybe in Nuevo Puerto Vallarta.  The newest area, north of the airport.  There are very nice resorts there.   Email me at kjreed3@netzero.net for any other info or questions.  Would I go back again, YES.  But for me I will use a US Airline.  My reservation was changed and had to go to Mexico City first, then to PV.  Expect to pay about $20 for a cab from the airport to the hotel.  But from the hotel to the airport it was about $10
tback32 #17

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/29/2008 08:23:55Copy HTML

 I just spent two weeks in PV. I walked the beach almost every day or layed out at Conchas Chinas south of Playa Muertos. I only saw 3-4 thongs the entire time. All were worn by women and  in one case a very attractive young girl was driven off by cat calls and whistles from the workers building one of the many high rise condos. I did not see a single male thonger although there were some very skimpy bikinis worn, including mine. I just didn't feel comfortable wearing my thong but I'm sure you could if you wanted to. It was very quiet compared to the last time I was there 5 yrs ago. Not nearly as many tourists or locals. I picked a couple of beautiful bikinis from a local shop that also sold a few thongs too. All in all it was a fun time. I'm headed back in a week so I'll report again!
aznudist #18

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/30/2008 01:52:09Copy HTML

Check out Giante, last time I was there, they carried Joe Synder suits, square, capri bikini and thongs.  About $5.50 us dollars.  There was a small shop just north of Los Muertos that sold swimwear, including thongs.   The shop was on one of the small streets, near the hotels.
pkthong #19

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/30/2008 02:23:40Copy HTML

 Hi Everyone,          It"s been a while since I've had a chance to post. We were in Nuevo Vallarta over Thanksgiving with some friends from Texas and immediately after that we went to Singapore for two weeks. N.V. was great The Riu Pacifico had opened just one month prior and my buddy from Austin suggested that we all meet up and spend the holiday there. Weather was great and the mighty Pacific ocean was not nearly as cold as I thought it would be. My friend whom I have known for 20 years has heard about my "speedos" and I wore my usual sunup/sundwn brazil's. They did not seem to care. The crowd was mixed and not many speedos or thongs but a good time was had by all.
hawaiianthong #20

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/21/2009 09:13:01Copy HTML

 Just a heads up I just came back from PV and Giante is no longer there...closed about 6 months ago from what the taxi driver told me...its replaced with something called Sonora or something that sounds like that....they no longer carry thongs...saw bikinis but no thongs.....I was really bummed out, I was looking forward to buying some cheap thongs...does anyone know where I can find good thongs for cheap in the bay area?
swoontogo #21

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:06/03/2010 03:31:50Copy HTML

 saw my first thong man in puerto vallarta area today. i have seen a couple of women in the past (in very smal g-strings), but today i saw my first thong man just north of puerto vallarta in bucerias. i was out swimming (in my speedo-type briefs) and i see this very fit and tan guy come jogging up the beach in what looked like a very small cut suit. he stopped and turned around right about where i was and he was wearing a thong - nice! wish i was on shore to have gotten a better view or that he would have set up camp near by. we will see if he is back while we are here. a guy like that gives us thongers a good name, but extremely rare in this area. good start to a nice holiday.  :)
mrhb2008 #22

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/26/2011 03:44:48Copy HTML

 OK Here is my tale.  We went down to Mainland Mex last week, specifically San Pancho in Riviera Nayarit.  We've been down there a few times and each visit I've worn thongs or G's.  On Tuesday we drove over to Sayulita to see if there was any surf and to spend the day.  Wore a basic thong from ABC and actually moved up the beach after we got some food.  No issues at all, although I would not recommend this beach because it has lost it's charm over the last few years.Wednesday we stayed in San Pancho to just relax and get some sun.  I started off wearing a Skinzs Y back but after an hour or so I decided to go put on something more skimpy.  Changed into a yellow teardrop and walked back down the beach.  Several people set up next to us but no comments were made.  Soon another couple set up near us and the female was wearing a thong bikini!  I can't convince my GF to breakdown and wear one so it was nice to have another on the beach with me.Thursday morning I woke up with flu symptoms but we set out for the beach again.  I still wore the tear drop and we had a very quiet day.  That is until, my GF walked down to the water and as she was coming back she saw an older woman taking fotos of my ass w/o me knowing and asked "Did you get a good shot?" I looked around and the woman responded "Yes" and kept taking fotos of some other BS.  We don't mind fotos but it would have been nice to have been asked, eh?Anyway, long story longer, we cut the holiday short and came home. I'm still ill as I write this but am on the mend.Last thing,  please be confident to wear what you want where you want.  On every beach that I have thonged at (US or MEX), I've never been asked to cover up by the authoroties (Sp?). Some may disapprove but keep it to themselves.  We have freedoms, let's use them.  Hell, I've been doing this so long it's second nature for me to wear a thong or G on the beach everywhere.  Hope ya'll have a good year!
seigs #23

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:02/23/2011 10:04:54Copy HTML

I'm heading to Nuevo Vallarta in four weeks (RIU Palace)... has anyone seen any thongers in the hotel zone up there?  I certainly am willing to try but don't want to be drawing undo attention to myself...
JM_Runs #24

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:10/26/2012 11:45:29Copy HTML

 Currently in Nuevo Vallarta at The Grand Luxxe. Definitely an older crowd at this property. I have been wearing a mesh thing on the beach from US4MEN. This suit is mesh and feels and looks great. I have had a few giggles but this resort is not the place to thong.
yyzgent #25

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:10/29/2012 05:45:38Copy HTML

Good for you Sir! I'm going as well and have emailed the Riu Hotel and they said thongs are Ok . So nice to hear that you have as well. Did you do a nice long walk on the beach in your thong ? Any other thongers in Nuevo Vallarta?
swoontogo #26

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:10/30/2012 06:51:22Copy HTML

 I get down to that area regularly. Men in thongs are not very common. Only have seen one man in a thong there in five years, but he was very fit and built for minimal swimwear. Also, only have seen about four women in thongs in that five years as well. I usually wear my bikinis and just enjoy the warm weather, warm water and lovely beach. You should always wear what you feel comfortable in.
JM_Runs #27

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:11/02/2012 03:23:18Copy HTML

I spent 8 days in Nuevo Vallarta and 2 days in Puerta Vallarta. No other thongs. The best response I got was near the Blue Chairs where I wore more of a "regular" thong.  I definitely prefer the Mexican Riviera to wear a thong. It was fun to walk the beach in the morning fishing the surf in a mesh thong/ g string. 
One afternoon I had an older lady take a lounge chair just a few down from me. Considering there were 50 vacant others it was fun. She eventually struck up a conversation.
Manu1418 #28

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/12/2012 06:10:38Copy HTML

 I have been wearing thong in Puerto Vallarta sense I was very young, I have always been the only one wearing it so I do it by my self, you don´t get to see many thongs even in women but I don´t mind and have wore them at public places and family resorts by the pool and beaches and no one seems to bother, every one keeps on looking because they are not use to but no one would say anything.   
butt_cheek_man #29

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/15/2013 08:11:30Copy HTML

 We are going to the Occidental Nuevo Vallarta in January. I will bearing my thongs on the beach and possibly one of my g-strings depending on the reactions. When last there in 96 there was only 1 guy wearing a thong. I may be  the only 1 this time but in 10 years of beach thonging that is not unusual. Stay in shape and enjoy the sun.
s.turner #30

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/09/2014 05:32:57Copy HTML

Going to be staying in the Bercelo Puerto Vallarta in March and just wondering if anyone else has stayed there? What are some good attractions near by? And have you worn a thong at the resort? 
Manu1418 #31

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/22/2014 08:16:07Copy HTML

Any thongers out there willing to enjoy the mexican beaches ?  
We are a small group of friends from all around the country that like to hit the beaches in our thongs. We go places like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, Ixtapa, Acapulco, etc..
If anyone is interested in thonging all day we´ll be in Puerto Vallarta next month with free accommodation at our friend´s house.
Cheers !! 
tangamanmexico #32

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:06/14/2014 01:56:52Copy HTML

 hello! I might be able to go for the summer. Anyone else from Mexico? We can chat and share pictures, and maybe something more ;) 
thong_jock #33

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/18/2015 04:43:18Copy HTML

Going to PV feb 6-13. We're going with a bunch of guys most of whom are gay. I'm still on the fence if I'll thong at the beach daily so am bringing a bunch of thongs and small sided bikinis.  Knowing me I will probably just say 'screw it' and proudly display my thongs. I've been Training hard to get my body beach thong ready, which at 50 yo isn't easy! Hope to have some new beach thong pics to share soon. Thanks to all for your positive messages and notes of encouragement.  It's nice to know my near-nekkedness still isn't scarey. :-)
John Howard #34

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/18/2015 10:47:10Copy HTML

 I assume that you are hesitant due to your current fitness level and how that translates into how you look wearing a thong.....Mate i can assure it has nothing to do with being on base 5, rsther it goes back to the elemental principle of fitness - 20 80 % - where exercise is only 20% and your diet 80% effrct on how good or bad your body looks.between now and your holiday wstch what you eat, stay away from bread, booze, biscuits cakes...they are the archenemies of anyone who wants to wear a thong and look good...and wear your thong proudly every single day;  you say most of your mates are gay and they tend to be tolerant people, othetwise tell them to get stuffed and do what you want.
JM_Runs #35

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/18/2015 11:47:20Copy HTML

 I agree that diet and exercise are both important to the way one looks, but not 80/20. Diet alone turns you into an anorexic stick with the skin hanging off the bones.  On the other end of the spectrum I know elite endurance athletes who can eat more or less anything and everything, because they burn calories all day long.  The endurance athletes look much better than your average person and way WAY better than an anorexic.

There are far to many fad diets suggesting you will lose weight and get fit if you eat this or that.  WRONG.  You may lose weight but you don't gain any fitness or muscle definition. Thong_jock has it right, to build a good looking thong body you need to workout regularly, with some effort. That is not permission to eat everything, but once working that hard on your body you are less likely to sabotage yourself and your hard work by junk binging. It is a three legged stool, real exercise, reasonable eating, and motivation.
goodyrthonger #36

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/18/2015 11:50:46Copy HTML

los muertos beach by the blue chairs resort is the best place to go.  Last time I was there was in 2007. then 2010.  In 2007 spent about 5 years, wore no tie nadas from NuParr of AZ  only saw one guy in a thong, most are speedos. square cuts and bikinis.   Also, go to Garbos for MartinisHave fun
thong_jock #37

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:01/20/2015 03:34:15Copy HTML

 Thanks guys. I am actually in pretty good shape now and have been into fitness since I was a boy so am familiar with a solid diet and exercise routine. I typically amp it up before beach holidays so I look my best in my tiny swimwear. I am 6'1" 15 lbs with a 32" waist. Same size waist I had when I was 25 yo and I'm now 50, so I'm doing something right. Although I am supportive of all shapes and sizes of folks who dare to thong at the beach and always give the thumbs up, personally I want to be seen not as the fat old guy in the thong but the hot thong daddy. :-) oh vanity! 
Manu1418 #38

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:02/13/2015 05:39:36Copy HTML

Just got back from PV and it was great. I wore only thongs at the beach by the Cuale river. There´s a lot of international tourist mostly from Canada so the atmosphere is very chill and easy going. The locals are very friendly too and no one seems to bother even I was at a family resort. I thonged at the pool and walked to my room wearing nothing else. I was the only guy wearing a thong but there were a couple of girls wearing them, even doing topless. Do not think about it, you´ll regret it if don´t do it.  Enjoy, the weather and sun are great.
thong_jock #39

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:02/15/2015 03:22:26Copy HTML

 My post PV thing report. I wore my muscleskins thongs everywhere, except one day we hung out at the blue chairs and I wore a Skinzwear posing suit as my friends mom was with us and I didn't want to freak her out. PV is super gay friendly and despite the beach being busy I never saw one other dude in a thong the whole trip, just 2 women. Even so, I thonged at the hotel pool, around friends, around new buds and more. Even with an incredible encounter I had with an aussie rugby player...although I wasn't thonged my sharp thong tanlines were clear as day and nor he or anyone else on my vacation said anything negative about my thongs although I did get several positive comments on my suits at the gay beach. Let's face it, thong swimwear for guys isn't going mainstream ever, but if u like wearing them, just wear them. You only live once and u might as well do it with a nice skimpy tanline
Thongmad #40

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:02/18/2015 07:59:22Copy HTML

 Could not agree more thong_jock!

Two life lessons;

- It's no good being the richest guy in the cemetery.
- Don't die thinking "I wish I would have..."

Enjoy your thonging...it's only a bit of skin you're showing!
mrhb2008 #41

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:06/23/2015 03:03:23Copy HTML

 Not PV but Sayulita, approx. 30 minutes north.  The SO & I have been there many times & were there last week.  The weather was overcast & humid.  The SO has anxiety about me wearing Ts & Gs so I indulged her.  She is OK with me me wearing squarecuts, so on the only sunny day I wore a JS purple square.  Since the sun was out I walked back up to the house and grabbed the snorkle gear (& a G string).  I swam off the beach and when I was about 100 yards off shore, I stripped off the square and swam around the point to Dead Beach where I laid out on the sand to get some color on my backside.  I also climbed around the rocks for a while.  I know ths post may seem droll, but I just wanted to encourage all of you to do a bit of snorkling in a thong or G.  It felt so damn good!  Have a great summer ya'll!!!
Manu1418 #42

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:07/23/2015 05:18:56Copy HTML

 I was at PV last week wearing a camouflage thong at the beach when suddenly the lifeguard came to me in his 4 wheels motorcycle when I was about to go for a swim and told me to put on a short. I panic and just told him OK and had to put on a short, luckily for me it was a short short but I was very uncomfortable with the situation so I decided to leave the area. What would you do in that situation? Would you confront him that it´s your right to wear a thong or what would you say? I´ll be back in a couple of weeks and would definitely do it again but this time I want to be prepare. Any suggestions ?
ministeve #43

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:07/25/2015 03:37:16Copy HTML

 Manu, just going off my experiences in your country, I think it's safe to say that if it had been a foreigner in your shoes that they would have done nothing about you.  Next time I would fight it.  It would certainly help if your wife or girlfriend was with you and also thonging.
Manu1418 #44

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:07/29/2015 05:59:22Copy HTML

 Actually he spoke to me in a bad english, he though I was a foreigner, that´s why I didn´t say anything, he probably wouldn´t understand my english but next time I´ll fight it in our native language. I know that it wouldn´t happened if my girlfriend was there but I was on a business trip by myself.  
miaswim #45

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/19/2015 04:40:09Copy HTML

 I'm headed to Puerto Vallarta for New Years with two other thongers and we plan to thong at the hotel (main stream resort) as well as at some local beaches (Los Muertos probably).  Will let all know what experience we have.
goodyrthonger #46

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/21/2015 11:07:59Copy HTML

 I went in 2006 saw one young guy at the Blue Chairs Beach Los Muertos in a thong.  I wore one on a Sunday but then changed to a string bikini. I was the only one that day in a thong.  I wore my NuParr of AZ lime green no tie nada.  Many guys in speedos, square cuts  and board shorts,
Manu1418 #47

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/21/2015 09:23:44Copy HTML

 I am also going to be there for New Year at The Venetian Hotel thonging by the pool as well as at the beach and by the Cuale River and maybe Los Muertos too, which main resort are you staying at?  
miaswim #48

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:12/30/2015 04:10:17Copy HTML

 Manu1418 - Sent you a private message with more details on my trip.  We will be at Westin, then condo in Zona Romantica.  Would be great to meet up while we are all there.
Proview #49

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

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Me, wife & kids are planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta this May. We will be staying at Fiesta Americana. Our first time to PV but not Mexico. Wife bought couple of thong bikinis & mostly Itsy style bikinis from Victoria Secrets. Itsy style is basically the smallest VS makes without going to thong. My question is that do you see other females wear thong bikinis in PV? It will be first time my wife will be wearing a thong bikini in public. Also where else can we go in PV where my wife can wear her thong bikini without feeling out of place. 
Popeye1 #50

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

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 Why aren't you wearing a thong or speedo?
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