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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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ministeve #51

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:04/03/2016 01:57:50

 Tell her to leave the Itsy's at home.  Thonging for a female is never a problem there.  She just needs to be bold, if she is the only one, then she won't be for long and some others will see that it's ok and go to their rooms to change into one.  It ALWAYS happens everywhere we have visited.  Get one for yourself too
Manu1418 #52

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:04/03/2016 07:03:22

She won?t have any problems anywhere around PV wearing a thong, you do see other thonging women around (some men too), she can be all day at the hotel pool and at the beach wearing nothing else and it?s perfectly fine. I recommend Las Marietas Island and Las Animas Beach, both beautiful places are a short boat ride away where she can thong on the way there right at the boat too. If you want more privacy look for Boca de Tomates Beach and for a more crowded beach try Playa de los Muertos by downtown when she?s more comfortable around people in her thong, there you get to see she more male and female thongers.I suggest her to start thonging right at the hotel pool area and at the beach so she gets the confidence to be around people before visiting other places.Enjoy !!    
marcio80 #53

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:07/18/2016 04:59:46

it is been a long time since I have been in Puerto Vallarta but it happened me once that I wore a thong at green chairs and I were asked by the waiters to cover because the one did not like that. I was astonished because it is a gay club and they supposed to be more liberal. As long as I know, there is no law in Mexico against thongs. If you stay in other parts it is not a problem so it is only the point of view of the manager/owner of the place. I decide to arise this topic, because recently I learnt more thongers that have been discriminated in this same place. I think they only asked that to the Mexican (local) tourists because they depend more on the Americans and Canadians, but it seems they are discriminating all thongers there. By now, I have heard at least from other 4 cases.Do you have any similar experience there?Any suggestion what to do against that?
regards, JR
Dipster733 #54

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:08/07/2016 06:39:52

When I was there over the New Years, I was asked to cover up once (out of the 5 days I was there) while wearing a JS thong at Green Chairs by one of the security guards. My friend who was fluent in Spanish asked one of the servers why, and they said it was because we were close to the food service area in the back. There was another thonger out there that was asked to cover up also, but he told the guard no and went about their day. Nothing ended up happening to him. I was fine all the other days also. 
Dipster733 #55

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:03/19/2017 05:26:39

Glad to report that my last visit in early March I did not have any problems at the beach! I got a few compliments too ;)  I was wearing a skinz m77 in navy blue. There were 2 other thongers in the area as well, one of them in an Andrew Christian thong.
shaggy29 #56

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:03/26/2017 11:55:08

 A buddy and I will be visiting the Crown Paradise Golden Adults all inclusive resort in a couple weeks. There's no specific info on this resort when it comes to thronging. I'll be in a thong for sure the whole time, but he is on the fence about being in a thong at the resort. Anyone ever been to this resort or another Adults only resort there, and can speak on the swimwear choices of guys there? 
Spdo567 #57

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:10/18/2017 08:53:47

 I'm going to the Crown Paradise in November.  Anyone know if I can thong or plan on wearing a speedo?
shaggy29 #58

Re:Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Date Posted:03/23/2018 09:03:50

I stayed at Crown Paradise Golden last year around this time, I spent the entire time in a thong. Right next door is the family resort, I wore a thong there as well without any issues. I was the only one in a thong though, all the other guys were in shorts. I made friends with a couple married couples who loved my swimwear!
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