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Date Posted:06/02/2016 02:19:27Copy HTML

I have a couple of suits with quick release straps, where you can disconnect the side straps from the pouch to help minimize tan lines, putting the straps out of the way while keeping the pouch covered (decorum, you know). The suits I have are a Skinzwear M65 and a Dubio Escape. The Skinzwear one I wear pointing down, and it keeps everything tidy even when I have the pouch folded down REAL far. The Dubio, on the other hand, has a fitted pouch which sort of relies on gravity to keep things filled. When reclining, it more "sits on top" of my package rather than cradling it, so it looks a little baggy. However, when I'm standing or walking, the pouch is amazing, so I actually prefer it like that.

I see that Tendenze has a suit with this style of strap; they also have a style where the strap remains in place while the pouch can be unclipped, which is sort of the opposite of what I like. I also see the Tangaland Silver Ring Bag, which looks like the straps could be slipped off the ring (can they?) What other brands  have styles with quick release? I'm not looking for something overly kinky, nor with tie sides or Velcro . Thanks!
gentlemannudist #1

Re:Quick release straps

Date Posted:06/02/2016 04:27:49Copy HTML

 can you post some links to pics J_R_365 ?
J_R_365 #2

Re:Quick release straps

Date Posted:06/03/2018 02:32:53Copy HTML

I wore my Mensview Joe to the beach the other day (as well as a Skinzwear M65U the previous day, for comparison). I like how they used the same typ and quality  clasps as the Skinzwear, just to accommodate being a String rather than a thong. These are much more comfortable and robust than the ones Dubio for their Escape.
This is the Joe suit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/JOE-Mens-low-cut-push-out-string-Black-lace-print-on-turquoise-breakaways-M/292442557191For comparison, here is the Dubio: http://www.dubiobikinis.com/Escape-Breakaway-Bikini
This early in the season, I work to get a good, even, base tan, shifting position frequently, trying to maximize potential Tanline-less-ness.  Breakaway straps are great for this.

The Mensview/Jovana is almost a baggie with the straps unhooked.The contoured pouch holds thing snugly and comforably, even when moving around on my towel. The Skinzwear requires more caution, but I love how you can adjust the coverage to nearly off to straps fastened in a matter of seconds, without having to readjust the fit of the pouch. The Mensview has only one degree of coverage, but it also does not readjusting the fit upon standing.

Tangaland no longer has the silver ring bag, but I got a few similar items from Ali Express. I've noticed that Chinese thongs and strings tend to have quite high waistbands, so you get a big tanless triangle where the teardrop points up (and I'm pointing down). Shortening the center strap as I've done on some other suits doesn't change the fit of the pouch itself, though, which looks better when pulled up high. best to wait until later in the Summer, when I don't have to worry about that pesky triangle.
I was looking around eBay and Ali Express for hooks to retrofit some old suits I didn't find any metal ones similar to those used by Skinzwear, but I did buy like fifty 30mm c-shaped ball end key rings, so I can retrofit any lower-rise teardrops that may come my way.
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