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Date Posted:04/20/2015 06:51:21Copy HTML

One of our local radio programs had a yearly cruise for listeners of the show. The male dj was wondering what and how much he should pack for the up-coming cruise.

I was listening to the show on my way in to work that day and felt like giving some advice. I told him not to worry about packing anything other than his toiletries and just a thong. That way he didn't have to pack a large bag or suitcase. I was just joking with him and the female dj. They broke out in serious laughter, as expected. They talked about my call in for a few days, and referred to me as "thong guy".  

A few months later I actually met him. He was the guest dj at a cancer event that my daughter was invited to participate in, as she is a cancer survivor. I introduced my self, telling him that I had recently talked to him while he was on-air. I introduced my self as "thong guy" and he got this huge smile I his face and asked me if I was serious. I pulled the side strap of the thong I was wearing up out of my pants a bit for him to see and he started laughing. Not in an offensive way, more out of general delight.

A few days later as I. Listening to the radio show he mentioned being at the cancer event and that he had met one of the shows call in listeners. They had about a 15 minute segment on meeting "thong guy" and how he had thought that my original call was a joke.
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Re:Radio call in

Date Posted:04/21/2015 01:18:59Copy HTML

Cool, who knows if your call was just a jump start needed for others listening to use thongs. Good job and what a good experience for you and all who listened and got inspired to use thongs.
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