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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:09/02/2011 03:52:08Copy HTML

Hi, I plan on heading to Rarotonga and Aitutaki in the cook islands. was wondering if anyones ever been here and how accepted is it to thong? I couldn't seem to drag anything up on the internet about the culture there.
Thongmad #1

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:09/06/2011 09:45:44Copy HTML

...or here it seems. Let us know what you find!

And enjoy your trip!
steampowered #2

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:09/07/2011 02:30:30Copy HTML

 So far, only very little.

I've found nude and topless sunbathing seems, for the most part, heavily frowned upon or offensive.

Thongs however I'm still not sure. From what I gather, in many parts of the islands many beaches have such few people on them (compared to almost any decent beach in larger countries) it doesn't seem like it would be a problem.

I'll definitely be doing it!
rustathong #3

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:11/21/2011 11:11:16Copy HTML

 Steampowered how did you go ? Was it thong friendly or not so ?We are planing a big family holiday there next year. Wife's side.But I think we are also planing on staying a bit longer so keep us posted on how you went ?

steampowered #4

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:01/17/2012 10:17:50Copy HTML

Nah, haven't been yet. We've decided to go in march, so I'll let you know how it goes. From what I've heard from a few friends regarding how busy the beaches are, is there's some really quite secluded, quiet spots, despite being a pretty large tourist destination.

I'm pretty positive it shouldn't be a problem.
steampowered #5

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:03/18/2012 09:55:53Copy HTML

I found the beaches in raro really thong friendly.

Seemed like none of the locals really go to the beach and if they do, there's so much beach and so few people that the likelihood of someone having a problem with thongs walking past is just too slim.
We had mostly other tourists walk past. but even then, there's very few people around.
rustathong #6

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:06/15/2012 01:43:22Copy HTML

 Sounds like its going to be a good time in Raro for me & the family. Wife has a WW that I will be packing for her & getting another 1.Now hopefully she will wear them in a place that has so few people walking by.
Steampowered were there activities there to do like snorkeling etc or mainly just the swim up bars& did you thong only at the beach or other places too ?And does anyone else have some things that were a must do & recomened for others. 
We are going for 2 weeks. I think we are going with family for 1 week & friends for the other week. which sadly none of our friends thongbut they all know that I wear them tho just not to the beach "I think".
steampowered #7

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:06/19/2012 11:56:04Copy HTML

 I think in general, the cook islands and many surrounding pacific islands seem very conservative in most respects. There's only really one main road that goes all the way around the island (raro) on which there's many churches and schools etc. so maybe straying too far from the beach, might not be overly advisable. But from my experience with cook islanders in New Zealand and especially on Raro, no ones really going to care or get offended. at most some teens might laugh or people might stare. they're very polite so they'll probably just think you're weird. We only thonged at the beach though.

There's pretty much no tourists traps, apart from maybe some of the "traditional" shows which you can pay for (in my opinion) the one pretty good one (with fire dancing etc) at Te Vara Nui (it is pretty pricey though) or a lot of resorts have free/cheap shows.

Captain Tama's lagoon cruise is an absolute must! seem's like a tourist trap, but so worth it. i've never heard of anyone who didn't have a good time. the locals take you to one of the best snorkelling spots and you get cook island styled bbq etc.

the whole island is one massive lagoon. the reef/break water goes all the way around the island and normally gives about 100m of lagoon to snorkel in. so you can pretty much stop anywhere along the road to swim.

you'll find the lagoon at Muri beach pretty nice. definitely a safe place to take kids as the water only really gets to about shoulder height. most hotels are here though, so it's pretty busy (you might even be staying there). again though, mostly tourists on the beach.

There's one of the crappiest, yet greatest bars in town called whatever bar. go on a wed. they have some local musical talent play some hilarious and fun songs. it's actually some of the same guys that run captain tamas.

not too sure about the swim up styled bars. think some resorts have them in their pools. ours did. but we never swam in it.

there's a couple of hiking tracks across the island. most probably aren't thong friendly though due to the terrain being pretty rough. likelihood of falling is pretty high.

sorry if it was a little off topic, but the cook islands are one of the best places in the world to go on holiday. I could talk for hours on it.
rustathong #8

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:11/23/2012 01:54:26Copy HTML

 This is all very good info. Helpfully tips of places to go, see & experience. Some of your suggestions sound like a must do & a great laugh. Did you thong when out in the lagoons snorkeling ? Or just when on the beach ? And where was the best place that you experienced thonging on the beach/ ocean & what pools if any.Cheers for the info.
djthong #9

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:12/12/2017 08:21:14Copy HTML

Has anybody thonged or seen thongers in rarotonga Cook Islands? Is it okay to wear thong swimwear there?
Grabeach #10

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:12/12/2017 07:42:55Copy HTML

Haven't been there personally, but from what I've read, NO. Having been subject to western christian missionaries, they are a highly religious, conservative society. Sort of amuses me when a place can't tolerate skin, but gladly facilitates foreign tax avoidance.

The following quote off the web sums it up."Oh and we should point out that Cook Islanders don't appreciate fleshy bits on too much show. Very brief clothing is frowned upon and topless or nude sunbathing is a big no-no. If you have problems with that - don't go to the Cook Islands."

Not withstanding, there was a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shot there a few years back. Likely they hired a whole resort / beach. Perhaps there is an exclusive resort or two that may allow out of public view thonging.

djthong #11

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:12/13/2017 07:54:36Copy HTML

Interesting as i have been there once before and remember seeing mens g-strings sold at the convenience store. i didn't see any thongers then but that was maybe 7ish years ago. will pack them in the bag just incase.
djthong #12

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:03/07/2018 08:08:08Copy HTML

Hello all,
Just returned from Cook Island Rarotonga and went thonging every day. No problems with locals or other tourists. Didn't see any other males but did see a hand full of ladies in thongs. Set up on the beach alone mostly and had other young ladies set up next to me. So i didn't feel like i was alone and felt accepted. Great place to visit.
Grabeach #13

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:03/08/2018 11:47:13Copy HTML

That’s good news. It sounds like a few web sites that I saw got it wrong.
MarkThongLines #14

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:03/10/2018 05:10:01Copy HTML

I recently enquired about thonging in the Cook Islands while planning a holiday. Below is the reply email:

Kia Orana Mark,Happy New Year and thank you for your email. How exciting, only a couple of months away till you’re on our beautiful little paradise!In terms of swimwear choices on public beaches, it’s fine to wear thong style swimsuits but just no topless sunbathing. Also to help with the planning of your trip, here is a copy of the eating and drinking guide https://issuu.com/cookislandssun/docs/e_dinraro_2017-2018?e=15455223/51686263. The Cooks is all about fresh food, so definitely check out the markets as well to taste the local cuisine.Hope this helps!Let me know if you have any other questions, and enjoy your trip in May!Kia Manuia (Best Wishes)Annie Peng                       MARKETING COORDINATOR AUSTRALIACook Islands Tourism Corporation
MarkThongLines #15

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:08/24/2018 11:35:09Copy HTML

Cook Islands in one week, can’t wait! Now the hard decision, what suits to pack???

Grabeach #16

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:08/25/2018 12:49:05Copy HTML

Mark; When you enquired about thongs, did you specifically mention it was for a guy? It has just dawned on me that a reply of "It's fine to wear thong swimsuits but just no topless sunbathing" typically refers to what women can wear. Could they have misinterpreted your query?

MarkThongLines #17

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:08/27/2018 01:25:06Copy HTML

Hey Grabeach,

I thought the same thing, so sent another email to clarify. In her reply she advised it was ok for males too but consider less crowded spots.

MarkThongLines #18

Re:Rarotonga/Cook Islands

Date Posted:10/13/2018 12:24:12Copy HTML

Back from a great time in the Cook Islands. We had perfect weather, and was able to find enough spots to enjoy some sunning in my thong. I was mindful as to where I chose to wear skimpy suits, still enough people around and passing by to gauge reactions. Over the week I was there I thonged 4 out of 7 days, didn’t experience any problems. Beautiful place!
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