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Date Posted:06/20/2004 07:17:52Copy HTML

All,A simple quesion, what reactions have you had when people have seen that your pubic area is shaved.I have been completely shaved for years now and although I've had good comments, approving looks, plain stares I've only had one bad comment which was this weekend. I was in the changing room and when the guy in the shower seen that I was shaved he looked surprised and asked if I was getting married. When I asked why he said that he thought that my mates had shaved me as part of my stag night. When I explained to him that it was my personal choice and I get myself waxed regularly as I think it is more hygenic and looks better when wearing my small underwear and also my girlfriend prefered it he looked disgusted.Has anyone else had this sort of reaction?
Beachlover492000 #1

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:06/20/2004 09:05:05Copy HTML

I've been wearing brief swimwear that requires me to trim or shave my pubic hair for a very long time. I can tell you that the attitudes toward shaving are a lot more accepting now than they were in the '70s and '80s. Back then I'd hear negative reactions regularly in the locker room because of my trimmed or missing pubic hair and my tan lines. And although most women found my tan lines interesting, at least in the bedroom, a couple of others were put off when they saw me nude for the first time. I didn't care too much because I my tan was great source of satisfaction for me, and my hair had to go if I was going to look attractive in my tiny suits.

Today attitudes have changed because the younger generation has really gotten into body modification. Tattoos and piercings, which were once limited to sailors and men who had made a "youthful mistake" for tats and people who were into S&M for piecings, are now pretty wide spread. Likewise men who want to eliminate some body hair because they think that they are more attractive have greatly expanded the hair removal industry. I now wear a ting g-string to the beach that requires me to shave my pubes completely. To date I've only heard one comment, and that one fell into the neutral category.

Still the idea of removing ALL body hair from the neck down is a concept that is more often realized in swimwear catalogs than on the beach. For me the thought wearing my g-string on the beach with a perfectly smooth body is intriging, but the realty of coping with shorts and shaved legs at the shopping mall is not. Maybe someday those attitudes will change, but for now I'm not ready to do something radical to myself that will leave me modified 24/7.

Rockin The Thong #2

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:06/22/2004 02:47:43Copy HTML

Typically I can't go completely shaven since I would get bumps and start iching for days.  Normally I just go super low with some trimmers, about a 1/4" is fine for me.  My gf doesn't like it when I trim up down there, but I can't stand being fully grown so I have to do it.
Thonglicious #3

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:06/22/2004 10:21:00Copy HTML

I've not yet been in a situation that would reveal that I shave down there but that may change soon as I am approaching holiday.  I'll be donning a bikini on the beach for the first time this year and am looking forward to any feedback I might receive.  My wife seems interested enough in my choice of attire but I'm wondering what the masseuse will think when she reaches my thighs.


BOB1 #4

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:06/23/2004 11:01:47Copy HTML

I've shaved my pubic area for a while now.

It started off with me not liking the full growth, and feeling if i trimmed the hair shorter it would be more hygienic.

When i started wearing thongs more i decided to shave more off. I also like to keep my balls and anus trimmed.

Feels alot cleaner overall.

When i started seeing my Girlfriend, she was hairy too. Got into a conversation about thongs etc. and asked her if she had any. She had a few, then i said she couldn't really wear them as her hair would whisp out of the sides. She know were thongs all the time (except on the beach) and keeps her pubic area bald to. Which she and i like.

Again this (as well as wearing a thong) seems more acceptable for females to trim there pubic hair but when males do it can get a negative reaction.

When at the end of the day it's all about personal choice. If a wanted a beard i'd grow one, i don't, so a shave. The same with my pubic hair.

flsmoothie #5

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:06/29/2004 12:26:26Copy HTML

This is a short version of reactions to my shaving.  I plan on writing an extended version and submitting it to  If and when it is published, I will post another message here with a link to it.


Concern about reactions to my bare genitals came in four different categories; nude beaches, female sex partners, family, and medical examinations.  At nude beaches the only comments have been positive.  They were more in the ilk of having attractive genitals as opposed to specifically about them being shaved.  But with the amount of pubic hair I have, it would have been nearly impossible to see much to comment on.  (Not that I lack size at nearly eight inches, but a really full bush!) 


Female sex partners have been very positive about it.  Three of them started shaving after seeing me bald!  One asked me to shave her the first time she saw me nude.


Concerning my family, it was only my father that has seen me groomed, as he also saw me hairy before grooming.  Although he never said anything about it, when I started trimming the surrounding hair it was much more noticeable.  When he saw the result of having very little hair in that area, I did see him take notice.


Finally, I have been to three doctors for examinations since starting pubic grooming.  Never a comment from any of them.  Actually, my guess is they appreciated how it made the examinations easier.

thong1000 #6

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:07/01/2004 04:52:27Copy HTML

several years ago, I saw a guy at they Y who had trimmed and shaped his pubic hair.  He was quite hairy on his chest, so you know he had to trim it often.  Also having shaved the outer area making his pubic hair in a V shape---his ball were completely smooth and so was his anus area.  I thought about that several days, since I did not have a lot of hair anyway I started shaving part.  The wife was wondering, but the day I shaved it smooth--including the anus area------she loved it.  She has always really enjoyed feeling my anal area-------now more than ever.  So I continued it.  Yes while going to Y there was always some stares, but I didnt care.  I started wearing thongs because it felt good on my "bare" areas---I was then a full 'smoothie'   I did lay out in my thong in a park and a mid age couple happened by---they stopped to talk----she asked about it---then asked to see it---so I did----she said she liked it, he said, well you can shave me, but I wont do it myself.  I wonder if she did!

wackymac #7

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:07/11/2004 11:05:50Copy HTML

Reply to : Beachlover492000
Quote from Beachlover492000

"Still the idea of removing ALL body hair from the neck down is a concept that is more often realized in swimwear catalogs than on the beach. For me the thought wearing my g-string on the beach with a perfectly smooth body is intriging, but the realty of coping with shorts and shaved legs at the shopping mall is not. Maybe someday those attitudes will change, but for now I'm not ready to do something radical to myself that will leave me modified 24/7"

Beachlover:  I have been shaving from the neck down for 5 years now.  I wear shorts with a 2.5" to 4.5" inseam all the time as weather permits.  I even wear them to work in a furniture factory with approx. 150  employees.  Some of the people know I shave but no one has ever made a negative comment.  I also wear the shorts everywhere else, ie; out to dinner, THE MALL, and to friends and relatives houses.  I have had several comments from ladies as to how nice my legs look. I also get a pedicure every three to four weeks.  I wear Birkinstocks everywhere but to work as we are not allowed to wear open toed shoes. Keep in mind that if you don't like it, the hair will always grow back.


quinto10141 #8

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:07/18/2004 05:51:33Copy HTML

I am new to this board to and have been reading the posts for several years.  I did post on the previous board some time back.

I have been shaving my pubic area for about five years.  It started out on a wim when changing in the locker room after a swim.  I always wear a speedo type suit but I had been wearing smaller suits more and more.  On vacatiion in Florida my wife and I will even wear thongs.

After a workout swim one day, one guy in the locker room teased me about my "pubes showing around my bikini."  I looked and he was right.  He said "if you are going to wear that tiny suit you better shave it off.  Or, better yet stop wearing those stupid bikinies."  I knew he did not like my swim suits, he wears dork shorts down to his knees.  The other guy wore short boxer shorts to swim in.  I ignored him and walked to the shower.  I was not the only guy in the club to wear a speedo, but most were black or dark colors.  I wore 1" sided suites in bright colors.  I guess that is why this guy decided to tell me he did not like my type of suit.

I always shower and shave in the locker room before going to work and the club has all the shaving things in the stall.  While standing in the shower I was taking off my suit and saw that I was a bit bushey and the idea occured to me to follow up on the dork shorts guy's suggestion.  I picked up the razor and the shaving gel and lathered up.  I had only intended  to trim up the edges of my pubes so that they did not show through the leg holes of my suit but, I got carried away and in a few minutes I was smooth around my front and shaft.  I rinced off and saw that the rest of me was standing out, so I began to finish the job.  Now I was clean and smooth on the front, shaft, sack and rear end.

I was a bit starteled by my new look when I had finished but I did find it felt good.  What I did not know was how to explain to my wife when she saw me next what happened.  And, it was now time to leave the shower and get dressed for work.

I put my speedo back on to leave the shower and walked back to my locker.  The other two were in the locker room and I had to get dressed.  So, I pulled down my suit and acted like nothing was different. 

The dork shorts guy just looked.  I had a good bikini tan line and it was very obvious that I was bare and smooth.  I just smiled and got dressed.  Nothing was said by the other two then.

I spent the day trying to figure out how to explain my new look to my wife.  And, usual things through the day shocked me to reality.  A trip to the men's room ment a new sensation.  Guess I hadn't felt like that since before puberty

Well, the moment arrived that night when I had to face my wife.  She just looked at me and smiled.  I did not expect that reaction but I was relieved.  The story came out and she said that she did not want to tell me but the dork shorts guy was right, you needed a trim, but you went all the way. 

She did like the smooth look and  the sharp tan lines that were very obvious now.  She wears a string bikini on vacation and has nice tan lines and she says that we match now.  I was happy with my smooth look and I decided to keep everything clean and bare.

This whole episode lead up to the post  I just made on the topic of Koala swimsuits.  My wife ordered me a Pink Satin Mangini suit from a joke for my new look.  She gave it to me and I tried it on.  I was very comfortable with my clean look by now but to my suprise the Mangina suit gave me a big tranformation.  Now I had a smooth clean front with no sign of my  male parts between my legs.  It was a bit trickey at first to get all the parts tucked in but when I finished I looked in the mirror and the pink color gave me a clevage that was natural looking.  My wife just smiled when she saw me.  My clean smooth front added the finishing touch to the illusion.  I must admit., I was intrigued by transforation and found it to be exciting.  I did not think that I could wear the Mangina at first but since my wife gave it to me I did.

We went on vacation a few months later to South Beach she wanted me to wear my pink Mangina.  My wife was silly with the idea and I did not know what to expect.  But, we both had a great few days on the beach.  I even told one woman who asked, that I was very comfortable, and she agreed with my wife that the illusion was very convincing.  She expected to see two topless women when she walked by but I turned out to the the illusion. 

So, clean and smooth it has been for some years now and as far as reactions in the locker room, there have been lots of looks some questions and even a few converts to the smooth look.

And I have a new minimal swimsuit look to experience.




sunlover #9

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:08/01/2004 07:39:20Copy HTML

I started shaving in order to look better when wearing a thong to the beach last year. I was a little nervous about peoples reactions but so far I have had only one comment. It was from a good female friend of mine. I was driving her to her apartment one day and she in mid-sentence said "Did you shave your legs?". I said yes and told I did so because my legs are so hairy and all the hair makes it more of a hassle to apply sun screen. This is true for me anyway! She then added that it made my legs look more muscular. This is true too.

If you think about it a lot of guys do it. Bike riders do it to lessen road rash and body builders do it simply to enhance their muscles.

Yesterday I met some friends at an outing and I noticed then quickly staring at my freshly shaved legs but they did not say anything. Even if they did it would not have been a big deal.

I hope this helps.
trapking #10

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:08/01/2004 10:02:40Copy HTML

I have been shaving every five days or so for a couple years and although my wife says she does not like it, it seems to me she does.

At Mazo beach in WI shaving is common so no comments there.

At the gym or pool I have had plenty of looks and one comment from a guy who asked me about it.  Although that was an uncomfortable conversation for a little while until I got the nerves out, I was proud he liked my look enough to try it himself.  

I really enjoy the time it takes to get showered and dried off before I get my thong and clothes on.  I guess we all have a little showoff in us.

KathrynG #11

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:08/01/2004 10:50:49Copy HTML

While I know its different from a womans point of view I thought I'd make my effort in this thread. While at our gym the showers in the changing room are one big room with 10 showers many of the women chose to shower with their swimsuit on. Although some chose to do this there are many, also, that shower naked. I would say 90% of the women I have seen are shaved in some way whether it be trimmed, landing strip or whatever. I also shower naked and I haven't had any comments on my totally clean look. The only comments I do get are related to the tattoo I have on my pubic bone and my clitoris piercing and are mainly questions along the lines of"do they make a difference when getting waxed" etc.
Ex_Member #12

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:08/05/2004 06:07:44Copy HTML

I've had a few notice but not really say anything. I know a few have had a second look to confirm what they thought they saw, in changerooms and on the beach. Never had a negative comment, and I'm sure a few were rather curious...
gulfscuba #13

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:02/28/2005 08:45:05Copy HTML

Several weeks ago I was looking at the hair on my legs. Some of the hairs were quite long, 2 to 3 inches. I decided to trim them up. I started with the electric shears that my girlfriend uses on the dog. I guess I should have practiced on the dog first because before I knew it my legs were bare. At this point I decided to shave the whole mess off and let it all grow back even.

Yesterday I was working on a new computer that I bought and found I needed some stuff from the computer shop. I did not want to drive up there because I had drank a couple beers while I was waiting for stuff to download. I guess the beers made me forget that I had shaved my legs and I pulled on a pair of running shorts and a tee shirt and hiked up to the bus stop.

When I arrived at the bus stop there was a young lady sitting on the bench. We made small talk while we waited on the bus. The bus arrived we boarded and sat across from each other. The bus reached her stop first and before she got off she leaned over and whispered into my ear, "You have the most beautiful legs".

Even with that vote of approval I am not sure if I will continue to shave my legs.

Endo_Rowe #14

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:03/01/2005 02:46:08Copy HTML

Every one of my male friends at least owns a beard trimmer, and agrees that it should be trimmed. As it turns out, all the girls I know expect this of a man. I have always gotten favorable responses to my bareness. I have not recieved a single negative comment in three years.
Mako Hawaii #15

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:10/01/2006 10:22:25Copy HTML

I have been completely smooth for over 5 years and trimmed to the G-string area 10+ plus years prior to that And most of the comment are positive and a few stares. On the nude beaches it is common and in the locker room it doesn't even get a reaction since most guys atleast trim. But I did have a major negative reaction this past week on vacation from an older woman at the hotel pool in which she called the manager and the manager came down and told her if it bothered her she could leave. Because the hotel had no problem with me swimming nude and that she had no problem with me being shaved, she later came to me and appoligised and said she wished everyone would shave who used her pool because that is a lot less cleaning for the filter system. SHe then asked the old lady to please put her hair up or wear a cap while she swam.
Ex_Member #16

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:10/14/2006 05:23:27Copy HTML

I used to shave but now just keep well trimmed.  I have found that it is a conversation starter more than anything else.  In the locker room I've had guys ask me about it and then have seen that they have tried trimming too.  My wife loves that I am trimmed.  If we go to a nude beach or resort then we will both shave as there are many shaved nudists.  We both like the shaved look on others too - both males and females.



sailor250 #17

Re:Reactions to shaving?

Date Posted:09/10/2018 10:39:25Copy HTML

Saw this website about "manscaping" they said "independent research" showed that most women preferred their man shaved
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