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Date Posted:01/03/2017 08:34:33Copy HTML

My wife and I are looking for a place to stay that is thong or at least speedo friendly. This will be our first big trip somewhere and first time leaving the states. We are both late 20's and both in good shape. Looking for recomendations on a place to go that people have had experience with ether in  mexico or the Caribbean. Would like a resort or allinclusive if they exist. Thanks in advance...
thong4me #1

Re:Recommendations for a younger crowd

Date Posted:01/04/2017 03:42:32Copy HTML

 If you are looking to just lay out in a thong, no need to go further than Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.  If you like to explore, check out different beaches, and have a great vacation, I can't recommend St. John / St. Thomas enough.  St. John has enough beaches and enough cove areas down a beach to hang out for the day.  Great food and bars in the evening.  You are a skip from Tortola and Jost van dyke, which are far easier for HER to thong, but days and spots are there to be had for you as well.  Jost is a great spot but least thong-able.   My wife and I thonged all day long on a Tortola beach this August and we were the only ones on a pristine beach about a mile long and 100 yards deep.  If you guys are confident, fun, and not afraid you will have a great time anywhere in the USVI or BVI.  Good luck!
Ex_Member #2

Re:Recommendations for a younger crowd

Date Posted:01/04/2017 04:56:01Copy HTML

 Thanks Thong4me, any recomendations on places to stay in st john? We want a place we can both thong but i will go to a brief if needed...
thong4me #3

Re:Recommendations for a younger crowd

Date Posted:01/05/2017 02:15:25Copy HTML

 There are a few places to stay but the westin St. John is the best on the island.  My wife and I have stayed there three times when staying on St. John.  The hotel has a nice gym, good breakfasts, and numerous room types from condos to small rooms, but it is definitely not one of the cheaper places to stay like you could find around cancun and playa deal carmen in Mexico.   At the Westin, it is conservative and I wore speedo-type briefs and short trunks at the hotel, my wife wore a thong and tiny rio most times.  With the many beaches we visited daily on St. John, we only ended up at the westin beach or their beautiful pool at about 4pm anyway having a drink before dinner.  And all the restaurants are in town very close to the Westin.
There are other places to stay and I've heard Caneel Bay is nice, but we have always been kind of the "stay well" but explore the beaches for minimal swimwear opportunities kind of couple.  The beaches around the islands are far better than anywhere the hotels popped up on, and the USVI and BVI's are all very kid friendly at hotels, so go explore and take good pics.    Hope that helps.

ChaddiusRex #4

Re:Recommendations for a younger crowd

Date Posted:01/05/2017 05:17:32Copy HTML

 I have always wanted to thong on the west coast of FL with younger people.  On the east coast, I highly recommend Haulover Beack Park ($6.00) in North Miami Beach Several nude and non-nude couples frequent.
Miami Beach is a nice time too, I have worn speedos and thongs without any issues.  Sometimes, woman are topless by the 12th St area
I live in south Palm Beach county, and have never had any issues, only positive experiences thonging at Spanish River Beach, Palmetto Park Beach and Deerfield Beach.
JustAThonger #5

Re:Recommendations for a younger crowd

Date Posted:01/05/2017 08:54:06Copy HTML

I usually wear a thong to South Beach, Haulover (textile area), Sunny Isles, Hallandale, Hollywood, and Fort Lauredale, all in SoFlo and didn't have any issues.Most people down here don't care as much on what others wear.
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