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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:03/19/2004 10:34:29Copy HTML

Hello! Are there any thong friendly hotel pools and spas in Reno NV? How about hotels with very few children and teenagers? Thanks
clubthongs #1

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:03/20/2004 03:13:52Copy HTML

Reply to : free2thong

Hello! Are there any thong friendly hotel pools and spas in Reno NV? How about hotels with very few children and teenagers? Thanks
I have thonged at The Eldorado and at Harrah's with no problems.  Reno really is just a small version of Las Vegas without the "themed" resorts.
notherbigr #2

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:09/18/2004 10:23:00Copy HTML

I was just in Reno this past weekend and stayed at the Nugget.  There is an indoor pool there, but it kinda opens up to the exterior.  The inside pool deck and hot tub area are definately not great places to go thongin unless you're a sheer exhibitionist.   However, there are two outside patio area adjacent to the pool that might allow you just enough privacy from the families to go thong if you like.

Better yet is to just rent a car and head over to Lake Tahoe.  Just south of Incline Village there are three beaches along the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe that are "clothing optional" and thus very friendly to thongin.  The beaches are; Hidden, Chimney, and Secret.  Hidden is just south of Incline Village, the other two are a bit further south, below Sand beach which is a larger park-like beach.  Chimney and Secret require parking in a small parking area along the side of the road and hiking down to the lake.  Takes about 10 minutes.

I spent the afternoon at Secret Beach and really enjoyed it.  Make sure you bring a towel as there really isn't sand, just very fine, small pebbles.  There were actually a few people au natural, but since that's not my thing I just found a good spot and lay out in my black thong.  There was another guy nearby who was pretty naked, but when he would get up he would put on a thong, looked like a Skinz type thong. 

After a great few hours on the beach I decided to hike back up to my car in my thong.  So I threw my shorts in my day pack and started climbing up the hill.  I only passed one couple who were hiking down.  They didn't say anything, but I could tell they were a bit surprised. 

One piece of advice.  Due to the altitude the sun is very strong in Lake Tahoe.   Definately use sun screen, especially on those spots that normally don't see it.


clubthongs #3

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:09/19/2004 02:51:16Copy HTML

I have worn thongs at The Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Harrah's with no problems.  In fact, there were several people in minimal swimwear the last time I stayed at The Eldorado.
chasnsx #4

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:09/19/2004 02:22:22Copy HTML

Don't bother with the Reno Hilton.  Although that resort is golf friendly (has its own driving range), and the rooms and the service are nice, it definitely seems to attract a redneck element.  The pool is nothing special and there is no jacuzzi/hot tub.  Although there were several women's thongs on display on the wall of the hotel swimwear shop, that is the ONLY place that I saw them.

The crowd around the pool was so redneck/family/conservative swimwear that after scouting the pool I decided not to bother swimming.

Regards, Chas

jj1724 #5

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:11/22/2011 12:00:18Copy HTML

I'm thinking about taking a trip to Reno this winter.  Anyone visited there recently?
jn9195 #6

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:11/22/2011 07:03:33Copy HTML

 I've never found any "fun" in any Reno hotels. :(

josht #7

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:08/23/2013 02:37:10Copy HTML

I am going to be staying at Circus Circus (Sept 12 - 15), which has no pool (it was not my choice, this is actually a business trip). But Silver Legacy pool is open to Circus Circus guests for $15 and I wonder if it will be worth it to go there to wear my Skinz M1R.
The Gabe #8

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:04/28/2014 05:28:29Copy HTML

 It appears as though I may be taking a road trip to out Fernley, NV plant, about 30 miles form Reno so this may be the place for me to ask. If I do get sent out,, I would most likely be staying at the Best Western or Super 8 as they are very close to where I'd be working. DOes anyone know how well thongs go over in that area?
sandrhymes #9

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:05/18/2014 03:05:23Copy HTML

Just got back from a quick trip to Reno for the UNR graduation ceremonies.  I haven't been to Reno in over 15 years.  I was able to get in a few hours of sun at the Peppermill Resort Hotel and since the Atlantis Hotel was just down the road, I drove over there to check out their pool also.  The weather was warm but not hot and a little breezy.  The Atlantis has a small but very nice pool area.  You enter from the spa into an enclosed pool, passing through the enclosed area you enter into an open terraced area with cushioned lounges, cabanas, a spa and small pool.  Not a huge area, but a beautiful upscale design. There were a few people out getting some sun and drinks.  No one was wearing minimal suits, but looks like a great place for thongs and maybe TNT.  I would like to stay here if I get to Reno again just to check it out more thoroughly, but I think the Peppermill is probably more interesting.  Very adult atmosphere.  No kids were around, but it was a Friday afternoon.
The Peppermill Resort has a large pool area with two pools on the 3rd floor I think.  There are two pools one larger and one smaller with a bar in-between. There were some families with kids playing in the pool and I several women in thongs or cheeky bikinis.  I wore a Skinz M1R2 g and spent several hours getting some sun.  The cocktail waitress who came by several times and brought drinks was very friendly.  The pool area was fairly crowded, and became more so as the day progressed.  The west side of the hotel shades the pool area and it gets more and more shady as time passes, and as lounges get dragged into the sunny areas and everyone gets packed in closer together.  The atmosphere was very mature and accepting, no bad remarks, just quite acceptance and some interest.  The families with kids just walked by and played in the pool without any issues. Talked a little with the people on each side of me.  A great afternoon in the sun.  
jn9195 #10

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:06/19/2014 03:48:23Copy HTML

The Gabe,
Well, I've never stayed in Fernley although I've traveled through there many times.  And the times I've usually stayed in Reno, it was either too cold and the pools were closed or there were too many redneck types for me to attempt it.
So, obviously, I'm no help at all.  :)

Did you take this trip and did you find any place that was accepting of thongs?

clubthongs #11

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:09/04/2014 02:35:44Copy HTML

During a recent trip to Reno I had the opportunity to spend some time poolside at the Peppermill. I started out wearing a Skinz M57 Sunseeker Rio but the vibe was right so I stripped off the M57 and spent several hours in the Skinz M1R2 Adjustable Micro G String. The cocktail waitress seemed to enjoy the view :)
hotbunz1969 #12

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:09/05/2014 01:45:06Copy HTML

clubthongs, Isn't it just the best feeling when the vibe is right around a pool and you get to slip off you cover up suit, even better when you get positive attention, hey! Good for you.
jn9195 #13

Re:Reno NV Hotels

Date Posted:05/09/2018 07:46:51Copy HTML

 Anyone been thonging in Reno lately?   I'm in Las Vegas but I may have to relocate to the Reno area to stay employed. :(   

Reno kind of sucks. :)

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