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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:11/11/2004 10:27:13Copy HTML

About 15 years ago we went to Gennadi on the south coast of Rhodes. It was an unspoilt villlage then and we could thong or go nude on the beach without any problems. But there was going to be more building.We are returning to Rhodes in May and would like to know if anyone has had some good thonging experiences on Rhodes recently.
kawasaki #1


Date Posted:05/14/2011 01:38:39Copy HTML

Hi, is there anyone who has an update on this island? Going there within 3 weeks ;-) Any information? Thx in advance.. Chris
JM_Runs #2


Date Posted:05/16/2011 09:17:16Copy HTML

If you haven't done so already, I suggest letting Captain Barefoot be your guide:
Primarily for naturists, of course, but usually very interesting and useful all the same.

kawasaki #3


Date Posted:05/16/2011 09:43:48Copy HTML

Thanks a lot ;-) As a naturist, this page is a treasure of information. When get back, I will post an update.
Rhodesthong #4


Date Posted:05/30/2011 09:15:01Copy HTML

Rhodes is the first place I ever wore a thong in public (hence my profile name). I went there Ialysos about 8/9 years ago and I was the only male on the beach in a thong (just a plain blue Hom design). I didn't thong in the hotel pool though as it was full of kids. The beach is not huge where we were and we were right in front of a bar. Where the local police liked to sit at lunchtime! It took some guts to take my shorts off at first, but then I realised nobody was bothered and just got on with it. There were a few females in thongs on the beach too. Also went to Tsampika beach a few times and saw some thongers there (mostly female too). Don't think you'll have any problems at all in Rhodes. Everyone is too laid back to care.
kawasaki #5


Date Posted:05/30/2011 12:25:01Copy HTML

Thx a lot Rhodesthong ;-) When I get back I will post an update!
thonguk #6


Date Posted:01/03/2019 04:35:37Copy HTML

Hi, I have just booked my holiday for this year, I will be going to Rhodes. I noticed this thread hasnt been updated in over 7 years. Anyone with more recent experiences of Rhodes? 


tiggerix #7


Date Posted:01/04/2019 11:38:53Copy HTML

@thonguk - sorry haven't been, but several friends have and generally really like it. It was famous for Faliraki and all the clubs/bars, but that has now calmed down a bit. Plus you can easily head into club land, or stay away just as a mood takes. Like many Greek islands, I think it worth hiring a car as you can get to nicer beaches and coves more easily. Likely to be plenty of Brits and Russians. Plenty of topless, not out of place in speedos, and I doubt many will be at all bothered by string/thong - too relaxed for that.
thonguk #8


Date Posted:01/04/2019 02:44:39Copy HTML

Ok thanks, last year I made the step of getting rid of any swim shorts i had, so i now all my swimwear is either a speedo or smaller, mainly thong swimwear. The hotel we are going to is quite a big hotel, we also have a room which has its own little private pool, however will probably also use the larger pools as well, they also have water slides at one of the pools. I am tempted to only take thong swimwear with me, it will be the first time going on holiday with no other option but to wear a thong.
SkyFireGhost #9


Date Posted:01/04/2019 03:30:54Copy HTML

We have been two times to Rhodes. We are always going to the beach, we have both where thongs as swimwear and it was not a problem. Most of the time we are trying to find a place where only the local people are coming of a place where I can do some kitesurfing. I do not now how it will be at the hotel swimming pool but I think it will not be a problem.
thonguk #10


Date Posted:01/04/2019 06:31:17Copy HTML

We are going in May, it won’t be the peak season so it may not be too busy.
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