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Date Posted:01/20/2019 01:26:57Copy HTML

I like the rio/halfback suits and underwear a lot.  I noticed that throughout the day as they creep up only one side creeps into "thong position".  The other side stays put.  I am wondering if anyone else has this issue?  It does not matter what brand I am wearing.  I prefer the Skinz low sring side rio but I also have a few JS rio bikinis.  It is not a big deal especialliy if I am wearing them as underwear.  But for tanning I think symetrical lines are best.  Maybe one of my but cheeks is bigger than the other!!! LOL

J_R_365 #1

Re:Rio/Halfback suit creep

Date Posted:01/20/2019 03:08:03Copy HTML

Could be! I know that one of my cheeks sags a bit more than the other [Oh, the joys of getting older!]. If I wear a "brief" style, with the leg opening just below the butt, the difference s really obvious. Anything lower or higher, it's not an issue at all.
JM_Runs #2

Re:Rio/Halfback suit creep

Date Posted:01/20/2019 04:14:58Copy HTML

Suit creep: Bikini models and bodybuilders have had this problem, and solved it. Google "Hollywood Fashion Tape" or Scotch brand "wardrobe tape strips" or just "double sided clothing tape". The basic tape is a narrow clear tape, from 1/4 to 1/8" wide, sticky on both sides. Said to be "Professional grade adhesive that effectively sticks on the skin and fabric without leaving any residue." It helps if you have an assistant to apply it under the edge of the swimsuit, once it is on and you are standing up naturally. However experienced users will get the suit correctly situated, then flip just the edge over to show the inside of the seam. Apply the tape and flip it back. This is how all the impossible to wear without a wardrobe mishap dresses and swimsuits are worn in public without fear. "Hollywood Fashion Tape" seems to be the best brand, or the brand to beat, for other brands copy their packaging colors and type font. Saggy buttocks: One of the reasons I tend to wear thongs or square cuts and nothing much in between is because I no longer have the tight high firm bum needed for reo backs, bikinis or suits that cut across the buttocks. I have never had a bubble but, and as I age it is starting to look like my cheeks are trying to escape down my legs. A vertical thong rear does not suggest where the lower horizontal should be. Rather it moves the eye up towards the waist band.
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