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Date Posted:01/07/2004 03:53:52Copy HTML

My expectation was Roatan was an unknown island with few people at the beaches. I was definately under the wrong impression, it appears this unknown island is the dive capital of the world.
The island runs parallel with the second largest reef in the world and has great diving and snorkeling. When I got to the Myan Princess, in the center of West Bay, I asked the manager if it was OK to wear thongs at the beach and he said it was no problem. By the way, the Mayan Pricess is next to the Henry Morgan Resort which appears to be constantly full of Italians.
I was there in late December, early January and the beaches were packed during the day. It appears there are also oneor two cruise ships that unload several hundred people at the west end of the beach, at West Bay, two to three times a week. If you are looking for a private location, West Bay is not the place to thong. The Fantesy Island Resort is much more remote near the center of the Island but thereare less restraunts and shopping to be had.
No matter where you go, bring plenty of bug spray because the sand fleas are bad. You'll need to spray yourself everytime you get out of the water.
This trip I decided to not hide out in out of the way places when wearing my thong swimsuit. Even though the beach was crowded, I layed out in my thong with no problems. I received a few glances and a few passerbyes talked amoung themselves but no one bothered me. I went swimming in my thong all along the beach.  I was able to walk the entire length of the bay, along the beach, in a thong with no problems.   I was not hastled at all. I even thonged at the  bay at the west end while the cruise ships were in. 
But, I was the only male to do so. I did not see any other men in a thongs, although the Italian men next door were mostly wearing their speedo type suits. There were females walking along the beach in thongs and in front of some of the resorts in thongs.
If you want to wear a thong openly at the beach then Roatan is an option. Resort prices range from as low as $40/night toas much as $190/night at the Myan Princess for their most expensive beachfront rooms. Thongs seem to be pretty acceptable in the West Bay area but you have to be willing to be the only male on a crowded beach in one. There are women in them so you won't be by yourself.
West End would not be an acceptable place to wear a thong because the beach is small, not very good, and it is right downtown where all of the shops and restraunts are.
Of course it only costs about one dollar to go by water taxi from West End to West Bay so you can get cheap rooms in West End if you desire. On a side note, everywhere we ate the food was very good and the prices were very reasonable.
The water is great and the Reefs proximity makes for great diving and snorkeling. The only things you can do in Roatan are Dive, Snorkel, Eat, and layout on the beach. If your looking for more than that pick another location. The island is only three miles wide and thirty miles long. Imagine Mexico about 40 years ago and you may get close to what Roatan is like. As an example, the main road in downtown West End is not paved and driving on it would be similar to what you would imagine driving on the moon is like. Overall I liked it but it may not be for everyone. Jerry
armand_galleon #1

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:03/04/2008 08:56:33Copy HTML

I've been there a couple of times and it's a great island, great diving and snorkeling, good bars and good restaurants. There is even a nudist resort on the south side of the island. I have gone both times to the more popular side of the island, in and around West End. Not a whole lot of beaches but the best one is near West End, a short taxi boat ride for a couple of dollars to a place named West Bay. Hondurans are modest people and thongs are not very popular but the island is very tolerant of people who choose to wear them. Topless is also OK although strictly speaking not legal (but then again there are about two cops for the whole north side of the island where West End is located.) Last time I was there I befriended a young woman, American, living and working in West End whom I ran into at the little beach right in West End; she preferred to tan in a nice little Wicked Weasel bikini. I think it was easy for me to smile and make myself known to her as I did not so much lay out in my thong but chose to go snorkeling in it. She remembered me when I ran into her at the local bar. But be careful, the sand flies can be brutal! (they bite but unlike other types of bites they do not itch.) They look terrible for a couple of days then they go away. If you lay out not only put on Sun Block but also bug repelent.Accomodations are plentyful and West End is more afforable than West Bay.Have fun!Armand
LatinThong #2

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:03/04/2008 11:49:04Copy HTML

Armand:Thank you so much!  All your information help me to take a desition in order to choose a best place to wear my thongs, because I'm a fanatics of thongs, specially at beaches.If you remember hotels or interesting places to visit there, please tell me.  Do you know some interesting tips that you can give me and other recomendations.Sure, I will take many sun block and repelent!!!  I hate the sand flies,  we haven't this sand flies in our town.I will hoping for your news and other thongers!Latinthong
waterlogged #3

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:12/15/2008 11:36:10Copy HTML

During a week on Roatan, I saw one woman (teenager?) wearing a thong on Half Moon Bay Beach in West End and two topless women on West Bay Beach.  There were a few Italian men in conservative Speedos near the Henry Morgan Resort.  That's it.

Roatan is experiencing an incredible boom in tourism, led by the cruise ship industry.  Hotels are going up everywhere.  When ships are in port, West Bay Beach is packed with American cruise ship passenger wearing telltale wrist bands.  There were rows and rows of occupied chaises longues draped with identical cruise line towels. 

West End is more laid back, but the beach is right on the town's busy main street.  There's a larger local population in West End, and I suspect some might take offense at topless women or thong-wearing men. 

The safest, but expensive, bet for skimpy (or no) swimwear is Paya Bay.  It's remote and is very flexible about attire. 
orangeb #4

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:02/21/2011 07:17:22Copy HTML

Wife and I are going to Utila and Roatan in May, any been there lately who can comment on the thonging atmosphere?
anacapa #5

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:03/23/2011 05:15:19Copy HTML

We just got back from Roatan.  The wife wore thongs on all of the beaches.  They were not overly common but there were definitely a few on all of the beaches and no one cared.
There is a resort on the east end called Paya Bay where you can wear whatever you want, male or female.  If you are not staying there, you can still go for $5 a day.  The beaches are nice and they have topless and nude beaches.
orlspeedo #6

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:05/17/2011 09:49:38Copy HTML

I'll be in Roatan on May 28th while on a stop on the Carnival Dream and have contacted Paya Bay for a day pass.  They have weeks that they designate nude weeks and that is one of them.  For 85.00 they will pick me up from the ship, transport me to and from the resort, provide lunch and drinks and the day to explore their many beaches and trails.  I'm looking forward to it and wonder if anyone else has been here?  All the reviews have been great.
dirtyd3815 #7

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:01/09/2015 03:20:12Copy HTML

 Orlspeedo: did you make the day trip to Paya Bay?  How was it?
1Monte #8

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:01/10/2015 01:34:53Copy HTML

I'm glad this thread got resurrected. Wife and I have Paya Bay on our bucket list. I checked the annual weather, and it looks like Feb-March is best weather (dry).  Will have to pass this year but definitely on the list in the next year or two.  We'd love to hear of others experiences there, it's a good bit higher cost than our annual trips to Jamaica.
orlspeedo #9

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:01/12/2015 11:26:48Copy HTML

I would highly recommend Paya Bay!  It was great!  It is quite a bumpy ride to get to the resort, but once there it is beautiful.  I understand they have made alot of improvements since I was there and it is even better.  And even better if you go during one of their nude weeks.  But if not, I am sure thongs and gstrings would not be a problem.  
LoveMyThongs #10

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:09/22/2018 05:43:08Copy HTML

We went there years ago and thonged no worries. Even scuba dove in thongs on a shallow dive. No issues at all

1Monte #11

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:11/02/2018 02:37:34Copy HTML

Does anybody know if it is still safe to go to Honduras? The country is getting a lot of bad press, wondering if it is all just more Fake News?

armand_galleon #12

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:11/02/2018 07:42:29Copy HTML

Safe? It's never safe to leave your house. Alligators at Disney World, terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Afraid? Stay home. Wanna see the world, take a risk. You might lose your luggage, get pick-pocketed. Chances are, you're gonna have a great time! (I got plans for next July for Roatan, just so you know. Taking my family too which includes a one and a six year old. I hope that reassures you)
1Monte #13

Re:Roatan Honduras - Roatán

Date Posted:11/12/2018 06:14:24Copy HTML

Where's a good place to stay?  Wife and I are thinking about Paya Bay because we enjoy snorkeling. It is hard to get a reservation there so we're looking for other options. 

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