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Date Posted:03/01/2005 01:05:25Copy HTML

Ok, this may seem a little off-topic to begin with but bear with me just a moment...

I was in the car with a friend the other evening and we passed a large group of runners. I was mid-sentence in conversation when my friend (female,21) - interrupted with "That guys trousers are way too tight!"
"What?" I asked, kind of surprised.
She repeated herself.
"You mean his running tights?" I asked.
"Yes, they're way too tight."
I looked to see if anyone was running in something particularly tight but couldn't see anything abnormal. "They're tight by virtue of their name: running tights." I said, somewhat sarcastically.
"Well guys shouldn't be allowed to wear that." she said.
Yesterday I was relaying this incident to another friend (male, 26). His response? "Well, they are a bit of an offense."
I simply said "Why? Athletes wear them."
He didn't say anything else.

This got me thinking: What is offensive about running tights? Why would someone find them offensive? Or why would someone suggest that guys shouldn't be allowed to wear them?
Is the answer in the comment of "they're too tight" ?

There is some mentality in our western culture that says women can wear tight clothes and look stylish (or they can wear loose, baggy clothes and look fashionable with a 'skater' look) but guys can't wear tight clothes because it's offensive.
Is it really? No. I wear fitted clothes most of the time and I wear tight jeans pretty much every day, whether at work in the office, out meeting clients, out with friends or at church. Are people offended? Not at all.

The mentality is simply to do with certain items of clothing and 'social norms'. People may look twice when they see a guy wearing low cut, tight jeans but they're not offended. But if they see a guy in tight lycra then it's somehow wrong.

We have the same problem with peoples attitude towards guys in thongs:  "They're offensive."
Are they? Really? No.
I've walked beaches in thongs, I've played frisbee on the beach in a thong, and no-one's complained.

I've had people - families with young children even - set up next to me when it's been obvious I'm wearing a thong. Are they offended? Of course not.

My generation - the 'younger crowd' - likes to think it's open-minded but sadly it's not. Things haven't really changed for the better from that point of view. It's a sad state of affairs when 'free' societies start criticizing runners for wearing running tights, and swimmers for wearing speedos.

Fortunately, there are those of us who continue to exercise our rights (while we still have them) and demonstrate that actually it's not offensive.

Sorry for the rant... but I thought I'd share this experience anyway. My final thought: keep thonging, be responsible about it, and hopefully an example can be set that actually helps to open minds... even if it's just one mind at a time.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/01/2005 03:04:52Copy HTML

Men have been wearing running tights for decades now. Your friends seem to be clueless. They'll learn.
ian-r #2

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/01/2005 03:10:33Copy HTML

Well said Nicthong.  Nonetheless I think there's always an element of exhibitionism or daring or call it what you will on top of the functional aspect as otherwise a runner would wear shorts (lycra or baggy) or simply some loose running pants.  Perhaps that's not true for serious sportsmen, but for many It's the same exhibitionism or daring which draws us to wearing thongs and g-strings.  So it doesn't surprise me to hear you say you wear tights.  Of course fashion and sporting icons help to widen the appeal but there are closed minds who won't accept tights, lycra, thongs, g-strings whatever.

I too have worn tights (various colours, some I wouldn't dream of nowadays) for running and cycling although I haven't done so for quite a few years now.  I also know of two other guys who also wore tights though I can't say if they ever wore thongs...  One certainly didn't if you get my drift lol!

I guess wearing tights are not as common nowadays and I'd probably be more comfortable (in the sense of feeling safe and non-offensive) in a pair of lycra shorts.  Strange that, I'll wear extreme gs and thongs but prefer to be more conservative when it comes to sportswear!

PS That's encouraging sunbare, I might just dig my out my old black pair again and get fit for the beach.

Gstringing #3

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/01/2005 11:13:44Copy HTML

That reminds me of an incident that occured a few years back.  I was at a girlfriends apartment wearing black hot shorts and barely there tank top.  My girlfriend worked at the complex as a leasing agent and when we went outside, a co-worker was walking by.  the co-worker said, I cant remember if it was to me or my friend, that "your poking out" or "he's poking out"  I was wearing a koala ultratec beneath.  anyway after hearing that I told my friend about it, she said dont worry what she said.  It may have been a combination of that comment, and due to the fact we were going for a walk, and the shorts where very short (1" inseam?) that I put on a pair of  "dork shorks" {i know..} over the hot shorts.  Today I dont wear hot short shorts in public much like I used to.  however I still like unlined side split shorts mostly from prevail sport.  Wearing the aformentioned combo Ive heard comments that it looks "gay" but I simply ignore it. 
Cheeky Monkey #4

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/02/2005 01:13:51Copy HTML

Running tights are just practical and allow the legs to move naturally and freely.  Went for a run last night with a client and wore black running tights (with a thong underneath obviously), returned back to the gym and did some stretches (very busy gym), and not a negative comment was made. 

We will just have to accept some people just like to make negative comments, about people, clothes, politics, or opinions.  I say get over it and live life not just exist.

Ex_Member #5

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/02/2005 03:42:21Copy HTML

Ian-r, I'm confused by your comments about tights and lycra shorts.  Aren't they the same, except for length?  More guys and gals wear tights at my fairly conservative health club than lycra shorts, but I think that is because tights are needed only when running outside in the cold.  Inside most wear loose shorts, though more women wear lycra than men.  I always wear tights or lycra shorts, don't consider them at all extreme, and have never gotten any comments, pro or con.  These guys in tights are just regular blokes, who I'd be extremely surprised to learn had ever put on a thong.  So what am I missing about tights being extreme?     SlidingG    
nicthong #6

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/02/2005 06:56:51Copy HTML

I'm also interested at some of the statements made here about tights. Believe me, you'd have to be crazy to wear shorts outside in the temperatures we're experiencing in the UK at the moment! For me, whatever activity I'm doing, loose clothes just seem impractical. If I'm swimming, I don't want loose shorts dragging me down. If I'm playing tennis or squash, I don't want a baggy, over-sized t-shirt getting in the way. If I'm running, I can't stand loosing material flapping around - whether shorts in the summer or jogging bottoms in the winter. So, I wear speedos (or thongs when possible) to swim, fitted shirts for tennis (though not necessarily skin tight), and tights or cycling shorts for running. To me, it's just practical. If other people prefer to wear loose clothes to run or swim or whatever else they do, that's fine. But I don't consider my choice extreme, I don't see why it should be considered unusual (plenty of others do it too!), and - coming back to my original post - I definitely don't see how it could be offensive.

As CheekyMonkey said, some people just like to complain. I guess it's up to the rest of us just to be confident being ourselves.

rogerp #7

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/03/2005 01:54:04Copy HTML

Several years ago my boss got REALLY angry at me because I was wearing split running shorts (with a full liner) at lunch when I went running outside. She claimed that that too much of my body was exposed and that some other women had complained to her. So I bought a pair of tights and asked her and another woman if they were OK. I said that there was certainly no flesh exposed. The other woman said they were OK, but my boss still complained. We'll a month later I went out running in a speedo (I wanted to get used to running in them during triathlons). Anyway, my boss found out, but this time the person telling her was laughing about it so she did not get so mad. Anyway, she decided to lighten up on my tights and shorts and I did not run in my speedos anymore (at lunch).

ian-r #8

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/03/2005 09:17:33Copy HTML

Sorry if my post was badly worded or gave the wrong impression, but I didn't actually say that tights are extreme although I'll admit that may be what I inferred. Perhaps I'm always trying to relate stuff back to thongs (as after all it is a thong board) or make connections and associations where there simply aren't any.  I didn't mean to infer that tights are just as extreme as for instance a Koala or Dore missile would be compared with more conservative thongs. However I guess I did mean that in the great sweep of sportswear, tights are to some people a bit 'odd', definitely a minority choice and in some cases (and to some people like nicthong's friend or rogerp's boss) slightly obscene or offensive. I'm not saying I think they are and indeed maybe I'm wrong but I think that fear is why I haven't worn mine for a while, and prefer lycra shorts instead. Yes I acknowledge it's cold and I suppose if I was out running or cycling at the moment instead of sitting in front of a PC I would put them on come what may as you are all quite right: in winter they are very sensible and functional.

Now without stirring up the pot after I've apologised, I think I was also comparing tight-wearers to our own thong wearing community. I know, I know, here I go again making comparisions!!   Just as very small or see-through etc thongs are extreme when compared with more moderate and 'acceptable' thongs I think that some tights (and shorts) can be thought of as extreme amongst the short and tight-wearing community! Light colours, see-through or extremely tight shorts or tights could be regarded as extreme in this sense. I've already posted about a girl I saw in a gym with tight and probably old/worn-out shorts which were very see-through indeed. But I've also seen lots of male and female cyclists, runners and gym users wearing tight or transparent or light coloured tights as well.  In particular a male and a female cyclist (not together) who while not as extreme as the short-wearer were pretty obvious in that department out on the road.  I also knew one tight-wearer who was a self-proclaimed exhibitionist in the tightest and lightest colours with everything visible.....   I say good luck to them and applaud them all but perhaps these wearers are all pushing the envelope a bit whether knowingly or not.

Just to show I'm not prejudiced against tights or extremes, I myself generally wore normal black tights while cycling or running.  But I too pushed the extreme as occasionally I wore silver-grey tights (fairly thick but a rare choice of colour) and once had a pair of reddish-purple running tights which thankfully had a swirl pattern as otherwise they were a bit too light/lightweight and would have been a bit too see-through. I mean at very close quarters you could see the hairs on my legs through the pattern. But hey I was going to use these two pairs once I'd bought them! Perhaps there was also also a bit of the 'if someone else can do it, I'll match them' attitude which has of course spurred on my thong-wearing to extremes. I never got any comments but received a few admiring glances from other cyclists.

So I don't think I'm just talking personally when I say there is an element of exhibitionism and daring in some of these more 'extreme' tight-wearers. Doubt I'd wear such extreme tights nowadays, though, I think I'll stick to my thongs!

njbeachboy1949 #9

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/04/2005 08:22:51Copy HTML

I have been wearing running tights and spandex shorts for more than twenty years; since I started wearing thongs, I wear a thong underneath for underwear.  My main forms of exercise are jogging, walking, and biking and the spandex wear is part of my athletic gear.  I wear them because they are more comfortable than loose shorts or sweatpant to do these activities.  I also wear them around the house and sometimes when I go out shopping.  I have never experienced any negative comments; if anything, just the opposite.
geissflike #10

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/26/2005 05:42:38Copy HTML

Lets face it folks-the "bulge" freaks out a great number of people. It's their problem, not ours. But lets not pretend we don't know what the object of their dismay is.

Really want to have some fun? Put on a thong leotard over your tights & then see what kind of reaction you get.

Hydro-7 #11

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/29/2005 07:13:39Copy HTML

What is all this "tights" business... Maybe it's because I'm american but to me "tights" are what young girls wear before nylons, and they wouldn't keep out the cold even if they were made big enough for adults.
Are the tights everyone speaks of the same as spandex running pants? If so both sexes wear them including myself in the north east, as the spandex is a much needed layer between skin and the cold. We just call them spandex pants however, but growing up in the 90s, maybe I missed the 80s slang as this "tights" thing seems to be...
backstrap357 #12

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/30/2005 03:24:58Copy HTML

I wear lycra shorts and pants for athletic activity, running, biking, etc, and I do so for practical reason. One, loose material can bunch up and be uncomfortable. Two, cotton stays wet for hours, and Three, lycra gives supports to my quads. Lastly, the pad in cycle shorts is an absolute dream. It makes cycling so much more confortable I don't know why everyone who ones a bike doesn't own a pair of shorts.  I probably have received many strange looks from people but when I am working out I don't bother paying attention.

The only negative comments I've heard have never been directed at me, just about the article of clothing. Things like, "People that size shouldn't wear those," or  "Those will attract too many gay guys."

I know I have said in other posts but there are still so many men that are beyond terrified that someone will think they are gay. I am not trying to turn this into a Gay vs. Straight argument as has been suggested elsewhere on this board. I am just saying this is still one of the major underlying problems. 

stringpe #13

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/31/2005 01:11:44Copy HTML

I also wear lycra shorts with a built in pad when I mountain-bike ride.  When its cold I wear ar pair of lycra long tights over the lycra shorts for extra warmth.  I've never seen a true mountain biker where jeans on the trail.  Every true bicyclist wear padded lycra shorts, period.  Men as well as women wear form fitting padded lycra shorts.  They make some padded baggies, but they cause problems inhibiting movment around the seat.  Sometimes your whole body needs to be behind the seat for traction.  I tried baggies, but its an accident waiting to happen.  Never wear baggies on difficult mountain trails, only on easy surfaces.   You wouldn't last very long on a hard trail without padding.  When its real cold I wear underarmer, padded lycra shorts and long lycra tights to keep me warm.  Since Lance Armstrong there has been an increase in bicycling, thus more men in padded lycra shorts and tights.
Corby Killian #14

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/31/2005 05:47:24Copy HTML

To the person who does not wear lycra shorts, why would they even give a shit if it attracts a gay guy or not? They're the ones not wearing them so what do they care? Unless of course THEY'RE secretly attracted to a guy in lycra shorts? Then maybe they should worry about something!
ian-r #15

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/06/2005 06:28:07Copy HTML

Well, all these contributions have been very positive and made me reconsider things a bit.  It does sound as though there are more tight-wearers around than I imagined.  Indeed when I stop to think there are quite a good few cyclists who wear full-length lycra tights as opposed to lycra shorts or bibs or whatever... especially in winter.

While I don't think I was totally incorrect in my line of thought, perhaps my use of the word extreme was ill-advised.  What I should have said is that just as baggies are in the majority in gym wear, lycra shorts are in a sizeable minority and a definate second place.  In other words 'acceptable' in the eyes of many.  Lycra tights (or if you prefer to use the American term spandex pants) are in the minority and in that sense an extreme choice.  Except perhaps in the cycling community where lycra shorts are 'de riguer' and tights an acceptable second choice, especially in winter where they probably dominate.  So it was in this sense I weas comparing shorts and tights to beachwear where dork shorts are unfortunately the mainstay, speedos form a sizeable minority (perhaps a majority amongst the older males) and (unfortunately) thongs are in a very small minority.  And of course people always tend to associate (quite wrongly) anything outside the mainstream as weird, perverted or gay. 

I added the bits about more extreme tights (or shorts) - such as see-through, extremely tight or light coloured lycra as of course some of us wear this type just in the same way as some of us prefer the more 'extreme' choice of dental floss g-strings and extreme suits!  I also added that I too have worn this type of lycra, so I'm not against it and I'm not gay but simply meant that nowadays I don't think I have the guts to wear them!  (or perhaps I've too much guts hehehe!!!)  Though I might start wearing lycra shorts or even black tights (not too tight or too thin!) after seeing that it's not as rare as I thought.  Thanks for the encouragement.

Didn't know this had become the lycra wearers message board....

hotnslinky #16

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/18/2005 07:42:24Copy HTML

I wear lyrca tights when running in the winter, I have a black pair and a light blue pair. They keep the muscles warm and feel great, so why not?. You do get the occassional person giving you an odd look, but you learn to ignore it.  And yes I think they feel quite sexy to wear, in the same way I find it sexy to wear thongs. But its more for practical reason I wear them. 
Jazz Skirt #17

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/19/2005 12:43:13Copy HTML

And as women wear briefer tops, skirts and swim suits, as women celebrate their sexual feelings every day in what they wear, a few men who refuse to act like prisoners in their own world are admitting to enjoying their own sexuality as well...and they are the ones who are wearing the g-strings, the tights, the Lycra shorts, etc.  (I believe that male runners and cyclists are more typically wearing "body expressive" clothing because they find "safety in numbers", and their society wears sexually provocative clothing.)

Good posts on this "tights" topic, especially from ian-r.  I live in liberal Oregon, where I swear there are more cyclists per capita than anywhere else!  I see them everywhere while I'm out driving (comfortably!) and it appears that every bicyclist and runner (Boy, are there a lot of them here, too!) is wearing tights.  It would be very ignorant of someone to complain about the tight things these people wear.

It should be no surprise to anyone who lives, works, plays or shops around people who exercise outdoors that tights are to running/cycling what rain is to umbrellas.  The negative comments that are reported on this thread about tight apparel on men is not only ignorant and behind the times, but obviously "sexist" in that the speaker of those remarks clearly believes that there should be two standards for humans on this planet, depending on what he/she carries between his/her legs.  I would have such an "anger fit" with such a person talking like that!  I'm a male, but I refuse to accept that only women may enjoy the sexual feeling of their clothing (even to the extent that clothing advertisers say a woman will feel and look sexy in her clothing) while men are expected to repress their sexual feelings every living minute of every day of their lives.  Darn it, this is the only life I have...this is not a dress rehearsal! 

No, skin-tight clothing (including g-strings and thongs) do not make a noticeable difference in our activities (unless you're a racer, where every iota of wind drag or water drag matters).  I read on this board, in particular, that males say their sexually-descriptive clothing is "necessary" for some technical reason or other, but I remember that we all used to do just fine before the invention of Lycra.  I just read between the lines, and the wearers of this stuff are still listening to women saying we men shouldn't be enjoying the sexual aspect of what we wear, and therefore we're not going to admit that we wear these things because it feels sexy!

Put me down, Oh Dear God, as one human being who lives his life the way I really want, which is to feel and express my feelings according to my own standards as a human being, free from what the next person thinks!  And let us not forget, Dear Readers, that anyone who verbally disses another is rude and immature, and therefore the problem is clearly one that they need to deal with, while I go happily on my way.  (And by the way, there doesn't need to be any discussion of our sexual orientation---gay or straight or bi---because, if this were a discussion about women, that would not be an issue.  So it's absolutely not a discussable issue with me.)

Men, join me in my march in the streets on this issue:  "Be All You Can Be" is far more than an army motto.  It needs to be a human motto.   We men need to do as the women have, and show power in numbers by demonstrating before the cameras and marching in the streets until equality applies to men.  Gentlemen, stand back and notice how our society's double standard makes a bum out of you and me, and realize how important to your life it is to "amount to something better than that".  Friends:  Those who have posted here that their acquaintances have put down men who wear tights and thongs, get in those people's faces and tell them to get a life!  We cannot allow their ignorance to rule our lives!!!!!!!






Ozzi #18

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/19/2005 03:44:35Copy HTML

Jazz Skirt, you make some valid points, however, I'd have to say that bike shorts/tights really do serve a purpose. Just go for a 30km ride with underwear and board shorts on, then go on a 30km ride with bike shorts on.......... The difference is very noticeable- no rubbing, less sweaty etc, and far more freedom of movement and comfort with the purpose built bike shorts.

I tend to agree with your comments about men tending not to wear what they would like to wear, because of popular perceptions in our culture, which is unfortunate. Women can wear what they like and no one cares two hoots.

I wonder if this will change in our lifetime.

sailhoopsbare #19

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/20/2005 04:40:45Copy HTML

Jazz Skirt you sure make some thought provoking statements and ones that have a lot of validity.  I admire your fervor and your thought process.  I, for one, had not really considered stylo of underware, swimware, etc in this context.  Hmmm, I have to ponder this awhile, I'm not all that bright so I have to think things through a good bit.

I do appreciate your editorial and believe it's a worthy topic of discussion.

pedalpower50 #20

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/20/2005 09:44:17Copy HTML

Jazz Skirt, you make some great points. I'm a cyclist and I admit I love wearing Lycra tights and, yes, I shave my legs. I do this not only because it's more comfortable, but because it feels sexy.

I would offer a couple thoughts on your theories:

1) We like to brag about the freedom we have in the U.S., and how the world hates us for that. Well, if we're so free, why are we having to fight these battles over self-expression? We're only as free as we insist on being, I guess.

2) If men were free to be more sexually expressive in their attire and their outlook, maybe they wouldn't be so angry. And maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't be so likely to lash out at women. Just a thought.

3) I think women do pay a price for wearing what some refer to as provocative clothing. They get judged, too, but most likely by other women. I think society in general is more accepting of sexuality in women because their place in society is wrongly viewed as that of sexual objects who's primary purpose is to please men. Therefore, a man who exhibits his sexuality is equated with women which, in society's mind, is to make them inferior -- or worse, gay. It's no wonder we're such a neurotic culture.

This reminds me of something JM_Runs said in another thread. With all of the zero-tolerance, uptight rules in our society, we're actually teaching our children to be deceptive ... to find ways to appear to be in compliance while cheating like crazy on the side. I know this has probably always been true to an extent, but I suspect it's now worse than ever. Maybe our society wouldn't be so screwed up if people were given more freedom to express themselves honestly and openly ... and to be respected for who they are.

Invisible T #21

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/27/2005 06:50:43Copy HTML

Very very interesting topic. I think, there is NO DOUBT that spandex tights and shorts are ideal for athletic activities. I always wear them when doing something athletic with a thong or jock strap underneath. I don't understand why others (male and female) frown upon wearing them and the people that wear them. Its alot similiar to the way they look at males wearing SPEEDOs and thongs. Are they just offended of people showing off their bodies or what? Why  mostly black tights/shorts? How come nobody wears different colors in tights/shorts?
Ex_Member #22

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/27/2005 04:32:12Copy HTML

I'm a keen cyclist, and like other cyclists, wear very tight cycling gear, such as lycra shorts in te warm or lycra leggings if colder, both with nothing underneath. It's one way of ensuring that I strive to maintain aeasonably fit shape as I have to wear this gear when going into a pub for lunch and perhaps only then feel a little self conscious. but what the heck it feels great. So just go ahead and wear what you want to!
dayne #23

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/28/2005 04:16:43Copy HTML

For me it took some getting used to to wearing lycra period.  But then again, it took me some getting used to to wear a speedo for swimming.   However now I'd be just as comfortable naked, I suppose.

What got me used to wearing lycra running tights was something entirely different than anyone else has reported.  I got used to wearing them under my jeans so I don't get so cold in the snow or such.  Once I learned how much warmer I was when wearing them in the cold, using them for other things came easily.

As to the sex factor, I'd be a liar if I didn't say that I was flattered when a group of teenage girls came by in a car whistling and saying nice ass.  What surprised me even more was when three fairly young guys said that guy really had a nice ass for his age as they went by me in Mcdonalds.  Who wouldn't appreciate comments like that, especially when you are 52.  The only negative comment I have received has been from a gay friend of mine who said I really showed things off wearing them.  Oh well, you can't please everybody.

I just know that when clothing can be as functional as these are, I am going to take advantage of it.  It has been a long trip from being so very conservative to where I am now.  I don't intend to do any looking back.

Ex_Member #24

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/05/2005 05:38:59Copy HTML

Jazz Skirt-

Sing it Brother!  I absolutely love wearing tights (with a thong underneath for suppor) for athletic activities and actually wish that it would be acceptable for men to wear them to the store like women do here in the US.  Indeed they are quite comfortable and provide a boundary layer when running or bicycling outside in intermediately cold temperatures,  but I too like the very sensual feel of wearing this thin layer of material that clings to my body.  I've been running for 23 years. Why shouldn't I, as a man, be able to show off my hard work of all of those years as a woman can?

I belong to a church singles group and have been playing indoor volleyball for the past five years.  I started out wearing just regular shorts, but there were a few women that started wearing tights.  Typically they would wear an oversized t-shirt that would cover their butts. However, after I had been going for about a year one newer woman would play wearing tights and a exercise top/bra and have a bare midriff.  I then decided that if *she* could wear tights, I could too and have been wearing them ever since.  While most of the discussions seem to center around men "justifying" wearing their tights with practical reason like they're more comfortable, warmer, etc.,  I'll flat out admit that I like the "barely there" feeling and showing off my body.  Even though this is a church singles group (which one would think would be more conservative--another somewhat unwarranted stereotype, in my opinion) no one has ever complained about it.  And as a matter of fact, several women through the years have complimented me on my ass; most by insinuation, some overtly.  One woman ever out-right asked me how I got such a nice, tight ass!

SO,  go for it guys! I wholeheartedly agree with Jass Skirt that men have a right to express our sexuality also.  If you don't do it, no progress will ever be made and nothing will ever change. Just like with thongs and g-strings.


packiest #25

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/06/2005 09:00:29Copy HTML

It is kind of odd how some of these people are with wearing tights. I remember when I used to run in high school(only a handful of years ago, before I wrecked my knees), in the winter I would usually run with tights under shorts on the colder days, or wear pants that were like tights, but not quite- called "almosttights." Well, one day I was walking by the gym on the way to the fitness center where me and a couple of the guys always stretched before and after our runs and was just looking into the gym as I was walking when our "star" point guard said "What are you looking at, fairy?" All because I was wearing tights, I presume. Unbelievable.

What is the deal with the perception of homosexuality going with a male wearing anything tight?
Ex_Member #26

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/07/2005 10:54:00Copy HTML

I am thankful that, living in Vancouver where winters can get a bit chilly, you NEED to wear tights. Pretty much 50% of the joggers I see when I run the seawall wear tights.
Jazz Skirt #27

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/09/2005 02:49:52Copy HTML

In some of the earlier posts on this subject, I read that men could not understand what was such a big deal about men wearing tights.  I don't know if they're in denial, or really just very unobservant, but a mere glance in a mirror at yourself in tights will show you that your "package" is very much on display...or, at least, the very shape of it is seen.  I recall wearing tights one day---white ones!---when my wife and I dropped over to her female friend's house.  When the friend saw my tights, she darned near swalled her tongue!  She eventually got me to wear the tights---with only a shirt that stopped at the waistline---to a local fair, and she could not get enough jollies viewing me in those things.  It was obvious:  Even though the tights were not transparent, they may as well have been, because they very clearly outlined my package.  Yes, tights on either sex are sexy, but on men they are far sexier because men have so much more detail showing!
Hola #28

Re:Running tights.

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I like to mountain bike ride and jog. I naturally wear tights when riding, but I will alternate between tights and short running shorts when jogging. The only problem with the baggy shorts is they will slide up between my thighs so high that my inner thighs start to rub together and get irrated. I have to keep pulling them down so that they are comfortable. With the tights though, they stay put for the whole run. I guess I should just wear the tights all the time. I don't know why, but I am a bit selfconcious when running in my spandex shorts or tights.
njbeachboy1949 #29

Re:Running tights.

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I got out of bed about a half hour ago.  I am working at my computer wearing a thong and tee-shirt.  In a few minutes, I'll put on a pair of tights and a sweat shirt and go on my morning power walk for about an hour.  I find that wearing tights or spandex shorts with a thong underneath is the most comfortable way for me to do exercise; I also bike and wear spandex bike shorts or tights.  I am still in my tights when I go to pick up a newpaper or coffee after my walk.  I have only received good comments from others. Most comment on the shape that I am in; I am 56 years old and recently, several friends have told me that I look good.  My thongs and tights are part of my exercise gear that helps me to stay in shape. 

When I go to the beach, I wear a thong, g-string or less. 

Ex_Member #30

Re:Running tights.

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I recently purchased a pair of white Under Armour tights (they are called Leggings on the site) not knowing that they are more as a base layer and less as running tights. They look great on me, but they are very revealing in that they show thong line and colour, and would show much more if I didn't wear any underwear.

Now I love the colour white for running tights, and wish more companies would make tights in more colours than just boring old black.

So, my question is, can anyone recommend a good pair of running tights in a fun colour (white even)?

Has anyone tried the CWX Tights? They look great and provide good muscle support.
donmallard #31

Re:Running tights.

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Thongboy500 - are you training for the Vancouver Sun Run? My favourite pair of running tights are Sugoi with the SunRun logo from a few years ago. Sugoi are great.
My most recent purchase are a pair of JM microfibre tights. I love their thongs, fitted boxers and swimwear, but didn't know they made tights. Top Drawers on Denman had them on sale. They have a pouch front and are fairly low-rise, unlike most running tights. They are really intended as underwear, but provide good compression and have a lined pouch, so they are now my preferred running tights. They encourage me to move fast, because the pouch is quite pronounced.
As sexy as lighter colours might seem, I find they get tired fast. Light colours are tranlucent when soaking wet, which is not so interesting when plodding through 29 days of January rain.
Visit any of the running stores, where you can try them on for fit.
Ex_Member #32

Re:Running tights.

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I pretty much run all year round, so I guess yeah, I am training for the Sun Run. : )

I saw the N2N tights. They are very exhibitionistic! I don't know if I would have the cajones to wear those out on the seawall. Maybe in the mornings, when noone is out on the seawall, yeah.

I guess I should stick to my black Sugoi tights. They fit me perfectly.

Ex_Member #33

Re:Running tights.

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If you check out www.roadrunnersports.com and www.nationalrunningcenter.com, you'll find a good variety of running tights.  I've bought from both, and not just in black!
zafranh #34

Re:Running tights.

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I wear tights all the time..when I am in the gym, sometimes to wash the car, occasionally to shop. I wear the Nike Dri-Fit tights and have several pairs of them. My wife loves me in them. I usually wear Fredy Hom thongs underneath. My wife even encourages me to wear thongs now. Ever since I started wearing thongs, the bed life has gotten much more. LOL.

HotBuns #35

Re:Running tights.

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There is a YMCA near me and it seems that most of the guys who run from there on lunch break wear black running tights.  They are more common here than anything else during the cooler months.
zafranh #36

Re:Running tights.

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LOL...I am one of those wearing tights at the YMCA. Is it the one on Bayview?

I was just there today? You are right most of the running crowd and some gym crowd wears tights and its a lot common here than most other places I have been to.
nicthong #37

Re:Running tights.

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Coming back to quite an old topic, I have recently moved from the Midlands (UK) to the South West and - given I haven't been able to bring my treadmill with me - I'm considering 'hitting the roads' again. It's quite cold so I'm planning on wearing my running tights but just yesterday I was talking with some newish friends and one of them commented on her brother-in-law wearing running tights in not so positive a manner. It made me reconsider whether I shouldn't just run in loose gear but I know I don't find that comfortable so I've decided 'to heck with it' - I'll wear my tights regardless. It has made me reconsider when I run though, thinking I should run in the early hours when there are fewer people about. It's odd how others' comments can affect you.

I'm also considering joining a gym - something that scares me because I'm naturally "a skinny little runt" (as one friend says)... but I want to try to bulk up and confront my fear of being judged head on. The thing is, if I don't want to be judged, I'm guessing I should avoid wearing lycra (which I typically feel most comfortable in because I don't like loose clothing) at the gym? Has anyone any thoughts or experience that might be helpful to me?

And finally, with regards to both lycra tights and shorts (whether running or at the gym), any thoughts on shiny vs matt fabric? It seems matt lycra might be a little more acceptable than the more shiny nylon-lycra...

JM_Runs #38

Re:Running tights.

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How about wearing compression shorts or tights for the comfort, and a pair of lightweight nylon running shorts over them, from which you've cut out the liner?  My bet is the nylon shorts would be scarcely noticeable.  Lots of guys at my health club wear compression shorts under their gym shorts.  I'm one of the very few who wears short tights instead, with a small jock underneath whose straps I've fashioned into a thong.  Good compression and support, and smooth bulge which noone has complained about.  Mine is a fairly conservative club, a corporate facility in the downtown of my small city.  Were I you, though, I'd wear the tights.  I'm just offering a suggestion if you believe you need to be more conservative.  And the matte finish on tights is definitely more conservative.  I've got a black matte pair that are, frankly, boring, and a shiny blue pair I'll wear when I'm in the mood to strut my stuff, so to speak.  It helps that they're a little snugger, as well.  On the other hand, my royal, navy and black short tights are all shiny, and they're what I wear at the club all the time without a second thought.  I guess for me, then, long tights are sexier than short tights.  Curious. 
JM_Runs #39

Re:Running tights.

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Re: 'hitting the roads again' in the Midlands.

First don't be worred about being a skinny litte runt in tights. It's the fat people who dont wear them because they are fat that have a problem. You don't.

Don't be worried about the muscular gym jocks. It's a bit intimidating at first, but you will soon adapt and find it's no big thing. Most people who go to the gym for a serious workout wear what ever makes them comfortable. Just ignore the posers and primpers.

If you are thinking about joining a gym, try asking around the locals. There will be lots of opinoions. First times are more comfortable when you go with a friend. Find people admitting to a gym membership and see if you cant visit as a guest of theirs to try it out. Often best to go with a member of the operset sex. Sort of a gym date, but with no strings attached.

Most gyms are small, so you end up running around and around in circles which is not good for the knees. Better to run outdoors. You probably spend to much of your life indoors anyway.

I suggest you find all the local running clubs. (Ask at the running specily store.) and check the net. Running with a local group is normaly the best plan when you go some where new. Find a group that fits your pace and distance, then fix your schedule to run with them.

If you are running alown, run outdoors on a schedule that fits the timetable of your life. It's much eayser to stay with a plan when it fits your schedule. Try to run in daylight, you are less likely to trip or turn an ankle.

Don't worry about what others think of your running. You will get a few funny looks, and a lot of thumbs up. There will allways be people who think runners are off their rockers, no matter what you wear.

Make a point of making eye contact and smiling or saying good morning, or what ever is approprate for the time of day. Over time you are likely to see the same people at about the same time of day, so get them trained to great you in a friendly way by greeting them wamly. Every one, every day. It's sort of pro-active conditioning. Be friendly, don't pretend you don't exist.

I run the lenth of the beach in a thong (well not the last two weeks, been to busy) but when I do I get a few funny looks and a lot of positive feeback.

In your mind you have to weigh the good more than the negitive. Just like running, you have to weigh the goodness of what you are doing to your body, more than the pain that comes from running hard.

Run in what you like. If you are worried about comments, dont run in green, pink or white tights. Run in basic black running tights. On the top wear a propper running singlet or somthing that loks the part, not your old duffle coat. The more you look the part, the more accepting people will be. You will find that a warm hat that covers the ears and a pair of close fitting gloves is better than a jacket. You stay as warm, or feel as warm, without feeling like you are running in a garbage bag.

nicthong #40

Re:Running tights.

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Thanks JM - useful advice and insight as ever!

I got up early this morning to go for a run and - following JM's advice - ensured I looked the part (my favourite black running tights (very tight and warm adidas with some great styling details), a black running top, high-viz gilet, warm black hat and gloves and some new running shoes I bought recently). I made sure I greeted everyone I passed (all 2 people! - lol!) although it seemed the female runner I passed either wasn't ready to be polite or thought it was inappropriate in some way!?! Despite only passing 2 other pedestrians, there was a surprising amount of traffic on the roads (especially waiting at lights) but, despite any earlier fears, the run passed without any problems - other than my over-exerting myself for the first outdoor run in a very long time. In fact I had to slow to a walk at one point, which made me realise I wasn't 'high-speed lycra' anymore but was clearly in view... but I just wasn't bothered: I was out for a run, in running gear, feeling comfortable, and that was that. So I will be running again in the future and I will wear what I want to wear and feel comfortable wearing with confidence!

I also visited and joined a gym today, before having a very long workout, moving back and forth between cardio and weights and then going for a quick swim. Again, the experience proved that my previous fears were unsubstantiated. Sure, there were a few 'gym jocks' (as well as several girls who clearly work out regularly!), but there was a wide range of other users too and everyone pretty much kept themselves to themselves. I spoke to a couple of people but the only comment I received was from one of the (female) trainers who corrected my use of one piece of equipment to make sure I was getting the most from it, then adding "You've got some nice muscles there" before walking off - she certainly knew how to make an insecure guy's day! However, I have to confess I didn't have the guts to wear any lycra (although one guy in his 50s and several of the younger, fitter ladies were in lycra) but I did of course have a thong under my shorts (though I doubt anyone would have known except maybe when I was using the rower). I noticed several thongs on the ladies (which was no great surprise) but think it will be some time before I'm ready to allow mine to be obvious as there's no real need to wear running tights in an air-conditioned gym and the lycra shorts may just be a little out of place on a guy of my age. I'll be keeping my eyes open to see if anyone sets any precedent.

I donned a small speedo for the swim and the only other person using the pool was also a guy in a speedo so I didn't feel too out of place there. I doubt a thong would ever really be appropriate there but, much as I'd love to swim in a thong some time, I'm happy wearing speedos anyway.

Now I just need to confidently wear a thong in the changing room without fear. I've done it before at leisure centres and it's never been an issue but for some reason today I bottled out and ended up leaving the place commando! (I'm thinking it may be a proximity thing as the other guys in the changing room were quite close!) Still, that's not a long term solution so I'm just going to have to put them on as I normally would and not worry about it. Silly really. I would have thought wearing a thong in the changing area would have been the last of my concerns today!

Anyway, thanks again for your support guys.
- Nic

Dr S #41

Re:Running tights.

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Go for it Nick.

I run 3 or 4 times each week and always in tights or lycra shorts depending on the weather and do yoga (I'm the only bloke in a class of about 20) similarly dressed. For yoga I sometimes wear a thong leotard (dancer's type) under my t-shirt & shorts. The girls in the class must know what I'm wearing underneath as I can tell easily what they've got on (yoga stretches don't leave much to the imagination: lots of VPL and peeking thongs - including mine!). I've never had any adverse comments to date about that or my waxed legs. It just seems to fit in.

Whenever I go swimming or to the gym I just change and these days no-one seems to bat an eyelid; lots of the blokes there have waxed chests etc. I must admit I used to get the odd doubletake in the showers as I keep virtually no bodyhair and have thong tanlines, but even this seems to bother fewer people now. I did recently however get some stick in a runners forum for suggesting a thong as comfortable underwear for using under tights. I'll post a link when I find it. They all seem to prefer great big knickers or shorts. Very comfy??!!
Dr S #42

Re:Running tights.

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Running tights thread: www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/forummessages.asp?dt=4&UTN=98956&V=6&SP=

Thinking about it you may need to subscribe to read. If so I'll copy and paste if pos.
JM_Runs #43

Re:Running tights.

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I jog and rollerblade frequently in the mornings, and I either wear some "short" shorts from Aussiebum / FBT or lycra shorts from AMI - http://www.americaismakingit.com/4lowridershort.html - with a thong underneath for support.

JM's advice is right on target! Wear what you want/need to be comfortable and functional, and don't worry about the people who are uptight. I'm always friendly and I see the same people almost every morning on my route and they are friendly back and will even stay along side me to talk (if they can keep up! lol) Once in a while I get a disapproving look, but that's pretty rare now, and I could care less. I'm not going to stay home and sit on the couch because someone I don't even know has hangups that aren't my fault.
nicthong #44

Re:Running tights.

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Dr S - thanks for the encouragement and info. The link works fine - I can read the posts without being a member but can't post a reply (sadly).

flnkdguy - thanks also for the encouragement.

Well there's no doubt about it: whenever I go running I'll be wearing my tights as I can't really imagine running in anything else. Certainly not comfortably. That may also mean I wear tights at the gym but, for now, I think I'm going to stick with (loose) shorts - definitely for tomorrow and my one-to-one with a personal trainer on Friday. That will then establish a set routine for my week, which will hopefully include some running, cycling and rowing - all of which I'd much rather do in lycra than have loose gear around my legs. I'm just not sure about the justification of the lycra on the weights machines. Is 'appropriate clothing' something I raise with the trainer?

And to try to keep my posts somewhat on topic, I'll have to be brave in the changing room tomorrow lunch time as I'll be in a rush and heading back to work so a thong will be essential!

JM_Runs #45

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/27/2007 10:51:14Copy HTML

Nicthong, if I were you, I'd wear the lycra starting now, and with the trainer, without discussion.  There's nothing strange or extreme about it, just what you find comfortable.  If they have a problem with it, let them raise it as an issue.  Hard to think they will, probably just accept it as your choice and preference.  I really can't fathom what the problem is.

By contrast, wearing  a thong to swim laps in the pool would be more extreme, and unless your observations suggest to you it would be no problem, I wouldn't take the same approach as I suggested above with the lycra.  When I thought I'd like to start swimming laps in my Speedo thong at my health club, I asked the director if that would be okay.  Problematical, he replied, which meant no.  I saved myself a lot of embarrassment, I think.  He already knew I was an underwear thong guy, as we use lockers next to each other, and I informed him when asking my question that I wore thongs at the beach all the time, by way of saying that for me it was quite normal.  Of course he was concerned about the reactions other members might have.  Didn't hurt to ask.  But wearing lycra in the gym?  Just do it!     

John Howard #46

Re:Running tights.

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in my opinion people  who criticise men wearing running tights have been living under a rock.   Just ignore their opinions and wear whatever makes you feel more comfortable, for running or walking and for the gym. 

Lately, at least here in Australia, there is a new trend supported by scientific studies, that proves that compression garments are by far the best attire anyone could wear when lifting weights or doing cardio vascular activities.  I have proved it myself, and been able to increase the weight I lift in basic exercises like deadlift and squats.   Let alone in the recovery area, compression garments help a lot in the muscle alignment and in overcoming the formation of lactic acid after a strenuous workout.    Some athletes even sleep with their tights on to help even more in the recovery process.

All these benefits have been endorsed by elite atlhetes such as Australian Football players and Rugby players.   They always train wearing compression tights weather under shorts or just by itself.

I have tried a couple of brands, Skins  www.skins.net , and Kompressorz  www.kompressorz.com  .  I wear them everyday at the gym, not just the bottom tights, also the tops.  These ones also help to keep a correct posture when working out on the treadmill or step machine.

This trend is starting to hit the gym.  I've started to notice other guys wearing compression garments as well.  Probably they go through the same process as myself:  once you try them and feel the difference, you would never train in anything else.   Ok, I know they are not cheap, but definitely you pay what you get.

Lastly, wearing a thong underneath is a must;   they are so tight that anything else would show a very unflattering and uncomfortable VPL.


John Howard


nicthong #47

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/29/2007 05:14:53Copy HTML

SlidingG and John Howard - thanks for the encouraging comments. I hear what you're saying about just starting with the lycra at the gym but so far I've only seen one guy in lycra shorts on an exercise bike and another guy who wear a sleeveless compression top with loose shorts (though he's clearly well built and a regular). The general trend here seems to be loose shorts and tops on guys (my semi-fitted t-shirts are among the tightest gear there!) while lycra is quite common on the ladies (obviously no complaints there!).

Today I wore my loose shorts again and found them a little frustrating to be honest - especially on the bike and rower; I can see that lycra would be a sensible option but still have some concern over the reaction I might get. One guy that arrived at a similar time to me saw me change before working out and clearly noticed the thong and forever seemed to be watching me in the gym itself - not really the kind of attention I want and I fear lycra could make things worse... plus making changing that little slower - and I don't want to be seen to be 'flaunting' myself or anything - I'm just not among those who have something to flaunt! That said, it does seem like the logical direction to take... unless I just go for smaller/shorter shorts...

Either way, I guess I'm still just getting used to the fact that I'm even going to a gym - but each visit seems to be another step in the right direction of being confident about being myself: the changing room was very busy today and both times I changed, my thong caught attention but I didn't hide it and didn't pretend it was anything unusual. No doubt it raised some eyebrows and maybe even made people jump to conclusions but there is definitely freedom in just being yourself!

HotBuns #48

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/02/2007 11:02:23Copy HTML

I have to relate this story for you guys.

I regularly wear a pair of black Undergear sock tights to the gym, sometimes as a cover up over my shorts or sometimes paired with a tank for my workout.  And I wear them when I leave the house.  Last fall, I had a run in with a neighbor on my street.  The neighbor had been letting their large dog run around off the leash, contrary to local laws.  I didn't say a word until one day it charged my wife and four year old son in front of our house, and was barking very aggressively.

When I complained to the neighbor, as politely as I could under the circimstances, a lady in her early sixties, she got very abusive.  I told her to keep the dog on the leash.  Then - get this - she came to my house, banged on my door, and proceeded to call me "spandex man" in a taunting manner.

Totally unbelievable.


mrever_ready #49

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/04/2007 05:29:52Copy HTML

Sorry to hear that, HB.     It's never fun with a crazy neighbour and a crazed dog.    I hope you and your family are all safe.   
mrever_ready #50

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/05/2007 01:20:14Copy HTML

I recently bought a pair of running tights so I can kickstart my rollerblading season a month or two early.    And let me tell you, they feel wonderful.    It's like blading through the neighbourhood naked.     And the way they cling to everything, luckily I'm not the shy type, lol.    
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