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mack_back #451

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/26/2014 04:01:12Copy HTML

Own many adidas tech fit shirts. Find the best is my stitch fit adidas tech fit. Doubt you can find them but it is so tight and small it looks like a size for a child. Once on the compression is amazing. 2xu tight leggings are best for compression at the ankles that many don't have. Find it slips down in the back exposing my whale tail thong. My best modest compression and comfort tights are lululemon by far. Adidas crops or nike tend to lose compression after few hours of movement at the knees. Or nike crop elastic is so tight at the calf making marks from the compression. 

Seamless in flow crop II lulu makes a good comfort fit, as the seamless street crop. Favorite is the wunder under crop in luxtreme, never loses it's shape best of all i wear. 
Went to lululemon store in my wunder under crop black luxtreme tights and razor back tank with nike element, volt colored  1/4 zip shirt because of the cool evening. Wearing my nike 5.0 free runs in blue and volt color. Had no troubles trying on Run for fun crop in black camo luxtreme, mesh panels behind the knees, pockets on the sides. The assistants were helpful finding me other types of crops unfortunately they sold out in the color fatigue green in flow crop II. 

Whatever it is be it losing it's elasticity nike, adidas, under armour crop tights they don't fit as well then lululemon or athleta. 
Wearing lululemon for a long time i find the black luxtreme color is darker then any nike or asics crops  i own. Only 2xU comes true to keeping the color. Whatever anyone thinks lululemon depending on the various crop tights you wear are superior for comfort and compression. 
See way to often woman wearing other brands of tights that don't fit completely like they should. Either when exercising seeing the tights bag, sag, wrinkle, loosen in different places. While it maybe vain thinking that tights need to fit good on someone making it look better, no matter how minor it seems. 

Last thing i want to wear is ill fitting tights before or after my workout. If that means lululemon does the job i'm happier wearing them knowing it will fit exactly as they should. Despite anyones smug smirks of me, seeing their wearing the same or a new camo print from lululemon that i notice with envy.
Recently a older lululemon wearing enthusiastic married fit female asked if she can watch me do squat exercises. In jest, i knew she was joking waiting to use the same equipment. She likes to tease me only when her husband isn't at the gym always catching her gazing upon me or listening to her talking describing what i'm wearing. Yet i seen how she watches me wearing crop tights like her and colors to match. Suppose she liked seeing me in semi sheer crop tights while squating. From the back noticing my thong colored pink lululemon seamless thong exposed in purple semi sheer crops. 
Just as i notice woman wearing nothing under their tight crops while squating no matter what brand they wear. We all are victims showing our cheeky bums of steel. 

Chantelle4both #452

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/28/2014 03:21:36Copy HTML

 Thanks for the well-researched reviews. I agree with you for the most part, in that very few other exercise capri pants can compare with the Lululemon stuff. I own five pairs, including my original Groove Pants and find the quality of the fit (no drooping waistband or "bagging) and the softness and warmth of the materials are superior to most everything I own by Puma, Under Armour, Adidas, Moving Comfort, North Face, and Roxy. I am looking forward to my first pair of Wunder Under Crops. I just have to find them in a colour that I am comfortable wearing out to the gym, coffee shop, grocery store.
mack_back #453

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/28/2014 04:38:39Copy HTML

When your purchasing your wunder under crops make sure you wear some other type of tights when shopping. When i was at the store the woman knew i was buying tights for myself with a sly smirk looking me over. 

When i visited another store just wearing plain short shorts street attire they presumed i was buying it as a gift. While one store didn't have it in stock the female assistant in tights phoned to hold one pair for me to pickup at another location. She asked me if i was buying it as a gift, explaining that she owns in flow crop II and are her favorites. Never giving me a chance saying it was for me. 

Once i arrived at another lululemon store the girls working didn't help me out as much as the first two stores only asking what size i was looking for. When i told her she lifted her shirt showing off her light grey tights telling me, i'm wearing that size walking away. All of them at the store presumed i was buying it for someone else. While not trying it on at the store the female cashier said, she will have 14 days to return them. I smiled nodding thinking to correct her, no their for me. But i just left no point to correct them being they are so young and at locations in suburban malls. 

However you feel wearing crop tights in public you can't get around from peoples presumtions and narrow views of a male wearing them. Be it just wearing them as regular streetwear you will always get rolling of eyes, smug smirks, puzzled confused stares. You just got to tell yourself the people who disapprove or are bothered with your tights attire will never speak or be friendly. If they don't know you why does it make you uncomfortable seeing their disapproving expression or opinions. Most cases those people will never be seen again and vice versa. If indeed you cross paths with the same diapproving  people they tend to just ignore your attire being bored disscussing or watching. 

To this day i get stares even when riding my bicycle from the beach in black lulu crops just as thonging. Difficult to gauge if it's just my incredible body vivid colored tank or my athletic look that people are impressed or shocked with. Only they know is get out of my way this guy is all business looks like a  serious athlete. If your looking or waiting for compliments don't people aren't that openly honest with positive gestures. Although i did overhear a gay guy chat with his cute girlfriend describing detail about how perfect i looked in the crop tights, he owod and odd in lust as i stood nearby. As a crowd of families, couples over weight females circled around me as i was island of my own. Standing looking upon my phone unaware of everyones prying eyes unknowing what opinions people had only dead stares as i raised my head from my phone from time to time to notice.
One another sureal moment just like in a movie comedy. Riding along a bicycle trail seen an SUV with the back window open. This red hair 12 year old freckled boy noticed my serious attire .  He let out a big smile which to me seem genuine  and amusing at his reaction. 

JM_Runs #454

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/03/2014 08:39:14Copy HTML

Looks like men should not be too scared about wearing bright colored tights, you might just be leading the fashion world, at least in the Euro party circuit.
See this Marco Marco show : http://vimeo.com/77739627

However I don't think the high healed boots are going to catch on. 

Marco Marco designs for the stars:  http://vimeo.com/30879408

Chantelle4both #455

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/05/2014 02:08:54Copy HTML

 Those tights are a bit more than I'd be comfortable wearing at Starbucks here this morning, may be fun for other "special" events! Since I know my size in Lululemon, I don't really need to try them on, although that does sound like an exciting experience. I say this because I have been fully dressed (en femme) and gone to a few specialty shops to try on dresses, shoes, wigs, and the experience was totally amazing.
sailor250 #456

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/06/2014 01:43:47Copy HTML

 Have any of you heard of the term MAMIL?
John Howard #457

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/06/2014 03:19:50Copy HTML

 Middle-Age-Men-in-Lycra.....   yes we hear a lot this word in Australia lately.  It is usually taken in a funny context,  probably more often by women,  perhaps a bit jealous that some men can pull it off?I am (proudly) one of them.
njbob1949 #458

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/06/2014 01:43:36Copy HTML

 I have been wearing spandex/lycra tights and shorts for exercise since I was in my 30's. I often wear them lounging around the house. I recently turned sixty-five. Does that make me an OAMIL (Old-Age_Men-in-Lycra)? Many of my female friends would likewise be classified as MAWIL or OAWIL. 
Seam_Stress #459

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/06/2014 07:00:51Copy HTML

 The "mamil" term has been around for a few years.  I'm not a fan of it.

The term reeks of insecurity, people making fun of those who choose to exercise.  At the same time, it _is_ a midlife crisis for some, except they're doing something healthier and less destructive than havin an affair or buying a sports car.  Instead of doing something to "recapture their youth" and make themselves look ridiculous, they're doing something that _will_ make them feel younger.

On the other hand, most of those talked about _are_ trying to "recapture their youth" as they go through "male menopause".  I hate being lumped in with them.  I've been in shape my whole life (born in the 1960s) and wearing tights since my early 20s, continuing to wear them even when it wasn't fashionable, from the 1980s through until now.  I may have most the traits of "middle aged man in lycra", but I'm no bandwagon jumper, and I'll be doing it as long as I can, through my 50s, 60s and later.

pikeman #460

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/08/2014 03:30:18Copy HTML

 In the cool weather I've worn (generic cheap female) black tights to run, and I look fit. I have a tight-fitting polartec zip-up that's black too. I wear the tights over bare skin and a c-ring. It makes for a very smooth, masculine outline. And I've worn them to run errands in as well. Grocery shopping. Home Depot, etc.. All without issue. There is nothing overt about it . . . 
mack_back #461

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/08/2014 04:57:25Copy HTML

Pikeman way to go. Using tights made for athletic activities as normal streetwear. 
I'm more inclined to follow your lead, except for the point of cheap generic tights you described (to look good wear the best possible clothes money can buy). So true of your statement making everyone notice we are athletically inclined and in fantastic masculine shape being fit. 

Often i look upon in contempt and disappointment  of  obese, pudgy young and old woman in cheap black tights attired on the street. Find it unfair that a double standard exists of prejudice, when a male attires tights running errands getting unusual response while females are comfortably left to be.

Their must be some feedback you get when wearing a c-ring and tight polar tech top. If your anything like me woman clerks at checkout get to notice the entire package back to front, such as ass wedgie and contour of my bulge.  Yes i wear a seamless front thong under all my crop tights i attire giving me tight fitted look. Woman must love it even though some laugh at the lack of modesty something so visibly seen. Yet i can't bare to show it off as i do often  in the gym while the street is difficult.

Only time i can wear it outdoors is when cycling which many would find perfectly appropriate, even my sistet agrees it's fine. Until i get off and start to walk along the street, then all eyes are on me for whatever reason.  Disppointing to be noticed by people staring while woman attired similarly don't get attention as i do. Yet if i was getting positive attention that would be fine. While we all know if your ignored most people don't believe your attired unusually. 

Chantelle4both #462

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/12/2014 02:32:53Copy HTML

 I like when you wrote, "Often i look upon in contempt and disappointment  of  obese, pudgy young and old woman in cheap black tights attired on the street. Find it unfair that a double standard exists of prejudice, when a male attires tights running errands getting unusual response while females are comfortably left to be."
So, simply put, a women can look like crap and still, "get away" with wearing fun, colourful, and sexy stuff, but guys, regardless of looks, are forced to wear bland, colourless, and conservative, "guy stuff."
Is this an example of female "privilege?"
Many of the folks replying to this thread, are clearly bucking this trend - yeah!!
I don't look upon those overweight women in yoga pants with contempt,  I look at them with respect and a sense of kinship. I kind of think of it this way, "If that person can go out in public, dressed like that, and feel good about themself, well, so CAN I."
And then I do! 
Lined up for a coffee at Starbucks, and wearing the same pair of Lululemon Groove Crops as the 200 pound, five foot seven women in front of you is a cool experience, especially if you happen to be five foot nine, and one hundred and fifty pounds. When people see this maybe a message is being sent!
bbyrne78 #463

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/12/2014 11:33:46Copy HTML

 mack_back your last post is deplorable.
What gives you the right to judge in such a misogynistic way? Being anonymous calling out people who might be genetically predisposed to a particular bodyshape or body type is like me judging you since you are less than 180cm tall as being somewhat less than a man. Even more so since you more than likely are unable to finish an ironman distance in less than 10 hours means you don't have what it takes to keep up with me, therefore I am not interested at all.
For all the guys who wonder why there are few women on this board, this is the reason, awful posts that fly in the face of what everyone is looking for which is an inclusive and respect for fellow beach Goers.
I am seriously thinking about pulling the plug on this board as a result of that particular post. I didn't sign on for any of this rubbish. 

mack_back #464

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/12/2014 11:52:18Copy HTML

Let me correct myself of my earlier statement of contempt for obese ladies in tights. Popularity breeds contempt. As more yoga crop tights are worn and made exclusively for one particular gender. That is where i feel scales of fashion shift only because of trends and popular culture teaches all of us. What we see everyday from both genders copying to wear. 
Like you if a woman wants to wear this or that i don't object. Only reason i have, is bias attitudes or snarky behavior that someone is better then me. Can't control what others may think or laugh at my attire only do it for myself regardless of the outcome.
Today was at the gym noticed couple of hottie woman dressed exactly the same. Only our color tanks were different, yellow, gray, neon fusia pink, with all black lulu crops ( guess who was wearing the pink tank?)..
Well the two hotties working out next to me. One stared with a smirk at my attire. Suffice to say looking upon her in crops was a turn on to say the least. That is why i kept my eyes from looking upon her or my teasing married old orgasmic female friend. 
While the super hot body female at the gym came to chat. She asked to my dimise where i buy my strings, (meaning my tank tops) i felt little disappointed because she was looking to buy them for her, ya her husband, ( crying out loud). She had problems buying him sizes  that were all to small, telling me he is such a big man ( she really knows how to rub it in). 
Suffice to say i had a miserable day on top of my workout. Getting it from all sides..
Remember you wear clothes for yourself not for others to give you compliments.
John Howard #465

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/13/2014 12:31:23Copy HTML

 Hope you don't Bren
Personally I think any woman or man of any shape wearing sport tights anywhere deserves thumbs up, especially the ones that look out of shape.  
To wear sport tights is like wearing runners (sport shoes),  it means you are ready for action and movement.   It can be the opposite of wearing pyjamas, therefore it should be praised and encouraged.   

I see many women of different shapes walking around my local park in the mornings, a few of them wearing 2XUs and runners;  they are far from being elle-mcphersons' but they seem to feel encouraged by the fabric and comfort of their compression pants.   If wearing them can give them even a bit more of encouragement on doing the physical activity, then those 2XUs should be put on a pedestal... even a cheappy pair of pants, if they encourage the person to move and be active,  good on them!    Especially on this age of so many people falling ill due to lack of activity;  strokes, diabetes, cancer and heart disease are killing hundreds of people every week....

There is a gentleman who does the same but seems to be very conservative because he wears business pants and shirt and normal shoes;  obviously that's how he feels comfortable and he also deserves thumbs up because he is looking after his health.

It's sad to see people abandoning themselves to sedentary lifestyles;  I strongly believe on the power that a pair of runners, a pair of tights or even a sexy speedos or bikini can give to people to encourage themselves to embrace physical activity;  that's what really counts. 

mack_back #466

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/13/2014 08:47:52Copy HTML

Applauding a Celebrity wearing crop tights. He just doesn't give a fu#k what he wears or who may find him weird. 
Or maybe that's his persona to be a bad boy for his movie roles. Yellow tight crops he out does me for sure. Bow down to him, even his recent tonight show spot Fallon mentioned his tights while a few in the audience chuckled. He made the excuse of just leaving the gym. To bad he made an excuse so it is normal to wear tights only at the gym. We as guys have a ways to go, fighting the stigma of leggings as streetwear. Even his guest spot on the tonight show wearing legging jeans as i do makes him a rebel of sorts. 


pkthong #467

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/14/2014 01:20:28Copy HTML

 As much as I love wearing tights; I think the societal attitude is that we males are only to wear them while working out. I do find it unfair or unjust but I just don't think people in general are ready for men wearing them just because.
As an analogy some men lime to wear skirts, I have never tried wearing one simply because I may like it and alas where would I ever find an excuse to wear one. Let's face it I can't just call it "work out gear". It sucks but that is just the way it is.
Maybe someday society will change but i am not holding my breath.
mack_back #468

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/14/2014 01:43:16Copy HTML

Has anyone seen under armour speedform running shoe commercial? The guy is wearing UA camo leggings with baggy shorts on top. Whole point is to make it look like he is just as fast streamlined as the fighter jets? 
It looks funny seeing the guy running what looks like a loose skirt from a distance. My mistake he is wearing dork shorts which they also sell. Yet they mention the inovation of shirts. What they are promoting is the shoes. PR department must of wanted the guy to wear a hat and jacket maybe a headband and some white long dress socks to go along with the shoes. Can't even advertise running tights and shoes needing to coverup wearing shorts good grief! 
Anyone agree or seen it?http://m.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/speedform
Chantelle4both #469

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/14/2014 03:07:27Copy HTML

 PK, you may be right, I am not holding my breath either, but neither am I conforming..!
Found a very cool/stylish pair of full length baby blue patterned MENS (!) Nike tights at Dick's Sporting Goods on August 11.
Although marked as "basewear" the fact that they are offering colours other than white or black and black is encouraging
tanlines2thin #470

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/14/2014 09:18:47Copy HTML

 I say, wear whatever ya wanna wear, but - beware;.......people with low-flying intelligence and lower-flying open-mindedness usually have the loosest lips, biggest mouths, and inconsiderate common courtesies.........if you ain't got the backbone to deal with these types, ya might wanna think twice about what ya wear..........it's just that simple........it ain't all that complicated........if you're wanna wear borderline crossdress apparel, think twice about wading into shark infested waters........there is more pleasure to be gained from enjoyment than conflict, even if half the world seems to think otherwise.........
Chantelle4both #471

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/01/2014 03:17:14Copy HTML

 Seems like some areas are a lot more tolerant of guys in running tights than others. For all the "1st timers" out there, a good idea would be to enter a local running race or triathlon; provided, of course you can DO the activity in some reasonable fashion. When you are one fishie swimming in a sea of lycra, it's pretty hard to be singled out. And for your first time, that is likely a good thing. Build your experience bank and confidence from there.
mack_back #472

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/02/2014 03:41:54Copy HTML

Confidence takes time to learn. Sometimes it takes someone to help you gain it by following their lead. I for one know for a short time incredibly fit married woman at the gym with a very positive happy demeanor. She lacks nothing and confidence seen is infectious to everyone around her including me. 
Just example today walking nude on the beach. People stared smiled laughed even choose a spot nearby to observe my essence. Later while i was getting dressed into my crop tights had a fellow beach goer come up to me from his group of friends. He back tracked from his buddies  telling me i look incredible. Also that seeing me walking along the beach nude i looked very confident. He rarely sees anyone having the confidence that way. Thanking him but little he knew it took an outstanding female to gain me the confidence which i doubted so often.
It's not arrogance or that your better then others but a belief of being happy however you may look or sometimes feel. 

Best advice find a buddy or better yet a super hot woman to improve on your disbeliefs about yourself and slowly you will dispel the doubt in your mind. 
High energy person is difficult not to be liked or be attracted to. If your lame or without life none will want to be around you. It's not the clothes your wearing but the passionate demeanor you express to everyone. Last thing people will care about is your running tights or body. 
If someone is being negative towards you rolling their eyes to their spouse what i was wearing so what. The confidence i express and not giving others an inch of space to express their smug feelings about me when i'm around. People like positve individuals or envy their hapiness don't let things happen to stop it for your own sake. 
NcknameInUse #473

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/02/2014 02:41:23Copy HTML

 Running tights for men aren't a big deal in my part of the world. Bright coloured ones will get noticed though. For actual running I usually wear short shorts simply because I overheat in anything else.
I do love wearing leggings for everyday wear. I think I already said in this thread about my collection of American Apparel leggings. It keeps growing!
As mack _back says, it's all about confidence. You can feign confidence or you can be confident. I started be feigning confidence but true confidence shows through eventually. The watching public can tell the two apart I think.
As I get older and my confidence blossoms I think I do look better. My androgynous outfits turn heads but I don't feel intimidated. Quite the opposite in fact. I recently bought some silver hologram leggings from AA and teamed them up with a fitted PVC shirt and 6" silver glitter stiletto pumps. I went out and about shopping in town on a very busy afternoon and got so many compliments!
One unusual one from a girl young enough to be my daughter was "he's so HOT!"
Androgynous or not, I keep myself fit and in trim. The form fitting leggings show off my figure to best advantage and women just aren't used to seeing men flaunt their bodies like that. 
Everyone's a winner :) 
Chantelle4both #474

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/27/2014 11:58:46Copy HTML

 I actually saw some coloured Reebok ones in a full length. A black/orange blend
JM_Runs #475

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/30/2014 01:30:15Copy HTML

bunzaird #476

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/02/2014 03:16:26Copy HTML

 Not sure what constitutes onionskin, but I have a pair of black tights and a pair of spandex shorts with the same cut.  The black onionskin ones are quite see-through but the spandex shorts are opaque.  The spandex is quite soft.  They are really comfortable even though they have an elastic center seam in the back so they define your cheeks.  Having an elastic seam up your ass shouldn't be a problem for us thongers though!  The front is a pouch that some consider fairly extreme.  The pouch is a little too small for me but it still works great as it keeps the boys out in front.  I have worn the blue ones to a public beach over my thong but Elle doesn't like them because they are too "in you face" (ass and bulge) and too gay looking. 
They make the tights and shorts in what they call "onion skin" and I plan on ordering a pair soon. I love them and will order the black see through ones to wear over a thong to get to and from the beach.  The quality of the fabrics and the stitching are first rate.  They are made by Arroyman (in Chile I think) but I bought them through Spandex4men.com, a website in The Netherlands.  I bought them in Holland because they said the tights were made specially for taller European men (I have long legs and these fit perfectly). 


Maybe I'll post a few pix of mine.
Chantelle4both #477

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/04/2014 06:32:03Copy HTML

 Thanks for the links, I'd think a pair of slightly compressive undies would make it > comfortable for me.
Seam_Stress #478

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/17/2014 06:04:06Copy HTML

Ah, the end of summer.  Normally that's a bad thing because it means the end of thongs on the beach.  In Taiwan summers are usually 35C or more, but even for here this year it's been abnormally hot and humid.  Daily highs finally have dropped into the 27-31C range (yes, in October) and it's easier to spend more time running and cycling outside.  It also means I can stop wearing my lightest running tights (6oz. stuff) which aren't very durable, and I can switch to my heavier drywick tights. 

For cycling, soon I'll be switching to my "speedsuits" as the maker calls them, though they're really just catsuits.  Does anyone else wear full body suits for working out?  They're fantastic for riding in cooler weather because it's a single piece of clothing, there's no gap at the waist for cold air to get in.  On my typical rides, two to three hours over 40-80km, they really work well.  Wearing them at the gym can also be head turning.  These are the brand I wear, if anybody's curious. 


I'm tempted to buy speedskating suits I saw on a Dutch website, but I don't know how well that fabric would stand up to bicycle seats.  Some of my drywick tights have lasted for years, while regular lycra can be ruined in months.
JM_Runs #479

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/22/2014 10:59:04Copy HTML

 Any other guys into these, in the off season? Just picked up two pair at Target to wear around the house this winter. 
SolarOne #480

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/23/2014 10:26:57Copy HTML

 Yes Stringman999, light material pants that aren't loose are so nice during times that being nude is just too cold. And as an added bonus, they can be warn under other things when it's really cold outside.
tanlines2thin #481

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2014 09:42:50Copy HTML

for me, yoga pants were the start of the slippery slope to crossing the line into skinny-leg leggings and painted-on spandex tights........forget shopping retail, though.......you can pick these things up on ebay for 5 or 7 bucks, w/ free shipping.......such a deal....... 
thonglife #482

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2014 01:57:00Copy HTML

I have lots of running friends, more girls then guys.Many of the girls wear sexy short shorts or compression gear. They are all used to me wearing the same. Recently, I told 2 of them how I wished companies made fun, printed running tights for men like they do ladies, Both friends suggested I try some spandex leggings with prints from various ladies brands. That has got me thinking now :)
big daddy thong #483

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2014 06:32:01Copy HTML

 I just bought running tights from N2N.  I ordered 2 pair, one neon green w/ black and one neon orange w/black.  You can also try adidas womens running tights, they are really unisex in sizing.  I got them thru eastbay.com  I have a pair with red and black 3 stripes
rosemke #484

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2014 08:33:14Copy HTML

I wear spandex leggings and tights  to the gym ,shopping and to the tanning studio. Rufskin  has the best fitting bum and great fabrics especially their newest  which looks  rubbery 
Also have a great assortment of Blackmilk leggings in wetlook and  great prints, like to wear  shiny wetlook  leggings , spandex white t shirt  suit jacket or blazer with ankle boots with a high  heel  to go shopping in the fashion malls.
JM_Runs #485

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2014 11:36:58Copy HTML

 I Skinzwear often has mens spandex leggings with bright colored prints on sale.  Different prints on diffrent months.
mack_back #486

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/25/2014 04:45:55Copy HTML

I'm convinced lululemon has the best fit and style prints you would be happy with. Nike print tight crops in luxe fit much better than past styles thicker material. Under Armour is brand you may like as well. Own all these brands in woman styles, fit is unisex, only choose the high or low rise which you would feel comfortable with. 
Printed styles you may get ridiculed by red necks as i have called gay but that's part of wearing tights people have problems with seeing males wearing them. Not discouraged wearing printed crop tights, but it does attract more attention good and bad. At least it's a change of pace from boring black tights everyone wears.

Rosemke: rufskin fit at waist is it loose or high rise? Such confidence also wearing tights with ankle heels when shopping. I get serious stares from the ladies just wearing denim painted on jeggings with short jean jacket exposing my butt and bulge. My reaction is to laugh chuckle at those who never see a male attired like me. Probably they never seen a guy exposing his body or legs in skin tight denim before. Still a little shy tucking my shirt in, showing my belt buckle in low rise jeans. 
rosemke #487

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/25/2014 07:37:10Copy HTML

Mack back

I have many LULU mens  leggings  Rufskin fit is sexier  tight    just above  hips  not as low as N2N  and  are great to show butt and bulge with a c-ring etc.
Microron #488

Re:Running tights.

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 Would be great to see a few pix of those Rufskin tights being worn by you... XC ski season is soon to be here on Vancouver Island. As you no doubt have experienced, wearing thongs under running tights are 'derigeur' for most of us.
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Re:Running tights.

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I was inactive for a long time here, but I see, that this thread is way not dead. Glad to read some new comments.Well, I will just add, I am still running, and always wearing tights and thongs. My wife complains, I don´t cover my front goodies enough (I try, but when I am running, tight shirt always moves up, uncovering my parts), but I always reply - there´s nothing to see, what other guys don´t have, or women didn´t see. When we are running together (both in tights of course) she doesn't care if I wear long enough T-shirt. But when I am running alone, almost every time I am passing female runners or bikers, they look for a second down there  - doesn't matter the age, doesn't matter if they are with their husbands or children. I don´t know if there´s some sexual thing behind it, because I also always look down there, just to check how does it look overall.

Once I was running  and passed 2 young girls by. They were just walk around the park and probably rest on the park bench. They were talking, and as I was 20 meters away, and they saw me, they stopped talking and just watched me. I think, they stopped, bc they wanted to see me, not because there were talking something for their ears only.Other time, I was running and I overtook 3 young girls (also runners, but totally amateur/beginners - no proper outfit.) This time, one started to whistle, and other 2 (or maybe all 3) talking about my good looking ass.

It is a good feeling to know, someone like your outfit and body shape, because every time I wear tights, I am still shy. Men in 40s,50,60s mostly wear tights, but younger guys, mostly wear loose pants. I am 34 now, and wear tights, and basically I am one of not many youngers, who wore tights. (Yes - I am younger:)))

As far as my tights goes - I buy them at Decathlon (Kalenji) , not sure if it´s known in US.  But these are cheap tights, but pretty good quality. Lately I bought female tights. The only difference is, they are just smaller, lower cut than male version, which is fine by me, cause I hate, when I wear tights, and still can extend them almost to my nipples. Therefore I bought this time XS/S size and they are perfect - finally like a second skin. Fabric is little bit thinner, and also a more see thru, but I like it also - even it makes me more shy.

Here´s 3 pictures just for you to picture it, how my tights looking like. I am sure, many other runners (m/f) saw my back, especially when I am sweat, they are even more see thru, but I like it. Do you think it´s bizarre? And when I buy them, I choose only these, with no pockets or zippers on the back...
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Re:Running tights.

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Sunson don't think what you wear is unusual or unique. Most tights like you shown have sheerness to them. Unless your wearing lined tights for winter almost all black tights show slight skin tone underneath or thong color and outline. Often i match my thong color to the tights for sheerness reasons. Once in awhile i wear a pink thong and notice the color shows through many dark shade tights. 
Would not worry about you showing slight sheerness and people noticing you wearing a thong underneath, as many only should. Often observe woman in tights seeing what they are wearing v-strings, T-back, lace, or full panties in tops short showing their waistbands or skin of the lower back. Even observed woman at the gym adjusting their shirts down in the front but hiking the back showing off their butt...lol.. 

Agree with you high rise tights pulled up can be very uncomfortable, all i wear now are low or mid rise. Also some tights have size labels that are printed on the inside shows through in the back. 
Yes we attract attention whenever males attire tights and shows off his shape front to back. Only time i notice more unusual attention, when wearing tights painted on,  fitted that my glutes have a extreme wedgie. This gets people who often see me wearing tights  before hundreds of times, take notice love it or hate it they can't help but stare. 
So you don't mind showing off your body for others to see like myself then your just a runner who is confident. Age has nothing to do with it but have to agree young guys are ashamed to show off. 
So enjoy your time running and the responses you are given. Yes, they all might not be great but considering the source of who may object seeing a male adorn tights it makes me laugh.  While shocked stares or silence when they notice you is familar territory for me, you get use to it. Often i thought wearing tights peaple are critical but more confidence you have it doesn't matter what others think or say. In most cases i been in, woman found seeing me in tights very exciting and my body something to be desired and watched. 
For example just the other week at the gym i had on 2XU low rise woman, version tights with a female black short tight razerback tank top. Seen a blonde attractive  woman wearing her yoga loose pants and jacket tied around her hips. She was taking heavy weights off that some dummy left stacked  on the equipment. Felt i needed to give her a hand helping her. As she thanked me seamingly didn't think she cared what i was wearing being seen often by her numourous times. She felt the need to tell me with her extreme smile a few times that i have a nice body, asking other questions about training and diet.Although i'm not great taking compliments, felt i wanted to say no it's my clothes that makes my body great. In truth we need to look good before wearing such exposing tights that others will be able to admire and have no trouble glancing upon. 
Good luck and feel confident in what you wear, no matter the brand on tights you buy. Make sure they fit really well..

JM_Runs #491

Re:Running tights.

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 I just purchased a pair of N2N Black Sins:
Anyone have a review?
gstrings #492

Re:Running tights.

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Hi, I have a pair too and think they are supremly sexy and comfortable. Follow the washing instructions very carefully. I have a pair of their black rubberized shorts and washed them in warm water and maybe the soap powder had a bleach because the rubber coating delaminated!!
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Re:Running tights.

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 Thanks!  Will post a review.
JM_Runs #494

Re:Running tights.

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Here is a pair from an AliExpress supplier that looks like an inexpensive version of the N2N tights:
Hundreds of reviews (overwhelmingly positive,) and only $7 each...
Now, if purchasing N2N meant buying a north american made product and supporting the local economy - great for those with the money to spare... 
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Re:Running tights.

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 Tried these out yesterday, for the first time:http://www.n2nbodywear.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=n2n&Product_Code=B12&Category_Code=Wow!  Wore them while working from home and had trouble concentrating.  Very low-rise and great pouch.  Feels so sexy.
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Re:Running tights.

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 I recently purchased a pair of N2N ultra skin runner. They are also low rise and have a great feel to them. I'll post a few pics of them.
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Re:Running tights.

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 B.D. Thong - you are correct about the adidas clothing. It is quite unisex. I bought a pair of the Supernova capris in black with purple striping and they fit as anatomically correct as my men's Pearl Izumi tights. 
As well, Adidas does have a few items of full-length compression tights for men and although they are tights, they seem to fit and feel a bit closer to pantyhose which, for the inexperienced is even more erotic than the thicker material of typical running tights. I have not worn those out running, yet...
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Re:Running tights.

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 While not exactly tights, after reading everyone's comments and both thinking and wanting something that fit better, I bought FILA yoga pants. I have to say I love the fit and feel. They cling to my body while giving me the freedom of movement I desire. I wore them to the gym this past week. While I got no comments, I did have plenty of looks and smiles. Unlike the usual sweatpants or other gym wear for men,mthses leave no doubt that I am male. Judging from the smiles and direct stares there were several woman who liked what they saw. I have a pair in black and a pair in grey. This is really pushing it for my gym. 
Chantelle4both #499

Re:Running tights.

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 Great to see that you are finding something that fits, feels, and looks great on you! Are the pants full or capri (3/4) length? I really like the grey colour as it does a better job of revealing curves and contours, as opposed to black!
RapidBlue #500

Re:Running tights.

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 The pants are full length. I agree the grey does show off what I have.
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