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Incognito69 #851

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/12/2017 06:59:29Copy HTML

 If anyone was thinking of trying Jor tights, do it. They are great!
shoyupoke #852

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/14/2017 01:12:30Copy HTML

 I have a pair of the koala swim pinnacle sport tights in black. The pouch is definitely noticeable but you can get away with it if you have a longer shirt on. I love they way the tights are made. They highlight the butt cleavage so nicely. The material is thicker than regular compression tights but these are not really full compression either. They do tend to slide down. And when I first got them they had an awful chemical smell that took a few washes to get rid of. I’m thinking of trying the grey ones next. 
Chantelle4both #853

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/30/2017 04:21:36Copy HTML

How things have changed since this thread was first launched. I was at our local big box sports and apparel retailer in Alberta (Sport Chek) over the Christmas season and it was pretty amazing to see just how much guys choice we have now for running tights. Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour are all offering a pretty good variety in different styles, colours, and lengths.

Yes you can now get funky and tastefully multicoloured capri running tights that are "guy specific." As I have mentioned previously, however, many of these have that silly "crotch-pocket stitching" in the front. What that does, at least in my opinion, is say, "hey everybody, look down here!!" - Not very tasteful. Some of these pockets, however, do have the stitching in a matching or black thread that does not highlight the package as much.

That being said, even with all this choice available, nothing still seems to beat a pair of Wunder Unders for fit and feel. Anyone else find any good stuff over the holiday season?
SolarOne #854

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/31/2017 04:53:23Copy HTML

For winter cycling I found both Mondetta and Kyodan brushed-inside leggings with side hip/leg pockets. Absolutely fantastic, a place to put a thin wallet and phone while shopping. All mens leggings should have these type pockets. Maybe I'll actually buy men's tights if they did. 
mack_back #855

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/31/2017 09:07:37Copy HTML

Chantelle4both believe me Train times 7/8 tights are really well fitting and well worth a try fits like Align tights but stronger durable material. 
Funny how capri crops were seen as strictly female styles. When i first started wearing them getting a lot of stares and smirks because only woman wore them. Now i see guys with shorts wearing crop tights. Just like years ago woman wearing ankle socks was feminine and no male dared to wear them. Look at how far we come from wearing tight sportswear. Clothing is just that not gender specific it's peoples hang ups that force us what we see others wear. That's why i don't even consider wearing male tights anymore or curious what's new. Woman styles often prevail in colour, style, fabric innovation never stops because females are more discerning upon there  buying habits. 
One thing is for sure in the coming new year I resolved to buy two new pieces of fitness activewear to wear each week. Most who follow my replies know what brand i’m bias about that is capable of selling new styles colours every couple weeks. Rather being locked to brands that introduce activewear semi annually. 
Chantelle4both #856

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/01/2018 03:18:09Copy HTML

 Had another great afternoon of try-ons at a Calgary mall. As I have said earlier, it is really neat to see the increase in selection for men's tights, especially the availability of capri-length ones. Under Armour has a new 3/4 length in a cute silver colour and with the seam going straight up the back NOT two seams going down the sides like so many of them do. I tried them on, but they had pockets, large ones. The extra fabric up front really contributed to a poor and unflattering fit. Next were the Adidas Alphasport 3/4, again in a semi-shiny silver. And again, no silly side seams on the butt    =-) What I also like about these was that they have an attractive waist band, something that the men's tights have really been lacking. YOu can see them here: https://www.adidas.ca/en/mens-alphaskin-sport-3-4-tights/CD7188.html
It was, again, the front of them that I found to be unflattering. Four years ago, I would have bought these for sure but with all the options of colours and fits available, they stayed in the store. An hour later, and $88.00 later that afternoon, I owned my second pair of Lululemon Align crops. These - in grey! Just magical! Another wise purchase! Anyone know what to pair with grey tights?
mack_back #857

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/02/2018 09:11:03Copy HTML

 Glad you had some fun shopping for some running gear making wise choice with the align crops. Although do think you should try the pant versions giving you wider options with colours.  Or urge you to try the train times pants or crop versions. They will surprise you on how well they fit. Know you liked and own  wunder under styles, took a while for you to try on aligns and grey colour  having the courage to wear outdoors running. 
Most male tights look or are underwear worn under dork shorts elastic waistband rear buttocks seems often a base layer under armour make and nike dry fit tights with light weight fabric not worn practically as outer layer. Many females just recognize male tights as underwear if you decide to wear them without any coverup they find you pervert or disgusting to be seen.

As for colour choices with grey, lululemon never names its gear simply except for  black and white you probably bought the Nubula colour choice, correct?If you ever tried purchasing lululemon tops tanks, shirts from female side of the store you get wider choice of gamete of colours best complimenting your align crops. In my opinion wearing similar coloured dark carbon i own of align crops find bright vivid colours are the go to for that particular crop. Except for bright blue or black, navy, white even grey wouldn't work to well with these crops. Have fun picking colours and style tops to wear and don't fear it might look to outlandish. More you pair your crops in different colours the better you feel about it. Be careful though many ladies will be looking admiring what your wearing. If you go the root of ladies lululemon swiftly's CRB II razorback tanks with Nulu fabric they streamline your body for more athletic appearance and will definitely get noticed and complimented on your body because of your nice clothes. Fashion is often a evolution of change slowly but surely you  begin to change resulting in better fit and better looking appearance.  

For whatever it's worth wearing my align pants in sea steel and rose blush nulu CRB II tank so comfortable like being naked working out at the gym. As i was training had fitness enthusiast female often wearing same aligns as me whatever Lululemon comes out new we both are the first to purchase rollout Tuesday's such brilliant blue, merlot, ruby red, juniper you name it we both are wearing exact same aligns to many peoples amusement at the gym.  Luckily for me i decided to change in the last minute  juniper aligns crops for sea steel  align pants knowing she doesn't own. 

While i was doing bicep curls she walked around the corner noticing me with incredible wedgie from hiking up my aligns so that the ankles won't bunch up. As i rested she came up to me telling i had beautiful body for the last six months observing me at the gym. Knew it wasn't just my body she noticed but my workout gear i wore, yet didn't feel to say it in midst others surrounding us. In fact knew she began to copy my  exact style colours wearing them at the gym past couple months. Seen her angry envious past expressions of me when i was well dressed with the favourite brand workout gear, looking away upset seeing what i was wearing.  Looked her over noticing she had on rose blush bra tank with juniper align pants. While i had same tank top colour but my aligns were sea steel better compliment then she had on, yet we both dressed to the nines to envy of few cute asian woman walking away from listening to her  singing praises of my physique.  Knew she wanted to strike up conversation noticing her goal oriented betterment ideology reading her social media IG pages. Even keeping track seeing her beating me to the punch with new align crops pictures on IG page, while mine are being delivered at later date with my dismay.

Suppose we are not the only males wearing girly fitness gear even few shops recognize me from linking there IG page to mine. Seen IG page from body builder wearing tights and he was wearing female speed tights to my shock and surprise. Doubt anyone cares or figures there female. At the lululemon boutique often called by female SA "find everything you like, hun"? Or walking into the boutique day after there online new release of Sea steel aligns. Seen four to five females walking out the door of the store wearing there new bought aligns looked amazing to my grinning face. As i went to look for the size on the store selves i only seen one in my size left. Luckily for me these gals bought size 8 almost selling out the new colour of aligns that day. They looked amazing outdoors for those that don't partake in loud colours.
One local boutique i picked out new pair of aligns and SA female helped me then as i was about to walk away to pay she said, "we go to the same gym, you know?". I about turned beat red not recognizing her felt like running out of the store dropping the tights on the floor. While i slowly nodded my head asking what times she go? Her answering after work usually seeing you there. Felt i was caught first SA that knows i buy female fitness wear for me not as a  gift. Lol...

John Howard #858

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/02/2018 10:50:10Copy HTML

 the Skins compression tights I wear do not seem like underwear layer at all;  some of them come on really cool patterns not just plain black and look even cooler than a superhero outfit.

It never came to my mind the idea that the ladies at the gym would judge my compression pants for being underwear only for the seams on the back or the elastic band,  personally I think they would not care,  some cant help to do double takes at my crotch but that is probably as instinctive as us doing quick double takes to their breasts or bums.....harmless
Felsen #859

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/03/2018 01:45:38Copy HTML

"...some can't help do a double take..." for those of us who (ahem) are not quite as well endowed this might be a deterrent 
Davsim #860

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/03/2018 02:09:47Copy HTML

I wear tights/leggings to the gym without shorts on top, so this topic is on point for me.Like Mack says, most of the men,s tights sold in stores these days in the USA is underwear style with the exposed elastic waistbands and the unibutt seams. The seams on these tend to be prominent too. Outerwear tights tend to have the elastic waistband under fabric, a center seam on the butt, seams that are less visible and usually a center seam in front too. There are some mens compression tights brands sold on Amazon (Compression Z and Sub Sports) that are the best of both worlds. They have a seam in the middle on the but, but two seams on the outside of the bulge in front like the underwear to accommodate the male anatomy. Compression Z comes in several colors as well, although mine are basic black. They are tight and shiny, just like I like it and they have a little hidden pocket too for car keys and cash.Whether it's men's leggings or thong swimwear, it seems you have to buy it over the internet. There isn't much in stores. Most dudes are wearing their tights under shorts, but wearing tights with nothing but a shirt on top is the best. Especially if it is a compression shirt.
jazzyfay #861

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/03/2018 09:38:16Copy HTML

 I generally only wear Skins or Sub Sports because I haven't found a comparable product in terms of quality and that actually does what they claim to do.  I have tried Reebok, Nike, Under Armor, and 2XU and of those products, 2XU were the closest but still had issues including holes and uncomfortable chaffing.  I wear them without shorts and wear compression tops mostly from Sub Sports because they are reasonably priced on Amazon and are long lasting.  Just be sure that when you launder them you don't put them in the dryer, just air dry them and they will last you.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #862

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/04/2018 03:43:48Copy HTML

 I buy Matty M leggings from Costco.  I wear a women's medium and they fit great.  I've got 2 pairs in each black, gray snake, and green/brown snake.  They are thick enough that you can't see through them and warm enough to wear during the spring and fall.  I've got compliments on them from several women.  My ex-GF preferred me in them over jeans.  I wear them on planes and pretty much all the time.  Last week I went out with a woman for the first time on a date to the SF Gay Pride parade and she didn't seem to care.  We have another date coming up so I guess they weren't a deal breaker.  In the gym I wear the Brave Person's Capri tights which are a little see through.   Always wear a thong or g-string under my tights.
Chantelle4both #863

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/04/2018 06:43:00Copy HTML

 I find that traveling, whether by car or plane, is a lot more comfortable in mild compression tights - such as Wunder Unders. Although it's a bit hard at times when you are going into a gas station or whatever, as there are no pockets!
Davsim #864

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/07/2018 05:15:22Copy HTML

I went to Dicks today not expecting to find anything. The Nike men's tights were on sale and they were better than expected. They were in several colors and both 3/4 and full length. I tried on some gray/blue ones and loved the way they fit. There is one seam between the butt cheeks on back and a framed pouch in front. I pulled the waistband up a little and the seam went right up my butt crack while the front pouch held everything in place.  The color is awesome and matches a pair of leather sneaker boots I have. I got a sleeveless under armor compression top on sale too. The top covers the elastic waistband but leaves the split butt cheeks and bulge totally on display.
mack_back #865

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/13/2018 06:46:01Copy HTML

Bought couple earbuds that i needed to replace my broken jaybirds X2's So i stumbled upon JBL endurance waterproof earbuds thinking i need something to listen to at the sunny beach. Seeing i sweat a lot didn't want to experiment with my new Zolo  liberty + wireless earbuds use them in dry conditions in the gym sweat proof. 
While opening the box looked at the picture of a male wearing just running tights, no shorts over top. Couldn't believe it, often brand companies like nike have there models wearing there clothes with baggy shorts over top of there leggings. This through me for shock that JBL selling there wireless earbuds had a model in black leggings with loose tank top slightly longer but non the less i was impressed. 

Thought maybe the world is becoming just little more liberal or relaxed about male exercising in leggings. Here is link of the picture i'm describing.
Woman wearing red crops guess it's to show they have matching colour earbuds but in the picture she's wearing black oh well.

Just maybe we will start seeing more athletic guys wearing leggings without any cover up over top or braver colour then black.
Noticed at my gym recently athletic fit male wearing grey leggings to the gym without any cover-up. Finally i'm not only male wearing them, think i seen two others one deciding tight loose fit shorts wearing over his leggings is a good idea. 
Chantelle4both #866

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/08/2019 03:16:53Copy HTML

More good news. Wow - how times have changed since thread began! Did some Boxing Day shopping in Calgary. Quite a great selection of 3/4 tights for guys now, and not all of them have the silly seams on the crotch. The Under Armour fabric is still not as soft and real as the Lululemon, however, but the colours and prints are improving.
mack_back #867

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/08/2019 04:40:50Copy HTML

Glad to hear men’s styles are improving. Seeing more guys in the gym with funky prints and colours. Unfortunately many wearing shorts over top. Suppose many are not confident enough to be wearing tights alone. 

 Your right lululemon is still my go to brand. Not only naked feel aligns work well. Suggest in movement  tights in everlux as well fast free ll tights with  Nulux fabric mixed into it. You be surprised how silk smooth it feels yet more durable and no fuss clinging to your body exactly like a second skin. 

 Can’t say enough how much better the fit is with the styles and new colours always coming out on weekly basis the brand we all love.

Yet  the envious stares I receive and compliments from the ladies makes it fun to wear. Often being told by some woman  they can’t help but feel in competition what they are wearing, compared to the likes of me. They do tell me I wear it lot better then them, calling me yummy or delicious.

rooE #868

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/08/2019 08:13:32Copy HTML

I wear Sports leggings all the time, not just when im doing sports, but lounging around the house, going to the shops or walking the dog. At first i only wore them to do sports in, but then i starting doing errands after the gym in them and realised that nobody really was bothered by them, and if they did say anything it was positive so i just started wearing them all the time. i always wear a thong underneth them, most of the time i have virtually no visible thong line at all. but sometimes, i wear a thong and legging combination that will deliberately show my thong through them, again the only things said were very positive when they could clearly tell i was wearing a thong.
jj705 #869

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/08/2019 11:10:39Copy HTML

Running tights were the reason I found thongs. I would wear them to the gym but always found it uncomfortable having my underwear bunch up under them. I mentioned it to the wife and she actually joked about trying a thong. I gave it a try and haven’t looked back

Chantelle4both #870

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/11/2019 03:34:24Copy HTML

Has anyone tried Gym Shark? Are they only avail. on-line?
mack_back #871

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/11/2019 05:44:09Copy HTML

Gymshark are only available online. Seen way to many ladies in the gym wearing It. Karinaelle IG is her brand. 

There are other IG fitness babes like Samie (leanmachine21) selling Putula brand, colours and styles similar to lululemon.. They are copy of lululemon brand which she exclusively wore before developing her leggings. Seen some gym rats wearing those brands. Yet many ladies for mentioned can’t help keep staring upon my aligns or other lululemon styles I wear in the gym. Maybe because I compliment the leggings very well with there tops. While the other brands lack the wide colour spectrum gamut for there tops. Guess if like wearing bras you get monotone matching colours with there leggings from gymshark. 

Otherwise I stay clear of wanna be fitness gear often the fabric is adequate but after awhile they don’t hold up well. Learned expensive lesson buying Brazilian leggings looked good but felt terrible from the beginning and were cheaply made yet costs double what lululemonbrimgs to the table.

Experiment all you want gymshark leggings have unique heathered style and maybe something you may want to wear. Yet the looks from woman yesterday wearing pink gymshark leggings was rooted from my initial wearing ru merlot aligns with porcelien pink LS tech swiftly top from last year. She loved me in it she decided to get something similar yet different from gymshark. Now she feels dated wearing them looking at me wearing aligns in sage grey and LS tech swiftly top with iron purple nike trainers. Again me looking well outfitted once again. With many woman eyes on me envious of my new outfit. 

Chantelle4both #872

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/18/2019 03:17:14Copy HTML

Darn, it's too bad that the Gym Shark are on avail. on-line. Those ombre capris look cute!
Vega1210 #873

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/19/2019 12:38:19Copy HTML

I just joined a gym again and since its winter have worn tights the last few visits with no issues.  I wear a thong under them for a bit of support.  These have been working greathttps://www.aliexpress.com/item/Men-Running-Tights-Dry-Quick-Compression-Base-Layer-Fitness-Leggings-Men-Sport-Basketball-Soccer-Training-Pants/32646569604.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dgZ0i0F

LanaLanaUK #874

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/20/2019 11:21:54Copy HTML

I do a lot of cycling and running for fitness to keep in shape and I do it in pairs of these https://www.myprotein.com/sports-trousers/heartbeat-mesh-full-length-leggings/11429324.html (have a few pairs of grey and black). I wear thong bodysuits over the top. Love them, they are really comfortable.
Vega1210 #875

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/21/2019 12:05:48Copy HTML

how i wish the standard for men and women were the same. Going to the gym you see women in tight shorts all the time. Believe i'm the only one currently that wears tight pants when at the gym. They work really well for running.
JM_Runs #876

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/21/2019 03:03:27Copy HTML

When it is too cold for shorts, and I don't need to dress up to go to a client's office, I am probably wearing running tights, like all this last couple of weeks.   Running tights for going to visit neighbors, going shopping, evaluating a mega yacht, or just regular daily living.  

That's not to say that when it has been warm enough and the sun is out in the daytime I have not been in a thong, like for pressure cleaning the dock two days ago. But today is cool, by Florida standards COLD. So long running tights all day.  For me they are standard. 

If you want running tights to be more normal, then do the same, wear them everywhere, not just in the gym.
Women do, you can too. Other men will see you, and hopefully a few will be empowered. 

big daddy thong #877

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/21/2019 04:12:40Copy HTML

https://bodyaware.com/collections/mens-sports-leggings/products/mens-fishnet-lace-leggings?variant=12286435000387 I just ordered a pair of these leggings. I can't wait to try them for hot yoga class. ;~D
mack_back #878

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/21/2019 10:13:58Copy HTML

Big daddy thong: Nice find only have to to say WOW! The lace shows a lot without a doubt woman in the yoga class will know your not wearing a thong or do wear one. Lacey mesh very feminine yet sporting for men, intriguing find. Question is what color? Go with the cerise in my opinion. Woman love pink when i wear that color in tops at the gym. Get the most attention. Don't know if i wore such mesh leggings what the manager would do seing my buns are exposed. Many would believe they are pantyhose complainers would voice there opinion. Don't want to rock the boat wearing my leggings at the gym so i'm careful what sexy outfits i wear. Like it. Maybe wear it with tunic outdoors.

 While i wore white mesh tights often lady friend at the gym pats me goodbye along the hip seeing my thighs and hips exposed through the mesh.  Makes for nice contrast with my darker skin and white lycra fabric. As for wearing gym tights, leggings as everyday casual attire is wrong in my opinion. Doesn't matter the gender i feel they are made for a purpose and use them accordingly. While i have no qualms wearing ladies leggings, crops in the gym or cycling outdoors feel i'm appropiately attired for the surroundings and task at hand. Have to admit wore my leggings commuting from work back home. Once i took public transportation  in my black feminine legging crops. Although never feel uncomfortable or worried wearing it in public. Did find young college girls observing me closely and focusing on what most woman can't help themselves to look upon my bulge. Only when i feel more of exhibtionist in nature i would dare wear the gym leggings on the street. Problems i've seen is more attention then normal. Wearing legging on cooler days to the beach commute cycling i decided to do some errands. Otherwise i keep wearing my ultra skinny jeggings on the street most of the time, some have pockets others not so much. Yet still pass as denim jeans only skin tight and thicker in denier.

Chantelle4both #879

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/22/2019 02:28:07Copy HTML

...and although I know that this whole website is about thongs, I find that some of the best underwear for yoga pants, be it Under Armour, Adidas, Lululemon, whatever - is a Speedo. It does a great job of shaping the rear and taming your front end. This to me adds confidence, which I'm sure you'll agree is a big part of wearing tights outside of our homes.
mack_back #880

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/22/2019 10:05:12Copy HTML

Wearing CK fakes from China best ever bought on eBay. Fits tighter then any original  CK I tried and remains well fitted even after long use and washes. Wish bought more always browsing to find nylon mix seemless front woman thongs I could wear under my next to naked leggings. Once wearing perfectly fitted thong under tights,  agree that confidence rises knowing everything is in place not shuffling around.  

Knowing I can walk along not be worried of my bulge being out of sorts.  While others can stare upon my physique being impressed what they see. 

Had conversation about running tights with female friend runner. She seen me long time before I wore tights. She never thought or noticed what type of body I had  or bothered to look until I started wearing spandex tights. After noticing my shape she knew she had to talk to me and we have been friends ever since. Thongs do help smooth things out well. Every time me and my female married friend meet she checks me out front and back, it’s just something she likes to do. My friend often tells me I have great body, and since I worked hard to achieve it why not flaunt it, nothing wrong with that. 

Chantelle4both #881

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/25/2019 03:57:12Copy HTML

Sounds like you are getting a lot of positive reinforcement for your exercise & choice of clothing. I agree that being fit & toned does give us a lot of leeway as far as wearing our Lululemon tights!
mack_back #882

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/26/2019 06:56:52Copy HTML

Chantelle4both no doubt some married woman who have seen me for a decade now find the need to compliment my style, in my opinion thats well overdue. Most woman feel comfortable talking with me, and get excited discussing different female style leggings we wear. One woman wants to buy me legging because of her discount at the store finding we wear the same size. While complimenting my new recent purchases, helped her find certain styles in the brand she wasn't aware of.  They message me their purchases and i do the same, bouncing complimentary colour choices of tops we can wear with leggings.

Once one woman begin talking to me others tend to notice adn were less shy to approach. They respect my style, sense of taste, and abiliity to wear feminine outfits better then them. We laugh at our shopping habits. They understand the amount of clothes we buy just because we like them, if we need them or not. They tell me if they wish their husbands understood workout wear like i do. Some woman even defend me from people who disaprove of what I wear. 

I'm closely scrutinized and often told that I inspire them to wear more of the workout clothes we love to workout in, specifically leggings. Sometimes they suggest i should model for the leggings brand, because so many ladies look up to me when slecting similar colours and styles. While not noticing find there has been clear shift of the amount of woman wearing Align pants. Some telling me i should take some credit for it because i wear it well and many, if not all the woman, notice. They tell me the woman often chat about me and stare when my back is turned or I am walking away. 

Chantelle4both #883

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/01/2019 03:10:06Copy HTML

Do you get positive comments from your wife or significant other? At home I get often positive comments. Thankfully you have a good body to "rock" the Aligns. Many can not.
mack_back #884

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/02/2019 08:13:19Copy HTML

Often get from my lady friend loving my gym outfits intially she hated me wearing it being jealous. Good body is all relative to the eye of the beholder.  Aligns do accentuate everything  even my bulges needing a smooth tight fitted thong underneath, that is why i wear no other leggings.

My lady friend and me shop for same brand of outfits weekly together wearing same size. Haven't shared leggings with one another as of yet. Often we try one upping one another with our legging collection surprising each other with a  cool look, meeting in the gym. People may think we are crazy, but we love showing off, in different colors prints even styles. 

 People stare at us but we don't care often told by my lady freind they are jealous because we look amazing. Even when she slaps my booty in front of others in the middle of the gym lot of woman smile wishing they could do the same or more. Or when she voices out, she is speechless loving complimentary top ignoring my big bulge for moment to my astonsihment. 

When alone closely observe frequent woman gym visitors.  Often believe many ignore me or are oblivious what i'm wearing. My lady friend tells me contrary to what i believe many if not all females notice me in the gym, yet don't show visible reaction like a newbie might. They all feel envious jealous that a male is wearing such great outfits and body they admire. Yet many woman in the gym get angry that i wear something new and complimnetary. After a while woman feel self consious about themselves using me as measuring stick, yet hide it well from my observing eyes. 

Sometimes when female in the gym is wearing new outft she observes my intial reaction to her. Wanting reaction of approval or envy from me. Often i pose reaction of envy and jealousy. Makes some woman feeling superior, that particular day, to there smug smile showing me. Afterwards i chuckle at them when they leave. Feeling they need me to observe and react to there gym outfits as some validation what they have on is great. Suppose it's badge of respect of sorts from ladies in the gym respecting my taste and choice of female workout clothes.

My lady friend also observes others reactions to her and me. We both hope others can catch up wearing  purchasing same brand outfits as we wear. While some try my lady friend often is tough critic finding others not wearing it as well as we do. Many others have told us so which is encouraging. Some people told her that i wear some legging much better then my lady freind, often she agrees getting upset and motivated.

big daddy thong #885

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/03/2019 07:03:45Copy HTML

Just added these bad boys to my collection. Bodyaware Snakeskin tights w/ side pockets https://bodyaware.com/collections/mens-sports-leggings/products/mens-snakeskin-leggings?variant=17972377780289
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