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grumbly #101

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/15/2010 05:41:54Copy HTML

Hi everyone, i'm a guy from a modern asian country and i jus wanna say that i wear lycra , spandex , mesh ,micro short shorts/ tights out everytime. it barely covers my bum (about 7 inches in length from the side after putting on) thats what i call short! The materials are thin and stretchy enough to feel like a second skin. Normally i wear light colors and dark colours depending on my mood. The 'bulge' is clearly outlined and i have recieved a lot of second glances from both ladies n guys.(mostly positive). Of course i have to be young and be in reasonabaly good shape to pull it off. i wear this way everywhere in my neighbourhood and i don't care what anybody says.(My girlfriend actually finds it sexy), what matters is that i think i look good and feel good. As long as i'm not breaking the law by blatantly showing off the family jewels, its just a difference of fashion opinion in my society. i'm mostly attired like this during sports, going on errands around my neighbourhood etc..and never had any trouble at all..i must say it helps that i'm living on a tropical island city with mostly hot hot sunshine all year round. I don't wear like this to the main city or for work as its not approppriate for the place and purpose, u would be inviting snide remarks although one could do it. All i'm saying is that everyone should wear what he/she pleases and can be confident in it. By the way, i'm 100% st8, no offence to gays.... 
12 wheels #102

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/16/2010 04:39:27Copy HTML

It's so weird how society has these double standards for men & women.

Just last weekend my GF & I were out getting some breakfast. As we stood in line, I noticed a woman a few spots ahead of us who was wearing a pair of black spandex/lycra tights. Nobody seemed to bat an eyelid or care - it was perfectly fine.

A few months ago I was shopping in Target and saw a girl who was wearing a pair of spandex/lycra tights. Again, nobody seemed to care.

I could guarantee you that if it was me or any other guy wearing tights in the same places, that we'd get a lot of stares, some comments & maybe some giggles.

The eternal question: why are us guys supposed to cover up and hide our bodies with baggy clothing, while the women get to wear things that accentuate and show off their bodies? I swear, the way things are going in this country, the men will have to wear burkhas while the girls will be allowed to wear thongs or nothing.
ardvarken #103

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/17/2010 04:33:16Copy HTML

12 wheels, I think people inside their mind might be commenting, but I've never had a negative comment when wearing a lot of wild colors of spandex tights, even when in a store before or after going to the gym or a run.  I think the first few times I might have been self conscious, but now it's pretty much the norm for me, and I've thrown on a sweatshirt over them and went and done errands and don't give it much of a thought anymore.

Would I do it on a daily basis, not sure, I love the feel and look of tights but I live in jeans.  The smiles and comments that I have received, which have only come from women, have been positive.

I'm sure a few think I'm a freak but that's okay as well,  I'm not out to prove anything to anyone or get their permission to do what I'm comfortable doing.  I don't think things will ever open up to the point where you see guys adopting that all over the place, but why wait for the group acceptance to just wear what feels good to you. Wear what you like regardless of what others might think.
cpantylines #104

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/28/2010 10:02:16Copy HTML

I'm the new guy at this board & have been reading some of the posts & this one really got my attention.  I've been bicycling and running in spandex shorts & tights for years and have found that it is how you deport yourself that is important.  I happen to live in an area (deep south of the U.S.) that doesn't have very many bicyclists or runners.  I just act like I know what I am doing & everyone figures that what I am wearing is what bicyclists wear. 

I've had some male friends give me good-natured ribbing about my spandex but I always make some reply like, "I wear spandex because I can!"  Once people realize that you're not embarrassed or intimidated, they have no more ammunition to use against you.

On the other side, I have had many women who liked seeing a guy in spandex and were thrilled that a guy would have the confidence to pull it off.  Sure, I've had a lot of giggles and stares but almost always the women will try to get a better look. I have worn thongs and rio cut undies and swimwear under my spandex for many years - and almost always try to have some type of "visible panty line" showing.  It's always a lot of fun watching surprised wide-eyed women trying to surreptitiously get a peek at my butt - without trying to be obvious. 

One lady that I know used to be very cool and stoic when I was wearing spandex around her, but now when I see her she always asks if I'm still riding my bike because she hasn't seen me lately.  She'll also explains to any female friends around that I wear "those tight biker shorts" while she gestures to her hips.  What a hoot!  I'll have to cycle by her house one day soon.
mack_back #105

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/02/2011 02:54:05Copy HTML

12 Wheel, the double standard will always be with us because of societies conditioning. Many women feel men wearing something that most don't is weird or very odd.  So the society frowns upon guys wearing tights which women seam to wear regularly. Even females frown on other gals wearing tights as pants, a fashion faux pas.

You may see young girls wearing tights with longer tops covering the bottom like a skirt but wearing tights with short jacket or top is usually considered wrong for females (I disagree but that's what majority think). Females get critiqued more so then men do. They are sensitive about not being looked as very odd looking. Many girls follow trends and copy clothes that others wear regularly.  For a man to adorn tights as pants or leggings as regular wear around town would bring lots of stares and odd looks.

Calvin Klein has some super tight X jeans that fit like leggings or jeggings they are super stretchy very comfortable denim jeans that fit just like tights.  Many young girls who see me in tight jeans comment to one another, but they and almost 95% females wear them themselves.  Yet ,for some reason, they don't seem to like them on a guy. They ask  "Why have guys started to wear tight jeans?"  To them they can't understand, only thinking he's showing off, or  trying to get attention maybe from other guys?  Ha.. Ha.. Ya.. probably gay! they think.

cpantylines  Just a word of advice VPL when wearing tights is a NO NO in my opinion for either gender.
Sunson #106

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/02/2011 10:13:05Copy HTML

I know some girls who don't mind if the guys wearing running tights but I don't know any who would love to see men in running tights. 

I know a lot (and I mean A LOT) of guys who love to see women in tights. I guess the sex orientation has also something to do here - for me, woman´s body is sexy, and tight clothes just expose her body even more, and if she´s curvy, then oh mah god - just divine.  Man´s body is not sexy - legs are looking terrible, that´s why, not many people wants to see them in running tights.

I love to wear running tights with thongs underneath them, but I am aware that people might not want to look at me like that. At the gym I don't care what they are thinking, but my point is, that I would understand if someone told me i looked gross. Too bad, but that´s how it looks today.  I thought people like us have it easier in the US, but I guess there are mean people are everywhere.
JoeSnyder #107

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/02/2011 06:24:51Copy HTML

I'm a runner, cyclist, and amateur athlete and so I wear running tights every day and relatively tiny lycra shorts every day when training and on the move. I just don't give a monkeys what other people think. If you've got a super athletic lifestyle then this is what one finds the most comfortable and practical.

By coincidence, fit people tend to have fit friends and therefore it is relatively more acceptable amongst those whom one is friends with.

mack_back #108

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/03/2011 04:44:59Copy HTML

Sunson "Man´s body is not sexy - legs are looking terrible, that´s why, not many people wants to see them in running tights. "

I have to disagree with that statement. I was taught back in school business class about an advertising story. A company which sells pantyhose found the female models didn't look good in there product or at least there legs. Somehow they felt the legs of a women didn't look right in photo shoot or video. So what did they do? Hired a popular athlete to wear them and show his legs from the waist down. Nobody knew it was a man with shaved smooth legs in the ad but they decided to make a commercial thus showing him in it. It spiked sales and worked saying 'if a man can look good in these so can a woman'. It also attracted attention because it was  Joe Namath QB for the New York Jets. I believe the company had picture of mens legs on there product and decided to fight the rumor that  men legs were modeling in pantyhose on the packaging of there product.

 So for you to say man's legs look terrible is not valid, legs look similar for both genders. Yes women have smoother thicker skin and on average fatter legs then mens. I know everyone's opinion is subjective to what is attractive or not. At least in my case my legs maybe not the best but are a lot nicer then majority of young females with chubby thighs.
I notice when a lean well proportioned women shows her legs other average girls are shocked at her being so "skinny" making her feel like a freak compared to other females. They don't say the word "Gross" at her but make her feel odd to the rest of them. Some women envy her and wish to have well proportioned legs some make a point to compliment her after the shock of seeing them.

As for me if i wear some loose short running shorts with a short top some people, don't know who, see me and whistle twice, saying afterwords "sexy", sarcastically laughing making fun of me.
Don't get me wrong females in tight clothes look fantastic if they can pull it off but most don't and we guys are subjective to sub par ladies with chubby legs thinking she has shape and curves rather then fat. Why do women really like wearing leggings because it sucks in all the cheese grater hamstrings into her body giving a more slender smoother look at first glance. Today going to work i saw women wearing a navy 3/4 wool jacket and tight leggings style grey jeans with knee high lace up high heel boots. Only thing many guys and me could focus on was her lean thighs. If i ever wore such tight pants the look from females would be "gross" or "oh god" but our legs would be similar in shape and size proportionally to our bodies.
I guess many women see me at the gym don't pay to much attention towards me and try to be polite. This week i was cycling at the gym and two females one older and younger sister were wearing black leggings and a long cotton T-shirt covering there butt. They noticed me from a far as they got near me one taking a spot on a bike beside me the other in front they couldn't stop smiling to one another, as if they both were going to fall over laughing uncontrollably. Even when they past in front of me they didn't look at me but were tight lipped as they wiped there sweat off the bikes when they finished. So wearing tight clothing in the gym for me gets attention from people to find it weird funny some which i heard was he is only "humiliating himself". Do i care know but nobody really can through the first stone at me if they to don't look up to par.

JoeSnyder #109

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/03/2011 09:30:04Copy HTML

I get my legs and butt waxed every two to three months. It's fairly standard practice amongst hard core cyclists and it aids the bodies cooling during work and treatment/massaging during recovery.
JM_Runs #110

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/03/2011 03:45:00Copy HTML

I don't think women find mens' legs and buts unattractive.  The parts of the body that most women comment on are a mans but and legs.  Other than facial features, like a warm smile and good eyes, there seems to be nothing more attractive to a women than a firm tush at the top of a good set of legs.

In my personal experience, more than 90% of the complementary comments from women are about my legs and butt.  This is true when I am in running tights, shorts or a thong.  I am over 50, am not fabulous looking and don't workout at the gym, but I do run and am not over weight. In addition to the positive comments I get lots of smiles from women, and even from some of the men. 

I have had lots and lots of positive comments on my legs when in running tights or bike shorts. I cannot think of a time when a women has ever made a negative comment about running tights or bike shorts. (My bike shorts are shorter than average) 

The only negative comments have been when I am wearing a thong swimsuit, and normally they are normally from men, or teenagers under the age of 16.   I have heard a couple of women comment, not that they did not like the legs, but they did not like the body hair on my but when in a thong - this is not a problem in bike shorts or running tights.   

As to the above comment about women who "couldn't stop smiling to one another" and who moved to take the bikes closest to you at the gym, this does not sound like they did not like the look. Your paranoia makes you think it's about you, it is more likely they got high before coming to the gym. 
mack_back #111

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/04/2011 02:02:08Copy HTML

I doubt people come to the gym after they got high unrealistic behavior for two young sisters, doing cardio.

As comments you get and smiles when over 50 years of age maybe the reason why. I feel most younger women wouldn't feel comfortable complimenting my body because they might think i will get the wrong idea. If younger or married women says comments to unknown stranger about his body favorably, the man will assume she is hitting on him and very much adores him.
As for older gentleman as yourself women maybe less worried that you may think she is fond of you because of your age. In the woman's eye they may think 'he's as old as my dad and looks great'. In my case women maybe careful in the words they use to describe how i look by just saying "you look very fit" or know comments at all.
Older single female was talking to her friend about men in her lives unknowingly to them i could hear. She was commenting on younger guy at the gym (which was me) about older man her age saying to her, awhile back "why don't you try to date a guy like him", ponting me out cycling while she was on a treadmill, "he's well hung". (As my memory recalls two people one man standing by the treadmill and older lady running both oddly smiling looking over felt as they made some odd remarks about my tights when i was cycling as my normal paranoia thinking.) As her friend asked her, really! she said "god no! he could be same age as my son" as she smiled. Now when i see this older female get on the treadmill while i'm cycling and her smile looking over towards my direction i understand why now. It's not my tights i wear, that stand out or my shaved legs, or my bum, she is thinking of, is the interest of how really big is my package.
I got to hand it to the old guy planting the seed making such crass comment about my package to her. Don't know where he seen me either by the pool or locker room, showers but it was a bit unnerving feeling.

When a older woman at the pool spoke to me, she smiled making a funny comment which i didn't understand fully. She then got embarrassed looking away and clarified "No, i mean! you have great body that's all" i thanked her for her kind gesture. I then noticed she felt like she should of said nothing, smiling with a red face looking away, in a i can't believe i just said that expression. Since then i didn't see her again at the pool.
fetishhoutx #112

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/19/2011 02:51:21Copy HTML

I have been wearing tights to the gym for about 5 years now.  For the last year, I have gradually adopted the use of Adidas Cut & Sewn long tights.  They are by far the perfect tight for someone that wants to take advantage of the many benefits of wearing tights combined with exhibitionism.  I am in between a small and medium and choose the small of course and wear a white or bright color thong.  You do not have to look too hard to realize what is underneath.  The tights are thin, supportive, cool and sexy.  I love the looks like I get.
mack_back #113

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/19/2011 06:36:32Copy HTML

Weird site at my gym seen a tall very attractive women wearing capri black tights with nylon short shorts over top with a string athletic bra. Seen other girls shorter in stature wearing capri tights with bra razor back tops showing off there tan.
 I didn't notice it at first, because the shorts were same black color as her tights but found looking at her rear end closer had a lot of wrinkling from the tight snug nylon shorts over her tights. I was so surprised to see that attractive women such as her who was average size not fat would actually wear loose running shorts on top of her tights. To me it was funny because the shorts were snug leaving wrinkly seams along her hips and bum.

I tried to rationalize why she would put on shorts on top, maybe she had camel toe or wedgie rear end with her tights but i found it very odd making me wince while she walked by while i was stretching.
I do see guys wear baggy shorts over white or black tights at the gym and find that looks goofy in appearance but seeing her with a small bra top with almost bare back in tights wearing short shorts on top was really odd to me to comprehend.
Remember her in the past once asking her girlfriends opinion about me and the friend replied, after she looked over, "he looks retarded". I was wearing tights and compression top at the time i guess she wanted to know if my look was to much for anyone to wear at the gym, i don't know? So maybe now she was trying to down play wearing tights by putting on shorts that are snug on top. I notice she wears short nylon shorts most times at the gym when i see her or yoga bootcut pants which are loose along her leg.
It still boggles my mind that a attractive young women maybe top 10 of the best looking i've seen in the gym would futility attempt to cover her ass with nylon shorts which are snug fitted as much as her tights are... It just makes more people look at her more then normal which i noticed. I couldn't keep my eyes off her shorts in the bad way, not the usual glance of enjoyment that any chick i see in tights.
BarelyCovered #114

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/06/2011 06:45:36Copy HTML

When I do my leg workouts I always wear my nike running tights and a normal t-shirt, I never wear a tank top! Some times I do wear my tights when training other muscle groups too. Like today when I was training my backmuscles. I am training in a new gym (first time living alone and in a new city) and two guys which I just met at my new school asked me why I wore running tights, I told them that I´ve been competing in track and field since I was 7 year old and when I join the sportsgymnasium here in Sweden everyone wore running tights (boys and girls) and thats when started to wear running tights (I think thats a good excuse to keep on wearing tights).
But my tights are now about 6 years old :S need some new because the are going to fall apart soon! Will perhaps buy nike again or some rufskins!
Will post a picture this week how I look when I do my workout!
Stay tuned!
thong_jock #115

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/06/2011 07:03:48Copy HTML

 I always wear running tights when working out or out running. I even like to wear them when taking walks. And I always wear a spandex thong under them. I am looking to set up a tights running club here in seattle as well as a swimming club for fellow bikini guys and a beach thongers club.
BarelyCovered #116

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/07/2011 08:08:17Copy HTML

 Wore my pants today and saw a guy on the treadmill. Think he wasn´t much older than me! And he looked good in them!
Took a photo today with my cellphone with me wearing my running tights!!

SlidingG #117

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/07/2011 09:20:30Copy HTML

Pretty standard stuff, and they look good on you.  A few of us guys wear short and long tights at my health club, too, though I usually wear a short singlet on top and a thong underneath.  I've started going commando lately, with long singlets that cover the crotch area.  More comfortable, and actually less noticeable bulge when leaning way back on the stability balls during weight work. 
BarelyCovered #118

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/07/2011 11:02:27Copy HTML

 Yes they are pretty standard and I will probably keep it that way! I usually wear some HOM Fredys under but they don´t show through the pants. But have to buy some new soon! Any recommendations? The N2N are pretty good looking but don´t have the zipper at the ankles which I like but the Rufskin Runner does!
peterjde #119

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/12/2011 06:09:09Copy HTML

In colder weather, I wear black or blue tights (with a thong underneath) and a tee shirt at the gym.  (In warmer months, the full tights are replaced by spandex shorts), and have done this for several years.   I have never had anyone maje a comment to me---either positive or negative about wearing them.  There are many women who wear similar clothing, but rarely any men.  One day last week, however, I saw another man wearing full tights (we were both running on treadmills) and two other men wearing black spandex shorts (with nothing over them, like some men do).  Maybe I've started a trend!
speedos16 #120

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/21/2011 10:27:25Copy HTML

 Amazing how much running fashion has changed over the years when this forum started. White colour compression wear/ tights is becoming more acceptable in mainstream sports. Take this video for example: http://youtu.be/vkjQxRXPLr8
John Howard #121

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/22/2011 11:36:21Copy HTML

 here in Australia compression tops and pants are huge and very popular in many sports.
I wear them always at my gym.
Sadly to see that the Norwegian mass killer was wearing a compression top too (Skins, Aussie brand)...    
Besides the tragedy, I feel sorry for the company, they couldn't have any worse publicity than that.
Sunson #122

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/19/2011 07:53:00Copy HTML

 I actually don´t running anymore, instead of that I am biking. Everytime I wear tight pants (long or short - depends on temp outside) and always wear thongs and make sure, thongs line are visible. From one siede, it´s little embaressed,  but form the other hand - kindda thrill.Besides - tight pants are the most comfortable pants ever made and can´t imagine working out in loose pants.
MattSprat #123

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/19/2011 05:07:14Copy HTML

 Lets hope you have started a trend.  I've been trying to do the same for years, and agree that more men are wearing shorter and tighter shorts for exercise.  Spandex, lycra (whatever you want to call it) is one of the most flattering, versatile, and comfortable fabrics ever invented.  I wish it was included in the fabrics of even more clothes.  It's the most comfortable thing to work out in and definitely all I wear.
cpantylines #124

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/22/2011 04:58:48Copy HTML

 I've bicycled for years in spandex tights and shorts.  I live in an area that bicycling is not all that popular so most people think that if you're wearing spandex you must be a real hotshot jock.  (I'm not).  So, I wear bright colored spandex that is nicely see-through and make sure that my thong/brazilian-cut undies are nicely visible.  I get a real thrill trying to see if I get reactions.  A lot of times no one notices (bummer) but then, I also get a lot of good reactions.  I just make sure that I simply ride normally and am not flamboyant or in-you-face about it.  After all, bicycling is good for you & if it gives receptive women a thrill, so much the better.
Sunson #125

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/01/2011 05:09:48Copy HTML

 Lately, there´s really warm here (25 degrees C) so I bike every day. I wear short, black pro shorts, whic hare madre from cotton and spandex. They aren´t glossy or see thru, but are tight, and when I am wering wide thongs, their lines are visible.But lately I want to wear normal short, glossy lycra shorts (withoud pads) - I have few pairs, but some of them pretty used, but 2 of them are bran new and I love them - black (no name) and purple-pink by Asics. The second one are just amazig - Fabric and color, bit they are see thru and I am bit shy to wear them.DO U wear see thru tight shorts? Excpet Matt Spratt, cause we alredy know he does:)
Sunson #126

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/01/2011 06:34:16Copy HTML

I just bought these bike tightshttp://www.ebay.de/itm/250901028201?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649They are actually for women, but do you think it is Ok for me to wear them on a bike?If not, I will give them to my wife...
mack_back #127

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/01/2011 09:40:23Copy HTML

Sunson: I doubt it matters if they are none padded shorts. I find women shorts are 5 inches on the inseam. While mens shorts are longer 8 inches or more giving you better compression along the leg. White in color find it transparent when you get sweaty. Your thong underneath if you do wear maybe more noticeable.
If you want bike tights look at 3/4 length Capri for men Nike makes them in black. There are number of women shorts you can try with better color mix looking good. Also I found some women short tights don't fit quite right sometimes the high cut fit doesn't work correctly for men especially if clothes are tight fitting unless you buy size smaller.
I bought these will see if they fit me when they arrive..
John Howard #128

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/01/2011 11:44:24Copy HTML

 the bike shorts you bought don't look necessarily women's, some of these shorts and pants are actually unisex.  Except for Skins and BSC shorts and compression pants which have a pouch to fit your equipment.I've seen cyclists wearing white tights and pants all the time, although they might be padded ones.Don't guide your decision on other's opinions;  if you like them just wear them and test the waters.  If you don't get negative reactions keep wearing it.  If you do get negative reactions and you are a healthy male who is the ultimate judge of his decisions and decides that other's judge about his manliness is not relevant to him, then just keep wearing it.I would only stop wearing it when I decide that I didn't like it any more.  
I personally don't like to wear tights or shorts that were made for women, and the same applies for swimwear.  Just me and my personal choice.  I prefer to wear compression pants from known compression garments companies like Skins, BSC (these 2 proudly Aussie companies) CW-X, 2XU or Sugoi (Canadian).  They are all worn by male and female athletes here Down Under and yes some of them are see through (a female friend at my gym once let me know that my CW-X pants were transparent while using the spin bike and I told her that I was wearing a 'g' underneath) but the transparent fabric is the least thing that I worry about, I am more concerned on how much compression do they  offer.  If they are see through I don't hide it either.
Anything you wear can look bad according to your confidence, even a bright neck tie can look bad on a man who is too concerned about others reactions.  Just wear it and be proud of it.
John Howard #129

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/02/2011 12:03:35Copy HTML

 there is an important reason why I would not wear lycra tops or shorts in white.....Besides the fact that white can be 'too' transparent (I prefer to stay away from "too" anything like missiles swimsuits for example), white lycra becomes ugly after a few washes.   I once bought a white compression top from Skins (worn usually by cricket players) to wear at the gym.  After a few washes the white is gone and now it has become like 'silver'.......   and unlike cotton shirts where you can use bleaching products, with spandex you can't because those products would ruin the garment.
I stopped wearing that top at the gym and now I wear it only under my business shirt at work so I can have compression effect after an upper body work out
mack_back #130

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/02/2011 01:43:32Copy HTML

I own white techtops compression find it transparent a tiny bit. With the pattern stitching you can hardly tell only if i pull down my shirt along my black tights you may see sheer fabric showing through. Nobody complained they see through my shirt only find it bothers me sometimes when soaked, my chest hair can be seen through a little bit. Haven't seen any change in color from the shirt it has been bright white as the day i owned it. Careful not to get dirty with grease from the bike chain thenn you will have trouble ever cleaning it again.
As for my black leggings being transparent doesn't matter if your wearing a black thong and have dark tanned skin what could anyone notice if i were in bright sunlight at the gym? Maybe just maybe someone could make out the thong outline but it would be difficult to tell even when i look its difficult to see it.
Sunson #131

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/02/2011 07:36:58Copy HTML

@mack back - 3/4 Capri hose - I´ve never seen them for men. Women only. Plus, i think I wouldn´t look or feel good in them. Of course I shouldn´t say so, until I try one, but I think I like them short or long. But the piece you bought looks nice. Next week I am going to the mall and visit InterSports, cause they are having pretty big dioscounts, so will see.The tights I bought (white ones form link) are basicly for women, but right now, I have long women tights, and they are fine. I would say, they are even better, than my short bike tights for men I am running currently, so I guess sometimes it doesnt matter if it´s men, women or unisex - just have to pick the right size and cut.
@John Howard - You´re right sir. I should wear, what I like to wear, and shoud not care about other´s opinion.Those tight I just bought are having a pad, and are my first pro and  expensive (70 euros) bike tights - I used to ride a bike wearing loose pants, with no pad, but now I am starting to complete the whole professional outfit.And yes, I saw many bikers wearing white tights (short), but all of them were pros - at least they had pro tights, with some commercial signs on them. And mostly, they are ridiing on those fast bikes and don´t know, how it´s called in english), and I am riding mountain bike.And I am not kind of guy, who likes to wear women clothes - I just think, women have way more choice in their running/bike tights. In thongs aswell. Women thongs doesn´t fit on me, but if women tights fits? Then yea, why shouldn´t I wear them:)
And yes, white is more seethru than any other, but it also depents on a fabric. Shiny lycra tights are very seethru, but when there is some cotton, it is less seethru. And I hope, my new tights won´t be too seethru.And I also have to agree, that mostly, white turns into gray or silver. I have the same problem  with my tight bike shirts, and other short lycra tights. However, my wife owns glossy, white, long tights, and they were washed like 20 times, and theay are still snow white.
Ok, now it´s time to ride a bike:)Thanks for the answers.
nicksthong #132

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/02/2011 08:49:32Copy HTML

They aren't exactly tights, but target has excellent yoga pants (spandex/cotton with a tight fitting seat, and thighs, but relaxed in the calves and boot cut).  I have been wearing the same three pairs for over three years now, and I am only now looking to replace them.  I have found that they are half as conspicuous as full-on running tights, thought they showoff everything just as well.

Oh and if anyone has noticed, I have been posting a lot more than usual; its getting cold around here, and I think that I am in mourning...
mack_back #133

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/02/2011 10:14:07Copy HTML

I'm amazed how women and nicthong can wear bootcut yoga pants feeling they are comfortable. Is it just me but find bootcut pants not comfortable if your raising your legs up when laying down. Having your loose pant fabric move down your leg to me is very annoying. When i use to wear baggy athletic polyester pants they tending to move at my knee when doing leg lifts. This annoyance is far cry from comfortable but understand being fitted along the hip and thigh area. So i don't understand women in particular who go to the gym wearing bootcut pants? If they wore tights it would be more comfortable and better freedom of movement. Only explanation is that women are to trendy even when fitness is concerned and they have fat ankles and calves called cankles..
Until stores stop stocking yoga bootcut pants women will readily find them available thus wearing them all the time in a gym or the street.

Sunson: If you are interested in some road cycling shorts you can try these. They make them for women but trying them on they can be worn longer like a short capri. They are unbelievable fabric, feels a bit like cotton but strong and sturdy for any conditions. If your not working out in these at least your wife will love them.http://shop.lululemon.com/products/clothes-accessories/women-shorts-skirts-and-dresses/Biker-Groove-Short-33047?cc=9110&skuId=3419496&catId=women-shorts-skirts-and-dresses
If anyone can find leggings color like this with narrower waistband i never could find for men.
nicksthong #134

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/05/2011 05:02:41Copy HTML

 Ha, yeah, me and my cankles...
No, its just a fashion thing for me.
Sunson #135

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/09/2011 12:52:16Copy HTML

I recieved my white bike tights. They are absolute stunning. They could be a little bigger, but that´s OK.They are pretty see thru (especially with white thong under) so propably I am gonna try with some neutral color.But the fabric and cut is perfect.I also bought on ebay, 3/4 bike pants from the same company, but in black. They are also "for women" but I have no idea what´s the difference is between them and  "for men". I compared the pads, and they have the same form. Anyway, I love both pants, altough it´s gonna take a while, till I wear them, because 1) weather for the next week is completly cold and rainy, 2) Need to prepare myself to walkout in 3/4 bike tights, or short white tights.
njbob1949 #136

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/20/2011 12:57:22Copy HTML

 Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler, I see more women wearing tights as their regular clothes during the day. The women are of all ages. Most of the time, I check to see if they are wearing a thong.  Usually they are; the exception (bikini underwear, for instance) stand out with visible panty lines. I always wear spandex tights or shorts with a thong underneath when I work out.  Except for around the house, I do not wear tights as regular daywear.  
thong_jock #137

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/23/2011 03:10:31Copy HTML

 Cool out here in Seattle now and I head out to run, cycle and hike in my spandex tights regularly. With the exception of cycling, I always wear a spandex thong under my tights.
Tanned Bum #138

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2011 12:09:04Copy HTML

Does any know if the Nike Hydra Tights can be used for running? I know they are a swimsuit too. Running down the beach in cooler weather and jumping in for a swim would refreshing.
stanpuppy #139

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2011 02:03:29Copy HTML

I have to admit....of all the cutting edge apparel that gets discussed on this board, this is the one I really dont get.   Granted for us guys........thongs, g-strings, square cuts, bikinis, shaved pubic regions, short shorts, even skimpy tank tops are seen as fringe topics by the vast majority of people. Most of those subjects put you in the small minority no matter where you happen to live.  I honestly dont see it with running tights however.   At least up here in the northeast, they are fairly mainstream.   Take today for example.  Wife and I decided to go to a local park for a long walk/run around the lake.  I put on  Papi cotton thong underwear, a pair of "In Sight" running tights I got in the female section of a local thrift store for $4.00.  A nike sleeveless compression tank top and my nike running shoes.   My wife was dressed similarly, except she does not wear underwear under her tights.   In spite of the fact that you could see almost every ripple on my body (including the bulge downstairs) I walked around the park the entire day with nary a second look.  Nobody seemed to care and I saw several other guys dressed similarly.  Many of the male runner had very short running shorts on (loose...not spandex tight) and more than a few women had only super short tight spandex booty shorts and sports bra ensambles.   It seems to me that runners get held to a different standard for whatever reason.  Even when we were done, we went to a mainstream bagel shop for bagels and coffee.  It was like I was invisable.  I got no "OMG, look what he has on" like I have grown accustomed to when I thong it on a public beach.  Nope...I was treated just like every other person in the store.   And as far as the women go...up here in the northeast, those tights are standard attire.  Every mom in my neighborhood wears them from the morning school bus drop, throughout the day.  And...as others have noted...panty lines are very rare.
I think we should relish the fact that there is at least one article of clothing that is clingy, revealing, and "sexy" that us guys can still get away with wearing in a mainstream setting.  Now....if the speedo would only make its comeback.........
mack_back #140

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2011 02:55:27Copy HTML

Brave of you dressing in that manner. Can't find what type of tights you wore or color searching it.

Maybe the reason you got no looks was that near the lake or park area you see more people running and nobody really cares to much. Also if you run by yourself everyday outside the area you went to rather then busy streets you may get people looking at you in vulgar way.
I see lot of runners females in tights, capris, running tight shorts in a outdoor neighborhood group club activity. Some stare giggling some look at others with utter disgust but once they get moving or are exhausted they have little energy to burn calories saying bad things about what your wearing or care for that matter, unless you stay near to them or try to talk to anyone then the cold shoulder comes rearing in. 

I notice when i wear my tight clothes for athletic activities strictly indoors i get fewer looks then when i first started wearing it. People either are tired seeing me or are trying to ignore me not looking at the horror they perceive or just not trying to laugh in my face (heard people say that to others). Going outdoors for run or cycling in tights wouldn't make me odd see many times road cyclist in heavy insulated bike tights or shorts. It all is the way people perceive how your thighs look in compressed clothes.
Or people will just find you weird and weird people seem to be common wherever you go. They say 1 out of 4 have some sort of mental illness, so its not uncommon for ordinary folk to ignore others thinking there crazy. At least you had your spouse near you so people find you less threatening.
Try running a marathon see if you won't be looked at from women as why are you wearing tights not average joe boxer baggy shorts as the rest of the runners. Only women wear tights or that's what most weekend runners believe in. I say if you got tights wear them at the mall wherever you do everyday. 

Seen a young thin very attractive girl maybe 20 if that walking the street in her gray tights. She had furry top Ugg like boots to her knees, with a short 3/4 jacket exposing her buns partially with her handbag crossed over her torso sitting on her opposite hip, with her red hair up in a bun. She was walking heel toe like a military march with great confidence that she knows, she looks good. I just thought to myself could a guy do the same wear those tights, like pants as she does? Even though her thighs were slender not to big not to thin she had confidence that people watching didn't bother her a bit. 
Just try it sometime for a man to wear light colored tights with knee high boots and have his ass exposed like wearing underwear and see if getting on a bus walking busy street nobody will stare look or comment about you or plain ignore you. I very much doubt it. If even the guy was in great shape or thin like her people will stare and be utterly say there disgust looking at you. True or Not?
Just like wearing a thong at the beach leggings for man wearing them as pants won't work without some laughter and comments. No matter how man may accessorize it wearing leggings the look will never work for guys at least that's what women vastly believe. Even women feel wearing leggings as pants isn't correct they should always be worn with a tunic or skirt. So for man to do it with long blazer can't see women liking it, they will laugh to no end just like a thong..

JM_Runs #141

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2011 04:03:38Copy HTML

 I just love wearing my 2XU Compression tights with nothing underneath..
JM_Runs #142

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2011 05:32:51Copy HTML

I don't think I have had anyone laugh or snigger when I was wearing running tights.
It is hot here so I don't wear them often, even so, can't remember any negative comments.
The only comments I can remember is people staying my legs looked good or a surprised "You are waring cloths !" by someone at the beach accustomed to seeing me in a thong.
I think I have had a few comments on short cycling shorts, but not running tights.

If you come to Fort Lauderdale and spend the EARLY morning on the beach or Las Olas sidewalk you would see dozens and dozens of fit women in short shorts or leggings, out for a morning run. You will also see men in short shorts and running tights, lots of them.

I sometimes wear tight stretch jeans, with no serious negative comments and quite a few positive ones.
My fav pair are Guess skinny leg super stretch girls jeans but they fit me very comfortably. 
More stretch more comfort for guys.

I have heard a couple of red-neck boys say "girls jeans" behind my back, but other than that no problem.
It all depends on your level of confidence and your body language, if you ACT normally or not.

I don't accessorize, I just wear them right jeans like normal jeans.
This often means an un-tucked polo or t-shirt, since tucking a shirt into tight jeans gives a pe-wee-heman look.
I don't notice that I am wearing tight jeans, except maybe when sitting.

I am not sashaying down the street, or looking to see who is watching me, so most other people just take them in stride.

I do notice the occasional prolonged glance, but have become completly accustomed to this since I regularly get the same look when wearing a thong on the beach.
It just means the person is intrested and contemplating what they see.  Same as you looking at a women in leggings, a long glance while you think about it.
But after that, once they have processed the thought, most just go on about their day. 

A few women smile, in the same way you would crack a smile at a pretty girl coming the other way.
Once in a while, maybe when in the checkout at the store, a bolder women will complement me.
Otherwise it is just like wearing any other pair of jeans.

You can't pull them off if you are over weight or just plain fat. In that case they are not laughing at your leggings, they are laughing at your legs.

mack_back #143

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2011 06:16:18Copy HTML

Only time I smile or chuckle is when i see a women who is overweight wearing leggings that  is so confident and assumes she is gods gift. Same reaction goes through my mind when a women see's me. Few days earlier i worn a type of hot colored male athletic top same color she wears often looking shocked then see's me in another hot color top few days later, then smiles looking straight ahead not staring at me. 
I always think they find my colorful athletic shirts humorous in tights. While they notice me anyway adding to the fact of shirt colors thinking I'm being to needy for attention.
While I do wear tight jeans people act bit negatively thinking  it looks awful or funny for man in skinny jeans or flared ones. Most look and sometimes can't understand or make of it looking confused with there confused look on there face or brow. Funny to see it.
ShadowT #144

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2011 12:27:31Copy HTML

I don't have any running tights, but I have been considering buying some, since I have been working out a lot since last January; that's if I start running anyway.  I go to the gym every weekday morning and see many people, of all ages and most sizes/shapes/ages, wearing tights for running.  I don't pay much attention to it, but my observation over the last 10+ months is that younger guys more commonly wear them for outdoor running; it seems most switch to shorts when running the indoor track.  While wearing tights for running, and the runner look, seem acceptable around here, I don't think tights on a guy would be accepted by the vast majority people.
SlidingG #145

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/24/2011 05:10:57Copy HTML

They're very acceptable here in New England.  
ShadowT #146

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/06/2011 10:55:22Copy HTML

So... anybody have any specific recommendations for tights/leggings that keep you cool and also look good (but not indecent)?

N2N is too thin and too low IMO and all current offering have some sheer white parts, 'though I'm still tempted to order a pair.

The only Under Armour tights I found were Coldgear leggings, and I started to get too hot just standing in the dressing room.  They fit pretty good though.  I tried some women's Under Armour tights as well, but they looked a little racey IMO.  They're certainly much lower than the mens.  I loved the fit in the rear, but likely because it reminded me of a woman's butt with the way it rode up and explicitly defined the cheeks.  It looked even more obvious to me that they were women's tights from the front and there was no drawstring to aid in holding them up.  They were Heatgear tights though, so they feel cool and comfortable and they otherwise look just like the men's version.  I'm not sure how any differences in compression may effect a man wearing them.

I tried some New Balance tights at TJ Maxx.  The waist came up to my navel, and still had that duck's webbed foot look in the crotch, and they gave me a mono-butt (i.e. looked like one big flat cheek.)  I found Hind tights at Marshall's, but they weren't much better and they had some 90's looking neon green on them.  All the women's tights at either store were more than just obviously feminine.

The best I found in terms of men's tights were Asics Myles II Tight, which was also a thrifty $35.  This store only had size Small and Large in stock.  The small seemed a little snug, except around the knees.  I thought I found the women's version at TJ Maxx, and maybe I did, but they had some crazy crisscross waistband in the front.

The trouble is finding something locally, since I really can't make a determination on how these things will fit based on internet descriptions.

If I can get pictures to upload to Aimoo, I'll share some pics in my profile.
SlidingG #147

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/07/2011 03:19:08Copy HTML

If all you're looking for are good, no-nonsense tights that look good and feel good to wear, and you're not trying to make some kind of statement, then I'd recommend those from RoadRunnerSports.com, both the short ones and the long ones.  I order them online, they run true to size, and work out great at my health club and around the neighborhood.  
maxpower1980 #148

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/07/2011 09:21:43Copy HTML

Best tights i have found are 2XU, feel good look even better
thonger2005 #149

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/07/2011 04:03:06Copy HTML

 there are a few pix of me in my running tights in my profile.  Cant remember where I go them, but I wanna find some that are more cotton., But still see thru.
ShadowT #150

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/09/2011 02:30:59Copy HTML

I finally got some pictures loaded in my profile (I find Aimoo to be so frustrating.)  Please feel free to offer opinions.  I have more out home I'd like to share, but this wasn't working last night.

Of the men's tights, I like the fit of the Asics and the UA Cold Gear pants best.  The UA Cold Gear is far too warm for indoors though.  The Asics in size small (Both the Myles and Thermopolis) seem slightly too snug in small though, and the medium is definitely loose in some places.  The UA pants hid my thong much better.  The outline of my thong is clearly visible through the Asics Myles tights, and is slightly see through.  You can see completely through the thin mesh top panel on the Thermopolis pants.  UA Cold Gear: $50  Asics Myles: $35 Asics Thermopolis: $60

I love the looks of the Adidas TechFit Prep Tights (they look sporty), but they're a bit more see through than I first thought they were and the waist is really high.  The rear is fine, but I don't like the front.  However, I can get the Adidas tights for about $28 right now.  I have pics of those in size medium as well.

I added the women's pants in a separate folder.  The Women's UA tights are the ones I mentioned previously.  I found another pair of Women's Heat Gear that look much more like the men's pants; hopefully I can upload those later.  The Adidas training pants in there are from my other thread about thin, light weight athletic pants.

I have to say, I have always considered my butt, which gets lost in most pants, to be on the small side.  These tights seem to make it look much bigger.  I show my wife a pic of the Adidas tights and she didn't even think it was my butt.
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