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tanlines2thin #201

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/07/2012 10:49:14Copy HTML

b-strap 357.......what a spot on topic insight!..kudos, dude
mack_back #202

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/08/2012 12:05:32Copy HTML

Backstrap357 i know also what your saying. Your describing exactly what certain individuals feel about me at the gym. They get totally angry i try to ignore them and there vulgar commentary i overhear them say about me. The venom they spew about me is upsetting is understatement. While woman are allowed to wear padded silicon insert padding in there A- cup sports bra and nobody says eww or gross. While a man's entire body is shaped well and his bulge is noticeable woman get offended be it padded in cycling shorts or with a c-ring in a speedo. Often i hear comments he is only trying to show off his bulge, because he has shape and curves that are natural for men.
 Many believe it is me trying to impress others which is not the case. People notice or focus on the bulge more so then any body part and need to look at it specifically. Had couple guys talk about me and one said to the other, his bulge is larger then his thigh both laughing chuckling to one another. As i walked down flight stairs woman walking up, stared directly at my bulge turning her head then became gasped in disapproval hated herself for looking at it in the first place becoming unnerved. How many times had i heard the word gross while i was in tights either laying on my back stretching from someone looking over or making comments to others pointing me out, saying look at that guys XXX!. Or seeing another man in tights and some unknown woman's voice echoing EWW.. in disgust as he walks along happily while his expression turns immediately to confusion and despair.
For some reason woman want the bulge to be hidden and not displayed out in the open. Just as woman feel showing nipples through clothing is upsetting and wrong as well. Many woman are very uptight and prudes is all i can say or lesbian's that hate males and there body. Some lesbian's i met enjoyed seeing me nude on a beach and didn't bother them at all, actually they preferred being surrounded with other nude people. Haters come in all forms but envy and anger are motivating factors. 
Sunson #203

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/08/2012 08:01:41Copy HTML

Few feeks ago, I read an article about women´s "cameltoe". Someone "finally" find an solution fot that "disgusting" thing, and invented some silicon pad, which makes ladies parts "invisible".This is fuckin outrageous in my opinion. Why the hell should you hide something, what´s not only beautyful, but something, that´s identyfy youself? Next time, they will invent chest pad, because, why women expose their brest? I am really disgusted.And the same goes for men - if i am a man, then I have more meat between the legs, so what? Should I cut it off? Wear only potatoe bags and no thongs and tight running pads? Hell no.Healthy women have no problems with men´s goodies under their running tights. Either they don´t look at it or don´t comment.In my case, the problem is not so big, cause my fella, when in stand by mode, isn´t that big - but you know what part of human body can enlarge 7 times? No, not penis you filthy people;) It´s a pupil (apple of the eye), but penis can enlarge also, up to 5 times I guess, so when mine goes bigger, I am the first person who feels uncomfortable. It happend maybe 2-3 times (during wearing running tights) and never had any negative comments.I know some women, and when they see a biker in tight pants, the first thing they look at, is his butt and front. OK, these are little bit older women, not 17 anymore, but real women - so my advice for all runners and bikers - haters gonna hate, so f*** them.
Ok, now my short story from last week.We finally got some sun here, so me and my wife started to ride a MTB. We wear the very same tigh 3/4 bike tights with pad (womens pad) - of course thongs underneath. She wore very tiny thong, so she looked like commando from behing, but I wore pretty wide thongs (blach under black, so not so visible I guess), but when she was riding behind me and we stopped at the traffic lights, she said with smile  "your thongs are visible in the sun", I replied - OK - as long I can, I will wear them baby". And it was funny, because my wife never saw ym seethru thongs,a dn this time she noticed, and if she did it, it could only mean, that, they are REALLY visible. But I liked it that way, especially when my wife was with me.That day we saw many bikers and runners, 90% of them (men and women) wearing tights. Propably some of them saw my thongs, but in a bike I have that advantage, I am in second gone and couldnt even hear negative comments;)
thonger2005 #204

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/08/2012 11:31:23Copy HTML

 I have a folder in my pictures called "see thrus" that O took while biking around the area, some on a local bike path, some at Alum Creek.I am big on see thrus while biking.
mack_back #205

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/08/2012 02:07:17Copy HTML

Sunson beg to differ many leggings for woman have a gusset pad for not showing cameltoe. Just as they wear padded bras stops them from showing nipples.
proppen1 #206

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/21/2012 01:32:22Copy HTML

I know its an old topic, but does any one have experience with tights for workout from www.welovecolours.com.
They do have alot of differnt colours so you are not stock with the usual black tights, but are they good quality and will they be to thin in the material?
ondaspot #207

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/21/2012 06:21:51Copy HTML

 i ordered a pair of black tights from we love colors. the tights are opaque. meaning that they are a little see through around the groin area. the higher u pull them up the more see through they are. i usually wear my tights at night when i run at night with a black thong from fire boy underwear. sevral times a wore my tights in the day time to run. i knew ppl saw my thong. the tights are cheap and cheer ful
proppen1 #208

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/21/2012 09:21:17Copy HTML

Thanks for the info, have thought about buying one pair in charcoal and then another colour which I have to decide first. I am not brave enough to buy them in yellow or something but defintately need another pair which isn't black. How about the size and fittings, do they run small in the size and do they fit okay?
mack_back #209

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/21/2012 11:30:44Copy HTML

You referring to footed tights or footless ones?
Don't believe you need to look at specific company to get different color. Yes, black is boring color but materials sportswear fabrics make better breathable materials. Try woman's sport leggings from brand name company. You will find more colors to choose from then black. Materials in polyester feel smoother and cooler important for athletic activities. I own light gray colors, navy blue, charcoal, Biege, brown and powder black they work well. Take look at ladies leggings and you will find unique colors that you may have overlooked. Shiny color nylon tights you may have ordered will look odd and retro while a basic matte fabric looks better and more modern at least that's my opinion.
big daddy thong #210

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/24/2012 03:08:05Copy HTML

  If anyone out there is looking for a good selection of running tights check out  www.eastbay.com they have a wide assortment of what you might be looking for in the way of colors and lengths.  I have gotten several pair of the eastbay brand in the hot yellow & green.  You can also buy Nike, Underarmour, adidas, and other well know brands.   http://www.eastbay.com/_-_/keyword-running+tights
  I can say that for the price the quality is great.

PeteSmith2003 #211

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/23/2012 02:52:10Copy HTML

For those wanting other tights, here's a company I'd recommend.  I've bought from them twice (tights and catsuits) and had no problems.  The product is good, the service was quick, and the staff were responsive, even when I was being a bit of a pain.  The fabric is a bit heavy warmer climates, but the fit and feel is great, and the zippers on the legs are convenient for getting dressed and undressed. .
.Regarding tights and thongs, here's a pair of winter tights by Helly Hansen that I'm tempted to buy.  The stitching at the back resembles a thong and would be interesting to wear in public..
The problem for me is, it's a women's pair.  I'm leery of buying an item that may not fit a man at all, even in an XL or XXL size.  Unfortunately, the men's version of the same tight has a boring single vertical seam up to a straight horizontal seam at the waistband.

armand_galleon #212

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/23/2012 05:13:42Copy HTML

 Jog in a business suit for all I care, but as far as I am concerned I will wear what I am comfortable in. and when it's chilly out I will wear tights. Fortunately I have never had any direct or indirect negative comments. In fact, quite the opposite:

 I wear tights under my ski pants, they provide excellent warmth/weight and are very supportive (compressive) to ski muscles. Often we meet up at the end of the day for a few beers at the base lodge before going home or the rented condo. Upon entering we all start unlayering all that bulky skiwear. If ya'll didn't know, and after a hard day on the slopes, it is a good idea to lay on your back, butt up against a wall and feet up vertically for a little while as this will help to flush out lactic acid and speed up recovery. Anyway, and just like long underwear, tights are form fitting. After having removed my ski pants and walking about to get ready to literally put my feet up, my friends/family/condo mates have often given me, "dammmnn!" and, "aawright!" or, "I bet you played soccer when you were in high school, didn't ya?"

Tes, people have a problem with men in skimpy clothing. I guess I do too, if it's out of context. But jogging tights, WHILE jogging, or a thong while sunning, that's alright by me.

...on a completely unrelated topic and only related to my story about skiing, do you, or someone you know, get cold feet/hands while skiing or some other winter activity? it is often due to wet socks/gloves due to sweating/perspiration. Wanna have toasty feet and/or hands? before putting on your socks or your gloves, use a thin coating of antiperspirant, the same stuff you put on underarm. rub it in, cover. in fact, when you get back, you may find your feet a little chalky and dry! (wash and moisturize). take you antiperspirant with you if you're gonna use the bathroom/wash your hands as you'll need to reapply.
John Howard #213

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/26/2012 09:00:11Copy HTML

 spot on armand, people should wear whatever suits them;   I'm not into skiing, but common sense tells me that wearing tights under ski pants would be a must, for warmth and support..... but in this time and age of young 'free independent thinkers', it wouldn't surprise me that some people ski wearing oversize pants with the calvin clain logo of their underwear on display.
I'm almost addicted to compression pants and tops,  the Skins A400 series is the best, (CW-X is not bad either)  it helps so much in recovery and its true, they become cooler in hot weather and warm in cold weather.    I like to walk early in the morning,  sometimes below 8 degrees, after the first 5 minutes the body warms up and the material of the compression gear keeps me warm from then on.
I wear a new pair after my gym workout every day;  and keep them on as long as I can.   They do help.   They make me feel ready for action like a super hero, to play with the kids at the park, to jog with them, to go in and out of the shop if it's a quick shopping,  if it's something that will take longer I prefer to put on a pair of track suits.
What puzzles me is why do some men (women sometimes but very rarely) decide to wear shorts on top of their compression pants.    I wear the top tucked in, it's more comfortable.  but some guys at the gym and joggers wear shorts on top which I think defeat the purpose of freedom of movement.   
Two guys together wearing the same compression top and pants, one wears a short on top of the pants and the other one doesn't.  Does the first one look like a prudish, or the second one looks like a show off.?
Personally I think the shorts on top apart of being uncomfortable, they are a bit too prudish.  (they might say the opposite of me that I'm a show off). 

mack_back #214

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/26/2012 04:04:27Copy HTML

Agree with you JH, shorts over top of tights no matter the type long, 3/4, mid thigh look odd when partially covered up.Find it odd when i see it on woman wearing loose nylon shorts fitted over top of her long tights, gives me pause to look at her more shaking my head on the reason why..
Usually i wear short running tights underneath my cargo shorts for my voyage to the gym on my bike. Usually i would wear loose short shorts but the length of my  compression would look odd showing on my lower thighs. In order to cover up, cargo shorts or jeans will work. Just don't want to change in the gym lockers showing my thong or get ridiculed by guys commenting to others what they seen me changing.Do find it hot wearing cargo shorts over top of my compression shorts get sweaty quickly. Once i walk in my campression shorts in the gym alone tend to wick away the heat from my body. Just can't understand why guys cover up wearing tight shorts, just for the overheating problem alone is reason enough to not cover up.
Only reason i can think of is ridicule from others and there package shrinking looking odd. They don't want to be laughed at for looking like a female with camel toe.
Agree wearing compression wear after workout helps body to recoperate. Notice wearing leggings after standing all day. My legs feeling tired and sore that my workouts are easier without it i would normally be to tired to do any athletic activity. Its must to wear tights working out be it 3/4 or mid-thigh and legging, plus it's very comfortable and temperature regulating makes it less fatiguing to workout.

Problem with most men's compression shorts are they tend to be used as underwear and advertised as base layer. Difficult to buy men's compression gear meant to be worn alone unless its running tights or shorts. Skins compression gear worn alone looks odd to me when someone does it. 2xU has the underwear pouch and no drawstring and is meant to be worn as base layer. Only women's line can be worn in such a manner. UA for men don't have any running tights for men leggings yes but no shorts except women's wear. All are base wear for underwear for men. Wearing base wear clothing sometimes alone maybe cause for gym management to tell you to put on shorts over top. Only exception is tight running shorts which are acceptable to wear alone.
armand_galleon #215

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/28/2012 03:43:39Copy HTML

 I wear 'em. by themselves or under other clothing (as mentioned above). I wear 'em mostly for support and not for warmth or fashion. I don't wear 'em for freedom of movement except for biking where looser clothing can get hung up on the horn of the saddle. I wear 'em by themselves if I have no need to carry shit, which rarely happens. If I'm out for a jog or in a yoga class for example. otherwise I will need some sort of wear with pockets. Mountain biking for instance. Here I get hung up on the horn with something other than lycra shorts/tights but then again I need to carry shit. I've tried biking with a hydration pack but it only manages to get my back too sweaty for comfort so I keep a couple of bottles of water on the frame and the stuff that would have gone into the backpack are now in my pockets. finding snug fitting cargo shorts that won't get hung up on the horn is hard enough though so depending on the weather I will wear shorts over lycra and no pack (warm day) or a pack with lycra bottoms (cool day). Some years ago when running up and down a field was more interesting than it is now lycra shorts under the uniform was a great way to keep compressed and help sliding. The gym is a great place to wear lycra but here too I got keys, ipod, towel, bottle of water, maybe cellphone or wallet...

I have at times seen some older dude with a tank top, lycra shorts and NewBalance running shoes walking through the farmer's market. I think the look is alright, it appears he just got back from jogging and to me ultimately that's my purpose for lycra: workout gear. I find the look at the mall or at the Olive Garden out of  place. The cargo shorts help to dress up a look that otherwise is too narrow to wear anywhere other than the gym or the jogging track (but jogging in lycra shorts under cargo pants is just as ridiculous as going to the movies in compression shorts!)

....interestingly enough, odd, don't you think, that these smart-ass 20something year olds object to a clothing item that cover UP more than the alternative jogging shorts that EXPOSES more legs?!?
JM_Runs #216

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/28/2012 04:30:16Copy HTML

Need for pockets:  Some running tights have a zippered back pocket, mostly the ones made for tri-athleats. Some of the short women's tri shorts have a zippered pocket as do some of the short men's running shorts. I don't normally use them because I have a bike rack with secret compartment.

I also have a water bottle with wide brimmed screw off lid, that acts as a second non-obvious storage when using a diffrent bicycle.  By not taking any keys on the bike, or unnecessary pocket litter, I don't need pockets for stuff: Which is just as well since most of the time I am riding to the beach in only a thong.

One of my bikes is equipped with a bento-box type bar saddle with two pockets that hold a few disposable items like miniature note pad, pencil and sun-screen: Nothing I would miss if it were swiped.

The numerical access key pad on my car means even if I took a car to somewhere and then biked or ran I still don need to carry a key. If I do need to take a key I have some stretchy neoprene key rings that go around the wrist, like a narrow watch band.  

njbob1949 #217

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/28/2012 04:32:54Copy HTML

 If I need a pocket to carry items (ipod, keys, money, etc.) while wearing spandex tights, I wear a fanny pack.
armand_galleon #218

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/28/2012 05:12:45Copy HTML

 hurray for minimalists!!! 
I just gotta take my shit with me. I have lycra 3/4 pants with a little pocket in the back, and a saddle bag on my bike (which carries roadside repair equipment) but sometimes I go rollerbladding, or hiking, and it's hard to stuff an energy bar down my lycra shorts. I had fanny pack, but that was 1990 and last time I checked we were in the 21 century. I rather wear shorts with pockets. 
...or, does anyone know where I can get a Batman/Starwars storm trooper utility belt?! I bet that'd look hot with a thong on!!!
JoeSnyder #219

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/29/2012 01:13:09Copy HTML

Err, actually I wear a bum-bag plus batman security Police tactical pouches all the time (and I don't give a monkeys what anyone else thinks).

I took a bum bag which cost about £4 and then bought a "Viper Security Belt" off Ebay for about £25. I then transferred the pouches onto the bum bag.

I've also added a Krusell swivel mount for my mobile phone and some cheap £3 tesco phone case to store a puncture repair kit and universal tool.

I carry house keys, spanners, tyre leavers, alan hex keys, emergency latex rubber gloves, a 90 gram high pressure air pump (stored in a Police CS spay holster), headphones for the MP3 player, cable ties, a pen, and the usual wallet.

You see, I'm a bike rider, so all my accoutrements are attached to my belt in one place so I never need to waste time thinking about loading pockets or finding things. It's all there and I just get on my bikes and go.

I also run with this belt on sometimes.

I have on some occassions worn just this and a thong to cycle around.

armand_galleon #220

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/31/2012 03:06:56Copy HTML

 why is so much shit gotta be black?!? I want my utility belt white, or yellow! ;) all the pockets have to be the same size. Halle Berry's Bond belt is almost right (no pouches but it does have a knife sheath!!)(here's jessica alba wearing something similar to halle berry:) http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2011/04/17/3/192/1922398/5277cc7d94b1ffa6_Jessica-Alba-Esquire-year-unknown/i/Bond-Girl.jpg
 ...and the belt's gotta fit low on the hips, cowboy style, not doppy high up on the waist... http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/255/6/3/gunslinger_by_mitchfoust-d2ykeuv.jpg  
bbyrne78 #221

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/08/2012 10:38:00Copy HTML

JM has highlighted the very reason why you'll sometimes see women wearing running shorts over their tights - the need for pockets. Pockets are handy things when running and the autumn weight tops and shirts do not come with pockets for stuff like keys, coins and GPS pods.

Standard running tights don't offer much by way of support and only offer warmth. In winter, its not a problem as running vests/jackets have pockets. My guess is women who wear shorts over their tights are wearing compression tights - those that don't have pockets.

John Howard #222

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/09/2012 02:44:06Copy HTML

 this morning at my gym, there was this woman in her 20s or early 30s, wearing an Adidas middle knee tights, (almost sure it was Adidas, because of the 3 stripes at the knee), but the top part of the back of her tights was mesh and bloody see through!!!  hooooooly Mary!!.
She was wearing a black thong that could be seen very easily.    She trained really hard, and had a very nice body, her best feature was her legs and derriere.  
Not very usual scene at my gym, she was probably a bit cheeky and gave me the chance to look at her glorious ass many times, as she knelt to pick up the dumbells and also to write down on her workout diary.  
Good on her!!, a healthy woman who wears tights and thongs,  in the middle of this era of baggy clothes and shame on the human form;    a goddess of the weight room....only problem is she took away my concentration to finish up my  workout.   
Women with nice bodies who wear tights and thongs can be so irresistible.

bbyrne78 #223

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/10/2012 08:46:43Copy HTML

JH, that's the sneaky problem with Adidas gear. They have specialized ventilation panels in the upper part of the back and behind the knees. I am not really sure about their usefulness but I do know that in most lighting conditions, they are transparent.

I had a pair of bluish grey 3/4s by Adidas a few seasons ago, that went transparent and a couple of clients discreetly informed me that my underwear was showing. It's just a bad look and unprofessional for an instructor to be wearing something out of context of the situation.

I've also had the same problem with flash photography - I had some photos taken professionally for advertising/promotional purposes and the flash had turned my outfit (2XU compression tights and triathlon crop top) sufficiently transparent for me not to use any of those shots...
John Howard #224

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/10/2012 10:26:55Copy HTML

cheeky flash photography!, I didn't know that could happen..... you're right Bren, it's not a professional look for a gym instructor to wear transparent Adidas gear, but for the fit female clients it shouldn't be a problem, I doubt any male client would complain about it.

Compression tops and pants have become like a drug for me, it's funny how the brain works but as soon as I put them on I feel like a rush of adrenaline and I need to be active, weather gym, jog, walk or even house work like cleaning the yard or washing my car.    The benefits for me and my mental and physical health are enormous;  I feel like Spiderman when he puts on his costume, able to handle everything.

That's why for me wearing see through thongs or displaying a prominent bulge is not my cup of tea.  I'm more into maximising my muscle mass whilst minimising my body fat ratio, and would never give up on my pursuit of obtaining an adonis belt;  that aim really fascinates me;   I just changed slightly my workout routine, also my diet, and have swapped 45 minutes middle intensity cardio workout 3 times a week in the stair climbing machine, for daily walks of 60 plus minutes, and I am starting to believe that this works better for me, as a friend bodybuilder of mine mentioned at my gym:   to maximise fat loss and minimise muscle loss, it's better to do low intensity cardio for a long time.   Also into drinking at least 4 litres of water a day, and I'm noticing that the elusive adonis belt might be blinking and eye to me now.
I don't concentrate as much on the thong or suit, I prefer not to wear extreme  or too bright non opaque suits,  it's all about the immediate body areas around the suit i.e. the abdominals, thighs, lower back and glute muscles.  And one of my best allies is the compression gear.

For all the above, wearing a thong at the beach in summer is only the pit stop to see if I'm winning,  working out and being healthy becomes for me a wonderful  journey not a destiny.
mack_back #225

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/11/2012 12:00:43Copy HTML

Guess your talking about adidas tech gear which is usually meant to be worn as a base layer.If they are semi transparent or sheer that is light in color fabric which becomes as you said semi transparent. Usually when you stretch the fabric out in the hips your going to see your thong outline in most compression attire, should be expected. At least mine is in the front hip flexors with seamless thong under my compression shorts, with outline of my thong shows through.

Problem your having is maybe the size is to tight. I own few compression shorts by Reebok and the fit is way to tight and becomes evident on the backside. In my opinion if fitted to tight it distorts the muscles of the body and isn't to flattering. I find some compression shorts I wear do not fit well as others ie, adidas samba shorts.

Most athletic pants woman wear are going to fit snug around the hips thus making any type of panty able to be seen. Even when female trainers wear black yoga pants I can easily see what type of undies they have on underneath.
PeteSmith2003 #226

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/14/2012 05:35:06Copy HTML

To all and sundry, they are not "fanny packs", they are belt pouches. ^_^  
And while a colour other than black might be nice, I'd rather have one that's (a) light nylon, (b) strong enough not to tear, (c) easy to wash, and (d) has an easily adjusted belt.  Function first, fashion second. 
PeteSmith2003 #227

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/14/2012 05:44:14Copy HTML

Regarding tights and what others have said, since I posted, I prefer tights that allow the outline of my thongs to be visible but not their colour.  I want my thongs seen but not visible, if you get my meaning.
I have tights in a variety of colours - solids, solid with stripes, and recently patterned fabrics.  The solids are very light but only good for weightlifting because they don't support the knees.  The striped tights are very heavy and make me sweat a lot, but  support the kneeand I'm already sweating while running, so who cares.  The patterns are really cool ("blue lightning" and a light brown "giraffe") but tend to be opaque and hide thong outlines.  Summer is a great excuse for thong swimsuits, but it means catsuits are out of the question for working out.
2xist #228

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/17/2012 10:55:27Copy HTML

 Use black running tights over a black thong when I run in cooler weather.  Nike short shorts with high spot side vents with a black Lycra thong in hotter weather for running. Bikram yoga I use the Max lycra shorts.  Nice pouch and the boys can move around as need be in the asanas in 103.5 degree room.  Ashtanga yoga I wear slightly looser cotton shorts or lounge long pants with a Lycra thong for support. For cycling a nice pair of cycling shorts with extra butt pad. At the pool anything muscleskins or nothing but a nice chrome cockring...
bbyrne78 #229

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/17/2012 10:54:44Copy HTML

One of the best hidden perks of being a gym instructor/yogi is never having to wear office clothes. Even when I'm not teaching I am pretty much dressed like an instructor all the time. I got a comment yesterday from a woman who told me that "tights aren't pants". I was wearing a Lululemon hoodie and Nike Swift tights.

I think those swift tights are the best combination of muscle support and fit. A super body contoured fit which is so snug that even the smallest underwear will show a VPL.
2xist #230

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/18/2012 02:08:19Copy HTML

 Wear full length or just below the knee length cycling tights (padded and wear nothing under them) when it gets cold, indoor cycling or on my road bike.  Same for running out doors in cooler weather ( no padding nice minimal thong for control). ;)
JM_Runs #231

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/18/2012 03:27:49Copy HTML

John Howard #232

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/26/2012 01:44:17Copy HTML

 Has anyone tried the Aldi compression pants or tops?  
They were on their second last catalogue,  only $20 each.....  I went to have a look at 9:30 am.  The store opens at 09:00 am, and could only find Small and Extra Large sizes;   they sold out in less than 30 minutes!!!    but I could have a close look at a Men's  Large size top and Small size pants.  
To my surprise, the finishing, and the style was almost the same to the latest style of Skins A400 compression gear...    The Skins A400 can cost up to $170 and $140 respectively.... The material seemed very stretchy and strong,   I missed out.
No wonder why people bought almost the whole stock available so soon.However I'm starting to think that some people shop at Aldi in bulk and  then re-sell at other places.  I saw an older gentleman holding 6 packets of different sizes men and women's tights and tops,  I doubt they were for his personal use.
I will need to wake up earlier next time Aldi sells their compression gear....  for $20 is worth to give it a try.
John Howard #233

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/26/2012 02:11:48Copy HTML

Bren, are the Nike Swift pants compression pants as well, or are they basically running tights....
I think I have seen them, they look cool,  but do they have a zip at the lower leg?

If they provide compression and they don't have the zip, I would probably think about trying them.
I had a pair of track pants some time ago, and not long after I purchased it, the zip got stuffed and didn't work anymore.Since then I decided to stay away from zips as much as possible.

bbyrne78 #234

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/26/2012 02:54:00Copy HTML

Hi JH.
The Women's version of the Swift tights do have ankle zippers. Not sure about the men's version. As far as the  compression goes they are just like the 2XU and Skins A200. They have a pocket which makes them more practical than the standard compression stuff out there. Wiggle UK sell them for about $82 delivered to Australia.
One caveat, the ventilation panels offer nothing in terms of compression so there is a small tradeoff.
They feel painted on, and the compression zoning is pretty slick. One last thing, like all Nike products, if you well endowed calf wise, you'll find it pretty uncomfortable. I am not sure how power athletes wear these products.
Love Bren
ShadowT #235

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/18/2012 04:57:34Copy HTML

Does anybody have opinions on full length tights for mildly cold weather?  Approx 40-55F.

I am mainly focusing on 2XU at the moment.  I like the looks, but it sounds like they're also one of the better tights as well, with the main caveat being cost.  The trouble is, I can't decide between the standard compression tights and the thermal versions.  Based on what I've found, it seems the standard tights should be suitable for that range (that's their sweet spot), but only slightly warmer than the UA Heat Gear tights I currently have. 

The thermal tights are supposedly better for 30-45 (sweet spot), but should be 'OK' up to 55.  I'm just worried they will be too warm.

I wish these had wind panels, since that's what really kills me.  I wear these mainly for bicycling, and I froze my tail off wearing the Heat Gear.  It makes me skeptical that the standard 2XU just one 'notch' down would be warm enough.

Also, can anybody offer insight on the rise of the waist?  I don't like them to come up too high, to the point that my UA tights are low-rise womens and I'm considering the 2XU in women's sizes.  Not that I had much choice, since options for men's tights locally are very limited.

I'm open to suggestions, but I really do like the look of the 2XU tights.  FWIW, I also don't care for rear pockets.  They just look silly to me and I don't need a pocket.

big daddy thong #236

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/18/2012 07:19:12Copy HTML

 Shadow T, Try the Eastbay website. URL: www.eastbay.com   They have a wide selection of tights for men. I just bought a pair for running tights Saucony DryLete tights, they are made of thermo reguglating fabric.  FYI.. UA hot gear is for hot summer weather.  You might want to consider UA Cold gear for cool weather.
ShadowT #237

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/18/2012 11:49:01Copy HTML

I bought the heat gear tights for warmer weather and/or indoor use and only mentioned them as a reference.  I found that runningwarehouse.com shows that the heat gear men's tight is good for 50-65F, and I find 50 with no sun to be pretty cold in UA heat gear while going 15mph on a bike.  They show the 2XU Compression tights as 40-55F, so I'm concerned that I'll start feeling the cold at 45F.  At the same time, the thermals are rated for 30-45, so there's a chance I'd overheat.  That's my dilemma.  When I'm looking to spend $85-$100 on a tight, I wish I had a better idea of which to get.

This be a lot easier if I could afford to buy both the standard and the thermal tights.

I've tried the UA Cold gear, but I don't care for the fitted (i.e. loose) tight and the other Cold Gear tight I can find locally doesn't fit over my feet and ankles.  They're a real pain to get on and off.  I'd give them a shot, but I didn't care for the overall fit either.

Thanks for the input. :)
Thongdude87 #238

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/19/2012 10:15:43Copy HTML

 I have 2XU tights. None of the models have rear pockets, or any pockets at all. They aren't high rise, but don't go too low either. At the right size they fit extremely well, and they have in my opinion a pretty cool design. I don't have the thermal version, but the elite version, which is a bit thinner, but I feel it works pretty well even during the winter. I have worn them down to -15 degrees celsius with little discomfort. So I bet the thermal version will be more than adequate for your temperature range. Try them out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
ShadowT #239

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/19/2012 06:39:07Copy HTML

Some of their running tights have pockets, but I only mentioned that for anybody have may have offered alternate options.

FWIW, I did find a local dealer and ran out to see what they had.  They had VERY little, with only two pairs of tights left.  Both women's, with one size small and one size large.  They were marked 50% off though, so what the hey.  The small was way too tight.  The large might not be as tight as intended, but they seem to have more compression than the men's Under Armour compression tights I have tried.  They're definitely low rise, so I imagine the men's will be fine.  However, for $50, I went ahead and bought the women's size large tights.  Since I got those so cheap, I plan to go ahead and get the thermal tights as well. 
JM_Runs #240

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/20/2012 02:24:12Copy HTML

  I bought a pair of ergowear max compression shorts in black
hoping to wear something a little provocative to the gym. But I think I am chickening out on this one.
I don't think I will be wearing these without some short shorts as a top layer.
My package is pushed out and dangling in a way that will get me lots of disapproving looks and laughter
although I know there will be some hoots of approval as well.
They are comfy though. My other complaint is that the pouch portion is a bit too large.
 I would like it if it was tighter and more form fitting like the rest of the shorts.

Can anyone recommend some other compression shorts that show my package a little
bit without smooshing it down too much or pushing it out as intensely as the ergowear
one does?

I like the looks of these two N2N things:


Does anyone have any experience with either of these products? I like the looks of them, but they are both a little pricey,
so I kind of want to get some information on them before dropping $60.

mack_back #241

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/20/2012 05:45:35Copy HTML

killamozilla: Believe your tights you showed are better off worn as underwear. If your looking for serious workout leggings try dance leggings by Harmonie Capezio if you can find any in supplex nylon fabric. They are very low rise and stretchy which will push your bulge out but not as blatantly as your links suggests. 

If your really looking to be provocative in wearing leggings in the gym and are super confident which i doubt you are try seamless nylon/spandex leggings...  Own pair myself they will show your bulge with c-ring on in front incredibly smoothly and rear end will have butt crack cleavage, depending on how much you roll up the waistband. These are super tight slightly sheer than normal leggings but wick away perspiration very quickly and slightly show skin tone underneath depending on the color. The fabric is slightly higher denier then pantyhose but less than nylon running tights you see off the rack. You need to make a elastic belt and roll up the waistband to your comfort level and how much you want to show off.  Very cheap, cost maybe $10  and comes in various colors, one size fits all. You will definitely get looked upon, best to wear a long shirt to cover the hips slightly and great to wear on days you feel bit more frisky or provocative than normally you would wear. You will feel as if you're not wearing anything except your thong, sometimes i look down in disbelief seeing if truly i have leggings on.

Have to agree with 2XU are very tight in elite compression leggings i own. They aren't all that different then Heatgear under armour leggings. Do own coldgear leggings in various colors they stay warm but hate the front rise being so high. Prefer low rise leggings and capri running tights.  Waiting for weather to get colder to try  my new 2xu elite leggings, bought the women's version knowing they are low rise. Some females complain that if you bend down in the 2xu elite version your showing whale tail if wearing a thong underneath, very low rise in the back...Your basically wearing the waistband on your hips.
JM_Runs #242

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/20/2012 06:03:23Copy HTML

I asked for advice on compression pants. Not for insults about my level of confidence.

mack_back #243

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/20/2012 06:15:55Copy HTML

Don't take it personally just stating fact your afraid to wear the example leggings you shown. Not meant to demean you. Find most if not all men are tad shy when it comes to wearing compression pants. Usually when someone woman or man suggests they should wear loose shorts over top of there compression tights/leggings it's a tell on how comfortable you are wearing compression clothing in the first place. When i see a man or woman wear leggings and have loose shorts over top it looks odd to me.... quite frankly! Sometimes i ask myself why bother to wear compression clothes that are meant to breath without any clothing layered on. It's just counters one advantage wearing compression gear to ventilate your body heat while exercising. Guess i'm odd thinking spandex fabric fitted wearing without clothes on top is ideal.

If my words offended you, i apologize. Hope you except it in the spirit of trying to help. Sorry... 
John Howard #244

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/20/2012 11:06:06Copy HTML

  Unfortunately good reputable brands of compression gear are notcheap.   Sometimes amazon and ebay have good compression gear like CWX at pricesquite affordable like $40 or $50 mark. I would stick to known brands like 2XU, CWX, Skins (the A400 series isthe best product but too expensive) Sugoi and the like. There is a fine line in trying to wear provocative gear at the gym, nowonder most people wear brands like the ones mentioned above, with shorts ontop, or with a long top to cover the front area. I don't do that because I think it looks silly, besides all these brandscompression tights do not emphasize the crotch area. Unlike the brands in your links, those must be the "torpedoes ormissiles" equivalent on the gym tight's world.I don't think they are appropriate to be worn at any mainstream normalgym, because they outline too much the bulge area and that would just put youon the perv category without doubt,  and it wouldn't be surprising thatyou would be asked to cover up by management (embarassing) or otherwise findanother gym. I wear compression gear tops and bottoms at my gym without any cover upat all.  Nobody has ever complained, the crotch area doesn't stand out asthe pictures on your links, and I always wear black  (any other colourwould emphasize the crotch area).....The way how I behave at the gym while wearing compression gear isperhaps one of the most important aspects;  I talk to people, say hello toeveryone, and train very very hard.....  I can squat and deadlift verydecent weights and that has also earned me some more respect.And when I'm done, I quit the gym immediately.
ShadowT #245

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/21/2012 12:27:38Copy HTML

 The N2N University Jammer doesn't have an enhancing pouch, so it would be the best out of the options you listed.  It is overly colorful and it is marketed as a swimsuit.  I've never tried them, but I believe they are very stretchy and not a compression short.  That's just judging from the pictures and how the fabric is displaying the models equipment rather than compressing it.  They are also very low cut, drawing more attention to the bulge.  You could control the amount of bulge somewhat with your selection of underwear, but it still wouldn't be a compression short. 

I didn't get a sense that there was a difference in rise between the women's compression tight and elite compression tight.  I got the regular compression tight - who wouldn't, for $50.  I'm happy with the rise on these.  I've never had a whale tail problem with tights.  The waistband tends to pull the thong down with them, especially if there is a drawstring.  Do you have any of the men's 2xu tights?  I'm wondering how the rise compares.  I ordered the thermals in men's, mcuh because those had a 'Free returns' option.  I also figured, if I'm going to have a tight that is slightly higher rise, it may as well be the one that is for cold weather.  One of the things I don't like about the men's version is the underwear like look of the front pouch, so I was tempted to order the women's.  At the same time though, I want to see what other differences might exist.  If I don't like them, hopefully the women's will still be on sale and in stock.

mack_back #246

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/21/2012 03:09:29Copy HTML

Own only one pair 2XU women's elite compression running leggings. They are exactly similar of PWX only the panel color changes slightly and denier thickness around the legs. They all have same logo emblem like other 2XU leggings but mine fit really tight at the ankles like no other leggings i've owned. Men's 2xu has to have a higher rise then female type which i didn't bother to check but pretty sure it's around 8 inches or more. Like you, i hate the PWX men's front pouch looks like other men brands, tight underwear base layers.
The older model men's 2xu leggings had single front seam but they changed it for the elite, PWX 2012 year. So i decided not to chance getting 2xu high rise men's leggings like my UA coldgear which i hate. Waistband sits around my belly button and when working out feels awful from all the perspiration from my belly. 
Just as you wrote the thong underneath 2xu leggings will ride down with the tights. Only find i need to pull up my waistband more often thinking it maybe to low. Own ASICS female capri which fits very low but 2xu is compressing a lot tighter than any other leggings i worn.Many females complained prudes or just chatter about 2xu leggings being to low in the back rise thus saying whale tail may happen... Guess it's all about the fit and comfort level we are use to. 
For $50 2xu buying them is a no brainer, you might as well bought two. Mine cost over $100 and got them for a bargain. Now i'm thinking about a men's 2xu tri-top but worried about being little short then i'm used to. Seeing some triathlon's men wearing tops stopping at mid belly, looks odd if i trained showing off my abs in the gym. 
ShadowT #247

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/21/2012 03:22:56Copy HTML

Unfortunately, they only had two pairs left in stock.  The one in size small and one in large.  I wish they had the men's tights in stock so I could see what the rise is like.  I really have a feeling I will be sending the men's version back, but they look fine in most photos.  It is the few photos where I've seen them hiked up to the belly button that concerns me.  If I have to have chose between diaper crotch (or duck foot) to get them to sit on my hips or otherwise hike them up to my belly to get the crotch to fit, they're definitely going back.  Based on how the women's fit though, I could easily live with another inch or so comfortably.

I'm tempted to try the tops too, but I really just need to find something warmer and wind proof/resistant for bicycling right now.  What I have now works just fine, but I'm using a rain/wind cover made for running and it is a bit too baggy.  It is also extremely thin, so I have to combine it with other tops/coats.
Chantelle4both #248

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/03/2012 01:14:17Copy HTML

 If anyone out there is not concerned about $$, I just LOVE the Lululemon Run Inspire Crops. Of course they make your butt look FANTASTIC and are comfortable beyond belief, and because the fabric  is just a little heavy, they do an excellent job of "crotch modulation" that is to say, your package is diminished somewhat - to the point where you CAN go out to the gym, or even to the gas station without parading too much.
ardvarken #249

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/06/2012 02:32:19Copy HTML

Agreed on the Lululemon capris.   Most of the women's styles they offer work great for men, better range of colors, excellent fit, and some with awesome pockets that are great for long runs.    I've had plenty of compliments from women on how they look on me, don't really care what other guys might think.
JM_Runs #250

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/06/2012 02:35:58Copy HTML

 For the bikers and triathletes out there, a sale on the Hannulink™ S.I. Reflex Gel Tights
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