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mack_back #251

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/06/2012 11:15:03Copy HTML

Find the waistband of lululemon way to wide. Feels uncomfortable when you sweat in that area of your stomach. The fit is good otherwise heavy spun cotton feels different then most poly blend capri tights i wear. 

Don't or can't see women complimenting males wearing female capri tights never has one said boo to me ever. Today i noticed a female trainer who while ago had same capri tights i own in color and style brand. She noticed me and sure enough gave me a odd look then went on training. 
Women seeing a man wearing capri tights is often looked upon as weird but if they knowingly see you in lululemon logo on your tights they will definetly notice. While other brand tights usually can be looked as male unisex athletic clothing.
Chantelle4both #252

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/11/2012 03:31:38Copy HTML

Hmm... Lulu offer a few different materials for their capris; that being said neither the Run Inspire crops, nor the Groove crops offer any problems when I do my run/stretch routine, and I DO sweat!
I could imagine your uncomfortable moment when that fitness trainer saw you in "her" capris. The colours I chose do tend to be a more conservative (black/grey) so even if they see the Lulu-logo, I'm not embarrassed, besides, if I'm running, it is not likely anyone is seeing much more than a blur!
Finally, regarding guys in spandex capris in general - it IS unusual, even in more metro/liberal areas however with the right length of running shirt AND the right body (read that toned and fit) I think it can be ""pulled off" 
mack_back #253

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/11/2012 07:39:23Copy HTML

Chantell4both: Yes the luon fabric lululemon is comfortable lot different then the many poly blend capri's i own. In black or darker colors it doesn't matter if you sweat leaving thong wet lines nobody notices. While some lighter colors i own heather gray in poly blend fabric will show thong outline if i sit riding a stationary bike. Most of my shirts are short and you can see i have no underwear/panty line only my seamless thong underneath. Suppose i don't care as much as some women i see wearing longer tops covering their butt cheeks. Guess that's why i get looked upon maybe more so than normal or overhear criticism from other ladies about me enjoying flaunting too much.
Thought of trying Track time run crop in bordeaux color  such as these but don't find the stripe very unisex and very obvious what brand it's from.http://shop.lululemon.com/shop/gadgets/prdImg-popup.jsp?prdId=prod1010131&category=category%3auswwearit2&cc=2170&prdImgIndex=0&randomTokenForAccount=bfc38499-6c14-41b5-a06b-75fd9a2ec156 Enjoy crop such as discover which is knee length which is uncommon from many capri crops which tend to be calf length. 

These road runner compression knickers look good. http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/RRL1136/Maybe will try them rather than lululemon?

As for trainer seeing me as you put it in "her" capri tights... It didn't bother me usually her older female clients may notice me first and comment giggling about looking unusual for a male attire at the gym. Once in awhile she often nods her head in agreement, discussing me rarely or let the women vent seeing me in what they construe strictly female attire. I don't blame the trainer looking over, as she stared, noticed they looked familiar and was surprised i would wear the same unique color dark grey, brand. Suppose everyone usually wears black as prototypical color in tights most of the time while seeing someone wear something different gets attention. Doubt any female would say they like my choice of capri tights or color even though they own same pair themselves. Only physical tell, i see from females, stare longer at my legs, me wearing either a hard to find color or something different and not wanting to ask just looking at me in different angles noticing brand logo or style. Only time i got asked about my capri tights was a young man about where he could buy same type of pants for bicycle riding.

Don't particularly care what others think female or males seeing me in what some described me looking to "GIRLY" with a smirk or chuckle. Once people see me enough they get use to it and stop making comments or smirks and i'm treated as everyone else. While if someone see's me for the first time they will find it disturbing or most likely smirk to themselves, which happens rarely noticing that i'm pretty fit and can pull it off. If someone hasn't seen me for long time knowing what i wore, they may get a kick smiling, smirking at me. In their minds i maybe "THAT GUY" wearing feminine clothes thus sometimes getting their jollies seeing me again in looking "PRETTY", "LIKE A PRINCESSES"  in tight revealing clothes, showing everything that i have.

While i don't run like you on the street i suppose in your case it doesn't matter what you wear. In my situation people can stare at me for longer time noticing details of what my attire is and then hear their reactions nearby. While in your situation you can literally run away never seeing them again when or if they notice you're wearing certain brand of female clothing.  
Men wearing capri tights i haven't seen one other than cycling on the street but for running or gym only one man years ago wore loose capri pants other than that it's only me that downe such clothing together with many females. I wear what makes me happy and if that makes others grimish or laugh so be it. Know matter how your body looks females will criticize being not having the body for such clothing. Percentage of women only prefer males of a certain size and shape, ie... tall and brawny.. If you are built like a pro boxer in middle weight category you will receive scorn or disgust from this group of females looking skinny and small. Regardless of your bodies physique, females in most part find the vision of male in tight capri's not a look they prefer to see. While in the same hand i to find many women wearing crop tights not have the toned body for it, yet i don't grimish or smirk or critique their bodies to anyone, even though i think it. Once in awhile i may roll my eyes ignoring them looking away as many females do it to me. 
Seen a female recently in teal crop tights, color of which never looks correct in my opinion because it looks as though you're in a circus or costumey. She began to shockingly stare seeing me in my black crop tights working out, as though you never seen a male in such clothing before, for which i couldn't blame her for (which is a true fact where i live). Didn't care what her thoughts of me were but i instantly  knew she had pudgy thighs and was short which made her look not so perfect in my mind. With her cute shocked stare looking at me haven't any gauge indicators of her displeasure, i didn't notice or care to because she wasn't in a position to judge. Only found her looking at me as though i was an alien from another planet which kind of amused me with little bit with a dash of uncertainty  and curiosity of what she thought. If she was attracted to me or liked what i wore, feeling a compliment wouldn't be out of question. After few weeks seen her again and working out on a bench next to me she stared at me again didn't want to know what she thought seeing she was wearing same crop tights again. Later on i notice she began to chat with male wearing similar body type as me but showing lot more skin.. Having friend say to me that that guy doesn't have the body to wear what he had on. Over hour the short shorts topless guy chatted with circus girl guess she liked guys showing their bods of like him and me after all.. 

southpaw66 #254

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/14/2012 02:04:41Copy HTML

Hello Everybody!
I'm so glad to have found this community, and this thread.  Mack Back, Right on! If you like it, wear it.

I have been going to my gym for 3 years and in that time I managed to drop 30 lbs and develop a better physique than when I was in my twenties.  I always wanted to wear tights while working out. I was too shy about it though.  I wore shorts, with my thong.

I saw one, maybe two guys wearing tights in the gym. One of them always wore shorts over them.  What's up with that? Then I found this thread about tights.  After reading it I worked up the courage to buy my first pair. 

That was fun....I went to my local sporting goods megastore (Dicks, where I usually buy guns, ammo, camo clothes, etc) and found mens tights by underarmour and Reebok.  I took them to the fitting room and proceeded to shimmy out of my jeans and try them on.  They felt great from a compression standpoint.  Problem was, they went halfway up to my chest, and the inseam was way too long.  So out I went again looking for a pair that would fit.  I ended up in the ladies side of the store with a pair of tights, and a pair of 4" shorts in hand.  They both fit great! Just tight enough, just the right rise, perfect.  I was so happy. 

I marched to the cashier to pay and she said "She can return them if they don't fit, but don't cut off the tags".  Obviously she thought I was buying these for my wife. I let the sleeping dog lie, and forked over my cash. 

I wore the Underarmour 4" shorts with a black Barely there thong (These are awesome!)and an underarmour compression tanktop to my next Bodypump class at my gym. The class started and we began with squats.  The room has full height mirrors on 2 walls and I usually look at myself to make sure I have good form through the exercise, but this time I caught several women checking me out.  First I thought I must have a whale tail going on, but upon discreet inspection saw this wasn't the case.  Barely there thongs NEVER show.  Then I thought they were giving me the stink eye because I was a guy wearing tights.  Then in between sets, my partner informed me the ladies were checking me out! This was totally foreign to me.  I've always been just another gym rat.

I loved how the compression shorts felt, and looked.  Next time I wore the full length tights.  I plan on buying more for the gym.  It seems that the ladies tights fit me better. The waistband is wider, the inseam is shorter, and they make my butt look phenomenal. 
mack_back #255

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/14/2012 10:18:06Copy HTML

Southpaw66 thanks for the encouragement.
While certain days are tougher then others many more times you will find commentary about my attire from others discouraging. For example nobody said or looked upon me at the the gym with scorn until couple ladies leaving said something to each other. All the time i worked out these two 20 something pear shaped capri tight wearing females nearby didn't ever once critique me or bat an eye while we were working out.
 After they were leaving the gym together, with my back turned stretching seeing them in the mirror walking in my direction, one of the more attractive lady said, "What's up with him...." Other responded, "he looks GAY"! "Probably is" the other responded back. "He looks so weird" reply, "I know"!.....  
Just for wearing light colored tights in the manner i did was more provocative then any women dare to wear or can wear. Showing my rear end wearing a seamless thong underneath with short tight top gave females a lot to look at considering i had deep wedgie separating both cheeks wearing these tights. Given i'm bold wearing it the way i do, isn't surprise someone wouldn't notice or talk about me... Felt most people seen me often enough not to comment or care anymore. Yet i believe they prefer me not to wear tights at all.
One male talking to a female who is my worst critic the woman commenting about my attire responded to her. Saying, "if you don't want him wearing it like that, grab his balls". She laughed saying, "Ya. That will teach him making him cover-up his bulge". She was intrigued with the idea saying, "it might work your probably right". Then she said, "but it might backfire and he might like it, then you should do it". Both started to laugh.....
Just examples of the cost of wearing tights for male at the gym. Yes, nobody say anything to me regarding my attire but majority just don't want to see it or get to know me. Just have to live with it and expect nobody likes me in tights regardless. It takes a toll listening to others about my choice of gym clothing. Just have to find a way to accept it, knowing it takes a toll.... 

John Howard #256

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/15/2012 08:01:25Copy HTML

 you just said it, you are accepting that the consequence of wearing bright colour and obviously women's tights at the gym , is going to cause you a lot of grief.    The good thing is that you can accept it and live with it.
I don't understand why a male would prefer to wear a women's tights when currently there are so many brands and styles of compression pants made for men.  For men who like to wear tights at the gym, these are the best times ever, even football and rugby teams endorse them.   
Women are very observant, and they would realize that you are wearing a women's tights on the spot.   The message they might get is that you are a gay man who likes to flash his private parts and wants to overdo the provocative aspect of it.  
for me, wearing a pair of  bright coloured women's tights at the gym is almost equal to wear ballerina tutus,  out of the question.
Anyway that's me.   I admire your determination in wearing whatever you want to wear, although I don't share your taste.  I'm glad you have evolved and now you accept the consequences of your style of gym attire, and comment on this board the reactions to your choice, more as an anecdote than a complaint.    But I also wonder if all this is is eventually going to isolate you from the rest of people.    Good luck.
tanlines2thin #257

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/15/2012 11:13:01Copy HTML

to kill a few minutes, i figured i would chime in on this topic from a different angle......i can understand the desire to wear sexier clothes than ordinary to the gym......on the loud color subject, though, i'm not gonna criticize or endorse......on the subject of wanting to wear more revealing and sexier outfits, however, i know that desire, cause i do it myself........yeah, i show bulge....well, i sneek show bulge......i wear workout pants that fit tight, but they ain't tights, and i wear a rio suit to the pool and whirlpool, and i always wear a G under my street clothes, so everyone in the locker room sees that, if they are looking........as for worrying about what anyone thinks, i couldn't give a rat's rear.........nobody has ever said beans to me......

as for what women think about my act, that's up to them......attractive women who show their figures in show-off outfits think that sex-appeal is their exclusivity.......me thinks not........of course, everyone's sexuality is up to them to do with how they like......to be honest, about one in a thousand women handle their show-off sexuality honestly.......the one in the thousand who is honest is not just showing off her sex-appeal, but she is on the lookout for it in others........she, as the saying goes, is my kind of woman........she's got that unspeakable desire, and she would like to find her sympatico......the other nine hundred and ninty nine just wanna be noticed and tease.......
mack_back #258

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/15/2012 05:31:19Copy HTML

JohnHoward thanks for the comments.
As for others isolating me it has happened first time i attired tights. The homo-phobia stigma attached to that particular clothing is on many male minds..Does this make me weird not being social to others? Better off not trying to befriend others wearing my type of clothing. Only bad things will happen. Always asked  to explain why wear tights, thongs, bikini swimsuits, tight jeans, shaving my body, tanning etc.. the list goes on, which many people don't do or accept as normal behavior. How would people like it if i criticized male friends for having hairy body (disgusting), or wearing dork shorts in pool or beach not a thong for better overall tan? Or women covering up there hips with long tops wearing trendy bootcut pants, which is terrible for exercising, showing they are afraid to display there bum knowing they have body issues...

Reason wearing some woman capri tights they fit better then some men leggings i own. You may find this hard to believe but women have larger choice to pick from and colors, styles.  Do i wear bright colors no just navy, black and gray. The way i wear certain tights bothers you or anyone seeing me is because they fit my body without sagging or binding in any manner. How many times have you heard women loving tights because it lifts there bum or makes it look better. How is it different for a male wearing it for the same reasons. Seeing my bum cheeks separate in only one capri tights i own is pushing the envelope but i don't wear them all the time. Just shows off how firm and well defined my glutes are, not hiding it to appease anyone. 
 See way to many females wearing black capri crop tights in black with really wide hips and short tops. Noticing they have on grandma panties underneath making terrible VPL evident. While many women who see me look, notice how smooth my bum is wearing a seamless thong underneath. Sort of an education showing women how to look in tights properly. If they are offended looking at my big bulge sticking out, only can say that it is the difference between women and men, yet no outline details showing in my tights, only leaving that to my swimwear Lol....

As for woman being observant yes and no.. Some don't care seeing male in tights they often think it's female exclusive. So it doesn't matter if i'm wearing male UA leggings or adidas, or nike 3/4 running crop tights. They believe it is clothing female should wear and think i'm cross-dresser wanting it for appearance purposes, not that it is comfortable to workout in....So if i own male capri running tights what is the difference wearing or buying a female capri running tights if it fits better and more comfortable. Yes some brands are exclusively for women only and people will notice. Sometimes uneducated will comment to others laughing, tell him he is wearing women tights, of which is not true but 100% male running shorts...In my mind i find i don't care anymore if someone laughs or notices the same tights she owns that i'm wearing so be it.

For women who like to look sexy and tease thinking it's there domain.. Have to disagree women have to try to look better but when they see someone like me they get turned off knowingly deep down they would love to look similarly in shape like me. Time to time i hear women comment to others laughing saying, he has nice smooth legs, nice bum, big c@ck, wide shoulders, great abs... If women  truly love the  body of a male and everything that is attached to it then looking at me sometimes intrigues them or totally not what they consider masculine thus criticizing or disgusted. Even though i look better then her or some females.
Don't know if 1:1000 ratio is correct of women truly enjoy seeing or sharing the same influence of "sexy" attire with men. In my experience i notice one female in a gym that has no problem seeing me in tights. Spread myself over three gyms approximately 100 female per gym with ratio of 1:100 gals aren't bothered of my attire. Doesn't mean there infatuated with me or lusting every time i wear tights, but tolerate it as equals, with the attitude of females wearing them why not guys....Yet finding female that is mature enough to accept without judgement my style of clothing maybe larger ratio then 1:1000.
Known one female in my life who fit that description of being not judgmental towards clothing. Yet, she didn't dress sexy herself but had no problem nor make her crack a smirking smile knowing i wore such and such.. In her opinion if it fits why not wear it, what's the big deal because the label says Woman's.. So it went bathing suits, jeans, underwear, tops, socks, even boots if you could find the size.. 

Today women judge men on the clothing like a fashion snob without getting to know you. While you may say, why choose the hard road in life? Actually seeing peoples expressions or immature behavior towards me is evident we share nothing in common. Seeing how females attire themselves and there reactions towards my clothing is enough for me to know they won't like to thong with me on a beach or whatever other things etc... 

Attractive woman at work who find me intriguing, glared upon me while i was standing few feet away. While wearing tight fitted bootcut jeans along my thighs and bum her reaction was evident reading her expression. Just looking at her glaring at my legs even though she seen me before wearing similar jeans was enough for me to know her personality is less tolerant and liberal. Almost made me laugh before i looked away with smirk knowing it wasn't what she preferred me to wear or confused why would i dare to.. Glaring at me even after seeing i caught her, she probably thought those jeans are so tight as i wear them, could he be possibly wearing woman jeans? Doubt you can buy designer men jeans that tight.. Why would he for such attractive guy?

My first time wearing tights and commentary i heard was this overweight trainer who is very nice and tolerant also a thong wearer herself, commented about me to her male client. Saying to him, "could you wear tights like him?". Answer, "Noway! in hell", slight laugh. She concluded saying, "Don't' see anything wrong with it, wish more guys would start wearing them".
How do i know she wears a thong? Seen partial whale tail often before it shows to much she pulls her short shirt down while sitting on her legs knowing i'm watching. Yet with my discerning eye i pickup the color, fabric type lace or print seen through her thin layer top etc.. Bet she is member of this board no doubt.. Got to admit being a big woman thong is probably perfect and most comfortable panty she can wear that fits. Yet, she feels the need to cover-up if slight whale tail is starting announcing it to others saying cutely, oh, looks as if i'm showing off to much back there can't do that it wouldn't be decent. Feel some of my new tights are low that i may encounter a whale tail happen, flashing her might be fun.. Doubt she will laugh or be surprised me wearing a thong. Nice to be able to show off my body and not be in the closet hiding of what clothing i wear (such other males wearing base layer tight compression gear under dork shorts and T-shirt). Ashamed to show what i wear be it a thong or my shirt short, showing off my glutes... Feel sorry for females who wear long tunic t-shirts covering there hips while wearing tights or jacket tied around there hips, so nobody stares at there ass...  


big daddy thong #259

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/06/2013 07:40:39Copy HTML

  I wore my old stand by favorite nike running tights in hot yoga class today and navy blue sleeveless t shirt.  I had these tights for more than 25 years and they are still in great condition.  What makes these special is that they are red, white and blue thin wave striped swirl pattern.  After class an older lady in her 60's mentioned how much she loved my tights and a few of the other women said they enjoyed me wearing them as well, including the instructor.  Her words were " I really enjoyed looking at your tights and you wear them well".  The instructor said they accentuate my long and musclular legs.  She said they really stand out and where did I get them, since all of her yoga tights are gray or black.  I told her I don't think they make these any more.  It really made my day to get so much attention.  :~D   Gotta love those yoga chicks!
stanpuppy #260

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/13/2013 01:28:06Copy HTML

I have an awesome pair of vintage running/muscle tights.  Made by the classic 80's company Hot Skins.  My thighs have gotten bigger and they dont fit me comfortably anymore so I put them on eBay.  If anybody is interested

big daddy thong #261

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/13/2013 04:34:57Copy HTML

    I have to admit that I have tights spandex fetish!   If I could wear them instead of jeans all the time, I would.  I love to wear them to yoga, working out and just hanging out around town running errands.  I have added some new pics of me wearing tights by themselves and with thongs over top.  I enjoy the mixing and matching colors of outfits to wear in public.  Yes, when the mood stikes me I do like to wear my tights with a thong over top and a long tee shirt, windbreaker or hoodie when I'm out and about.  Does any one else have this fetish or am I alone?  Please add your comments to my blog.
Chantelle4both #262

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/16/2013 01:24:01Copy HTML

 I think it depends on the amount of "detail" that is seen. Something ultra tight that would reveal the ridges of the head and ...even veins would be over the line for me - i just wouldn't feel comfortable, but something tight, but "smoothing" - revealing just a gentle masculine bulge, I think is acceptable - something like what you would see in a pair of well-fitting speedos
JM_Runs #263

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/19/2013 09:42:33Copy HTML

Lululemon Athletica designs clothes suited to rolling, stretching and other yoga moves. But the company itself took a tumble Tuesday after announcing its yoga pants were too sheer.

The Canadian company on Monday recalled its trademark black yoga pants made with a certain batch of luon, a combination of nylon and Lycra spandex fibers, because they were effectively see-through.

“Some of our store managers expressed concern over the sheerness of some of our women’s black luon bottoms,” it said.

The recall left the company in a tight spot. Lululemon said it expected a shortage of the pants, which represent 17 percent of its women’s bottoms in its stores, until replacements could be delivered.

The company, whose manifesto says “Do one thing a day that scares you,” said it was working with manufacturers in Vietnam and Taiwan to determine the cause of the near-transparent fabric.

bbyrne78 #264

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/19/2013 10:21:45Copy HTML

 This issue with Lululemon has been making the rounds on a lot of Yoga and Running boards recently. A real shame because the design of Lulu products are sexy, fun and comfortable. It is a real shame that the materials have let them down in recent months. Their underwear used to be the best, but nowadays I am getting maybe a dozen washes before they start falling apart. That said the instructors discount and the design of the tops and running shorts are top notch and worth every cent. Even in this hyper competitive market.
Love Bren
mack_back #265

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/20/2013 01:17:37Copy HTML

Heard the news and reading some posts from reviews of there tights, the quality isn't what some have been accustomed. With the company sales estimated at $300 - $400 million per year which have been taking market share from adidas and nike over the years has made me laugh at the obsession women have with this pricey brand. Understand quality was an issue for people to choose Lulu in the first place but the distinct feminine style made it hit with women and brand loyalty. This blip in quality assurance shows any brand or company can miss the mark on there targeted audience. Still can't understand women wearing the brand LULU with there fem style which many companies have now started to copy. Suppose women want stylist frilly fabric not being confused of wearing any male athletic attire or unisex tights such as 2XU or UnderArmour . 

Now i noticed other brands copying there style and i find it difficult to find athletic clothes that can pass as unisex. The colors or accents, some brands make are no longer can be worn by males like me because it is too feminine. Some here may laugh saying black bland female capri running tights are feminine looking enough, for any man to wear. More and more i noticed male capri tights or 3/4 running tights from brand companies have exact same cut or fit making them for men unisex. While i prefer the fit better in female fitness tights, yet the style versus men's are almost exactly the same until lulu started changing it, by there wider waistband, powerful color fabrics, great customer service experience etc... 

Looks like the  different shin color on entire running tights fabric LULU is incorporating and other brands will be the new trend. It looks like your wearing calf running sleeves on 3/4 tights, while the calves are same color as entire tight while the shin is a contrasting color. The look is sheik and doubtful men's tights will have the same style color incorporation. 
Seen a female at my gym one year ago wear neon green calf sleeve guards which could be mistaken for high top socks or 80's ankle warmers dancers used but were lycra tight fitted. It contrasted the color of her black 3/4 running tights which made a cool look, which now is going to be seeing the next fashion craze women will be wearing. Wanted to buy some lycra running calf sleeves but found the colors and price not to my liking passing on the new trend to happen. Thank you LULU for your unique crazy over hyped clothing seen at my gym by every women who walks in..  Suppose the yoga bootcut pants will be not be the trend to follow now, thank goodness, but two-toned colored tights on the entire lower leg matching it with colorful tops. Don't want to say yoga bootcut pants are thing of the past but more of a staple hung in the back closet to wear once in awhile.  Yet i own couple men shirts so who am i to judge... So i will wear more adidas and nike women's apparel that's just as good and won't be caught wearing something exactly the same as all these women at the gym lulu gear.

tanlines2thin #266

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/20/2013 10:00:08Copy HTML

this 'too sheer' fiasco of lulu is just one big marketing hoax......and as for the girls aghast at showing 'too much,' i say B-S......as our type know, any babe in those skintight tights is a natural show-off.........i know a few of the c-teasin type gals at my gym don't mind giving away a 'slit' peek, and believe me, i know.........i'm an expert at stealing a peek..........even when i ain't blaring billy idol
stanpuppy #267

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/21/2013 02:27:15Copy HTML

My wife has 5 pairs of lululemon yoga tights.  I cant see anything through them....
Chantelle4both #268

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/21/2013 10:43:47Copy HTML

 Wow- what a hot-(tie) topic. For those interested http://luluaddict.blogspot.ca/ provides a chronicle of the quality issues.
I suspect that their mark dominance is on the wane, for better or worse.
I agree, somewhat with Tanlines about the "too sheer" fiasco - at least for some of the females that wear that stuff, however I'm pretty sure that the original appeal of Lulu was that average females could look quite extraordinary....and "get away with it" by wearing those Groove Pants. 
sailor250 #269

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/22/2013 01:04:36Copy HTML

You can bet this is a set up- Lulu has much higher name recognition than a few weeks ago.  They were pitching toward young under 30's and hitting 50 year olds ...now that the products are "too revealing" daughters want them not their moms!  Next we'll hear news stories about women saying their Lulu thong of a certain color was visible through the black pants and BAM product placement!

The yoga pants trend is a big step to "ass ceptance" and "ass centric" fashion and thinking in women and men!  Some highschools are forbidding them when worn without cover saying "these girls asses are distracting the boys"

It looks like it's one more step closer to thong swimwear in fashion.  It's not far away- even conservative moms are showing major cheek now!  Just wait until the daughters want to upstage mom- and the styles will cross that point to thongs ( I've arbitrarily said that if there's only skin visible at a point half way up the crack and half way across the cheek- it's a real thong- check out this on Rios which don't pass)
tanlines2thin #270

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/22/2013 06:51:33Copy HTML

any bets on how long it takes for these 'too sheer' lulus to show up for resale on ebay???
mack_back #271

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/23/2013 08:27:23Copy HTML

As for anyone suggesting this lulu is hoax it's apparently costing the company 50 to 60 million this year for such a recall. Costly hoax or advertising for such a benign problem.

Seen many woman this week wearing yoga pants and while my gym has windows letting in sunshine i can see through most tights they wear. Love looking at the ladies who are wearing thongs underneath which is obvious, rather then big panties. Yet most black tights worn are partially sheer anyways when shown in strong daylight. Yet most yoga studios have low lighting levels so the sheerness is not noticeable unless someone is focusing there attention and face on your bum three feet away. Lulu problem wasn't that the manufacturer brought in the wrong fabric denier but when someone wore them found the four way lycra stretch, making it look way to sheer when bending over. Almost any tights wunder under or grove pants in light colors will be sheer depending on the fit. 
I find any supplex nylon dance leggings from capezio or danskin in black will be sheer more so then any lulu recalled products. UnderArmour heatgear leggings are sheer in the backside when enough bright light is shinning on them in a black color. Yet doesn't motivate adidas or nike from recalling there running tights because sheerness is expected. If you want tights that don't show anything through, they should invest in buying insulated pants for winter. All my running tights for winter are not sheer or show through in any way. 

Lulu always had a thicker fabric as though your wearing two leggings on top of another. So the heat retention on lulu with sweat spots in the higher heated regions of the body will be apparent with there lighter colored bright colors orange, beaming blue, corals, mint etc... So if ladies wearing thongs will have apparent sweat outline, which is always fun to watch. Yet most of lulu tops are long enough to cover women's "assets" so nobody will notice there sheerness. Puzzling to me unless women are wearing there workout gear for fashion on the street, which in my books is a no no.. So the real crux of the problem isn't that there yoga wear is sheer for the studio and gym but for everyday casual street wear which so many girls do wear unfortunately..

By the way Wunder Under Pant as lulu calls them, are not pants but tights and leggings which many other fashion genius's have said, tights aren't pants... Boggles the mind how women wear workout wear for ordinary casual clothing on the street. We call men wearing track pants on the street as casual pants, people who have given up on life, real slobs..... So what gives with women in yoga pants as street-wear? Don't women know how to attire oneself on the street...... Often women have no gym membership or have ever taken a yoga class in there life but wear clothes from lulu as a staple street-wear day in day out it's ridiculous..... Seams to me only time i see women dressed properly because they work in an office needing to conform. While seeing any women working in the service industry in a bar for example have black yoga pants or leggings as work wear.... Feel as though i see more women attired in lulu athletic gear more so then in gym especially tights... Looks as though women forgotten or feel wearing a skirt is a hardship looking weird wearing it with knee high costume horse equestrian riding boots... 

If someone woke up from a 30 year coma and seen all the women wearing athletic gear on the street they may think everyone is so conscious of being so fit. In reality 30% of the populous are inactive and in poor physical condition and poor dietary habits... While in my neighborhood they took a poll knowing that 50% have no physical exercise... Keeping that in mind i see the other percentage being weekend warriors trying to become active or loss weight trying stupid diets that they never keep. End result is unfit people excusing themselves because of there busy schedules only pretending to look fit in athletic clothing...
Ain't those women i see wearing Lulu clothing everyday on the street a joke. It would be compared to me to go into the adidas store and wearing the clothes everyday as casual attire. Guess that will impress everyone of my taste in clothing and becoming a snappy dresser.....Lol...

John Howard #272

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/24/2013 03:53:50Copy HTML

 Personally I do admire women who wear Lulu clothing-like every day on the street, that sort of spandex clothing for ladies obviously looks very comfy and it the woman is in good shape, it looks just terrific....
If the woman is not fit,  it is still positive cause that gym stuff can potentially encourage her to be more active.  
If the woman is fit, and attractive, it shows that she looks after herself , has a healthy lifestyle, being active and controlling what she eats.  A good prospect for offspring, a healthy mind very likely attached to the healthy body.   Perhaps exactly the opposite effect to what I feel when I see a woman smoking.
Besides, if she looks hot in spandex, she must look even hotter when she dresses up.

bbyrne78 #273

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/24/2013 08:33:19Copy HTML

There was some discussion about those who wear exercise clothing away from the gym or yoga studio. I am sure that most of the members have worn lycra/spandex before realises that there is nowhere to hide and it pretty much shows every dimple, muffin top and imperfection. Lululemon tights always frame your butt in an attractive way. With Nike, UA, Adidas, Skins and 2XU tights unless you have a superhero type body, all your muscle definition gets flattened out.

I love Lululemon's colours and styling and I'll continue to buy them. I think I might have mentioned this before in a previous post on this topic, but they are not alone with regards to going sheer. My Adidas and 2XU tights go very sheer when photographed with a flash. 
JM_Runs #274

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/24/2013 03:52:01Copy HTML

I think the people who put down others for wearing running tights, yoga pants or exercise clothing outside the gym are mean, short sighted, interfering, self righteous, bullies.

When you look down your nose at people because they are not dressed the 'right way' you are socially bullying them to conform, in the same way as the disapproving looks from the church lady when you wear a thong or the shout of "PUT some cloths on" from the red neck.

Where I live, in South Florida, I see people wearing exercise cloths all over the pace and all the time.  This is good !!
I see them running down the road, walking around, at a beach side cafe, or Starbucks, or the bank.

It is good for people wear exercise cloths, because it becomes part of their identity, it says I am a person who exercises.  This is healthy.  Much heather than dressing as a banker or gangster. We need to become healthier, the more people start identifying with a healthy life style the better.

Last weekend we had a sprint triathlon on the beach. Although just a sprint distance it was setup like a full, complete with invited elites.  The highway was closed down and the tourists at the road side restaurants got to see both elite athletes and weekend warriors biking and running past their tables. Not only were they delighted, but many expressed surprise, as in "we don't see this at home".  Well I am sure people do exercise where they live, but they probably do it out of sight, in little boxes called gyms, like it was something sinful to hide. Down here we are lucky because we can exercise out doors most days of the year.

Every weekend hundreds of people in my town get up early and go race a 5K, 10K or triathlon. Every day hundreds get on bikes before dawn and  ride 60 to 100 miles before breakfast or work. Even here most people never ever see them. Most exercise is invisible to the kids on the school bus and most regular workers. By wearing exercise cloths in public it helps expose the hidden world of exercise.

People see a beautiful person and think they are geneticly blessed.  True for beautiful teens, but as you get older it takes exercise, hard exercise, as Cher said, when appearing in an advertisment for a gym "If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body."

If you have a good body show it off !! Brag.  It is far more impressive than a red sports car.

People in exercise cloths generally look good. There is NOTHING wrong with them wearing exercise cloths to go shopping at the supermarket and around town. I am allways pleased to see people in exercise cloths, even if they are old and just walking the dog, or overweight and strugging to maintain a slow jog.  It shows they are trying, even if just a little bit.  Even if not exercising right now, or even today, it shows it is part of their identity and not hidden like it is a shameful thing.

When waiting in line at the post office I LOVE seeing a good bottom in line in front of me.  It is good. It makes me smile. Maybe it will inspire others to get in shape too, to start to exercise so they to can look good walking around town in yoga pants or running rights.

Do you want your kids to grow up to be athletic, or bankers and gangsters?  Do you want to date, have sex and marry someone who spends time exercising or filling up in a donut shop? 

I think everyone should feel comfortable wearing a thong on the beach, if they want too.  More people wearing thongs will encourage others to get in shape so they look better in thongs too.  Same thing for exercise cloths.  Even seeing a fat person riding a creaky old bike at the back of a triathlon can be inspiring, because people say, if she can, I can.

We had someone who brought a fat tire bike to the tri, and it had a blowout, and the bike machanics had no fat tire parts or tubes, so at the last minute they rented one of the rental bikes from the automated rental rack on the street. They did the tri on a bike weighing about as much as a motorcycle, with baskets on the front and back, and they were not last! Nobody said they were wearing the wrong cloths or it was the wrong bike, they just clapped and cheered.

We should all be more colorful in life.  This starts by dressing colorfully. Exercise cloths is a good way to start. This is ad good an identity as any other.  Much better than wearing a fake NFL jersey, which just identifies you as a spectator.

What?  You want women to dress up in high heals and skirts for you before you think they look good?  You think they look even better when the skirts are shorter and heals hooker length? That seems to come from a rather chauvinistic/misogynistic viewpoint.  Personally I would rather see a women yoga pants with a healthy glow from exercise, not a blush from Maxfactor.
mack_back #275

Re:Running tights.

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Don't believe i'm mean or short sighted but someone with common sense to reality. Let's face it, be honest, what i see women wearing in flat flip flops, ugg boots, or knee high boots ain't footwear to adorn for a run or triathlon.... Really! Who is kidding whom when someone attires athletic clothing on the streets...?

Going to the beach wearing less clothing or something comfortably athletic is whole different matter then walking in a city street or a cold air conditioned mall etc...
Has anyone heard of the saying, "There is a time and place for everything". So true is wearing clothing that we expect society members to comply. Yes, there are problems with thong wearing individuals who are ostracized for there lack of clothing at the pool or beach which is wrong for people to point fingers.

Yet we as society expect our bankers, lawyer, surgeon to wear proper clothes not a thong and sombrero to work in order to feel relaxed and validated they are right people to handle our important business. Clothing is the first thing we as society look upon when we see individuals, which we take seriously in our personal matters. If you conform to society too much you are forgotten, blending in and not looked upon with any intrigue.  When we individualize our fashion sense, sticking out of the crowd of sorts, people tend to notice, be it bad, or good feelings before they ever get a chance to chat. When you have a unique style like myself people will hate me or at least notice that i walk to my own drum beat.. It has cost me to lose peoples respect and friendship only for what i wear branding me not conforming to regular society values being to weird or someone with a strange fetish addiction....

It all stems with teenage girls who are lazy waking up in the morning wearing there old pilling worn yoga black bootcut pants making it easy to blend in with other females. In reality it's not caring how they look but having an easy time to get out having no time to eat a proper breakfast but getting a muffin and coffee at Starbucks on the run, wherever there going...Don't let mediocre individuals dictate what we wear but strive to stick out excelling in our work, fashion sense and fitness lifestyle so people can be inspired by us rather then pitied, jealous or laughed upon.   

Just to conclude attire oneself as properly as we can for the place we are in. If your on a beach community we expect less clothing to be worn and do so accordingly. If your nude on a c/o beach like myself and curious lurkers wearing full length abstract, colorful triangle ankle length dress, walks by, laughing onto me,  because i'm completely shaven, that is her problem not mine............If i'm cooking bacon on a frying pan somewhere i expect to wear a shirt and pants not showing skin, if you feel different give it a go, learn the hard way like me... If i'm walking into a cold air conditioned mall in middle of town or restaurant not close to any body of water i'm expected to wear a shirt not beach tank top... Going to church wear some pants and shoes no matter how hot it seams or comfortable shorts sounds to you with sandals....... If your at a gym wear athletic clothing designed formulated to do the exactly what your body needs, not following trends or the populous is wearing, given you have the economic might to buy such clothes.... If your in a pool don't wear long underwear, or dork short pants knee high or short skirts but fitted swimwear which wick water away better and smarter for the job at hand.....

As for street-wear society expects others to attire in a acceptable manner not clinging onto fitness gear, or beach wear which you've worn many hours earlier, we are not hobos......
Don't expect woman to wear evening gowns on daily basis doing errands but a skirt or dress would be nice to see now and again. At least wearing a skirt for a female would be more shocking to see and individualistic making her stand out from the sea of fitness black leggings and yoga bootcut pants. Oh ya forgot short shorts for summer months women tend to flock towards while i join them in that as well.......Lol 

As for "bragging", showing off your body is okay for the beach or gym, pool you really have no choice depending on how far your willing to wear or not wear in my case. When your on a subway train taking your shirt off isn't a good idea but strange behavior... Like i say time and place.... Bragging you got a body is laughable and humorous to hear but seeing it or showing it in context of wearing spandex in the gym or pool will have others decide truthfully if you really got it.... Only very few brave women will tell me laughingly i'm "epidemy of health" by just looking upon me in the pool sauna...(meaning they see a lot more then just my toned muscles and six pack abs)..Lol  Or they just label me as an addict to fitness and find that humorous and strange or pitied....

Grabeach #276

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/24/2013 08:45:00Copy HTML

Hey JM, generally agree with what you say, but you're being a bit hard on the the church ladies and the bankers.
Th average churchgoer (in Australia anyway), as opposed to the zealots who seem to get the publicity and get into politics, isn't that different to us agnostics with regard to tolerance of other's clothing. I remember having a discussion with a 50 something 'church lady' who, as it turned out, was a chaplain at several retirement homes. She had been walking her dog and was very conservatively dressed. I had just finished a bike ride and was back at the car doing a few stretches, which had caused my 25mm side Alphamoda Skyros brazil back to become somewhat thonglike. Although we disagreed on most things religous, what I was wearing wasn't an issue. She actually suggested I keep stretching while we talked.
Although I deplore the banking industry's huge contribution to the GFC, these days I don't think one's career choice has much to do with one's exercise priorities.
JM_Runs #277

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/24/2013 10:50:36Copy HTML

Mack_back:  You seem to have a problem with what you imagine other people are thinking about the way you dress, and act, and your bulge. Yet you go on at length about how you think other people, like teen girls, should dress and act, to look good to you. You seem to have a rather strange internal dialog of conflicting insecurity & vanity that express as misogynistic chauvinism.  I suspect you find women difficult and they find you impossible. I am not sure if therapy, a grand life changing adventure or just the passage of time will help.  A grand international life changing adventure would be my choice.

Grabeach:  I apologize. I see you are from Australia: The "church lady" is a bit of a US cultural frame of reference from the 1980's.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Church_Lady  Google for some of the videos, still quite funny.

As for bankers, for the most part the banking corporations get no breaks from me, most of the large international ones have devolved into little more than formalized criminal enterprises.  See the billions of dollars in settlements recently reached in the US for thousands upon thousands of frauds, and even so most educated observes think they got of with a slap on the wrist. 

I don't have a problem with people in suits per say, but I do have a problem with the idea that we must all dress that way to make other people feel comfortable. Suits are the uniform of lawyers, bankers, insurance sales men, used car salesmen and religious hucksters.
If I don't need long pants during the day today there is no reason I should not wear shorts. I will wear long pants if I am going to court, or paces like a clients office or the movies where I think I might get cold.  Otherwise I will wear what I please, and others should too. Often it takes people up to 50 years to get that comfortable in their own skin, and comfortable in their community. I am not sure how we shorten that up.

This paparazzi attitude of criticizing what people wear when going shopping has to stop. The TMZ shows which are nothing but sniggering about celebrities fashion or hair, from paparazzi photo ambushes when they were just out to run errands, results in a vapid, stupid and sickeningly juvenile dialog.

If people want to step out in running tights or yoga pants and Uggs boots fine, ABSOLUTELY  FINE. It is their life, their bum, their choice, and although you may not like it, it looks fine to me.  If they want to go to the pub dressed like that it is fine too.  Actually, I rather like the look, a lot !

(Funny story: Years ago I met my fresh faced teenage girlfriend at the pub.  It was Christmas and they had a roaring log fire making the bar toasty warm. Seeing her cheeks flush I asked if she wanted to take off her fur coat. "No," she said "I have only this and the heals.") 

As for religion, I am now beyond the point of holding back my opinion so as not to bruise the sensibilities of religious people. That does not mean I am not polite and respectful when visiting a church, mosque or synagogue.  But it does mean I am more up front in dialog when someone wants to hide behind the skirts of their faith, or suggests we should do or act differently so as to accommodate their sensibilities.

We are not here to arrange the our world for them, so it matches how they think the world should look according to their crack pot faith. We are not background actors in a play about their personal glorious life.
Some people still believe the world was made in six days and is less than 10,000 years old. Two thousand years a go that may have been a reasonable working hypothesis.  Now we know better.  Unfortunately a lot of religious people still teach that and a lot of other bile to kids.  I realize it is not to my advantage, or to the worlds advantage, to allow such horse shit to go without comment. There is no good reason we need to allow space in the modern world for dogmatic stupidity.

Not saying anything, just because it is more polite and is easier, is the same moral weakness as not saying anything when you see a crime, or not saying anything when people are being shipped out in box cars to concentration camps. 

I guess I am lucky. I am self assured and self confident.  I can wear running tights just about anywhere, except to court, when I dress to make a good professional impression with the Judge.  I don't wear running tights much, mostly they are two warm, or tougher jeans with pockets would be a better choice for what I have got to go do that day. 
I can wear a thong on the beach and don't care if someone says boo.  I live in a multicultural city where most people are far to busy living their own lives to micromanage what other people wear.  I am sure there were comments between people after they saw me running down the beach in a thong, but today, as I weaved through the packed Sunday afternoon sprawl of beach blankets I only heard a few positive whoops and hollers of delight from behind, and some pretty smiles from in front. I am sure more than one person somewhere along my route was passing judgement, maybe even laughing, saying I should not dress like that. They are welcome to their opinion.

Just as we think other people should just shut up when we wear a thong on the beach, so to should we shut up and not pass judgement on others who wear running tights, or a tri suit, or Ugg boots, or a top hat.

We need to encourage more people to dress how they want in public, in a way that makes them happy.  Not in a way that will make the most conservative onlooker comfortable. 

On second taughts, maybe it is a good thing to make very conservative and smug people feel a little less comfortable.

If you think you look good in running tights or yoga pants then show off what you have.  DO IT NOW.  Unless you are hugely over weight and on a serious reduction program, I feel fairly confident in saying that waiting 2, 5 or 10 years ain't going to make you look any better than you do right now. 

Get over you fear of being judged by others. It don't matter even if they do. Just do it. 
mack_back #278

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/25/2013 12:27:06Copy HTML

Jm_runs you maybe entitled to your opinion and i don't find accurate accessing me as  misogynistic chauvinist.... 
Ask yourself if i'm so insecure why do i go nude sunbathing at my local nude beach? Why do i wear spandex clothing at the gym or pool if everyone hates looking at my "awful disgusting body"...

If i "IMAGINED" what others are thinking, why is it some acquaintances shun me after they eyeballed fully what i wear or worn, coincidence? While at times i wear "normal clothes" they tend to be more relaxed or friendlier, while other females can't forget what i wore in the past, acting as we never spoken or know each other names...Rather then you write how i imagine people reacting towards me, it is more accurate in stating there actions or treatment onto me, then my so called made up beliefs.

Give you example when a single women had a crush on me at work, chatting intrigued what i was all about finding me rather attractive. Then the inevitable happens, she started day dreaming watching me ever so closely, focuses her attention ( my bum) on what exactly i was wearing at later time, or how bold i become to wear such provocative clothes, sudden wall goes up to discontinue anymore contact with me. If you call that my imagination your welcome to it but it shows real action of dislike for my fashion sense or in her mind no-sense and utter disturbing and no longer anyone she wants to pursue..... Her lose not mine..... Not that i said or did anything abnormal or wrong to this point but her reaction to me and actions days later tells the story nicely, thank you very much.....Suppose all the commentary about my attire from females is only my imagination being giggled upon, or questioned raised openly for me to hear, on why i wear such clothing...

Call me whatever pleases you, but i call myself a no nonsense kind of man. You can easily read women's beliefs there likes turn offs readily on how they present themselves. Be it a tongue ring (goes unsaid), or tanned skin knowing they love the sun and beach. The shape of there bodies on how athletic they are interested in physical activities. To how females color or style there hair or clothing they wear shows a lot of personality or likes or dislikes and maturity.. Not to mention if they stick with groups of female friends or are loner with various tattoos. All these "tells" gives males ability to size up women in a box in order to go further with chatter finding them more approachable...

That is why i stick to nude beach finding like minded women who share in my beliefs this forum is built around tolerance and acceptance for all...... When i first went to the nude beach everyone looked upon me as odd even the lurkers (peers) seeing someone so young who is opposite of everyone on the beach. While older regular nudist women were intrigued to talk with me trying to figure out why someone so young ,nor immigrant, is keen on joining there community of elderly nudist folk.....

For a change or adventure your eluding to a  move to a city with more of a melting pot of culture and tolerance you can't be anymore off then where i live in the most diverse city in the world... As for therapy your beliefs maybe more liberal minded then next guy but somewhere we all have to draw the line sometimes. For many what i wear or  behave maybe far to reaching and utterly disturbing while others like yourself JM_runs may go further then i wish to go or do. Doesn't make me conflicted but different, whatever is good for the goose may not be for the gander... 
Yet i respect everyone even the ladies but i preface it by saying, do to others as they do to you.. Sort of eye for eye.. Many women believe i'm to passive letting things go unchecked or afraid to cause trouble when injustice is shown or done. While i have more of grace or love and patience with people then people have with me even when attacked. Truly i look as though i'm weak or meek to events or happenings while i release my anger and impatience through other means. 

thonger2005 #279

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/25/2013 12:41:40Copy HTML

 I know I am not the Admin here, but lets keep this forum for thongs and the like and not a p*ssing contest.

Is there a way to take it to PM?

Just a suggestion.
JM_Runs #280

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/26/2013 06:13:21Copy HTML

FARK reports:  Lululemon's policy for issuing refunds for recalled Yoga pants is to have the woman bend over while wearing their pants so the clerk can determine if they are sheer enough to qualify. That, or Lululemon has the most gullible customers on the planet.

Linking to the Daily Mail which says: Lululemon is forcing customers to 'bend over' before they are given a refund for the company's black Luon yoga pants, which were recalled last week due to an unacceptable 'level of sheerness.'

According to Jezebel, Lululemon store associates are asking customers to put the pants on and bend over, so they could check the pants are in fact sheer, and therefore faulty.

tanlines2thin #281

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/26/2013 12:23:42Copy HTML

i still say this 'too sheer' fiasco is just one big public relations stunt that lulu brainstormed and didn't think thru........this report of a 'bend over' test must have some product liability and defamation shysters licking their lips and rubbing their hands together.........very zany goings-on......
John Howard #282

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/29/2013 08:51:08Copy HTML

 What?  You want women to dress up in high heals and skirts for you before you think they look good?  You think they look even better when the skirts are shorter and heals hooker length? That seems to come from a rather chauvinistic/misogynistic viewpoint.  Personally I would rather see a women yoga pants with a healthy glow from exercise, not a blush from Maxfactor.  (quoted from JM above)

I'm afraid I might fall a little bit within the category chauvinistic/misogynistic, because I adore to look at attractive women, dressed up in very short skirts, and high heels.....
yeah,, I agree with you, I'm not much into women wearing a lot of makeup, but women can look just fantastic when they dress up, nice toned hairless legs, a very short skirt, and why not, a thong vpl showing....
I also think that men can look great as well when they  dress up, with a nice suit, a trendy tie and shirt.....    
It's good to have variety in life, we men think that women look its best when wearing a tiny bikini on the beach,  but women are different, they prefer to dress up and find a man dressed in a tie and suit, very attractive.   
This variety can add to the excitement,  I remember years back when me and my girlfriend went on a holiday,  there was a formal party one night,  she was wearing super high heels and mini skirt, but still elegant and classy.... I didn't take off my jacket (luckily it wasn't a hot night) unlike most of the guys who ended up without jacket and tie,  don't know, it looks a bit cheap to me.....
The following morning me and my g/f hit the beach, some of the guests from the previous night were there;   most guys wearing board shorts;  and me and my girlfriend wearing the tiniest thongs around....    it was sooo good,  to be formal when required to be formal, and to be close to naked when sunning  on the beach.
SlidingG #283

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/29/2013 02:08:48Copy HTML

Man, John, you hit it on the head.  I, too, love such contrasts as you describe.  Of an evening, dressed nicely at the art center exhibition opening, the next day greeting on the beach some of those folks we were chatting with, wearing just my tan-thru sliding g-string.  Fitting, though -- it makes an artistic statement.  Posing in the studio I'd be nude; chatting at the opening I'm nicely dressed; and at the beach I'm working on my overall tan.  Within the limits imposed by local custom, of course, which demand a minimum of covering in public.

Running tights?  Same approach -- were the morning chilly, I'd wear them running on the beach, rather than shorts or a thong, a fitting contrast to the evening before.  And greeting the same folks along the way.
ShadowT #284

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/05/2013 02:18:43Copy HTML

Has anybody tried any of the tights from Skinzwear?  I'm very happy with the 2XU tights that I have, but I'm looking for some cheaper tights that don't necessarily have to offer compression, such as for bed time.  It's really tough to judge the rise on their tights though and there is no drawstring to help hold them up.  I'm tempted to try the super low, which looks perfect in some pictures, but looks extreme in other shots.  They're sending me a couple samples of fabric, so that should help with that decision.
AVBW21 #285

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/05/2013 08:57:06Copy HTML

i have a couple of Skinzwear tights, mainly the A18 style. I won't say their low waist is extreme, the front is still a few inches above the private part and cover most of the hair. The waist line is just like normal low waist underwear. I always wear thong underneath and some lighter colours do show the thong line at the back, and some times if the thong is not low waist enough, it may stick out a little bit, but on rare occasions.
You don't have to worry about the drawstring thing, as they are very well made, even there is no drawstring, the tights just fit the body very well and never fall down. I just machine wash them at least once a week, for more than 1.5 years now, and there is no stitches lost and still fit well. Really good products.
ShadowT #286

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/05/2013 01:02:18Copy HTML

That helps a lot.  The backside stays up over your glutes/cheeks on its own then?  Do you find them gym appropriate?  I'm not sure how much I would wear them for exercise, but if they don't stay up in back for cycling, that would limit their use.  I might try the A18, since I don't have any capri length tights and it is getting warmer out.
Do you happen to know what fabric yours are made of.  I was looking at the 5.6oz 6407 Black Tricot nylon/lycra and the 4.0oz 1537 Black ThinSkinz nylon lycra.  I think the ThinSkinz might be too sheer though.
AVBW21 #287

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/05/2013 07:06:55Copy HTML

 Yes the backside stays up on its own, as long as you get your right size. I am 31" waist and I get the M size. I wear them to yoga, you know yoga postures involve many different movements and the tights always stay still unless you pull it down on purpose, therefore I think it's totally OK for you to go just cycling.
I really like the A18 very much, as there are not many similar products in the market that look not feminine.
I chose my fabrics, but I chose cotton/lycra that they stated which are suitable for gym exercise and yoga. I also have and particularly like the driflex ones, they won't shrink and very smooth and not sheer.
I think there will be no fun if you just choose black, then why bother paying $10 extra for special order? Just buy adidas or nike tights and it will serve your purpose. Therefore I have heather grey and blue ones, I think my yoga teachers enjoy seeing me in those tights.
If you wear tights like the A18 style, it will probably a bit high profile as they really show your thighs and butt and the muscle outline of your legs. You know, every one in the gym just wear dork loose nike running  short pants. But I don't think wearing A18 tights is inappropriate, as everything is covered and they are not short at all. The only thing is that they show a bit of  your front private parts, I am OK with that. As girls in the yoga class also wear tights.
ShadowT #288

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/06/2013 01:23:20Copy HTML

I'm also have a 31" waist and was planning on ordering the M size.  I'm a little worried since my glutes are a little on the small side, which sometimes puts me on the border of sizes.
I would buy Nike or Adidas if they didn't come up to my naval when I try them on.
I've been wearing tights for workouts fairly regularly, so I'm not too concerned about that aspect.  My only concerns are the material being inappropriately too sheer and the rise.  It sounds like neither should be a problem, at least with the right choice of fabric.
Thanks again!
ShadowT #289

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/08/2013 08:21:22Copy HTML

That Driflex material sounds great, but they only have it is Baby Blue and Grey.

I found a picture of the bike length version of the super low cut with the ThinSkinz fabric and they sure look like clingy; more so than the other fabrics.

Their pictures are driving me crazy.  The model in that picture has the shorts higher on his hips than some of the others.  It makes me wonder if they're hiked up (i.e. stretched) and wonder whether they'd stay up.  Otherwise, the rise looks good to me.

AVBW21 #290

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/09/2013 11:30:26Copy HTML

Perhaps the model is wearing a larger size than he needs so it may run higher up.
But anyway if you have any doubts, you can email them and ask. See how they respond, but sometimes they give rather too short answers that might not ease your doubts.
Chantelle4both #291

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/13/2013 01:06:02Copy HTML

 If you are into more mainstream tights, I just bought a pair of North Face GT Series capri running tights in grey w' blue accents. Very, very close to my Lululemon Pacestter tights as far as feel and compression goes. I'm 5-10, 150, and the medium fit me fine.
bbyrne78 #292

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/18/2013 12:39:09Copy HTML

I can confirm that the Lululemon crops (Wunder Under and Ebb and Flow styles) are sheer in certain yoga poses. They are not sheer when kicking around and any more sheer than some of the opaque full and 7/8 length compression tights like 2XU and Under Armor All Seasons Gear. I think that when a company makes paper-thin actively wicking materials, issues of transparency will no doubt occur.

We only need to remember the first few iterations of the Skins for women with their aqua and teal colored highlights which became very sheer when one worked out in them or the Nike Pro Compression which was only offered in white, black, red and royal blue - so well fitted that it was impossible to wear a sports bra underneath but the shirt provided enough support to go without when lifting weights. What we quickly found out was how transparent them became.

That said, the crops are not so sheer that if one went without underwear, it would show.

Love Bren
big daddy thong #293

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/22/2013 12:37:25Copy HTML

  I caused a commontion at the local bakery last week that I was unaware of last week.  I was talking to a  friend of mine who said his wife and the ladies at the bakery say me in my workout gear.   The ladies at the counter there really enjoyed the view so much, that they were telling all the other ladies to come and check me out.  I wore my old stand by favorite nike running tights to hot yoga class and red hoodie. Afterwards I ran an errand to order a birthday cake for my son.  What makes these special is that they are red, white and blue thin wave striped swirl pattern  (SEE MY PICS) to see what they look like.  These tights accentuate my long legs and muscles.  I was unfazed by the attention, since I always wear tights around town while running errands after a workout.  But I'm glad the ladies at the bakery enjoyed the show and I hope I made their day more exciting
Sunson #294

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/23/2013 09:23:20Copy HTML

 It´s been some time, since I logged in here, and in meantime I bought several tight for running and biking.As far as biking goes, I equipped myself in few short tights - some of them are for women but to be honest, I don´t feel any difference between them and those for men. I´ve got them in colours orange, white, black, purple/black. White is of course very transparent so I always wear long T-Shirt. Orange is also quite transparent but I haven´t waer them yet. Black isn´t transparent but you can see thong lines - obviously. I also have very short bike shorts - they were pretty expensive (Zoot) but they look awesome and I saw some ladies checking me out.The purple/black shorts (Ziener) are transparent in the sun and they have some sort of net on the sides, which is also ttransparent.I also have 3/4 bike shorts (Gonso). They are really tight but not transparent (black).For running I bought long shorts from Kalenji (Decathlon) - I dont know if this brand is known in US, but I think is good and not expensive.One of them are made for workout during colder days - they arent transparent.The other one are made mostly of thin lycra and are very transparent. I havent wear them cause its too cold outside, but I am very excited and looking forward to start running in them.
nicthong #295

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/24/2013 09:48:22Copy HTML

Ran locally in some old Adidas running tights yesterday and didn't realise quite how much my thong showed through until I got back home! Hopefully some of the dog walkers I passed enjoyed the view!
Today I bought some crop/capri cotton lycra leggings and am pleasantly surprised how un-see-through they are given how stretchy they are and how cheap they were. Will be trying these some time soon, especially if the warmer weather stays here in the UK!
Chantelle4both #296

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/27/2013 06:22:16Copy HTML

 ...I find context is so important when wearing "borderline" stuff. Was at a local triathlon recently (as a spectator/cheer-person). Decided to "debut" my new Puma Running Capris (close to compression level tightness, black with fun orange accents and mesh paneling along the sides) while I did a 15 K run that criss-crossed the bike course a few times. Stopped along the course and chatted to a few of the fm and m spectators and volunteers and did not detect a bit of weirdness/awkwardness in my interactions with these folks - pretty neat experience!
John Howard #297

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/27/2013 10:44:18Copy HTML

 Hi Bren,you do understand quite a lot about running and compression tights, your insight should help a lot to your clients;  we keep learning from your posts, love them!

I've always asked myself why do most women prefer to wear brands like Lululemon rather than compression brands like Skins, 2XU or BSC.Personally I think that the compression feature of the latter ones is magnificent in both recovery and execution of form when performing a repetition of any set of exercises at the gym (lifting weights).   It could be the same when wearing a compression top and bottom while working out on the treadmill or spin bike.  

Yeah, they can be see through,  wearing a 'g' underneath fixes the problem.

My question is, why would most women go for Lululemon rather than Skins and 2XU;  would it be because they associate Skins to men and football, and they see Lululemon a more feminine alternative?

For me, compression gear is more than sports clothing, it's actually sports equipment.    On the weekends I try to keep them on as long as I can after coming back from my morning workouts.  They feel so good, almost like a massage to hard trained muscles.

Besides, this is just me, I find girls training hard on the gym, wearing the sort of Skins - 2XU - CWX  compression gear, super hot!!

(have you tried the Aldi compression gear?    I did, and I'm quite happy so far.  For 20 bucks it's a good deal, they look and compress almost the same as an expensive Skins A400,  the bottoms more than the tops;  however I understand that for 20 bucks they shouldn't last as long as the Skins, they do last forever)

bbyrne78 #298

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/28/2013 12:17:10Copy HTML

@JH thank you for the kind words.
Women wear Lululemon tights ahead of any other compression tights because of the cut and finish makes your booty look amazing. They have really worked out how to make the tights fit like nothing else, everything gets lifted and there is some small separation of the glutes which adds a wonderful peach shape.
There have been several studies on the use of compression garments with different results, some have reported a marked improvement in performance due to reduced muscle vibration and smaller benefits associated with support. Other reports have indicated a more modest result in terms of support and reduced muscle vibration (not much more than a placebo effect) and no performance advantages in terms of recovery.
Obviously, like almost every other type of performance equipment and apparel, the effects are dependent on the individual.
Compression garments are less flattering with most things squeezed flat, without any enhanced shape. But it is horses for courses. They look great on performance athletes, but less so on more normal folks with little musculature. They do look much better than the alternative which is the cotton Lycra tights that you'll see ladies walking in groups wearing. Those things make no difference and the fit is not flattering at all.
Lululemon hit a perfect storm, they worked out that women like to look good no matter what they are doing and evey little bit helps, compression wear was not very flattering unless you had a gym sculpted body, while the "normal" running tights by Nike, Adidas etc were really cheap in construction and the fit didn't work.
Skins and 2xu were very smart it their approach, they gave away product to high profile athletes and users, with the only requirement was to wear in public. I remember getting three pairs of skins at a conference to test, finding out later that they were worth as much as $160 each! They last more than a few washes (which is more than the offerings from Adidas) while being strong enough to whistand hard work outs.
I have not worn Aldi compression garments but they seem to come from the same factory as the Skins a200 (same stitching and construction). I find myself running between university classes to fitness classes and that some NB minimums shoes, a Lululemon tank and either 2xu or Adidas tech fit tights allows me to go from school to work with only a single change of clothes. I just need to wear a thong under my tights since they do go a little transparent when doing yoga poses or crossfit.
Love Bren
mack_back #299

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/28/2013 11:29:05Copy HTML

Women prefer lululemon because of the style trend they started. Obviously feminine styles, colors, cut and seams.. Also different fabric then most brands use. Find that nike, adidas, UnderArmour use polyester mix blends while others try suplex nylon for a longer lasting fabrics and look.Athletica tights are very good choice, styles and cut for different activities of use is plentiful..Many women want a good feel and look in tights rather then for actual functionality. That is why so many females wear bootcut yoga pants in the gym... In any case most woman i see wear tights like a stuffed plastic black bag full of leaves busting out.. Not judging it is bad thing only colors and trim accents can't conceal your true body form..It all depends on the fit some brands can shrink you a size but others can flanten and warp your body muscles. Notice wearing some nike capris running tights can look less flattering then UA capri i own. Asics does a decent job to make certain tights fit well..
Wider waistband make tights harder to keep up and easily fall down. This is to stop from giving a muffin top and camel toe. Whatever your choice of tights you choose low rise, mid rise, high rise or fabric you need to feel comfortable thus your happy wearing it..  
John Howard #300

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/04/2013 01:25:50Copy HTML

 It makes sense, people with more muscle mass and athletic bodies would look more outstanding wearing lycra spandex than the more average body type person...... therefore my double admiration for those women who wear compression garments at the gym and pull it off;  actually it wouldn't surprise me that they are girls into competitive bodybuilding....

What I have noticed is that the cotton lycra tights ladies wear, i.e. Lululemon,  do not tend to last very long;  I can tell that their tights many times look like worn out, and they start to lose their original shape;   perhaps it works for them because then they can renew their apparel more frequently, as the fashion moves on.

I'm so glad with compression tops and pants,  besides, if washed in the delicate cycle, they can last for ages.   This is what I exclusively wear all the time at the gym, being doing that for about 10 years now,  and I really believe that I must have saved money in the long run;   if I wore normal cotton singlets and cotton track pants, like I used to do in the past, I would have had to renew my gym apparel at least every year,  every wash takes away a lot of life on cotton fibre.   Some of my compression pants are more than 10 years old, and they still compress a bit and don't look old.
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