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Chantelle4both #301

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/04/2013 01:07:58Copy HTML

 ....I agree with John, sometimes I'll buy a pair of the more cotton`based tights in a fun colour/print, fully-well knowing they are only good for, maybe half-a-year, whereas with my indestructable Under-Armour compression capris, I wouldn't be surprised to have them around in 5 years.
bbyrne78 #302

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/04/2013 03:34:46Copy HTML

@JH, Chantelle
Yep that's right.

That's why a lot of the Adidas Stella McCartney and Nike Woman series of apparel seem to cover the lighter more colourful fabrics which don't last 12 months. The markup and profit on those are pretty amazing compared with 2XU tights which have some incredible manufacturing concepts incorporated into the design. I still have the first demo pair from 2006 and still gets used when I am gardening or stretching before a yoga class.
Plus black is always in style.
John Howard #303

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/17/2013 01:12:06Copy HTML

 I just did a quick experiment with the compression pants I wear;  I ranked them according to support, ability to stretch and compression,  on the most demanding exercise of my workout routine, the 20 rep squat with 1.5 times my bodyweight.     The 2 best performances were definitely my CW-X Revolution pants, seconded by my Aussie Skins A400.

I then looked at the tags in the inside of the pants to see how much nylon and how much lycra spandex do they have.Skins A400:  76%-24%CW-X Revolution:  50%-50%!!
There seems to be a direct relation between the higher lycra blend and the quality of the product.Both Skins and CW-X fit so tight, and look almost like body paint.  And I have the feeling that they will last a very long time.

Even at the bottom of the squat movement, when thighs are parallel to the floor, I do not have the feeling that the pants will rip or the crotch sews will give up.  The material of the whole garment seems to stretch further than other brands.
A pity though that they tend to be more expensive.  My CW-X Revolution pants are made in Japan.
This quality advantage is something that I doubt would occur with cotton-lycra fibres, like the Lululemons that are so popular with the girls.  But yes I agree, the Lululemons do look unbelievably sexy on girls, I could testify this morning at my gym that the small separation they give on the ladies glutes, is just..... bloody beautiful.

Thongdude87 #304

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/17/2013 11:48:25Copy HTML

 Yeah, the separation of glutes by tights on fit girls is just an eye magnet. Love it!
mack_back #305

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/17/2013 02:40:17Copy HTML

When i wear tights that seperate my  glutes women tend to stare no matter what their age.. Some believe i like to tease them showing my assets ...
thong123 #306

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/18/2013 02:27:42Copy HTML

Where exactly do you find tights that separate the glutes?  I've occasionally seen people wearing them but I can't seem to figure out how to get that effect.  Is there a specific brand or style that does this?

ondaspot #307

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/18/2013 09:43:54Copy HTML

 Me neither please help
Thongdude87 #308

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/18/2013 08:32:04Copy HTML

 I feel that the different types of tights from Better Bodies separates the glutes. At least the short shorts ones do. Check them out. 
JM_Runs #309

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/19/2013 04:52:36Copy HTML

Jazz pants are nice...they are tight in the ass / thighs, but loose below the knees, so they aren't super weird for grocery store.  The ones I have are cotton and don't hold up long for running.
I'm able to get glute separation on any type of compression short/pant by simply squatting down and "smoothing" the fabric on my ass cheeks towards my crack.  
Thongdude87 #310

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/19/2013 07:13:16Copy HTML

 Good tip there Strip1974. I do that myself.
ShadowT #311

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/20/2013 01:54:01Copy HTML

Could anybody provide some thoughts/opinions on length?  
I uploaded a few pictures to show the length of the 2XU Women's PWX compression tights that I currently have (size large.)
I recently found the Elite version for about $50 off ($88 vs $140), but I'm a relatively tall guy.  The pair I have now are already a bit short.  It doesn't bother me, especially since I got that pair for $50, but 2XU has tall versions available.  The problem is, that website doesn't have the tall versions.  To get that price, I would have to get the standard length AND I'm looking at getting size small, which is another 1/2 inch shorter.  Does anybody think it looks awkward?  I know I'd rather have the tall version, but to save $50, I'm awfully tempted to live with the standard version.
Chantelle4both #312

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/20/2013 02:52:44Copy HTML

 A practical pair of capris that do an "ok"  job  of cheek separation, but are not overly sexual are the Lululemon Grove Crops. i like the fact that the bottom of the legs have a slight flair. i think this turns down the look at me sexiness factor. I've often done coffee or gone to pick up a few things at grocery store with them. My pair are reversable, so I can choose to display the Lulu emblem either on my left leg, or on my butt. since I dont really wanna tell the world that Im a brand queen, I almost always just wear them showing  it on my butt and then wearing a loose fitting top.
JM_Runs #313

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/21/2013 10:39:59Copy HTML

I recently purchased two things from Better Bodies.
And these:

The butt on the woman's one looks amazing. I am hoping they will fit.
I'll post again when they arrive with a review and maybe pics.

Are there any Lululemon glute enhancing tights that are wearable by men?
Does anyone have experience with this brand?
I don't think the Lululemon groove crops are available, as I can't seem to find them on the website:
I really like the looks of this
Boogie Short *Lux
and this
Run: Pace Tight
Does anyone have experience with them?


Thongdude87 #314

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/22/2013 07:45:47Copy HTML

 That BB hotpant for men is the one I have, although in camo, love it. Just wanna say that I have one of the long tights from BB for women, and they have extremely little space for a mans package, just so you are warned about that. So you should not be afraid of displaying it, nor of the feeling of it getting crunched together.
thonglife #315

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/22/2013 01:26:18Copy HTML

killamozilla, this is the first time I ever looked at the Lululemon website. I didn't know they also sold men's clothing. It's a shame they are all baggie shorts and no compression shorts. At least Underarmour sells men's compression even if it isn't meant for outergear unlike Lululemon and Underarmour ladies clothing. I still think Roadrunner Sports offers some of the best men's compression shorts.
mack_back #316

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/22/2013 03:54:11Copy HTML

 Tried on some crop tights from lululemon fit well upper region but found the leg seam tends to stretch out to much. Almost all leg hem seams should be tightly fitted along my calf whatever it is bad quality elastic the crop tights aren't fitted along my calves..Maybe it's worn to much needs to washed to bring back the elastic bottom leg hem but never had this problem with other capri tights nike, athleta odyessy, asics, only maybe adidas had slight looser fitting leg hems.. Not as bad as lululemon i had tried on.. Now i know why so nany complain about quality of lululemon of their line of tights..,
Try athleta they have supplex nylon in most fabrics which is great material rather then polyester mix what orher brands use...
My caprii tights  i own..
yogabutt #317

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/22/2013 04:11:04Copy HTML

Another brand to consider is ShaktiActivewear.  Their shorts are very comfortable and stretchy.  I wear them for hot yoga.
SQRL #318

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/24/2013 09:07:15Copy HTML

 felt like sharing regarding this topic and wanted to get your thoughts..

check out my profile pics with the white runners, went running like this today along the beach paths. if you saw me dressed like this what would be your thoughts ??

just curious...cheers
mack_back #319

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/24/2013 03:24:23Copy HTML

 Not me to ever judge someone wearing what they enjoy.. Had others point fingers upon me and voice their opinions what i wear and it's not something i like hearing...

With my experience wearing all sorts of tights you may run into a few problems from others. First off white color tights may confuse some that your wearing long underwear or remind them of sorts.. Secondly your bulge may offend a lot of people being seen or displayed as your picture shows. Seen and heard women at my gym yell out disgusting when a man wearing dark tights walked passed. Hiding your bulge with a dance belt or some sort of cod piece cup may make others more comfortable looking upon you running... Otherwise some may get upset or angry seeing you displayed like you do or at least unapproachable...Again wear any color you want of running tight, if females can wear tangerine orange, teal green, sky blue, purple, rasberry pink, lemon yellow, suppose you can do what you like..
Getting criticised is a problem for you go with boring basic black or dark colors..

Like to share a story the other day of me wearing capri tights at my gym. Couple were working out together beside me about 15 feet away. The female suddenly started to whisper, this got my attention through experience knowing she is talking about me or pointing out to her boyfriend what i'm wearing. The boyfriend scolds her about judging people for what they wear. Then she responds saying i didn't mean it like it sounded just observing what he is wearing and shockingly apologized for her opinion to her boyfriend. Shows you how easily a man can be criticized on his appearance once any female has someone agreeing with her what i should or shouldn't wear. Quite refreshing having someone not be part of joining in laughing upon  my appearance for once. Noticed the female couldn't shake the fact her boyfriend corrected her on her attitude seeing her working out noticeable perturbed and not looking at me at all.... Who knows their relationship might have issues and i might of been last straw of frustration the boyfriend felt about her...

Yet many who point fingers look at him what he is wearing never want the same type of judgement. Easily i could say seeing her in lululemon black capri tights and pink under armour racerback tank that her belly looked big... Yet seeing her legs they looked great in tights.. Yet sort of upset that i get picked on by females wearing tights that they themselves wear  but feel i'm odd or weird wearing them or critised for....
abczyxabczyx #320

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/24/2013 04:09:03Copy HTML

 Wear what you want.  I like to see variety in fashion rather than the homogeneous conformists.  Remember that individuality is always preferred to the conformists who set the foundation for fascism.  
easytoremember #321

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/26/2013 08:24:17Copy HTML

This topic is a little controversial.

I can see both sides. Men should be allowed to wear whatever women wear. After all, pants were originally designed strictly for men and it was unheard of for women to wear them. Now, they actually have pants exclusively for women. What-eva. If women can wear them, then there should be no different reaction from a neutral person if a man wears them.

Granted, women probably look better in them. The womans body is just 100 times more appealing than a man's body (think of the Seinfeld episode).

Still, I reckon some things are best left private. If you like to wear thongs, then keep them under your pants unless you're with your wife/husband or on a beach where it's perfectly normal. Don't go to a public pool wearing it!

When it comes to athletes, I think the bar changes. Athletes wear tights all the time. It's normal, essential even. Women are just jealous that men are stumbling into their zone of cute underwear and fashion. Greedy pleasure hogs!
mack_back #322

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/27/2013 03:15:18Copy HTML

Don't know if it's comtempt women feel against men in running tights.. Yet my experiences shown women are always curious or question the reason why a male would attire such clothing...While a neutral person will not care what another male in tights has on. It only takes another person to point at the running tights wearing male expressing their opinion for discussion, usually some sort of criticims happen, of labeling someone he is not, etc...

Had young female skinny in heathered gray tights with her boyfriend glare upon me whenever i stood up working out near them. Them saying nothing to me thought i was fine. Until i was laying down stretching and the same female hour later after looking upon me said to her boyfriend, can't believe he wears tights, later giggling while leaving the gym floor discussing it amonst themselves...
While i don't agree all women look 100% better then all guys. There are plenty women wearing leggings and yoga pants that look terrible. While i don't like to say they shouldn't wear them i do stare at their big thighs with confused look.. Just as i get reactions looked upon wearing running tights with smirks or chuckles and confused stares i try to recipricate seeing we all don't look perfectly equal in seeing what each other wears...Men never get complimented wearing tights but females often tell each other how wonderful they look or cute their outfit they have on... 

ShadowT #323

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/29/2013 03:00:11Copy HTML

Just FWIW, I saw the 2XU Women's full length tights go on sale on Amazon for $90 for a very brief moment.  It was $139 up until I saw the drop after 4pm and it jumped back up by the time I checked status in the morning.  Unlike the other vendor, Amazon had the tall versions in stock, so I was able to get ST (Small Tall.)  I've been relatively happy with the large version of the cheaper 2XU PWX tight, but I think thanks to the proper sizing, these fit so much better.  They stay up all on their own.
I again considered the men's version, but I have the men's thermal tights and they definitely come up higher.  There is also a seam under the "seat" of the men's version that I don't care for.  The two front seams don't bother me like they used to, but they're only useful if you don't wear underwear.
proppen1 #324

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/29/2013 03:14:37Copy HTML

Living in EU I find it hard to come across colored tights in eu shops, I can find plenty in .com shops but that means import taxes, so they get really expensive.
Anyway i stumbled across this brand on ebay, any one with any experience? They do seem to stock several colors.
Otherwise some of you might know of other Places to buy

ShadowT #325

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/29/2013 04:33:20Copy HTML

Amazon carries those.  Reviews look promising.
Seam_Stress #326

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/30/2013 03:58:20Copy HTML

re: easytoremember's (and mack_back's) recent comments -

Controversial?  Hardly.  Thong underwear can keep a man's personal best well shaped under tights (so to speak), rendering moot any claims of "disgusting".  Disgusting is people wearing drooping pants and exposing boxers underneath.  As for colours, most of mine are solids with stripes, but I've got some zebra and giraffe print tights that are fun to wear.
Being fit and showing off is part of the fun.   I'm no Adonis or an olympic athlete, but I'm in better shape and more capable (lifting weights and running distances on the gym treadmill) than most around where I live.  I rarely get any guff for the tights I wear and can easily brush it off if people try.Cycling long distances on the road is a lot of fun.  I wear mix-and-match combinations of light cycling shirts and tights in summer, or heavier cycling catsuits in cooler weather.  With tens of miles of bike trails, there are plenty of places to ride and places to be seen.  Keeping up with and passing idiots illegally riding scooters on bicycle trails is a laugh.
Being in shape also means getting away with wearing tights casually (doing laundry, shopping at convenience stores, any place within cycling distance).  I get the same enjoyment from wearing tights and catsuits that I get from wearing thongs at the beach.
mack_back #327

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/30/2013 07:17:55Copy HTML

Seam stress has the right attitude and agree with all he said...

Yet it is hard for me to shrug off criticism from others or just plain commentary of opinions why men should never wear tights... I may overhear 10 unsolicited comments how incredible my body looks but hearing one just the opposite of my attire brings me down and is upsetting... Even though i know i look fine in tights and fully understand not all people will be pleased seeing me.....

12 wheels #328

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/30/2013 10:44:34Copy HTML

Not having read the entire thread on this topic, here's some of my observations:

I remember back in the 80's & very early 90's when it was perfectly acceptable for men to wear Speedos and thongs on the beach - and it was perfectly acceptable for guys to wear spandex running tights and bike shorts. Nowadays guys are expected to wear excessively large and baggy clothes - wearing anything less will bring you ridicule and accusations of being gay.

What kills me is that in the last few years I've seen a lot of women out in public wearing these black tights (also called "leggings") as pants. I see women everywhere wearing these leggings (and "jeggings") that are completely form-fitting and show off every curve and crevice of a woman's body. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the way they look and wish that my wife would wear them - but I'll bet you every last dollar that I have that the women wearing these leggings will turn around and ridicule any guy who wears running tights.

My biggest pet peeve is that women are allowed to wear anything they want and have absolutely no consequences when doing so. Meanwhile, us guys have absolutely NO freedom to wear anything other than our baggy boring clothes and flat boring shoes. If women can wear their skintight leggings in public, then why can't I wear a pair of runner's tights if I want? I should be able to wear them and be able to do so without being heckled for it.

I think that geissflike (post #10) hit the nail on the head.. "Lets face it folks-the "bulge" freaks out a great number of people." This is pretty much the root of the problem. People seem to have a problem with anything tight that can show a man's bulge, be it a speedo or a pair of tights. Unfortunately this is the prevailing attitude and it's only getting worse. I hate to say it, but I doubt people will ever loosen up about it.

It's ironic that in a time where gay marriage and acceptance of gay lifestyles are being championed by a lot of people - that these same people will turn around and ridicule guys for wearing tight clothes and minimal swimwear, because in their eyes the wearer "must be gay".   
mack_back #329

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/30/2013 11:38:38Copy HTML

Don't believe it's anti male correlation to not wanting to see any male in tights....

A male bulge is uncomfortable for women and males. If big you are flaunting it for sex. If small then your pitied. ....Their is a no win situation for men in tights...If you wear tights your looked upon in society as oddity... Not someone who is well dressed or something males should not wear..

I go against the grain in society when I wear skinny tight jeans .... I'd like to wearing leggings on the street but seeing how I'm treated wearing tights in the gym it think that would be to much for regular folks..
Suppose you can wear any tights or colors you want and be treated the same as trying to cover up wearing black tights and big long shirt..

ShadowT #330

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/31/2013 06:02:28Copy HTML

I received a pair of 2XU women's compression shorts yesterday (PWX version this time, since I don't care of the style of the elite version of the shorts.)

In some ways, these seem to fit better than the 2XU Elite long tights.  The waist band of both result in a bit of a muffin top.  I'm still a slim 158lbs, standing over 6 foot tall.  I'm feeling a little self conscious about it, but I think that's just the nature of compression tights with thin waistbands.

Being that these fit tighter, and the material is stretched thinner, they're a bit more translucent than the pair that is size Large.  These shorts seem particularly see through, but I will have to do more comparison.  Even though they are smaller, the material is different than the older PWX tights I have and just seems inherently more translucent.  2XU told me this is a newer and stronger version and I have to wonder if that means the fibers are thicker with a more open weave to achieve a similar weight.

I uploaded some pictures to my profile to show how they fit, with a couple bent shots that illustrate how see through they can be.  In the right lighting, I've noticed they're vastly more see-through than those pictures show.  In a bathroom mirror at home, I clearly see my thong and the flesh tone of skin.  These should be fine for upright exercises, especially with the longer shirts I wear, but I will likely avoid wearing them on the spin bikes.
mack_back #331

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:05/31/2013 08:50:37Copy HTML

 Look okay with 2xu shorts. As for muffin top everyone has one. Fit 50 year old woman in great shape very slim legs upper body toned and lean flat chested. She wears lululemon black capri tights and lululemon racerback ebb and flow purple fitted tank top. Her tan body looks great and she is about my height.. Looking at her on stairmaster doing cardio as i'm behind riding a stationary bike. Watching her as we do cardio together time goes a lot quicker. Noticed her in that top her upper back is showing lot of skin except for the thin straps. Her mid section fitted top shows a muffin top mid section. Yet she has a flat belly and narrow hips, sometimes depending on the fitted top or material clings to your body rather then compress your mid section. Find adidas cut and stich compression tops really suck in your muffin obliques.. You need to try different tops and find out yourself. Looking at women's ebb and flow racerback top 23 inch length. 
Seam_Stress #332

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/01/2013 03:36:33Copy HTML

mack_back (#327) and 12 wheels (#328) - Reading my post again, I cringe at the opening line.  I'm glad my post was taken with the intended tone, not how it could have been.
One big advantage of being a foreigner living in Taiwan with a language barrier (other countries, maybe not so much) is people already think foreigners are strange and don't interfere with others' business.  Confucianists tend to keep to themselves so nobody makes comments about my tights or catsuits.  People look, but they don't say anything.  
In the year after I got a membership at the local gym, other people started wearing tighter clothes (women in yoga pants, a few men in tight shorts).  I would hope it was my presence had that the effect.  It would be nice to see women wearing thongs over tights but that might be too much to ask for.
GoldenTan #333

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/01/2013 06:23:11Copy HTML

This is all I ever wear working out in one of the Phoenix area LA Fitness locations.  Under Armour, Nike, New Balance all make good ones.  I am a pretty serious swimmer so I'm in pretty good shape especially for my age (63) June 13.  I carry myself pretty confidently so no one has ever said anything real negative but I can just tell that I bother a lot of people, especially the over built, non-functional, muscle head moron types.  The women I talk to seem to think I am just fine.

mack_back #334

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/01/2013 09:57:58Copy HTML

Think their are groups of women categorized in thirds of society opinions for men wearing tights.

One third of women hate males in tights to the point of speaking out being very vocal at how he appears.  They usually believe tights look stupid and feminine. Making it clear not to associate or give any man attention to what he is wearing. Always asking the question about lack of modesty and what children will think. Women's beliefs are males in tights want attention thus they make sure to be less polite or mostly rude to any attiring tights.. Some women believe men are gay wearing them thus unattainable and despised because of some sort of homophobia or mental abnormality of normal societal behavior thus being made a paraha..

Two thirds are less angered then the first third but find it more amusing and silly seeing male wearing tights. Usually women find it funny and entertaining mocking the male with other like minded women in childish ways. While this group is less likely to complain they tolerate much more then others in the first third category. Yet they are fine with a male who they don't associate with wearing tights. Always saying he can wear whatever he wants and they don't care. Unless they know the male then they want to change there attire being embarrassing to them and people they are with. Being it is a deal breaker seeing someone they know wearing such clothing, almost disassociating themselves with people wearing tights....

Last third are let it be attitude feelings of not caring who or what someone wears. Sometimes they are so self centered that they don't realize what clothes males are wearing. While small percentage that are not peer pressured feel nothing wrong about a man wearing tights in specific areas such as fitness etc.. Some females may like to look upon males form and enjoy it from time to time, expressing to others that more males should wear them, being that they look fit...

With all that said i find positive things come out of me wearing tights and having effect upon others.Verifiable i can say two females decided to wear tights because of seeing me day in day out. One was a prudish mid twenties female gym employee. Another was attractive blonde who all the years i seen her never owned tights until watching me for long time decided to try thinking their must be some reason wearing them for working out... While other females attiring tights at one gym i attend i believe it may only be a cycle of yoga trendy bootcut pants back to tights, while having nothing to do with me..Also their was opposite effect women stopping wearing tights while i started to wear them. Maybe because of the criticm i received from others and females over-heard and found themselves to self contious to wear tights. Thinking if that guy in tights gets ridiculed then what are people saying about me.Best advice keep resolute and wear what you like depite the consequences you will likely face. Good luck to all..
JM_Runs #335

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/02/2013 02:16:16Copy HTML

 You said "One third of women hate males in tights to the point of speaking out being very vocal at how he appears."  This has NEVER EVER happened to me. I may live in a different city to you but not on a different planet.

No one has ever told me they hate me wearing running tights. Thinking about it I don't think anyone has ever said anything negative about my wearing running tights, ever, NEVER. On the other hand I have had a few complements when wearing them.

It may help that I am not over weight. I do notice that people tend to suggest overweight people not wear spandex, but most hurtful comments are probably in high school or on the web, not face to face in person.

The sort of comments you have attributed to running tights I have heard when wearing a thong on the public beach, but never when wearing running tights, bike shorts, short bike shorts or very short running shorts.

You seem to spend WAY to much time worrying and complaining about what women think about you. You seem to hate women, or at least assume that all women hate you. You assume everyone is judging you by what you wear.  I am sure some people are that shallow, but in my experience most are not. 

Maybe you hang out in an isolated world of upwardly cawing middle class suburban BMW drivers. Perhaps taking a couple of moths off to bike across the continent would help expose you to a wider range of people.  Maybe joining a running or triathlon club will expose you to people who think running tights and shorts are normal, and people who wear suits are the strange ones. Maybe just having friends who validate who you are and who boost that part of your self confidence that comes from social standing and acceptance would help.

From where I stand, continued misogynistic rants about how all women hate men who wear running tights, or hate any form of softer appearance than a He-Man Captain America look, seem to be, from this distance, mentally unhealthy. Almost reverse homophobia.

However it is heartening to know, in the fact of all this perceived hostility, you still have the courage to wear your running rights.  Even better to hear that you think other people are starting to follow your lead.  This suggests not everybody who looks at you hates the way you look. Maybe you are just a little to sensitive to perceiving the negative and not crediting the positive.
John Howard #336

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/02/2013 03:55:00Copy HTML

 It has never happened to me either;  last week a girl who trains at my gym said to me that I had the best ass of all males at the gym, while wearing a Skins compression pants that are already about 8 years old.    She said that she was thinking of buying a pair for herself, but she was too body conscious to wear it yet, maybe when winter comes.   I actually think that she would look magnificent wearing tights, she has a beautiful ass. and I told her so.

However in MY personal opinion, men wearing capris to the ankle, or tights on colourful shades like bright red, yellow, etc, other than plain black, look a bit too feminine,     Let alone the problem theses bright colours can cause by highlighting even more the 'bulge' profile.   In my opinion, guys who wear these tights are pushing a bit too hard to call attention on themselves, and its expected that some people might find them weird, to say the least.

I don't wear running tights, but compression pants, always in black (which is the colour that suits best), and I wear brands that are endorsed by all the footy teams in Australia, be it Australian rules or rugby.   This makes these brands very 'masculine'  and we can see the football players wearing them every day while watching the evening TV news;  they don't even wear shorts on top of them,  just a singlet or t-shirt on top.This is so obvious, that Skins for example has launched a new line only for girls, because it's understood that the A400 series is definitely a very male oriented line, I had seen very few females wearing them.

In my opinion, wearing compression pants by men is far more socially accepted than men wearing thongs or g-strings on the beach.  The endorsement of compression clothing by both football codes is what made it socially very acceptable, almost fashionable.


mack_back #337

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/02/2013 09:01:07Copy HTML

Jm_runs love ya, respect your opinion and reply. Everything i wrote i can give you many examples that happened to me i maybe writing a book to explain the details rather bore everyone with countless examples.. Trust me i know certain people's body language or chatter they express to understand their reactions towards me by experience... Most of the time i nail their projection unto me and time usually shows peoples true color and me to be correct..
While you are correct that not everyone feels hostile towards running tights. Recent events at the gym showed me with disbelief how some female can react towards me, that to this day i can't believe happened. Save you the details and better left to another forum for others to read that maybe interested. Suffice to say females may not feel disgusted what i wear but intimidated by me.. Hearing othe gym pals which i felt were blowing smoke in the past about me on how i look and hot i am their words not mine. Always thought people were making fun of me at my expense being they are known as sleazy..
With recent events at the gym feel more stunned and cocky then ever before in all my years wearing running tights.. Still understand people still can't or won't want to get over my clothing choices but discuss it often as i'm standing nearbye..  
Jm how did you guess what community one gym near my home demographic is. Usually it's not the Bmw sitting on the drive but Mercedes and Lexus or Audi. Yet it's a younger demographic males that flock in from other parts. When the gym was exclusive before it was bought out kept the rift raft out making it less busy.. Your right some gyms have different members then others and attitudes change depending on how many times i visited...
As your idea to join a running club. Their is one that runs in my neighborhood. Never seen male wear tights running during the summer. All wear loose basketball shorts.. When i take the dog out on my bike for a run i stare upon some females wearing tights be it shorts or capris, following them on their trail.... Not that people don't run in tights in my hood, usually they are well covered up with a rain jackets hanging below their hips or cycling in early mornings..... Yet when i see any males wearing tights running outdoors i'm more colorfull then most with my shirts and tight wearing it proudly. While most guys are bland in their tights.. Maybe my problem is i style myself more so then generic or traditional runners.. 
Thanks for the tips leaving my city has enough divercity here then anywhere on the planet. Sometimes i step around the city find people from any country from africa tribal nation and most places in the world.. So if you believe i'm not educated from other cultures in the world your sadly mistaken...

Seam_Stress #338

Re:Running tights.

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#336 - Coloured tights are "feminine"?  Your opinion only.  If I was wearing a  hotpink latex catsuit with a built in skirt (I wouldn't wear it), that wouldn't make me "feminine".

I like my zebra print, my purple and yellow, bright red and other colour tights.  Black and navy blue  tights are strictly for casual wear like shopping or hiking. 
brocker36 #339

Re:Running tights.

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While not exactly running tights, but my story seems to relate at least a bit to the recent comments -- I went for a run this weekend along the beach (Long Beach, CA) in black spandex shorts with a red thong underneath.  The shorts are just a tiny bit sheer depending on the lighting, but not so much that I couldn't wear them alone and still be covered, but enough that anything worn underneath could be slightly visible.  Anyway, nobody seemed to care in the slightest, and certainly nobody said anything loud enough for me to hear.  I ran past *lots* of people.
I've also run in other parts of town in full-length basic black tights, sometimes with the whole family, even stopping at a playground for my son to get some exercise too.  Nobody has ever made any comments to me at all, or acted in the least bit odd.  Around playgrounds is not the place to show off, and I wouldn't normally wear running tights there just for the heck of it (not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that, but not something I personally would do).

@Seam_Stress - If I can speak for John Howard, I believe what he was intending was that black is pretty much universally considered gender neutral, other colors and patterns are, as you said, a matter of opinion (some more so than others).
SlimSuit #340

Re:Running tights.

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 One of the things I've learned in life is that what people's experiences are not my experience, and my experiences are not other peoples experience. Life can give different people vastly different experiences. The challenge is understanding and empathizing with varied experiences that people have and, through that, gain understanding.
All of the minimal swimsuit experiences that people share with us on this web site vary greatly. Why should wearing tights be any different?
I live in a major metro area and the reaction to a guy wearing tights can vary from city to suburb to another suburb, and even within a neighborhood. I've not had many gym memberships but I can imagine that they can likewise vary.
bbyrne78 #341

Re:Running tights.

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I was recently at two events which seems to support the widespread acceptance of compression and running tights within the Australian athletic community. The Byron Bay Triathlon and the Gold Coast CrossFit games featured competitors wearing compression tights before, during and after the events.

This was not limited to women but was shared equally amongst the competitors.

My husband and I went for a light meal after the CrossFit games at a nearby cafe after competing (yes we both showered) and no one batted an eyelid.

On the flip-slide, there is an amusing television commercial where a wife tries to explain her husband's obsession with cycling and wearing lycra cycling. She ends the commercial with the statement "I could do without the lycra". For someone living with a cyclist, that is one of the strangest things I have ever heard. I wonder if she would prefer him to wear jeans while on his training rides?

Love Bren 
John Howard #342

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/10/2013 10:49:57Copy HTML

 I also saw the commercial you mention, I think this is a 'mild' one if you compare it with the load of other commercials that try so hard to ridicule men, and always portray the wife or girlfriend as the intelligent one that has to put up with a clumsy or stupid man.    As our brilliant Prime Minister would say, a bit on the 'sexist' side, in my humble opinion.  Unfortunately it seems that sexism only works one way, and sadly, men take it.   
I'm glad you mention it;  it's so good news what you say about the widespread acceptance of compression and running tights within the Australian athletic community,  but I still notice that there is a big part of the population who are obsessed on ridiculing men, cyclists in particular, who wear lycra.  Someone who cops it all the time is the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott.  He happens to wear lycra tights when he is riding on charity fundraising events, and also wears lycra when he puts on his red speedos on lifesaving events and competitions.   It's not enough that he is devoting his time on supporting the community;  his sin is that he wears lycra.   I really hope that if he becomes our next Prime Minister, he doesn't change his apparel just to conform the 'majorities' and avoid further criticism.
Bren I think that the reactions on  men wearing lycra are quite an interesting topic,  I sometimes wonder what are the real reasons behind the negative stereotype, perhaps the epidemic of lack of exercise and junk food has created an army of Mr Big guys who find it easier to jump on the wagon of the criticism of men who exercise and eat healthy (and wear lycra), and Ms Curvies who could be jealous that some men can wear lycra and still look good, unlike themselves?      Could it be that men wearing lycra are something that ultra feminists find as easy target to demean and put down men.....   could it be the 'bulge' issue and the potential offensive connotation of if to some people.....   don't know......  all I know is that events like the ones you mention above, are the best thing that can happen to counteract all the negativity that still exists on men who wear lycra on sporting activities.
And sometimes I wonder when the commercials that put down men, would finally stop.
NordicString #343

Re:Running tights.

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 It is normal for men to wear running tights here in Scandinavia, women do it all the time.  I prefer to wear the 3/4 length running tights to the gym or out running in public. Wearing a g-string under running tights is always a good feeling although I would not want people to see that I am obviously wearing a string under running tights. I hate wearing baggy shorts and t-shirts when I am training. If you want to feel fit and sporty, then dress like it :-)
SlimSuit #344

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/10/2013 03:44:51Copy HTML

 John Howard: It's not just the commercials, but the sitcoms (situation commedies) too.  The men are portrayed as bumbling little boys in grown up mens bodies and their wives or significant others are all-intelligent, all-knowing mothers who usually scold their men into line. Years ago I decided not to take it anymore and began speaking up about it. I don't get up on a soap box and get all gradiose about it. If the subject comes up about a sitcom that is demeaning to men I'll just state something like "I tried watching that program a few times but tired of it when the male character wasn't treated with much respect" or "If the roles were reversed and the man were speaking to the woman like that, do you think women would appreciate it? No, and with good reason." The second statement usually stops them in their tracks. If we men want to be treated with equal respect, we need to start speaking oup about it.
JM_Runs #345

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/10/2013 09:32:19Copy HTML

 Wow, I thought I was the only one who noticed that men are now treated like they are idiots in tv programming and advertising.
SlimSuit #346

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/11/2013 04:52:50Copy HTML

 masmicro: No, you are not the only one, and, as I said above, men are going to have to start speaking up about it. The other thing that's been going on the past few years is this whole "man cave" concept. Sorry, but if you're going to live with me, our "territories" are going to overlap. Plus I get so sick and tired of being classified as some neanderthal cave man that has to skulk away to a cave to salvage my manliness by watching sports and swilling beer.
Tieing this back to this back to this subject thread, the whole "men are idiots" concept debases men as humans which includes what makes us men. Yes, I'm talking about "the package". Yes, I have stuff up front and I shouldn't be ashamed of it any more than a woman should be ashamed of her breasts.
I really have sympathy for young men growing up today. They are getting all of these negative messages and mixed messages--how in the world can they cultivate a positive self image?
Seam_Stress #347

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/30/2013 12:48:57Copy HTML

They're not tights, but on a related note I recently bought long sleeve compression shirts meant for baseball.  I've usually worn loose polyester t-shirts while cycling and at the gym to allow heat to escape, but by accident found compression shirts do just as good a job.  Despite being skin tight, they _don't_ constrict my chest while cycling or running, unlike cycling shirts or other tight shirts.  
The compression shirts don't make me overheat in this summer and they have a UVB rating for the sun, a great combination (Taiwan is on the Tropic of Skin Cancer).  I've taken to wearing them all the time now while working out.  The combination of compression shirts and tights covers me head to foot like a catsuit, and feels great to wear for long distance rides (50-80km).
Chantelle4both #348

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/07/2013 01:42:07Copy HTML

 I "bundle up" in my compression shirt and tights when I race time trials on my bike. A nifty alternative to purchasing a specific cycling skinsuit and almost as aerodynamic. On a related note, has anyone bought any running tights from BiaBrazil?
Seam_Stress #349

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:08/11/2013 04:48:16Copy HTML

Chantelle4both - Yeah, a top and bottom can function like a catsuit, and the contrast of colours can look good.  But wearing a catsuit in public is fun, especially with brighter colours and a full body length side stripe.  I've got a few catsuits from this company, JL Track (they call them speedsuits) which fit really well and the fabric is great.  Drywick is heavy and provides support to the knee and calf while living up to its name and wicking sweat away.
One of the main reasons I prefer cycling catsuits is for cooler temperatures, so there isn't a gap at the waist for cold air to get in.  They're also really good for long distance rides (50-100km), only one piece of clothing to worry about.
bbyrne78 #350

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:09/29/2013 05:23:53Copy HTML

@ Chantelle4both

I purchased a crop top and a bodysuit from Bia Brazil, in Australia they are really expensive. I found that they didn't fit me as well as someone who is a little more voluptuous. I found that the smallest sized bodysuit to be a lot less snug than a typical small size.

In Australia, they are pretty expensive.
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