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Chantelle4both #351

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/19/2013 01:06:55Copy HTML

 Thanks BB, I've noticed that their capri running tights are one size fits all, not ideal, but since I am just slightly north of medium, I hope they will be a good fit. Reecently, I bought a pair of Hue exercise tights. They are a bit longer than most of my other ones - almost ankle length. They were a bargain at the Bay (for about 30) and are noticeable more "polyester" than anything from Lululemon but they are quite form fitting.
njbob1949 #352

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/19/2013 01:28:11Copy HTML

 I live near a university so I often see students going too and from class. Now that the weather is a bit cooler, I see more women wearing tights going to class than in previous years. Most of them wear black tights, but some wear other colors or patterns. I like to check to see if they are wearing thongs underneath; most of them cover up their rears with longer tops, but enough (25%) do show their rears and most of them wear thongs underneath. Very few guys wear tights. The only ones seem to be on the track team. In the meantime, I either wear spandex shorts or tights when I do my exercise walk until the weather becomes too cold. The I either put on sweatpants over the tights, or go to the gym and work out on a treadmill wearing spandex shorts with a thong underneath and a t-shirt.
SlidingG #353

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/21/2013 01:55:34Copy HTML

Ran my town's Apple Festival 5k road race today, barefoot, in black spandex shorts (nothing underneath) and an orange singlet.  Hey, it's only 11 days to Halloween!  Only comments were about running barefoot, and I had pleasant chats with friends and strangers alike.  Not sure what the issue about spandex is, I wear it all the time without any hassles or strange looks.  While pursuing athletics.  Else, it's conservative shorts, slacks or jeans.  It's the old thing about 'in appropriate situations', and in that sense is no different than wearing thongs and strings, or going nude.  Use common sense and dress appropriately for the occasion, and there should be no problem (though the wife sometimes disagrees on when nude is appropriate!).   
mack_back #354

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/21/2013 04:38:35Copy HTML

Using common sense is key but sometimes i have the exhibitionist streak in me wanting to show more then people like to see or ever seen. Being a nudist maybe has dulled down my senses on what people see as pervy or appropriate and those lines get blurred with the way i wear my yoga capri tights or colors i choose to wear.
Think the main concern towards women stopping them from laughing at me is not making my bulge outline obvious and keeping it hidden with a cod piece which helps a lot. Keeps women from voicing their laughter or name calling towards me. Yet my body still looks the same in tights with or without a cod piece hiding any details. Believe me women notice my bulge in 1000 of a second and responses are loud and vocal. We have to understand that tights are for exercise and not for the street if more women knew kept that fashion sense i to may curb down my nudist tendencies wearing tights in the gym.  
undercover20 #355

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/22/2013 06:41:17Copy HTML

 I wear my tights when and where I want to. I even wear leggings out in public, bulge and all. I will get looks and I don't care. I love my body the way it is and I am not at all concerned about what people think about that. If women can do it, I can too. 
thonglife #356

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/22/2013 11:44:06Copy HTML

"I wear my tights when and where I want to. I even wear leggings out in public, bulge and all. I will get looks and I don't care. I love my body the way it is and I am not at all concerned about what people think about that. If women can do it, I can too."

Yes. Could not have said it any better myself!
SlidingG #357

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/22/2013 03:07:09Copy HTML

Just so everyone knows, I'm not dissing anyone choosing to wear spandex around town.  In my town many do, and I admire them as they do so, if they look good (that's the figurative artist in me coming out).  Yet usually it seems incidental, like stopping off for a few groceries on the way home from the track.  I do that, too, on occasion, though as a conservative guy, generally prefer to wear street clothes on the street.  For those who like spandex for making their fashion statements, it does add a nice variety to the public scene, so go for it, without apology.        
Seam_Stress #358

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/27/2013 05:53:41Copy HTML

I recently got two pairs of Helly Hansen women's pace tights, size XL, in the style from 2011.  I didn't by them from the linked site, that's just so you can see the picture.  I bought two because they're likely never to be made again, so I have a backup pair.
The back of the men's tights is a solid bar with a centre seam.  Booooring.  I bought the women's style because the seams are designed to resemble a thong.  If you think it looks like a thong on a mannequin, you should see it on a person.  The lines are unmistakable.  I wore a pair for cycling recently, and it was a lot of fun.
The tights fit really well and are warm, great for winter jogging or cycling.  I have large hips for a man but I'm short, so the sizing (waist to hip and inseam) are perfect.    They're wam, but don't overheat.  The only downside is the zipper on the back of the calves.  If I wear ankle length socks, the zippers abrade on my skin, so I have to wear long socks which is something I don't want to do when exercising.  Otherwise, they're great.
Cooler temperatures have meant I can/must start wearing my catsuits for working out and riding, not that I mind.  I definitely prefer wearing a single piece of clothing, no gaps at the waist for cold air to get in.  And if it turns heads, great, especially since I'm fitter than a lot of people where I live.
mack_back #359

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:10/29/2013 03:51:27Copy HTML

Seam stress nice that you found some faux thongline running tights... You can always cut them to capri tights if the zippers make it uncomfortable. Then you put on high socks to coverup any skin. From a distance it looks like full legging. Seen few women style this way in capri tights with different colored socks such as bright green, the style is cool. It resembles having on compression calf sleeves, but without the expense.. You really have to look closely to believe your wearing socks with capri tights... If you can find socks with two tone color for example backside black then the shins in a burgundy red or something other really looks nice almost like their part of the tights... Give it a go see the envious looks you will receive....

I will stick with my female black jeggings, with leather thigh high equisturian riding boots when riding on my bicycle in these cold temperatures..
Chantelle4both #360

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:11/24/2013 04:55:44Copy HTML

  You wrote, " If women can do it, I can too"
I agree, at least to an extent. When I go out in public (Starbucks, picking up a FEW items at the store, pumping gas...) wearing capri running/yoga tights, I do make sure to wear some "smoothing" underwear, just to moderate my bulge. To me, a moderate male bulge is acceptable but being able to see the outline of a @@@@@@ head is pushing it. I just wouldn't be comfortable knowing that people (especially young ones) could see that. 
When it comes to the butt, mine is as good as most females, so that isn't a problem.
If anyone is interested another company has started making men's capri length exercise tights. http://www.c-in2.com/store/performance-underwear/yoga/grip-yoga-pant-ss13.html?color=Sunkist+Orange
Of course I had to have both colours, I tried the orange in the small, and the blue in a medium. They do have a nice feel to them but are not at all compressive.
Chantelle4both #361

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/23/2013 03:31:48Copy HTML

 and if you are interested and live in Canada, Sport Chek has an amazing selection of running tights, mostly for females, but some for men as well! Also check out the ROXY sportswear rack - the running capris are very stylish and fit well in all the right places!
firefly2010 #362

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/29/2013 08:01:01Copy HTML

I have noticed over the last year or two in New Zealand exercising in compression tights has become the norm for women. pretty common to see guys running in tights now even in the small twon where I live. The most pleasing thing is long baggy shorts have dissappaired as exercise clothing. 
njbob1949 #363

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/30/2013 02:27:05Copy HTML

 During the Christmas shopping season, I notice that more women of all ages are wearing tights. I would estimate that about 25% of the women shopping were wearing tights; pretty much, all of them were wearing black tights with a few wearing another color or a patterned fabric. A few years ago, only women in their teens or twenties wore tights in public. One the other hand, I did not see any men wearing tights while shopping. 
stanpuppy #364

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/30/2013 03:28:41Copy HTML

 OMG bob....they are everywhere.  The standard uniform for moms down here is lululemon tights and stretch exercise tops....its almost like you are an outcast if you are NOT wearing them
mack_back #365

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/30/2013 03:52:09Copy HTML

 One thing i really hate is womem wearing fitness pants as everyday attire.. For one it's always black and yes lulu is the brand they wear... I've had this discussion with women before and they agree you see more fitness leggings on the street rather then at the gym, go figure... Puzzles me to know end, if a male was wearing running gear all day but never ran or stayed fit, is very odd...Usually they wear their leggings with uggs.... Summer time with shower thong flip flops...

Maybe it's just me being a gym rat spending hours working out in the same leggings women wear on the street and malls... Many men like the look seeing women in black leggings.. Yet find it overall to much of the same clothing to look upon going from the gym to work and seeing females wear the same black lulu leggings.... Finding it desensitizes me being introduced looking upon at the same black clothing day after day and hour after hour... To me it's looking at the same plump women black legs over and over again with the lulu logo either on the calf or back waistband...
Off to the gym will be wearing my luxtreme lulu crop leggings, see ya...
Seam_Stress #366

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/30/2013 04:30:48Copy HTML

I've got another order of tights and a catsuit coming from JL Track.  I can't wait until they arrive, new pairs for cycling and for the gym.  In the past I've been buying too many with bright colours, so this time it's all dark stuff.  I'm also awaiting an order from Black Milk Clothing, including a pair of "muscle skin" leggings, the type that look like skinless legs.  They'll be fun to run in.
mack_back - Are you actually against the wearing of running tights as casual wear, for everyday use?   I can understand being against those who wear tights without being fit for the same reason I don't understand people who wear sweats and sneakers but never exercise.  But as long as I've got it and keep working on it, I'm going to flaunt it.   
Myself, I enjoy wearing tights near daily instead of shorts or pants in warmer months.  They're comfortable and the sweat tends to wick away very quickly, unlike cotton and cotton/poly fabrics.  I'm going on a short vacation to the Philippines at Chinese New Year and will be wearing tights every day.  I did that last year, it was loads of fun.  I got more looks and positive comments for the tights than I did for thongs at the public pool.

ardvarken #367

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/30/2013 08:54:43Copy HTML

Sean_Stress, I'd love to know how those Black Milk tights work out for running, I figured they might be on the thin side so haven't ordered from them but they have some awesome patterns.
And as for the whole topic of wearing leggings/tights all the time, even for guys, if you're comfortable in it, wear it.   Sure you'll get some looks, but who cares what strangers are thinking.   And if you've got the body to rock it (and even when you don't), just do what feels right for you.
bbyrne78 #368

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/31/2013 01:13:49Copy HTML

One of the reasons for going the tights with the tight exercise top is the simplicity of either trying on clothes on top of these without needing to fully strip in the change rooms. A couple of years ago, I started wearing a unitard to the sales because it allowed me to try clothes directly over my unitard without having to go into the change rooms. 

@ Mack back - you have covered this topic before about your dislike of women wearing exercise gear out of the gym, I find that Lululemon crops do not suit a muscular physique for women, I have to roll the waistband down so they sit a little lower and the legs are now a lot shorter relative  the older models, probably to suit a more wide range of women. I really cannot see how a man could wear them as opposed to some of the other mens styles available like the Nike Swift or 2XU 3/4 tights. I think that if a man chooses Lululemon women's styles ahead of the mens versions they must be shorter than average with an unusual body shape because most of the men I know would struggle to fit their legs into the crops while they would also find that the waists and hips too baggy if they got a size where their legs would fit.
John Howard #369

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/31/2013 02:15:42Copy HTML

 Perhaps the practicality of wearing tights for everyday activities is what makes them popular..  I believe might be the same practicality as wearing runners (sport shoes), however no one lids an eye if a non-sports person is wearing those kind of shoes.   I find 3/4 tights or capris a too feminine style to be embraced by guys.  The design of a men's 2xu or skins tights was made for the anatomy of a man,  don't see the need for men to wear those capris if there are so many we'll designed full compression tights that were designed for men.  I work out at a pretty rough gym and wear compression pants and tops made for men;  I have never been harrased by anyone in any way or form, only got respect and friendliness from men and women, they can tell I'm fair dinkum and not show off 
ardvarken #370

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/31/2013 02:49:00Copy HTML

Point well taken John Howard.For me, full length tights only come out when it's below freezing here, and while I'd say there are some decent styles of guy's stuff available, the reason I'd choose women's full length or capris is mostly about color/style/patterns.    I don't particularly care for blue/black/grey, the traditional colors of guys stuff, it's just boring to me.    And likewise there are plenty of women I know that think there are too many of the pastel colors offered to women.
In the end, it's what makes you feel good that really matters.     And with all of the spandex tights/capris/shorts I have which number in the hundreds (I do run a lot so I eventually use it all), I've never noticed a difference in fit between womens and mens and I've pretty muscular legs.
As long as my junk isn't showing and the rear isn't see through, it's all good.   
And as far as things like Lululemon crops/capris for guys, actually I bought a pair that looked and fit great and were perfect for long distance runs as they had a few pockets in them.   The store personnel had no problem letting me try them on.   I'll certainly state that most guys wouldn't wear those and that's fine, but there is a world of options if you don't limit yourself because of whatever 'society' expects.
John Howard #371

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:12/31/2013 02:49:47Copy HTML

 My sis in law went for a run this morning wearing her tights, not lulu brand I think but I shouldn't be so obvious looking at her, anyway she is a bit overweight and she still looks so good, she is still wearing them to the shopping centre, good on her!  There's something about this looks that says that this person is healthy and proud of her body.   She deserves to be complimented, can't be me for obvious reasons..  A woman dressing like that gives the opposite effect of a woman smoking or having tattoos..
Chantelle4both #372

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/02/2014 03:04:47Copy HTML

 You wrote, " I really cannot see how a man could wear them as opposed to some of the other mens styles available like the Nike Swift or 2XU 3/4 tights. I think that if a man chooses Lululemon women's styles ahead of the mens versions they must be shorter than average with an unusual body shape because most of the men I know would struggle to fit their legs into the crops while they would also find that the waists and hips too baggy if they got a size where their legs would fit"

You would this would be the case BB, but for me - not true....and thankfully so. I'm a pretty standard male body type (5'10", 155, average size legs) and the female Lulu stuff fits naturally and respectfully. I have the Groove Crops in a size 8. The waist band sits comfortably on the hips and they cling just tightly enough through the butt. Since the Groove Crops have a slight flair opening at the legs, there are no "tightness of fit issues" on the calves that can be the case with fitted legs. I also have the Run Inspire Crops in a size 8, again, well fitting except a bit tight in the calves, which is actually NOT a problem when you are actually running in them.

As for Mack's comments, all I can say is "lucky guy/poor bastard"   =-)
I live in a spandex~impoverished area where Lululemon sightings are cherished, remembered, and replayed for weeks. I suspect I would get sick of cavier, if that's all I had to eat as well.
bbyrne78 #373

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/05/2014 08:09:22Copy HTML

@Chantelle4both - I am 184cm tall and 60kg. With the current lululemon tights I'm a size 4, but the waist wears like a sack, so I am forced to roll the waist down, while the regular inseam is way too short. The run inspire crops are so short they don't cover my calves. They used to make a more athletic cut and a tall version which was perfect.

The point I was trying to make is that based on the guys that frequent my gym, the guys I run with and the members of the triathlon club as well as my husband, I am surrounded by guys who aren't embarrassed to wear tights when it is cooler or for recovery. It is not uncommon for these guys to throw on a pair of compression tights after a workout. Given these guys will try anything for an edge (I've seen female bike saddles, women's cycling shoes, kid sized jerseys, women's running shoes and short tights), you'd think if the lulu tights fit and work better than they'd wear them. If anyone told these guys that wearing women's lulu tights would give them a 5% advantage, I would not be surprised if the line at Lulu be comprised entirely of the guys from my running and triathlon club.

What I see is guys wearing what fits them best, which just happens to be male tights. Lastly, unless you're lucky enough to get the instructor's discount, Lulu stuff is really expensive, often twice the price of standard running tights.

Love Bren
JM_Runs #374

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/05/2014 09:45:33Copy HTML

Having dated a triathlete/trainer for a number of years, I can attest that if it were not for serious instructor discount or direct free clothing through sponsorship she would not have worn a number of expensive brands. 
Wear what fits you, what makes you feel good. Does not matter what sex it was marketed too, if it fits well it is fine. 

However, there are some brands which decorate with "feminine" colors, fabrics or embellishments which, for me, take them out of consideration.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.
Just because it looks good on someone else does not mean it will look good on you.
Don't pay a lot for stuff you might not end up wearing on a regular basis.

Single color items are easier to mix and match, and are less gender color coded.
Black is a safe choice for exercise gear, except for cycling at night or running in the sun when white is a very good idea.

The most important thing you can wear is an air of self-confidence with an honest smile.
Seam_Stress #375

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/06/2014 05:48:54Copy HTML

ardvarken (#367) - The Black Milk tights have FINALLY arrived.  I match their size chart measurements exactly (waist/hip/thigh), and find they are a bit tight all round.  I would hate to ruin them, but I might need to add a drawstring to keep them up.  I love the instructions tag - there's the "do ___, don't ____" stuff, but the last one says "be a hot little boss".

You said about them being thin.  You definitely need to wear white or flesh toned thong underwear or it will be visible, which I why I'm wearing a black thong under mine.  It's very unlikely these tights could be used for cycling, they wouldn't stand up to the wear of the seat.  They're likely best for running and the weight room.  One noticeable thing in the manufacture is the lack of seams on the side.  All the seams are in the centre, front and back and between the legs.


As for how they look, fabulous.  Unlike a lot of (white) men, I have big muscular glutes, so the muscle skin print really stands out.  The other pair are the "Queen of Hearts" tights with the playing card front and back.  They look online like they're only for women but I think they work on me.

Re: your other post (#370), I don't wear anything but ankle length tights, no shorts or capris.  To me, they just don't work, while ankle length tights come across as functional as well as athletic.  Living far south in Taiwan, covering up for the sun is necessary year round - the angle away from the sun in "winter" here is further south than the southernmost angle toward the sun during summers in Canada.  I love my catsuits for winter workouts and tight long sleeve tops for summer.
Come Chinese New Year (end of the month), I'm taking a vacation in the Philippines.  I plan to do what I did last year, wear tights as casual wear for the whole vacation, from the time I board at Taiwan's airport until I return from Manila.  It was loads of fun.  Most of the pairs I'll take are black or blue with a single stripe down the side, but for the hotel gym I'll take my louder pairs (e.g. zebras, the BM stuff).  And the place I'm booking says they allow thong swimsuits in their pool, so I'll be doing that daily. 
mack_back #376

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/07/2014 02:51:30Copy HTML

Not every type of brand tights have to fit everyone the same. Just like jeans some brands fit better then others. Sometimes it's trial and error to find the size and fit that looks good. Doesn't mean you need to keep to only one gender it was made for. Experiment see for yourselves that female tights can do the exact same job as male tights would with the benefit of my choice color, style and new fabric ideas...
I own enough black tights but some lulu material textile fabric can't be copied in other male brands. Might not make a difference to competitive runners for the fabric or female styles, but if i see they feel good then i'm sold. While some 2XU female tights i own fit differently then any others i tried by sheer style it may not be suitable for everyone. Sometimes certain tights maybe beneficial for some workouts while others are just comfortable relaxing feeling like i'm wearing nothing but my thong....
Don't forget running tights is not only the compression fitting that is the only reason to wear them. Style and appearance is also important to some people, correct? Why do women have a vast choice of tights to wear with the fit and style, colors, cut while men just settle, use it for performance not appearance...Let's face it women by running tights not because of the compression health benefits exclusively. Women often review tights they buy, explaining the vanity of the fit making their legs look smaller or ass more better.... 
Whatever the reason for a male to wear running tights of pure vanity to make him feel better is not something that should be questioned why he wears what brand or gender specific attire... As long you look good in the tights you buy men or women's that is all that matters, nobody should criticize you for wearing what you want... Whatever makes you money and happy is only thing we should be worried about....  

big daddy thong #377

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/08/2014 02:44:36Copy HTML

   Yesterday my daughter was shopping in a regional chain discount store called Gaberial Brothers.  She knows that I wear running tights and bought me a pair of  black adidas leggings for ($5.00).  They had an NBA logo on them.  I did know that about 2 basketball seasons ago, players started wearing full length leggings under their basketball shorts.  Guys like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and other big name players took to wearing tights for games.  The league for some reason seem to think that this practice did not fit the dress code and deciced to ban players from wearing leggings as part of the team uniform.  Now there is a overstock of these tights around, if you can find them.
pikeman #378

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/10/2014 02:41:09Copy HTML

 I like them. A lot!Years ago when I was a bike-rider I was worried about the lycra shorts thing. I was self-conscious at 165# and 5'8". The when visiting across town I noticed a woman with a rear end as wide as an axe-handle riding a bike. Actually, there were several. After that it seemed to me I ought not worry about this issue and from then on I happily rode my bike wearing skin-tight gear. To my surprise, nobody even noticed!Since I've begun running I needed something for cooler temps and bought a pair of full-length leggings. The men's were wrong,(too high in the waist) but the women's fit right. The garments were otherwise identical. They're black, a bit shiny, and opaque under stretching. When I run in my neighborhood I don't worry about anything underneath, but if I am on the road I wear a gstring that results in a smooth contour of the inevitable bulge. The Austin area is full of fit people and it's routine to see folks in exercise gear around town in coffee shops, etc.. A masculine bulge seems to be in the same acceptable category as the contour of a female breast under a sports top. And you'd be surprised to see the amount of _bare_ female flesh on the running trails!I do not care for the capri  3/4 legging. I want the warmth of full length and then switch to my brief gear for the rest of the season as soon as possible. I'd wear the leggings a lot more if I could. I work hard and think it shows, so there is no shame in looking fit. I think we need to resist this stupid oppression from ignorant people who hate their bodies and demand everyone else do so as well.Pete
mack_back #379

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/11/2014 05:58:42Copy HTML

Big daddy thong your correct about the leggings and nba rules. What the nba did by banning leggings because they felt the players could use it to their advantage of wearing equipment underneath like football players. The amount of contact in a game for nba players like Lebron James would cause wearing leggings is hitting his knee upon another player standing for a officials charge would increase injuries and the way they play the game.....
This was the time when Alan Iverson wore a trademark sleeve on his arm and shoulder, Koby Bryant had a deal to market purple leggings in team colors and that went down the drain once the league outlawed it. They allowed players to wear sleeves but the player to this day cut out literally the tights to the thighs wearing padded adidas compression shorts while what are essentially stockings which were tights before the unique clever tailoring. Doesn't make sense now because almost everyone in the nba wears stockings with compression padded shorts.... 
Some players would prefer to wear compression shirts while some do with penalties such as Cousins from the league. Dwight Howard was one to put  compression attire on the map with adidas tech tops or tanks underneath his uniform or wear it during shoot around before putting on his uniform..... Suppose he liked showing off his body so he can get more numbers from groupies, while fathering more children.......

I remember posting the benefits on this forum about wearing leggings and how the compression lessons the fatigue factor from standing on your feet for long periods. Your feet maybe tired but my legs felt fresh and i had strength to workout after a long day at work. So to a nba player starts at 7 am in preparations and hits the court working his routine until practice late in the morning. Then prepares to hit the weights during the afternoon or by late afternoon working on his jump shot then plays the game until 10 pm, and gets on a plane to another town and tries to be fresh and strong for another game. Usually wearing tights helps absorb fatigue and makes the player's game stronger on a back to back games.., thus advantage for elite athletes while others have trouble running from soreness or tiredness....

Until athletic brands make tights designed for athletes with padded upper legs for all the bumping and hits the endure while keeping their legs covered to help recovery and a higher quality game for fans to watch... To me it's no brainer why athletes should be allowed to wear leggings but the few players who like to cheat using stuff underneath the material to harm others will be difficult to test for.... Difficult now to stop players wearing hard plastic knee braces not colliding into them causing further injuries to players....  Also owners hate when players try to market themselves to differentiate from the team ie, tattoos or black leggings or colored ones like Koby tried... Last thing the league wants is guys wearing different colors then team had. The league also made sure that color of shoes were black on the road white at home while others or company brands just went crazy making funky designs all to stand out from anyone playing on the court..

pikeman i agree with you why not show off a fit body who are you harming. Like you said, people have issues about themselves then transfer it to others saying you, should not wear male underwear out in public.... As some commented about me.... Which was not the case but male UA coldgear leggings. 

njbob1949 #380

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/12/2014 12:22:24Copy HTML

 I am in England for a week on business. It seems that more women are wearing tights/stretch pants here as everyday wear than in the New York/New Jersey area. I also have seen some men, but they seem to be dressed for athletic activity such as biking or running. I brought a pair of spandex tights and a pair of spandex shorts that I intend to wear during my power strolls in the morning. It is a bit too cool for the shorts, but I wear them in my hotel room. I'll wear the tights after my exercise routine when I'll go to a local place for breakfast. 
Chantelle4both #381

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/12/2014 04:31:09Copy HTML

 Bren, I think you have totally got it right when you say most triathletes are willing to wear just about anything if it give them a real, or perceived edge. Thankfully being part of THAT community allows us to experiment with all sorts of clothing without much fuss.

I pretty much have two considerations in the tri-clothing I wear comfort, and looks. Sometimes comfort takes a back-seat (parden thee pun) to looks. Thankfully the Lulu does both for me.

Mack - again, I'm in agreement, I DO wish the men's tights came in a few more interesting colours/designs. The Grip Yoga Pant by C-in2 is a step in that direction!
Seam_Stress #382

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/12/2014 06:19:51Copy HTML

Chantelle4both - I can't recall if I posted the link earlier in this topic (too lazy to check) but try Running Funky for patterned tights.  


I've got several pairs of zebra and other animal prints from her.  I checked the site and she's selling at a reduced price right now, US$35 per pair.


Do I like wearing them?  Hell yes for the colours, but because the fabric is light, they don't offer a lot of support.  They're great for limited use (e.g. running races, not training) and are wearing well as cycling tights when I use them.  She will make tights with a side stripe if you ask, which costs a few dollars more.

NordicString #383

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/13/2014 04:59:21Copy HTML

 I think I will stick with my black Nike or 2xu running tights. :-)

 I would feel very exposed and uncomfortable wearing some super bright coloured tights while I am out training or at a training centre. I see the super bright coloured tights from time to time, but it is a very very rare sight.
big daddy thong #384

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/13/2014 08:15:50Copy HTML

  NordicString, I 'm note sure I would wear those runningfunky tights either, but if you check my photos I do have a pair of Nike red with and blue swirl running tights.  Black or blue is such a boring color to wear, I would however try something different like a bright floresent yellow or orange.  Skinwear has some different pattern tights that I would like to get a pair.
big daddy thong #385

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/13/2014 09:06:41Copy HTML

 Today I was also running errands after hot yoga this morning.  I had to make a trip to the post office and stopped at Barnes and Noble Books.  I was wearing black stretch running tights, tossle cap, and red hoodie.  I made my 1st stop at the post office to mail to 2 packages.  After I mailed my boxes, then bought some stamps the mail clerk, who happen to be a middle age lady, she asked me if I wanted wax envelope for my stamps and my receipt put in there as well .  Since according to her "I see you have no pockets with our workout outfit."  She smiled and I went on my way.  Next stop was the bookstore, I was broswing the shelves when I heard a liitle voice say 'Look bum, look Mom I see his bum"  I turned around to see a toodler and his Mom.  The mom was turn a little red and explained that her son I was alright and no big deal that a man was wearing leggings.  She apoligized to me, then explained the boy has been learning body parts.  She said by the way that I looked good and wished she could get her husband to wear tights instead of his baggy sweat pants when he was working out.  Overall  positive reactions made me feel pretty good about myself.
NordicString #386

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/14/2014 03:45:08Copy HTML

 I will stick with my black tights :-). Guess I am trying to blend in a bit. All the girls here wear dark coloured running tights. There was a girl in the gym in bright pink tights the other evening. She certainly made peoples heads turn! I agree with you big daddy thong about receiving compliments. A few years ago I needed to see a physio. I went for the first two sessions in baggy shorts. The physio dropped enough hints that she liked guys in running tights, so I had to go for the next sessions wearing my running tights :-). Her cheeky smile and glances boosted my confidence.  I did not have the courage to wear a thong on these occasions unfortunately.
mack_back #387

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/15/2014 02:05:55Copy HTML

Like to say i get compliments  but never the clothing such as running crop leggings... Suppose getting compliments about only attire is not really a good feeling if they only like your clothes but not how you wear it or exclude your body.... What i'm trying to say, most people giving out compliments in my experience have focused on how my body looks rather then the clothes. Suppose you need to wear tight fitting clothes in order for people to see my body for a compliment. What comes first the chicken or the egg analogy. Guess you can't have positive feedback about your body if your loosely covered head to toe. 
Yet i feel having one person say i like those tights and you look good in them would be nice to hear for a change. Most compliments i receive is from collateral damage what they see from the shape of my body from the neck to the ankles. People comment or stand shocked unknown to me what they are thinking but half the time it's usually some female lusting after two body parts and you can usually exclude my legs in the conversation..

Last compliment i received was from a male gym member i talk to once in awhile. He shook his head with a smile as we lay looking at ourselves in the mirror stretching. While beside me was a asian hot, tall naturally big busted model, who seen me year before with her boyfriend first impression began laughing at my attire but since left me alone or got use to seeing me often. The male colleague told me with disbelief tone any time he see's me i'm always perfectly colored matched with the clothes i wear to the gym. He added i should be doing commercials for television for athletic clothing...  I began to look at the asian model she heard what was being said and stared rolling her eyes and left in a hurry, be it she didn't approve of my compliment or found it to ridiculous to sit by angrily left....Although i would love a positive or approval from a hot model female then a male hetrosexual but we all can't be choosers, take what's given to me, even though i'm bit needy....
Like i always been saying or writing women have a difficult time giving out compliments to men in running tights for whatever reason..... Having it happen is a blessing and everyone who receives kind words about their appearance should be more ecstatic. Yes i'm including myself in the advice. 
Another example i can take in the positive column of attire when i was wearing J-brand female skinny jeggings jeans on the hip side of down town. Was walking in behind of a pack of teens all of which had on leggings and tight jeans. So they were moving slowly i began to pass them as i walked in front of them one female spoke up OMG! while the other two smirked giggling, noticing my fitted jeans backside... As i walked faster leaving them i knew their reaction was of my tightly fitted jeans...... I took it as a compliment thinking if i walked slowly sooner or later a positive shocked teen will turn something positive into an insult the longer i stayed close. So any time we get positive reaction best to quickly move on before some way they insult you or turns to bad negativity... Compli-sault new word for today.... You look great today love those tights on you......pause... but the color doesn't work for you...   

Seam_Stress #388

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/19/2014 05:15:59Copy HTML

big daddy thong and NordicString (384, 386) - 
I don't expect you to go back and read, but earlier in the thread I've said I wear printed tights are for working out - the gym, cycling, running.  If I wear tights casually, I stick to dark blues and blacks unless it's a pair I'm wearing home from the gym and stop at a store.  Wearing it for working out is a way of saying "in yo' face" without words,  "I'm doing something you can't and won't do, so I don't care what you think."  
I'm disappointed that my JL Track stuff won't get here on time for my vacation, but that's my fault for ordering so late.  They're meeting their promised shipping date (as always), so I have no complaints.
Chantelle4both #389

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/19/2014 06:13:20Copy HTML

 mack, pretty sure the model was feeling annoyed/threatened, as all attention of that kind was supposed to be directed toward,,, her! and you upset her apple cart. furthermore, the fact that you dressed well and looked good, and were more than some spectacle perhaps challenged her as well, hence her disdain.
Im not so concerned about getting compliments as I am about avoiding slams. ive received neither, so Im happy.
finally, as far as colours go, although Im no fan of grey/gray, i do find it a very versatle colour, even moreso than black, heck ive even discovered SHADES of grey for capri tights, my current faves are my Roxy pair, every bit as stylish and fitting and comfortable as my Lulus, and a wee bit less expensive
mack_back #390

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/20/2014 01:28:13Copy HTML

Chantelle4both  Thank you for the kind words... Yet i doubt the asian model is an attention whore... She and her boyfriend stick together and don't interact with others. While asians in the most part are very low key, she does attire herself in loose nylon pants with double layer tank tops that just snug subtly her very nice bulging breasts. While at times she does wear loose short running shorts which makes me want to drool watching her lean long legs and narrow hips.  

 Yet i remember the asian couple laughing upon me at first impressions of my tight attire at the gym. They also made comments in front of me in their native language which i couldn't understand but knew they were discussing me negatively... From then on i pay no special attention to either of them since giving them the Joe Pesci look in the movie "Casino" in the bar holding the pen after stabbing the guy in the neck.... Who the heck are these asian couple to judge me what i look like or wear...... Yet i notice seeing her she looks great so working out for her is sort of a vanity thing, so i understand your points while disagreeing about her motives... Feel she and other attractive females have a sense of what men should wear and never attire and spandex maybe what they believe is silly for anyone to put on...

You are also correct wanting not to be slammed is enough then any compliments when wearing running tights... Although i set my standards high hoping for some recognition from attractive women.... Yet any time i feel should politely compliment a fit old personal trainer they beat me to it by negatively torching my character and appearance in front of their female client which also agrees with her sentiments just in ears shot, without any provocation from me.... Sometimes i'm shocked at who or what they say about me while still being calm and collected at the ridicule......while it still hurts.... If two males said those things to any one female, as the women spoke to themselves about me, the women would leave crying not being able to finish her workout being distraught.... as i was frustrated and angered internally....

While it doesn't stop me from being a spectacle and in my own heart know i attire and look better then any women could, challenge any poor female to outdo me in athletic attire color, brand, style etc...... Knowing some women deep down know it, often say nothing but when asked from bitter male trainers trying to bash me to their female clients, they answer saying, "i like them, i think those tights look cute"..... While it should because i'm wearing the rare in demand female lulu color style, so it wouldn't make sense to bash their own athletic garb, they may like to own...
Often see a older fit women attire in lulu gear and when i workout nearby she takes a close eye in checking out the brand logo to my attire either the unique color and matching fashionable accent shirts, tanks, shoes...  Sometimes i overdo it and she has to make comments about my attire to her husband saying, he sure likes wearing tight clothes.... while she wears almost the same style as me.... While it is sometimes a war with her in attritions wearing different capri tights day in day out but i always come out the victor, which most women can't compete, either financially buying new athletic gear or sustainability in finding unique colors...  While many women just prefer to wear basic boring black capri tights some look nice while others wear cheap pilled worn fabric, making their shape look bigger or fatter....

Recently i went to the gym which was unusually crowded but was full of weekend warriors women in black tights. Had couple young females work out next to me, noticing my capri black lulu crop leggings. They talked normally but watched me intensively then began to discuss quietly something about me which i couldn't hear, no laughing but they checked me out any time i stood up from the bench... Most people act normally putting on their poker face around me, suppose it has a lot to do with my body in tights then my tights.... Sort of a respect of toned muscles then ridicule of clothes which some or many disagree with a male to wear openly in public... 
Chantelle4both #391

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/20/2014 04:39:14Copy HTML

 Wow, to keep up with the yoga chicks must cost a fair bit! Which location(s) do you go to? I usually balk at the price and wind up getting almost all my capris from the Lululemon outlet store, but when I went there Friday night ~ alas ~ nothing all that exciting. Have you ever bought Bia Brazil?
JM_Runs #392

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/20/2014 06:18:42Copy HTML

 Just finished my early morning run in Addidas Lycra hot pants and Champion crop top. The pants are so comfortable and sexy. They are of course a woman's pair. If only men were able to understand how comfortable some women's clothing is.
mack_back #393

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/21/2014 07:37:03Copy HTML

Don't believe i have to keep up with anyone but make my own style i want to wear either color or cut of tights.. Yet i get noticed even from women who had enough gazing opportunities upon my body months ago... Getting women's eyes on me is a goal i succeeded with and many guys envy getting attention from the ladies, maybe trying on tight tops seeing if they can pass the test...

Whatever fits me like a latex glove and gives women anatomy lesson looking upon my body is fun for me and success...
Today just as i walked out of the changing area one women in a group couldn't help but divert her attention from her friends, looking upon me with what i perceived delight, in her demeanour... Later on the gym floor noticed a older women fairly fit in tights wearing a thong underneath which i noticed bunching. She smiled smirking upon me as walking towards my direction taking in my colorful tight attire, whenever she stood resting between her workout sets began to watch me..

Anything from Brazil is expensive but the colors and designs are flashy... Don't know the quality, yet bia Brazil has some occasional cool stuff....  
http://sandiegofit.com/products/bia-brazil-ready-to-go-capri.html ......

Up Vibe has a nice color & style mesh inserts like this might purchase these ..... http://sandiegofit.com/up-vibe-rio-mesh-capri/ ......
Got some lulu orange tights i haven't worn yet because the neon color doesn't work well with anything i wear top or shoes thought wearing it on Halloween.. 
Here are some other brands you or someone might be interested in buying.. Not all tights have to cost a lot to get quality....
 MPG-.....  http://ca.webstore.mpgsport.com/c-104-shorts-pants-crops.aspx
90 degress -.... they have poor selection online but if you find them in stores you get knock-offs from lululemon clothing some in the past even had the logo on....  http://s448258653.onlinehome.us/

PriAna- are a good choice if you like....... http://www.prana.com/women/clothing/capris-knickers.html .....
Athleta is a good choice.... http://athleta.gap.com/browse/division.do?cid=46793&kwid=1&sem=false

Nike also has good selection, should of bought these when i had the chance, talk about attention.... http://www.polyvore.com/nike_relay_womens_running_capris/thing?id=60984052 

Thong_Flasher #394

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:01/22/2014 09:23:42Copy HTML

 Had som good feedback from a late 20s Kiwi lady today as I was out in my 2xu working out.
She noticed I had a thong on underneath (partly because 2xu are see thru and the thong which shows), and struck up a conversion about it. She went for another walk around the park and I noticed her thong underneath her tight ack pants, perfect!
As she came back around I asked her what she thought on men in thongs, she said she didn't care and though it was each to there own, they are comfortable why not wear them. I agreed and told her I wear them everyday as underwear, she said the same and loves nothing else but thongs and g-strings.
We chatted some more and then I had to leave, as I was leaving she said "happy thronging" to which I smiled and laughed. 
SQRL #395

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/13/2014 12:10:36Copy HTML

 As everyone on this planet is an individual there is probably going to be the same amount of opinions to match so we can't really let the bad ones affect us when there may very well an equal number of good opinions. Anyway with that in mind, I thought I might share my latest experience. In my profile I have a couple of photos of white runners. Finally went for a run along a beach track the other day with a thong on the same colour as the aqua highlight on the runners. Except I was wearing the thong on the outside.
ardvarken #396

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/16/2014 03:32:48Copy HTML

mack_back, I have quite a few things from sandiegofit.com including a few bia brazil items.  The styles of a lot of their items are nice, but I don't care at all for the 'supplex' material they use, just feels hmm, cheap to me.
Seam_Stress #397

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/16/2014 02:50:44Copy HTML

ardvarken (396#) - Drywick is definitely a better material than most other lycra fabrics.  It may be heavier than others, but it's stronger and more durable, offers support to the legs, and it lives up to the name by wicking sweat away as you work out.
I saw an old picture today that reminded me of a style of tights I haven't seen in a long time: laddering.   I have some tights I never use anymore, lightweight (6oz.) single colour that aren't much good beyond wearing home from the gym or running on the hottest days of the year.  I'm going to start experimenting with them. 
mack_back #398

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/16/2014 04:42:18Copy HTML

Bia brazil tights in supplex should be really good materoal have some ballet tights made of it really good material.. Only the seams busted in the back now.. So cheapness of tights as you wrote maybe the seams construction flat lock is the best seam  more durable..Hate cotton fabric it maybe nice new but after wearing it becomes very worn, see it on women looks bad...
ardvarken #399

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:02/16/2014 05:10:52Copy HTML

To each his own I guess, I just think the supplex was a little like some of the lululemon fabrics, which again while I love some of their styles, I prefer the look and feel of lycra/spandex.   
Asics does an awesome job with some of their Inner Muscle stuff, and I've found a lot of wild and fun styles through Amazon Japan.   I think I've become addicted to that site, the Japanese get a lot of fun styles you never see here in the US from the same brands like Asics, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour.
thonger2005 #400

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/06/2014 01:39:05Copy HTML

Which is thinner? tights or leggings?

I'm trying to distinguish between the 2 so I know what to look for.

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