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big daddy thong #401

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/06/2014 06:26:53Copy HTML

LMOA funny! a dude in yoga pants prank on hidden camera.  enjoy! ;~D
  This is about yoga pants, but still close enough! 
  check out this url:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/06/yoga-pants-prank-fouseytube_n_4906124.html
underguy1 #402

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/08/2014 02:01:34Copy HTML

 I love running tights and bike shorts as much as thongs and skimpy underwear and swimwear. i just got a new pair of Asics tights which are just fantastic. I've uploaded a couple of pics to here. 
Chantelle4both #403

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/08/2014 01:48:22Copy HTML

 Checked out the video post, quite "revealing." What I think it really says is that yoga pants make a person's butt look great - period. Women "get" to wear them, but if a guy does...that's weird/unacceptable (which is sort of the theme of THIS thread).

And yes they ARE very comfortable as well. (I love my Lululemon Groove Pants)

And YES women can have it all, EXCEPT for my empathy if they plead, "I wish people would stop looking at my butt while I'm wearing this pair of incredibly sexy yoga pants." They know exactly what kind of reaction they are going to get.
mack_back #404

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/09/2014 02:24:40Copy HTML

What's interesting being accused of looking like a women, is the pretence many people dislike men in tights..Had numerous occasions when i have been mistaken like in the video showed but also discussed that wearing tights makes me look like a female..The frustration of being accused looking like a female what drives me nuts with peoples beliefs what men should or shouldn't wear...
Yet i'm proud of what i wear even many believe i have issues to even wear such attire. 
Let me set-up a scenario in which i would be making my way to the start line in a crowed marathon.. In which i would wear lululemon black capri tights and racerback tank top. Surrounded with women in similar attire when would people or particularly women notice that indeed i'm a male wearing female yoga capri's and tank top.... With some time passing someone would point and make a gesture to draw attention that indeed i'm a male wearing tights noless female ones' at that... The attention or opinions expressed would be obvious towards me. Some females paired up would be talking to her friends and make comments of Take a look, Ewww, hee, hee he's wearing women's tights OMG! laughter, That's disgusting, gross! Other females would stare and listen smirking to commentary of how this male is a crossdresser in a marathon race, takes all kinds of freaks etc....

This short example shows not only negative comments come from just paying attention of what someone's surrounding in order to judge them expressing an opinion.. Oh look over their he's wearing tights, hee hee.... Just as i workout wearing tights in the gym not paying attention to others but through my peripheral vision can describe who is beside me on a bench be it a male or female while never ever looking at them to closely. Had occasions that i was in  a crowded gym laying out on a bench doing my weight training while two girls decided to use the bench beside me. They were engaged with their conversation and the exercise they were doing, preoccupied to notice me beside them, maybe the reason they choose the bench near me while never flinching at my tights i had on... When they were done talking and began to labor in the exercise becoming bored one female suddenly looked over to me startled... She whispered to her friend, " i thought this one over their was a girl but it's a guy in tights...giggles, then her friend replied, " me too, he looks like a girl in tights anyway...both began to giggle laughing...  

What i'm trying to say, sometimes people don't notice your gender only looking from the thighs down assuming this person wearing capri tights is a female while a person in loose basketball shorts is a male... So many times people don't really pay attention or look over you entirely just focus on the tights and go on with their exercises.. While assuming you must be a female wearing such clothes but then taking a closer look at my upper body notice that yes, it's a male in tights to their surprise or confusion...
njbob1949 #405

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/10/2014 01:25:27Copy HTML

When I work out in the gym on a treadmill, I wear spandex shorts on with a thong underneath. During the warmer weather, I walk through the neighborhood. I often encounter other walkers or joggers. Based on what I see, about three-quarters of the women exercising wear spandex shorts or tights; about half of the men also wear spandex. I have never received any negative comments about my spandex. In fact, one day, while on an exercise walk, I saw one of my colleagues walking the other way; she was formerly a jogger, but like myself, became a walker. We chatted for a few minutes, then continued our walks. On leaving, she said to me that I wear my spandex tights very well. It made my day.
pkthong #406

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/10/2014 02:03:39Copy HTML

 I love a good pair of tights, they feel sexy and they do help with the mechanics of working out. As much as I would lime to try Lululemon, they are made for women so any ribbing or negative comments should be expected. It would be like wearing a decidedly female thong on a relatively liberal beach; you will get stares and possibly  negative comments but if your skin is thick enough....I am not that brave and I dont enjoy wearing womens clothes so I would not even bother. Just good old mens stuff; lets face it, it is difficult enough to pull this off.
rosemke #407

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/10/2014 06:07:53Copy HTML

 I wear  leggings and tights  out all the time. Lululemon  has had at different times of the  year  a number of styles of mens  leggings, i have 4 different styles,N2n and Rufskin are also on my list  for  wearing  at the gym. Tendenze  are the most daring  and Lena Quist  makes the best fitting second skin you could  wish for. Guys should not be afraid  if there Junk  shows if you got it flaunt it. I am straight and married and work out and cycle,

Seam_Stress #408

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/10/2014 06:14:31Copy HTML

Yesterday, I saw this link elsewhere.  It is a (relatively) new company making men's leggings.  
A few items look interesting (both camo pairs, black metallics), but I have no idea about the quality.  Over time, I've stopped going gaga over low prices and am now hesitant to buy anything priced cheaply.  I'd rather pay for quality and know that I'm getting it. 
thonglife #409

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/10/2014 09:22:22Copy HTML

 "Guys should not be afraid  if there Junk  shows if you got it flaunt it. I am straight and married and work out and cycle,"

Indeed, Hear, Hear!
big daddy thong #410

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/11/2014 01:34:04Copy HTML

 I checked out the meggings website,  some of their stuff is to extreme with the colors patterns for my taste.  I would tights or meggings in other social situations, if it became more mainstream other than working out and wearing them afterwards around town doing errands.
Chantelle4both #411

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/16/2014 05:27:37Copy HTML

 It's cool that this thread has had the longevity that it has, obviously many of us (male and female) have a lot of experiences & opinions on the subject. After checking out the Lena Quist and Tendenze sites it really clarified my own sense of style in this area. While I'd be 100% comfortable wearing that stuff to the local fetish night here in Vancouver on a Saturday night, it's not the sort of style I'd be wearing on a street or trail run or having a coffee at Starbucks afterwards.
I think what I've discovered by the range of responses here is that there is quite the continuum of tastes. Some guys exercise tights choices are "all black/all function/fit in at all costs" whereas others really get bold and push the envelope for colours, cuts, and materials. 
As usual I take some from column A and column B. Being in quite good shape, I know I look better than half of the females that wear Lululemon, so when I pair a my Groove Crops with a loose t/shirt and maybe a running jacket my look "fits in" to the point where, at least I, feel comfortable. (and nope, never any negative comments). 
As far as "showing junk" is concerned, as always I think it depends on the context. As I sit here in a coffee shop, with a mother and her five year old daughter sitting across from me, I feel quite secure in my Adidas Capri Tights knowing that my Calvin Klein underwear are smoothing out my @@@@@@ head, and instead, there is just a slight "masculine bulge."

Finally, a quick shopping tip. Adidas factory outlets have a new men's full-length compression tight. Sort of a grey with a funky zebra type pattern on the calves. Although they may be designed as a recovery tight they are great for running in. The material is just a touch shiny and close to being sheer ~ a sensual middle ground between 20 denier pantyhose and Underarmour Heatgear. 
BJR #412

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/19/2014 04:50:43Copy HTML

I always run with a thong under my running tights with no complaints from anyone. The best ones are from Andrew Christian and makes your bum look good and no chafing .
Chantelle4both #413

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/20/2014 02:41:29Copy HTML

 Agreed! A. Christian makes some pretty fun stuff. Also, if you are into bum enhancement you might want to try PUMP. They do a great job of rounding the bum, and in a pair of thinner material tights makes for a great look and feel.
pkthong #414

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/22/2014 02:56:44Copy HTML

 I wear  black or dark blue tights sometimes when working out at the gym. I wear a regular work out type of shirt (wicking material)with them. My trainer; a very buff and intimidating looking fellow(actually a very cool dude) and the manager and other trainers have seen me in them. They are all late 20's to early 30's and no one has made a comment one way or another but I have not seen any other male in anything but standard attire.
 So yesterday my trainer was showing the fousey video referenced in the above post to me and others. I had not seen it before and I was  not the one who told him about it. I was glad that I was not wearing tights at the time that would have felt weird. What struck me more than anything was the general attitude that " You're a dude and should not be wearing those". Although it was kind of funny it did make me feel self concious.
mack_back #415

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/22/2014 06:24:33Copy HTML

Think your trainer wanted to send you a message about tights Showing the video i believe your referencing the yoga tights prank. 
Suppose you laughed at the video but feelings overcome the imaturity of the reaction. Tight fitness clothes on a male is not suitable and a joke.
It is what people have trouble grasping seeing a male attired like the video portrayed.
Hate the innuendo what your trainer did. If he was a man telling you, yo dude your wearing leggings, whats wrong with you? You probably be offended or shamed into stop wearing tights.
 Myself wearing leggings women often stare thinking the same or telling others about my attire looking too feminine. 
My advice leave them alone. Your haters are no friend and wear what you like in the face of adversity.
 I keep quite and avoid judgemental people. Yet when someone who i feel so infatuated with spouts out to others negative labels, it hurts as if their turning a knife in my heart. Difficult to get over the assumptions she feels about me, only because i love her too much. My insticts was to stay away from her because i knew she wasn 't the type accept male wearing provactive clothes. Have to learn the hard way putting my feelings out vulnerably and get trampled on to her delight.
While it doesn't hurt when a stranger i don't respect mocks my clothing. Although it does remind the sting i feel from a women i respect puts me down in front of people in a  horrible actions and words.
pkthong #416

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/23/2014 02:55:55Copy HTML

 I don't think there was any "innuendo"(an Italian suppository){ha}. I think they were boys being boys and I may have read into it too much.

I don't wear them regularly so I will cont. To throw them in the mix.
@Mack: your use of the words"infatuation","love",and,"respect" in the above post about a person who seems to have no respect for you is misguided.No person is worth admiration who blatantly mocks you! Sorry for highjacking the topic but I've been there and it took years of soul searching to figure that out.
mack_back #417

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:03/23/2014 11:48:51Copy HTML

@pkthong Thanks for the advice but you can't stop what the heart wants even though i should of known better.
FYI she openly critiques my attire because of this it's a deal  breaker for her like so many perfect females say when they look, laughingly. Forget about telling her i wear thongs, running tights or avid beach nudist. She won't even acknowledge my presence, purposely, telling others i told you so, he's a freak. Today she wouldn't look upon me as she was leaving work, together with her best friend.  Seeing her stoic and only the girlfriend had a big smiling grin looking upon me, knowing my ears were on fire.

NcknameInUse #418

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/06/2014 04:12:08Copy HTML

 My love of tights and leggings is older than my love of thongs. As much as I have taken thonging to an extreme by wearing them in all kinds of situations and environments I still can't wear them as everyday attire. At least not on their own!Leggings however can be worn as everyday clothing. So I do.
Recently I discovered American Apparel, who's online store has a dazzling range of shiny and patterned leggings. Not the cheapest but generally great quality. Although my wife doesn't particularly like me wearing such feminine leggings, particularly as I get older, I'm having a ball!
It's getting that I wear leggings almost daily. I get comments, mostly positive, and enjoy the attention. It's not just that I'm wearing leggings so much as the fabrics I choose and the rest of my outfits which are androgynous to say the least!!  
On a lone outing at a large Mall recently I was wearing latex leggings and T shirt all highly polished and some killer heels. A woman who seemed to be following me for a while caught my eye. As I turned to look at her she came over to me and apologised for bothering me "but you look amazing!" she told me. "I wish more people......people just need to....Oh...I'm sorry...". She was totally stuck for words but was obviously appreciative of my attire.I felt great. She wandered off before I could even thank her properly. I had hoped she would hang round a while and tell me why she liked my outfit so much but she seemed embarrassed by the attention she was giving me. 
In all my years of public thonging I've never had an encounter like that. Perhaps that's why I'm so blase about thonging, I realise that I can turn more heads by wearing more clothes than less! Sometimes when out and about in leggings I hear people say "...and he's wearing a THONG!" The best of both worlds :) 
I'm awaiting a shipment of shiny pink, shiny red and metallic blue/pink shimmer leggings from American Apparel. So it's going to be leggings heaven for me and I don't care what people think :)
Running tights don't get much attention these days. They're quite common on male runners now so I need to spice up my running wardrobe. Having experimented with running out on the roads wearing only a thong and fitted vest, I'm thinking of trying some lace or fine mesh tights over the thong to see how that looks. If it goes well I'll give it a go as everyday wear too.

mack_back #419

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:04/18/2014 10:13:37Copy HTML

I'm of the opinion leggings should be worn during athletic activities nothing more. Yet i realize their are type of leggings such as latex, shiny, velvet leather fabric that are not practical for workouts but can be used as evening wear where appropriate. Wearing latex leggings at the mall and in killer heels is cause for some to criticize. Don't get me wrong i too wear jeggings or skin tight denim waxed or what not, with a bit of a stacked heel. Yes, i get stared upon from females looking at my shoes or jeans be i wear flared or super skinnies. Reactions sometimes are funny seeing or hearing women comment shockingly to others saying, "i have the same color blouse button down shirt as he is wearing. While i try to act oblivious and confident while they stand staring at me so seriously or with a confused look about them.

While you may had a women comment positively towards your clothing, sometimes their is a reason for this. In my case people have heard strangers bad mouth my attire and respondents to my haters laughs or remarks, defending me in arguments without my knowledge. Never has someone comment i look amazing in  leggings or what i wear, be it fear i may get the wrong idea from them. Sometimes a women may hear ridicule upon another person being obese, clothing choice, appearance and it strikes a nerve of sympathy encouraging the victim that all the negativity you hear isn't valid. So they say nice things to you hoping it may put on a smile on your face and not get depressed  no matter how you look. Often when i see women styled in goth clothes, nose rings, piercings, tattoos they tend to be more open minded and complimentary appreciative towards males attired differently then the norm, saying that's cool.  

Recently i was working out in some obvious unique,  female printed capri tights from LuluLemon doing roman chair leg lifts. While a pilates instructor in her mid 50's  finished her class walking by me. She said in that unique proper english accent, "SIR! those are some FANCY pants your wearing". I was about to stop to chat but kept doing my repetitions out of breath, muttering enough air out of my fatigued lungs saying, Thanks! Suppose it was some sort of positive compliment being she could of ignored me thinking i was insane to wear such tights as so many do. Usually silence speaks louder, knowing they prefer not waste energy talking to me. Knowing through experience most women are repulsed at the notion of a man wearing similar tights but female ones to boot, forget about it calling me a freak. Previously seeing the pilates instructor a week ago while she entered for a class. She slightly smirked upon passing me when entering the studio while not saying a word. While i had on different capri tights on then my printed one's that got her to make a remark. While she made the remark to me i smiled hesitating thinking she wanted to chat but also looked surprised that all i said was simply thanks. Which brings me to think it wasn't a compliment from her at all but a statement to get me talking about why on earth would i wear such pants. Surmising at how she was attired in loose plain black cotton pants and shirt made me believe she isn't a believer in spandex clothing as athletic gear. Knowing she has pure English heritage and older makes me think that bold, flashy provocative clothing isn't her thing. At the very least she found me unappealing, being the culture is very conservative, thus saying the word "fancy" in her statement and addressing me as Sir. Most probability she found me not appropriately attired in the tights i wore because of my gender. Doubt the words fancy and Sir don't match up making her asume i certainly have to be gay why else would i wear them? As we all know clothes makes us choose our sexual preference. 
Chantelle4both #420

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/22/2014 02:28:32Copy HTML

 I agree, those comments in no way meant to be complementary, but it is HER problem, not yours. You sound that you look fabulous and of course FEEL fabulous, so go for it!
Chantelle4both #421

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/22/2014 02:45:27Copy HTML

 Just changing the topic a little bit here, has anybody else tried wearing men's yoga pants? Quite the opposite of form fitting they are quite loose fitting, but in a stylish/funky sort of way, and, believe it or not, they make your butt feel amazing!! Paired with a thong they are quite a sensual experience, especially while walking down the street. In Canada, Mountain Equipment Co-op has a pretty good selection as a starting point.
JM_Runs #422

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/22/2014 07:54:58Copy HTML

 I love tights as well. I do like men's leggings in Nike and Eastbay because they fit very tight and feel amazing, but for the most part I find that women's tights fit me better because I am slim. I wear them almost daily to run in and to run errands in with a thong underneath and find that I hardly get any stares from others. I also have a few pairs of bamboo ones that are tie dyed and some nylon tights that you can see my thong through if I bend over. I do not mind this at all though. I figure I have the body for them and most women wear them in public anyway with their thongs showing so why can't I . At times I will even wear thick footed ballet tights because I find them very comfortable. I think it is time that society breaks out of their mindset of baggy clothes and accepts those that wish to wear something more form fitting and comfortable. 
mack_back #423

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/23/2014 01:58:17Copy HTML

Wear it when you can until your body says know. 
You got it right with woman attiring black leggings on every street corner you might as well. 
Worn leggings once to a grocery store and i got smiles coming in and as i checked out. Woman notice these things and if you see them being amused or smile you get a pass. If not try not to force things in fashion.
Although i prefer wearing jegging jeans at least then i got a spot to put my keys and wallet or loose change.One time wearing such tight jeans one female store clerk followed me to an aisle getting a closer look. When checking out she stared upon me and clerk cashing me out smirked upon her fellow co-worker.
Happy_Thonger #424

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/23/2014 03:36:49Copy HTML

I found it interesting that guys in running tights are an issue ANYWHERE anymore! Here is Australia we have a national game called Aussie Rules Football. On the nightly news there is always coverage of teams training and it is normal to see the guys in their various brands of running tights. When popular athletes are openly wearing and training in them, the main stream tends to follow suit and accept them. 
Personally my favorite are Skinz:

I wear them every day and happily go shopping or stop at a cafe post workout wearing them. No problem. No issue. 100% acceptance. Wife loves them. Mates wear them. I love them. Life is good. 
BarelyCovered #425

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/23/2014 09:58:22Copy HTML

 I own black tights from 2XU and 2 pairs of white! tights from Reebok. I personally like the 2XU for the fit but my newest reebok tights for the look.

Here in sweden there is no problem wearing tights when working out. I can remember that I got some laughs when I was in the army during 2008 (20yr old) when I had black nike tights on for running, but it was later no big deal.  But I can remember when I was going outside the bas for a  5 km run when our Major saw me and said that I looked fast. I wore a tight long sleeve top.

Look in my profile for a picture of me wearing my white tights at my gym.

John Howard #426

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/23/2014 09:21:15Copy HTML

 Agree.....Skins the best.  
Have you tried the A200 series, almost as good as A400 but more affordable.
bbyrne78 #427

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/26/2014 09:25:56Copy HTML

The last few days have been unseasonably cold. On tuesday and yesterday, the wind was bracing and for the first time this year, not one gym goer wore shorts. Everyone from instructors to the clients were wearing compression tights. No one felt the need to wear shorts over their tights either.

I am trying a new style I have not worn before - Orca. Known for their triathlon gear, these are pretty nice, but they don't offer the kind of compression like the 2XU Elite compression tights. The good news, you don't need 3 minutes to put them on.

I am wearing them instead of the yoga crops at the moment and love the reflective piping. I do wish they had pockets though...

Love Bren
John Howard #428

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/26/2014 12:54:10Copy HTML

 Bren you are right about Orca I have a pair of compression pants I bought a few years ago; they are more tights than actual compression, and yes mine were easy to put on due to zips at the ankle......  not quite that good product I think.
Im with you regarding wearing shorts on top of tights;  I never do it.   Some guys do it at the gym,  I think it looks a bit weird and draws attention on a perfectly normal part of the person's anatomy the glutes and groin which are perfectly normal and nothing to feel embarrassed of...... I think it says of the man wearing shorts on top ' im more of a shy boy' rather 'im a condident man'
JM_Runs #429

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/26/2014 06:53:50Copy HTML

When I lived in the Caribbean one of the ways we could tell from a distance if a woman came from North America (  US or Canada ), or was from somewhere else in the world, like Europe or South America, was a distinctly North American habit of wearing shorts over the swimsuit while on the beach.  One would almost never catch a woman from the rest of the world wearing shorts over a one-piece swimsuit, that was very uncommon. One would occasionally find a woman From somewhere else in the world wearing shorts as a cover-up over a thong swimsuit when going off the beach - But it was only the women from North America who regularly put on shorts over the top of their bikini or one-piece swimsuit.

I agree, shorts over the top of running tights looks just a tad ridiculous.

bbyrne78 #430

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/27/2014 10:43:49Copy HTML

I have worn shorts over a pair of tights before, just as I have worn shorts over a one piece swimsuit at the beach. The reason is POCKETS!!!!! The original compression tights by Skins, 2XU, Nike PRO and Adidas didn't have pockets for keys, credit cards and change. When I was given a test pair of 2XU tights in the early 00's, the only feedback I gave them was that with tights this good and form fitting, they needed some pockets for the stuff you need when leaving the house.

Same with wearing shorts over a swimsuit, sometimes pockets are really handy. I'll ask the guys here, I have worn a long skirt over a one piece swimsuit and worn that while out at restaurants, bars and out shopping. Isn't that the same as wearing shorts over a swimsuit?

Love Bren
gradstudch #431

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/27/2014 04:46:07Copy HTML

 I am trying to find men's running tights that are either shorts or 3/4 length. There are several options but I would like a clean back. Most that I find has a zipper pocket or padding or seams or lines going through the glute area either horizontally or vertically. I want simple plain back and preferably low rise. Any suggestions?
JM_Runs #432

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/27/2014 05:24:36Copy HTML

 bbyrne78, - Pockets!   I agree pockets are very useful.
The first exercise were to really have pockets that were functional were triathlon tops with pockets in the center of the back, and Marathon shorts with back pockets for gels and stuff. Now a lot more exercise wear, especially the shorts made for women, have a zippered pocket in the rear of the waistband. Not very big, but big enough the keys or money. 

A lot of "short shorts" do have front pockets but the not very functional because every time you sit down the empty the contents. Noun again I find a good pair of shorts with two reasonably sized side pockets mounted outboard on the hips. Now that many people carry a large screen phone that they don't want to put in their back pocket for fear of sitting on it and it breaking, and the slide out of front pockets when they sit down, I don't know why they don't make the more shorts with pockets on either side of the hips, preferably with closures.

Because I live in a tropical town, often go to local places on my bicycle, and currently don't affect conditioning in my car, I don't like to go around town in long cargo shorts just so I can have pockets for my keys wallet and phone.

No I don't think wearing a long skirt over a one-piece swimsuit is a tall the same.  A long skirt of a one-piece swimsuit is a very elegant combination which even works for dinner out in the evenings.  

No I think the issue with wearing shorts over one-piece swimsuit for American women at the beach is not that they need the pockets. They've often set up an umbrella and chair, and established a base on the beach. The reason many them wear the shorts is because they're extraordinarily embarrassed about the bums. 
Seam_Stress #433

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/27/2014 07:00:33Copy HTML

 JM (and others) -

One solution to pockets is arm bags, if you don't like belt pouches and don't want something flapping around (I *hate* the term "fanny pack").  They slip on or are held on by velcro, and can be worn on the forearm or upper arm.  I wear two - on the left arm to play MP3s through the speaker (without headphones, for safety), and on the right I keep my keys, ID card and emergency cash.  You can also get wrist wallets which are durable enough to swim with.




As for built-in pockets on tights, the idea of a zippered pocket on the thigh sounds great at first.  But if the stuff you carry has any weight (e.g. metal keys), it's going to bounce in your pocket as you run or ride and maybe damage the material.  I absolutely hated pockets inside at the waist.  

Some tights have pockets at the back centre, but again, if items are bulky or a bad shape, it can get irritating very fast.  My aparment key is huge, and I need a keyfob to get in the building.  It definitely doesn't fit in the tights I have with pockets.

Here are some Black Milk tights with pockets, though I doubt they're your style.  The built-in hip pockets on these are appealing to me:



I love the pairs I already have, they're really well made and I love the shock value of the muscle print leggings.

Chantelle4both #434

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:06/29/2014 03:35:00Copy HTML

 If you are looking for 3/4 length tights for men, Pearl Izumi makes them with pockets.
They come in both summer and winter fabrics.
jefferski #435

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/08/2014 01:02:26Copy HTML

As rosemke mentioned above, Lululemon has at times made men's leggings.  A few of the guys in my 3x weekly bootcamp (hosted outside) wear them in cooler weather.  A couple weeks ago I stopped into a Lululemon store in NYC to see if they had any now.  They didn't and I asked the associate to confirm.  He said they didn't but started heading toward the women's section.  He told me that one of the male employees wore the Run: Inspire Crop II to teach spinning in.

(To see the all black one, click on the first all black square the color selections, where it says choose a colour)

He told me it wasn't that unusual and said they're worth a shot to try on.  He correctly picked a size 10 on the first attempt.  I tried them on and they fit great, I especially liked the mesh behind the knees, and in all black, they look pretty similar to a guys item. 

My concern is that as I've been paying attention since then, that model is fairly popular with girls in the area.  My main concern is that they'll be easily identified as a women's item, which is not my objective, and seems to resonate with others on this thread.  It seems like the biggest tip-off is the location of the logo on the calf area of the leg, but i can't recall where the logo sat on the men's model tights.  Does anyone know where the logo on the men's one was?  Any other insight?
mack_back #436

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/08/2014 01:40:02Copy HTML

 As for mens i believe the logo id is larger and at the waistband back pocket. They never made crop tights for men and some running male tights had it on the thigh as well. 
 I prefer not having their logo showing taking pain staking efforts to remove it from the waistband and tank tops. Having logo on the lower calf is a tell tail sign your wearing female tights, so what. 

Many believe guy in tights is wearing female ones already. So if they fit and comfortable why not. Only suggestion is buy the luxtreme crops that have the logo at the waistband. With a longer shirt nobody will notice except for the wider waistband or low rise style. Wearing many lulu styles colors and prints it doesn't matter if they are woman's.  Nobody dares to say oh my god! Is those tights lululemon, they already know why ask me. 
Only one or two guys asked where i buy my tights. Just told him online and directed him to the uk websites. In the uk most. brands make male crop tights more then in the U.S. 
Don't fret it all is unisex clothing, try the socks or lulu thongs if you can fit 

Only thing you should focus on is your workout. Beyond that everything doesn't matter. If everyone had to judge peoples  fashion sense working out your not eager to exercise , your mind is somewhere else. Set aside peoples agendas what your wearing or others wear. Fixate on being nimble and comfortable and happy. Some guys like to wear riped tank tops and old denim cargo shorts with flip flops. Whatever motivates the best workout you can do regardless what your wearing is success. Stop worrying and Just do it!  
People look upon me as odd. Yet i'm not their to model or  display my body for everyones approval. I workout and get out not lingering to pose having people take in my greatness. Not expected someone to bow down saying those are some fancy pants you got on. Yet i know their is envy and belittlement what i wear. While i take pride in my choice of workout attire it doesn't effect my performance, and people notice. Many stay away don't get involved, leave him be. He takes his workouts seriously so don't bother greatness in action. At least i think positively about myself taking care what i look like, unique. If people don't approve doesn't matter their not the ones lifting, pulling, running, cycling or swimming. What matters is how i feel in the clothes i wear. Mental state is important with exercise not just physical movements. If "you look marvelous" doesn't matter how you feel. Quote Fernando. When i look in a womans eyes i see my reflection on how marvelous i look in tights. 
JM_Runs #437

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/08/2014 05:46:05Copy HTML

 Jefferski, - Just wear them with confidence. There is not much diffrence between the men's or women's tights.  When in all black for all practical uses they are unisex. There are several manufactures who make the exact same thing and just change the label from inches to numbers when selling it to the women. 

It is often the women who are more concerned that people might think them "butch" for wearing men's clothing, so the manufactures add something when making the women's version, like a purple trim, a small dart of colored fabric, or in the Lulumon case offer a different color waist band in feminine colors to make the women feel more comfortable.  But when all black it is basically the same as the men's, so tey are for who ever wears them. 

If you wear them with confidence nobody is going to think you are strange. Nobody is going to notice, unless they fit you so well they think "I got to ask him what brand that is so I can get a pair too." 
Chantelle4both #438

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/09/2014 03:38:18Copy HTML

 Some cool, follow~up posts here  =-)
I agree that the # 1 factor in "pulling off" wearing full-length or capri length running tights while in public has to do with confidence. If you "just do it" and get on with your workout, or, whatever it is, (today, mine is doing e/mail at Starbucks) things will be cool.
Confidence takes time and experience to nurture. There is NO way, that I could have comfortably worn in public (at the gym, on the road, on the trails, at the coffee shop) what I do now, without numerous, exciting, intimidating, "baby-steps" along the way. 
Part of my confidence also has to do with the colour/cut/pattern of the tights.There are some that I have purchased and have not wore out because they are a bit "too much." My most comfortable tights are black/blue/grey (my fave is grey) with a loose fitting calf. The Lululemon Groove Crops are great if you can get them, they are reversible, so you don't have to show the LL symbol if you don't want to.
I have got a pair of those Run Inspire Crops. They feel and look amazing (while running, and while NOT running). There is NO WAY this should be just for females. Other brands that do a great job of looking great, as well as feeling wonderful on long runs are North Face and also Roxy. Under Armour stuff can be hit and miss, some of the fabrics that they use don't have as much of a sexy and comfortable feeling to them, for example the original Heat Gear Capri. Great compression, but not so great for looks (as they compress the butt TOO much).
bbyrne78 #439

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/13/2014 04:10:37Copy HTML

For all of those Australians who are looking for 3/4 length mens tights, I spotted some Under Armour Combine Compression tights at Rebel Sport. Andrew was not too impressed with the colours and the cut ("they're way too long for 3/4s!!"). What he did like was the 1/4 zip long sleeve running tops.

I have a couple of Under Armour tights and tops. I really like their hoodies and I find their sizing a bit strange where the fit is a little too generous and I need to size down to XS. Then the length is too short and feels more like a 7/8 length than a full length.

Love Bren
bbyrne78 #440

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/14/2014 09:57:13Copy HTML

One of the dudes from my Crossfit box experienced everyone's worst nightmare this evening: his compression tights failed.

A couple of things when it comes with compression tights:

- Always inspect them for busted seams and small tears and rips. If the seams and rips are in stress points, you might want to retire them;

- If you have "sized down", good for you. But if you have sized down and put on some weight, you might want to get a pair where you didn't size down for use until you get back into shape; and

- If you are going to wear, you might want to wear a thong, compression boxer or jock underneath.

My lifting buddy Wes, was doing Murph (1.6km run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, 1.6km run). Normally you'd do your squats without a bar, but for some reason Wes was feeling really good about himself and did it with a bar and 50lbs. Anyone who has done Murph works out pretty quickly that the run is easy and so are the pullups, what sucks is the last 50 push ups and the last 100 squats.

Anyways, Wes' 2xu tights split after about 80 squats and instead of stopping he kept going for another 30 squats. By this time the boys were rollin' in a convertible and getting a lot of air. Wes didn't miss a beat he took off his shirt and tied it around his waist and kept going. He did thankfully stop before the last run.

The lesson is this, wear something under your compression tights at least you don't have to stop your workout prematurely.

Love Bren

John Howard #441

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/21/2014 12:00:46Copy HTML

 That's a funny story, brave man to keep on going even knowing this compression pants had an accident;   obviously a very focused gym person who preferred to finish his tough routine than to become prudish;  I reckon I would have done the same;   Bren you mean 'the boys' in the front were the ones getting some air?.... well that could change the degree of courage,  I would probably care if were those boys in the front rather than the cheeks at the back,  everyone can see my glutes on the beach when I sunbake anyhow.

I tried once to wear nothing under compression pants and I didn't like it.   Too much rubbing and movement are not my cup of tea.   I always wear a thong underneath, but yeah,  better to prevent and have at least a pair of extra pants in the gym bag to put on in case an accident happens.

I used to have a pair of 2XUs and I noticed that the fabric lost its compression after some time.   I prefer Skins any day.

John Howard #442

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/21/2014 12:51:16Copy HTML

yesterday I took my son to his footy game;  there were 3 dads wearing Skins or similar compression pants,  the 3 of them were wearing shorts on top of the pants!        WTF???      I do not understand it,  why is such big shame on most men to show their bums, or their front, or both...   it's becoming a bit of paranoia to the point that I start to believe that if I wear my pants short-less, I will become the sinner who everyone will be talking about.      All the footy players who wear compression pants wear them plain, no shorts on top,  that is obvious every evening when the news are on;    
I'm not sure if it was shame of the bum or shame of the front;    I usually wear a jacket on top that covers 1/3 to 1/2 of the bum, and a bumbag with the pocket side in the front that covers the crotch.     And because the footy games and training sessions of my son can be a ground for talking of mums and dads that could affect my boy ( I mean what if I become known as the 'dad who likes to show off his bum' and then the kids start to pick on my little one), therefore I'm starting to think of using the philosophy of "do what you see where you go to not get into trouble" and follow the silly  trend of wearing a stupid pair of shorts on top,  actually not I would rather put on a plain track suit pants on top ;  anyhow the end of the season is about to come and then I would just follow my usual style.

It still puzzles me this shyness on most men who follow this trend,  it shows some insecurity in my opinion.   Lets wait for the footy season to finish so I can resume my contribution to try to change the trend;   no shorts on top.

Regarding the lack of pockets,  the bumbag does it for me.  It fits my wallet, car keys and mobile phone perfectly;    Somebody I know said to me that the bumbag looks daggy;   it might be true but it works for me.    It also keeps my pants from running down because it works as a virtual belt.    

abadonmi #443

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/21/2014 04:04:42Copy HTML

 John, that's the American way. So common in the USA to see guys running in tights with shorts over them. Friends from abroad can't understand this phenomenon either...
AVBW21 #444

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/21/2014 05:52:57Copy HTML

I wear my Skinz A18 tights to and from yoga and gym, definitely not wearing anything longer than my bum, I just wear compression tops and all my outfits from top to down are skin tight. You can see my package from the front, and my butt from behind, without any coverage. I don't like black colour so my tights are turquiose, blue or light grey, and I just wear thong underneath, you can easily see my thong outline when walking. I take the bus and underground, cross busy streets and no one seem to have any questions of how I dressed. Some of the women even look at my package and when I look into their eyes they will soon look to another way, that's a very exciting experience. Come one every man, you should have the rights to wear what you like and just like female can wear yoga pants going anywhere. It is not illegal to wear tights without short shorts cover up, and I am really on my way to workout !
bbyrne78 #445

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/21/2014 09:57:45Copy HTML


The boys were in the front... Poor Wes, someone had taken a camera phone photo and posted it on the guy's changing room door at the box. Not sure why anyone would want to bust his b@lls that way. I only hope that Wes gets a couple of dates as a result of his embarrassment.

I like Skins but since my triathlon team is sponsored by 2xu I love getting stuff for free. In terms of compression I love the Adidas techfit stuff which has the compression bands the support you get makes you feel like a superhero. The only downside is that with flash photography the stuff is pretty see-thru.

Love Bren
mack_back #446

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/21/2014 01:54:45Copy HTML

AVBW21 you have a good attitude wearing what you want. As you i like to mix up my colors, black is over used and can be so bland wearing them to workout day after day. 
Unfortunately i don't wear tights to and from my workouts. Now i just wear them while i cycle outdoors in lulu crop lux. Yes i get stared upon woman sometimes laugh seeing me across the intersection waiting for the street light to change. Only difference between how women dress and how i wear my crop tights is running shoes rather then thong flip flops that i see so many have on cyling or walking.

Only reason i may wear black crop tights is wearing a hot neon color tank that doesn't clash. Most crops are heathered gray, neon blue, seamless in flow crop II heathered inkwell, luon gingham white, soot black camo denim etc... Yes i wear short fushia pink compressed tanks showing off my incredible bulge and bum. 

Had a family older relative late 50's seeing me wearing my black lux lulu crop tights. She commented saying, " look at you, in those tight pants you have on, huh, huh seeing that your showing off your tiny tush cheeks, to be seen aha". Think she just made an observation thinking outloud as so many of my female relatives do not filtering what see, as i was arriving from my bike ride from the beach..  Yet i know she is very conservative woman but tried to be as polite as possible considering never seeing me in tights. She is the type and her sister big busted 38DD and 36C to really flaunt their cleavage in peekaboo tops her less so now being older then her younger ex-model sister (yes! i know their bust size, go figure don't ask). That is why she believes everyone has a reason wearing what we do. 
In tights i'm adverising my bum, speedos my package, tight spanks dress tops, spaghetti string very revealing low cut tanks showing entire breast cleavage up to her aeroles, once in awhile showing her protruding big hard nipples wearing a lace bra underneath some thin fabric.
 Everything we wear is a motivation or reason  at least that what she believes and shown in the past, present.  
Don't think she got a view of my bulge which i know will sooner or later will bring up a remark about it, pretty sure knowing how that will go. Doesn't help she and her sister like to gossip and have married female friends who are size queens. So i need to be cautious knowing her friends will jump at the chance knowing my bulge size. Once at her grandchilds baptism her married friend groped my cousins package under the table only because he boasted jokingly metaphorically elluded to his penis size.

 She always comments on my suntan, jealously compares her's, when she arrives from a Caribbean vacation in the summer no doubt. Asking me how i get so dark comparing herself. Always asking where i tan, which local beach. Never do i tell her the truth of my nudist lifestyle or location. Once she asked to show my tanlines luckily back then i had some. Once she told alarming story on her beach vacation seeing a priest in a speedo. Such a conservative woman i have ever met and a lot of hangups about stuff swimwear provocative clothes etc... 
As you sometimes wearing tight leggings jeans commuting on the train standing woman can't help notice my bulge. Often standing over them while they sit at eye level i notice their various reactions. Sometimes they look away nervously putting their hands through their hair while peaking time to time. Very fun indeed. 

Chantelle4both #447

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/21/2014 02:42:21Copy HTML

 Hi bby, I think when AVBW is referring to HIS tights, he is referring to the SKINZ brand, which is more, um "out there/fetishy" than the Australian compression brand Skins (that I wear often while running). 
Is that correct AV - if so, wow, you are making me feel prudish. 
I also like the feel of the adidas tights, I have a few pair and 2 are full-length which are designed for recovery, the capris are activewear, and are quite shiny, if any guys want to try something in a capri for "enhancement" (performance, not looks) Asics has these http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/ASW4445/mens-asics-leg-balance-knee-tight/
They are all business, that is for running, and not lounging around, as they focus on compressing, NOT comfort. They do however look quite cool!
Finally, if you are interested, Puma makes a very interesting compression tight in an awesome colour. May want to check out their website!
AVBW21 #448

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/21/2014 06:28:33Copy HTML

Yes totally right, I was referring to US brand SKINZ with the Z. They look less athletic and they are without the seams and lines of stitches across your inner and outer thighs or the middle of your butt, of course no zipped small pockets at the back, they are just a pair of leggings and yet they are quite well made. They do not lose a lot of compression after regular wearing (I own 4 pairs) for three years. If you choose to wear single colour you will show a bit more, I received a few compliments from trainers saying , ' you always have good colour pants!' And it's true that 70% of people in the gym or yoga class wear black or navy or dark grey.

John Howard #449

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/23/2014 01:13:33Copy HTML

 Hi Bren, interesting your good review about the Adidas Techfit stuff;  went online and found a pair of pants called Adidas Techfit Cool Tights SS14, and a long sleeve top called the same;   they don't have the support bands that you mention;  or maybe they are not obvious as other Adidas Techfit pants I saw on the internet previously....

Wanted to ask you, how do these pants and top rate as compared to Skins and 2XU?    would the sizes be the same?   I noticed the 2XU tops were a bit to loose on the waist;  I am Medium size in Pants and Long size on the tops.

The pants  look different, they have a horizontal blue band at the back of the knees;  anyway I might give them  a try to see how good compression do they give;  besides the price seems to be quite affordable.

Adidas is a brand with a good reputation;  don't know however how good might they be in the compression department.   (I saw some Nike compression stuff at Rebel Sport, and even the sales attendant said that compression was not Nike's cup of tea, unlike 2XU and Skins)


bbyrne78 #450

Re:Running tights.

Date Posted:07/23/2014 11:53:19Copy HTML


The specific Adidas Techfit tights I was referring to is the Adidas Techfit Powerweb. Here's the link to the men's version.


The only problem is that they are now SAO - Sponsored Athlete Only these days. I think because they were really expensive to make and retailed for about $180 AUD. I had a secret stash of the women's version (a totally different cut, not just a smaller version of the men's style) from 2010 which I really like. I know that Adidas have made a lower cost option which are pretty good (Adidas Sprintweb tights) but don't offer the level of compression and support the powerweb tights give.

To answer your question on compression in comparison with Skins and 2xu. I like 2xu better than Skins for the simple and totally superficial point that I think I look much better in 2xu stuff than I do in Skins stuff. I am able to size down with 2xu stuff than what I can with Skins gear. If I was paying for my stuff, I'd get the Adidas stuff ahead of the Skins stuff for the simple reason that it is close to half the price. It might not last as long, but for half the price it does not need to be.

The Adidas techfit tops fit small. I am normally a small and when putting on my Adidas compression tops, it takes a few minutes to put on. I'm no whale, but it is one of the smallest small size I have ever worn. The cause is the support bands, they are not as elastic as the compression fabric.

My Triathlon team is sponsored by 2xu so I really can't give fully objective review. I like their stuff and their compression tri-suits are really fast. They are also my go to travel clothing for long haul flights - a 2xu multi sport hoodie, Nike Element half zip top, 2xu compression tights and Nike free shoes. Never had a problem getting into restaurants and hotel bars wearing that stuff.

Hope this helps.

Love Bren
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