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Date Posted:03/20/2013 05:04:50Copy HTML

I happened to in the Miami area for the first time Monday & Tuesday. The weather was kind of crappy for laying out on South Beach with clouds and occasional showers, but I did have a chance to pay a visit to Russian & Turkish Baths in Miami Beach on both days ... and I'm so glad I did!!!

I absolutely LOVE this place. Only got to spend about 4 hours there each day, but wish I could have stayed all 12 hours it was open. The facility is definitely thong-friendly. The owner and many workers are from Russia and are probably used to seeing minimal suits. I emailed them a month ago asking if clothing was optional and if not whether thongs were OK. Their response was a swimsuit was required but what type of suit we want to wear is entirely up to us.

So on Monday I wore a standard Skinz swim thong unlined. Absolutely no issues. On Tuesday I wore my smallest suit which is a Skinz Roman g-string unlined. Again, there were no issues, no complaints, rude comments or anything. None of the other patrons or workers even batted an eye. It felt so great & free to walk around the place in just a g-string, even in the juice bar. I even stood in the hallway at one point talking with one of the female massage therapists for like 15 minutes wearing just a g-string while others walked by. I also took turns with this one girl pouring cold water on each other. It was so cool. Next time I may try for a slightly sheer g-string.

As for the other patrons, despite the thong-friendliness of the facility, I didn't see much else in the way of minimal suits. All of the other guys wore board shorts. On the women I noticed a few rio/thongs, but a majority of the women wore standard suits. However, probably half the people there were foreigners who didn't speak English, so as I said above nobody cared about my suit ... after all it is in Miami Beach! I did notice two women, one very old and one good-looking younger woman, who were topless but very discreet. I didn't get to see their breasts, since they walked around with a small towel covering their chest. Presumably once in one of the saunas they would remove the cover to sit on the towel, but neither woman stayed for very long. Overall there were more men there than women, but only by about a 60/40 ratio. There were enough good looking women there to keep my eyes happy. Of the women there roughly 50% were with a guy, 40% were with a female friend, and the rest were single women by themselves.

OK, now the details on the facility. First, to find the place use the GPS in your car to get to the following address:  5445 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. There are no signs so you won't find it otherwise. Pull up to the hotel (Castle Beach Club) and use the Valet parking & tell them you're there to use the spa. The cost for the parking when you pick up the car will be only $4 when you have Russian & Turkish Baths validate your parking stub so it's a good deal. Just don't forget to ask them to validate your ticket when you leave the spa. To find the spa enter the hotel and walk down to the lower level. The spa will be at the end on the right. Operating hours are 12pm-12am. The price of entry is $35 ($28 by paypal purchased online in advance).

When you arrive at the spa you give them your valuables (wallet, keys, phone, etc.) and they put in a safe deposit box which can only be opened by the key they give you. All services you order are based on your key # and you pay when you check out. This includes drinks, massages, etc. I suggest you go to www.russianandturkishbaths.com as they have discounted prices you can get via paypal. Just be sure to print out the paypal receipt and give to them. Do not show them the email of the receipt on your phone, you must bring a paper printout.

Once inside you get changed and then enter the main spa. The first feature is the big salt-water jacuzzi tub with the waterfall. If you put your shoulders and back under the waterfall you'll get a great massage. After that the idea is to go hot then cold, rinse & repeat. You have a choice of about 6 hot saunas. Three of these are extremely hot and can burn yourself if not careful so be sure to lightly touch all surfaces you're going to lean on first. In the beginning I'd suggest spending no longer than a few minutes in the heat until you build up tolerance. After a hot sauna you can cool off in the ice tub or the polar bear sauna. There are also two hydrotherapy stations, one of which is the rain shower which you lay down on the mat and have the warm rain fall on your body. It's easy to spend a lot of time at this one station as it's my favorite. There's also a juice bar in addition to the Olympic pool & beach access. There's no method or madness to the order, just remember to alternate hot/cold so your body doesn't get over-heated.

One other thing to keep in mind is they have security cameras all over the place and they are shown live at the front desk so even guests checking in can see what's going on. So this is not one of those sleazy type of saunas where there's any kind of sexual activity or hookups going on. For the most part everyone just kept to themselves.

If you so visit this sauna while in Miami kindly report your findings! I'll be back for sure. Can't beat the price!

JM:  I thought with this facility being close to South Beach it may turn out to be popular enough in the future to warrant its own thread. However feel free to put it in the thread on thong-friendly saunas if you deem that to be a more appropriate home.
DoreFan #1

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:03/20/2013 07:09:27Copy HTML

Lindros, their website looks interesting! The girl in this pic is even wearing a (large) thong or brazillian back!  http://www.russianandturkishbaths.com/en/amenities/hydrotherapy/index.html I assume the clientele aren't all as gorgeous as the models in the pictures.....

lindros #2

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:03/21/2013 12:13:20Copy HTML

Actually, I would say that 65% the women that were at the spa were as pretty as the models in the photos, and in the two days I only saw maybe one "oversized" woman there. Like I said there was enough eye candy to please my eyes. I highly recommend a visit to this "Shvitz". Just wish they had one on the west coast of Florida where I live.
guyfiredup #3

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:03/24/2013 09:17:45Copy HTML

 Is there anything like this in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa Bay area?  Thanks in advance.
lindros #4

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:03/25/2013 01:06:48Copy HTML

I wish!!!

The only thing remotely close is the Shangri-La spa which is a Korean spa which is located near I-4 & I-75 in Tampa. You can visit their web site here for directions and info:

This is different from a Russian spa where everything in co-ed. At the Shangri-La the "wet" sections are gender segregated (men & women separate) and you must go totally nude. There is 1 hot tub, 1 cold tub, and 1 steam sauna and this section is fairly small.

There is a co-ed section that has two dry saunas which are actually very nice, a relaxation area, and a small cafe. In this section you must wear a uniform that they give you at the front desk. They are like pyjamas. There is also a very tiny swimming pool in the co-ed section where I haven't had any issues wearing a conservative thong; however, nobody ever seems to use it the times I've been there and the water is kind of chilly (~ room temperature low 70s).

However overall the experience at Shangri-La doesn't compare to Russian & Turkish Baths (RTB) in Miami. The facility of RTB is much bigger and there are much more attractive people there. In contrast at the Shangri-La most of the clients are Korean and if you're a guy you'll either see naked men or fully clothed women. Also there's more social interaction at RTB. Since Shangri-la has a high percent of Korean patrons, most of them speak solely in their native Korean language.

With cool temperatures this week in Florida I may head back to Russian & Turkish Baths later this week.
lindros #5

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:03/28/2013 03:21:58Copy HTML

Here's a short video of a young lady wearing a thong at the Russian & Turkish Baths.

I'm going to be back in the Miami area and will be at the "banya" Friday afternoon donning one of my g-strings!
lindros #6

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:03/31/2013 05:12:40Copy HTML

I was at Russian & Turkish baths again most of the day & night on Friday and then again on Saturday from mid-afternoon to mid-evening. Both days I wore a skinz roman g-string but the one I wore on Saturday was sheer and see-through when wet. Even though I was the only one in the place wearing a minimal suit (outside a few women who wore rio-style suits) it was well accepted and I even had some compliments from the russian ladies! Next time I'm in the area I may visit on a weekday early afternoon when it's slow and try to go nude. Even though some type of swim suit is technically required I've gotten to know the workers there enough (and have tipped some of them nicely) to where I may be able to get away with discreet nudity, especially since the patronage doesn't even care about my sheer g-string.

Since the weather was nice I also went to the beach right behind the bath house (which is around 54th street) and had no problem wearing a g-string there either. Amazingly the thong population at this section of beach was just as large as the percentage of thongs I noticed when walking South Beach on Saturday (I'll discuss further in a future post in the South Beach folder as I spent part of the day there on Saturday to about 2:30pm). At night after sunset I took a dip in the outdoor pool which is owned by the Castle Beach club, but guests of the bathhouse can use the pool too. Since the pool isn't lighted once I got in the water off came the g-string so got in a good skinny dip too.

I highly recommend spending time at Russian & Turkish Baths (otherwise referred to as "the shvitz") if you're in the Miami area. There are a good % of hot looking single women there (probably 40-50% were women, mostly latina or russian) and was able to have conversations with many people since everybody was friendly, all while wearing a g-string. To top it off the food is very good in their cafe, albeit on the expensive side.
thongingbill #7

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/07/2013 08:19:30Copy HTML

Thanks for the great review.  I am a spa fan (mainly those around Los Angeles) but I'm very excited to know there is something similar in my own backyard!  And to be able to thong as well, couldn't get any better.
20897 #8

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/22/2013 11:26:54Copy HTML

 I tried the Russian & Turkish baths today. I spent four hours there in a rhinestone back thong like the one in my photo. Like Lindros, I had no issues and received many compliments from the women I talked to.. I had the scrub treatment, mud treatment, and moisture treatment done. The lady doing the treatments also liked my suit.
2xist #9

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/24/2013 01:32:02Copy HTML

 wow i havent been there in years since they closed it down due to code reasons.  had no idea it was reopened.  i need to visit.  do they still have the men's day only schedule?
lindros #10

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/24/2013 08:12:48Copy HTML

Every day is co-ed at the Miami-version of Russian & Turkish Baths.

The one that is in New York City still has a men's day (Thu/Sun) and woman's day (Wed) where full nudity is OK at those times. The New York facility has different ownership.

Not sure what code violations there were, but the one in Miami appears to have re-opened in 2008. On my recent visits the facility appears to be in nice shape. It's real clean when you get there when it opens, but by the evening people tend to leave stuff on the floor (towels, water bottles, etc). I'll be in Miami the next few days too so I'll definitely be spending time here.

lindros #11

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/28/2013 04:48:52Copy HTML

Spent some time here the last few days. Again no problems at all wearing a g-string. Today while laying on my stomach in a sauna a nice young lady came in and sat down. After about 5 minutes I started to get up and she said "hey baby (even though I was probably 15+ years older), I just love your swimsuit". I gave her a warm-hearted thank you and we chatted a bit. She said more guys should wear them but are afraid to because they feel like they won't look cool. Unfortunately she had a boyfriend :-((

FWIW, on Thursday I got there right at noon when they opened. Since they weren't busy at that time (probably only 2-3 other patrons) I tried to go totally nude. Unfortunately after about 15 minutes one of the massage therapists saw me and told me I needed to cover, so I put the g-string back on. I figured it was worth a shot trying.
sailor250 #12

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/29/2013 10:04:01Copy HTML

Leaves us wondering whether a baggie type stapless suit would be OK.  At beaches and pools it's usually the "nude illusion" from most angles that makes it not work/ brings hassles.   But I've found in tight spaces with limited numbers of people who "see' you're not nude then remember that there aren't problems.  Advantages over G string include no damage to a suits crotch or waistline by rough surfaces, and head to toe massage is possible.
lindros #13

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/29/2013 11:26:35Copy HTML

All I can say is try it, the worst they will say is to cover up. They won't kick you out. Plus the owner did say via email that we're free to wear "any type of swimsuit we wish". The previous time I did get away with a partly sheer g-string.

As for the massage, there is no need to wear anything at all. I had fully nude massages from Sandra, in addition to nude mud bath, salt scrub & cleansing scrub. At first she'll cover your privates with a small towel but I requested no cover and put the towel aside and she had no problems with that at all.
shavedboy #14

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:06/13/2013 11:54:13Copy HTML

I went there Monday (June 10.)  We got there about 1300 and stayed until about 2130.  What a fantastic time.  I wore a sheer(ish) pair of boyshorts with the lining cut out.


I brought a small thong to wear, but i was more comfortable in the shorts.  My plan was to wear the thong out to the pool and then maybe back in the baths for a bit, but i never got around to changing.  Thanks, lindros for the inspiration.  i know i will be going back before the end of the summer and i plan to wear a gstring next time.  Perhaps even a sheer one.

I'd be interested in joining anyone from this board there some time this summer.  mondays and tuesdays are best for me.  also, i'd love to visit south beach in a g-string only, maybe on the same trip.

lindros #15

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:06/14/2013 12:44:47Copy HTML

Glad you had a good time. Definitely go for the string next time or at most a conservative thong if you want to ease into a comfort level. I've been there about 5 times now and had no issue wearing a g-string and have gotten many compliments from the russian girls. Plus nobody complained or gave unapproving facial expressions. You can also wear the g-string on the beach. Even though that's not South Beach, I've seen lots of thongs on the beach behind RTB (~54th street) and usually see a couple topless women as well. I can't wait to go back there again but unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll be back until July some time.
thonglife #16

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:06/14/2013 03:08:47Copy HTML

This place sounds fantastic. Hate I missed it on my last SoBe visit. Definitely on the list for next time. 
Belz791 #17

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:11/04/2014 03:32:34Copy HTML

 i now this is an old post, but can someone post their website or add? I searched online and had many hits. Went to a place but nothing similar to what is described here.
lindros #18

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:11/05/2014 12:01:50Copy HTML

Here's their main site:

Here's their Facebook page that has some additional pictures:

BTW, if you go back to my first post, about half-way down I give details on how to find this place.
ctmonline #19

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:02/02/2015 03:10:15Copy HTML

My wife and I will be staying in one of the condos at the Castle Beach Resort the week after July 4th this year (the resort where the Russian and Turkish Baths are located), we'll be wearing our thongs to the pool and beach and hope we have plenty of company, we've stayed in South Beach before and it wasn't to our liking....trying mid-beach this time. 
lindros #20

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:02/02/2015 07:08:01Copy HTML

You probably won't see any thongs in the Russian & Turkish Baths, and you'll probably see a couple of thongs around the pool area. However if you go to the beach, make a left turn and walk about 50 yards north you'll see a bunch of thongs. It always seems like that one spot just a touch north of Castle Beach has like a 30% thong ratio. I wear g-strings all the time in the spa no issues with anyone else, but I'm the only one, and I've worn g-strings there all the time on the beach and it's very nice. You won't run into any macho types that would ridicule. Very accepting there. In July you should walk up to the Deauville on 67th and stay on the beach there. Nearly guaranteed to run into some thongs there. Between 56th and 64th it's very quiet there and on a weekday can pretty much carve out your own area. In July, next door to the Castle Beach (Galleria) there's an Italian family that returns each year. One of the girls likes to sunbathe topless. Send me a PM if you see her, LOL.
ctmonline #21

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:02/05/2015 02:23:11Copy HTML

 thanks for the info....do you know if they allow topless at the Castle Beach pool?
lindros #22

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:02/05/2015 02:13:51Copy HTML

Don't know if topless is allowed at the pool. I have seen it on two occasions, however, but don't know if it's allowed. Might be one of those things where it's OK unless someone complains. On the beach behind the hotel no problem. 
Ex_Member #23

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:07/14/2015 03:50:13Copy HTML

Is there a phone number that they have?
Baguio #24

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:10/21/2015 07:27:36Copy HTML

 I am so headed there this December. Been wondering how to visit the beach solo and watch all my valuables. Know I have to place to leave my stuff, have fun at the baths and enjoy the beach all in one easy stop. I love a great massage and sauna. Can't wait.
ballsnark #25

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/05/2017 04:54:47Copy HTML

 I'm headed there in May. When is the best day / time to go if you want to be there when it is their busiest?
lindros #26

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/05/2017 06:36:06Copy HTML

Friday evening, Saturday afternoon/evening, and Sunday afternoon are the busiest times. Weekday afternoons are the slowest.
ballsnark #27

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/06/2017 02:28:26Copy HTML

 lindros, thanks for the info. I'm going to be in Miami from Saturday through Tuesday. Sounds like my best bet would be Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon.I don't want it to be too too crowded but i definitely don't want to be the only one there or one of just a few.
I am going to try and get away with wearing my white see through Joe Snyder square cuts. They get completely see through when wet and it sounds like there is a lot of water there lol. I was thinking about wearing my black mesh JS bikini but i'm afraid that might be too much as from a distance you might not be able to tell but when closeup you can see everything since the mesh is pretty open. I've worn it on a slow day at South Beach once and it was fine but it sounds like it is pretty close quarters here so i'm not sure.
One other thing. I'm probably going to stop there on my way back to South Beach from Haulover on Saturday. I'll have my collapsible beach chair with me. Do you think they would mind holding it for me there? I doubt it would fit in the lockers? and I don't really want to lose it.
lindros #28

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/06/2017 06:24:30Copy HTML

It won't fit in the lockers for sure; however I wouldn't leave it with them either. I get the feeling they don't want to be bothered. The people who run the place have stern personalities and they don't seem to like to do favors (like give an extra towel, etc..).
ballsnark #29

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:05/03/2017 03:53:24Copy HTML

 Trip Report from Saturday, April 29th.

I visited the Russian & Turkish Baths in Miami for the first time ever on Saturday. I arrived around 8pm and gave my valuables to the gentleman at the desk. He gave me a key and two towels and pointed to the entrance. 

I entered the men's locker and proceeded to change into my white square cut Joe Snyders which are about 90% translucent when wet and very tight and form fitting even when dry, and super clingy when wet. The first room i entered was the aromatherapy room which was kinda dark and hot. In there were three attractive girls in their early 20s. One was topless but covered herself with her arm. Unfortunately they left right after that. The remainder of the patrons were mostly couples, and a few single guys and maybe 1 or 2 single girls. Most all of the women there were attractive.

Only two of the women were wearing thongs.They also happend to be the hottest two in the place with amazing bodies like models. One of their boyfriends was wearing a multi colored bikini. I didn't see any men wearing thongs and all of the other men besides the one were wearing board shorts.

There didn't seem to be any issue with me wearing the transparent pair of JS. Most just ignored it. Only got one reaction which came from an attractive Hispanic lady probably around 30 who kind of was startled as she saw me walking towards her and her female friend while I was still pretty wet. She did some kind of verbal "whoa" but i cant remember for sure the sound but it was like she was surprised. She whispered to the other girl but i couldn't make it out. 
Overall i had a good experience there. The staff were all friendly and the patrons attractive with a good amount of females. I really enjoyed the Jacuzzi and the rain room. I only wish i would have got there before 8pm as it seemed to start to die down about that time. Several females, and couples were leaving around that time and only a few new people came in after 8pm. Next time I'll go earlier, and with my wife and hopefully try out the outdoor pool and beach area.
ballsnark #30

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:07/12/2017 04:59:26Copy HTML

 Went again this past Saturday with the wife. Wore my white JS squarecuts that are see through when wet. Lots of hot women. Most were wearing thongs or cheeky bikinis. I saw one g-string. I didn't see any male thongers. I saw a few in small brief type swimwear including one that was white and semi see through (not nearly as transparent as mine). No issues wearing them there. As matter of fact I had a couple very attractive ladies (1 brunette and a blond) early thirties maybe approach me after seeing me enter the cold room. We chatted a bit before moving on. I saw them again as I was near the jacuzzi sitting in that part where the water drips down on you. I laid back a bit relaxing and I began to get an er*****n. They took notice as the water had made my shorts pretty transparent. The blonde took a seat right in front of me watching for several minutes. It actually was really exciting. Her friend would steal glances but was much more discreet.

I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit. 
muzz #31

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:07/12/2017 11:58:52Copy HTML

 What time of day where you there?
ballsnark #32

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:07/14/2017 04:50:02Copy HTML

 I was there from 6:30 to 9:00 on Saturday. 
muzz #33

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:10/17/2017 02:40:24Copy HTML

Just wrapped up week long vacation in Miami, and stayed at the Castle Beach Club, which is home to the Russian Spa.  So this will be a double review, starting with the Castle Beach Club.  The weather was good and bad but that didn't stop people from hitting the pool.  As for thong sightings at the pool, if it wasn't a thong it was a cheeky bottom, they were so common that if there was a full bikini this was out of the ordinary.  Young to old, Mom's it didn't matter.  As for the men, boards shorts and more board shorts, 1 or 2 square cuts maybe.  
I was in JS Rio bulge suits, thonged (JS)one early morning and into the afternoon and then my last day there took my morning swim in my Muscleskins thong/g.  In taking advice from others on this board I wore what I wanted but didn't over do things and it was fine.  

As for the Russian Spa, saw a few more regular bikinis on the ladies, but lots of cheeky suits and a few thongs.  I stuck with the JS Rio and again had the smallest suit, final night there I wore a blue Rio and brought a blue thong.  After a couple hours switched them out, don't know if anyone noticed a couple inches less of material!  Should have just gone for it sooner.  Spa management doesn't care, staff was friendly.

Overall it was a great experience and am already thinking about a return trip.  Finally as for the beach behind the Club, thongs and cheeky suits all over the place, very common.  Some amazing sights.
Baguio #34

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/06/2018 11:19:32Copy HTML

 Been there in a very transluscent g-string, when wet with no problems. Wonder how far or risky is allowed, at both the pool and the baths.? Headed back there soon.
anemicscarecrow #35

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/07/2018 03:12:57Copy HTML

I was told that you must wear a bottom, but what kind of bottom is up to you. 
Baguio #36

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/12/2018 11:44:01Copy HTML

 But a bottom that covers how much? Wonder ifhttps://www.tangaland24.de/en/men-extrem/men-transparent-string-cheeky-monkey-extra-smallcounts as covered?
anemicscarecrow #37

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/13/2018 10:11:54Copy HTML

That one might be pushing it a little. You could wear it and bring one that covers a little more and just politely change if management asks you to change.
Baguio #38

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/15/2018 12:49:00Copy HTML

This is what I wore last time i was there

Only issue was a couple where the guy shielded his eyes but the wife couldn't stop looking. :)
ukthonger #39

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/15/2018 12:53:58Copy HTML

 Very nice @Baguio.  I have very similar but different colour - very comfortable to wear and looks super hot:-)
ballsnark #40

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/16/2018 05:40:31Copy HTML

 @Baguio have you worn that there more than once? What day of the week did you go? I've been there twice both times on a Saturday evening Both times I wore very sheer when wet JS square cuts. No issues at all for me. I'm heading back in August with my wife and I'd like to wear that next time. 

Has anyone ever specifically asked the dress code there for men? Do they really just leave it as vague as "something"? I'm afraid to ask because it's better to act like you didn't know. If they said no sheer or see through I'd be screwed. Maybe I'll ask after I leave next time. 
Baguio #41

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/16/2018 11:47:53Copy HTML

 It was a Friday. Been wondering about large hole fishnet thongs to try there.
anemicscarecrow #42

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/17/2018 08:00:22Copy HTML

I think a large hole mesh would be fine since they don't have problems with see through.
Baguio #43

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/18/2018 02:30:31Copy HTML

 Wonder ifhttp://www.dubiobikinis.com/Freedom-Net-Pouch-Bikini counts as covered.Going to tryhttp://www.dubiobikinis.com/Viper-Net-String-Bikini or even http://www.dubiobikinis.com/Warrior-Net-String-Bikini but I prefer a thong over g-stringHope to be there first week of JuneI did get a massage there last time and talked the lady into full nude, uncovered.
anemicscarecrow #44

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/18/2018 05:47:46Copy HTML

I think the dubio viper will be fine. I have a black large hole mesh viper that I wore on south beach and a tan sheer viper. I might make a side trip to the baths when in Miami next month and would definitely try these. Sandra gives a great massage. She required a small towel, but didn't work very hard to keep it covering me, basically an undraped nyde massage.
ballsnark #45

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/18/2018 07:22:18Copy HTML

 I think we should all report back what we were able to get away with so we can collectively figure out how minimal we can go without issue.
JM_Runs #46

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/19/2018 12:47:07Copy HTML

My worry here is people are starting to use this a a venue for exhibitionism.
If you want to wear a thong or g-string go to the beach.
If you want to wear something that would not be legal on South Beach go to Hualover Nude Beach.

Unlike the beach other people have paid good money to use the facilities, and because it is a compact venue they don't have the option of moving down the sand if they find your peacocking makes them uncomfortable.

The internet has a way of collecting exhibitionists to a spot, who then ruin it for locals.
(Fort De Soto had this problem a while back, other beaches got internet fame for gay hookups and that lead to police crackdowns.)

This is an indoor spa. If you are going to an INDOOR you don't need to wear a minimal suit to get an all over tan. 
Go nude when allowed, wear a reasonable thong or g-string if not.

Only reason for wearing a suit that fails to cover, is mesh or see through, would be to struts around showing off.  Grow up.
This is the wrong venue for that. Grows some balls and go hit the beach. 

Chris_P_Bacon #47

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/19/2018 01:26:39Copy HTML

 JM hits it out of the park.  This board has seen some growth in the pervert/weirdo/creep factor area lately.  It'd be nice to purge these posts that are offensive.  We should not be tolerating extremism, as it only reinforces the negative stereotypes that we are trying to get away from.
turkishboy #48

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:04/20/2018 08:44:47Copy HTML

 Good call, JM. I think the majority of us on this board just act normally and are sensitive and thoughtful about where we thong. Also sensitive about what we wear when thonging. This pushing it to extremes and seeing what someone can get away with is doing our 'cause' no good at all. We should be thoughtful about any situation we are in when we're thonging. After all, we just want thonging to be accepted as normal and not pervy, weird or creepy and wearing 'extreme' stuff in public doesn't help any of us.
ballsnark #49

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:06/10/2018 07:29:44Copy HTML

 I was here on Saturday evening. I saw 3 or 4 women wearing thongs. None on guys. It was probably 60% guys there.  No one seemed to mind my sheer square the Joe Snyder’s. Seems very relaxed there. 
ballsnark #50

Re:Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami

Date Posted:06/10/2018 11:31:34Copy HTML

 I went again today. In the men’s locker room there is a sign saying “Men Must Wear Shorts”. Not sure if it is new. I didn’t notice it last year.
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