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Date Posted:10/31/2005 03:21:00Copy HTML

Please tell me that there is somewhere to go near Salt Lake City or northern Utah?What about near Moab, Utah?
kartboy692002 #1

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:10/31/2005 08:14:54Copy HTML

Check out Moab's nude beach at mile 6.5 on river road (Hiway 128)
kartboy692002 #2

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:04/29/2006 11:11:52Copy HTML

Moab's nude beach is a cool place to wear your skimpy swimwear if you prefer to not go nude.  The willows are finally leafing out giving more cover from the hiway.  Not a lot of people, but the ones who do come are all cool and fun to hang out with.
etchiman69 #3

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:06/24/2007 11:08:23Copy HTML

Is Moab's "nude beach" still nude and thong friendly?

DavyJ #4

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:06/25/2007 09:37:13Copy HTML

Years ago I was at Antelope Island State Park on the Great Salt Lake and it was fairly deserted and there were plenty of spots away from the general crowd.  So it would seem you could thong there, although I don't know about its legality.  The Salt Lake was really weird, being so salty, never-mind the thong.
sailor250 #5

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:06/12/2008 11:16:54Copy HTML

here's a story about Utah---they've allowed bikinis wow!!

JM_Runs #6

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 04:26:53Copy HTML

 As someone who's lived in Utah for nearly 30 years, I'm fairly certain thonging is illegal pretty much everywhere in Utah.  About the only places where you might be able to get away with it are in some of the more isolated hot springs.  This site has more info:  http://www.utahoutdooractivities.com/springs.html
JM_Runs #7

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:11/03/2009 11:28:30Copy HTML

 what about deer valley? does anyone know of any resorts that are thong friendly?
AzThongLover #8

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:10/28/2010 02:56:07Copy HTML

Thinking of moving to Utah from Arizona... Wife is from Utah and has lots of family up there. What are the Thong laws if any??? Are you allowed to wear thongs to the beach, pool, backyard or anywhere? Thanks!
ithongit #9

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:03/05/2013 06:16:01Copy HTML

Any updates on Salt Lake City?  I have always thought it was pretty conservative there.

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:01/02/2014 12:04:32Copy HTML

 anyone update?
JM_Runs #11

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:01/18/2014 12:32:54Copy HTML

 I've been jogging here in utah with a thong visible under my compression shorts a few times and no one has ever said a word
lcp84047 #12

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:04/05/2014 06:03:58Copy HTML

 I live in SLC and have for 20 years. Although I'm new to thonging (and would love to know where to go as well), I can say pretty much everywhere will be a problem, except in the middle of nowhere (desert, mountains, etc) or the hotsprings (like Diamond Fork - although they've cracked down on nudity there recently). Wearing shorts over a thong won't be a big deal really, although it might raise some eyebrows. I plan to lay out in my thong or naked in my back yard this summer if I can figure out where to go that the neighbors can't see. I think that's perfectly legal.
lcp84047 #13

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:09/21/2014 05:21:15Copy HTML

So, from what I've gathered, it isn't illegal to be nude on National Forest Land (even in Utah). Since I'm a long ways from a beach, I try to do some thonging and naked sunning in the mountains. People don't really know it is legal, and will likely report you as some sort of pervert and you'll likely get harassed, so I only do it when nobody is around.

Recently I went on a solo backpacking trip to the Uintas. Too cold and windy or too many people around to do much outside, but that doesn't mean I can't in the tent. :) I posted a pic from the trip on my Flickr page (see profile). At a more isolated smaller lake, I was able to do some sunning. I was able to get a quick skinnydip in the lake too. People around (all of them in swimsuits if they decided to go for a dip), but not close, so I said screw it, stripped down, and jumped in. Got out and sunned on the rocks above while I dried off. People were too far away to really notice. On another solo trip, I was able to do some sunning and such while away from people. But I had to be careful - after one such session (I walked over a big hill to be away from the campsites and lakes) I came walking back to camp, only to find a guy and his ~12 year old kid had set up camp right near me. Luckily, I had put some clothes on. Unfortunately, their location made skinnydipping from the rock I had scouted earlier impossible.

Most recently, I went to Diamond Fork Hot Springs. On the hike up, talked for a few minutes with a nice ~70 year old hiking down in a speedo who goes nude there.There were a bunch of people and a few kids at the lower pools, but I was able to go nude in the upper pools - nobody there. I came back down to the lower pools after most people left. After the last couple left (it was dark by that point), I was able to go in my thong and nude. It was totally awesome laying in the hot spring nude, with the stars and milky way visible, an owl sitting in a nearby tree, and the only sound was the river. About 10PM, I called it quits and hiked down most of the way naked, but put on a squarecut after chafing became inevitable. I didn't pass a soul on the way down. I camped overnight near my car. The next morning, I hiked up again and went nude in the upper pools again. Didn't see anyone until about 10AM on my hike down (in a squarecut) when I passed about 6 adults. I posted a couple shots in my Flickr feed (see profile). I hope to get back there before it gets too cold.

Sunfly #14

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:09/04/2015 04:27:34Copy HTML

You're in luck!
Place #1

~10 minutes from downtown SLC.
Drive west on the frontage road that parallels I-15 toward Reno.
Drive to Saltair, or almost to Saltair. Park at Saltair or on the side of the road before Saltair.

Walk out toward the water of the Great Salt Lake for about five to ten minutes.
Soon you will so far away that you will only appear as a silhouette to anyone looking. Anyone approaching you will be visible for a mile before they are close enough to see what you are (not) wearing. I-15 will be very visible, but nobody will be able to see you from that far.

It is a huge, open landscape with the endless sky reflecting back at you from the water. I have gone on long, nude walks along the waterline many times at all times of day. Very unique setting and a great feeling of total exposure while you walk around while at the same time being all alone and invisible. You can also dip in the water at any time and try to sink (but you won't be able because of the high density salt of the water).

Downsides: at times of the year there are brine flies which are very numerous, but they avoid landing on you. There is a sour smell that you will get used to pretty quickly. Also birds that die in the water tend to get "pickled", so their remains take a long time to decompose, and so you will see several bird carcasses. But the Great Salt Lake is what it is, and those downsides tend to keep people from going there for leisure.

Here's a picture. http://www.destination360.com/north-america/us/utah/images/s/utah-great-salt-lake.jpg

jn9195 #15

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:10/18/2015 12:19:36Copy HTML

So, if anyone isn't clear on this, it is a gigantic NO for the entire state. :)

Sunfly #16

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:10/23/2015 03:22:54Copy HTML

 Most of the state is empty, federal land. It's not too hard to get away from people out in the desert. The downside is there's not many bodies of water. But as mentioned earlier in the thread, there are places where nudity and thonging has been traditionally tolerated if not specifically allowed. In my opinion the best ones are:

-The Great Salt Lake-Upper pools of Diamond Fork Hot Springs (also called Fifth Water Hot Springs)-Baker Hot Springs-Lake Powell
Of those, only the Great Salt Lake is within two hours of SLC.
lcp84047 #17

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:07/18/2016 08:02:10Copy HTML

 I haven't had a chance yet this season, but plan to visit Diamond Fork Hot Springs at least once this year. If anybody is interested in meeting there, let me know.
In the meantime I go nude in my backyard when I can. On Saturday, we decided to have a change if scenery and go to the Seven Peaks water park in Provo instead of Salt Lake. Arguably one of the most conservative places in the country. I got the guts, with my wife's encouragement to wear one of my new smallest Desmiit speedos from Amazon. We sually only take the kids for a couple hours when they first open. But we decided to spend the day and we're there for about 6 hours. I definitely got some looks, some people pointing me out to others subtly, but nobody said anything. I felt kind of conspicuous walking around or in the lines for slides, but in the water nobody really notices. I only saw knee length or longer board shorts otherwise. It was a pretty nice day except the large crowd. I will continue to be the odd middle aged guy in a speedo around here though.
Sunfly #18

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:03/08/2017 06:56:21Copy HTML

 There is a new public swimming pool in Salt Lake City on the University of Utah campus. While walking past last summer, I noticed both men and women laying out in some skimpy suits. No thongs, but there were a couple of men in some very small briefs and one woman in a rio one-piece. It's quite a nice facility, set right up on the mountainside. It has an indoor lap pool with olympic-length lanes, indoor hot tub, and an outdoor sun deck with dip pool. From what I could tell, it doesn't really cater to children or families. 

Curious, I phoned them up and asked what their dress code was. "As long as it is actual swimwear, it is allowed." I asked if that included thongs. He asked if I meant for men or women :eyeroll

"Either." I said. He hesitated a little and said, that thongs in general are ok on men and women as long they are not too extreme. He said men and women occasionally wear thongs and it has not been a problem yet, but if there were complaints, they may ask you to wear something else.

So, good news! SLC is quite progressive, especially the U of U. Still, I'm surprised that there is now a public swimming pool that is cautiously allowing thongs. If you decide to thong there, please be classy about it so as to not put the management off of allowing thongs!
website: http://campusrec.utah.edu/facilities/hper-pools/

Maxtlatl #19

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:03/08/2017 07:16:48Copy HTML

I am surprised. Utah has a law against thongs:

76-9-702.  Lewdness . . .
     (1) A person is guilty of lewdness if the person under circumstances not amounting to rape, object rape, forcible sodomy, forcible sexual abuse, aggravated sexual assault, or an attempt to commit any of these offenses, performs any of the following acts in a public place or under circumstances which the person should know will likely cause affront or alarm to, on, or in the presence of another who is 14 years of age or older:
     . . .
     (b) exposes his or her genitals, the female breast below the top of the areola, the buttocks, the anus, or the pubic area;
     . . .

I doubt that either the City or University has sufficient home rule to negate that.

ithongit #20

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:03/08/2017 09:30:33Copy HTML

 I found this quite a surprising post.  I have been to SLC several times, and was always warned -- even by the hotel chains -- that modesty was the norm except at private pools that had absolute privacy fencing.  I have seen a few 'modest' Speedo type bikini's on men, but very few.  Most men have been board short oriented.  I have even noticed that almost no man would dare to wear street shorts less than an inch or two above the knees.

But the un-official rules for women seem a bit more relaxed.  Tight t-shirts, sometimes braless and short-shorts seem more normal than not.  I always assumed that SLC was the home of the sexual double-standard.  Men must cover up while women are free to expose themselves.  I have seen young women at hotel pools in the skimpiest of swimwear, including a few thongs, in the past.  The reaction about would a man get into trouble for wearing a thong is I think typical.  The state statute probably is overlooked as long as thongers are female or mostly female, and a full-blown raid would require the ladies to be arrested along with the men.  But I think a man brave enough to try a thong in Utah at a place where women are not in thongs too would be asking for trouble.

As a woman, I probably could get away with a modest thong at some placed, but I have always felt that Utah was one of those places where even a Rio swimwear might be inappropriate, so when I do go swimming or laying out in the sun in SLC, I do it in a bikini.

I will be in SLC in about a week, and will forward any observations I have on this thread when I get back.

Sunfly #21

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:03/08/2017 10:04:22Copy HTML

 Having lived in SLC for over 20 years, I can tell you it all just depends. I have seen a European couple walking naked at the beach at Saltair, taking photos, in full view of about 50 other visitors, and with nobody even paying attention. I've seen nude people at Diamond Fork hot springs. SLC is also a very gay-friendly city for the most part, and I have no doubt that many ass cheeks are shown at the annual pride parade and the annual Utah Undie Run, though I've never been to either.

I have, however, skinnydipped in mountain reservoirs, worn a g-string at diamond fork hot springs during a low-traffic part of the day, and sunbathed in a thong in a secluded spot on the U of U campus (I'm a guy.) I've worn a thong at a resort pool in Park City. I never wear anything more than speedos (often skimpy ones) to public pools in the city and in the more conservative suburbs, lakes, rivers and hot springs. I've even worn a very short, tight square cut suit to Seven Peaks water park in ultra-conservative Utah county, and rode all the slides, with nobody even doing a second take. I once got caught naked in a parking lot, by a vehicle driving up, because I was changing out of my sweaty clothes after going caving. I've done all of this, and never once had a run-in with the law nor even a negative comment. The closest I ever got to getting any attention was when one group of Chinese tourists at the Great Salt Lake Marina took discreet photos of me wearing a very conservative speedo, and when my sister-in-law and brother-in-law both said, "oh, wow!" at the waterpark about my square cut suit.

I'm fit and never strut around, if that matters.

My general advice would be to do what you're comfortable with and act classy. I doubt if even the local authorities are aware of any no-thongs law. However, if you're acting creepy or getting in people's space, I suppose the authorities do have that rule they can nail you with.
Happy thonging!

lcp84047 #22

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:03/21/2017 03:49:55Copy HTML

I'll be very interested to hear an account of actually wearing a thong to the pool at the University. As it was pointed out, it would be illegal. I highly doubt you won't be asked to cover up at the very least. And it would truly suck to get arrested or cited. I think a female might have a better chance at getting away with it, particularly if the suit is more of a "scrunchy" type than a thong.
I have NEVER seen someone in Utah wear a thong. On men, it is very rare to see a Speedo-type suit except at swim meets. Last summer I wore a small speedo-type suit to the water park in super-conservative Provo. I stuck out like a sore thumb, but just went about my business. There were many stares and some obvious "hey, look at that guy" whispers. And I was with my wife and kids, so it wasn't some sort of gay stigma thing. At the Salt Lake water park, it seems to be a little more tolerated. I routinely wear square cuts to the water parks, to Bikram yoga, etc. and nobody seems to care about them.
The only place I feel like I can wear a thong or go nude is in the mountains, desert, and so forth. Diamond Fork is a good example, and I'm not really surprised about Saltair, since it's out of the way. I would love to hear more about your experience at the Park City hotel. I'm very skeptical that it would be possible.
ithongit #23

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:03/25/2017 11:15:16Copy HTML

 Salt Lake still is a pretty conservative town.  However, it is also a State Capitol town, and home to several universities.  One thing the city and the Later Day Saints Church has been doing is spending millions of dollars to keep the downtown area from falling into dispair like the downtown areas in so many other cities. One of the latest projects is a major downtown shopping complex called the City Creek Mall, a huge multi-block multilevel establishment with lots of underground parking, retail stores (including Macy's and Nordstrom's), places to eat, etc.  This mall, located right across the street from the LDS headquarters and tabernacle was supposedly paid for in full by the LDS Church.

The goal of all this development is to make Salt Lake City both a tourist destination as well as an attractive and historical venue for conventions of all types.  Church related events provide 10 - 20 weekends where hotels are practically or completely filled to maximum levels.  By making the town more convention and tourist friendly, the hotels are booked up many additional weeks.

This emphasise on non-church activities has forced the town to now accept liquor sales within the city limits and other concessions that in the past the Church would have strongly objected to.  This weakening of it being a "Mormon town" started with the Olympics a few years back.   

Both men and women in the LDS Church are expected to dress moderately.  One of the reasons given why a lot of the Mormans wear their so called Morman Underwear is that it prevents them from dressing in ways that expose too much skin.  In fact, these garments, worn under their regular cloths, are not to be exposed to non Mormons.  Devote Mormons are expected to wear these at all times, day and night except when bathing, having sex, or swimming.  Many now add exceptions for other sports or situations like having a physical where disrobing might be required.

So even though  Mormon men and women are not expected to cover their sacred garments when swimming, they still are expected to be modest at all times. While there certainly may be some LDS followers who might consider a thong to be "modest", especially when compared to nudity or more extreme swimwear, the number is probably few and far between.  This does not mean that young women might wear conservative bikinis and young men might wear Speedo type men's bikinis.   Men wearing Speedos are seem as perfectly acceptable for competitive racing, diving, or even individual serious swimming.   At the same time, LDS members are not expected to dress in a way that would cause the to stand out.  During the early 1970's young men were free to wear longer hair styles to fit in better with other young men.  Today, with shorter men's hair more common than long, LDS men now are expected to wear shorter hair.  Similarly, LDS men now are discouraged from having facial hair, even though many of the Church's founders had full beards.  Using this policy which permits some conformity with general trends in grooming and clothing, it is possible that if everyone else in a situation was wearing thongs, they might be more acceptable for the Mormons simply because they would be 'the norm'.  However as we all know, thongs are not all that common even in the most thong friendly locations, so wearing them to 'fit in' would not be a valid reason for a Mormon man to wear one.  However, the "cheeky" swimwear women wear may some day become common enough that a Mormon lady might be able to justify wearing a similar suit to 'fit in'.

Wikipedia states that only 34 to 41 percent of Salt Lake City residents are Mormon, and this number might be off since like most religions, not all Mormons are practicing their faiths according to all the doctrines, but they still consider themselves to be Mormons.  Such a person might not agree with restrictions on clothing or the wearing of 'Mormon Underwear' but still abide by other established rules of the Church.  A person in this category, might be just as likely to wear a thong swimsuit as anyone else.  The percentages of Morons are higher in rural areas and smaller towns.  There is no reason to expect the 60 percent of Salt Lake City residents who are not Mormons to dress differently than people in other urban areas, unless laws exist and are enforced to dictate what dress is appropriate.

At this time, with the emphasis on revitalizing the city, Salt Lake City's Mormon's seem to be getting more tolerant of things others do.  We did go with a girl I know to several places like the grounds of the Mormon Temple and inside the buliding where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir does concerts and to several museums dealing with the church and the various buildings.  While Randy and I dressed somewhat conservatively in neat jeans and sweaters (it was a bit cool) we saw women in tiny shorts, gauzy tops, and suggestively ripped denim.  These women were acepted by the tour guides just like everyone else.  Of course, while these guides were explaining the buildings and exhibits, a lot of their message was more of a recruitment, attempting to get people to consider joining the Church.  At the City Creek Mall, the skimpy women's cutoffs and tops were not only sold, but quite common on the female customers as well.  Cheeky and even full thong swimwear was being sold in the women's swimwear departments as well.  Since popular men's wear is not so skimpy nor exposing, the men's clothing virtually all men wore would seem to fit right into the modest type clothing styles dictated by the church.  

While in town, I checked a few other hotels about thong swimwear.  The Hilton we stayed at had no issues when I ask if Randy and I could wear thongs -- a common reply from Hilton hotels in general.  Other hotels were all over the place.  As is often the case, the smaller and cheaper hotels either simply said "No" or used the "family friendly" justification to not permitting  thongs.  The larger and more expensive places positioned themselves in the "its okay as long as nobody complains" to accepting thongs at all times.  A couple of places with more than one pool restricted thong use to a specific pool.  One place pointed out that with the Sun Dance film festival close by, the city hotels were often used as overflow or less expensive lodging during the event, and it would be almost impossible to ban thongs with so many International visitors and Hollywood types in the area.

While I know this response does not specifically address the wearing of thongs at University pools, I did want to tell about the changes in how other places in the area are dealing with the sale of more provocative swimwear and the way women are able to wear other skimpy clothing.


Punkydudester #24

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:06/22/2018 06:00:12Copy HTML

I am male, i have worn thongs since i was 14 now 41. I have worn thongs at bear lake on a not so busy day with my girlfriend and a bunch of friends. I have worn thongs just about everywhere in utah but i do also wear Rio style a lot when crowded. It's a half back skimpy speedo. I do my thing ignoring everyone else because a lot of them stare for reasons of shock or they think it's sexy as hell. My reasoning is if it's not illegal then i will do it. I have many other reasons and i am a very attractive fit person. Health reasons dictate that every skin cell on our bodies makes Vitamin D. The entire USA is deficient in this vitamin. The more you bare the better health you'll have. Interesting right?! I wear really short shorts and no shirt as much as possible for all of those reasons. There is too much emphasis on women can dress sexy and men can't and they have to look literally embarrassed by their bodies but not women. This is wrong in every possible way. All genders have the god given right to wear as little as possible. That's scientific evidence we were meant to be naked. If you notice the real reason why they try to tell you what and how you should be is control. More Men need to exercise their freedom and wear speedos and thongs. If you don't exercise your rights then you lose them. Many companies sell 100,000 thongs a year to men everywhere in the United states but very few have the guts to wear them publicly. I for 1 am tired of the biased social standards that most males are allowing. Take it back. Yes you will be nervous the 1st couple of times but you ignore everyone and do your thing like nothing is wrong. You have to be the change you want to see in the world. Guys and girls! Wear your thongs as much as possible and wear speedos when you can't. Be and act like you have the right to be sexy... because you do. Stop letting other people and companies dictate our lives.
Punkydudester #25

Re:SALT LAKE CITY or anywhere in Northern UTAH?

Date Posted:06/22/2018 06:02:03Copy HTML

Excellent thank you.
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