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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:02/13/2018 09:22:01Copy HTML

Hi guys,
Just thought I'd drop a note regarding this as it's a step in the right direction.
My SO and I went to the gym yesterdays afternoon, it was fairly quiet and not many people about. We finished up and went to get changed.
When we were in the car my SO said that there was only another guy besides him in the changing room and when he was getting changed the other bloke noticed my SO's thong tan line and then saw him putting on his Calvin Klein thong whilst changing.
The bloke then started asking questions (in a friendly way) saying does he feel comfortable in front of men given the thong reputation and why does he wear them, are they comfortable, where do you buy them etc.
My SO answered the questions as well as he could saying he wears them out of comfort and that I like them and it's nice not to have big white tan lines and that he gets them online etc. 
The conversation finished with the guy thanking him for being candid and that wearing a thong was something his wife had been trying to get him to do on holidays just to try it but he's never been comfortable with people staring at him.
My SO explained that you only feel like that the first couple of times and you put this impression on yourself as you're wearing a thong. If you persist and just try and realise that it's normal you'll get more out of the experience than just worry etc.
The guy thanked him again and said he was going to go away and look online for something suitable for their next holiday and surprise his wife and that it was refreshing to see another guy wearing them openly even in this country.
So guys, there are other males out there that do think about wearing thong underwear/swimwear, they just need the confidence to go for it. And like I've said, if these people actually see others wearing them perhaps they'll have the confidence to change their way of thinking.
swix #1

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/13/2018 11:11:49Copy HTML

 Great story thanks! Im from Devon too. Which gym was this?
Sarah_Thong #2

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/13/2018 02:31:37Copy HTML

 Hi Swix, we were at Fitness first in Exeter xx
swix #3

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/13/2018 09:54:48Copy HTML

 That's cool. I'm just down the road. Do you, or have you, or your SO ever thonged at the pool? Or anywhere else nearby?
modelnude4u #4

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/14/2018 07:09:22Copy HTML

 That's one of the reasons I don't hide when I'm changing at the gym.  My thong gets seen plenty, and the thong tan lines get seen to & from the showers.  Wanting to be a good ambassador for thong wearers gives me an extra incentive to stay in shape! 
Thongmad #5

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/15/2018 06:33:30Copy HTML


I do that at all the pools I swim at. In Australia, all public pools that I know of have completely open shower and change areas. I do not hide my naked body (completely shaved) or my tan lines at all. They are extremely prominent, so there's no mistaking that I tan in a thong full time!
If anybody has had a negative opinion of it, they have not expressed it to me.
Grabeach #6

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/15/2018 07:36:29Copy HTML

Thongmad; Probably because I use more pools than you do, I've noticed that pools that have been totally rebuilt in the last few years have either all enclosed showers (Prince Alfred) or half and half (Petersham). Bexley has enclosed indoor showers, but a few outdoor showers as well. The enclosed showers each have a tiny enclosed change area, but fortunately there is still a large open change area as well.

Whether my basically non-existant tan lines are seen or not doesn't matter to me, and I can tolerate enclosed showers. However, as many open change rooms already suffer from inadequate ventilation, using enclosed individual change areas adjacent to a shower is ridiculous as you can't get dry. The day they make me dress in an enclosed cubicle is the day I go somewhere else. I doubt this will ever happen though, as the open area is needed for large school classes.

Sarah_Thong #7

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/15/2018 10:40:55Copy HTML

Hi Swix,
I've worn a thong bikini in my university pool previously but not recently. Do/have you?
swix #8

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/15/2018 03:39:01Copy HTML

 No not locally. Last time was on holiday in Greece. Which uni was it where your wore your thong bikini? How did they react? Do you thong at the beach in the summer? If so where do you go and how is it?
Sarah_Thong #9

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/15/2018 04:31:12Copy HTML

Hi swix,
I wore my thong bikini at the university of exeter pool when I was a student. Me and a group of friends used to wear them without thinking anything of it tbh. Have a read of some of my previous posts as Sarah_Thomas to get a brief history. 
Didn't really have much of a reaction tbh as there was always a group of us. 
I don't wear anything other than a thong at the beach, I've worn some of the wilder things as a young girl and going away with friends. I've also detailed some of these on here as my Sarah_Thomas account. 
I still wear thongs on the beach and lucky enough to have a SO that wears them also. depending on the conditions will depend on what suit I wear but he doesn't wear the extreme stuff.
We go away to Southern Spain all the time now as we've bought a property down there and have never had a problem with our attire even around the pool as we know the neighbours, it's very laid back. 
NudeNArizona #10

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/15/2018 09:42:31Copy HTML

 Sarah, when I used to go to the gyms on different military bases all of them were open shower and open changing room and back when I first arrived at a new location the first few times I would get a few stares and after people got used to seeing me putting on a thong while getting dressed or noticed my tan lines a few would eventually ask curious questions and a few commented that their wife or girlfriend wanted then to try a thong and after a while I noticed a few others wearing them
Sarah_Thong #11

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/16/2018 09:31:03Copy HTML

That's a great story, do many people in the military wear thongs then?
Thongmad #12

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/16/2018 10:33:33Copy HTML

 Grabeach, I have seen that once or twice. No idea why it’s needed. You’re right about not getting dry. It’s hard enough in an open change room when the humidity is high.
kiyoothong #13

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/17/2018 01:51:24Copy HTML

 Yeah I don't hide when I'm in the changing room. Never had people commenting on my thong and I don't see why I have to hide. I'm actually getting bolder in the changing room. I say this because I sometimes just walk around in a thong. Now, I want to go swimming in a thong, but there's no pool nearby. 
32189 #14

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/18/2018 02:01:07Copy HTML

I do not hide my thong tanline when changing at the gym.  I figure if anyone see then no big deal.  One person made a comment once but I do not even remember.  It was neutral and not very memorable.  But nobody besides that person has ever said anything about my thong tan line at the gym. 
modelnude4u #15

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/19/2018 02:04:31Copy HTML

 I walk to and from the showers holding my towel in my hand, not wrapped around me, so anyone looking at all knows I have a thong tan line, and I've only had 2 people ever say anything, and they were both positive.  Certainly each person is making some silent judgement, we all do it.  What is comes down to is how well YOU can handle it in your mind, because there's almost never any actual confrontation or trouble from wearing a thong, or having a thong tan line. 
I find myself disappointed by the lack of feedback sometimes, because I am definitely an exhibitionist.  I want people to see, and I want them to have some kind of reaction, even if it's all non-verbal. 
Thongzo #16

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:02/19/2018 04:03:08Copy HTML

Yeah, sometimes I prance to the shower at my gym totally naked with my thong tan line exposed for all to see. Haven't had a single comment, though I have spotted more than one surprised look. Regularly change with my thong on display too and not a word. Course, lots of my coworkers are from Latin America and Europe so it's pretty much no big deal! 
Comfythong1 #17

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:03/20/2018 03:43:42Copy HTML

 I think most people don’t care and mind their own business.  I’m sure people have seen my tan line and me changing. No one ever sayid anything. And I swim laps pretty regularly in a conservative thong. The other day went to coed sauna before my swim and was talking to one of the regulars in just a thong. She’s seen me many times and never even mentioned it.  And I think that’s awesome. It’s just swimwear and it’s what I find most comfortable. Pool attendants see me wear it all the time and could care less.
modelnude4u #18

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:03/20/2018 09:25:23Copy HTML

 I consider my time at the gym every day (almost every day) to be my play time.  I wear the smallest shorts I figure I can get away with, sometimes with a whale tail showing if my shirt comes up.  I'm always hoping for a female audience, but I don't hide from the guys much either.  I really think more guys are a little looser with covering up in the locker room than was the case.  It's some new folks, but it's also some of the regulars who don't seem quite as freaked about covering up every second.  There are a couple who make a point to be around when I'm changing or showering, but never anything beyond just being there.  I don't care who looks, but I AM straight, so the guys will have to be happy with a look!  I wore a thong to the hot tub today, but no one else was in that part while I was, so I don't think anyone saw me.
Mary0826 #19

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:03/21/2018 10:06:48Copy HTML

I think the people at gyms have changed too.  t used to be many were in not great shape and they were working out to get more fit.  Good for them!  But now I see a lot more fit people, and many of the guys lift weights and do other things to work on building sexy muscles.  Not as much huge he-man muscles, but smaller more natural looking muscles.  While some of the women were into muscle building, most wore more interested in exercises to make body parts look more desirable without building muscles with visible mass.  In either case, I think many of them are there looking good to start with, and only there to maintain their look or trying to improve that look.  Giving others a little show is not only fun and confidence building, it also is reinforcement when people look on, and sort of a testing market before showing off in a more public place.  Nudity in the locker seems more popular and natural than before, and my male friends now admit that it is more popular in their locker room too.  Some even wish the gym had the old shower room instead of a bunch of shower stalls.  They would wind up showing off everything in the shower rooms that had a number of shower heads around the perimeter.  There are a few places that still have this arrangement (shower rooms).  Most are older places that never updated.  I have seen more people of the wrong sex in locker rooms too.  If they are with another of the right sex, I really don't mind.  In fact, I sort of like having a man there, making out a little with his woman friend, and being able to see me wandering around, showering, and otherwise cleaning up in the nude.  

modelnude4u #20

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:03/21/2018 08:48:45Copy HTML

 The big shower room really changes things. I haven't seen one of those in years.  At this gym, I've never had a woman walk into the men's locker room, but I have at nearly every previous gym I've belonged to.  A few cleaning ladies, or one of the girls from the front desk, changing the garbage, or some such.  If I can, I try to go about my business as usual with them there, even if that means getting naked.  Never had a complaint, and I've thought a few times that I should have pushed things just a bit further than I did.
LoveMyThongs #21

Re:SO at the gym

Date Posted:10/13/2018 08:56:47Copy HTML

In the locker room I don’t hide what I’m wearing. Men are naked in all sorts of underwear and I’m in my thong. No one really cares. In the sauna I’ll be in one and when I’m naked and my tan lines are exposed it’s fine. I’ve had full conversations just standing in my thong with other members. I’ve yet to see another guy wearing them and I hope I could break the ice so to speak
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