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Date Posted:01/27/2012 01:10:53Copy HTML

Does anyone have any experience on this island? From what I read, more conservative in attire. Is there any info that can be posted. May be visiting.
car57 #1

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:09/02/2015 03:07:47Copy HTML

Spent three hours on Shoy's Beach near in Christiansted, right near the Buccaneer Resort, today wearing a black Skinz g-string with no problems.  Hoping to try for one of the beaches farther east tomorrow. 
Hotrachel #2

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:12/07/2015 04:43:28Copy HTML

 we plan to visit in Feb 2016 hope we can wear what we want ?   
car57 #3

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:12/10/2015 12:26:40Copy HTML

 I was just there last week and thonged on all three beaches at the Buccaneer, I also saw two young ladies in thongs during the week as well.  Last trip I wore my thong on the beach at the Carambola, on Shoy's Beach and another beach out near Point Udall.  Never a problem.
krampop1 #4

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:12/10/2015 03:41:35Copy HTML

 That's good to hear! My wife ( HotRachel) and I are planning to both be in thongs when we go in Feb. ?
Low_Strap #5

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:07/03/2016 04:41:25Copy HTML

 Krampop, what's the report from your St Croix trip?
Low_Strap #6

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:03/25/2018 02:40:56Copy HTML

I'm going to give a plug for St Croix here since I've lived here for almost two years now. The island is mostly recovered from Hurricane Maria. There's still a lot of evidence of it in the way of "blue roofs" on houses and the occasional pile of debris on the side of the road.  The operation of businesses and government buildings has returned to normal, with a few exceptions.  The vast majority of the damage occurred on the west end of the island, in Frederiksted. The rebuild there has been very slow.  The beach near Point Udall that car57 mentioned is Cramer's Park.  You could still go there and thong, although the public buildings were destroyed and haven't been touched, the beach is a-okay and the water still gorgeous out there.  I thong regularly at Coakley Beach and at Pelican Cove.  I go to Coakley just to windsurf, occasionally laying out. It's always a mellow crowd there.  A lot of times one of the charter catamarans will beach there and let everyone hang out before going on to Buck Island. 

But MY beach is Pelican Cove.  I live 250 feet from it.  I'm out there, in a thong, several times a week.  The crowd (if there is one) is always comprised of tourists staying at The Palms Hotel.  The hotel has not been very busy this season though, for obvious reasons.  Lately when I've gone out it's only been one or two locals on the beach, none of whom ever give me any hassle.  While it is true that the locals are very conservative in their own beach dress, they're not prudes either.  Usually a live and let live attitude prevails.  Probably because they're high. 
ChaddiusRex #7

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:03/25/2018 03:07:16Copy HTML

Thank you for the update.  Been looking for a place to thong there resort or with a friend.  Can't imagine much on the West coast being open, but I pray that things will come to par soon for the locals!
car57 #8

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:03/11/2019 01:47:25Copy HTML

Got to spend last week at the Buccaneer Resort again and wore a thong at the beach and both pools every day. I wore several different Desmit thongs only and now have a very distinct tan line. Unfortunately no other thongs sighted there this trip just one cheeky bikini.
thongerinME #9

Re:ST Croix (USVI)

Date Posted:04/16/2019 09:27:58Copy HTML

Made it to a little beach just north of rainbow beach today for a short bit. Horseback riding and diving pelicans appeared to be more interesting than my winter white buns. Beautiful beaches here. Excited to have a little color moving into summer in New England.
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