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Date Posted:02/27/2017 10:27:19Copy HTML

Here for work for a couple months. Tiny little island and a handful of beaches. Was here last summer also for work and explored pretty much all the beach areas i thought would be worth going to.  Had only N2N bikinis last time, and dork shorts as i tried feeling out the swim suit vibe with the locals and tourists  (mostly asian). This time i have my thongs and the same bikini, cant wait to get a much needed tan coming from the cold and snow in wa state haha. 
Forbidden island is quite the trec to get to the water from the main road, as is bird island but both are well worth it. Not alot of people at both places unless your up for a 30-45 min hike. Lau lau beach is good as well, pretty long and not a whole lot of people there, some locals but not much. The beaches in front of the hotels are somewhat packed with tourists  (in the summer obviously) not sure how busy they will be now getting yo the end of the "winter season". I hear it should be getting busier by march. 
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Re:Saipan- Northern Mariana Islands

Date Posted:03/03/2017 04:14:29Copy HTML

 Uploaded some pics thonging here in saipan. Less then a handfull of women in thongs, thinking its fairly conservative here on the island.
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Re:Saipan- Northern Mariana Islands

Date Posted:07/04/2017 09:01:11Copy HTML


I lived in Guam for three years, which is only about a 30 minute flight from Saipan, but similar in culture but with a lot more tourist's.  What I do know is that though MOST will look at you NONE will make any complaints to the hotel and they will just keep on walking by, but some mostly younger Asain girls will laugh or even take a pickure, or ask for you to take a picture with them. A few time I actually had Asain girls come back to where I was on the beach after changing into a G-string to sun bathe with me
_pinkstring_ #3

Re:Saipan- Northern Mariana Islands

Date Posted:07/08/2017 09:25:58Copy HTML

Our ship was in guam once, and i had some friends stationed there. Beautiful island. 
Ive gotten to the point of not having a care in the world where i wear my tgongs or g's. If someone complains or asks me to cover up, ill oblige. Been here almost 3 months, gone to either wing beach or lau lau beach every friday. Ive got a fantastic tan now! Its going to be so boring going home in around a week to no beaches anywhere near me. Hope to get back on the ship im on around oct 1st. I need beach time in my life!!!!
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Re:Saipan- Northern Mariana Islands

Date Posted:07/10/2017 04:58:13Copy HTML


When I lived in Guam 91'-94' I was an avid Scuba Diver and worked part-time as a Dive Master working for MDA on the Sea Odessy II which was a big catamaran dive boat and would take groups of tourist's to local dive sites. I initially would wear a G-string under my dive skin, until working with another dive master and after our first dive after we surfaced and were en-route to our next dive, she went up on the sun deck of the boat and she stripped down to a thong to sunbath in on our 30 minute boat ride.  This was my first time working with her and was quite surprised. Then when we got to our second dive she went down to prepare her group for what to expect on the next dive without putting her wet-suit back on. Nobody seemed to mind her briefing the group in a thong bikini either and everyone geared up and she dove her second dive in her thong.

After our second dive and back on the boat, I went up on the sun deck for the ride back to the docks and while riding back I asked her if she wears a thong on most dives of if there was an issue with her wet-suit and she said it depends on the weather and her group, then she also mentioned that she usually gets better tips from the tourist's on the days she is wearing her thong on the boat.

The next weekend we were working the dive boat together again with a few other dive masters and it was a pretty hot day even on Guam standards and quite humid to where your dive suit just stayed wet and after our initial dive I went to the sun deck and removed my soggy wet suit and placed it on the railing to dry as I laid out and relaxed.  Then a few others came up to relax and nobody said a word about me wearing a G-string. When we reached our second dive spot I got up and went to put on my wet-suit, but it had fallen over the railing and was laying on the bottom deck on top of some dive gear. So I reluctantly climbed down the ladder to the lower deck and picked up my wet-suit as the briefing was given by the girl in the thong bikini, and she gave a few safety tips and commented that if anyone needed assistance from a dive master look for her or me because we would be easy to spot compared to everyone else in black wet suits! Then she called my over and asked if I had anything else to brief before we don our SCUBA gear. I said nothing that hasn't already been covered in your brief. Then she joked and said or your "brief bikini"

That afternoon we had a second boat trip scheduled a few hours after we got back, so we went to the beach together to have out for a few hours before getting back on the boat at 4PM.  The evening trip was a charted group of Japanese tourist's traveling together, when we got back on the boat and introduced ourselves and gave our briefing before leaving the marina we were both in t-strings and shorts, but once en-route to our dive location she stripped down to her thong and removed her bikini top prior to putting on the BCD and I wore just my G-string for both dives
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Re:Saipan- Northern Mariana Islands

Date Posted:07/11/2017 09:30:29Copy HTML

Nice!  Thats awesome! 
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Re:Saipan- Northern Mariana Islands

Date Posted:07/11/2017 08:04:22Copy HTML


Another thing to remember back in the early 90's more people wore thong as well, and as you know Guam has LOTS of Japanese tourist's. The company who owned the boat actually liked that we were wearing our thongs because some would ask if we were going to dive master their trip when they signed up, and since we only made $20 a trip most was made in tips from the guest's when they were getting off the boat and we would make pretty decent tips.  It was interesting because on more than one occasion we would have repeat divers and a few of them would wear a thong on a return boat dive.
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