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Date Posted:05/14/2004 02:46:47Copy HTML

Hi all,I think I've finally convince my wife to wear a thong bikini this summer. And let me just say that it took some work. Now we just need to find somewhere that she can wear it. We're in West San Antonio. We know about Hippie Hollow in austin, great place, we've been there once and plan to make a habit of it this summer. However we would like somewhere closer , maybe just a small lake or river or pool or whatever the case may be... just something nearby where she can wear her thong bikini and everyone can enjoy itAlso if anyone knows any skinny-dipping spots around San Antonio, it would be appreciated too.CheersLB
thongintx #1

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:05/17/2004 01:13:08Copy HTML

Well If you find one post it here.  We are moving to San Antonio next week and will be looking for a place ourselves.
I finally got my wife in a thong two years ago... last year even some topless sunbathing, but only in the privacy of our backyard, by ourselves.  I am hoping that the beach (Corpus or Padres Island)  will provide some anonymity that will encourage her to go for it in public, especially if we start out in a fairly deserted area.
solargod #2

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:05/17/2004 06:06:20Copy HTML

Being originally from San Antonio and living in Texas until several years ago, my recollection is that SA does not cater to thongers.  Your best bet is to drive to the gulf coast and find a quite section of beach in either Port Aransas or Padre Island.  Keep in mind that Padre Island is 153 miles long, however the road only goes down about 7 miles.  You will find a plenty of sections of beach where you will be the only ones for several hundred feet.  If you have a four wheeler, the possibilities are endless.  I have seen thongers on both PI and PA.  Not sure about the legality but as I remember, no one will bother you with maybe the exception of all the redneck a$$e$ driving up and down the beaches yelling from their trucks!  I hope you don't encounter this but I was even a object of ridicule while wearing just a speedo. 

Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for. If you do, please post a message.

leroybrown71 #3

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:05/22/2004 04:33:51Copy HTML

Reply to : solargod

Ugh>  That's what I was afraid of.  Me myself, I dont wear thongs.. however I do have a few very very minimal Dore bikini suits, that basically cover my package, barely & very tight-fitting, but have a full back.  I wear these at my apartment complex without any trouble.... the ladies seem not to mind very much, which is a good thing.  But I really want my wife to be able to wear a thong somewhere in town, even if it's a secluded area.... any ideas from anyone?  ;(  


gold_string #4

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:05/25/2004 10:39:10Copy HTML

Crystal beach north of Galveston is quite thong friendly and McFadden Beach, further north is nude. Approximately one hour from Houston.
redraider55 #5

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:04/08/2005 06:38:09Copy HTML

My wife and I have scheduled a weekend away from the kids and we're heading down to the Riverwalk. I have reservations with the Marriot hotel thanks to a very nice corporate discount.  I asked if there were any conventions going on at the time and there's only a charter schools educator's conference - fine. I asked what the dress code was for the pool and the front desk said, "Something to swim in." I got more specific and asked about thong bikinis.  She said, "As long as you're wearing something." EXCELLENT!  Those educators will get to see a fit, healthy 30-ish couple in their tiny thongs Saturday afternoon!

I'll submit a trip report afterwards.

solargod #6

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:04/08/2005 07:35:55Copy HTML

I am really looking forward to your trip report.  Having lived in San Antonio almost all my life until the late 90's, I can't imagine any of the toursity hotels on the Riverwalk being thong friendly, let alone any hotel in SA.  Since SA is such a family oriented city and the downdown hotels catering to them and to the convention industry, I would think you would probably get some unwanted attention from other hotel guests and the hotel management if you and your wife sported your "tiny thongs".  This message is not saying don't do it, but just warning that you might be asked to cover up.  Be sure you packed a speedo or bikini for your trip since you might have to resort wearing one of them at the hotel pool.  Those will also attact some attention since most of the male guest s will be wearing those d#mn board shorts down to the knee!!!

If you really want to get away and enjoy your thongs, go to Barton Springs in Austin.  While I haven't been there in several years, Barton Springs is where I started my speedo wearing while in college at UT.  I hear now that thongs are okay there.

redraider55 #7

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:04/08/2005 11:46:52Copy HTML


Unwanted looks may come with the territory. I'm taking several thongs and rio-back bikinis to choose from.  The rio-back back bikinis are my fall back in case management comes down hard.  Even though I've spoken with them...  Anyway, my wife gets to pick out which thong I'm to wear.

solargod #8

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:04/09/2005 12:35:42Copy HTML

Redraider...I should have known you had a contingency plan and got things, ...uh, covered!

Have a great time thonging!!!!!

redraider55 #9

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:05/16/2005 03:27:50Copy HTML

My wife and I stayed at the Marriot Rivercenter on May 7 and had an absolute great time. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the time for thonging at the pool. After going out for dinner, we came back to the hotel and contemplated thonging in the hottub or bar-hopping.  We decided bar-hopping (can't do that with kids in tow), and good thing we chose that.  Not two minutes after stepping out on the Riverwalk, we saw a fireworks display at the Tower of the Americas. A big display, easily lasting 20-25 minutes. It was fantastic!  We asked around the hotel, and no one seemed to know what occasion the fireworks were for. Even though I was greatly anticipating thong at the pool, I'm glad I skipped it to see the fireworks.

My M-I-L and step-F-I-L got jealous of the fun we had, and now they want stay a night with us (no kids) at the Riverwalk. Maybe then we'll have another thong opportunity.

max77056 #10

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:05/23/2005 06:34:42Copy HTML

I'm originally from SA but now live in Houston.......seems like those of you suggesting to go to Corpus might suggest Austin which is closer and  where you can thong at Barton Springs (which is beautiful) or even go to Hippie Hollow at Lake Travis. As for San Antonio don't rule out everything - I am sure there are options....for example, the Marriott Riverwalk (the larger one) allows t-backs and there is a sunning area off the the main pool which offers some privacy if you prefer.  At the Plaza I have swam in an extremely narrow Rio type suit and no one seemed to mind. I realize that the city caters much to tourism and familes and is basically conservative. But I am a person that likes to test the waters.....if I am sunning in my thong and get asked to cover up, then so be it. I always keep a more modest suit on hand....but I don't call around to ask if it's "OK" either ---- cause you are more likely to get a "no thongs" response. If a person looks good and Is not obnoxious, one will ususally not have a problem.    
Military Thonger #11

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:05/16/2006 09:44:36Copy HTML

I am heading to San Antonio in august and was wondering if anyone knows some good places to thong.  I've read that its not the best plce for thonging, but was wondering if anyone has been there recently and found any good places.
Nooddee #12

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:07/22/2006 07:28:03Copy HTML

Just back from San Antonio.  I was able to get some thonging in a the Westin in downtown SA.  I asked them if thongs are allowed at there pool and they said yes
Baguio #13

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:06/30/2016 01:43:28Copy HTML

 Looking to head out to San Antonio and find a place at teh Riverwalk. What is the latest on Thonging in San Antonio these days?
ARThongLover #14

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:06/30/2016 06:00:37Copy HTML

 It appears to be a no go... :(  See: http://bit.ly/298FFFA
Baguio #15

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:06/30/2016 10:43:40Copy HTML

 Thank but I notice there are very careful to say 'public' place and define it. I don't beleive hotel pools that can not be viewed by the public, is concidered a public place. I aint no lawyer.
tangathong #16

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:07/02/2016 03:57:32Copy HTML

 You can thong at hotels as I live in San Antonio and get hotel rooms just to thong all the time. They are private property 
Baguio #17

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:07/09/2016 05:15:17Copy HTML

 Sweet, Can you suggest any near teh River Walk? The Crockette already told me i cant :(
DaftPunkThonger #18

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:08/29/2018 04:59:12Copy HTML

I'm visiting San Antonio but I stayed outside city limits to avoid as many problems as possible.  

I wore my Desmiit swim thong to the outdoor pool 2 days in a row now without issue.  

On the first day I was a little modest and wore short shorts to and from the pool.  The only other people at the pool were a father and his younger son, but they just ignored me.

On the second day the pool was locked so I went into the lobby in just my thong to ask if it had been closed.  The female employee was very helpful and went and opened the pool without saying a word about my swimwear choice.  

The pool is fairly visible to the main road entering the nearby community. At one point a police SUV drove into the community which got me worried that someone may have complained, but nothing came of it.   

In the late evenings I've gone for a few mile run in the nearby neighborhoods in just my CoverMale CM101 Bikini.  It is pretty warm so feels great to run in so little.  It rides up while in motion so its pretty cheeky, but can always be adjusted.  Since I've been going out so late I've only seen 1 dog walker and a car or two. 
ohiothonger #19

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:10/14/2018 07:55:30Copy HTML

I go to San Antonio once or twice a year for work. My stays are for 3 or 4 nights usually. The hotel they always set me up in is near the jobsite I need to go to which is in the Sugarland area. The hotel staff remembers me from visit to visit. Like other places I have been in Texas, thongs are acceptable, even on men. This is as true on the Gulf coast as it is in the better hotel and motel chains. I thong regularly at this hotel, and have never had a bad reaction. Staff seems indifferent. Customers at worst give a long stare and then proceed with their business. I have had families with alll ages of children come down to use the pool wiithout any reaction. The best thing in San Antonio is that the women staying at the motels and hotels are hot, and often wear no more than I do. There are always a few women thongers, sometimes that switch to thongs once they see me in one. Some also go topfree. Again, there is no reactions from anyone about their swimming attire that could be considered negative. They are treated with respect at least when they are by the pool. Some times I get compliments form women of all ages with some being fellow thongers and others being rather conservative. The number of thongers seem to be associated with the temperatures. During a hot streak of 100 degree or warmer days, there seem to be more people thonging than on a day when the temperature only gets to 75 degrees or so. Perhaps it is just because there is more pool use on hot days. The women seem quite liberal about their swimwear, and you sometimes see them wandering the hotel halls or even hanging out at the front desk on the way to or away from the pool and not wearing more than a thong. They do this with a top however. I have seen a few other male thongers, but they are unusual. Like most places in the USA, board shorts seem to be the most popular style for men. What is funny is that while board shorts are the most common men's swimwear, thongs seem to be #2 and Speedos #3.
ohiothonger #20

Re:San Antonio - Texas

Date Posted:10/27/2018 03:41:57Copy HTML

Sorry. I said my hotel is in the Sugarland part of San Antonio. Sugarland is asuburb of Houston, a city I also go to a few times a year . In San Antonio, I stay in lodging and work near the airport. The hotel I say at in San Antonio is a courtyard design, with a pool in the center and the hotel rooms on the sides. First floor rooms have sliding doors which permit immediate access to the pool area. There are rooms also on the outside of the hotel wings, with wonderful views of the parking area and local buildings, mostly small, run-down industrial and warehouse areas. The hotel hires guards 24/7 for the parking lot, and also needs a valid room key to open gates into the parking area. The grounds, and especially the courtyard are quite nice, clean, and trees grass and shrubs are very well maintained, a stand-out facility in this area. Next door is a McDonald's which is also very nicely maintained. The courtyard area actually seems 10-20 degrees cooler than the surrounding business district, but this is probably partly due to shade from larger trees and some sun screens attached to the hotel building. Many pilots and especially stewards and stewardesses stay here, and some of the stunning women who seem totally comfortable with wearing only a few square inches of fabric at the pool seem to work for the airline industries. Another thing that makes me think this hotel is a place air crew stay, is first that they have a free laundry, even providing soap. The hotel also offers free sponge cleaning and re-pressing of items that often are dry cleaned. At the bar, may men and some of the women do not drink alchohol -- something pilots and some flight crew members are not allowed to do. The non-alchoholic drinks are free. Room service is open 24/7 which is pretty unusual for a place with not that many rooms. There also seems to be a lot of people checking in and checking out at very odd times -- again something that might happen with a lot of air crew people. Quite a few people seem to know each other and much of the chat seems to be aviation related. I think these people, most having stayed all over the US if not all over the world, are more liberal about swimwear both for themselves and on others.
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