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Phil Ross

Date Posted:09/26/2003 10:59:34Copy HTML

Here are some beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area that are good for wearing thongs:

This may just be the best beach on San Francisco Bay, although it's kind of a work in progress.
From Richmond, drive on Interstate 580 almost to the San Rafael Bridge toll plaza, and take the Point Molate exit. Continue on the main road (Western Dr.) for a quarter to a half a mile, until you see the large cyclone fence, with an open gate through which the road continues, at the boundary of the Point Molate military reservation. Park outside the gate, and walk to the beach side of the road. There is a locked gate across a driveway, with signs for a park that the city formerly operated on military reservation property.
Sadly, the city has closed off the driveway and no longer maintains the park, but you can walk right around the end of the gate, down the driveway and past the picnic tables, to the beach.
There is a moderate problem of trash and of junk floating in from the bay, but you will also find nice sand and a spectacular view of the bay, the bridge, and Marin County. The climate is very mild. It is often warm and sunny here when much of the bay's shoreline is socked in with fog.

The south end of the beach sees a little nude use, because although it is very close to the road, it is completely hidden by vegetation. The rest of the beach is in full view of the road, which is used mostly by bridge reconstruction workers who park there for the day, but they should leave you alone.

The beach gets only very light use at present, mostly the occasional fisherman or dog walker. Swimming is kind of marginal, and pretty much limited to high tide, although there are one or two guys who come here regularly for swims. While the water temperature is mild, the bottom is very shallow for a LONG way out, and gets muddy a few feet from shore. There is also a fair amount of floating algae, and you have to be on the lookout for obstructions from bits of old piers and so forth. On the plus side, you are in a sheltered cove away from currents and high winds.

Unfortunately, a regular beach user recently told me that the city had within the last few days hired a new private security company, and that the guard had been coming around and giving him a hard time. Strange, because there are no signs telling people to keep out. His response was to point out that he was on Chevron property, and not in the erstwhile city park. The dividing line is the extension of the fence that runs across Western Dr. at the entrance.
If you want to minimize problems, you could follow his advice, and keep to the south end of the beach. However, the only practical way to get there is by walking through the property the city administers. So as not to attract attention, you might want to park along the road shoulder with the bridge workers, rather than right by the gate.
There have been reports of car breakins in the past, but I think things should be OK now, because the road is regularly patrolled during the day by a security guard hired by Tutor-Saliba, the bridge contractor. (This is not the same guard as the one that works for the city.)

This is a very popular beach, but I see at least one thing a little outrageous almost every time I go. Women in thongs are few in number, of course, but not an uncommon sight even on the most crowded part of the beach. Occasionally topless, too. I've never seen any problems with this, although a woman blatantly parading around bare-breasted would probably be asked by the lifeguards to cover up.

For men, it's another matter. Men, and women not wanting to attract so much attention, should head to the south end of the beach. There is a short stretch here with lots of huge rocks providing shelter from the breeze and a little privacy. If you are discreet, you should have no problems here. Or go in numbers, and don't be so discreet. This part of the beach had lots of sand and was very beautiful this summer. In many years, most of the sand washes away, and you are left with a narrow, rocky strip between the cliff and the ocean, with a lot of foot traffic. As winter approaches, the sand is now disappearing fast. 
Red Rock Beach, the nude beach, is just past the rocky point to the south. Access from here to Red Rock Beach can be easy or dangerous, depending on sand and tide conditions. To be safe, use the trail access from Highway One a little to the south.

Apart from being a very beautiful spot, an attraction of Stinson Beach is that swimming is relatively safe, setting it apart from most of the beaches in San Francisco and on the San Mateo County coast.

The national seashore has many miles of isolated beaches that offer great opportunities for wearing your thong. Just look on a map and use your imagination. Any of the beaches between Palomarin trail-head and Bear Valley are good possibilities.
On Limantour Beach, you can easily be discreet anywhere a little distance from the trail from the parking lot. Maybe Drake's Beach, too. The beaches north of Point Reyes itself, on the Pacific Shore, are often cold and windy. However, there are several beautiful sandy coves on the Tomales Bay side that enjoy mild, sunny weather and are uncrowded. They all require a short hike in, or what may be more common, boat access.

Others have mentioned beaches on Angel Island.There are lots of nude beaches in the Bay Area, but come on, you're going to look pretty silly wearing a thong on a nude beach. :-)
Phil Ross #1

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:10/19/2003 04:26:58Copy HTML

I've just spent a beautiful day at Kehoe Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore. Wore my thong all day. There was only a handful of people on the beach in the morning, but as the day went on, quite a few more arrived. This beach seems to be frequented mostly by dog walkers. Even though (miraculously, in mid-October) it was sunny and mild most of the day, I saw no one else in a swim suit; didn't even see a single guy take off his shirt! This is a large and very scenic beach. It is backed by a cliff, which helps to protect the beach from wind and to keep the fog away. There are some small dune areas. If you walk south onto the Great Beach, there are huge dune areas, but it can get a lot breezier because there is no cliff in back of the beach. Warning--the surf along this coast is high and very dangerous!

McClure's Beach, and the nearby coastline accessible from it, should be another good location, with a similar weather pattern.

Jerry_in_san_jose #2

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:10/20/2003 04:12:05Copy HTML

It seems lonely in Northern CA, I don't think there are many thongers here. I typically stay away from the ocean since, in my opinion, the water is a little on the cold side. My preference is the inland waters, I used to frequent Lake Don Pedro which has an arm in the north western leg that I've seen nude houseboats of people. Of course wearing a thong is pretty safe since the nude folks will think your overdressed but I've never been hastled by any other boaters. There is also an arm in the nortern end of the lake that has a good size cove that I've worn a thong in. Here I was the only one in a thong but was never hastled by anyone else. The last time I was there, I was on the bow of my boat in a thong and it didn't keep any of the other boaters out of the cove. They didn't make any comments, just went about their business.

I'm now drifting more toward the delta since it is closer. There are several sloughes that are not frequented by many boats that you can ware a thong in easily. The delta will be a new thing for me, starting next summer, but I can't see any reason to not try it.

In California, always keep in mind the Cahill interpretation of the law. On California state controled parks and recreational areas, as long as you cover up when asked, you can go nude if you want.


BiSmoothy #3

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:10/20/2003 06:28:00Copy HTML

I've been living in the Midwest for several years, but before that for over thirty years in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't know of any beach there that isn't "thong friendly." Thank the area's large gay population to liberating the area's beaches. San Franciscans just seem more tolerant of unconventional behavior.

Within the city two beaches come to mind: Baker Beach, between the Presidio and Sea Cliff, and the Marina Green, which isn't really a beach but rather a lawn area that's usually filled with folks sunning themselves on warm weekends.

The only problem one encounters at San Francisco beaches is the weather....they can be breezy, cold and foggy even in summer. Down on the Peninsula, along Highway 1, there are any number of state and county beaches where a thong would not be out of place. Several rather nice clothing optional beaches as well. Most of these beaches have a "gay section" and since I'm not bothered by being part of a gay group that's where I head. They tend to be much more open when it comes to sexual display and since that's part of the thrill of thonging for me I can be more exhibitionistic.

Then too there are the various street festivals in San Francisco [Castro Street, Folsom Street], primarily gay sponsored, that have grown to include a wide cross section of sexual display. Here you see both men and women in the nude as well as wearing very tiny costumes, ie. g-strings and thongs, in public on city streets. I've even seen public sex acts at these events. Oh, for shame! LOL Very liberating...I miss San Francisco.

JM_Runs #4

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:01/28/2004 02:02:21Copy HTML

2003 SF Nude Beach guide.  The Guardian's 29th annual nude beach guide.  http://www.sfbg.com/nudebeaches/
JM_Runs #5

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:06/22/2004 06:12:27Copy HTML

I went to Baker Beach a fews ago and the sun was incredible.  Early on there were about 4-5 other men out sunning nude.  Everyone was spaced with decent privacy.  Later on there was a woman that showed up and was sunbathing topless.  Most of the passerbys just looked and didn't harass at all. 

The most annoying thing were the ants on the beach.  There was constantly a few bugs crawling on or trying to crawl on me.  I guess I can wear some bug repellent to the beach but that sounds a little silly.  Is there any other method that works to get rid of these ants?? 

lizard_king249 #6

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:02/22/2005 09:52:32Copy HTML

I went up to Limantour Beach and sculptured beach the other day despite it being the wrong time of year. They were very nice beaches. I got into just my thong for a little bit, I'm still shy with other people seeing me. Also, I didn't want to be the only one in a swimsuit.
magnus67t #7

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:02/24/2005 05:19:27Copy HTML

  Last August on a Friday, my girlfreind and I went to Limantour Beach.  I wore my Skinz M-25 black thong.  The wind was a bit strong but once we moved up to the sand dunes everything was perfect.  The beach had only a handful of people.  Limantour Beach on the right day is fantastic.  At the far end of the beach is a group of seals.
xlnt12pix #8

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:02/28/2005 04:36:13Copy HTML

San Francisco, Baker Beach. I spend my summer on this beach. It is very friendly . I walk  from my car to the sand in my thong and spend the whole day walking and tanning. I often see others in skimpy suits but usually not as small as mine. I am often complimented on my choice of  beach wear. I hope to see more people in thongs at Baker Beach.
lizard_king249 #9

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:02/28/2005 09:29:42Copy HTML

I'm still building up my confidence to wear a thong in front of other people. I know a lot of the bay area beaches have been labeled as a "gay beach". I don't agree with this contigorization, but since I'm straight if I go to these beaches in a thong am I sending the wrong message to other beach goers? I respect all types.
xlnt12pix #10

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:02/28/2005 03:24:04Copy HTML

Wearing a thong is not about being "gay" or "straight". A thong dose not make you gay or straight nor dose what someone else thinks of you. The beaches of the bay area get a large mix of people and I  have never had a problem thonging on them. The positive side of going to the mixed end of the beach is that gays and anyone else at that end of the beach are ok with thongs---so enjoy yourself, I do.
microCyclist #11

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:03/18/2005 07:18:34Copy HTML

Seems like were finally lurching towards spring with some warmer weather, and a chance to enjoy some sunny days. Last week saw some nice spring-type weather (unfortunately rain is back now for a while)and I was lucky enough to have some time to spend an afternoon at Grey Whale Cove beach (south of Pacifica). First time I had been there. Beautiful beach with nice surf, coarse sand, and somewhat sheltered from onshore breezes. Spent the afternoon reading, sipping some wine and getting started on a tan (I spend a lot of time cycling and it's nice to have a little tan going when wearing cycling shorts). Decent sized group of people at the beach, but not too crowded. The beach is very senic, and it is a nice walk from the parking lot down the stairs to the beach.

A few days later the weather was still nice and I was able to run over to Baker Beach in SF, for a few hours. Another nice day, but a little cooler. This beach really has an electic crowd. If you like maritime traffic, it's a great place to watch container ships from all over the world pass under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hope we can look forward to some warm sunny days this summer without having the marine layer constantly cover beaches like it seemed to do last summer. Happy beach'n
gc11800 #12

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:03/30/2005 01:30:04Copy HTML

I'm glad to hear that the beaches in the bay area are decent, even this time of year.  I'll be in SF at the end of April and I'm hoping to catch some rays at one of those beaches mentioned.  Any other places you suggest?  I'll have a car so I'm flexible.

I've made a few purchases too. I got some "body alive" bikinis from Undergear (I'll have to share the phone order conversation on another thread), a rio bikini from Skinz and a couple of thongs from a whole bunch of places.  Joe Snyder is one of my favorites.

...waiting for your comments...

jprob50 #13

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:04/14/2005 05:41:39Copy HTML

Has anyone tried Alameda beach? I hear that is not crowded and gets more sun than other beaches in the bay area.
thongerinME #14

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:04/14/2005 11:27:43Copy HTML

I Used to thong at alameda. There are some dunes that make it relatively private as well. I used to see a few others out there as well. The east bay definetly gets more sun, but the water is a little questionable. I used to walk up and down the beach in my dore thong.

Dipster733 #15

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:04/18/2005 03:01:00Copy HTML

Hello! Actually i thong in alameda alot. Not that thong friendly, but its usually really quit out there so not much of a problem. Im usually the only thonger out there      I also wear dore thongs out there    send me a PM if u wanna meet.
lizard_king249 #16

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:06/20/2005 09:07:42Copy HTML

Now that the weather is getting better does anyone have any reports from the local beaches? What are the better ones to go to at this point? I've checked out Limantour beach and its been a lot of fun. Not much sight seeing but its fun to be on an isolated scenic beach. Still haven't got up the courage to go thonging wear people can see me, but I'm learning.
jprob50 #17

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:07/14/2005 12:49:23Copy HTML

I had a great day on Alameda beach last weekend, July 10th. I was feeling a little gun shy about taking off my shorts when along came three women who were speaking Italian. They were in their late thirties or early forties. After they got all set-up, one the ladies revealed a black thong without a care in the world. Since I knew that I am in better shape than she was, it gave me the courage to drop the shorts and go with my skinz skinny side thong M25 in chartreuse ( bright yellow). I think that I heard a couple of giggles, but I just treated my attire as being normal and relaxed in the sun. I spent a total of 2 hours out there, one face up and one face down without hearing a single comment. I plan to head back over there tomorrow to deepen the lines. All in all, it was a great day. Hope to see more people sporting thongs on that beach soon.
chenresi #18

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:10/05/2005 07:55:53Copy HTML

Just starting to get into the thong thing myself, as is my girlfriend. We are wondering where there is a place with a fair number of thongers, both male and female, to get stsrted. Thus far we have mostly gone to pretty secluded places, but we are hoping to branch out and not feel like we are hiding. Any thoughts? I'm in the east bay...
caferacer #19

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:10/14/2005 03:11:34Copy HTML

If the weather is OK, I have found just about any beach in the bay area to be very thong friendly.  My girlfriend and I regularly go to Baker Beach.  There are always other girls in thongs and sometimes some guys.  The attitude at Baker is very laid back so you will definitely be comfortable there.  The north end is nude so a guy in a thong is no big deal anywhere on the beach.

We also go to Limantour, Golden Gate Beach, and some others.

I couldn't imagine an easier and more friendly place to thong than the Bay area.  Hope to see you out there.

Dipster733 #20

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:06/27/2006 03:28:05Copy HTML

Baker beach is a really beautiful beach to go to in San Francisco. The norhtern end is a nude beach so wearing a thong there is not a problem at all. Northern California just had a heat wave and I wore a low cut dore thong for a few days. It was great  Of course there wasn't many people wearing thongs, but there were a few men and woman wearing thongs. Definatly check out the weather though, it could be sunny in downtown SF and cloudy at the coast. I use traffic reports with pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge to see if the weather is nice enough to head out there.

San Gregorio, the private not public one, is a nice beach but has an small entrace fee. Going there is a good day trip; about 1 to 1.5 hour drive from SF. Its absolutley gorgeous beach. There aren't too many people out there so it can feel a little bit secluded if thats what you are looking for.

Those are 2 beaches that I would recommend on going to. Not sure about stinson beach myself... don't go to the north bay too much. Send me a PM if u want more details about those beaches or a few others.

sailor250 #21

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:01/23/2007 07:23:04Copy HTML

She left her thong is San Francisco!


thong123 #22

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:03/04/2007 04:30:28Copy HTML

How's the 2007 thong season looking for the Bay Area?  Anyone going to be out this year?  If so where?  I want to get some thonging in this year but I've had pretty bad luck in previous years.  I hardly ever see any thongers around here and I have never come across anyone who was personable.  Mostly get weird stares from people.  I admire some of the stories about good beaches for thoning etc... but in my experince I just haven't seen it.  I wonder how many of these stores are fantasies!  If you are in the bay area and know of a good place to thong (real, not fantasy) please let me know.



Dipster733 #23

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:03/13/2007 01:58:11Copy HTML

The weather has been great in NorCal the for about the last week!!! Yesterday I was out at Baker Beach in SF. I think i was the only thonger out there though  but no hassle at all and I had a good time.

Earlier in the week I headed out to the beach in Alameda. It was very quiet out there. There was about 3-4 people out where I decided to set-up, but they were all a good distance away from me. Again I was the only one in a thong. As for the dunes someone mentioned before, they aren't really there anymore. Every couple of years, they bulldoze the beach and get rid of them. Of course this was last year and I dont post too much :p

thong_jock #24

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:08/01/2012 02:32:29Copy HTML

 Going to be in the Bay area over the weekend and planning to head over to Marin to get some warmer weather at Black Sands Beach. Will be wearing my 3/8 Muscleskins thongs. Hope to see some other guys in thongs.
sailor250 #25

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:07/19/2013 01:15:26Copy HTML

update on nude beach status around the Bay area

norcalskimpy #26

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:02/17/2015 10:05:46Copy HTML

 Has anyone thonged at the Alameda Beach recently?  Or the SF beaches?
Dipster733 #27

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:02/18/2015 11:14:45Copy HTML

 I was at alameda beach last week during the heat wave. It was quite nice :)
Although it's sunny this week, it's a bit chilly to lay out unless u find some bushes or have something to block the wind. 
hawaiianthong #28

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:02/20/2015 03:29:33Copy HTML

Damm I now live in the bay but still have not had the courage to hit the beach in a thong; nice to hear others are treated like normal people. Are any of you Bay Area beach thongers into road biking
beachguy2010 #29

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:03/15/2015 02:19:29Copy HTML

 Around San Francisco there are so many good nude beaches that I always opt for naked.  I have thonged at Lighthouse beach in Santq Cruz with no problems.
norcalskimpy #30

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:03/15/2015 09:30:18Copy HTML

 I'm thinking of hitting up one of the San Francisco or Santa Cruz beaches soon once it gets a little consistently warmer, glad to hear the positive experiences.  I hear San Francisco is very liberal towards that stuff, though i haven't heard much of Santa Cruz.
@Dipster, any comments about the attitude of the people at Alameda towards thonging?  
Pennefather #31

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:04/24/2015 04:54:24Copy HTML

Santa Cruz  has a few secluded beaches where sunbathers will go nude. The beach on the other side of the river from the Boardwalk is only slightly less crowded than the main beach but I've worn a thong there and so has my girlfriend. I only sunbathed, but she felt comfortable enough to walk down the beach in hers. 
Beached_Santa_Cruz #32

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:04/24/2015 01:41:55Copy HTML

 I usually go to Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz.   Less crowded.  No hassles.   I was there a few weeks ago and the lifeguard parked her jeep right next to me.  I got the feeling she was checking me out in her rearview mirror.   If you go to the left of the stairs then there are fewer people and usually a couple of people in thongs.   I've also gone to the main beach but to the right of the pier and there aren't as many people.
steampowered #33

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:06/04/2015 12:06:20Copy HTML

 am heading this way over august. Whats the weather like over this time? Warm enough to layout a day or 2?
Its currently just getting in to winter where i live, so keeping some tan lines would be good.
thong_jock #34

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:06/04/2015 02:13:24Copy HTML

 In SF: Baker Beach and I've even thonged at Dolores park. If u have a car head across the golden gate bridge and go up into the Marin headlands. There's a beach down the cliffs there called black sands beach. BEAUTIFUL beach and no people. U will have to Google it to get directions and wear good shoes. The hike is straight up and down but the beach is incredible and we'll worth it and Marin is usually sunny while SF gets fogged in this time of year.
snarkherder #35

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:08/12/2015 11:46:11Copy HTML

 The beaches in the bay area tend to be cold.  I typically head down to Santa Cruz to Seabright (although I haven't quite built up the courage to wear a thong, last time I was there, I saw an older gentleman getting some sun in a g string and no one seemed to mind at all - love the culture down there...myself, I've barely started getting comfortable with the whole speedo thing, but the wife after last visit to Seabright says I need to up my game).

Anyway, anyone know if there are other, more inland/warmer spots in the area suitable for thonging?  I live in the South Bay, so I'm looking at the East Bay as far as Livermore down to Los Gatos.  Alameda is a bit far, and I think the weather can be a little iffy there.

Oh, and I don't have a boat, so I don't think Don Pedro would work for me.  I'm not much of an exhibitionist, but I love the sun, hate wearing shorts when I'm swimming, and just don't like feeling like I'm offending anyone, although not much offends me.  I've thought about hitting the nude beaches, but they seem to be in the colder regions.

Also, New Zealand, if you're not here yet - August is probably my favorite month of the year around here.  September's pretty good too.  Beaches hover between 18 and 26 degrees C, usually about 21.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #36

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:08/13/2015 02:36:42Copy HTML

 I like Seabright and have been there several times this summer.   On a weekend I'm beginning to prefer Cowell's which is to the right of the main beach at the boardwalk.  It's more crowded and there are more tourists than locals.  I've gotten a few negative comments from people walking by on Seabright and never had any problem on the main beach except for one a few years ago.  It seems that tourists are more "I don't care" than the local Santa Cruz people.  I will probably go to Cowell's this weekend.  It's supposed to be in the 90's.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #37

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:08/13/2015 02:40:45Copy HTML

 Also I was at Cowell's a few weeks ago and there were about 6 women in thongs.
snarkherder #38

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:08/13/2015 05:03:22Copy HTML

I find that a bit surprising, but then again I haven't yet started thonging in public.  The local Santa Cruz people seem pretty open to anything.  I did hear a couple comments, mostly from the younger people, but nothing too negative.  For whatever reason, I thought the "tourists" in Santa Cruz were mostly mainland Americans than anything else, but I tend to avoid the boardwalk.

Good to know though.  When I get my courage up a bit, maybe I'll try Cowell's.  I'll probably be chilling at Seabright in my speedo again this weekend.  Although, it doesn't feel as a big a step from swim briefs to thongs, as it did from trunks to briefs.  Might just be because I'm already doing something abnormal here, so why not?
Martylouie #39

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:08/15/2015 03:04:26Copy HTML

 Not abnormal, you are unique, different, out of the ordinary, a leader not a follower, a free spirit, or many other descriptors.  Abnormal is a negative, and we should be positive about our smaller attire. 
snarkherder #40

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:08/18/2015 03:11:04Copy HTML

Yeah, had a brain fart there.  Not the right word for it.  Atypical might be what I was going for - doesn't quite have the same negative connotations.  Either way, your terms are better :).
Beached_Santa_Cruz #41

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:08/26/2015 01:27:02Copy HTML

 I went to Santa Cruz last weekend.  The end of the beach by the hotel was pretty empty.  Was out in my JS thong.   After a couple of hours I packed up to leave, dressed in my street attire, and walked up the beach a bit before heading back to the car.   As I got close to the lifeguard shack I noticed that there were a least a half dozen women in skimpy g-strings and thongs around the shack.   Must be the safe place.   There were a lot of people around.   I've got my new Koala slut thong that I may try out there next weekend.
aussiesf86 #42

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:06/13/2018 09:02:01Copy HTML

  Great afternoon in Sam francisco yesterday afternoon.   Finished work at 4pm and headed to the locker room and put on sunscreen and get out of my work clothes. In the car once away from coworkers.... put on my rubbery silicone cockring ( which is designed as a ball stretcher but actually works brilliantly for keeping my Jovannah pouches in place) and my choice of colored pouch for the day... a nice red, white, blue print. Took of my shorts and headed to the castro.  Got a great parking spot and grabbed my shoulder bag that fits all the essential when I practice urban nudism and headed to Peet’s coffee.  Windier than I was hoping but after walking 5 blocks to Peet’s I was rewarded with the view of the benches outside in the sun and unoccupied. I put on my sarong and went inside for my free rewards beverage.  I had no problems from staff for being shirtless in my sarong   In fact super nice.    Then sat outside on the bench in just my pouch for about an hour and a half with no problems and nobody from Peet’s told me I couldn’t be naked there.  So happy that I have a new sunny spot to sit because my other spot in 18th street ends up in the shade on summer afternoons...but that’s when it’s sunny at Peet’s.   Even with a good wind going it was warm with the direct sun and the warmth coming back from the window behind me. Afterwards walked back to my car in just the pouch.   A great way to enjoy the warm day after work.   Fingers crossed for it to be warm enough again today 
sailor250 #43

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

Date Posted:06/14/2018 11:56:00Copy HTML

 I haven't been to that part of downtown SF in a few years but  is it true you can't go completely nude in Castro anymore?  So you can wear a pouch with no problem?  Do many take advantage of this nearly naked state of mind on a daily basis?  I did hear the city commission outlawed common nudity- but it's allowed for special events I heard.
aussiesf86 #44

Re:San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

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Correct... no complete nudity in SF anymore.  Genitals must be covered.   Exceptions are pride, up your alley, Folsom fair, stupid day parade, and a couple other events I can’t remember the names of that are burning man related.

Yes.  Baggies/pouches are fine.   Before I got pouches even the bandanna tied around one leg and covering is fine. There were a couple hiccups after the law changed and myself and other urban nudists that have continued to go as naked as allowed had to educate police officers that thought we were still breaking the law.  But now after several years that’s not a problem anymore.   In fact I walked past a police officer by Starbucks on Wednesday afternoon while in just my pouch and nothing was said.

SF parks have different rules.  I’ve gotten away with a pouch only on many occasions and then other times a park ranger will come and tell me to put more on. Same for g-strings and thongs. Park regulations have the same list that most cities etc have.  No butts. No breasts. No pubic area. No anus.  No perineum.

G-strings and thongs and topless have never really been a problem until a couple summers ago when one park ranger got in the Dolores park rotation and he was an ass.  After 15 years of thonging at Dolores park, he was the one ranger that had a problem with it and if I was butt up, or sitting up with a good part of my butt showing, he would come through the massive crowd of people to tell me to put something over my butt or get cited.

Meanwhile the “nudity” parts of the park code don’t even make it on to the signs at the edge of the park.   But you know what does...?   Alcohol. Drugs. Glass containers. Smoking. So god forbid my ass is showing while I’m surrounded by at least 2000 park goers breaking those laws.... not to mention the people walking through the park selling drugs and edibles /alcohol/ unlicensed food vendors. Last year there were several outbreaks of violence and a shooting!

Good news I was there in jovana g-strings the last two weekends without problems. I even un-clipped the straps to the pouch to avoid tan lines, and was left alone. There were at least 4 guys in jockstraps on one of those days and they were left alone too. So I’m hopeful that annoying ranger is somewhere else this summer.   

Now I just need to find a thong/g-string boyfriend....or a thong buddy to join me in the sun.
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Well, it's not just your ass showing: you wear pretty revealing pouches! But that's what I love about San Francisco. You get all kinds of people doing their own thing, being their own people, not hurting anybody. It's the ultimate place where freedom-of-expression reigns. Or at least it used to be.... before the tech boom rapidly gentrified the city and things like Scott Wiener's nudity ban tried to de-weird the Castro. I don't get it, personally: let people do their thing!
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Dolores park - Update in regards to Park Rangers summer 2018

I’ve thonged or stringed at Dolores park each of the last three weekends and have not been bothered by the Rangers. I’ve also not seen them go after the other thonger that I saw or the guys enjoying the park in their jockstraps. 

I was apprehensive as this summer began because for the last couple summers there was a male park ranger that would spot me in the crowd and make a beeline for me and threaten to ticket me if I didn’t cover my ass immediately. Either he has moved on or been rotated to a different park.  Or someone above him told him to lay off. 

The park sign doesn’t even bother to list the rules about what can’t be exposed.... even though park code has all the usual rules about the body parts that have to remain covered.  The signs are more concerned with the more obvious concerns like no drugs and glass containers and alcohol and so on.

There has also been an increase in altercations in the park the last couple years.  So the rangers have more imprortant things to focus on. 

Dolores park has a long tradition of males (though less these days) wearing minimal swimwear and the occasional woman sunning topless.  It was never a problem during my 17 years here, until the last couple years.  It’s nice that it’s gone back to “normal”.

They didn’t even bother me when I unhooked the straps to my gstring pouch to avoid tan lines while sunning on my back, or when I walked to and from the pissour in just my gstring. They also didn’t bother the guy who took off his shorts and just put a T-shirt over his butt crack. So I may opt to try for a baggie/pouch again on one of the busy days and see if I can get away with wearing those again.  

So when the Beach is foggy isn SF.... but the park is nice.... hope to see more of you there in your minimal swimwear.
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Not looking good for the beach. Join me at Dolores park in your thong or gstring
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