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Date Posted:06/01/2003 03:39:51Copy HTML

It is the southern most beach in Orange county, just north of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base.

If you are driving north on Interstate 5 from San Diego heading towards Orange County or LA you will past it on your left side. Once you have crossed thru Camp Pendleton (still on the Interstate 5) you take the first exit once you have passed the US Border Patol check station. Go west over the bridge toward the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. Turn left again heading south on a frontage road that runs parallel to Interstate 5. Continue past the power plant and into the entrance of San Onofre State Park.

You may have to pay $5 for a day parking permit and overnight camping and extended camping permits can be purchased at the entrance station. Continue driving south through long narrow parking lots which have modern bathrooms and outside showers. RV's, camp trailers and cars can all park in these lots. Finally at the southern most end of the road you will come to a dead end and chainlink fence. The other side is the Marine Camp Pendleton. Don't go or try to go on the other side of the fence you don't need to.

Park your car and pack your stuff for a 1/4 mile walk westward towards the ocean on winding paths. You will come to a dirt road that the Lifeguards and Rangers use to get to the beach. Follow it south and it will lead you to the beach.

The clothing optional section is south of the chainlink fence (actually on Camp Pendleton) some of those horny Jarheads will sometimes check you out with field glasses Or you can stay north of the knocked down chainlink fence and hang out with the clothed people. 

You can go nude on the beach to the south, it is nearly deserted most days, or wear your thong on either beach.

Do not bring glass containers or let the cops or Rangers see you with a beer! Have fun and pack your trash out. The nude section is sometimes visited by gays.
sailor250 #1

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/01/2005 09:32:33Copy HTML

Anyone go here lately?  Is it still mostly nude?  Is it a wild beach, I hear anything goes there?
jn9195 #2

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/01/2005 05:30:25Copy HTML

The nude beach there sometimes has guys that parade around in front of you grabbing themselves and doing strange things like that.  I'm not gay and they should assume that I am.    You will see couples, some small groups, and then a lot of people who are alone.  Most do their own thing, but a few weirdos make it less pleasant than what it easily could be.

Also, most of the surfer dudes won't say anything if you are walking down the trail in a small bikini, but it does happen when you are alone and you meet a group of surfers where one of them will make a rude comment.



armand_galleon #3

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/04/2005 03:03:05Copy HTML


This is a great picture of San Onofre. You can see the parking lot, its change in parking lot surface (where it becomes the Marine base), trail number six and the almost rusted chain link fence down on the beach right up against the cliff. Generally there isn't any problem going south of this fence BUT, if they wish the marines may tell you to leave, site you or remove/arrest you. I've never heard of these last two but citations are becoming more common especially during the busy summer season. If at all they'll swing by and tell everyone south of the fence to pack it up and leave the camp (just north of the fence). Anyway, I hope this helps.

kuruma #4

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:08/07/2005 02:00:10Copy HTML

Are thongs allowed at all parts San Onofre or only at the nude section?

armand_galleon #5

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:08/07/2005 10:17:00Copy HTML

I can't think of anywhere along the California coast where thongs are not accepted/tolerated. Most people will look, some disapprovingly, most indifferently. Toplessness is somewhat different but unless the girl is parading no one really cares. (California's beaches are just too broad and long for people to be in such close proximity to each other that they can tell what someone else is or isn't wearing.)
That said, yes, thongs are accepted at San Onofre, maybe 5-6% of the women wear them there and close to 0% of the men. But, unless you're going to San O to surf or camp overnight it isn't the best place to thong. San Clemente just up the beach or Oceanside on the other side of the Marine base are more comfortable places to thong with access to free parking (San O is $10 for a day pass), stores, restaurants and bars.
Although the nude section of the beach south of trail 6 is mainly nude, you'll find thongs, regular cut bikinis and even the short and t-shirt types.
I hope this helps,
jn9195 #6

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:11/04/2005 07:04:15Copy HTML

Is there any type of Season Pass or Annual Pass for San O?   $10 a day can really hurt!
armand_galleon #7

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:11/05/2005 03:54:15Copy HTML

Most state parks have season/annual passes. Some are good at every park in the state but you can imagine it's more expensive than a local pass. I've haven't looked into it since I only go about once a month between May and Sept or Oct. That's about 80 bucks and I suspect the annual pass is about 100.
Check with state parks website and let us know!

clubthongs #8

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:11/06/2005 12:22:29Copy HTML

The CA State Parks Annual Day Use Pass is $125.  I purchased one this year but with the cloudy summer we had, I would been better off just paying for each visit.  http://store.parks.ca.gov/park/dept.asp?dept%5Fid=201&mscssid=3HLDM4HHP6C98N2D3KTCT5X7MENQC4SE
armand_galleon #9

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:11/06/2005 04:04:02Copy HTML

Thanks for the link!
I think I'll buy it next spring 'cause I go to Bolsa Chica all the time to surf and although the surf in San Onofre is better it is also farther than Bolsa.
Think about it: about 8 visits to San O and about 10-20 visits to Bolsa, that's at least 180 to 280 U.S.!
Thanks again!
miaswim #10

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:11/12/2005 05:29:55Copy HTML

Glad to hear about thonging in San O, Clemente and Oceanside.  Moved to Las Vegas from South Florida in March and thonged here at Lake Mead and pool at my house quite a bit.  Didn't get a chance to make it to San O this year, but definitely want to get there next summer, maybe a weekend camping trip.

Armand - I've never surfed before but always wanted to try.  Is it a place for beginners or too rough?


armand_galleon #11

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:11/15/2005 06:54:05Copy HTML

San O is a great place to learn to surf, especially in the summer when swells aren't too big. BUT, there are a few cautions:
1 It's a long paddle out. Farther out than at other breaks so be fit.
2 It's a long walk down to the beach from the parking lots and beg. boards are at least 9 feet long and heavy to carry.
3 It's best to learn in a class and as far as I know there aren't any classes offer at San O for the reasons above.
4 The water is cold, even in mid summer so at least a spring suit is needed. I've seen dudes surfing bareback (and barebottom!) and I just can't imagine how cold they must feel!
5 The line up (where surfers hang while waiting for a wave) can be crowded at times and during holiday weekends almost impossible to find a parking spot.
6 Although the great white sharks off the coast of Southern California are usually fish eaters (not too big) they are seen from time to time in San O waters and caution is observed.
If surfing is your interest then it's best to try it out a handful of times at a more convinient location such as Bolsa Chica, Huntington Beach, or just about any other beach town up and down the coast.
You won't learn in a day and to try it for the first time in San O it is best that you go with a good buddy who's a good surfer and can give you a personalized lesson. Campout over night and try again the next day.
The best part? Between surf sessions you can hangout at the nude beach just south of train 6.

jn9195 #12

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:03/19/2006 01:23:02Copy HTML

An odd video about San Onofre "nude" beach... California kids making fun of it.


JM_Runs #13

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:06/12/2008 01:36:21Copy HTML

                     NATURIST ACTION COMMITTEE
Copyright 2008 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety and without alteration.

DATE: June 1, 2008
SUBJECT: California: San Onofre State Beach
TO: Naturists and other concerned citizens

Dear Naturist,

This is an Update from the Naturist Action Committee. NAC is making you aware of recent developments, favorable and unfavorable, that are part of a serious threat in the state of California.


As detailed in the NAC Action Alert of May 21, 2008, Ruth Coleman, Director of California's Department of Parks and Recreation, has abruptly terminated the Department's application of the Cahill Policy to clothing-optional portions of San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County. The Cahill Policy has been used successfully for decades as a management tool for clothing-optional areas within California State Parks.

The specious justification being given by CA Parks for the selective revocation of Cahill at San Onofre State Beach is that doing so will eliminate illicit sexual activity that occurs primarily on an adjacent military beach. The recision of the Cahill Policy would pave the way for park rangers to issue citations for simple nudity on the State Beach under Title 14, Section 4322 of the California Code of Regulations.

For a more detailed history of the situation and specifics of the Cahill Policy, please refer to the NAC Action Alert of May 21. You will find it on NAC's Web page:
www.naturistaction.org Look under "ALERTS."


In its NAC Action Alert of May 21, the Naturist Action Committee asked for your specific action in sending correspondence to CA Parks Director Ruth Coleman, opposing the revocation of the Cahill Policy at San Onofre. Your response has been overwhelming. Thank you!

Many hundreds of you have copied NAC on your correspondence. The quality and thoughtfulness of what you've written is gratifying. And the volume has been impressive. Director Coleman's office in Sacramento reports a significantly "increased work load" as a direct result of your letters, faxes and e-mails.


If you have not yet contacted the CA Parks Director, it's not too late. We won't repeat the full details here, but you can find information on contacting the Director (and suggestions for what to say) in the NAC Action Alert of May 21, 2008. You will find the Alert on NAC's Web page:
www.naturistaction.org Look under "ALERTS."


The Naturist Action Committee took swift action at the onset of this situation and is continuing that action.

  1) NAC has submitted to CA Parks a formal request for an administrative stay on implementation of this abrupt change in policy.

  2) NAC has made multiple Public Records requests for documents pertaining to this situation and the administrative action surrounding it.

  3) NAC has retained a specialized lobbyist to assist and advise in the area of regulatory procedure.

  4) NAC has retained an attorney specifically for this matter and has begun the process that will ultimately result in civil action against the State of California and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

  5) NAC continues working closely with Friends of San Onofre Beach, the local user group. Together, NAC and FOSOB staged a rally at the beach on May 24. Together, NAC and FOSOB met face-to-face with CA Parks officials on May 29.


Rangers had been told to begin "educating" beachgoers, starting June 1. The initiation of that exercise has been delayed by the insignificant period of a day. The issuing of citations for nudity in the traditional clothing-optional area was initially set to follow after 30 days. Now, CA Parks has delayed that action to commence after Labor Day.

Of course, neither of these is a meaningful or acceptable response to the concerns of naturists.


  1) Stay informed. NAC will continue to issue Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this issue as circumstances require. Look for them.

  2) If you haven't already done so, write to the Director of the California Department of Parks & Recreation. It's not too late.


NAC is requesting ALL NATURISTS and other concerned individuals to contact the Director of Parks and Recreation, regardless of your place of residence. California understands the importance of out-of-state visitors who come to enjoy the state's beaches, lakes and streams. The change in policy applies to those visitors, as well as to California residents. While all are encouraged to make their voices heard, the participation of Californians is, of course, particularly important.

Send a letter, a fax or an e-mail, or make a phone call.

     Director Ruth Coleman
     Dept. of Parks and Recreation
     1416 Ninth Street,
     Sacramento, CA 95816

     DIRECTOR'S OFFICE TELEPHONE: (916) 653-8380
     DIRECTOR'S OFFICE FAX: (916) 657-3903

NAC encourages you to send copies of your faxes and paper mail to:
      NAC, P.O. Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903.
Send copies of your e-mails to:

When you write or call:

   a) Be polite. You have a right to be outraged, but you will achieve nothing positive by name-calling or rudeness.

   b) Be known. Give your name and address. If you are a California resident or a frequent visitor to California, point that out.

   c) Be focused. Keep your call or your correspondence brief and on target.

   d) Be clear. Say that you OPPOSE the revocation of the Cahill Policy at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County.

Additional talking / writing points

   a) The precipitous change to public policy was done without public input. That's not an acceptable way to administer public resources.

   b) The so-called "solution" does not address the real problem.

   c) A recent public opinion poll (the 2006 NEF/Roper Poll, commissioned by the Naturist Education Foundation and conducted by the Roper polling organization) shows that a majority of Americans favor the setting aside of public lands for clothing-optional recreation.

   d) In that same poll, an impressive 74 percent of Americans believe that people who enjoy nude sunbathing should be able to do so without  interference from local officials as long as they do so at a beach that is accepted for that purpose.

   e) Rangers and park managers must NOT confuse simple nudity with lewd behavior. Rangers presently have the authority to stop lewd activity, and that authority does not require the abrupt discontinuation of a long-standing policy that has worked well for years and years.


THIS IS IMPORTANT! Keep going to the beach at San Onofre, and keep using it in the traditional clothing-optional manner. CA Parks is attempting to intimidate beachgoers into simply evaporating. We must NOT allow that to happen!

If you are approached by a ranger on the beach or in the parking area, make a detailed note of the encounter, including the date, the time, the ranger's name and what was said. E-mail your account to:
Do not be combative or confrontational, but you may make it quite clear that you are taking notes.


Additional information and links are available, along with this NAC Update on the web site of the Naturist Action Committee.


Select "Alerts" and find this NAC Update under Current Updates.
sailor250 #14

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/13/2008 08:33:53Copy HTML

I suppose San Onofre may become a thong beach now that nude will be outlawed?  Anyone been there lately?
dayne #15

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:12/29/2008 04:13:39Copy HTML

 What is the latest on nudity at San Onofre?  I enjoy a thong but prefer the option of less if possible.
lancewaldn56 #16

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:01/27/2009 09:16:49Copy HTML

The non-nude law has been put on hold for now. Hopefully forever but let’s see. I would rather go to the nude beach when possible but my girlfriend isn’t comfortable with all the looks she gets there. So we go to San Onofre beach in the non-nude area and I wear the smallest g-string I can there because I like an all over tan. I have been passed many times by lifeguards and park rangers and have never been hassled.

The same thing goes farther south at Torrey Pines State beach in the non nude area. And when I say small I mean REALLY small.  I suggest you pick an area without teenagers and small children where prudish parents might get mad but otherwise I say: “Go for it.”
lancewaldn56 #17

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/21/2009 11:39:46Copy HTML

Well, here’s an update to the nude area of San Onofre beach. According to the news the state will start enforcing the anti-nudity ban after Labor Day weekend 2009. For now they are tolerating nudity but after Labor Day they will be ticketing. One more freedom lost!

As for the future of thronging, now is the time. If you can’t get naked then why not the next best thing?

Last Sunday, July 19, 2009, my girlfriend and I went down trail 5 and headed north a bit to get out of the main crowd.  I have been wearing a g-string near trail 3 for years but have never done it by trail 5. We set up our towels as far away from the main crowd as possible and I wore the Tangaland Men Bag, Agua with the string back:

This suit (if you can call it that) covers just the essentials, nothing more.

My girlfriend isn’t into exposing that much skin so she wore just a nice bikini with a full coverage back.

She likes to look for interesting rocks near the water and we both like to skim the flat stones that wash up on the beach so I spent little time lying down. The life guard passed us a number of times as did the State Park person with absolutely no comment. I did feel compelled to sit down and cover up a couple of times when a group of children started heading my direction.

One couple probably in their late 30s walked toward me and started just lingering. I was having a tough time getting the sand out of my water shoes and when I did and started back to my towel the woman walked up to me and said that my suit was the “Most incredible suit the has ever seen.” WOW! That sure made me feel great. I thought she was going to make some kind of negative comment but instead she just kept complementing me on how daring I was and wanted to take my picture with her husband.

What the hell, I’ll never run for public office so I let her take the picture. It even make my girlfriend feel better because she is always afraid I am going to anger someone by wearing as little as I do.

So to any of you nudists that will have to cover up after Labor Day, it’s not really that bad. I’m sure the women could get away with pasties and a tiny g-string, and as for the men, why not try a really small g-string.  Or how about g-strings made out of semi transparent material that gets even more see through when it gets wet? They said you had to cover up, they didn’t say the cover had to be opaque, just covered up. Maybe the thong trend will spread to the rest of the beach and beyond.
JM_Runs #18

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/22/2009 02:48:26Copy HTML

From the  Orange County Register

Beachgoers aren't giving up on nudity

Many naturists at San Onofre say they're ready to face fines from the state.

SAN ONOFRE STATE BEACH – Filled with surfers, volleyball players and sunbathers, Trail 6 looks just like any other Southern California beach – only with a lot fewer bathing suits.

And despite several signs warning that nudity is prohibited, more than 150 beachgoers took to the sand bare on Sunday, many of them ready to accept a citation as the price of what they term freedom.

"I'm waiting in the wings to get a ticket," said Gerda Hayes of Huntington Beach, who added she helped to start the nudist beach 33 years ago, and is fighting state efforts to shut it down. "We're a special group of people. We like to do things our way, and they can't leave us alone."

Justices at the state's Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled last month that a policy that addresses nudity at state beaches is invalid. The ruling favored state officials who last spring decided to crack down on a tradition of nudity at the beach, saying they'd received complaints from the public.

For now, state officials have said they have posted signs and will hand out only warnings to nude beachgoers, but will begin to enforce the nudity ban come Labor Day.

But some naturists – who have long considered San Onofre a haven for those who like to shed clothing – say the nudity ban cannot be enforced until the state's Supreme Court has a chance to consider an appeal.

"We really hope the Supreme Court will review this," said Huntington Beach attorney Allen Baylis, who heads the fight against the ban. "There's an issue of public policy that's ambiguous right now."

Rangers appeared scarce early Sunday afternoon, but other – clothed – visitors claimed spots in the sand only a few hundred feet away. Others walked past the naturist group, paying them no heed.

The naturists say the few problems reported to state parks officials involve a small number of people outside of their group, who cause problems near Trail 6.

But the regular crowd is much of what brings Thomas and Rosemary Pluskat of Lakewood to Trail 6.

"This is my husband's happiness," Rosemary said. "He couldn't live without this. … We love it. You see the same people. No one does anything crazy."

Craig and Beverley Presley of San Clemente said they were both disappointed with the latest court ruling. They have come to Trail 6 for years and plan to keep visiting the beach nude, no matter how the case is settled.

"When I get a ticket, I get a ticket," Craig Presley said.

"This," Beverley Presley said, "is our weekend away from the kids."

n2thongsngs #19

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:08/22/2009 12:41:40Copy HTML

This afternoon, I went to San Onofre Beach and thonged.  I wore my Joe Snyder Black Thong.  There were nude people and I was the only male in a thong.  The women went topless and some of them wore thongs.  
I got many looks and have to be honest that the males were a little "Cruisy".  I am still searching for a thonging beach near LA, that does not equate to "hooking up".  
It was my first time at San Onofre, so I can't make total assumptions. 
sailor250 #20

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:11/12/2009 04:04:59Copy HTML

Any update on the Bare Facts at San Onofre?  Are they enforcing the rules or is this all a bunch of smoke?  State has no money so they'll still send employees out after someone getting some sun!  But they will get revenue!  Hey don't give Sacramento any ideas!   There's a headline "State Budget Balanced on the Bare Bums of Beachgoers"
lancewaldn #21

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:04/01/2010 07:17:11Copy HTML

According to the friends of San Onofre web site a man received a ticket March 17, 2010.I think everyone just need to push the envelope and wear the tiniest most revealing micro-bikinis there. I have worn some pretty small g-string there with no problem.

1Monte #22

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:04/01/2010 04:34:05Copy HTML

Wife and I are going to be visiting there sometime the week April 5-11, it should would be embarrassing to have to get our kids to bail us out of jail! 
Seriously, I haven't done much CA thonging, so I thought S.O. would be a safe place to do it.  Wifey is pretty much anti-thong, but tolerates my habit to keep the peace. If anybody is going to be around that week, let me know, I'm always looking for support! Anyway, what are the rules here?  Do we have to be at the nude area to thong, or is the entire beach OK for thongs?  Hope to see you all soon!  Monte
IronJim #23

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/01/2010 02:16:39Copy HTML

 Does anyone know the current status of San Onofre State Beach? Are they ticketing people and if so for what? Whats legal and whats not? Is it best to stay away or can I have just a relaxing day at the beach? Any information would be great.Thanks, Jim
lancewaldn #24

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:12/31/2010 01:47:34Copy HTML

It seems that most of the nudists have moved south of the beach actually in Camp Pendleton. I guess the State Police don't have jurisdiction there. Saw some kinky behavior there so don't take the kids. I did however see a bunch of thongers in the old nudist area some wearing some really small thongs. I have worn a thong so small it just barely covered my package. The lifeguard and one State Police saw me and didn't look twice so I would say pretty much anywhere is good. You still might find some families there who might me non-tolerant so just move down the beach. If you set up early and stake out your area, anyone who doesn't want to be around a thonger will just move on.
rickvt #25

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:01/01/2011 12:35:40Copy HTML

Here's an update from the Naturist Action Committee
dated 12/20/10 on the San Onofre Situation. 
Scroll down a bit for the full details


sol_y_mar #26

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:01/03/2011 10:47:28Copy HTML

I would like to go to San Onofre  beach and see what its like. Sounds like its has more thongers than Marina Del Ray. Even though its about an hour drive it might be worth checking it out.
n2thongsngs #27

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:01/04/2011 12:56:32Copy HTML

 I used to live in Marina del Rey and would often visit San Onofre.  You are correct about thongs - you will see a few more at Onofre.  I was expecting many thongers, but only found there to be 6 to 10.  Most people drive for the nude beach since it is closest to LA.  A few tips:
$15.00 to parkIn Parking Lot - DO NOT SPEED ABOVE 15 MPH - YOU WILL GET A TICKET.Go all the way to the end until you can't drive further and take the Donkey Trail to the bottom. Pack lightly if you are taking the steep Trail to the beach.Water Temp seems significantly warmer than MDR. Gay section is to the left and Straight is to the right once you get to the beach.Do not go past the metal fence on the far left (this is the starting point of Camp Pendleton).  You may see others, but it is legally considered trespassing. Painting with a VERY broad brush, there seems to be a significant amount of "Gawkers" at the beach.
Sounds like a lot of negative comments, but I love this beach.  It's my fourth favorite nude beach (behind Orient, Haulover and Blacks).  I hope that you enjoy!
ithongit #28

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:08/09/2011 12:06:57Copy HTML

Randy and I will be in Orange County in September -- any updates on thonging at Onofre?
mrhb2008 #29

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:08/09/2011 01:15:43Copy HTML

 I'll be home by then.  Any chance on meeting?  I know of some nice spots, especially in Laguna.
lvcaveman #30

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:09/13/2011 03:23:13Copy HTML

Spent the day last friday at san onofre.  The section on trail 6 side had no one there.  I stripped down to my tiny black thong.  It waqs a nice day mid 80s.  A few couples walked by but ventured over to the govt side of the fence where others take the risk of being nude there.  1 guy saw me in my thong & set up near me & put his on as well.  He kept staring at me & made me feel a little uncomfortable as I am straight & sure did not seem like he is.  That is my main problem with thonging is men that think I am gay or bi.  Other then that very nice day & went in the water a few times .  Was joined by a couple right before i left & she was in a thong & topless
mrhb2008 #31

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/22/2012 06:13:40Copy HTML

 First time down there for me last Thursday.  Walked down Trail 6 and south the the chain link fence and about 200 meters past that.  I set up my spot not too far away from a man who was lating out nude.  I went for a surf, caught a few and headed back to shore.  Got out of my spring suit and changed into a Jovana C ring string.  This was my first time in "public" in this "suit".  I have to admit, I enjoyed the freedom of wearing this on the beach!  (Check the Jovana site for the suit) 

It was a pretty relaxing afternoon and the only time I was sort of concerned was when a helicopter flew over.  Other than that, very quiet.  About a dozen men we along the beach, nude & a few went for long walks. I stayed put and worked on my tan, just going down to the water a few times to cool of.  Because of the drive & hike I don't see myself going down there too often, but will again in the future.
ljv #32

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/23/2012 12:02:02Copy HTML

 mrhb- So when you went there, was the the beach at the end of trail 6 still a nude beach?  I thought that they passed a law on that and people would be ticketed...in your opinion has the old nude beach been converted to a regular family/textile beach or is it more of a thong beach now? any topless or thong women there?  Haven't been there in a while and I'm planning on going before the summer ends.  Thanks.
mrhb2008 #33

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/23/2012 06:22:31Copy HTML

 From all the sinage I'd have to say that nude is prohibited but that didn't stop anyone.  It was a Thursday & very sparse.  I did'nt see any thongs or women at all, but then againI didn't walk the beach either.  I guess you'd have to take yr chances on getting ticketed.
lvcaveman #34

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

Date Posted:07/23/2012 06:38:05Copy HTML

I spent all saturday afternoon @ san onofre trail 6.  Weather was great out.  As i got to the beach right next to the fence u r not supposed to go passed as it is govt property for military( where all the nudes go) there was a amazing blonde in a gstring & her boyfriend in board shorts was taking some sexy pics of her.  I set up near them & she checked me out a FEW TIMES.  Ended up going down the beach later & there were several nude couples & single men.  Been there several times since the new anti nude law started & have not seen any issues but if u want to be safe thong @ the fence line.  The ranger drove by  a few times as i was thonging 7 no issues.
lancewaldn #35

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 I went to San Onofre Thursday August 2nd. I wore a pretty much see through camo g-string all day. I was at trail 3. The park ranger came by more than a few times and it was never a problem. I even walked out onto the reef that gets exposed at low tide. There was a couple that came by and I think the woman wanted to get a closer look. So I walked right up to her and greeted her. Her man was out on the reef. They both came by where I was laying with the woman friend I was with. I even saw one guy who was with 3 of his other male friends take a couple of pictures of me. No big deal.I had a great day and no one said anything negative. Perhaps because I wasn't alone. I encourage everyone who doesn't want to deal with any possible hassles of being on Camp Pendleton to just stay in the park, wear your g-strings your smiles. Women should wear pasties.
lvcaveman #36

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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I spent the weekend at san onofre beach trail 6.  lots of people as weather was hot.  Many people headed to the fence line, the camp pendelton side, where you can be nude as long as the mp's don't ticket you -  but on Saturday the mp's showed up & told everyone to leave but did not ticket anyone. 

I set up near the fence next to a couple who both had thongs on & another women who was wearing a g-string.  We shared in conversation the entire day.  sunday was real warm, strolled the beach in my thong & got many looks from a few ladies.  another few thongs on ladies on Sunday, one blonde in her g with her bf was amazingly hot.  Great place to thong & feel comfortable.
lancewaldn #37

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 Went to San Onofre yesterday.Beautiful day but a little windy. I first went south of the fence where I could be naked with not hassles. I figured since it was Labor Day Weekend and there were motor home campers on Red Beach at the Las Pulgas offramp the Marines wouldn't be bothering anyone. I was right. So I laid out there and even walked for a bit on the trail because the tide was too high to walk on the beach.After about 4:30 PM I decided to move closer to the volley ball players back on the State Beach side. There were women in g-strings and thongs and even 1 guy wearing a rather large thong. So I decided to try an experiment. I wore a VERY small and very see through orange g-string to see if I would get hassled. This thong is so small the base of my shaft is exposed. The state park life guards passed be me within 10 feet and never said a word. So it shows that it doesn't matter what you are wearing, just that you have something on. So women, wear your smallest g-strings and pasties without fear and men, grow a pair. 
mrhb2008 #38

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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     I too was at Trail 6 yesterday on the nude side of the fence and after getting a great workout and zero waves (I'm horribly out of shape) I set myself up or some sun.  I decided to wear my C ring string from Jovana.  Oiled up and sat down for some relaxation.  About noon I walked south for about 200 yards and was surprised at how few people were there.  Mostly men, but a few women as well.  Around 1 PM a guy was walking up the beach warning everyone that the Marines were driving up telling everyone to vacate.  That was fine with me as I needed to get home anyway.
     I did see a couple in Gstrings on the beach north of the fence and I am bummed that I didn't walk further north, as Lance did, to see the action on the volleyball courts.  Maybe next time.  Cheers.
lancewaldn #39

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 I went to San Onofre Oct. 7, 2011. I went about 40 yards south of the fence. I was up late the night before so I took all my clothes off and promptly fell asleep. I don't know how long I was asleep but was awakened my a Marine telling me I had I was on a military installation and needed to leave. I wasn't going to argue with him so I left. I went north of the fence and just wore a very small g-string. There were a few people milling around waiting for the Marine to leave so that they might venture back down. I had my warning for the day and wasn't about to take another chance. So just figure that you might get chased out if you are south of the fence. But if you are north of the fence and are naked there is a good chance that you will get a ticket if you are nude. But trust me, I have worn some g-string that are so small that they don't cover everything and have never been hassled at all. I would just suggest that you not go where families take their kids.
lancewaldn #40

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 I went to San Onofre Friday April 26. Nice weather. I headed down trail 6 and headed south of the fence so I could tan without tan lines. I stayed for a little while but got a weird vibe so I went back up to the area where everyone USED to go nude. No one was there except for some guy near the fence fishing.Since you can't go nude in the State Park I wore a very small g-string that kind of matched my skin tones. I walked around near the water line for a while them went back to my towel and laid down face down. About 15 minutes go by when I see the Ranger truck coming up the road at a pretty good rate. The ranger drove past me, looked at me, did a u-turn just past me, came by again looking at me. I waved and he just got a sour look on his face. I guess he was mad because I looked naked from where he was up on the bluff looking through his binoculars. What a jerk.So the bottom line is, you can wear the smallest g-string and stay out of trouble.More people need to do that.
jn9195 #41

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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Back in 2004, I was at San Onofre and there were at least a dozen people nude north of the fence, but near the fence.   People were laying out and walking around nude - north of the fence.  That was my first visit to the area and I spent part of three days there...  went in a thong or g-string each time and there were always nude people north of the fence.  Went back sometime in 2005 for only one day to this particular area and there were nude people north of the fence again.  Each time, there were surfers nearby and there was a lifeguard at the nearest tower.  
Did something change since 2005 or were those people just pushing their luck?

lancewaldn #42

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 Things changed a couple of years ago. The head of the state park system thought that one of his rangers might be offended seeing naked people and sue for sexual harassment. So the made illegal to be nude in the state park. That's why people are heading south of the fence into Camp Pendleton. It usually doesn't matter but sometimes the Marines come up and clear everyone out. I have never heard of anyone getting a ticket. 
jn9195 #43

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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Thanks for the update, Lance.

xilojman #44

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 I went to San Onofre on Friday 8/30/13 and there were a lot of nude sunbathers south of fence.  I laid down north of the fence wearing my black thong.  The park ranger drove by with no issues about my thong.  I you prefer nude bathing go south of the fence where most days there are no marines around chasing people away. 
I met some nice thongers that day and had a great day under the sun.  I highly recommend it. 
JM_Runs #45

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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I went to San O twice this summer which is much less than previous years.  Mostly due to the newer restrictions on nude sunbathing at the old trail 6. Each time I have taken to walking the entire route down to the beach from the parking lot in my thong. I have walked right past the lifeguards in their truck, Rangers, Marines, and even the odd border patrol.  It's a standard sized black thong, though see through when wet.  I usually go all the way down to the Camp Pendelton side of the trail 6 and strip down nude as soon as I pass the fence.  Been told by the Marines to get back on the State side once or twice but never threatened with ticketing.  Once they go away, we go back and have never seen them a second time.  If you don't want to deal with that, just feel free to thong on the north side of the fence in the old Nude Beach at Trail 6.  Nobody cares.  It's 100% acceptable as long as your junk is covered.
JM_Runs #46

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 Weather forecast calls for 80 degrees the day after Christmas. Anyone down for some thonging at San Onofre?

JM_Runs #47

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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The status of San Onofre going on into 2014 is essentially status quo.  It is still enforced as a textile beach ... for the most part.
A little bit of career-ending corruption on the part of his former boss and appointer Ruth Coleman and a few of her colleagues ( I'd post a link to the article but I guess I'm not allowed to? ), and a considerable drop in gate fee revenue ( again, not allowed to post the graphic here ) that is a direct result of the anti-nudity campaign on his part, Rich Hayden -"the Super, Dick"-  apparently still thinks that nudists are the bane of modern society and continues to dispatch his lieutenants to sit on the bluff tops with binoculars, scanning the beach for fully exposed evil-doers.
And as for enforcement; don't kid yourself.  State Park Rangers can and will write citations for nudity on all areas of the State Park and have the authority under the Lease with the USMC to do so on Camp Pendleton land as well.  There are also at least two (2) lifeguards there who are deputized and may write citations as well.  You can identify them by the Sheriff badge-style decal on the doors of their trucks but by then, it would probably be too late.
The USMC uses deputized independent contractors for perimeter patrols at Camp Pendleton and in truth, they're actually pretty cool. As long as you just follow their instructions to get off base property, right away, they'll not cite you or otherwise give you a bad time.
So in short; if you're going to hit San Onofre you'd best be at least partially covered and keep the goods in a thong, right?
lancewaldn #48

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 My girlfriend and I went to San Onofre last Sunday and again yesterday. Sunday she wore a small top and a g-string. Yesterday she wore a Brazilian cut bottom and a small top. I only wear the smallest of g-strings.We went down trail 6 and headed to the former nude area. The life guard passed a couple times and didn't even look twice. And my g-string is so small that it almost doesn't cover me. So pretty much any cover is enough. I would rather go nude on Camp Pendleton but she is afraid of breaking pretty much any law. So we compromise.
32189 #49

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 I liked hitting the nude beach down in San Onofre but that seems to not be allowed anymore.  I have beaches MUCH closer to me where I can wear a thong so there is no point in me driving there just to wear a thong.  But I hope someday nudity will be allowed there again.  
onefitbod #50

Re:San Onofre State Beach, Orange County, California

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 Heading to San Onofre Beach to tan and play completely nude. it's going to be an awesome day today! 
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