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String_guy #151

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/05/2011 01:36:20Copy HTML

Thanks Bob, I will look for them on Facebook..
String_guy #152

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/05/2011 06:58:52Copy HTML

Another great day on Sandy Pt. Great to see Thonginthesun and Joe again. There were others in some sort of skimpy swimwear, but didnt get a chance to talk to them. Best days of warm weather on Sandy pt are coming......
justinmichaels #153

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/09/2011 06:59:19Copy HTML

I just got my new Andrew Christian swim thong in the mail.  Wow is it a great fit and look.  I am going to try and hit Bird Island tomorrow afternoon and try it out.
JM_Runs #154

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/10/2011 12:13:55Copy HTML


Last week I posted my story about thonging for the first time at Sandy Point.
I had to be brave.
The post is here, number 79

I am looking for someone to meet up with sandy point. Most everyone else who goes there tends to go during the week, which is not terribly feasible for me since I work M-F.
If you are looking for someone to meet up with on the weekend, I have been looking for a friend to go with.


Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/17/2011 04:36:33Copy HTML

 Curious if anyone is going to be going to Sandy on Friday, 25 August.  I hope to be there around 2:00 if it's not too late, and if there aren't kids around.  Hope to see some of the posters on this site there.  Till then, ciao!
String_guy #156

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/17/2011 10:21:58Copy HTML

Hi Carlos, It's a good possibiltiy I will be there. Too early to say, May be going to OC that weekend. It should be a great day for the beach, weather permitting. Kids start back to school the following Monday. 
JM_Runs #157

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/19/2011 12:17:02Copy HTML

 I am going to try to go to sandy point tomorrow.
I thought about taking off work today to go, but the weather is bad.
Weather looks good tomorrow:

Anyone want to meet up there?
String_guy #158

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/19/2011 01:47:35Copy HTML

I was planning on going too. Hope to see you there. What time were you thinking?
JM_Runs #159

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/19/2011 10:04:22Copy HTML

I am going to try and leave Baltimore around 10AM.
I have stuff I have to do before that.
That means I'll get down to Sandy Point around 11.

You know there is a MARNA meetup on Sunday right?
I am going to that too. It starts at 4:30 PM.
I can give you the rest of the info if you are interested.
JM_Runs #160

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/20/2011 11:21:05Copy HTML

So I made it out to Sandy Point today. I decided to wear the Dore sliding g-string that is in my profile pic again. It is opaque, but still very skimpy. I wish I could wear some of my see-through stuff to Sandy Point.

I got there a little before noon and parked the car closer to the east beach.
I had to walk on a path through the woods to get out to the beach.

When I got there, there was a really pretty lady in a smallish thong who looked
really great. There were also two men in g-strings, one of which was a tiny purple microkini with what looked like fishing-wire string sides.

I walked up to the gentlemen in the aforementioned microkini and asked him if I knew him from "aimoo", since I wasn't sure how someone who was unfamiliar with thongboard would react to the name. He said no, and I responded with "OK" and went back to my spot and laid out for the rest of the day. Maybe he just didn't want to talk "shop" because there were some pretty latina girls that he was talking to who were laying out near him who seemed to get a kick out of his suit. Although they were wearing modest string bikinis.

I have some social anxiety and it is hard for me to be friendly and to act naturally around strangers. Sometimes when I try to overcome this and talk to people despite my nervousness, I think the other party senses that something is wrong and they tend to keep their distance.
Suffice it to say, I did not try to make friends with the pretty lady or the two gentlemen, although I am sure they are all very nice and perhaps frequent this very message board.

So it was great to see some other thongers at the beach, the downside is that a bunch of big fat black ladies wandered down to our end of the beach and started taking pictures of me and saying obnoxious things. I just ignored them.

Thirty minutes later a park ranger came down to the beach, surprising the hell out of me (I was almost asleep), to say they had received a complaint that I had been nude. He asked me if that was true. I told him that it was an outright fabrication (which it was) and that there were a bunch of ladies who were harassing me earlier and they must have made the complaint.
Then he told me that technically I was not supposed to be on the east beach if I was not with one of the groups that had reserved the pavilions and that I had to leave the east beach and move down past the jetty. I think maybe it was a black church that was having a meetup and had reserved most of the east beach pavilions. The inherent social conservatism of that institution would account for the harassment and the complaint to the park service. I don't know for sure what kind of gathering it was though.

So, feeling a little discouraged,  I packed up all my stuff and walked back to the showers and showered and cleaned up then walked back to the car. All the other thongers I mentioned had left already though, and I did get to spend nearly 5 hours at the beach. And I suppose some level of harassment is par for the course. I think maybe I'll set up farther from the water next time as the other thongers did. Still, I am enjoying the feeling of my buns burning a little bit and the string tanlines that are left on my backside.

Looking forward to the MARNA meetup tomorrow!

John Howard #161

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/21/2011 12:30:54Copy HTML

 Some people may feel intimidated by a guy wearing a thong trying to initiate a conversation,  but that shouldn't stop you to keep doing it when the situation is appropriate;  don't give up being friendly and practice all you can, the more you do it, and the more you get rejections and friendly people as well, the more confident you will feel and the anxiety hopefully will disappear.
There are some etiquette codes that need to be observed, for example if the other person just responds 'yes' or 'no' it means better to move on and stop the attempt as t\he person is giving you the message to leave him or her alone.  but if the person gives you free information, ("yes, I come to this beach often, but before I used to swim at Punta Cana"..)  or if the person responds with a question about yourself "yes, I come here often and do you too?",....  then it means you can keep going with the friendly chat.
Don't get discouraged by unfriendly people.   Work on yourself, behave normal at the beach, workout and have a healthy lifestyle.    
I;m sorry to hear about the people complaining about you being 'naked' on the beach, unfortunately some people take their religious moralistic views too far.   They don't belong in a free country.
String_guy #162

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/22/2011 01:11:00Copy HTML

Killa, This is exactly why I don't go on weekends. I also try to initiate conversation by simply saying hello. This discourages ignorant asses from striking first and removes them from a position of power over you. Please dont be put off from Sandy Pt. Stay confident and true to your freedom. As long as you are not exposing the "package" you are completly with in the law. I have been going to Sandy Pt for 10 yrs or more and have never heard of a ranger telling anyone that East beach is "private". Sounds fabricated to me. DAMN! It pisses me off how ingnorant some people can be!!! Thong on Brother! 
JM_Runs #163

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/22/2011 10:08:32Copy HTML

I definitely put some pants on before I went up to anybody to talk to them.
And yes, practice makes perfect with regard to overcoming social anxiety.
I did exactly what you said when asking the gentlemen about thongboard.
He gave me a one word "no" answer, so I took that to me he really didn't want to talk to me.
I am definitely working on myself and going to the gym and eating healthy. Thinking about thonging at the beach helps to give me motivation to stay on the "straight and narrow" during my work week.

Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. I definitely plan to keep going to Sandy Point
a few more times until it gets too cold. When do you think that will be? The end of September maybe?

I will have to take off work in order to go on a week day. But maybe if some people from here plan to meetup there one week day, I will take the day off. Is one planned for the end of this week?

String_guy #164

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/23/2011 12:19:15Copy HTML

 I try to keep going in into September. All depends on mother nature.

I don't know of any plans at the moment, maybe tis could be the begining of something concrete. Any takers, input for a get togther on Sandy Pt before the end f season?
JM_Runs #165

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/24/2011 11:08:41Copy HTML

Currently weather looks favorable for friday.
I will be taking off work to go if it remains so.

String_guy #166

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/24/2011 12:22:56Copy HTML

I hope to be able to join you..... Not looking good right now. With the approaching hurricane, I may need to work some overtime.
thonginthesun #167

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/24/2011 01:30:23Copy HTML

If weather allows, and I can get away, I was thinking of going over to SP for lunchtime on Thursday. If not then, maybe Friday, but I find Fridays often pretty busy with families at SP.
String_guy #168

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/24/2011 10:10:55Copy HTML

I agree about Fridays. But now kids are back in school. You will see a huge difference in the family traffic. I wa hoping to get to Asseteague before the storm hits.....Thursday is my only chance. As long as the weather holds out.
JM_Runs #169

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/25/2011 10:45:31Copy HTML

It's official.
I am skipping work tomorrow and going to the beach.
I will leave Baltimore around 9AM to get there at 10AM.

I think I am going to wear my Dore
VERY LOW RING g-string

Looks like this:

but darker in color and patterned, somewhat like this:


It is a little see through, but the pattern of the fabric makes things hard to make out unless you look carefully...

String_guy #170

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/30/2011 10:39:58Copy HTML

Hoping to hit Sandy Pt this Thursday or Friday (weather permitting). Really want to go to Asseteague but, it's 2 1/2 hours away!!  Any thoughts?
thonginthesun #171

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:08/31/2011 12:23:44Copy HTML

 no can do on thursday for sure...maybe friday
String_guy #172

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:09/01/2011 09:10:55Copy HTML

I am trying to On Friday, I go for the sun not the water. Thanks Sail-and-Beach.
JM_Runs #173

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:09/10/2011 09:28:10Copy HTML

 Made it out to Sandy Point today.

There was all this signage around for the Maryland Seafood Festival,
so I was worried the east beach would be really crowded with lots of
families and little kids running around.

But, luckily while there were a ton of people in parked in the parking lot,
they nearly all were headed to the area near the south beach.

The East beach was lightly populated all day.
Also I was a little worried that the sun would not come out.
But, thankfully it was nice and bright sometime after 1 PM or so.

So had a great time sunning my buns. Got some good work in on my tanlines.
Really looking forward to showing them off at the next MARNA
nude swim (next weekend).

I wore my Body Aware Licorice String in blue
without any problems. I love the tightening cinch that this suit has built into it.
Keeps everything tight and in place. A little pick-me-up, and insurance against wardrobe malfunctions.

There was one other man there in a thong. He was smoking a cigar or something and reading a book. I set up maybe 20 feet away from him. Thinking, "safety in numbers".
He mostly just ignored me.

Anyways, all in all a good day. Hopefully there is one more beach day at SP in my future before the autumn makes it too cold.
I sure would like to meetup with somebody from the old thongboard if anybody was interested.

GKing #174

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:09/13/2011 06:19:17Copy HTML

 Hey all... how is it this time of year? lots of thongers since the kids are gone?FLIES???? im thinking of going today in a few hours
JM_Runs #175

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:10/03/2011 09:57:56Copy HTML

 Good weather up ahead after a month of rain!

Sunny with highs in the 70's

I am gonna be there in some of my new Dore stuff this weekend if the forcast holds!
String_guy #176

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:10/04/2011 09:42:12Copy HTML

Hey Killa, What area are you going to be in? I may be able to join you for a bit.
JM_Runs #177

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:10/05/2011 12:07:49Copy HTML

 I am not sure which day (saturday/sunday) I am gonna go on yet.
Whichever one has better weather probably.
Sunday looks to be warmer.
I'll be at the south end of the east beach near the fishing jetty most likely.
String_guy #178

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:10/06/2011 10:26:44Copy HTML

Planning on going Friday the 7th. Might be chilly.
String_guy #179

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:03/27/2012 12:34:42Copy HTML

This is it, Summer is upon us. Lets meet up and have a great summer at SPSP. I am looking forward to some good quality beach time in minimal swimwear. Hope to see some folks there.
JM_Runs #180

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:03/28/2012 05:21:25Copy HTML


It seems winter has decided it is not finished with us yet.
Although judging by how warm this winter has been, this summer could be a real scorcher.
When do you think it will be warm enough to hit the beach?

I am most definitely hitting the gym hard all of April to be in good shape for this summer though.
Really excited to lay in the sun finally.

sailnakedva44 #181

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/01/2012 11:32:53Copy HTML

sandy point sounds nice.im gonna go there this summer
String_guy #182

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/04/2012 11:22:32Copy HTML

Hey Killa, I will start going as soon as the weather gets warm usually around mid May. I just hope the flies and other bugs aren't too bad since we had a very mild winter. I'm not worried at all about the temps getting too bad. I love the summer heat. I'm also not worried too much about the gym, I am what I am. Besides, I just had hernis surgery and I dont want to rush that!
Sailnaked, I would love to see you there. I hope we have a good amount of participation this year.

If you guys plan to go, Look me up on yahoo. I am "sayno2clothes" there. And Sail, I do sometimes cam on yahoo too.

See ya at the beach!
sailnakedva44 #183

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/04/2012 11:58:23Copy HTML

it all sounds great string_guy...except the hernia sergery...had one of those...my balls were the size of coconuts for a week....lol...not to mention the pain.im in a hotel in wilmington right now...id like to drive down tomorrow but i hear its supposed to get alot cooler tomorrow.my intentions were to leave here tomorrow and go to florida but things just dont wanna line up for that,but maybe they will........yahoo messenger....sailnakedva44..add me
sailnakedva44 #184

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/05/2012 10:54:57Copy HTML

string guy...is there an address for sandy point?it will be easier for me to find if i have an address to put in my gps.i think i found it on google earth..really i found 2 but one was down in prince frederick,md.i think the one i found in the annapolis area is the right one but its not a beach...its a state park.if thats the one im not more than 2 1/2 hours away...it takes me 6 hours to get to gunnison in nj but i love that beach
JM_Runs #185

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/05/2012 11:08:32Copy HTML


I drove from baltimore to sandy point many times last summer.
Here is the route i take as shown on google maps:

Here is the east beach, where most of the thongers tend to be at:

JM_Runs #186

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/05/2012 11:13:30Copy HTML

actually, this is a better map.
Uses satellite view:

Thonger wearers tend to be around the little green arrow on the map.
BaltoBob #187

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/05/2012 06:32:42Copy HTML

Sandy Point is a state park located next to the Bay bridge. US50 and the Chesapeake Bay (west side). 
String_guy #188

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/05/2012 10:57:39Copy HTML

That is a great map, Killa. There are many maps out there. I think its best to go where you feel comfortable. I have my moments when I love East beach and others I prefer to go to the south side near the baseball field, (near the bridge). During school you may see inner city kids there on day trips. Weekends are often overcrowed with hispanics. They really dont give a crap what we do. Iagree with the strength in numbers. Rangers seldom mess with us. Just be nice to everyone. Wave at passers by, lifeguards and rangers. Put the ranger station number in your phone. If anyone gives you a hard time call them! I have never seen anyone get a ticket or arrested for wearing a thong or G string there. Nudity is prohibited! Md law says "cover genetailia". I dont make it a habit to walkaround in a pouch or g string but, wear street clothes to the beach. And just relax. My experience tells me that the mild winter may make the bugs a challenge. breezes out of the west or calm will promote lots of flies!! Bring bug repelant and plenty of water, snacks etc. Hoping for a great summer! Hey Bob! I would like to see you there! Any chance? 
sailnakedva44 #189

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/06/2012 02:14:03Copy HTML

thanks to all of you for your help...great map killa....luckily i made it there today but i walked to the opposite end...up by a big picnic pavillion...a sign was on the beach saying permit use only,but it didnt matter...it was too cold even for shorts and a teeshirt when i was there...at least i know where its at now...be nice to meet you guys...thanks for the help.....i did get some nice pics of sandy point lighthouse
sailnakedva44 #190

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/06/2012 02:24:41Copy HTML

killa..after zooming in on your map i realized i was south of the green arrow on the map.i remember passing east beach road.i went all the way to the end of the park(where the beach makes a turn)i parked there and walked north but i didnt go far enough north.when i got to the pavillion i stopped and im pretty sure that is south of you
BaltoBob #191

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/06/2012 10:12:31Copy HTML

I believe you need a permit to use the pavillions but, not the beach.
sailnakedva44 #192

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/06/2012 11:48:53Copy HTML

i think so too bob...i just mentioned the permit sign just to help give a better idea of where i was
JM_Runs #193

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/13/2012 09:19:18Copy HTML

 I think I am going on Sunday.
Highs will be near 80F!
Anybody else gonna be there?
May not be too crowded since it will be unseasonably warm (It's still April).
sailnakedva44 #194

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/15/2012 03:29:49Copy HTML

wish i could make it tomorrow but i cant..its my last weekend home before i have to go back on the boat.when i get back home in 2 weeks hopefully i can get up there...it sounds like a nice beach to thong
String_guy #195

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/20/2012 03:42:13Copy HTML

Anyone going today? I know it may be cooler on the water, but still a nice day.
JM_Runs #196

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/20/2012 10:08:53Copy HTML

 Tomorrow (saturday) looks to be warmish with a high of around 73F.
I might go. Although it is supposed to rain in the evening.
String_guy #197

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:04/22/2012 12:23:59Copy HTML

Hey Killa, Did you go?
TJ-22 #198

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:05/24/2012 12:31:19Copy HTML

Looks like hot weather this weekend.  Anyone planning on getting out here on any of the three days?
JM_Runs #199

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:05/24/2012 09:32:54Copy HTML

I am definitely going to go one day this weekend.
Don't know which yet.
Friday-Monday: highs in the high 70's / low 80's, partly cloudy.
I will have to leave early if I want to get there before it fills up.
I learned my lesson last year when I drove for an hour and was turned away.
Somebody holler at me if they are going!
JM_Runs #200

Re:Sandy Point MD - Contacts

Date Posted:05/26/2012 12:55:14Copy HTML

 I am going today (saturday).
hope to see somebody there!
I think it will be busy!
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